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When Saying Your Sorry Isn't Enough

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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:32 My name is Pastor Martin Fancher.
00:35 I pastor the Seventh-day Adventist Churches
00:36 in DeFuniak Springs and Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
00:39 It's pleasure to be here today to bring to you
00:41 a message I have entitled
00:43 "When Saying You're Sorry Just Isn't Enough."
00:48 Would you bow your head with me
00:49 and let's begin with prayer.
00:51 Gracious Father in heaven,
00:53 we thank you so much for giving us your word.
00:56 Now as we open that word, may we get a blessing
01:00 from the Holy Spirit that we may understand
01:02 and apply what we hear.
01:05 In the way that you would have us applied
01:07 in our lives that would ultimately
01:09 draw us closer to you.
01:11 For these things, we pray in Jesus name. Amen.
01:15 A young man in his early teens who routinely
01:18 was stealing money out of his mother's purse.
01:21 He would sneak into her room.
01:23 He would take the money out of her purse
01:25 and straightened every thing back up,
01:26 so that no one would know especially his mother.
01:30 In fact he got so brazen with it that occasionally
01:32 when the mother made some comment about it.
01:34 He made an absolute denial that he had anything
01:37 to do or had any knowledge of what was going on.
01:41 But one night he needed some extra cash,
01:44 and he snuck into that mother's room one more time
01:47 and as he was going through the purse,
01:49 he heard a click and the light came on.
01:53 And he turned to face his mother.
01:56 In a moment he was convicted of his wrong doing.
02:01 He immediately felt sorry for what he had done
02:04 and he broke down remorsefully
02:06 and begged his mother for forgiveness.
02:10 She said to him son, you know I readily forgive you.
02:16 And, you know, how much I love you.
02:19 However, to trust you again is going to take some time.
02:27 You see when we have faith with someone
02:29 and we break that faith, it is very difficult
02:33 to put the pieces back together and win back
02:36 that trust it was once so blessed upon us.
02:41 We have a heavenly Father whose love and trust
02:45 is so important and vital too us.
02:47 Is it possible, we've broken that trust?
02:49 And if we have is our Savior remorseful, is He sorry,
02:53 is He trying to restore us to Him.
02:58 Well, there are times when we might feel this way.
03:02 There are times when we may feel that our Savior
03:03 is ashamed of us and wants nothing to do with us.
03:07 But my friend, have I got good news today.
03:10 There is no sin too great to keep Jesus from loving us.
03:17 Because Jesus is willing to forgive our sins
03:20 and we must confess those sins.
03:24 And the Bible tells us that He is faithful and just
03:27 to forgive those sins and to cleanse us
03:31 from all unrighteousness, isn't that wonderful?
03:33 Jesus has such love for us.
03:36 I want to share with you a story from scripture today.
03:39 It's a story we're all familiar with.
03:40 The story comes from the book of Luke.
03:43 Luke Chapter 19, we'll be reading versus 1-10.
03:49 Then Jesus entered
03:51 and passed through Jericho.
03:53 Now behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus
03:55 who was a chief tax collector, and he was rich.
03:58 And he sought to see who Jesus was,
04:01 but he could because of the crowd,
04:03 for he was of short stature.
04:05 So he ran ahead and he climbed up
04:07 into a sycamore tree to see Him,
04:09 for He was going to pass that way.
04:11 And when Jesus came to the place,
04:13 He looked up and saw him, and said to him,
04:16 "Zacchaeus make haste and come down,
04:20 for today I must stay at your house."
04:23 So he made haste and came down,
04:25 and received Him joyfully.
04:28 But when they saw it, they all complained, saying,
04:31 "He has gone to be a guest with a man who is a sinner."
04:34 Then Zacchaeus stood and said to the Lord,
04:36 Lord, Lord, I give half of my goods to the poor,
04:40 and if I have taken anything from anyone
04:42 by false accusation, I restore fourfold."
04:47 And Jesus said to him,
04:48 "Today salvation has come to this house,
04:51 because he also is a son of Abraham;
04:54 for the Son of Man has come to seek
04:56 and to save that which was lost."
05:00 Isn't that a wonderful story? I love that story.
05:04 We read it to our children but it's a story for us.
05:09 This man Zacchaeus had heard about Jesus.
05:14 And when Jesus came that way, he went on a search.
05:20 He wanted to meet this man.
05:21 Something had sparked within his life,
05:24 this tax collector, this one who was hated by most
05:30 found love
05:32 and acceptance in the mere knowledge of Jesus.
05:37 And so the Bible tells us, that he went
05:39 and he found where Jesus was,
05:41 but because of his stature, he was just too short.
05:46 And, of course, as the children song goes,
05:48 he climbed up in a sycamore tree for the Lord,
05:52 he wanted to see.
05:53 Well, the crowd had been in his way.
05:58 He needed to be above the crowd to see.
06:02 There was probably children on either side of him
06:04 in the tree.
06:07 I'm here to tell you that the crowd still
06:11 gets in our way of seeing Jesus.
06:14 When we want to find Jesus,
06:15 our Savior all too often the crowd,
06:18 the world gets in our way and we don't see
06:21 what we think we need to see.
06:23 Well, the Bible goes on and tells us,
06:27 not only did Zacchaeus want to see Jesus.
06:31 But my friend Jesus had an appointment with Zacchaeus.
06:36 Now if that doesn't open our eyes
06:38 and make our heart jump with gladness,
06:40 not only do we want to see Jesus my friend,
06:43 but Jesus wants to see us.
06:46 A divine appointment, a destiny
06:49 that He wants to see each one of us.
06:53 What gets in our way of being able to see?
06:57 Well, let's take a look at Zacchaeus,
06:59 his story once again.
07:00 Jesus stops underneath that tree.
07:02 He looks up,
07:03 He sees Zacchaeus sitting in the tree.
07:06 Zacchaeus, I need to come to your house
07:09 today Jesus tells him.
07:12 Now immediately the Bible says,
07:14 those that were around Him, the leaders,
07:16 church leaders of that day.
07:18 They were not too happy and impressed that Jesus
07:20 was going to eat at the home of a sinner.
07:24 They believe that Jesus had
07:27 not come by divine appointment.
07:29 They knew that He was messing up all that
07:32 they knew to be true.
07:34 He was causing their religion to loose
07:38 its meaning and its value.
07:41 In their eyes that is.
07:43 What they didn't understand was that
07:45 as the Bible tells us, Jesus came to give the religion life
07:49 and to give it more abundantly.
07:51 He came to make the religion personable,
07:56 not something we do but it's someone whom we believe in.
08:02 Well, the Bible tells us
08:03 that Zacchaeus didn't make haste.
08:04 Zacchaeus came down out of that tree
08:08 and may I imagine with pride in his heart.
08:11 He sought after Jesus,
08:13 leading Him down the streets to his house.
08:18 As we mentioned earlier, forgiveness doesn't always
08:23 reinstate trust as the boy who was stealing from his mother.
08:31 He received forgiveness, but trust was something
08:34 he was going to have to rebuild.
08:36 He was going to after earn that trust with her.
08:39 My friend, we don't earn trust with Jesus Christ,
08:42 He grants it to us, He gives it to us.
08:46 He gives us the power to trust in Him.
08:50 Sometimes it just seems so hard.
08:55 The Pharisees were complaining
08:57 and let me tell you the church leaders
08:58 still complained today.
09:00 They've, sometimes want to make things so hard.
09:05 But my friend Jesus wants things so easy.
09:08 He wants us to understand that true Christianity is not
09:12 just seeing Jesus, its encountering Jesus
09:15 as Zacchaeus did on a personal level.
09:18 A level that says that the rubber has met the road,
09:21 that the hand has shook the hand.
09:24 I once shook the hand of a man who shook
09:27 the hand of Elvis Presley.
09:30 But never can I say that I shook the hand
09:32 of Elvis Presley.
09:34 I don't want to be said of me that I shook
09:36 a hand of the hand of Jesus Christ.
09:39 But rather that I shook the hand of Jesus Christ
09:44 and never let go.
09:45 That's the promise that God can give to us today.
09:48 See the agenda for the Pharisees were very different,
09:50 their agenda for Jesus was to trick Him.
09:52 Their agenda was to make people depended upon them.
09:56 Zacchaeus saw through that, Zacchaeus had a need
10:02 that only Jesus could fulfill.
10:05 Do, you know, what there is another lesson
10:06 that we can learn here that Zacchaeus found.
10:09 And that is even if you've been committed
10:11 of doing something that is wrong.
10:15 In order to make it right,
10:17 you may have to go out on a limb.
10:19 Not as Zacchaeus did, but go out on that limb
10:24 and make restitution for the wrong.
10:28 Well, I can imagine that boy who took money
10:30 from his mother's purse.
10:32 I can imagine him saying it will never happen again
10:35 and turning and walking away.
10:36 I can imagine, he hugged his mother.
10:38 I imagine that he did his best to restore the money
10:44 which would in end help restore his mother's trust.
10:49 So he had something that he had to do,
10:51 there's something that Zacchaeus had to do.
10:54 See Zacchaeus, as the habit was
10:57 and the practice was in Bible times.
10:59 They auctioned off the tax areas and Zacchaeus purchased
11:05 his area that he would collect the tax.
11:07 And there was a certain amount of tax it was owed.
11:10 Anything that he collected
11:11 above and beyond that was his.
11:14 So no wonder that IRS of that day
11:16 was despised as much as it was, because they were
11:19 taking an unfair tax on the people.
11:22 And they were keeping it for themselves
11:24 and probably living a much higher lifestyle.
11:28 But Jesus comes into Zacchaeus' life,
11:32 invites Himself over to Zacchaeus' home.
11:36 And on the way, Zacchaeus has his eyes opened,
11:42 and he realizes and the Bible tells us that he said
11:47 any man that I have taken from, I will restore,
11:54 well it would been good enough in most of our eyes
11:57 if that's what he had truly said.
11:59 I've taken money from you here,
12:00 I'm giving the money back
12:02 that I shouldn't have taken from you.
12:03 But that's not what Zacchaeus said,
12:05 Zacchaeus said that if he had taken from any man,
12:10 he would restore the money fourfold.
12:16 Now you and I can think about that
12:17 for just a moment.
12:18 If he took a dollar, more than he should have
12:20 from someone, he owed $4.
12:24 If he took a $100 more he would promise
12:27 to repay $400, $4000 the dollar value
12:33 was not important to Zacchaeus my friend,
12:36 the importance was being right
12:37 with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
12:39 And a true encounter with Jesus my friend
12:42 will draw us closer to Jesus Christ.
12:44 And the Bible tells us that by holding,
12:46 we'll become changed into that which we behold.
12:49 Zacchaeus have been beholding the world far too long
12:51 and he was beginning to look like the world.
12:54 Now he wanted to see Jesus.
12:56 And he wanted to be changed into that image
12:58 that Jesus wants for him to have.
13:03 Oh, my friend, it's time
13:04 for a grand image change on each one of us.
13:07 It's time that we allow Jesus to come on the inside
13:09 and to changes into that which He wants us to be.
13:13 Well, I think I know what I want from my life.
13:15 And I think I know what I need.
13:17 But I need to pray that God will have
13:19 His will and His way with me in His time.
13:24 Well, I want you to realize that Jesus affirms Zacchaeus.
13:29 Jesus tells us in the scripture that we read,
13:34 that he was happy with what Jesus did.
13:36 Today Jesus said, salvation has come to this house.
13:42 Oh, I can imagine those words were extremely important
13:47 for Zacchaeus to hear.
13:49 See, he didn't even know that he was lost,
13:53 until he heard of Jesus.
13:56 And then somewhere in his past, he discovered
13:59 and when Jesus came to that city,
14:01 he made it his first priority
14:04 to find Him and find Him he did.
14:08 What he didn't realize
14:09 was the Jesus was there to find Zacchaeus.
14:15 It says to us Zacchaeus has come to this house
14:19 with Jesus and that salvation would be his free and clear.
14:27 Zacchaeus' entire household becomes followers of God.
14:33 What a testimony Zacchaeus will have.
14:36 What a testimony, his living testimony there
14:40 in that day and age with those friends and neighbors.
14:44 Imagine if the Internal Revenue Service called you.
14:48 And said oh, no! We've made a mistake
14:50 and we've discovered that we owe you
14:52 a $1000 back and since we owe you
14:55 the $1000 and it's our mistake,
14:57 we're going to repay a fourfold.
15:00 We don't imagine them calling to admit a mistake,
15:02 let alone calling to repay it fourfold.
15:05 That's a dream.
15:08 But my friend, with Jesus Christ,
15:10 it is no hollow dream.
15:13 It is 100 percent reality and fact
15:18 and the story is valid for us today.
15:22 Jesus proclaimed His mission in verse 10.
15:25 The Son of Man has come to seek and save the lost.
15:28 This is what the Pharisees didn't understand.
15:32 They didn't understand that Jesus was coming to seek
15:34 and save the lost, but Jesus was.
15:38 It's a wonder that Pharisees were upset that Jesus
15:42 was going to eat with sinners, with prostitutes,
15:48 with the poor, with those who have diseases.
15:52 They were not happy, but Jesus kept company
15:56 with those who needed His company and more than that
16:01 He was with people who wanted Jesus
16:05 to be with them.
16:07 My friend I hope that you want Jesus to be with you,
16:12 because Jesus does want you.
16:15 And He wants to spend time with you,
16:16 but you have to want to spend time with Him.
16:20 And I as always, that's another story.
16:23 Well, I love picturing with my children.
16:28 The story of Zacchaeus and climbing up in the tree,
16:31 trying to get through the crowd, making his way
16:34 in there and he can't find Him.
16:36 He climbs up into that tree.
16:37 Jesus looks up and sees him and Jesus changes his life.
16:43 That's what Jesus is here for.
16:45 Jesus wants to come
16:46 into the heart of each and everyone of us.
16:48 He wants to change your life
16:50 and He wants to change my life.
16:53 He gives us the hope to do that.
16:57 Jesus in Bible gives us many stories of people of faith
17:00 who came to this encounter with Jesus Christ,
17:03 from the little girl who healed Naman
17:06 by causing his faith to grow.
17:09 If the prophet asks a little thing, can you not do it?
17:13 All the way through the children of Israel
17:16 marching around the city and blowing the trumpets
17:20 and seeing the walls of Jericho fall down.
17:22 God wants an encounter with each and every one of us.
17:25 And all through scripture we have biblical examples
17:29 of the very same walk with Jesus
17:33 that Jesus wants to walk with us.
17:36 Isn't that wonderful?
17:38 Jesus wants to walk with me.
17:41 Bible tells us in Genesis,
17:43 when Jesus came down to the Garden of Eden,
17:45 says God walked among them
17:48 with Adam and Eve in the garden.
17:51 When sin came into the world, God could no longer walk
17:54 in person with them and they were cast out of the garden.
17:57 You and I are living in a world,
17:59 the results of the fall of sin.
18:01 You and I cannot walk hand in hand
18:04 physically with Jesus Christ, or His Father in this world.
18:08 You and I have that spiritual relationship
18:10 and that's spiritual relationship Jesus Himself
18:12 came to prove, it's possible to live in a close
18:16 spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ.
18:19 He came personally and that personal walk
18:24 ended on Calvary's tree.
18:28 My friend the price He paid was an exorbitant price,
18:32 but He considers it worth it all.
18:36 Another thing we can learn from the story of Zacchaeus.
18:39 The Pharisees had written Zacchaeus off.
18:41 Zacchaeus was a sinner and therefore
18:43 they didn't need to do anything else with him.
18:47 They had already written him off
18:48 the books of life, so to speak.
18:51 They would not work with him,
18:52 they did not need to deal with him.
18:54 In fact, the Bible doesn't even record
18:57 they tried to save him or witness to him.
19:01 But Jesus doesn't write any of us off.
19:05 Jesus comes searching for us and whether my friend
19:09 you are in a tree, or whether you are in a bush,
19:13 or in a car or in your home.
19:16 Jesus will find you because He wants to be
19:21 in a saving relationship with you.
19:24 And He will not write us off.
19:27 Jesus proclaimed His mission to seek and save the lost.
19:31 My friend, do you know you are lost?
19:34 Do I know I'm lost?
19:35 Without Jesus Christ
19:38 there is nothing I can do it to be saved.
19:41 Someone once put it this way.
19:43 Well, is Jesus love conditional?
19:48 And the response was, there is nothing that you can do
19:53 to make Jesus love you anymore
19:55 than He loves you today.
19:59 But they continued, there is nothing you can
20:03 do to make Jesus love you any less.
20:07 That's true love my friend, a love that doesn't end.
20:14 We find the road to Jericho being passed by many people.
20:18 The crowd had thronged Jesus;
20:21 they cut off any way for Zacchaeus to find Jesus
20:25 and Satan himself is doing the same today.
20:28 Oh, we may be caught up in the cares of the world,
20:30 our priorities may be misaligned
20:31 and in the wrong places.
20:33 But if we look for Jesus, we can find Him.
20:40 We may have to climb up above your tree.
20:44 We may have to find Him in a still small voice.
20:49 But wherever we go, we need to be searching for Jesus,
20:54 because my friend He is searching for us.
20:58 The Bible says that
20:59 today salvation has come to this house.
21:03 Wouldn't that be wonderful words for each one of us
21:05 to hear today that salvation has come to our house today?
21:08 It's come to your house today, it's here today.
21:12 The words of scripture are not hollow
21:14 and empty my friend.
21:15 They are filled with power, wonder working power paid
21:18 for by the blood of Calvary.
21:20 That's where true life comes from is through the death
21:24 and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
21:27 And though Jesus had not yet died,
21:29 Zacchaeus begin to understand forgiveness
21:33 in a dimension that many of us need to understand.
21:35 When we say we're sorry, it's not all over with yet.
21:38 It's not done yet when we say a sorry.
21:42 Well, let me give you an illustration.
21:45 I was eating in a restaurant.
21:47 Something wasn't done quite right
21:50 and I asked to see someone in charge.
21:56 Person in charge brought over the waiter
21:57 and the waiter said I'm sorry
22:02 and turned and walked away.
22:04 I wasn't sure whether he was sorry that something
22:07 had not happened right with my food or he was sorry
22:10 that I had called the manager
22:11 and got him in trouble which was not my intension.
22:14 But you and I need to know why we're sorry
22:17 if we're truly sorry.
22:18 And my friend the sins that stain you and I today
22:22 are the same sins that stains Zacchaeus so long ago.
22:26 But his sins caught up with him in his conscience,
22:30 in his very being and he knew
22:32 something was not right.
22:33 And he wanted to make it right,
22:35 and when he heard of Jesus and what Jesus could do,
22:37 he sought him out.
22:40 I hope that the life that each one of us are living,
22:45 is a life that calls us
22:47 and draws us to Jesus Christ.
22:50 Because Jesus wants us to ask Him
22:54 for forgiveness, for no one else can.
22:57 You can't ask to have my sins forgiven
22:59 and I can't ask to have your sins forgiven.
23:01 But praise God today, we can call upon God
23:06 and our sins will be forgiven and Jesus Christ
23:10 in essence will say to us the same
23:11 that He said to Zacchaeus.
23:13 When He said that today,
23:16 salvation has come to this house.
23:19 My friend, what must we do to seek Jesus?
23:26 What we must do is to look in all the right places.
23:32 If we take our Bibles, if we would read,
23:34 if we would study, if we would pray,
23:37 we will find Him.
23:39 Zacchaeus had to leave the comfort of his home.
23:42 He had to leave the comfort of what he had always known
23:46 and done in his life and he had to walk away
23:49 and leave that all behind him to find Jesus.
23:53 You and I need to walk away
23:54 from the comfort of our home.
23:56 Sometimes we don't even pray over our food
23:58 in a restaurant for fear
23:59 of what someone else might think,
24:01 who happens to see us sitting near us.
24:03 But my friend as Paul said in the scripture,
24:06 I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.
24:10 If Jesus is not ashamed of me in my sinfulness.
24:16 Then why in the world would I be ashamed of Him.
24:23 I don't know, but I do have the answer.
24:29 I can invite Jesus into my life
24:32 and He can and will give me the power to overcome,
24:38 because He loves us so much.
24:40 We talked about the boy who stole from his mother
24:43 being forgiven and having to rebuild back trust.
24:47 Jesus gives us trust.
24:50 Jesus tells us in His word that He is faithful
24:54 and just to forgive us and to cleanse us.
24:59 And my friend I'm dirty, I'm very dirty.
25:04 I'm a sinner who comes home.
25:08 God calls each one of us to salvation.
25:12 Each one of us need to have that right walk with Jesus.
25:18 Maybe you'll find it in your daily devotions.
25:21 Maybe you'll find it in your daily prayer time,
25:25 daily Bible study time.
25:26 And if you don't have any of these times,
25:28 then my friend you need to find time.
25:32 Jesus is making time for us.
25:36 Can we make time for Him?
25:40 Salvation comes free and clear.
25:45 All wrongs can be made right as far as possible.
25:49 There are things that in my life, though I'm forgiven.
25:54 I still live with the consequences of that.
25:58 But praise God, I'm forgiven and you can be forgiven too.
26:03 And very soon Jesus will cleanse us and call us home.
26:12 My friend, now as salvation comes to this house.
26:18 Now the offer is placed on the table
26:21 and Jesus calls us to repentance.
26:24 Will you give your heart to Him?
26:26 Will you offer up time and circumstance
26:29 that you will commit to spending time with Him
26:33 this day and everyday?
26:37 For He wants to spend that time with you.
26:41 Shall we pray?
26:43 Gracious Father in heaven,
26:44 we thank you so much for the opportunities
26:47 that we have to come to you.
26:50 Thank you Father for sending Jesus.
26:52 You loved us so much the Bible said
26:55 that you send your only Son.
26:58 Thank you Jesus for going through.
27:00 Thank you for dying on Calvary
27:02 and forgiving me of my sin.
27:04 And now Father, give us strength to make
27:07 a wrong to right where we have hurt others.
27:12 And give us the strength to overcome,
27:15 not on what we can do but on what we allow
27:19 You to do through us.
27:21 To that end, we pray
27:23 in Jesus precious name, Amen.
27:27 My friend, don't put off the decision.
27:31 For today salvation can come to your house
27:34 and mine.
27:36 But you must ask Him, you must call upon Him.
27:43 Only you can make that possible
27:47 and then Jesus will do the rest. Thank you.


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