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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel. My name is Gordon Arruda.
00:35 I'm the head elder of the Roseville Seventh-Day Adventist
00:38 church in Sacramento CA.
00:41 Today we are going to be studying a topic that is very
00:44 dear to my heart. God's amazing gospel.
00:48 It is a truth that has changed my life and set me free.
00:53 I have never been the same since I first came to believe on the
00:57 Lord Jesus Christ and there's a reason for that.
01:01 I didn't have the explanation for it at the time it happened
01:04 but as I study God's word I began to see God's amazing plan
01:09 and how He can bring a sinner to repentance and to faith.
01:14 And so today I'd like to take you on a little journey on God's
01:19 amazing gospel. To open the study lets turn to
01:23 the book of Romans 1:16-17
02:04 When it came time for God to give the perfect revelation
02:10 of His truth, for God to fulfill everything that was spoken of
02:15 in the law and the prophets, to sweep away the darkness and the
02:21 misconceptions that humanity had of himself God did an amazing
02:28 thing, He didn't give them more prophets, He didn't give them
02:34 more laws, He didn't give them more rituals, He gave
02:39 them himself.
02:41 It says in Romans that the gospel is the power of God for
02:47 salvation, notice it doesn't say it has power, although that
02:53 it does, but that it is the power of God.
02:58 And it tells us why in verse 17. Its because it is there in the
03:05 gospel that the righteousness of God is revealed.
03:09 Now what do we mean by the righteousness of God?
03:12 It primarily means His character, His person,
03:17 His righteous nature, the tenderness and the truth of
03:22 His heart, where He's coming from what His desires are and
03:28 what He wants, all this the gospel reveals and when the
03:34 Holy Spirit can take that truth and that revelation and
03:40 present it to a mind that has been darkened by sin and
03:47 mutilated by a life of sin it is then that this truth,
03:53 this revelation has power to save and we're going to see why.
03:57 for something to be revealed it needs to be demonstrated and
04:03 when the fullness of time came for God to reveal Himself He
04:09 sent forth His son. His son didn't come as a king, He didn't
04:14 come as a rich man, He didn't come as a influential person.
04:21 He came in humble beginnings, He came where barely anybody
04:27 ever recognized the event, and in all this as the demonstration
04:34 of God's goodness and righteousness was being revealed
04:38 Something emerged that revealed something about the heart of God
04:43 that astonished even the angels Lets first see how this
04:49 righteousness was demonstrated. Lets go to 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
05:44 The demonstration was more than simply words of wisdom, stories
05:51 that revealed insight and had wisdom, the demonstration
05:56 was in a powerful life that gave glory to God alone and rejected
06:04 any form of selfishness or self gratification.
06:08 God who was eternal and had glory from eternity chose to
06:16 confine himself within the body of a human being, of a man.
06:22 And there in those humble beginnings reveal a truth
06:27 that will astonish anyone who has the eyes to see
06:31 and to behold.
06:32 God was pouring out himself in a vessel that to human eyes did
06:40 not appear to be anything to take notice of and yet in that
06:46 life there was a truth that had been hidden from past ages.
06:52 The angels beheld it and they began to see something that they
06:56 had never before understood about God's character even
07:00 though they lived in His presents in heaven and they
07:03 worshipped Him and they saw His glory and His brightness
07:06 but this revelation, this they had never known or seen before.
07:12 And this is exactly what God wanted to reveal.
07:17 In this demonstration the scripture says that Christ died
07:21 and was buried and that He was raised from the dead.
07:26 Now why should this be anything different than maybe some other
07:32 religious philosophy of a great man? Its because its why He
07:37 died and its what He meant for us when He was raised again.
07:44 This is a truth that cannot escape us and if we are to
07:47 understand it and to receive it it can mean the difference
07:51 between life and death.
07:55 Lets go to the next scripture as we further study it in
07:58 2 Corinthians 5:21
08:22 This is something that God does that nobody ever expected.
08:31 When He chose to come and live among us as a human being
08:35 it was an infinite humiliation to be clothed with a fallen
08:42 humanity and yet this is what He did.
08:45 He gave up his place in heaven, He turned aside from the
08:52 adoration of the worship of the angels and in order to reveal
08:57 something that was burning in His heart He humbled himself
09:00 to become a man and to live a life not as a king or a ruler
09:05 but as a servant. He says I do not come to be served but to
09:11 be the servant of all.
09:14 Is this what God wanted us to understand about himself?
09:18 Is this what God wanted to reveal so that we could truly
09:23 see what lye deep within His heart.
09:25 Oh brothers and sisters can you imagine the eternal God in
09:31 position of all glory and power and yet when it comes time for
09:36 Him to make Himself known to us in a way He wants to be known.
09:40 He chooses to be a servant and not just a servant, a servant to
09:46 all, a servant for you and a servant for me.
09:50 When the angels in heaven beheld this it was something they had
09:54 never seen before.
09:56 How can our powerful Lord our commander the creator of the
10:01 universe do this but the humbling doesn't stop there
10:08 He embraces the very sin that you and I were born with.
10:13 and becomes the very thing that He hates. He hates sin because
10:19 it destroys us and it separates us from Him and yet He
10:23 chose to become the very thing He had content for and took it
10:28 to the cross and put it to death for you and me.
10:32 He lays in the tomb perfectly submitted to the will of
10:36 the Father never even expecting to come back to life.
10:42 And yet even in death He chooses not to raise Himself from the
10:46 dead but to humble Himself to the will of the Father and to
10:51 stay in that condition of eternal until the Father
10:55 calls Him to glory.
10:57 And indeed He did.
10:59 Raised the third day He raised with a glorified humanity
11:04 with a humanity that is now eternal, with a humanity that
11:08 has overcome, with a humanity that is righteous and holy
11:13 perfectly obedient to God, and with a humanity that will
11:17 last forever.
11:18 This is the demonstration that God wanted us to see
11:25 that the great God in heaven the creator is not pompous
11:29 arrogant and prideful not exacting and demanding
11:33 but at heart is a servant that it is His joy to share Himself
11:40 with you and me. It is His burning desire to serve us
11:46 so that we might be exalted. This is what is revealed
11:50 in the life of Christ and this is why Jesus could say that
11:55 He has been faithful in revealing the Father.
12:00 Can you see a God in this light? Can you see a God going to the
12:07 cross humiliated because He wants to put to death the sin
12:12 that only brings destruction to you.
12:16 Can you see the God being raised from the dead according to the
12:21 will of the Father and being raised into glory forever being
12:26 your intercessor and even there He serves humanity by
12:31 confessing you and me before the universe rebuking the
12:35 accusations of the evil one and keeping us in His bosom
12:40 safe and secure.
12:43 This is a truth that no other religion in the world has
12:47 ever encompassed or even thought up. It could never have come
12:51 from the philosophy of men, it could never have been invented
12:55 because every time humanity creates a religion its only
13:00 after the image of himself but this truth this gospel is not
13:06 of human origin. It comes from heaven because it is the
13:11 revelation of God Himself.
13:13 This is the truth that God wants us to see.
13:17 Lets turn again in 2 Corinthians 5:21
13:46 Not only did He become our sin and in death take our sin and
13:51 put it away but now in His life we become His righteousness
13:56 Can you believe this? That we being steeped in sin determined
14:03 to do things our own way determined to have nothing to do
14:08 with God, God now does something that brings upon into our
14:13 humanity that brings into us a righteousness that is not of our
14:18 own, a life that we could not ever live, a life that
14:25 we could never offer to God and yet this is what Christ has
14:29 become for us a righteousness that stands before God perfectly
14:34 representing you and me. This is a gift that is beyond measure
14:39 Why would God give such a gift for those who did not even ask
14:46 for it, for those who would not even consider God being that
14:51 gracious and good and for maybe those who didn't even care.
14:56 But yes brothers and sisters our God in heaven came here died the
15:01 death we deserved and lived the life we needed to live.
15:05 For us to have something that we could never produce of our own.
15:09 A gift from heaven, a gift that comes from God alone.
15:15 Lets go to Romans 3
15:50 This is an amazing gift. God doesn't give us a new religion
15:55 He doesn't give us a new set of codes a new way of thinking
16:00 to follow after, God gives us himself, He gives us
16:05 Himself in Jesus Christ. In the Lord Jesus Christ He lives the
16:10 life that you and I could not live. He humbles himself
16:14 not only to God but He even humbles before humanity as a
16:19 servant and in this act of humility in this act of profound
16:25 humbleness God and His glory are being revealed. He's showing
16:30 that it doesn't matter how dark, how sinful, how unfaithful
16:36 we are He is determined to be the righteousness of God for us
16:43 He is determined to love us at all cost, He is determined to
16:49 serve us so that we may be exulted so that our eyes may
16:53 be open so that we may believe and this righteousness that is
16:58 being lived that has been lived for us all that it entails
17:03 is given as a gift to those who believe in Him
17:08 This is something we do not deserve. I know in our human
17:14 minds and our hearts we always want to do something to earn
17:17 something. We always think what's the catch?
17:21 What do I have to really do?
17:23 What do I have to give up? That is up to God.
17:28 But what God wants first of all from us is our hearts.
17:33 He wants us from our hearts to believe the testimony
17:38 demonstration and the witness. He Himself has given to us
17:42 in Jesus Christ. He wants us to see that in those acts of
17:47 obedience in that perfect surrendered life that
17:50 worship God from His heart in spirit and in truth always
17:56 obedient to the will of the Father that that life
18:00 is now to be given to you as though you have lived it
18:04 as though you were the righteous one as though you were the one
18:10 that lived a holy life.
18:13 God is not content with anything less. He lived His fullest
18:18 of His heart in Jesus Christ and now He wants to give the
18:22 fullness of His heart to you.
18:23 That holy life that was unique that was lived 2,000 years ago
18:28 given to a trembling sinner through repentance and faith
18:34 now receives the revelation that the Holy Spirit brings.
18:39 This life was witnessed by the law and the prophets.
18:42 The prophets foretold of Him spoke of Him, the law looks to
18:48 the life of Christ and sees no fault sees there in a perfect
18:52 man and now upon a believer God bestows this same perfect life
19:00 to you and me as a gift. We did nothing to earn it, we can do
19:06 nothing to deserve it but we can believe upon it and receive it
19:11 for ourselves, this is the heart of our God, this is the God
19:16 who loved us, this is the God we never knew until we came
19:21 and was confronted with the love of Jesus Christ, this is the God
19:24 who desperately wants to be part of your life to share Himself
19:29 with us so that we can grow, learn to love Him more deeply
19:34 learn what it means to live eternal life and learn
19:39 what it means to share the glory that has been so generously
19:42 offered and given to us.
19:45 This goes deeper. We go further into the book of Romans
20:17 Can we see what the scripture is saying? We talk about what
20:21 happened to us when we believed and that is a miracle its
20:25 powerful, we talk about the change that happened in our life
20:30 and a change indeed has happened but this is what the gospel says
20:37 before that change happened before that miracle occurred
20:42 in a place where we did not care where we were stubborn and
20:50 purposeful in pursuing a life of self centeredness God did
20:56 something for you and me, God did something that we had no
21:02 idea was even available to us God poured himself out in Jesus
21:09 and died the death on the cross. It says while we were yet
21:13 sinners Christ died for us. This even goes beyond what ever human
21:23 being could ever even conceive. You know, the word to describe
21:28 such love is a unique word in the Greek language, agape.
21:33 It was so rarely used that the Greeks never gave it much notice
21:39 Its because the only love they were familiar with was human
21:43 love but the apostles especially the ones who wrote scripture
21:48 were adamant and persistent in naming the kind of love properly
21:55 agape, the kind of love that is Bestowed when it is not deserved
22:00 the kind of love that is unwavering and does not change
22:04 The kind of love that is faithful regardless of what we
22:10 do and who we are. God demonstrated this agape love
22:15 at a time and place when we were all in darkness while we were
22:20 all astray and separated from God. It is then in that state
22:25 that God gave Himself to be the righteousness that we did not
22:30 deserve, to be the death that we did deserve and to provide
22:35 for us everything we need pertaining to eternal life
22:38 with Him. This is the depth of the gospel. It goes on to say
22:45 in Ephesians 2
23:30 Do you get it folks? Do you see what this amazing gospel is
23:35 to us? The gospel isn't isn't something that God does
23:40 for us when we believe. Its not about the miracle of the Holy
23:46 Spirit and the transformation that takes place, the gospel
23:51 is what God did for us before we believed. It is before we
23:57 believed steeped in our sin that God revealed His love
24:02 When we didn't care, he went to the cross. We see this written
24:08 in the gospels, the very people who crucified him were the
24:13 people He was dying for. They didn't appreciate it at the time
24:17 and oh my brothers and sisters so long in my life neither did I
24:21 But God knew that in my life when I was to come into this
24:26 world and when you all were to come into this world God knew
24:31 you were going to need a sacrifice you were going to need
24:36 a revelation that you could believe in, you were going to
24:39 need a life that you could never live and before we even had
24:45 a chance to recognize the goodness of God He demonstrates
24:51 this holiness He demonstrates His love by doing everything
24:55 necessary for our salvation. Not only does He die the death that
24:59 we deserve not only does He experience total separation
25:04 and supreme darkness so much so that travail of His heart killed
25:09 Him, literally burst from the anguish and the torment on the
25:14 cross but the scripture says here that He was raised from the
25:19 dead we were raised with Him. When we were sinners
25:26 When we were in darkness He raised us with Christ and took
25:32 us into glory with him. This is the love of our God.
25:36 This is what God does for us even before we believe.
25:41 and as the scripture so rightfully conclude if this is
25:45 what He does before we believe how much more will this power be
25:50 manifested to those who do believe.
25:54 I remember the night that I gave my heart to Jesus Christ.
26:01 I was raised a Roman Catholic and I heard several truths
26:05 about the Christian religion and the Christian faith I heard
26:09 about Jesus I knew about the cross but this night
26:14 when the preacher lifted up Jesus Christ and asked me to
26:20 behold the nail prints in His hands and then asked this
26:24 pointed question to my heart if Jesus was standing in front of
26:29 you today could you say no to Him? When I finally saw
26:34 the truth of this amazing gospel I would be a fool not to give
26:42 my heart to Him. What could I say about my life were I to
26:47 reject such a love? How could I say no to a savior who poured
26:51 Himself out that I might live? How could I say no to a Father
26:56 who loved me and saw all my fault and saw all my humiliation
27:01 even before I was born and yet provided for me something that
27:06 would rescue me. I could no longer say no to this God
27:11 I could no longer say no to Jesus Christ and on that night
27:16 a night I will never forget I gave my heart to Jesus Christ
27:21 and I have been thanking Him ever since. He changed my life
27:26 and He continues to change it and He can change yours. Lets
27:32 pray. Father in heaven thank you for the gift of Jesus Christ
27:36 for the gift of His righteousness and eternal life
27:39 let our hearts receive Him and to be obedient to Him always
27:44 in your precious name we pray amen.
27:47 Thank you for attending Faith Chapel I hope you've been
27:51 blessed by the presentation. God bless you and goodbye.


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