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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:32 I'm Dennis Smith, pastor of the New Haven,
00:35 Connecticut, Seventh day Adventist Church,
00:38 those ready to meet Jesus will be
00:41 victorious over every temptation
00:43 and sin in their life. Do you have
00:46 temptations that seem to overcome
00:48 you continuously? Do you wish and
00:51 desire that you would have
00:53 greater victorious in your life?
00:57 Today's message we've obtained a look
01:00 and see how you're gonna have that kind
01:02 of victorious life in Jesus. Now, let's pray.
01:08 Our Father in Heaven, I thank you that
01:11 through Jesus Christ you paid the price for
01:15 our sin, and that through him we can
01:18 be forgiven and have the assurance of
01:21 eternal life. I thank you also Father
01:24 that on the cross, Jesus broke the power of sin.
01:29 I pray Lord, that as we study your word,
01:33 that you will open our understanding.
01:36 May we hear your word speak to our
01:38 heart, may we receive hope that we too can
01:42 be victorious over every temptation that
01:45 Satan brings our way, in Jesus name, amen.
01:54 The Bible is very clear on the kind of
01:57 life that the Christian is to live.
02:01 When we turn to Hebrews chapter 12
02:03 verse 1 we read: "let us lay aside every
02:07 weight, and the sin which has so easily
02:10 beset us, and let us run with patience the
02:13 race that is set before us."
02:16 Here we find that we are instructed to lay
02:19 aside every weight. And the context here
02:21 of weight is talking about every sin that so
02:25 easily besets us. So, the Bible is clear
02:28 that we are to lay aside the sins that we
02:31 are attempted to commit that we are
02:34 to be victorious. Paul instructs us in
02:37 another place in Romans chapter 6
02:39 verse 11 to 12 along these same lines.
02:42 "Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be
02:46 dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God
02:50 through Jesus Christ our Lord.
02:53 Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body,
02:57 that ye should obey it in the lust thereof."
03:03 Now, God would not ask us to do
03:05 something if it was impossible to do,
03:09 but I know many times when we read
03:11 these scriptures it might be a bit
03:14 discouraging you when we look at the
03:15 reality in our life. We also read in the
03:20 Bible concerning those who are ready
03:24 to meet Jesus, you see we're told in First
03:27 John chapter 3 verse 2. "Beloved, now are we
03:31 the sons of God, and it does not yet appear
03:33 what we shall be, but we know that when
03:36 he comes we shall be like him,
03:39 for we shall see him as he is."
03:44 The Bible is very clear on the fact when Jesus
03:48 comes back those who are ready to meet
03:50 Jesus will be just like him.
03:53 And if they are just like Jesus, they will
03:55 not be living a life of well for known
03:58 continues sin. That is really what
04:02 the gospel's all about; Jesus on the cross
04:06 paid the price for our sins.
04:09 The price for our sin was death and so by
04:12 faith in Jesus, we can be free from the guilt
04:15 and penalty of sin that's called justification.
04:19 Also on the cross Jesus broke the power
04:23 of sin and so if we accept Jesus as our
04:27 savior and if we accept what Jesus has
04:30 done for us on the cross. Then the power of sin
04:34 can be broken in our life,
04:38 we read also in Christ Object Lessons,
04:41 page 69 Ellen White says: "Christ is waiting with
04:45 longing desire for the manifestation of
04:48 Himself and His church. When the character of
04:51 Christ shall be perfectly reproduced
04:52 in His people, then He will come to claim
04:56 them as His own." That statement also
05:00 makes it very clear; those who are ready
05:03 to meet Jesus will be perfectly reflecting
05:06 the character of Jesus. And so it indicates
05:10 that those who are ready to meet Jesus
05:12 will have been experiencing the
05:14 victory that God offers to them.
05:17 Now, I don't want you to get discouraged in
05:18 this message today, it is a process but I want
05:22 you to realize today is that there is hope.
05:25 I do not want you to look at your life the
05:27 way it is now and say well I give up I just
05:30 got to wait till the Lord comes to
05:31 overcome that temptation. If you're living when
05:34 Jesus comes and you've come to that
05:37 conclusion you will not be ready.
05:40 That's why this message today is a
05:42 message of mercy; God's judgments
05:44 are coming, but before judgment comes mercy.
05:48 And God is giving a call to his people
05:49 today to come out of their Laodicea
05:51 condition, come out of this sinful
05:53 condition that they keep being overcome
05:55 with, those sins that so easily beset them
05:58 and avail themselves with the power of the
06:00 gospel and be victorious over every
06:02 temptation and sin that, that Satan brings our way.
06:06 Another statement by Ellen White, in manuscript
06:09 161 written in 1887: "He who has not
06:13 sufficient faith in Christ to believe that
06:16 He can keep him from sinning, has not the
06:19 faith that will give him an entrance into
06:22 the kingdom of God." I'm sure that such
06:27 statements can cause us to get a bit
06:29 discouraged, so often in preaching,
06:34 the preacher will tell you, do this, don't do
06:37 that, there will be councils to overcome
06:40 this and overcome that. We try and we fail,
06:46 what I wanna focus on today is how,
06:50 how you can be victorious?
06:52 How you can overcome every
06:53 temptation and sin that comes your way?
06:57 What God is offering to us, is that we can
07:01 live a life where we are not committing
07:03 any known acts of sin, if we know it's wrong
07:06 we don't have to do it. I'm not getting in
07:08 perfectionism, there's been a lot of controversy
07:10 in perfectionism through the centuries,
07:13 but I want you to realize today is this
07:15 plain and simple, if you know it's a sin
07:17 you don't have to do it. That's what God is
07:19 offering to us, so that we can be pure and
07:23 Holy like God says be you Holy for I am Holy.
07:28 God calls us to be a Holy people and so
07:31 we can be Holy and thought in word and in deed.
07:37 David had that prayer in the Psalms, Lord:
07:40 May the words of my mouth, the meditation
07:43 of my heart, be acceptable in your
07:45 sight O Lord, that is what God is offering
07:48 to us through what was made available
07:51 to us on the cross. How can that happen,
07:54 how can we have that kind of experience?
07:57 Well, John chapter 10 verse 10 Jesus gave us
07:59 an insight: "The thief comes not but to steal,
08:04 and to kill, and to destroy, but I've come
08:07 that they might have life, and that you
08:10 might have it more abundantly."
08:13 Satan has one goal for you, Satan wants to
08:15 take you down, he wants to take your
08:18 happiness, he wants to destroy everything
08:22 that's in your life that he can and
08:25 he wants to kill you. Jesus came for the
08:28 opposite, that you might have life and
08:31 that you might have it more abundantly.
08:34 Now, it's hard to have the abundant life,
08:36 if you're continually being overcome by
08:38 this temptation and that temptation,
08:39 this discouragement and that discouragement.
08:42 That's why we must realize the power of
08:44 the gospel that's available to be
08:46 victorious and we must realize what the
08:49 weapons of our warfare are and how
08:51 we can be victorious over the temptations
08:53 that come our way. Let's look exactly
08:59 how temptation works, let's turn to
09:02 James chapter 1 verse 14 and 15:
09:08 "But every man is tempted, when he is
09:11 drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.
09:14 Then when lust hath conceived, it brings
09:16 forth sin: and sin, when it's finished,
09:20 brings forth death." This scripture gives
09:23 us a very clear description of how
09:25 temptation works. All of us have a sinful
09:29 nature we are born with it, and there is
09:32 within us an inclination and infinity to sin.
09:37 So, the Bible tells us that when we're
09:40 tempted we are drawn away of our
09:43 own lust and enticed. Another word lust can
09:44 apply in many things, as we often think lust
09:46 is a sexual sin, but it could be lust for
09:49 power, lust for money, a lot of different things.
09:52 And so what he's saying there is that
09:54 when there's a temptation our here,
09:57 there is an affinity in me, there is an
09:59 attraction in me to be attracted to that
10:02 temptation, that's the enticement.
10:06 Every Christian has that. Now there is no sin to
10:09 be tempted but what happens when the sin
10:12 takes place, he says, there is the temptation
10:16 out here, we're drawn away of our own lust,
10:18 our sinful nature, and our own
10:20 sinful desire and enticed. And then it says then
10:27 when it is conceived. Now, when you think
10:29 about conception what happens in the
10:31 natural realm of conception.
10:33 Well, nine months later a birth takes place,
10:37 same thing with temptation here's the temptation,
10:41 here's within me the affinity to it and so
10:46 I'm enticed, you're enticed, whatever the
10:48 temptation is, and if you allow the
10:52 enticement within you, the iffinity
10:54 within you toward that temptation.
10:57 If you allow yourself to go there in your
10:59 mind, conception takes place with that
11:03 temptation and then the scripture says
11:06 when conception takes place then it
11:09 gives birth to the sin for act and then death
11:14 follows that. Temptation begins
11:18 in the mind then, it begins with the sinful
11:22 desire when there's something out here to
11:24 entice, how can I be victorious then
11:30 over the sinful nature that's within me?
11:33 Well, Jesus is our example in all things,
11:36 let's look at the life of Jesus.
11:38 When we go to Luke chapter 3 verse 21 and 22:"
11:44 Now when all the people were baptized,
11:46 it came to pass that Jesus also being
11:48 baptized and praying, the heaven was opened.
11:51 And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily
11:53 shape like a dove upon him, and a voice
11:58 came from heaven, which said, Thou art
12:00 my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."
12:04 At the water baptism of Jesus, he prayed to
12:06 be filled with the Holy Spirit and to
12:08 answer to that prayer he received the
12:10 baptism of the Holy Spirit.
12:13 That was important when it came to Jesus
12:15 being victorious over temptation,
12:17 because we read in the next chapter of
12:20 Luke chapter 4 and this time in verse 1:
12:25 "And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost,
12:27 returned from Jordan, and was led by the
12:30 Spirit into the wilderness."
12:33 When we read that section of scripture
12:35 we find that Jesus was led into the
12:39 wilderness to be tempted. Now, he was ready
12:43 for his greatest temptations he was
12:45 fill with the Holy Spirit, the same for us,
12:49 you and I are not ready for the greatest
12:51 temptation to be victorious over them
12:54 until we too are filled with the Holy Spirit.
12:57 It's number one, next let's look how Jesus
13:01 dealt with the temptations as we go to verse 4,
13:06 Jesus was tempted and said:
13:07 "And Jesus answered him, saying,
13:09 It is written, man shall not live by bread
13:12 alone but by every word of God."
13:17 This scripture tells us that when Jesus was
13:19 tempted to turn the stones into bread,
13:22 now you wonder what kind of temptation is that?
13:26 I thought Jesus was tempted like we are,
13:28 every temptation in essence is a matter,
13:31 are we gonna trust God and obey him.
13:34 Jesus came to this world to live like you
13:37 and I live, Jesus laid aside his divinity and
13:41 if he was to be victorious as we're
13:44 to be victorious. He could not use his
13:46 own divine power in his own behalf.
13:49 Now, he had the power to turn those
13:51 stones into bread if he so choose,
13:54 but the temptation then was to exercise,
13:58 to just trust his Heavenly Father and
14:01 kind of take things into his own hands
14:03 same with us isn't it? We maybe tempted to
14:05 disobey God in some way in order to avoid
14:09 some necessity in our life. We may choose to
14:13 disregard God's Holy Sabbath day,
14:15 in order to work as we have to provide for
14:17 our family same essence of temptation.
14:20 We maybe choose not to return any of our
14:23 means to God through tithes and offerings as
14:25 we have to provide for our self same
14:27 thing, take things into our own hands and
14:30 disobedience to God that was the essences
14:32 of that temptation. But I want you to
14:35 notice how Jesus met that temptation,
14:38 he did not argue with the devil, he simply
14:41 spoke the word of God, he spoke the
14:45 word of God that said man shall not live by
14:47 bread alone, but by every word that
14:49 persuades from the mouth of God.
14:51 Very significant point in overcoming temptation
14:54 then we find in other temptation here when
14:57 we go to verse 12: "And Jesus answering,
15:02 said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not
15:05 tempt the Lord thy God."
15:07 Again when Jesus was tempted he did
15:10 not argue with the devil, he did not go
15:12 though things in his mind well should I,
15:14 should I not, whatever, he simply
15:16 spoke the word of God. Now, that is a very,
15:20 very powerful truth in God's word of how
15:24 you and I are to be victorious over temptation.
15:28 Jesus gave us the example,
15:31 when we turn to the writings of Paul,
15:33 we see this very same thing illustrated.
15:36 In Ephesians chapter 6, verse 10 and 11:
15:42 "Finally brethren, be strong in the Lord,
15:46 and the power of his might.
15:49 Put on the whole armor of God,
15:50 that ye maybe able to stand against the
15:52 wiles of the devil." Here we see Paul
15:57 counseling us to depend on God's
16:00 might and God's power again,
16:03 we give our will to God, we make the
16:05 choice to obey God. He provides the
16:08 power, that's significant and then
16:11 he goes on when he's talking about the
16:12 armor of God and when you look at the,
16:15 armor of God, here every part of the
16:18 armor of God is defensive except one weapon.
16:22 And we find what that weapon in when we
16:24 look here at verse 17: "And take the helmet
16:28 of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit,
16:31 which is the word of God."
16:33 The one offensive weapon that we have
16:37 is the sword; Paul said, the sword
16:43 is the word of God. Now, in the Greek
16:47 there is a couple terms that are translated
16:51 word one is Logos, which is many times
16:54 translated the written word,
16:56 that's not the word used here.
16:58 The word used here that's translated word
17:00 from the Greek is Rhema and the word,
17:04 the Greek word Rhema carries with it
17:07 the meaning of spoken word.
17:11 So, what Paul is telling us here that
17:13 when we are fighting against Satan and he
17:15 says you know we don't wrestle against
17:17 flesh and blood, now we have an up close
17:19 and personal battle? He says we wrestle
17:22 with the enemy, now I wrestled in high
17:24 school and I can tell you when you're in a
17:25 wrestling match it is up close and personal.
17:28 And you let up for a moment, you're gonna
17:29 end up on your back, it's the same with
17:31 Satan we must be confronting him.
17:34 We must not be afraid of him and we must
17:37 use the weapons that God's given us
17:40 to overcome him and overcome the
17:41 temptations that he sends our way.
17:44 And the offensive weapon that we have
17:46 is the sword of the spirit which is
17:49 according to the Greek the spoken
17:52 word of God. And we see that is
17:54 exactly what Jesus did, when Satan came
17:57 to him and tempted him in the wilderness.
17:59 Every temptation you read it says Jesus said,
18:02 Jesus said, Jesus said in every case,
18:07 he didn't rationalize in his mind,
18:08 he didn't think about it. He didn't discuss it
18:11 with the devil not at all, he went against
18:14 that temptation with the spoken word of God.
18:18 Now, what this is talking about is when
18:22 you speak the word of God in faith,
18:27 what you speak will become a reality in your life.
18:34 This earth was created on that principle,
18:39 when you read the creation in Genesis 1,
18:43 every act of creation began with God said,
18:49 God said, God said. Even the creation of
18:53 man he said, God said let us make man,
18:57 and every act of creation is founded on
19:00 the spoken word of God. So, when God spoke
19:03 the word, he spoke his will of course 'cause
19:09 it's God's speaking and when he spoke
19:11 the will of God he had faith and what he said
19:15 would come to pass and it came to pass.
19:21 That's the exact same principle when it
19:23 comes to overcoming temptation,
19:28 when Jesus spoke the word of God against
19:30 Satan he had faith that word would be
19:32 fulfilled in his life. And so whenever
19:36 temptation comes and I don't care how big it is.
19:39 Mark over and, shared with us the word of
19:43 Jesus where he said, you know if you have
19:45 faith, you can say to this mountain be thou
19:47 cast into the sea. I don't care how big
19:49 that mountain of the temptation is,
19:53 if you have faith he says you can say to
19:56 that mountain, I want notice that, then
19:57 you can say to that mountain be thou cast
19:58 into the sea. And he says, don't doubt
20:01 because if you believe those things you say
20:03 you will have what you say that's written
20:05 in Mark chapter 11. And so the principles
20:09 there again and that was Jesus own words.
20:12 And so when we're tempted and Satan's
20:14 trying to take us down instead of depending
20:17 on our own strength, and on our own
20:18 toughening it out, and our own will power
20:20 depending on God. Speak the word of
20:23 God against that temptation,
20:27 how does that work, lets say Satan comes
20:30 along and you know you've asked God to
20:32 forgive you for some sin. Now, how often do
20:35 you have to ask for forgiveness once for
20:38 any particular sin, but sometimes you do
20:40 something so terrible you may find yourself
20:42 going back again and again for asking God
20:44 to forgive you and Satan's coming along
20:46 and tempting you and saying you're not
20:48 forgiven, you're not really sincere in that.
20:50 And you might get in an little argument
20:52 with them or whatever, never do that.
20:55 Well, scripture could be used to speak
20:56 against that temptation well you could quote
21:00 John 1, First John 1 verse 9:"
21:05 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just
21:07 to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from
21:10 all unrighteousness." So, whenever you're
21:12 tempted to doubt that you're forgiven you
21:19 simply speak the word of God against it
21:21 and you simply say and you can
21:22 personalize it. If I confess my sins,
21:26 he is faithful and just to forgive me my sins,
21:28 and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness.
21:30 And when you say it, believe it, that is true
21:34 and what will happen when you speak it in
21:36 faith, it will work back on you and
21:39 become a reality in your life.
21:41 And so your conviction of your
21:43 forgiveness becomes solid.
21:46 Now it, like I say it's a process, it may take
21:50 time in exercising that weapon
21:52 in that area of life. But if you continue to
21:55 exercise the weapons of your warfare to be
21:58 victorious over whatever temptation
22:00 you will become stronger and stronger
22:01 in the victory in that area of your life.
22:05 Lets say Satan comes along and he says
22:08 God's not gonna provide for you,
22:09 you've just lost your job, you got this problem,
22:11 you got that problem. And you're tempted to
22:13 start disobeying God in certain areas of
22:14 your life in order to survive, again you can
22:18 look at your situation, you could argue a bit
22:21 with the devil whatever but what
22:23 could be a scripture you could use,
22:24 you could use something like
22:26 Philippians chapter 4 verse 19:
22:31 "But my God shall supply all your need
22:33 according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus."
22:38 Again we see the scripture Satan tempts
22:40 you to doubt that God will provide for you.
22:43 Go immediately to the word of God,
22:45 take out your sword and go against that
22:47 temptation with the word of God and you
22:49 can even say, I suggest folks,
22:51 say it out loud if you can.
22:52 Now, if you're in a crowd of people you
22:53 may not be able to do that, you can say at
22:55 yourself. But if you're able to speak it
22:57 out loud there's power in the spoken word.
23:00 And when you say it out loud my God shall
23:03 supply all of my needs and you say
23:05 that in faith believing it, it will work back
23:08 on you and it will become a reality in your life.
23:11 That's the principle, that's how it works,
23:15 now Satan comes along to you with,
23:17 with some other temptation of sin
23:19 whatever it might be there is kind of like so
23:21 you can take a general text like over here in
23:24 Romans 6:14: "For sin shall not
23:28 have dominion over you, for you're not
23:30 under the law, but under grace."
23:33 So, Satan comes at you with that
23:35 besetting sin, the sin that you've been
23:39 struggling with and struggling with.
23:41 Instead of looking at your weakness and
23:44 the history of how many times you've
23:45 been overcome with that temptation?
23:47 Again immediately turn to the word of
23:49 God and you can say and you can
23:52 personalize it again, sin shall not have
23:55 dominion over me, for I'm not under the law,
23:57 I'm under the grace of God.
23:59 When you say that you must believe that,
24:03 when you say the word of God you
24:05 must believe what you've just said,
24:08 that what you've just said will become a
24:10 reality in your life. That's biblical,
24:15 that's the sword of the Spirit, that's how you
24:17 use the sword of the Spirit.
24:21 And you may find that, that Satan has
24:23 certain strongholds in your life in Second
24:25 Corinthians chapter 10 verse 4 and 5,
24:27 a wonderful promise: "For the weapons of
24:30 our warfare are not carnal, but mighty
24:32 through God to the pulling down of
24:33 strongholds. Casting down imaginations,
24:36 and every high thing that exalts itself
24:39 against the knowledge of God, and bring into
24:41 captivity every thought to the
24:43 obedience of Christ." Wonderful promise,
24:47 you may find in yourself certain
24:48 strongholds, strongholds of,
24:51 of lust, strongholds of addictions
24:55 whatever it might be. You cannot fight
24:58 those strongholds in and of yourself,
24:59 you don't know how to do it, but you can
25:01 turn to God and this scripture that we just
25:05 read tells us that God will pull down the
25:08 strongholds in your life. So, you can turn to
25:11 God believing and you can say that,
25:15 that my God will cast down the stronghold
25:18 of whatever it is, alcohol in my life and
25:23 you can say it believing it.
25:26 I got to cooperate with God, if you got
25:28 to struggle with alcohol, you're not
25:30 gonna start thinking about how good beer
25:31 tastes or whatever it is you like to drink.
25:35 And you're not gonna look at those
25:36 advertisements in a magazine or in the bill
25:39 board wherever it might be to start
25:40 thinking about the alcohol.
25:42 Remember that temptation begins in
25:43 the mind, that's why Paul says in
25:45 Philippians: "Whatever is lovely, pure, just,
25:48 good, think on these things.
25:49 So, we have a part to do to cooperate."
25:52 But as you cooperate with God and not let
25:54 your mind go there, but fill your mind
25:56 with the word of God. Stay close to God in
25:59 prayer and that's an important part of this,
26:00 because Paul said pray without ceasing,
26:03 stay connected every moment of every day
26:07 and when the temptation comes
26:08 God will bring your mind to scripture and
26:11 speak the word of God against that temptation.
26:14 Believing what the word says will be a
26:16 reality in your life, you see if you're
26:21 tempted to do anything you know
26:24 it's not God's will. The good news is you
26:28 do not have to yield to that, the good news is,
26:31 is that you can become just like Jesus.
26:35 And victorious over any and all
26:37 temptations that are seeking to come into
26:40 your life and again I want you to know it's
26:43 not a matter of will power.
26:47 Remember Paul was tempted and he was
26:49 having some struggles and God told him,
26:52 my strength is made perfect in weakness.
26:54 I can tell you the truth, the weaker you
26:56 know yourself to be the stronger the power
26:58 of God can be in you. And so God is calling
27:02 you and me and all of his children to come
27:05 out of Laodicea condition, to be filled
27:07 with the Holy Spirit. To let Jesus live in us
27:12 fully, to become just like Jesus in
27:15 character, in life, in ministry,
27:18 in victory over temptation.
27:20 And to use the weapons of our
27:22 warfare that God is giving us,
27:25 he is calling us to come out of that
27:28 condition, to become filled with the Spirit,
27:30 because he is preparing a people
27:33 for the second coming of Jesus.
27:36 This message to receive the baptism
27:38 of the Holy Spirit and to exercise the
27:41 weapons of our warfare, are not
27:43 simply, it's not just simply an interesting
27:46 message to hear, it's a vital message to accept.
27:49 And I pray by God's grace you'll heed
27:51 God's call, become just like Jesus in your life.


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