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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel, I'm Dennis Smith,
00:34 pastor of the New Haven, Connecticut Seventh-day
00:37 Adventist Church, every student of Bible
00:40 prophecy knows that we're living very close
00:44 to the time of Christ coming, when you just
00:48 look in the world today there are so many
00:49 things happening that indicate Christ coming
00:51 is near. In the natural world when you think
00:55 about the disasters that have recently taken
00:57 place in this world, the tsunami off the coast of
01:01 Indonesia probably the greatest natural disaster
01:06 in recorded history. More nations effected,
01:10 more people killed. And then Pakistan had
01:14 a great earthquake and reports indicate
01:18 that it was perhaps the greatest earthquake
01:19 they had had, and then in the United States
01:24 we have not escaped the natural disasters
01:27 and you're all certainly aware of the
01:29 hurricanes that have devastated our coasts
01:32 and Hurricane Katrina and the devastating
01:35 effects that had on the city of New Orleans.
01:38 Many times individuals say well there's
01:41 always been natural disasters that's true,
01:44 but the Bible indicates that as we near
01:46 the end of time natural disasters would be
01:49 similar to a woman giving birth to a child.
01:52 The birth pains get more intense and closer
01:55 together as we near the time of birth,
01:58 that's how it is in these last days.
02:01 The disasters become more intense and closer
02:06 together as we near the coming of Jesus.
02:09 God is calling the last generation of Christians
02:13 into existence today to prepare them for
02:16 two events one, the final crisis that is rapidly
02:20 coming upon this earth and secondly,
02:24 the second coming of Jesus. Do you want
02:27 to be ready for those final events?
02:30 You will learn today in our presentation how
02:37 you can be ready for Christ coming and the
02:40 final events earth's history, let us pray.
02:44 Our gracious Father, I think that you are a
02:48 sovereign God reigning in this earth and that
02:51 we have nothing to fear for the future if
02:54 we have Jesus as our Savior and I pray
02:56 Lord that You will open our eyes and ears
02:59 that we may see and hear your word today
03:04 that we will hear your call to come out of
03:08 our lethargy, our Laodicea condition to be
03:11 ready for our Lord's return.
03:13 In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
03:18 God has a time table for everything,
03:22 when we look at Old Testament history we
03:25 find that time and time again God certainly
03:28 foretold what was taking place and that was
03:31 going to take place in this earth.
03:35 Nothing happens and catches God off guard.
03:41 God is foreseen and even ordained the
03:45 events that take transpire in this earth.
03:47 For instance when God called Abraham
03:51 and promised Abraham that he would
03:53 make a great nation from Him God also told
03:57 Abraham that his descendents would go
03:59 off into captivity and sure enough that's
04:01 what happened. And when we read in the
04:03 Old Testament we find that the descendents
04:06 of Abraham did go into an Egyptian captivity
04:10 and then we're told in Exodus chapter 12
04:13 that after 430 years of captivity it says on
04:17 the self same day on the very day that
04:20 God had foreordained that they would come
04:22 out they came out according to God's time
04:25 table and then we also see that God had
04:29 foretold that His people would many years
04:32 later go into a Babylonian captivity and
04:35 God again predicted, foretold that they
04:37 would be there 70 years and then come
04:39 out of that and that's exactly what happened.
04:42 And then perhaps the greatest event,
04:45 certainly the greatest event of earth's history
04:47 was the coming of Jesus Christ and again
04:51 we find in God's word that God foretold
04:53 exactly when the Messiah would appear
04:56 and when we read in Galatians, chapter 4
05:00 we are told when the fullness of time
05:01 came God sent His son. Jesus did not come
05:06 too soon or too late He came exactly on
05:08 time according to God's prophetic timetable.
05:14 We read in Daniel chapter 9 that God even
05:16 gave greater details about the coming of
05:18 the Messiah, in Daniel 9 we find that God
05:21 even foretold when the Messiah would be
05:26 baptized the exact year. God also foretold
05:31 when the Messiah will be crucified again the
05:34 exact year. You see nothing catches God
05:38 off guard and everything that is transpired
05:40 in this earth is again according to God's
05:41 timetable. Jesus did not die one year too
05:45 early or one year too late what about us
05:50 in the damage we're living. The next great
05:55 event and probably the greatest event that
05:59 would have ever taken place in this earth
06:01 is certainly the second coming of Jesus.
06:04 Is that also according to a timetable with
06:06 God prophetic clock? Yes it is. Now from
06:09 our perspective it may appear that he's
06:12 been delayed and Jesus given us that
06:15 indication in the Parable of the Ten Virgins,
06:20 but yet from God's perspective there is
06:21 no delay because Jesus told us when He
06:24 walked this earth He said no man knows
06:28 the day and hour of the coming of Jesus
06:32 and He said not even the angels in heaven
06:34 know when Jesus would return but He did
06:37 say my Father knows. You see God the Father
06:40 has always known for eternity when these
06:43 different events would take place there is a
06:45 prophetic time clock that is being fulfilled in
06:48 the history of this earth and I believe beyond
06:51 any question that prophetic clock has
06:53 reached the hour in which God is saying come
06:56 out of Laodicea, come out of your lethargy,
06:59 prepare for the coming of my son.
07:02 We've reached that time in the history of
07:04 this earth. Today, right now, God is calling
07:12 into existence a people to become just like
07:15 Jesus. Why do I say that, well we read in
07:21 the letter of John, First John chapter 3 and
07:25 verse 2, God tells us beloved, now are we
07:31 the sons of God and it does not yet appear
07:33 what we shall be but we know that when
07:36 he shall appear we shall be like him for
07:40 we shall see him as he is. When we look
07:44 at that verse and consider the word like,
07:48 now in English that word like is somewhat
07:50 of a weak word but if you look at the Greek,
07:53 the Greek word translate that like in the
07:55 English is ómoios, which means just like, not
08:00 kind of like or not just similar but just like,
08:05 it means those ready to meet Jesus will
08:07 be just like Jesus in character, just like
08:11 Jesus in conduct and actually doing the
08:15 ministry that Jesus did, and so just like
08:17 Jesus in ministering authority. That is the
08:22 generation that God is calling into existence
08:25 today, however we've a problem today,
08:30 when we look at the Book of Revelation
08:31 we find that in chapter 2 and 3 of Revelation
08:35 there is a description of the history of the
08:38 Christian Church and what we find there,
08:40 there are seven eras of Church history and
08:44 the seventh era describes the Christian
08:48 time period today, it is called the Church
08:51 of Laodicea. God describes in Revelation
08:55 chapter 3 that Church. When we turn to
08:58 Revelation chapter 3 verse 14 or 16 we
09:00 read about that Church and unto the angel
09:05 of the Church of Laodiceans write,
09:09 these things says the Amen, the faithful
09:12 and true witness, the beginning of the
09:14 creation of God. I know thy works, that you
09:19 are neither cold nor hot. I would you were
09:22 cold or hot, so then because you are
09:27 lukewarm and neither cold nor hot,
09:30 I will spill thee out of my mouth.
09:36 God gives us a very serious warning here,
09:44 what is hot and cold have to do with that
09:45 one. Well if you look historically, Laodicea
09:51 was known for it's hydrotherapy, now in
09:53 hydrotherapy hot and cold is therapeutic
09:57 that brings health, it brings life.
10:01 Lukewarm is comfortable but it's not
10:03 therapeutic what God is saying here is that
10:07 last day Christians will have a lukewarm
10:12 experience in their own life, they will not
10:14 be experiencing the power the gospel to
10:17 bring the greatest healing and freedom from
10:20 the things Satan is trying to bring in their
10:21 life and they are unable to be therapeutic
10:25 in the contact with others. You see
10:28 everywhere Jesus went he was therapeutic,
10:31 everywhere he went he brought life and
10:33 healing in deliverance from the impressions
10:35 of Satan in the lives. God is saying we must
10:40 come out of that lukewarm non-therapeutic
10:44 condition and become like Jesus.
10:48 Now when we look at the Church today is
10:55 God correct? Statistics indicate that that
11:01 description of the church is certainly correct.
11:04 When we look at some of the statistics
11:08 that have come out and these are actual
11:10 studies that have been done, the majority
11:12 of Christians take little or no time in personal
11:16 study and prayer and the majority of
11:19 Christians manage to get out perhaps one
11:22 hour a week for worship service and when
11:26 it comes to prayer meeting, well if they
11:29 existed at all they are very sparsely attended.
11:32 I ask you the question is that a spirit
11:36 filled churches on fire for the Lord?
11:38 I don't think so. It's been said that if the
11:45 Holy Spirit were withdrawn from the earth
11:47 today the majority of the church work
11:52 would continue as usual and most Christians
11:57 wouldn't even know that the Holy Spirit has
11:59 been withdrawn. We've gotten very good
12:02 at carrying on the work of the Lord in our
12:04 own strengths and our own wisdom.
12:08 But God's gonna bring about a change and
12:10 that is the call that he's making today.
12:14 We need more then anything else to
12:17 experience personal and corporate revival.
12:22 One of my favorite authors Ellen White tells
12:25 us in volume one of Selected Messages,
12:28 page 121, a revival of true godliness
12:33 among us is our greatest and most urgent
12:37 of all our needs. To seek this should be
12:41 our first work. Well if that's the most
12:45 important thing that we experience how can
12:47 we experience revival, that certainly be a
12:49 very important question and that's the
12:52 theme of my message today, there is only
12:55 one way we're going to experience revival
12:57 and that is by personally experiencing the
12:59 Baptism of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
13:03 It is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that
13:05 will bring us out of the Laodicean condition.
13:08 In fact that's eluted to when you look at
13:10 the chapter 3 of Revelation, chapter 3
13:13 verse 20, Jesus says behold I stand at the
13:18 door and knock if any man hear my voice and
13:21 open the door I will come into him and will
13:24 sup with him and he with me. You see the
13:28 solution, the answer to the Laodicea
13:31 condition is to let Jesus into our life and
13:35 how do we let Jesus into our life?
13:38 Well we are told in the Bible how that happens,
13:41 in First John chapter 3 verse 24 we read
13:43 about that, And he that keeps his
13:47 commandments dwells in him and he in him.
13:50 And hereby we know that he abides in us,
13:53 how does he abide in us? By the Spirit
13:55 which he has given to us. In this scripture
14:00 we find that we are told very clearly it is
14:03 through the Holy Spirit that Jesus lives
14:05 within us and that is the answer to how
14:09 we open the door that Jesus is knocking
14:12 on in Revelation chapter 3 is that we open
14:16 the door to Jesus and let Him come into
14:18 our lives through the Baptism of the Holy
14:19 Spirit, that is how it works. And as we let
14:23 Jesus into our lives that then begins the
14:27 process of coming out of the Laodicea
14:29 condition and I do want to emphasis the
14:31 word process, we do not come out
14:33 immediately we begin the process of coming
14:35 out of our Laodicean condition and becoming
14:38 like Jesus. In Acts chapter 1 we read the
14:42 words of Jesus to the disciples right after his
14:46 crucifixion and resurrection. And, being
14:49 assembled together with them,
14:51 he commanded them that they should not
14:53 depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the
14:56 promise of the Father, which said he,
14:59 you've heard of me for John truly baptized
15:01 with water but you should be baptized with
15:04 the Holy Ghost not many days.
15:09 In this scripture we find that Jesus told the
15:12 disciples even though they had been with
15:14 him for three and one half years he though
15:16 told the disciples you are not ready,
15:19 you are not ready to go out yet and preach
15:21 the gospel to fulfill the commission I've
15:24 given you, you must wait. You must wait
15:27 for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
15:29 Why did they have to wait? Well, we read
15:32 why they had to in verse 8. But ye
15:35 shall receive power after that the Holy
15:37 Ghost is come upon you and you shall be
15:40 witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and
15:42 in all Judea and in Samaria and unto the
15:46 uttermost parts of the earth. Jesus told the
15:50 disciples here that they did not have the power.
15:53 You see that's what the baptism of the
15:54 Holy Spirit is all about, Jesus living within
15:56 us and manifesting through us His power.
16:00 You and I don't have the power to become like
16:02 Jesus, no way but through the baptism of
16:04 the Holy Spirits we receive the power to
16:06 become like Jesus and to minister to others
16:09 like Jesus ministered. Ellen White clearly
16:13 confirms his teaching in volume two of selected
16:17 messages page 57, The baptism of the Holy
16:22 Ghost as on the day of Pentecost will lead
16:25 to a revival of true religion and the
16:28 performance of many wonderful works.
16:32 I love that statement, it cannot be any
16:35 clearer can it. There is only one way that
16:37 we will receive revival. There is only one
16:41 way we'll come out of the lukewarm
16:42 Laodicean condition and that is by receiving
16:45 the baptism of the Holy Spirit, there is only
16:47 one way that our Church can become a
16:49 spirit filled Church. Is that the people of God
16:56 reach out to God and claim the promise to be
16:58 filled with his Holy Spirit and I'll tell you
17:01 this God's work will not be finished until that
17:06 happens we've better round this earth for
17:08 a long time waiting for Jesus to come and
17:14 it will not happen, that event will not happen
17:18 until God's peoples become spirit filled
17:21 through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,
17:24 that is why I say I believe beyond any
17:27 question God's prophetic clock has reached
17:30 the hour in which he says, now is the time,
17:34 pull my people out of Laodicea bring to them
17:37 in understanding of the Baptism of the Holy
17:39 Spirit that they will reach out to their
17:42 God in faith believing that God will fill them
17:45 and they'll begin experiencing the revival
17:47 and the reformation that must take place.
17:51 Ellen White again confirms this in her
17:54 statement in volume 6 of the testimonies
17:57 page 370, The Lord does not now work to
18:02 bring many souls into the truth, because
18:06 the Church members who have never been
18:08 converted and those who were once
18:11 converted but who have backslidden.
18:15 What influence would these unconsecrated
18:18 members have on new converts?
18:23 That's pretty straight isn't it, now is she
18:27 saying or am I saying that God is not working
18:29 through the Church at all? No, but I will
18:33 say this, God is not able to work through
18:40 the Church and as mighty or a powerful
18:43 way as he wants to, but that will change
18:48 because when you and I as believers in Jesus
18:50 Christ chose to reach out to him and claim
18:54 the promise of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
18:55 in our life change will begin happening from
18:58 within, we'll start becoming like Jesus from
19:01 within because he will be manifesting
19:03 Himself in us and through us because that's
19:06 what the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is all
19:08 about. This very thing is what Satan is
19:13 afraid of, in volume one of selected
19:16 messages page 124 we read,
19:20 There is nothing that Satan fears so much
19:23 as that the people of God shall clear the
19:25 way by removing every hindrance,
19:28 so that the Lord can pour out His Spirit
19:31 upon a languishing church and an impenitent
19:35 congregation. Satan will do everything he
19:40 can to him, to hinder you and me from
19:42 understanding and experiencing the
19:44 Baptism of the Holy Spirit because he knows
19:47 when we experience the fullness of the
19:48 spirit in our life his power begin to be broken
19:51 in our life and as Jesus began manifesting
19:54 himself to minister through us his power
19:57 be broken in the lives of others.
20:00 What else can we do to corporate with God
20:03 that revival can come into our life and our
20:05 Church. What we read and answer to that
20:10 in the Old Testament in Second Chronicles
20:12 chapter 7 verse 14, If my people, which are
20:17 called by my name, shall humble themselves
20:20 and pray and seek my face, and turn from
20:23 their wicked ways; then will I hear from
20:26 heaven, and will forgive their sin,
20:29 and heal their land. According to that
20:34 scripture what is another important element
20:37 of revival? Prayer. The Baptism of the Holy
20:42 Spirit and prayer go hand in hand when we
20:47 humble ourselves before God earnestly
20:49 seeking him and by the way one of the first
20:51 things that's happened as we seek the
20:53 Baptism of the Holy Spirit is that the Spirit
20:56 will begin bringing a deep sense of our
20:58 sinfulness and will bring a deeper conviction
21:01 and bring us to a deeper repentance before
21:04 God and as we experience that God says
21:08 in Chronicles, as we begin reaching out to
21:11 Him in prayer and we Lord, I give my life
21:14 completely to you I give you permission to
21:18 work in my life and begin bringing the changes
21:20 that have to come. There may be sins in our
21:23 lives that we've been struggling with for a
21:26 long time but I tell you this as you seek
21:30 the Baptism of the Spirit and you begin
21:32 receiving the power of God in you life as never
21:35 before you will begin experiencing victories
21:37 in your life as never before, you start
21:40 becoming like Jesus and God says,
21:42 as we experience that when we reach out
21:44 to him in prayer he will come and heal us
21:48 spiritually, emotionally and every other way
21:50 of healing that needs to take place in our
21:52 life. We need to pray, we need to seek the
22:00 Baptism of the Holy Spirit to experience revival.
22:03 Again Ellen White confirms this in volume
22:06 one of selected messages page 121,
22:09 A revival need be expected only in answer
22:13 to prayer. That quote is rather very clear
22:19 isn't it. Prayer is essential to experience
22:23 revival and as we previously seen the
22:26 Baptism of the Holy Spirit is essential to
22:28 experience revival and when it comes to
22:30 both experiences it is not a once and for
22:32 all experience we must everyday continue to
22:35 seek the in-filling of God's spirit and we must
22:37 everyday continue to pray that God would
22:39 bring the revival in our life. David has a
22:43 very interesting Psalm over in Psalm
22:45 chapter 85 verse 6 along these lines.
22:48 He says, Wilt thou not revive us again
22:52 that thy people may rejoice in thee.
22:56 I love that scripture because it connects
22:59 revival with rejoicing, you see revival is not
23:02 a sad down trident thing, revival is an
23:04 experience where we begin experiencing
23:06 the joy of the Lord, the fruit of the spirit,
23:07 love, joy, peace that is what God wants to
23:11 bring to us those that are ready to meet
23:13 Jesus will have all the food of the spirit
23:16 manifest in their life and they will be rejoicing
23:18 in the Lord in spite of some of the difficult
23:20 times that they're going through. According
23:24 to Revelation chapter 12:17 we find And the
23:31 dragon was wroth with the woman,
23:33 and went to make war with the remnant of
23:35 her seed, which keep the commandments
23:37 of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
23:40 What that scripture tells us is that in the
23:43 last days there is what is called God's remnant
23:46 people people and what that's telling us
23:48 about God's last people they're a remnant,
23:50 they're just like the Church in the book of
23:53 Acts. We shall see the church in the book
23:56 of Acts happen again, the Church in the
24:01 book of Acts had Holy Spirit power,
24:03 on the day of Pentecost those that were
24:05 there experienced the Baptism of the Holy
24:07 Spirit and you throughout the book of Acts
24:09 over and over again they were being
24:10 filled by the Holy Spirit. We will see that
24:15 Church come alive again in God's last people
24:17 and it will happen in the same way that
24:19 happened back then through personally
24:21 experiencing the Baptist Holy Spirit and through
24:24 seeking God in prayer everyday that is the
24:27 people that God is calling into existence today.
24:30 In fact Ellen White had a vision along those
24:32 lines we read in volume 9 of Testimonies page
24:35 126. In visions of the night, representations,
24:39 past, before me of a great reformatory
24:42 movement among God's people. Many were
24:44 praising God, the sick were healed and other
24:48 miracles were wrought. A spirit of
24:51 intercession was seen, even as was
24:54 manifested before the great day of Pentecost.
24:57 Hundreds and thousands were seen visiting
24:59 families and opening before them the word
25:02 of God. Hearts were convicted by the power
25:06 of the Holy Spirit, and a spirit of genuine
25:09 conversion was manifested. We see from
25:14 this statement by Ellen White that she very
25:16 clearly describes the church in the last days,
25:19 that church will be a spirit filled church,
25:21 that church will be operating under the
25:24 direction and power of the Holy Spirit and we
25:27 see that church described during a ministry
25:30 very similar to the ministry of Jesus.
25:32 Why is that? Because they have received the
25:34 Baptism of the Holy Spirit, they powered of
25:36 the early rain in their life and they have
25:38 experienced a latter rain power and they are
25:41 ministering because Jesus living in them
25:43 ministering through them just like He did when
25:45 He walked this earth, and we find that the
25:47 last remnant church will be just like the
25:49 church in the book of Acts and again for the
25:52 same reasons because the church in the
25:53 book of Acts was filled with the Holy Spirit
25:56 and they were ministering under the direction
25:58 and power of the Holy Spirit. That is the
26:01 church that got us calling to existence today.
26:05 I believe with all my heart that the final
26:07 crisis is right upon us, I've no question, but
26:11 Jesus is coming soon, very soon and God
26:14 in mercy is calling his people to get ready
26:18 because if those events come upon us,
26:20 the final crises and the second coming of
26:21 Jesus and we do not come out of the
26:23 Laodicea condition that we're in we will be
26:26 lost. So, this message that God is sending to
26:29 his people to receive the Baptist Holy Spirit
26:31 is a message of mercy because He loves us,
26:35 He wants us to be ready for His coming.
26:38 You see He is calling us to receive His Holy
26:40 Spirit in fullness, He's calling us to come out
26:43 of our Laodicea condition, He is calling us to
26:45 become a people of prayer, He is calling us
26:48 to experience revival and reformation in
26:51 short He is calling us to become just like
26:54 Jesus. Remember in First John chapter 3
26:59 verse 2. Beloved, now are we the sons of God,
27:07 and it does not yet appear what we shall be,
27:10 but we know that, when he shall appear,
27:13 we shall be like him; for we shall see him as
27:16 he is. That verse is very clear about the matter,
27:26 when Jesus comes back those that are ready
27:29 to meet him will be just like Him.
27:34 Not kind of like Him, not sort of like Him but
27:37 just like Jesus. Just like Jesus in character,
27:43 just like Jesus in conduct, just like Jesus in
27:48 ministry. God's last church will be directed by
27:52 Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.


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