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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:32 I'm Dennis Smith, Pastor of the New
00:34 Haven, Connecticut Seventh-day
00:36 Adventist Church. Would you like to
00:39 have the same powerful witness in
00:42 ministry that Jesus had when he walked
00:44 this earth. According to Bible the believers
00:48 in Jesus Christ are be as affective as Jesus
00:52 was in seeking and saving the lost.
00:56 A great Evangelism explosion is coming.
00:59 The Three Angels Message is to be
01:01 given in great power on this earth.
01:04 You wanna be a part of that great time in
01:05 the closing of earth's history.
01:07 When God's message goes to the world and
01:10 in such a great power that multitudes will be
01:13 attracted to Jesus and be prepared for a
01:16 second coming, you can and today's
01:20 message will help you to realize exactly how
01:23 you can be a part of that last great
01:25 evangelism explosion that is soon to burst
01:27 upon this earth's scene.
01:29 Let us pray. Father in heaven,
01:33 I thank you that you've
01:35 given us the privilege to be work us
01:37 together with you. And I pray Lord that
01:43 You pour our your Holy Spirit upon us as
01:46 we study your word together.
01:49 I pray that you'll open our hearts and minds
01:52 to see very clearly your will.
01:54 And to understand how we can be used
01:56 by you in the most affective way and
01:59 bringing men and women to the serving
02:00 knowledge of Jesus. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
02:06 When Jesus was about to leave this earth,
02:09 He gave to his disciples and the
02:11 church at large what's called the Great
02:13 Gospel Commission. We read that
02:15 commission in Matthew chapter 28 verse 18 to 20.
02:21 And Jesus came and spoke unto them,
02:24 saying, all power is given unto me in
02:27 heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore and
02:30 teach all nations, baptizing them in the
02:33 name of the Father, and of the Son,
02:35 and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to
02:38 observe all things whatsoever I have
02:40 commanded you and lo, I am with you
02:44 always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
02:49 And we read in the Gospel of Mark,
02:52 we see that Mark also recorded what was to
02:57 be involved in the Gospel Commission.
02:59 Reading in Mark chapter 16 verse 15,
03:03 And he said unto them, go ye into all
03:06 the world and preach the gospel to every creature.
03:09 And then Mark added to this in verse 17 and 18.
03:13 And these signs shall follow them that
03:15 believe, in my name shall they cast out
03:18 devils, they shall speak with new tongues.
03:21 They shall take up serpents, and if they
03:23 drank any deadly thing, they shall not hurt them.
03:27 They shall lay hands on the
03:28 sick and they shall recover.
03:32 When we look at the word of God, we find
03:34 that the Gospel Commission includes
03:36 a number of things. The Gospel Commission
03:39 includes Jesus followers sharing
03:44 Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him.
03:47 That they might too come to accept Jesus
03:49 Christ is their savior. It also includes
03:52 sharing the teachings of Jesus that they will
03:55 know what God's will is for them in their life.
03:57 And we see from the gospel it also includes
04:01 sharing with them the delivering power of
04:03 Jesus from Satan's oppressions and
04:07 influences in their life. You see Jesus wants
04:11 to deliver men and women completely
04:14 from the power of Satan. Jesus is our example
04:18 in all things. And we find that when
04:21 Jesus began his ministry on earth,
04:24 He began it with his water baptism.
04:28 And we read about that in Luke chapter 3
04:31 verse 21 and 22. Now when all the
04:35 people were baptized, it came to pass that
04:37 Jesus also being baptized and praying
04:40 the heaven was opened. And the Holy Ghost
04:42 descended in bodily shape like a dove
04:45 upon him. And a voice came form
04:47 heaven which said, Thou art my beloved
04:49 Son, in thee I am well pleased.
04:52 We find here that Jesus began his
04:55 earthly ministry by experiencing water
04:56 baptism and then secondly when he was
04:59 baptized in water, he prayed that he might
05:01 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
05:03 And in answer to his prayer, he did receive
05:06 the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
05:07 He was filled with the Spirit which was
05:08 necessary for him to be able to do his
05:11 ministry on this earth in the power of the Spirit.
05:14 And we find when we read on in Luke
05:15 chapter 4 verse 14. And Jesus returned in
05:20 the power of the Spirit into Galilee and there
05:24 went out a fame of him through all the
05:26 region round about. And so from that
05:29 point on in Jesus ministry we find He
05:31 was ministering in the power of the
05:33 Holy Spirit, because He had prayed for the
05:36 baptism of the Holy Spirit. And then He described
05:40 the kind of ministry He was to do in Luke
05:42 chapter 4 verse 18 and 19.
05:46 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because
05:48 he has anointed me to preach the gospel to
05:50 the poor, he hath sent me to heal the
05:53 brokenhearted to preach deliverance
05:55 to the captives, the recovering of sight to
05:57 the blind, and set at liberty them that are
06:01 bruised, to preach the acceptable ear of the Lord.
06:05 We find here Jesus made it very clear,
06:07 what His ministry was to be, His mission.
06:10 He was anointed, He said the Lord has
06:12 anointed me, He was filled with the Holy
06:14 Spirit, He experienced the baptism of the
06:16 Holy Spirit in order to do something.
06:18 And in these verses He said,
06:20 He was anointed so He could preach the
06:21 gospel, so the captives could be delivered.
06:24 So those who were under bondage the
06:26 oppressed could be set free.
06:28 Jesus came to defeat Satan everywhere he
06:31 encountered him. Jesus came to bring
06:34 deliverance to men and women.
06:36 That's the good news of the gospel.
06:38 Is that we can be free from the power
06:40 of Satan in our life and any area of our life.
06:45 That's the power of the gospel.
06:47 And we find that the ministry of Jesus was
06:51 so much under the direction of the
06:52 Holy Spirit and his father. He made a very
06:54 significant statement in John chapter 14 verse 10.
06:58 He said, Believest thou not that I am in
07:01 the Father, and the Father in me?
07:04 The words that I speak unto you
07:06 I speak not of myself, but the Father that
07:08 dwells in me, he does the works.
07:12 A very pointed statement, Jesus was saying that
07:16 the words He spoke were not simply His words.
07:20 They were the words of the Father being
07:21 spoken through Him. The works that He did
07:24 were not simply His works, they were the
07:26 works of the Father ministered through Him.
07:28 And did that happen? It happened by him
07:30 receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
07:35 These things that we see in the life and
07:37 minister of Jesus are also to be occurring in
07:40 our life as well. And Jesus told the
07:43 disciples that they had to wait for something
07:46 to happen in their life before they could do a
07:49 ministry like Jesus was doing.
07:51 And we read about that in Acts
07:52 chapter 1 verse 4 and 5.
07:56 And being assembled together with them,
07:58 He commanded them that they should not
08:00 depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the
08:02 promise of the Father, which said he,
08:05 ye have heard of me. For John truly
08:07 baptized with water, but ye shall be
08:10 baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.
08:14 We find in this scripture Jesus told the disciples.
08:18 You're gonna fulfill the Gospel Commission,
08:20 because He had given him that.
08:21 But He said in order for you to fulfill the
08:23 Gospel Commission you must wait to
08:25 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
08:27 And we read the reason for that
08:30 where we look at Acts chapter 1 again in verse 8.
08:36 But ye shall receive power after that the
08:38 Holy Ghost has come upon you,
08:40 and ye shall be witnesses unto me
08:42 both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea,
08:45 and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost
08:47 parts of the earth. Jesus told them that
08:50 they can receive the same annoying He
08:52 had, and that they must receive the same
08:55 annoying He had, through the baptism
08:56 of the Holy Spirit. And when they
08:58 receive that anointing that baptism of the
09:00 Spirit, they would be able to go forth in His
09:02 name and have the same power for
09:04 witnessing that He had when He walked this earth.
09:09 That's why Jesus could say in John
09:12 chapter 14 verse 12, Verily,
09:15 verily I say to you, He that believes on
09:17 me, the works that I do shall he do also,
09:20 and greater works than these shall he do,
09:22 because I go my Father. Jesus very clearly
09:26 states here that the followers of Jesus
09:29 Christ are to do the very same works He did.
09:33 How can they do that, because they would
09:34 receive the same anointing, the same
09:36 baptism of the Holy Spirit that He received.
09:39 And that's why He said in this verse,
09:41 because I go to the Father, as a result of
09:43 his death, bury and resurrection and
09:45 glorious that sent to the Father, the Holy
09:47 Spirit was poured out in the day of Pentecost.
09:49 And so the early church and the
09:51 believers of all ages have had available to
09:54 them the Pentecost experience the
09:57 baptism of the Holy Spirit, so they too can
09:59 minister as Jesus did under the anointing
10:02 power of the Holy Spirit. Now that's important
10:06 for us to understand, because those that are
10:08 rated me Jesus will have that experience
10:12 of ministering as Jesus did.
10:14 We're told in first John chapter 3 verse 2,
10:18 Beloved, now are we the sons of God,
10:20 and it does not yet appear what we shall
10:21 be, but we know this that when he shall
10:24 appear, we should be like him,
10:27 for we shall see him as he is.
10:31 Jesus has really clearly told us here
10:34 through John that those ready to meet
10:36 Jesus will be just like Him.
10:38 They'll be just like Him in life and just
10:41 like Him in ministry and our subject today
10:43 is Evangelism speaking about the ministry
10:46 that Jesus did, is to be the same ministry that
10:48 we're are to do as believers and
10:50 followers in Jesus Christ. In Malachi, chapter 4
10:55 verse 5 we read of a prophecy.
10:58 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet
11:01 before the coming of the great and dreadful
11:02 day of the Lord. This prophecy has
11:07 two applications. One application applies
11:10 to John the Baptist. The first application
11:15 applies to the first coming of Jesus.
11:19 The second application applies
11:20 to the second coming. We're told here that
11:23 before the first coming there was to
11:25 come Elijah the prophet. There was to come an
11:28 individual who was to give a message of
11:32 Elijah and the Spirit and power of Elijah in
11:35 preparation for the first advent of Jesus.
11:38 And we find in Luke chapter 1 verse 14 to 17.
11:45 And you shall have joy and gladness,
11:48 and many shall rejoice at his birth.
11:51 For he shall be great in the sight of the
11:54 Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor
11:56 strong drink. And he shall be filled with the
11:59 Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb.
12:03 And many of the children of Israel shall
12:04 he turn to the Lord their God.
12:07 And he shall go before him in the
12:09 spirit and power of Elijah to turn the
12:12 hearts of the fathers to the children,
12:14 and the disobedient to the wisdom of the
12:16 just, to make ready a people
12:18 prepared for the Lord. Here these scriptures
12:23 that are applying to John the Baptist,
12:25 we see several things about him.
12:28 He was to be used by God to prepare the
12:31 way for the first Advent of Jesus.
12:34 In order to do that, he needed to be filled
12:36 with the Holy Spirit and in John's case,
12:38 he is filled with the Holy Spirit from birth.
12:41 And in order to do his mission, he had to be
12:46 filled with the spirit so he could give the
12:48 message of Elijah in the spirit and power of Elijah.
12:53 Now this scripture has a second application it
12:56 applies to the second coming of Jesus as well.
13:00 And what the scripture is telling us
13:01 that before Jesus comes a second time.
13:04 There will be another message of Elijah to
13:07 prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus.
13:10 A message of Elijah in these last days
13:12 that's to inform individuals of the
13:14 second coming and what they need to
13:16 experience in order to be ready for that event.
13:20 And when we look at the book of
13:21 Revelation we find that message or those
13:23 messages are actually the Three Angels
13:25 Message in Revelation chapter 14 to prepare
13:28 the world for the second coming of Jesus.
13:30 So we've been given a very significant
13:33 mission in this earth in the last days.
13:37 A mission very similar to John the
13:38 Baptist, however in order for us to fill that
13:42 mission we as John the Baptist must also
13:45 be filled with the Holy Spirit.
13:47 You see it was necessary for John to be spirit
13:49 filled in order to have the spirit
13:52 and power of Elijah. And so today for us to
13:56 be able to give the Elijah message,
13:59 the Three Angels Message in the spirit
14:02 and power of Elijah, we must be filled with
14:05 the Holy Spirit as John the Baptist was.
14:09 So this prophecy in Malachi is actually a
14:12 prophecy indicating that there will be a
14:14 people in the last days who will choose to
14:17 seek God's Spirit to be infill with His spirit.
14:22 So they would be able to minister under the
14:23 power and the direction of the
14:24 Holy Spirit as John was and also as Jesus
14:29 was as we've seen. Ellen White in
14:33 Review and Herald, February 18,
14:35 1890 wrote this, What we need is the
14:39 baptism of the Holy Spirit.
14:41 Without this, we are no more fitted to go
14:44 forth in the world than were the disciples
14:47 after the crucifixion of their Lord.
14:51 Ellen White was very clear on this, she
14:53 recognized that no way are we ready and
14:56 able to go forward with the Gospel
14:58 Commission and the Three Angels Message
15:01 unless we're filled with the Holy Spirit.
15:06 That's why God's last call today calling His
15:09 children out of the Laodicean condition
15:12 includes being filled with the spirit,
15:14 so they will have a spirit filled message.
15:18 The spirit and power of Elijah accompanying the
15:20 message of Elijah.
15:23 And as we know from the Bible Prophecy in
15:25 Revelation chapter 3 we do have a problem today.
15:29 We're not at that level yet,
15:30 where God wants us to get where we must get
15:32 in order to finish God's work under his power.
15:35 In Revelation chapter 3 verse 15 and 16.
15:39 I know thy works,
15:40 that thou art neither cold nor hot.
15:42 I would you were cold or hot.
15:44 So then because you are lukewarm,
15:46 and neither cold nor hot,
15:48 I will spew thee out of my mouth.
15:52 What we find in this scripture is a prophecy
15:55 about God's last church, the Seventh Day church
15:57 era in Revelation 2 and 3 which describes the
16:00 time of the church today.
16:02 And we find in the scripture that God says
16:04 that the church was lukewarm now Laodicea was
16:07 known for it's hydrotherapy.
16:10 And hydrotherapy hot and cold is therapeutic.
16:13 Hot and cold brings healing in life.
16:15 Lukewarm is comfortable but is not therapeutic.
16:18 What God is saying here in the scripture in
16:20 Revelation is that Christians in these last
16:22 days do not really bring life where they go.
16:27 They are now therapeutic as Jesus was
16:30 or as John the Baptist in calling
16:32 men and women to accept Jesus.
16:34 And so we must come out of that Laodicean
16:35 condition in order to become the therapeutic people.
16:40 The people that bring life wherever they go.
16:42 That is God's call today to come out.
16:45 You see the Evangelism today just like in
16:48 Jesus day, Jesus went forth to preach the gospel,
16:53 and to bring deliverance to men and women,
16:59 who are under the press of powers of Satan.
17:00 And so today we're do the ministry of Jesus.
17:02 We're to have the same healing affect if you'll.
17:05 The same life giving affect that Jesus had
17:07 through the baptism of Holy Spirit,
17:09 because it's Jesus living in us and
17:11 and ministering through us just like
17:13 He did when He walked this earth.
17:17 Evangelism today consists primarily of
17:20 sharing documental information.
17:24 Little sharing of the delivering power of
17:27 Jesus is experienced or shared.
17:31 But as we see from the New Testament and from
17:35 the ministry of Jesus,
17:36 there is no question about it.
17:38 God wants to bring the gospel of
17:40 deliverance to his children.
17:42 We find that the early church was therapeutic.
17:45 We read in Acts chapter 5 verse 14 through 16.
17:49 And believers were the more added to the Lord,
17:52 multitudes both men and women.
17:54 In so much that they brought forth the sick
17:56 into the streets,
17:57 and laid them on beds and couches.
18:01 That at the least the shadow of Peter passing
18:03 by might overshadow some of them.
18:06 There came also a multitude out of the
18:08 cities round about unto Jerusalem,
18:10 bringing sick folks, and them which were vexed
18:13 with unclean spirits and they
18:16 they were healed every one.
18:21 Prophecy in the book of Revelation indicates that
18:25 this New Testament church will again arise
18:30 upon the scene of earth's history.
18:33 The church in the last days will be just like
18:35 the early church.
18:37 In Revelation chapter 12 verse 17
18:39 we read about this church.
18:41 And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
18:42 and went to make war with the
18:44 remnant of her seed,
18:46 which keep the commandments of God
18:48 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
18:51 You see this scripture tells us that the remnant
18:53 church which remnant is last part.
18:55 God's last church will be just
18:57 will be just like the early church.
19:00 The early church was therapeutic in their
19:03 ministry to those around them just like Jesus
19:05 was, because they were spirit filled just like
19:08 Jesus was. And so before Jesus returns his people who
19:13 who get seriously about following Him will seek
19:15 the same anointing, the same baptism of the
19:18 Holy Spirit Jesus had and early church received
19:21 in the day of Pentecost and so they'll be
19:24 ministering in the last days as truly the
19:27 remnant of God's people.
19:31 Just how is that to take place.
19:33 There is a prophecy in John chapter 7 verse 38
19:36 and 39. He that believes on me, as the scripture hath
19:41 said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of
19:44 of living water.
19:45 But this spoke he of the spirit, which they that
19:48 believe on him should receive for the Holy
19:51 Ghost was not yet given, because Jesus was
19:54 not yet glorified.
19:58 What we find here in this scripture is that
20:00 that Jesus is giving a prophecy.
20:04 He said that out of his people would flow rivers
20:06 of living water.
20:09 And how would this take place?
20:11 He says in the scripture the interpretation of
20:13 Jesus words tell us that it would happen when
20:16 the Holy Spirit was poured out.
20:19 And so that began to take place on the day
20:21 of Pentecost.
20:22 And what the scripture is actually alluding to
20:25 is the scripture in the Book of Ezekiel,
20:28 where Ezekiel in chapter 47 talks about
20:31 the temple of God and a river of healing flowing
20:37 out of that temple and that river begins very
20:40 small as a little triple stream to the ankles and
20:44 then it grows and gets wider and deeper to the,
20:47 to the knees and then to the waist becomes a
20:50 great river that cannot be passed over.
20:53 And we're told in that chapter of Ezekiel that
20:55 everywhere the water comes it brings
20:58 life and healing.
21:00 Well we know in the New Testament the church
21:02 is the temple of God.
21:05 And that is a prophecy of which Jesus was
21:07 referring to as the fulfillment of when He
21:11 said, out of those who believe in Him would flow
21:13 the river of life if you will, living water is
21:17 coming out to bring life and healing to those
21:21 that come and contact with it.
21:23 That is in part certainly the Gospel Commission
21:27 that Jesus has given to us.
21:29 In Revelation chapter 18 and verse 1 we'll read a
21:33 prophecy what's to happen in these last days.
21:36 And after these things I saw another angel
21:38 come down from heaven, having great power,
21:42 and the earth was lighted with his glory.
21:46 What we find in this scripture is a prophecy
21:48 saying that before the Jesus comes, the earth would be
21:51 lighted with the glory of God.
21:53 Is that talking about some bright light?
21:56 No. That's talking about the character of Jesus
21:58 being reflected through his people in a very
22:01 powerful way.
22:02 Jesus revealed the glory of a father we're
22:04 told in the Gospel of John.
22:06 He revealed the glory of the Father through
22:07 his teaching, preaching, healing, delivering men
22:09 and women from the oppressions of the enemy,
22:12 the full gospel message.
22:14 And so in the last days God's Remnant people
22:17 who are spirit filled, who give the
22:19 Three Angels Message under the spirit and
22:21 power of Elijah, who are doing the same ministry
22:24 as Jesus did, because it's Jesus living in them,
22:27 ministering through them as He did
22:29 when He walked this earth.
22:31 And the character of Christ will
22:33 be perfectly reproduced in His people and that
22:36 character of Christ will be perfectly reflected
22:39 through His people to the world.
22:41 And there will be a powerful Evangelism
22:43 explosion and multitudes will be attracted to the
22:47 message in preparation for Christ second coming.
22:51 Now we're given a serious warning by Paul
22:55 in Second Timothy chapter 3 verse 1.
23:00 Paul tells us, This know also, that in the last
23:03 days perilous times shall come. This is not
23:05 necessary referring to perilous times physically
23:09 to our physical well being, though there are
23:11 sometimes dangerous times. He is talking
23:13 about perilous times to us spiritually. And then
23:16 it gets the whole list of characteristics of
23:18 those living in the last days. And in reality that
23:20 list actually describes professed Christians.
23:23 Because the last thing on the list we read is in
23:26 verse 5 of that chapter.
23:29 Having a form of godliness, but denying
23:32 the power thereof from such turn away.
23:36 We see here that Paul was telling us that one
23:38 of the characteristics of the majority of
23:40 Christians in the last days will be,
23:42 they'll have the form of godliness,
23:44 they'll go through the forms,
23:46 but they will not have the power and they'll be
23:49 be denying the power.
23:51 And I guarantee you that Satan will try to
23:53 discourage you from experiencing the full
23:55 full power of Jesus in your life to be free from
23:58 all the oppressions of Satan in your life,
23:59 because He does not want you to be free.
24:02 But I can give you the good news of the gospel
24:04 through the power of the Holy Spirit,
24:07 through taken the authority of Jesus in
24:09 your life and understanding the
24:11 principles of deliverance.
24:12 You can be free from every attack and oppression
24:15 that Satan tries to bring in your life.
24:17 That's what Jesus did in His ministry,
24:19 that's what the Early Church did in
24:20 their ministry. And that is the ministry,
24:23 the Evangelism that will be taking place
24:25 in the last days just like Jesus,
24:27 and just like the Early Church.
24:30 And I can tell you, there was a time when I
24:34 doubted the, the power of the gospel.
24:37 I was a, I'm a Pastor and I've been telling
24:39 everybody that, but I would pray with people
24:42 and I didn't see anything much change.
24:44 And I remember the first individual that
24:46 we prayed for,
24:47 the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
24:49 This young man was a fairly new Christian.
24:51 But he had a severe struggle with depression.
24:54 He was clinically depressed and he tried
24:56 to commit suicide on at least two occasions.
24:59 Because as we share these things about the
25:01 baptism of Holy Spirit and the freedom you
25:02 can have in Jesus.
25:04 That young man became free from the depression
25:07 and he understood the weapons of his warfare
25:09 and he could be free.
25:12 Also when I was,
25:14 I've opportunity to share these things in
25:16 seminars, in different places and one
25:19 time when I was sharing this in a particular
25:20 church, a lady came to an Adventist Church,
25:23 the first time she've ever been in an Adventist Church.
25:25 She had been sexually molested as a child.
25:28 Her mother blamed her for it,
25:30 because it was the stepfather who did it.
25:32 She got into drugs and alcohol,
25:35 and two weeks before coming to the
25:39 Adventist Church she tried to commit suicide
25:41 through an overdose.
25:43 She got hope when she heard the message of
25:46 Jesus that He could free her.
25:48 And through prayer and leading her to understand
25:51 the freedom she could have in Jesus, she became free.
25:54 And she wrote in a thank you card and I just
25:56 share this and this came on,
25:58 came in and I get these, maybe I should say
26:01 please do not think I'm drawing attention to me.
26:04 It's not me, it's the power of Jesus that delivers people.
26:08 And it's so encouraging to get calls and e-mails
26:10 and letters from individuals that are
26:12 experiencing the power of God in their life as
26:14 they come to understand the baptized the
26:16 Holy Spirit and the weapons of their warfare.
26:19 In this lady wrote several weeks later,
26:21 Pastor Smith through your ministry I've been
26:24 truly blessed, my life has made a 180 degree turn.
26:29 I'm finally for the first time in my life happy
26:31 and excited about Jesus and the blessings of
26:34 the Holy Spirit.
26:36 Thank you for blessing me with your knowledge
26:39 and the love of Jesus.
26:40 Again no glory goes to me, all the glory goes to God.
26:43 But that's the ministry God has called all of us to give.
26:46 He has given us and called us,
26:48 the ministry to be spirit filled,
26:50 to be able to take the gospel.
26:53 The good news for the gospel that we can
26:54 be free from every oppression of Satan and
26:57 that we can become just like Jesus in our life.
27:01 That is the call that God is giving to us.
27:06 I believe beyond any question that God is
27:10 calling this last generation of Christians
27:12 into existence today.
27:14 He is calling us to come out of that Laodicea condition,
27:19 because if we stay there, we would be lost.
27:23 He is calling us to be filled with Holy Spirit.
27:26 He is calling us to let Jesus live in us
27:28 to minister through us as Jesus did
27:31 when He walked this earth.
27:33 And it will be no surprise,
27:35 it should not be any surprise to anyone,
27:37 when Jesus lives in us and ministers through us,
27:40 He will do the same ministry through us
27:42 that he did when he walked this earth.
27:44 That is the call that God has given to His Church
27:46 today. That is the call that He's given to you.
27:49 And I pray that you'll heed the call.


Revised 2014-12-17