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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel. I'm Dennis Smith,
00:34 Pastor of the New Haven, Connecticut,
00:36 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:37 Today, we're going to discuss what I
00:40 think is one of the most important
00:42 subjects in the Bible, the Baptism
00:45 of the Holy Spirit. We will learn what
00:48 the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is,
00:49 and how we receive the Baptism
00:52 of the Holy Spirit? An experience
00:54 that we must understand and
00:56 have in order to meet Jesus.
00:58 So, let us begin with prayer.
01:00 Our gracious Father, I thank you that
01:04 you've given us the gift of your Son
01:06 and the gift of your Spirit.
01:08 I pray that today you'll open our hearts
01:12 and minds to better understand your word,
01:16 and we will see very clearly the wonderful
01:19 gift of the spirit that you've given to us,
01:21 what that gift is and how we're to receive
01:24 the baptism of your Spirit in our life in
01:27 Jesus name I pray, amen.
01:31 I have good news for you today
01:32 Jesus is coming soon. Now, I know Christians
01:36 have been saying that for a long time.
01:38 In fact, I became the Seventh-day Adventist
01:40 Christian back in 1966 and I thought
01:42 things are coming down to the wire back then,
01:44 but a few years have passed since then,
01:47 but today I'm more convicted then ever
01:50 that Jesus is coming soon.
01:52 Why do I believe that? It's not because
01:54 of 9/11s or other terror attacks is not
01:58 because of natural disaster such as earthquakes,
02:01 tsunamis, hurricanes, though all those things
02:04 are signs of Christ's second coming and that
02:06 it is near, but that's not the primary reason
02:08 that I believe in my heart the second
02:10 coming of Jesus is very soon.
02:12 Now, I invite you to turn with me to
02:17 Revelation chapter 7, beginning with verse 1
02:22 through 3. "And after these things
02:26 I saw four angels standing on the four
02:28 corners of the earth, holding the four winds
02:31 of the earth, that the wind should not
02:33 blow on the earth, nor on the sea,
02:35 nor on any tree. And I saw the angel
02:40 ascending from the east, having the seal
02:43 of the living God, and he cried with a loud
02:45 voice to the four angels, to whom it
02:48 was given to hurt the earth and the sea,
02:51 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea,
02:54 nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants
02:57 of our God in their foreheads."
03:00 We see from the scripture that God
03:03 is not waiting for more earthquakes,
03:06 for more wars, for more terror attacks,
03:09 that is not what God is waiting for?
03:10 In fact, this text tells us that God is
03:13 holding those things back. Those things
03:16 are gonna come and they're gonna come
03:17 in more intensity as we approach the final
03:20 crisis in the earth's history, but God knows
03:22 that His people are not ready for that
03:25 final crisis. And for that very reason
03:28 He's holding back the winds,
03:30 He's holding back the final crisis,
03:33 He's holding them back for something
03:36 to happen and His people.
03:37 And that verse we just read tells us
03:39 He is holding back the final crisis,
03:42 He is telling the angels do not let
03:44 those winds go until God's people are sealed.
03:47 What's the sealing? That must be rather
03:51 important. Well, if you turn with me to
03:54 Ephesians chapter 4 verse 30, we'll find
03:56 out what the sealing is? "And grieve not the
04:00 Holy Spirit of God, whereby we are sealed
04:03 until the day of redemption."
04:05 You see the scripture tells us that we
04:08 experience the sealing through the Holy Spirit.
04:12 And when you read through the scriptures
04:14 you'll find you receive the fulness of the
04:16 spirit by experiencing the baptism of the
04:20 Holy Spirit. So, in a way you and I will
04:23 be sealed and prepared for the final crisis
04:26 and Christ second coming is to personally
04:28 understand and experience the baptism
04:30 of the Holy Spirit. That is why I'm convicted
04:34 beyond any question that the coming of
04:37 Jesus is soon. Because I'm seeing God taking
04:42 the message to receive the baptism of the
04:44 Holy Spirit which is the sealing message
04:46 to His people around the world.
04:48 When I say around the world,
04:49 I mean literally around the world
04:51 in a very short time. He is calling
04:54 His people to be filled with the Holy Spirit;
04:57 He is giving us an understanding of
04:58 what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is,
04:59 and calling us to be filled with His
05:01 Holy Spirit. So, that we can be sealed
05:04 and become just like Jesus.
05:07 So, let's look more closely today at just
05:09 what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
05:11 Well, when we read in John chapter 14 verse 16,
05:15 Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit.
05:17 He said, "And I will pray the Father,
05:19 and he shall give you another comforter,
05:21 that he may abide with you forever;"
05:24 In this scripture Jesus promised the Holy Spirit.
05:28 And He promised that we would have the
05:29 Holy Spirit forever. And when you read on in
05:33 verse 18 of the same chapter we find.
05:35 Jesus said, "I will not leave you comfortless:
05:39 I will come to you." In this scripture we see
05:44 that Jesus equates the Holy Spirit coming
05:47 to us with Jesus coming to us.
05:50 So, you see it is through the baptism of the
05:52 Holy Spirit that Jesus comes and lives in us
05:56 fully that's what the baptism of the
05:59 Holy Spirit is all about. And we're told that
06:01 again in the little letter by John in
06:04 First John chapter 3 verse 24.
06:08 "He that keeps his commandments
06:10 dwells in him, and he in him.
06:12 And hereby we know that he abides in us,
06:14 by the Spirit which he hath given us."
06:17 The scripture tell us very clearly that
06:19 Jesus abides in us through the Holy Spirit
06:23 that He has given to us, that's what the
06:25 baptism of the Holy Spirit is all about is
06:27 Jesus living in you and me fully.
06:30 And when that happens we become
06:32 like Jesus and that's what God is calling
06:35 His people to experience today,
06:37 He is calling us out of the Laodicea condition
06:40 and to become just like His Son Jesus.
06:43 There are several words in the
06:46 New Testament that that are equivalent
06:47 concerning the Holy Spirit,
06:48 the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the in
06:50 filling the Holy Spirit, the anointing of the
06:52 Holy Spirit, the early rain.
06:54 You see the baptism of the Holy Spirit
06:56 is the early rain of the Holy Spirit,
06:59 which began on the day of Pentecost.
07:00 Now, the Bible also describes another
07:03 outpouring of the Holy Spirit called
07:05 The Latter Rain. And what we discovered
07:07 from the Bible using the analogy of agriculture
07:10 is that in the Middle East, the seed was
07:12 planted and the early rain came and
07:14 when the early rain came the crop began
07:17 growing to a certain level of maturity.
07:20 And that was important because
07:21 later on the latter rain would come and
07:23 when that rain would come, the crops
07:25 would grow to full maturity ready for
07:28 the harvest. Using that analogy the
07:32 baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is the
07:34 early rain began to fall on the day of Pentecost.
07:37 That experience in the Holy Spirit is
07:41 necessary for you and me to understand
07:43 experience. We must experience the early
07:46 rain baptism of the Holy Spirit we must
07:48 grow under that experience of the
07:50 Holy Spirit to a great level of maturity,
07:53 so that when the latter rain comes
07:56 we will benefit from that last outpouring
08:01 of Holy Spirit power on this earth and
08:04 in our life. The tragedy is that Satan wants
08:08 to keep us from experiencing the early
08:11 rain baptism of the Spirit, he wants to
08:12 confuse us on that, he wants to make us
08:14 afraid of that, but if we do not experience
08:18 the early rain baptism of the spirit,
08:20 when the latter rain comes it could be
08:23 falling all around us and it won't do us
08:26 any good. In fact, we won't even know
08:28 that the Holy Spirit is falling on the earth
08:30 at that time and in fullness. I'd like to
08:35 look at it this way I, I see water baptism is,
08:39 is sort of like the, the marriage ceremony
08:41 when two individual's commit their lives to
08:43 one another, and in water baptism
08:45 we make our commitment, we're gonna
08:46 serve the Lord. And then I look at spirit
08:48 baptism is, as more or less like the
08:50 consummation of the marriage,
08:52 where a man and wife get to know
08:53 one another intimately and that's what the
08:55 baptism of the Holy Spirit is, we get to
08:57 know our Lord intimately.
08:59 First the commitment and then the
09:02 consummation of the relationship
09:04 and we get to know God.
09:05 And by the way that word knows very
09:06 significant because Jesus tells us the
09:09 only ones that are saved in the end when
09:12 He comes are those that know Him intimately
09:16 and He knows them. I thought I understood
09:22 the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I mean
09:24 as I said, I was baptized in 1966,
09:28 became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian I,
09:30 I've been active as a pastor and
09:32 a layman for a many, many years
09:34 I began pastoring in 1970.
09:37 And I thought I understood the
09:40 working of the Holy Spirit,
09:41 the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
09:42 And then in the fall of 1999, the Lord
09:46 challenged me to look more closely at it.
09:48 And I will just, I will say, it was a bit of a
09:50 struggle for me at first 'cause I had
09:52 a lot of things about the baptism of the
09:53 Holy Spirit. You know, if you, if you
09:55 seek the baptism of the Spirit this might
09:56 happen or that might happen and of course
09:58 think and I already understood it,
09:59 I sort of had tunnel vision and I had some
10:02 pre-supposed ideas about it.
10:04 And so, whenever I read scriptures that
10:05 referred to it, I just kind of read over them
10:07 I think I understood it, but the Lord challenged
10:10 me to look more closely at it.
10:13 And I praise God that He did.
10:15 My life and my ministry has never
10:17 been the same. As I began studying into
10:20 what the baptism of the Holy Spirit it is,
10:22 I began realizing that there are actually
10:24 two works of the Holy Spirit.
10:26 The first work of the Holy Spirit is send
10:29 out to all the world to bring conviction to men
10:32 and women to accept Jesus as their savior.
10:34 That work of the Holy Spirit is available to all.
10:37 There's a second work of the Holy Spirit,
10:40 which is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
10:42 that work of the Holy Spirit is for the
10:45 believer only. Once we accept Jesus through
10:49 the convicting part of the Holy Spirit then
10:52 our Lord says; now I want to come into you
10:54 and I want to fill you and I want to make
10:56 you like myself. I want to make you like me
10:59 in character and in conduct, I want to
11:01 minister through you and that is the baptism
11:04 of the Holy Spirit, the second work of the
11:05 Holy Spirit. We see these two works of the
11:09 Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus.
11:11 When we look we find that Jesus was born
11:15 of the spirit and by the way Jesus is our
11:16 example and everything.
11:17 And so Jesus experience is to be similar
11:22 to our experience we're actually parallel
11:24 to the experience of Jesus.
11:25 And so, when we look at the experience
11:27 of Jesus, Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit.
11:30 And so, we too that are believers in Christ
11:31 are born of the Holy Spirit.
11:33 Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit as a child
11:36 and the young manhood to experience
11:39 water baptism. When we are born of the Spirit
11:41 we're led by the Holy Spirit to the point to
11:44 experience water baptism. And then we
11:47 read about Jesus water baptism experience
11:49 in Luke chapter 3 verse 21 and 22.
11:54 "Now when all the people are baptized,
11:56 it came to pass that Jesus also being baptized
12:00 and praying, the heavens were opened,
12:05 And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily
12:07 shape like a dove upon him, and a voice
12:12 came from heaven, which said,
12:14 Thou are my beloved Son; in thee I'm well
12:17 pleased." In this scripture we find
12:20 a very clear description of the baptism of Jesus
12:24 and I find something very, very significant
12:26 in this scripture concerning the, the
12:28 baptism of the Holy Spirit in His life.
12:29 We find that it describes Jesus was
12:31 baptized in water and while He has being
12:33 baptized we're told He was praying.
12:35 Well, what was He praying for?
12:37 Well, as we read the scripture tells us.
12:39 As an answer to His prayer He received
12:42 the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
12:44 Significant point, we find that Jesus did
12:48 not automatically received the baptism
12:49 of the Holy Spirit as water baptism,
12:51 that's what I thought. I thought Christians
12:53 automatically received the baptism of the
12:55 Holy Spirit at the water baptism,
12:56 but we find it can happen at the same
12:58 time as water baptism, but what happened
13:01 and, as the result of Jesus praying and
13:03 claiming the promise that He would be
13:05 baptized with the Holy Spirit.
13:07 And from that point in this ministry
13:09 we read of Jesus being filled with the spirit.
13:11 In fact, in Luke chapter 4 and verse 1,
13:14 we've read that very thing.
13:16 "And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost
13:19 returned from Jordan, and was led by the
13:22 Spirit into the wilderness."
13:25 In this scripture we read that as soon as
13:27 Jesus received the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
13:30 He is described as being filled with the
13:31 Holy Spirit and at that point in His life
13:34 and ministry now He was led into the
13:36 wilderness and it says to be tempted.
13:38 Jesus faced the greatest temptations
13:41 of His life after He had experienced the
13:43 baptism of the Holy Spirit that is significant
13:46 because Jesus was not ready for the greatest
13:48 temptations of Satan until he was filled
13:50 with the Holy Spirit. Same for you and me,
13:53 you and I are not ready for the greatest
13:55 temptations in our life until we too are
13:57 filled with the Holy Spirit.
13:59 That is why there is no way we're gonna
14:01 make it through the final Christ of this
14:02 earth's history, when Satan is coming on
14:04 with all his power and his deception to
14:06 take God's people down unless we too
14:08 are filled with the Holy Spirit.
14:10 Because the filling of the Holy Spirit
14:13 it gives the power to be victorious
14:15 just like Jesus was empower, remember
14:17 Jesus was not this super human walking around,
14:20 He was living like you and me,
14:22 He was divine and He could used His divine
14:25 power deliver Himself, but if He is gonna live
14:27 like you and me He couldn't do that.
14:28 And so, He had to be victorious just like
14:31 we are to be victorious. And the baptism of
14:33 the Holy Spirit in Jesus life was essential for
14:36 Him to be victorious and it's the same for us.
14:39 So, the baptism of the Holy Spirit again is
14:43 so necessary for us to become like Jesus,
14:45 be victorious over temptation.
14:47 And then we go on in the scripture and
14:49 read in verse 14, it continues to describe
14:53 Jesus. "And Jesus returned in the
14:55 power of the Spirit unto Galilee:
14:57 and there went out fame of him through
15:00 all the region round about."
15:02 This scripture tells us then after Jesus
15:05 came out of the wilderness experience,
15:06 He had been filled with spirit.
15:08 Now, it says He returned in the
15:09 power of the spirit. He began ministering
15:11 in the power of the Holy Spirit because
15:14 He was filled with the Holy Spirit.
15:16 He had experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
15:19 And by the way this is not a once
15:21 and for all experience. The baptism of the
15:24 Holy Spirit is an experience we must
15:25 have everyday in our life.
15:27 In fact, Ellen White describes
15:30 Jesus experience in Christ Object Lessons,
15:34 page 139. "Daily He received a fresh
15:38 baptism of the Holy Spirit.
15:39 In the early hours of the new day the
15:43 Lord awakened Him from His slumber,
15:45 and His soul and His lips were anointed
15:49 with grace, that He might impart to others."
15:54 In this statement by Ellen White we
15:56 read very clearly Jesus daily sought
15:59 the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
16:00 if Jesus needed that you and I need that
16:03 and the New Testament confirms that
16:05 because we read in Ephesians 5 verse 18,
16:08 what Paul says about that. He says,
16:10 "And be not drunk with wine, wherein
16:12 is excess; but be filled with the Holy Spirit."
16:14 Again when you look at the, the Greek
16:18 verb form for be filled it's a continuous action
16:23 verb. What Paul is saying here is keep
16:26 on being filled with the Holy Spirit.
16:32 We find Ellen White conforming that for
16:34 our experience as well, when we read
16:35 in volumes 6 of the testimonies page 86.
16:38 "Impress upon all the necessity of the
16:42 baptism of the Holy Spirit, the sanctification
16:44 of the church, so there will be living,
16:46 growing, fruit-bearing
16:47 trees of the Lord's planting."
16:51 Statements like that help to clarify in me,
16:54 if I automatically had the baptism of the
16:56 Holy Spirit at water baptism.
16:58 Why would I be told that I need to be
17:02 impressed to receive it? And that the
17:05 counsel to me is impress others to
17:06 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
17:08 No question about it we need to understand
17:10 and personally seek the baptism of the
17:12 Holy Spirit in order to be filled with the
17:15 Holy Spirit. How do we receive it?
17:18 One Acts chapter 1 verse 14 we read
17:21 how they early church received the baptism
17:23 of the Holy Spirit. "These all continue
17:25 with one accord in prayer and supplication,
17:27 with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus,
17:30 and with his brethren."
17:34 What we find here is that Jesus said,
17:36 wait till you receive the in filling of the spirit.
17:40 And they did and they knew waiting meant,
17:42 wait in prayer. So, here we find those in
17:45 the day of Pentecost received the baptism
17:47 of the Holy Spirit by claiming the promise
17:50 of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in prayer
17:52 and on the day of Pentecost that promise
17:54 was fulfilled. I wasn't at Pentecost,
17:57 you weren't either. How do we receive the
17:59 baptism of the Holy Spirit after Pentecost?
18:01 Well, if we look in Acts chapter 8 and verse 12.
18:04 We read about a group of individuals called
18:06 Samaritans. "But when they believed Philip
18:09 concerning the things, concerning the
18:11 kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ,
18:14 they were baptized, both men and women."
18:17 What we find here is that here was the
18:20 Holy Spirit speaking through Philip bringing
18:23 conviction to Samaritan men and women.
18:25 In fact they accepted Jesus unto the part
18:28 of the Holy Spirit and they were baptized
18:30 in water, but it's significant when we
18:33 read the few verses that follow,
18:35 when we read here in verses 14 through 17.
18:38 "Now when the apostles which were
18:41 at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received
18:44 the word of God, they sent unto them Peter
18:46 and John: Who, when they were come down
18:49 and prayed for them, that they might receive
18:52 the Holy Ghost: For as yet it was fallen upon
18:55 none of them, only they were baptized
18:58 in the name of the Lord Jesus.
18:59 Then laid they their hands on them,
19:02 and they received the Holy Ghost."
19:05 When I was looking at this subject a
19:08 number of years ago now that was one
19:10 of the verses that really posed a
19:12 challenge to me because I was thinking
19:14 I automatically received the baptism of the
19:15 Holy Spirit in water baptism.
19:17 Well, here were Samaritan believers
19:18 who experienced water baptism,
19:20 they accepted Jesus, but they hadn't
19:22 been baptized in the Holy Spirit.
19:23 And Peter and John came and it says,
19:26 laid hands on them and prayed for them
19:27 and they received the Holy Ghost in fullness.
19:32 So, we see again it seems to be very
19:34 clear that an individual does not
19:38 necessarily receive the baptism of the
19:40 Holy Spirit at water baptism.
19:41 Now, of all individuals you would think
19:44 would have been baptized in the
19:45 Holy Spirit at this conversion was Saul,
19:47 who later became the Apostle Paul.
19:49 Saul was the great persecutor of the
19:51 church. He was on his way to Damascus
19:54 on the road to Damascus and, and
19:56 he had a vision and he heard the voice
19:58 of Jesus. There is a bright light knocked
19:59 off his horse, what a powerful conversion?
20:01 A man who is the enemy of Jesus Christ
20:04 persecuting the church became the great apostle.
20:06 And you would certainly think such
20:08 a man with such a powerful conversion
20:10 even hearing the voice of Jesus,
20:12 seeing a vision, you would think that man
20:14 would have been filled with the Holy Spirit
20:15 at his conversion, but we find out that
20:18 wasn't the case. For when we read over
20:20 here again in Acts this time chapter 9
20:23 verse 17 and 18. "And Ananias went his way,
20:27 and entered into the house;
20:29 and putting his hands on him said,
20:31 Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus that
20:33 appeared to you in the way as you came,
20:36 has sent me, that you might receive your sight,
20:40 and be filled with the Holy Ghost.
20:43 And immediately there fell from his eyes
20:46 as it had been scales. And he received his
20:50 sight and forthwith, and arose and was baptized."
20:55 After Saul was converted God sent
20:58 Ananias to Saul. Now, I'm sure that was a
21:00 strange request for Ananias, I mean
21:03 he knew who Saul was? I tell you this,
21:05 sometimes when you're filled with the Holy Spirit
21:07 and you in the Holy Spirit's direction,
21:09 sometimes you'll get direction from the
21:10 Lord that doesn't make a lot of sense
21:11 at the time, but if you know it from the
21:13 Lord is best to move forward with it.
21:15 And Ananias went to Saul and we notice
21:17 in that scripture that God sent Ananias
21:20 to Saul for two reasons. So, that as
21:24 Ananias would pray for Saul by laying
21:26 his hands on him, Saul would received
21:28 his sight also be filled with the Holy Spirit.
21:32 So, there was another clear case of an
21:35 individual who accepted Jesus Christ
21:37 was converted, but had not received the
21:40 baptism of the Holy Spirit.
21:41 And in Saul's case he received water
21:43 baptism after the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
21:46 And the case of Samaritans they were
21:49 baptized in water first and then received
21:52 baptism of the Holy Spirit. So, God does
21:54 not limit himself. The number qualification
21:58 to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
21:59 is to have accepted Jesus Christ as
22:01 your savior and have your life committed
22:03 to him say Lord I want to serve you.
22:06 Then the Holy Spirits in filling in yours for
22:10 the asking. And I can tell you from
22:13 personal experience it's a wonderful,
22:16 wonderful experience when you seek the
22:18 Holy Spirit and God will answer that prayer
22:21 and He'll begin coming into your life
22:23 and start bringing changes.
22:24 Now, some individuals want to,
22:26 what about laying of hands?
22:27 You're not to be afraid of laying of hands.
22:29 In those two cases we saw there is
22:32 laying of hands for the Samaritans,
22:34 there is laying of hands for Saul.
22:35 On the day of Pentecost there
22:37 was laying of hands. So, laying of hands
22:40 is not a requirement, a person can simply,
22:43 quietly pray to God and claim the promise
22:45 of the baptism of the Holy Spirit because
22:47 we're told here in Galatians chapter 3
22:49 verse 14, "That the blessing of Abraham
22:53 might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ,
22:57 that we might receive the promise of the
22:59 Spirit through faith." You see when we pray
23:02 for the baptism of the Holy Spirit whether
23:04 it's laying of hands or not, it's simply
23:07 claiming the promise that God had said,
23:08 I will give you the baptism of the Holy Spirit
23:11 if you claim my promise in faith, that's
23:14 how they received it on the day of Pentecost.
23:16 And that's how they received him and with
23:18 the Samaritans and also with Saul.
23:21 Some individuals wonder about feeling,
23:24 when you seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
23:25 are you gonna feel something?
23:26 You may feel something you may not,
23:28 there's a lot of confusion on that,
23:30 when I sought the baptism of the
23:31 Holy Spirit I felt nothing, but the next
23:33 day changes started happening,
23:36 just my own personal testimony
23:38 I was television not bad stuff,
23:40 but I was watching television,
23:41 I go channel to channel to channel
23:43 I couldn't find anything I was interested in.
23:45 God started to doing something inside of me.
23:47 And then God started driving me to more
23:50 personal prayer and He started leading me
23:52 to study His word more. And the scriptures
23:54 on the Holy Spirit began jumping out at me.
23:56 I began seeing things I have never seen
23:58 before in the Holy Spirit, and the baptism
24:00 of the Holy Spirit. And quietly God began
24:06 moving and bring about this change.
24:07 And even they're in your music I, I started
24:09 enjoying I, I wasn't listening to bad music
24:11 but, but I just wanted to hear religious music.
24:14 Everything focusing on the Lord,
24:16 that's what I began realizing it starts
24:17 happening when you seek the baptism of
24:20 the Holy Spirit. God will began moving in
24:22 your life you see you may or may not feel
24:24 anything initially, so do not base your claiming
24:28 of the promise, of the baptism of Holy Spirit
24:29 on feeling, is not a matter of feeling,
24:32 it's a matter of faith, don't be afraid of it.
24:35 I've known individuals that did feel something,
24:37 I've known individuals that have not,
24:39 but He will fulfill that promise and He will
24:41 come into your life. And I will guarantee of this,
24:43 He will make it His presence known to you.
24:46 And He will open up ministry to you,
24:48 I mean I never planned to write any books,
24:50 but He is, He is led in, in some books on the
24:53 subject. So, it's been such a blessing to see
24:56 God moving in the lives of individuals in some
24:59 very powerful ways who decided to say,
25:01 okay Lord I'm gonna take at your word and
25:03 seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
25:07 I know beyond any question today God is
25:10 calling a people to come out of their Laodicean
25:13 condition, to experience baptism of the Holy
25:15 Spirit. He is taking this message on the
25:18 baptism of the Holy Spirit to His children
25:20 around the world. It is a message
25:22 that is not an optional message;
25:24 it's not just simply a nice teaching.
25:26 It, it is something that we must understand
25:29 and experience, if we're living when
25:31 Jesus comes because it is only through
25:33 the baptism of the Holy Spirit that
25:34 we'll be prepared for the coming of Jesus.
25:37 It is only through the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
25:39 the early rain then later the latter rain
25:41 that we're sealed. And as we saw at
25:43 the beginning of this message of that is
25:45 what God is waiting for? He is holding
25:47 back the crisis that's gonna come up on
25:49 this earth very soon. So, we could be sealed
25:53 and prepared for that crisis.
25:54 That is why if we do not experience
25:56 the in filling of the spirit in fullness.
25:58 We will not experience the full sealing
26:00 process in our life. And we will not be ready
26:03 for the final crisis when it comes.
26:05 There is a statement in the writes of
26:08 Ellen White that clearly confirm this.
26:10 It is found in Letter 15 written in 1889 to a
26:13 Dr. Berg. "Nothing but the baptism of the
26:17 Holy Spirit can bring up the church to
26:20 its right position and prepare the people
26:22 of God for the fast approaching conflict."
26:25 This statement cannot be made more clearly.
26:29 We're told here that nothing,
26:32 but the baptism of the Holy Spirit will bring
26:35 us to the position where we must be
26:36 in our relationship with God.
26:37 There is no option, there is no second
26:40 possibility, it is only through the baptism
26:42 of the Holy Spirit that we can be brought
26:45 to the right position in order to make it
26:47 through the final crisis. That is why
26:50 God is taking this message on the baptism
26:52 of the Holy Spirit to His children around
26:53 the world because the final crisis is coming.
26:56 The second coming of Jesus is near.
26:58 You see, it is not a matter of what we know,
27:01 but who we know. We can know all the
27:04 doctrines, but if we don't know Jesus Christ,
27:07 we will not be ready for that final crisis
27:09 and the second coming. And it is only
27:11 through experiencing the baptism of the
27:14 Holy Spirit that we will get to know Jesus
27:16 intimately. It is only that relationship that
27:19 will get us through. Are you willing to be
27:22 filled with God's Spirit? Are you willing to take
27:25 seriously God's call to become a man or woman
27:28 of prayer, to become a man or woman
27:31 who is daily seeking the in filling of the
27:33 Holy Spirit? Are you willing to commit your
27:36 life to God 100 percent say, Lord, here I am.
27:38 Fill me with your Spirit, I give you permission
27:41 to bring the changes in my life that
27:43 you choose to do. Because it's only that
27:46 kind of commitment and resolve that will
27:48 prepare you and me for the second
27:50 coming of Jesus. And I pray that will
27:52 be your commitment to God today.


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