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00:31 Hello, welcome once again to Faith Chapel.
00:35 My name is Gordon Arruda head elder of the Roseville
00:37 Seventh-Day Adventist church. Today's topic is called the
00:42 miracle of faith. I cant imagine talking about the gospel of
00:45 Jesus Christ and not mentioning faith. Faith is something that
00:52 is often misunderstood but when we understand it from the
00:56 scriptures I hope it will become clear and you will see it for
00:59 what it is truly, a miracle from God. Everybody has
01:05 belief systems, core beliefs. As a matter of fact our beliefs
01:10 really determine in how we live life, how we think, and even
01:16 are the foundation of opinions and assumptions we hold dear.
01:22 Often these beliefs are the result of events or how we
01:27 experience life even all the way back to our earliest childhood.
01:31 Many of the events are hurtful sometimes we maybe had an
01:36 incident at school that was humiliating. Maybe there was a
01:39 period of time where your friends abandoned you. All these
01:43 events have a definite impacted a significant impacted on your
01:48 heart and through these events or the trauma of these events
01:52 we formed core beliefs. Beliefs about how we view life
01:57 what we think about people, what we think about authority, about
02:03 school, about work, even what we believe about God but all these
02:09 notice are based on how our fallen nature has experienced
02:13 life and so all the belief systems that we developed
02:17 are based on our fallen nature. Biblical faith is not like this.
02:23 Its unique. It is originated from heaven and it is not the
02:29 result of human attainment. It doesn't originate with man's
02:33 intellect, it originates with God. Lets open the study by
02:39 looking first into the book of Hebrews 11
02:58 This is a very significant statement. It says that faith
03:02 not only perceives the evidence of God but it says faith
03:08 is the evidence of things not seen. That is the very fact
03:14 that faith is present is in itself the evidence that
03:21 something significant has happened. When someone comes
03:25 to belief in the gospel what he is experiencing is the evidence
03:33 of a super natural power at work within his heart. I remember
03:38 when I first came to believe in Jesus Christ as my personal
03:42 savior. I remember that night very distinctly my conversion
03:47 put what amazed me is that as the gospel was being presented
03:52 to me something deep inside me was opening up something very
03:57 deep inside me that I had never experienced before I had never
04:01 been there before within myself and what amazed me above
04:07 everything is that I was actually coming to believe
04:11 and grasping and embarrassing what the minister was talking
04:16 about. I was almost to the point where I couldn't even believe
04:22 that I was believing that's how profound it was this is because
04:26 the carnal nature does not have the capacity to believe in the
04:30 gospel because the carnal mind is only interested in sustaining
04:35 itself in its own selfish ways but God in His mercy and through
04:41 the power of the gospel is able to come and awaken the human
04:45 heart to faith with is a power that is from Him alone.
04:51 Romans 10 says it very interesting.
05:13 Notice the first thing this verse says is that faith
05:18 comes. Comes from where? It can only be one answer, faith comes
05:25 from God. When faith comes from God it follows and it says
05:33 faith it comes by hearing. The hearing from deep within the
05:40 soul is not so much an audible hearing. Jesus described it
05:46 when He said My sheep hear My voice and they know me.
05:50 The hearing is the way in which the human spirit responds to the
05:56 message of the gospel. When it says faith comes by hearing it
06:04 comes from God and it comes to us as we hear it. Hearing is the
06:09 response that the Holy Spirit provokes in order to open our
06:14 hearts to the next thing. Faith comes by hearing and hearing
06:19 by what? The word of God. It is the word of God. In John 1
06:28 it says Jesus is the word. He is the living word. The word of
06:34 God is the explanation and the clarification of the character
06:40 of God. Its living and active. Its spirit and it speaks to the
06:47 human heart. It describes a person that we have been
06:53 alienated from and endears our heart to Him. When we
07:00 hear the word it is the evidence that faith is beginning to take
07:06 root and awaken us and then enable us to accept and receive
07:12 it as something we believe. Faith comes by hearing and
07:18 hearing by the word. The Bible the written word is man's
07:25 articulation or an expression in human language on what the
07:30 living word has impressed upon his mind. The actual word itself
07:35 originates from God and it always goes forth with the
07:40 intent to deliver a truth that will set us free to enlighten
07:45 the mind of His heart and how He feels about us. To point us
07:51 to Christ as the perfect demonstration and clarification
07:54 on who God is and that's why the Bible calls Christ the living
07:59 word. It is this word the message in the gospel that
08:05 has the ability to awaken deep within the human spirit faith.
08:11 It is the only message in the world that has within it the
08:16 power to awaken an individual to believe in the very message
08:23 that's presented. Its called the seed of the gospel planted there
08:28 and ready to grow and so this issue of faith is not something
08:33 that can originate from a human heart its not something that
08:37 comes when we try to believe its not something that can be done
08:41 as we exert the will, its not even something that can
08:46 happen as we accumulate more knowledge because this faith
08:50 does not begin or is not planted in the human intellect. It
08:53 goes far deeper than that. It is planted in the human spirit.
08:57 It definitely affects the intellect as a matter of fact
09:01 it so profoundly affects the intellect it can change and does
09:05 change everything that we think it changes our opinions, it
09:10 changes even our perspective in how we view things. It changes
09:14 the way we see God. That's what the gospel is supposed to do.
09:18 Its supposed to bring faith to our hearts so that we can
09:23 embrace the truth of heaven and the power of heaven. Praise God
09:28 that He didn't leave it up to us and the efforts of our
09:30 attainment to try to believe good enough in order to
09:35 receive Him or to accept Him into our life. I'd like to turn
09:40 now to Hebrews 12
10:11 Did you catch what it says here about faith?
10:13 Faith is authored by Christ Himself. He is the faithful
10:21 and true witness. His life was characterized by faith.
10:27 He lived by trusting in His Father implicitly. From the
10:32 moment He came into the world His life was always looking
10:36 towards God and away from self. This is what faith does. So
10:42 when the Holy Spirit brings the life of Christ to us it brings
10:46 along with it the faith of Jesus This is why the Holy Spirit
10:50 is empowered to awaken us to believe because we receive it
10:55 from above. Notice it also says that Jesus is not only the
10:59 author of our faith but He is the finisher of our faith.
11:05 Everything that God creates or everything that God plants
11:09 He also causes to grow. He not only causes it to grow but He
11:14 sustains everything He creates and everything plants.
11:18 So He is the sustainer as well as the one that provides the
11:24 growth faith needs to grow. A child of faith is a precious
11:29 thing full of inocense full of wonder but ultimately
11:34 Christ wants to take that faith and ground it into something
11:38 far deeper than something we can feel or experience because faith
11:45 is of God it has nothing to do with our carnal nature. Before
11:52 the new birth experience everything we believed in
11:56 was based on how we experienced the world and what we learned
12:00 from the world that's where we got our information that's what
12:03 we processed and that's what belief and core systems were
12:08 based on and also the way we experience life. Often times
12:12 those belief systems are in accurate or scued because they
12:17 are based on our carnal natures response and reactions to how
12:21 life has dealt with us. When faith comes its not of our lower
12:27 nature. Faith comes from God. So when it is born deep within our
12:32 hearts faith has no respect or has no concern about what has
12:39 happened to us in the past. Its life and its view point its
12:47 focus is on the one who gave it to us and that's God. So faith
12:52 working within our lives generates a power, what it does
12:58 it captures the soul because it believes in God and then
13:03 starts directing the soul to God as the soul is being directed to
13:11 God another thing the soul needs to do simultaneously it turns
13:17 away from the reason and the wisdom of our carnal nature.
13:19 that was built up from our life of the past. So faith has
13:26 this powerful capacity to pull the soul away from the life
13:32 of the past, a life of sin, and turn it in focus on the life of
13:38 God. Faith will always generate and direct our lives to God
13:44 This is really the foundation and the evidence of true
13:48 biblical faith. Faith never looks within. Faith never looks
13:52 to what you can do. Faith never ponders the what ifs.
13:57 Faith always is grounded on what God has done, what God has
14:02 promised to do and the assurance that He will perform it.
14:06 Because faith is born of God it is not subjected to the
14:12 elemental things of the world as it works through our flesh
14:15 nature. This is why Satan so fears the faith of a believer.
14:21 Its because faith is the way in which we are saved from
14:27 ourselves and saved from the world. Lets notice what it says
14:31 in 1 John 5
14:52 I think when we look at faith in the light of what we've just
14:55 discussed we can see now why faith over comes the world.
15:00 Satan can do nothing against a person whose faith is anchored
15:05 and grounded in the accomplishments in the life of
15:08 Jesus Christ it is Jesus who has overcome the world. Faith just
15:13 anchors us in that life and will not let go. In the process of
15:19 maturing our faith God allows tests and adversity to come into
15:25 our life. What this does is it agitates the old way in which
15:29 we have responded to the stresses and the challenges of
15:33 life. It my provoke anger, judgment, fear, jealousy,
15:39 whatever it may do faith is the place in which we can now
15:46 pull back from the works and the responses of our carnal nature
15:50 and see it for what it is. The works of the flesh. This is the
15:56 area where the world has power over us where ultimately Satan
16:01 can manipulate and exploit us. Have you ever noticed that Satan
16:05 always like to bring up your past to bring to you again and
16:10 again reintroducing to you things that really used to bring
16:13 you down from the past? Things that used to tempt you
16:17 into doing things that you now don't want to do?
16:21 That's because those are all things that the carnal nature
16:24 experienced before you experienced the new birth.
16:27 But faith turns us away from that and counts it as nothing
16:33 and useless. The fallen nature has no contribution to our
16:38 walk with Jesus Christ but as we continue to believe and have
16:44 faith and turn our hearts to God and anchor our souls in His
16:50 truth and in His might His accomplishments faith is
16:54 strengthened faith becomes the dominate force within our souls
16:59 Faith teaches us how to focus what to behold what to love
17:06 what to hold on to and it also teaches us what to let go of.
17:11 And what to find useless in our lives faith gives us perspective
17:16 a spiritual perspective to things where are carnal senses
17:20 do not give us that perspective We see things in the
17:25 circumstances we're in and react to that so easily sometimes
17:29 its overwhelming and intimidating but what does faith
17:33 do? Faith discounts the circumstances because it
17:38 orientates the soul to God and when the soul is orientated to
17:42 God, God then becomes larger than life which He surely is.
17:46 And there is where peace and assurance comes from. This is
17:50 why faith is so powerful its because it has the ability to
17:54 arrest us and plant our souls into the power and the life of
17:59 Jesus Christ. Isn't that exactly where Satan does not want us to
18:04 go? And so Satan fears our faith he is afraid that you are going
18:12 to believe. He is afraid that faith will take such hold of
18:17 your heart that there is nothing he can do that will get you
18:20 away from Jesus Christ. Faith is a powerful thing because it is
18:26 born of God. I praise Him the way He has tempered my faith
18:32 tried it in fire, oh brothers and sisters, many times things
18:37 from the past especially when I'm at a low point when setbacks
18:40 happen in my life such a temptation to go back and
18:44 utilize all the old coping mechanisms and how I used to
18:47 deal with stress getting angry blaming, passing judgment on
18:53 people these are all things we used to do in our responses
18:56 to adversity always trying to justify yourself maybe going
19:01 into escaping and into addictions whatever they may be
19:05 but faith, oh praise His name, faith directs our souls to God.
19:13 and that is exactly where Satan does not want us to go.
19:17 Faith is that which overcomes the world and that is
19:23 why Satan is afraid of Him. I encourage you so much to keep
19:28 your heart and mine in the word of God. Let your prayer life be
19:32 one free from condemnation and fear and let faith take hold
19:37 as we behold the living son of God. Jesus is at work through
19:43 the Holy Spirit to not only author our faith but to perfect
19:47 it and complete it until the day of His coming. He's faithful
19:51 in this work, He's faithful in this charge, He will not let you
19:55 go but He is determined to transform your faith in Christ
20:00 but to be the faith of Christ that's how the Bible describes
20:06 the remnant in Revelation having the faith of Jesus. When that
20:11 happens to the people of God they become sealed and unmovable
20:16 because they are no longer acting or responding to how the
20:20 flesh nature knows or experiences the world around
20:24 them. Their hearts are settled into Jesus Christ Himself
20:27 He guides them and strengthens them and their faith seals them
20:32 in the Holy Spirit and prepares to have them stand in the last
20:36 days when the tribulation comes Notice in a book by my favorite
20:43 author called Great Controversy she says that in the last days
20:47 when God allows Satan to attack His people to the uttermost
20:52 Satan goes and attacks our faith that is where the battle is
20:57 that is where the crutch of the whole matter is because Satan
21:02 knows as our faith grows and is grounded and is strengthened
21:06 and then becomes unmovable he's lost us and when he looses us
21:12 his end is near. I'm praising God today for the faith that
21:17 He has brought into my heart. I don't know what I would do
21:21 in a life without faith. I know what I was doing before
21:25 and I wasn't living life, I was just surviving it I would always
21:30 fall back on my coping mechanisms and trying to deal
21:33 with my everyday life in a way that was just totally
21:36 unrealistic. I didn't foster good relationships it didn't
21:40 foster anything healthy it just took me on a downward spiral
21:45 that was going to lead me into oblivion. I didn't know it at
21:50 the time I thought life was pretty good but looking back
21:53 at it now I can see what was going on in my heart. I thank
21:57 God for the way He has saved me I thank God that He put within
22:02 my heart this miracle that enabled me to believe in Him
22:05 and I will always praise Him for the work that He was doing in my
22:09 heart. I want this to be your experience too. I ask that
22:14 you hear very clearly what the word is telling you. I ask you
22:18 that you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking the truth
22:22 of Jesus Christ to your heart as we behold Him in His glory
22:27 in the glory of the gospel in His humility in His act of
22:32 service in His way in which He offered Himself to be the
22:38 sacrifice for your sins to behold that is to expose your
22:42 heart to the miracle of faith. The Holy Spirit will be present
22:47 to plant that seed within you time and time again often times
22:52 we find our faith slipping its because we are slipping into our
22:56 carnal nature that has no faith. Our carnal nature will only
23:02 respond to this world to the pressures and influences of our
23:07 life. That's why we need to turn our hearts to listen to the word
23:13 that Jesus loves you. Even in the mist of our trials and of
23:17 your temptations in the last days this is where Satan will
23:22 attack you. He'll attack you through your feelings even
23:26 through your thinking praise God that faith is not a result of
23:29 our intellectual thinking, thank God that He's not the produced
23:35 of an emotional response but faith does heavenly influence
23:39 the intellect and it does heavily influence our emotions
23:43 What faith does because it plants us in Christ it sets in
23:47 motion proper avenues of channels and thinking
23:50 it gives to us feelings and emotions that spring from a
23:54 Godly influence and so faith connects us to a life that has
24:00 the ability to completely turn our life around even the way we
24:04 relate and interact with our everyday life and how we
24:07 experience people in our life faith is powerful, faith Jesus
24:14 says can move mountains and so it does it already has moved a
24:18 mountains of doubt in my heart I don't care what the world says
24:23 anymore, I only care what Jesus has to say to me. I know Him
24:27 now to be the truth I know Him now to be my life and I know
24:32 Him now to be a precious and tender savior. He has never
24:36 lied to me, He has always been faithful to me and He will never
24:40 leave me and when we get to the point when even where it seems
24:46 everything around us has betrayed us we have that rock
24:50 on which to set our heart upon and faith is the way in which
24:55 we hold on and will not let go Oh I will never allow Satan
25:00 to take my faith away because I will always allow my soul to
25:04 feast upon the bread of life. Faith then turns my heart
25:09 and causes me to do something that I never had the ability to
25:14 do before and that is to see things and experience life
25:18 apart from my carnal nature and my own way of thinking
25:21 Faith enters me into new frontiers I would never
25:24 venture before. It gives me the courage to explore avenues
25:30 on things that I should do, new responsibilities that I
25:34 used to shy away from. Its given me courage to face life and live
25:38 and live life the way God intended it. And because of that
25:41 its given me the ability to grow my relationship with all of my
25:47 friends and especially my family has been because of my
25:50 faith in Jesus Christ. This is why faith being the miracle it
25:55 is cannot be ignored this is why the Christian faith
25:59 and religion is based on faith its because its the only element
26:03 its the only function in the human soul that can truly hold
26:07 fast to a truth and to a power that is above and beyond
26:11 ourselves. Faith does not believe in self. Faith does not
26:17 trust in your capacities or in your talents faith doesn't care
26:22 how smart you are it doesn't even care how much you know
26:27 about the Bible. You know we can read the Bible and we can gather
26:32 the information that the Bible tells us but a faith isn't
26:36 present it does not have the power to transform and it
26:41 doesn't have the power to inspire a deeper faith. The Holy
26:46 Spirit needs to be present in our reading so that we not only
26:50 feed the mind we feed the human spirit and our faith grows
26:54 through a deepening of our understanding of Jesus Christ
26:57 and so I leave to you today the thought that faith comes from
27:02 God and God so much wants to plant that seed of faith in your
27:06 heart. Listen to the truth as He explains Himself to you
27:11 either through somebody talking to you or through reading it in
27:15 His word the Bible. Faith comes by hearing and as you hear the
27:20 word the faith will come. God will see to that and He will
27:26 make sure that you will not stumble. Thank you so much
27:29 for listening today. I want to pray and thank God for the
27:36 insight He's given us. Jesus thank you for faith
27:39 where would we be without it we look to Jesus as the author and
27:43 finisher of everything that happens to us. Be with us now
27:47 now and forevermore in your precious name. Amen.


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