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00:31 Welcome to "Faith Chapel" it's my privilege
00:33 to be here today. My name is Pastor
00:35 Martin Fancher. I Pastor at the DeFuniak Springs
00:38 and Fort Walton Beach, Florida Seventh-day
00:40 Adventist Churches. Today, I wanna share with you
00:43 a very important topic from one of my favorite
00:46 Bible passages, it's the passage in Matthew 25
00:50 entitled "The Ten Virgins." Well, we're gonna
00:53 go there in a just few moments.
00:54 First, I wanna tell you a little story.
00:56 It was April 1988, on the evening news it showed
01:01 pictures of skydivers, oh beautiful things that
01:04 they do, they would all jump from the plane and
01:06 they were getting into all these random patterns
01:09 and going together and one man was out there
01:11 filming all of this with his camera right along
01:15 with them. Well, why it was on the news that
01:18 evening was because of what happened next.
01:22 As the news caster relate the story what
01:24 happened after all these formations were made,
01:29 one by one the individuals involved pulled their cords
01:34 and as their chute open they were whisked away
01:36 and finally the last one had pulled his cord when
01:40 the camera man reached to pull his cord and the
01:45 picture went haywire. What had happened?
01:50 The camera man had jumped out of the plane
01:53 and had forgotten his parachute.
01:56 He was so caught up with enjoying the jump,
02:00 he was so caught up with the theatrics of all his
02:04 friends in filming the acrobatics there in the
02:07 air that he didn't even realize until he reached
02:12 that the entire time his life was in jeopardy.
02:18 Well, it's not unlike the story we're gonna look
02:20 at here momentarily because I wonder how
02:23 often you and I are on the brink of losing our
02:30 eternal lives but don't even know it.
02:35 Well, you and I have not yet come to a point
02:38 of no return. There still is a tomorrow.
02:43 We still can make choices today that will help us
02:48 or hinder us tomorrow. Let's take a look at the
02:52 text and read together, Matthew chapter 25
02:54 verses 1-13, "Then the kingdom of heaven
02:59 shall be likened to ten virgins who took their
03:01 lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Now
03:05 five of them were wise, and five were foolish.
03:08 Those who were foolish took their lamps and took
03:11 no oil with them, but the wise took oil in their
03:13 vessels with their lamps. But while the bridegroom
03:16 was delayed, they all slumbered and slept.
03:20 And at midnight a cry was heard:
03:23 Behold, the bridegroom is coming;
03:25 go out to meet him! Then all those virgins arose
03:29 and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said
03:33 to the wise, give us some of your oil,
03:35 for our lamps are going out. But the wise
03:37 answered saying, no, lest there should not be
03:40 enough for us and you; but go rather to those
03:45 who sell and buy for yourselves. And while
03:47 they went to buy, the bridegroom came and
03:50 those who were ready went in with him to the
03:52 wedding; and the door was shut.
03:55 Afterward the other virgins came also, saying,
03:57 Lord, Lord, open to us! But he answered and said,
04:01 Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you.
04:06 Watch therefore, for you know neither the day
04:08 nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming."
04:12 Wow! What an incredible story? Story of a wedding,
04:16 there is not one of us that hasn't been to a
04:18 wedding I wouldn't believe at least a wedding
04:20 that sticks in our memories, you know
04:24 in order to go to a wedding there has to be
04:27 a bride, there has to be a groom,
04:30 has to be someone who is going to get married,
04:31 we wouldn't all get together in a church or
04:33 a chapel and no one get married and so here
04:38 in this story we have the ten virgins who
04:40 by the way were invited to the wedding.
04:43 So in order to have a wedding you need
04:45 do invite people to come and be witness to
04:47 that wedding, and we're going to look today
04:50 that the way that we work salvation through
04:55 Jesus Christ our Lord is by invitation,
04:58 by preparation and then by wedding.
05:02 The invitation was given. These ladies were
05:05 well-prepared, at least five of them were.
05:08 Now, all ten of them thought they were
05:10 adequately prepared. They believed the
05:13 bridegroom would be right on time,
05:15 they believed he would come along and they
05:18 would move with them into the procession and
05:20 go to the room, the building, the park
05:24 wherever they would going for this special
05:26 ceremony they would all go there together.
05:29 But the Bible story indicates that there was
05:33 a delay, and during the delay all ten slept.
05:40 Now, when Jesus tells a story there are no secrets.
05:43 We know who the story represents and that
05:45 makes it easier to find out the meaning
05:48 of the story, for example, we know that these
05:51 women are called ten virgins,
05:53 virgins that they had not had relationship
05:55 with men that means they were pure women and
05:57 the Bible tells us that pure women represent
06:00 God's pure church where an impure women
06:03 represents the false gospel,
06:05 an impure religion, and so here we have an
06:09 invitation to God's people. Now that does
06:11 make sense, doesn't it? That God would give an
06:13 invitation to people that are called his people,
06:16 not that he didn't give the invitation to
06:18 everyone but only those who loves Him
06:20 respond. If I got a wedding invitation
06:23 in the mail to some couple that I didn't know and
06:25 nobody that I knew, knew them.
06:27 I would probably not go, in fact I probably
06:30 wouldn't even respond I would think it was
06:32 just incorrectly addressed. But here we have
06:36 these women who have received the invitation,
06:38 they know who the groom is, they know the
06:41 bridegroom is coming and they have prepared
06:44 to be a part of the wedding party. Oh!
06:46 What a wonderful story this is. Have you received
06:49 your invitation? Oh! I would like to say you
06:52 have because God's word extends to us the
06:54 invitation that we can all go to heaven when
06:59 we respond to the loving call of Jesus.
07:02 Not only visit my invitation but it's also by
07:06 preparation. Why if you get an invitation
07:08 in the mail to go a wedding you're
07:10 not ready to walk out the door to the wedding
07:12 right then, oh, no, no, no, we've got some
07:14 preparation work to do. There are some things
07:17 to do, there is a wedding gift, there is the change
07:19 of clothes. Ladies for those of you it's an
07:21 opportunity to buy new clothes and be
07:24 prepared for this wedding. It's a big event.
07:26 Why? Under God's way marriage is a sanctified
07:31 act and made Holy to Him so what a celebration
07:36 that it should be, and so we prepare for that
07:40 and usually we get an invitation in advance
07:42 of the wedding, not last minute but within
07:44 a week or so of preparation time.
07:47 So that we can be presented in a manner
07:50 befitting the occasion. Well, God has given to
07:54 each one an invitation and God has given us
07:57 adequate time to be prepared.
08:00 Well, you say how do I get prepared for this
08:01 wedding? Well, if we look at this chapter at
08:06 The Ten Virgins who represent God's
08:09 pure people, God's church then Jesus Himself
08:12 is the bridegroom. The bridegroom is coming
08:16 to take His bride the Bible through many places
08:20 calls His church, His bride, isn't that nice?
08:23 Isn't that sweet? God wants to be married to us.
08:26 He wants that bond, the relationship that
08:30 marriage brings that's why I believe that He
08:33 likens marriage one with another to our
08:35 relationship with Him as we love one another
08:39 we can truly love others as God loves us.
08:43 It's an amazing way that God shares with us
08:46 how He works using human relationships.
08:50 Well, they receive the invitation and they made
08:53 preparation, however, the Bible is pretty clear
08:55 that only five of them were truly prepared.
08:59 They brought extra oil with them.
09:03 Now, can you tell me what oil represents
09:04 in the Bible? That's correct.
09:07 It represents the Holy Spirit, in order
09:09 to be ready for this wedding one must be
09:13 prepared physically and spiritually and God gives
09:18 us in His word that He sends the Holy Spirit
09:20 the comforter to us to lead us and guide us
09:25 into all truth. You don't have to guess what
09:27 truth is, you don't have to guess anything.
09:31 It's right here and God has given to us
09:33 a road map that we can find it.
09:36 If God loves us so much, would He leave us
09:39 in the dark? Absolutely not, and so we go back
09:43 to our story, it says, there was a great cry
09:46 and they awoke from their slumber and when
09:50 they awoke, the Bible says they all trimmed
09:53 their lamps, well, if you left a lamp running
09:55 it kind of gets all the way and they trim their
09:56 lamps and that's when five of them realized oh,
09:59 oh, we don't have enough oil.
10:02 Well, that's easy enough to fix.
10:04 We'll just borrow. Well, what do we know about
10:07 the about Holy Spirit and relationships with
10:09 each of us. Is it possible for me to borrow some
10:11 of the Holy Spirit from you? Is it possible
10:14 for me to gain your entrance into the kingdom
10:17 of heaven? No, nobody gets into heaven on
10:21 anyone else's coat tails we get in by a personal
10:24 living vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.
10:27 When they fell asleep five were poorly
10:30 prepared and when they fell asleep the other
10:32 five were not poorly prepared in fact,
10:35 they were prepared satisfactorily.
10:38 They had what they needed, the extra oil,
10:42 and they could not give them any of their own
10:45 and so they said to the others go and get oil
10:50 for yourselves. Well, now you see under
10:53 a lot of circumstances that's not a bad thing.
10:55 We can find oil, we can find the Holy Spirit,
10:58 we have time to get into a living vibrant
11:01 relationship with Jesus Christ but we have
11:03 to act soon. You see, because the problem
11:06 with the story is it was when they went
11:09 to get oil that the bridegroom came,
11:13 say they did not know that if they left that
11:18 was the time the bridegroom was coming.
11:20 If they had I don't think they would have left
11:23 but they didn't know it was an unknown.
11:26 It was a gamble and you my friend would be
11:29 surprised at how many people gamble daily
11:32 with a relationship with Jesus Christ.
11:36 Don't make that gamble or that mistake for you,
11:41 buy while there is still time, learn the lessons
11:44 that we can find from here, so they went,
11:48 they went to find the oil, doesn't say whether
11:51 they were successful, unsuccessful but they
11:54 came back and the others were gone,
12:00 then they heard somehow God went that the
12:03 bridegroom had already come through that the
12:05 wedding party was already at the destination
12:08 and scripture tells to us that when they were
12:10 ready to go into the wedding it was too late
12:14 for the door was shut. Oh! My friends like
12:19 the man who jumps without a parachute
12:23 so walking daily without a relationship with
12:26 Jesus Christ is just as dangerous.
12:30 No one knows when Jesus is going to come.
12:33 Today is the day that we make that choice.
12:37 Today is the only day we are certain of.
12:42 Well, afterwards these virgins came and said Lord,
12:47 Lord, open up to us, see they even called Him
12:49 by name but He answered to them these
12:53 sad words, assuredly I say to you,
12:59 I don't know who you are. I tell you what,
13:05 some of the saddest words in the English
13:07 language in relationship to a personal walk with
13:12 Jesus Christ would be to hear the words
13:14 from Jesus, I never knew you. Wow!
13:20 You and I don't want to hear those words
13:22 and you and I don't have to hear those words.
13:25 We can be prepared, how? During the
13:28 waiting time, obviously Jesus hasn't come today.
13:32 He didn't come yesterday, don't know if He will come
13:36 tomorrow but I do know that since He hasn't come
13:39 yet I can make preparation right now
13:41 to be there. How do you do that?
13:44 Well, daily Bible study and prayer.
13:48 Oh! If God wants to get close to you then God
13:50 wants you close to Him. And there is no other
13:55 way then to read His word. Oh! It's wonderful
13:59 to fellowship with believers and church,
14:01 it's wonderful to attend the mid-week service,
14:04 it's wonderful to be part of Bible study groups,
14:07 all these things are necessary for a living
14:10 relationship with Jesus Christ.
14:13 Do you want that relationship today?
14:17 The kingdom of heaven is likened to these
14:19 Ten Virgins. You and I are invited to an ultimate
14:26 wedding. We're invited to a party that has
14:29 surpassed all parties. Why the scripture tells us
14:32 that there is rejoicing when one sinner comes
14:37 to repentance. I want to come to repentance.
14:43 I want to have my sins forgiven.
14:47 I want to have a walk with Jesus that draws
14:51 me closer and closer to Him each and everyday.
14:57 Well, the invitation has been given,
15:00 preparation is now being made.
15:04 These individual ladies made some
15:08 of good choice, some of poor choice
15:10 but your future and mine, our preparation
15:14 is still here today. You and I can make that
15:17 preparation and chose the good by having
15:22 Jesus as a part of our lives.
15:24 Well, during the waiting time I don't know
15:26 what happens during the waiting time.
15:28 I believe that Jesus is waiting to come
15:31 and get us because there are some people
15:33 that have not chosen yet.
15:35 With satellite that goes around the globe,
15:39 with Internet, with all of the technology
15:43 that we have today? One would wonder
15:46 if there's anyone who has not heard
15:48 the message that the Bible tells us
15:51 that as soon as the gospel is preached
15:53 to the entire world then and only then
15:56 shall the end come. So my friend,
15:59 are you living that life that will save
16:03 you in the end? Oh! If you answer yes
16:05 to that question be careful because
16:07 there is nothing you and I can do to
16:08 gain eternal life except by allowing
16:12 Jesus to be Lord of our lives.
16:15 Nothing I can do, nothing I can do
16:18 except to allow Jesus in and accept
16:23 His will. All that I do is in direct response
16:27 to what He has done for me.
16:30 I enjoy these new versions of scripture
16:33 that come out from time to time and
16:35 they give me new meaning on some
16:37 of the passage I've come to memorize
16:38 and I really enjoy Romans 12:1 from
16:41 one of the passages that's newer,
16:44 these translations and it says simply this,
16:47 when you consider what He has done for us,
16:52 is this too much to ask and so my friend
16:57 what a simply equation. If you think well what
17:01 has God asked me to do, as I read through
17:03 and I study my Bible and I run across the
17:05 God wants me to pay a tithe then
17:08 my friend when I consider what He
17:10 has done for me, is that too much too ask
17:13 and I answer of course not Lord,
17:14 doesn't even come close I'll tithed.
17:17 And as I continue to study and I find out
17:20 that wow! He says, He is the Lord of
17:22 the Sabbath, do I have a Sabbath in my life?
17:25 Will I take one day, the day that
17:28 He has chosen to worship Him.
17:30 When I consider what He's done for me?
17:33 Is that too much to ask Oh! No Lord
17:36 of course not. Okay, well, I keep reading
17:39 a little more and I run out to where
17:41 it says, love thy neighbor as thyself,
17:44 okay Lord, that's it, that's where you've
17:46 asked too much. Oh! No, no, no my friend.
17:49 Yes, sometimes it seems like He asked
17:51 too much but when we compare it to
17:54 what He has done for us already.
17:58 The shorter list would be what could God ask
18:02 us to do that wouldn't be worth it?
18:05 My friend I will sat down with my own
18:08 pad of paper and I can't come up with
18:11 anything that He could ask including
18:14 allowing me to give my life because
18:18 Jesus has given me more than this world
18:21 has to offered. He has done within me
18:24 and desires to do within you,
18:27 His will and His way to free us from the
18:32 bonds of sin while on this earth in order
18:35 to put on His robe of righteousness.
18:37 Oh! You remember we're talking about
18:38 weddings here that the wedding garment.
18:42 There was wedding and a man invited
18:44 and remember some people were too busy
18:46 I just brought some oxen,
18:47 I want to see how they plow.
18:48 Another one said, well, you know,
18:51 I just got married so I'm going to stay
18:54 home with my wife. People we're not
18:57 accepting an invitation to the wedding and
19:01 in these last days it's going to be the same.
19:04 There are people walking the streets today.
19:07 That will not accept the loving the invitation
19:12 of Jesus Christ. I pray you're not in that
19:15 number and I pray I am not in that number.
19:17 We choose first and foremost Jesus Christ,
19:21 king of our lives. These ladies were
19:25 on their way to the most blessed event.
19:27 They were on their way to a wedding celebration.
19:31 It was a party of all parties in Bible times,
19:34 some wedding celebration lasted
19:36 a week or more. They were wonderful times,
19:39 the family got together, it was an
19:42 exciting opportunity and God tells us
19:45 that the second coming is the same,
19:47 He tells us that it's going to be a
19:49 celebration unlike all celebrations,
19:52 that He is going to prepare a table for
19:55 us in glory that we're going to sit around,
19:58 we're going to be there with all of our
20:00 loved ones, that if chosen Jesus,
20:02 all of our friends were going to meet people
20:05 that we've never seen or met before.
20:07 We will have only one thing in common
20:09 we've some people that is simply this
20:12 we loved the same Lord. Can that be
20:18 said of you today that we love the
20:21 same Lord, that we've invited the same Lord
20:24 into our hearts, may that be our prayer
20:28 each and everyday. We've been invited
20:31 to the greatest wedding of all time,
20:33 the greatest wedding between our Savior
20:37 and His bride His church, you and I.
20:42 If we are right now in the time of preparation
20:46 and in waiting, they go hand in hand.
20:48 We don't know when Jesus will come
20:51 but he will come soon. We know that the
20:54 Bible has promised that, it's share with
20:56 us that Jesus right now John 14 is up in
21:00 heaven preparing mansions for us.
21:02 Our prayer there is a mail box out on
21:04 the street with my name on it.
21:06 I want to be there, don't you?
21:08 This wedding is the only opportunity
21:13 to be with Jesus forever.
21:18 The door was shut when those who
21:21 were not ready, sort out to get ready,
21:27 and scripture told us, watch therefore for
21:30 you know neither the day nor the hour
21:33 that the Son of Man is coming.
21:35 Even I don't know when Jesus is coming,
21:37 but we do know He is coming soon
21:40 and I want to be there.
21:41 The story is told of a young man
21:43 who went to get a job on a farm.
21:47 He was a handy man and He didn't
21:49 have any references but when the farmer
21:53 ask Him some of his traits, one of the
21:55 traits that stuck in the farmer's mind
21:57 was this when he said, I can sleep
22:01 when the wind blows, you can
22:04 sleep when the wind blows? Yes, sir I can.
22:08 Hey, that was interesting and he
22:10 answered the rest of the questions
22:11 of the interview just well and inspite
22:13 of no references the farmer hired him,
22:16 and he proceeded to work.
22:18 Well, it was only a few weeks later
22:22 when a great storm blew up out of nowhere,
22:25 the farmer got up out of bed panicking
22:28 because the wind was strong it was
22:29 going to literally undo and cause dire
22:33 problems on his farm. And he goes out to
22:37 the little place where his worker is living
22:41 and he looks through the window
22:43 and his hireling is sleeping.
22:47 He beats on the door and looks through
22:52 the window. The boy doesn't get up.
22:55 Well, he can't wait for him, he saw him
22:57 stir a little bit so he went to run,
22:59 he had to go, he had to save his farm
23:01 and so he runs around and wants
23:04 to close the protection on the windows but
23:07 they're already shut. He goes to
23:10 move the tractor inside the barn
23:12 and he finds that the tractor is already
23:14 inside and the doors are bolted.
23:18 Why the farm implements have
23:21 been moved next to the barn,
23:23 the hay had been restock, amazingly
23:25 enough everything he went to in order
23:28 to save it, had already been done,
23:31 and then it dawned on him.
23:33 That's what he meant I can sleep
23:38 when the wind blows. My friend can you
23:42 sleep when the wind blows?
23:44 This young man had done his job
23:46 faithfully day by day doing it right going
23:50 the extra mile while the waiting was good,
23:54 while the weather was good, when he could
23:56 have been lazy, he did his job well
23:59 and now when the time's got tough,
24:02 he was ready and he was prepared.
24:06 Are you jumping out of an airplane
24:08 without a parachute? I certainly hope not.
24:12 He only found out when it was too late.
24:16 Living the Christian life is an awful lot like
24:21 these stories we've looked at today.
24:23 We think one thing but reality is another.
24:29 I can say I am saved just as I can say
24:33 I'm a millionaire but that doesn't make it so.
24:37 I can say that I love Jesus but am I willing
24:43 to walk in the path that Jesus has laid
24:46 out for me? Far too often people
24:49 who accept Jesus Christ, accept Jesus
24:52 in their way not having to change your life.
24:55 God will love me just as I am, well, you know
24:59 that's sound good, and God does love us
25:02 just as we are but as a parent parents a child.
25:07 When they disciple them, when they
25:09 discipline them and show them to the
25:13 way to go, most moms and dads
25:16 and grandmas and grandpas expect the
25:19 young one to improve and get better
25:23 because now they know better.
25:25 You and I are like The Ten Virgins here
25:29 in scripture. We've been given this great
25:32 invitation to a one time event,
25:35 the second coming of Jesus Christ.
25:37 Do you want to be there? I know I do
25:40 then we come to the preparation just
25:42 as we prepare for a wedding here on earth.
25:45 We prepare for a wedding up above.
25:48 That day is coming very, very soon.
25:52 I want to be a part of that day.
25:54 During this time of waiting, while we're
25:57 waiting from one day to the next for a sign
26:01 that He is coming. I want to remain faithful
26:05 to Him moment by moment, day by day
26:08 from this day forward, don't you?
26:11 I believe you do. Well then during this
26:15 preparation time while we are waiting for
26:16 Jesus to come, take every opportunity to
26:19 get to know your Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
26:22 Daily Bible study and prayer, meeting for
26:26 mid-week service us, fellow-shipping with
26:29 Christian friends, singing Christian songs,
26:33 living a life that God leads us to live is our
26:39 response to this great invitation of all time.
26:45 I want to be ready when Jesus comes.
26:49 Will you bow your heads with me as
26:51 we ask God to come into our hearts
26:53 this very moment. Gracious Father in
26:56 heaven, we thank You so much that You love us,
27:00 thank you that You send Jesus to die for us
27:03 and thank you for the great invitation to
27:07 attend the wedding, our wedding,
27:09 Your wedding, when You come to take us home.
27:13 May the day of Your coming be soon
27:16 but until that day comes Father,
27:19 help us be prepared so that we maybe
27:23 ready for we do not know the day
27:26 or the hour that you're coming.
27:27 So we want to be able to sleep soundly
27:31 through the night. For these things
27:33 we pray in Jesus name, amen.
27:36 O my friend, may God grant you peace
27:40 that passes all understanding,
27:41 may He give you the strength
27:43 and the courage to take a step for Him
27:48 because it will be the
27:50 greatest step you ever take.


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