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00:09 Beautiful
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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel. My name is Sandy Smith.
00:34 I am founder, speaker and
00:35 director for
00:36 Laymen for a Finished Work
00:37 I'm also the Recreation Director
00:41 for the Atlantic Union College,
00:43 South Lancaster, Massachusetts.
00:45 My sermon today is about a famous army general,
00:49 one I'm sure you'll recognize when I mention his name.
00:54 The sermon today is entitled, "Satan's Final Stand. "
01:00 Let us pray. Father, we pray that you might
01:04 manifest yourself here this day
01:06 in Jesus name we pray. Amen.
01:09 General George Armstrong Custer was a soldier's soldier.
01:15 He was a man amongst men. But he was rash, reckless
01:20 rebellious, head strong and loved to live on the edge.
01:25 Custer's name became famous for the battle he fought
01:31 with the Sioux, Cheyenne and other Indians
01:35 out west in the state of Montana.
01:37 Custer had received orders to wait until
01:44 General Terry arrived. That order was given June 24th
01:49 And he was told to remain there until June 26th.
01:52 But Custer became head strong
01:55 and thought Chief Sitting Bull
01:58 would not expect a surprise attack
02:01 at his village and he decided to leave on the 25th
02:05 instead of the 26th and wait for the general.
02:09 Chief Sitting Bull had a dream
02:12 that his village was going to be invaded
02:16 and prepared his 1500 warriors for the attack.
02:20 When Custer arrived and invaded the Indian village
02:24 to his deadly surprise and horror
02:26 they were waiting and ready for him.
02:29 Custer and his 260 soldiers
02:33 were massacred with no survivors
02:36 what a sad story, what a sad commentary.
02:39 This infamous battle is known in history as
02:44 as 'Custer's Last Stand. '
02:47 Satan is like Custer in many ways.
02:51 He too is rash, reckless and rebellious,
02:56 head strong and lives on the edge.
02:59 Satan is fighting against Christ
03:03 in a great controversy between Good and evil.
03:06 It is the fight of his life.
03:08 This last battle is truly Satan's 'Last Stand. '
03:14 Satan unlike Custer has strategically planned
03:19 his battle against God and His people.
03:22 He's not taking anything for granted.
03:25 In fact, Satan is such a selfish individual,
03:29 one whom thinks only about himself
03:33 and in laying this battle plan
03:35 he didn't even consult with his angels
03:38 but he went off by himself,
03:40 planned this battle and came back
03:43 and gave them the battle plan.
03:45 Satan is full aware that his time is nearly expired.
03:51 It's almost curtain time for Satan.
03:54 And he is like a wounded serpent, very, very dangerous
03:59 out to get whoever he can get.
04:01 the Bible says in
04:04 that Satan's time is very, very short.
04:07 The Bible says:
04:27 Satan knows that his time is very, very short.
04:31 And therefore he is all out to capture and destroy
04:37 as many unexpecting people as possible.
04:42 Jesus, when living on this earth nearly 2000 years ago warned us
04:46 of Satan's final attacks on the population of earth.
04:50 In fact there are many texts that help us understand
04:54 some of the final events in earth's history.
04:57 The first one is found in Matthew 24
05:01 beginning at verse 4. Matthew 24:4-13
06:13 And so we see in the Bible some of the signs of the end.
06:17 Then in Revelation 2:10 tells us
06:44 Then beginning at Revelation 3:11
07:03 Be aware, beware...
07:06 The final episode between Christ and Satan
07:12 is about to conclude.
07:14 The celestial glory of Christ
07:18 will be pitted against that of Satan's hellish powers.
07:23 I know there are all types of movies,
07:26 Star Wars and all these other movies
07:29 but this is going to be a scene that even Hollywood
07:33 script writers could not write.
07:34 When God's glory, God the Father and the Son
07:39 and the Holy Ghost and all the holy angels
07:41 come back to the earth to receive their children
07:45 and their people
07:46 and Satan with all of his evil imps
07:49 try to counter against Christ coming back
07:51 to receive His people.
07:53 This is going to be a battle that no pen can describe.
07:57 But the sad thing is that
08:00 the majority of earth's inhabitants
08:05 are not ready for this most unusual stupendous event.
08:10 Most people, spiritually speaking, are in a comma.
08:13 They're asleep. They are asphyxiated.
08:16 They are spiritually dead.
08:18 Satan has almost, almost captured the world.
08:24 He has many of the people in the world
08:29 all over the world so busy
08:31 with so many things, even good things
08:34 that they have very little time for the Bible,
08:37 for studying and prayer and witnessing.
08:40 There are many people in the world who've never heard
08:45 the name of Christ.
08:48 Many are still living in paganism.
08:51 They're living in all types of situations
08:54 where they're just trying to survive,
08:56 trying to eat.
08:57 The Bible tells us in Luke 17:26, reading verse 26
10:16 As it was in the days of Noah
10:18 when God informed Noah to build an ark
10:24 120 years it took Noah to build that ark.
10:28 And the sad thing though is that there were many, many people
10:33 who helped Noah build the ark
10:35 For 120 years many people helped him
10:39 to build that ark plank by plank.
10:42 But when the day came in which God instructed Noah,
10:46 his family and the others to go into the ark
10:49 many who had helped to build the ark
10:52 because they were perhaps afraid to be laughed at
10:56 by the onlookers and they refused to go into the ark
11:01 until the ark was sealed
11:04 and then when the rain came for the first time
11:07 and they realized that Noah was telling the truth
11:11 and it was raining and the rain flooded the earth
11:15 and they were destroyed. It was too late.
11:17 Good intentions are not enough.
11:20 We can have good intensions and say,
11:22 "Well, I really love God and "
11:25 "I really want to do what's right "
11:26 "and I'm following "
11:27 "the traditions of my "
11:28 "grandmother and grandfather "
11:30 "and my parents "
11:32 "And I'm doing what "
11:33 "I think is right "
11:34 "I'm really sincere "
11:35 But many people as it was in the day of Noah
11:40 will be found to be sincerely wrong.
11:43 So was it in the day of Lot.
11:46 When Lot informed his children
11:49 to leave Sodom because the Lord was going to
11:52 rain down fire on Sodom and destroy it.
11:54 Even his own children with the exception of
11:58 his two daughters and his wife
11:59 refused to believe his message and they stayed there
12:04 until fire came down and destroyed Sodom.
12:08 And the sad thing is even though his wife left with him
12:12 escaping the fires of Sodom
12:15 her heart was still in Sodom.
12:17 She had been instructed as had been Lot and his two daughters
12:22 not to look back to Sodom.
12:24 And because she probably had so much stuff back there in Sodom
12:28 she looked back
12:29 and the Bible says she became a pillar of salt.
12:32 And so Jesus leaves on record these two stories
12:35 to inform us, as it was in the day of Noah
12:38 and the day of Lot,
12:41 so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man.
12:44 People are going to be lost
12:46 because they didn't believe the word of God.
12:48 People are going to be lost because they're concerned
12:50 about what people will think of them if they
12:53 follow the Word of God.
12:54 So Jesus has left on record the final events.
12:59 The first warning He gives us
13:02 even before He gives us the signs of war,
13:05 famine and pestilence, He says that the first warning is
13:08 that you be not deceived.
13:11 Satan again is keeping everybody so busy.
13:16 The Second Coming of Christ is going to come on us unawares
13:20 my brothers and sisters.
13:21 All around us things are happening.
13:23 We see these things happening and we take it for granted
13:26 that it's just another occurrence.
13:28 All these are signs from the Lord Jesus Christ warning us.
13:32 God sends curses, not to punish us,
13:35 but He sends curses to warn us.
13:38 To let us be aware of our danger
13:41 so that we will turn to Him repent and be saved.
13:44 It's going to be a sad, sad day for God
13:48 to finally have to destroy His creatures
13:52 that He has created to live with Him forever and ever.
13:56 But the Bible tells us that Hell was not meant for human beings.
14:01 But Hell was meant for Satan and his evil imps.
14:05 But those of us who refuse to follow the Bible
14:08 and we rather accept tradition and our own knowledge
14:16 unfortunately we'll have to share the fate of Satan
14:18 and have to be lost.
14:20 Read with me in the Bible, Hebrews 2:1-3
15:11 My brother, my sister, the Bible says
15:14 with all the knowledge that we have
15:17 if we neglect it and let these things slip
15:21 how sad it will be that we will have to be lost
15:24 because we didn't take advantage of the knowledge God gave us.
15:28 Satan has just a few more pieces to put in place.
15:33 And when he does so he's going to launch an all out attack
15:39 on human beings to make sure
15:41 that they don't receive eternal life.
15:44 Are you ready? That's the most important thing.
15:47 The most important thing is not are you ready for retirement
15:51 it's not if you are ready for your new home
15:55 the most important thing in this world for us is
16:00 Are you ready to meet God?
16:04 Have you prepared yourself to meet God?
16:08 When all has been said and done
16:10 the only thing that will matter is
16:12 what have you done for Jesus?
16:15 I often tell young folk when I do basketball camps
16:21 you know I think Michael Jordan is one of the
16:23 greatest players who ever lived.
16:25 But if Michael Jordan does not accept Jesus Christ
16:29 as his Lord, Savior and Master
16:32 and he comes up to the judgment and he stands
16:35 before the throne of God
16:36 with all of the holy angels and they say
16:40 "Who are you? " And he says,
16:42 "I'm Michael Jordan, I'm the famous basketball player "
16:45 "everybody knows me. I've broken all the records. "
16:47 "I'm the greatest player to ever live. "
16:49 If he has not accepted Jesus Christ
16:52 my brother, my sister, the angels will say to him
16:55 "We don't know you, we never heard of you. "
16:58 "Depart from us into outer darkness. "
17:01 Again, the only thing that will matter in the end
17:04 is do you know Jesus Christ? Have you accepted Him?
17:09 How many more signs will it take or must we witness
17:15 before you and I will believe
17:18 that Jesus is coming and we'll wake up?
17:20 The whole world almost has become a cesspool.
17:24 For in fact the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:1-5
18:07 So we find here that in these last days
18:10 these things are being fulfilled.
18:12 It seems like even with our children
18:15 it seems like you try your best and
18:18 ask your children to do some things and they just
18:20 don't want to do it.
18:23 And so we see that the Bible in many cases
18:26 is being fulfilled to the letter
18:28 Men and women are doing things that are
18:31 unheard of in this earth.
18:33 And so we turn, we move on and say how many more things
18:38 have to happen in this world before we believe
18:41 that Jesus is coming soon?
18:43 When we see the racism and the bigotry
18:46 the hatred and sexism and elitism and nationalism
18:50 politicizism and egotism, when we see spiritualism
18:53 lesbianism and homosexuality on the increase.
18:56 Metro sexual, now that's a new one where men are
19:00 having sex with both homosexuals and women.
19:04 A new thing on the scene that Satan invented.
19:06 On demand abortions, epidemic of heinous murders and violence.
19:12 Unprecedented record breaking weather,
19:15 hot, cold, rain, snow, hail.
19:18 Even in Boston we had 24 inches one day
19:23 and then the next day it was sunny.
19:26 Unheard of! Numerous mudslides and forest fires.
19:30 150,00 people died in the earthquake not too long ago.
19:37 260 died in the tsunami.
19:40 Then we have the bird flu, mad cow disease.
19:43 It's almost like every day something is being added.
19:46 The daily increase of gas prices.
19:51 Satan was directly involved in the death of the 86 people
19:57 who died in the compound in Waco,
19:59 in the Oklahoma bombing.
20:00 He was involved in the 911 twin tower collapsing
20:05 and the airplane crashing in.
20:07 To my surprise and maybe to your surprise
20:11 things are happening in this world they just confound us.
20:14 Did you know that Gorbachev, the former president of Russia
20:18 is in charge of closing down our military bases?
20:22 Unheard of!
20:24 Wiretapping of U.S. citizens. The Patriot Act
20:28 where you can be arrested without a lawyer
20:31 your loved ones don't have to be
20:34 notified and torture can be used
20:37 I'm told and read.
20:38 We are told the National Guard
20:42 will quarantine whole cities if there's a bird flu epidemic.
20:48 And then the New World Order
20:49 is right on the verge of happening
20:51 my brothers and my sisters.
20:52 I want you to take this home for homework.
20:56 To my surprise I found some time ago
21:01 a dollar bill, a dollar bill that we use all the time.
21:04 Now I want you to let this be your homework project.
21:07 I ask you on the dollar bill
21:09 why is there a picture of a pyramid with an eye over it
21:13 and numeral letters and messages written in Latin?
21:16 You'll be very surprised my brother, my sister.
21:19 One more major catastrophe in this world
21:22 might cause martial law in this United States.
21:27 It might bring on the Sunday Blue Laws.
21:30 When I was attending church in Baltimore
21:34 the pastor's wife told an interesting story.
21:36 She works for the government and she told an interesting story
21:39 that during the 911 episode
21:41 that they were giving gas masks
21:44 because they expected an attack from the terrorists.
21:47 She and the people who worked with her were told
21:50 that if you during that time
21:54 were on the south side of the Capitol building
21:58 that you would not be permitted to travel
22:00 north of the Capitol building and vice-versa.
22:02 You see plans are heavily laid my brothers and sisters
22:06 for this end time.
22:07 I say to you, don't believe everything
22:10 that you read in the newspaper.
22:11 Don't believe everything that comes on television.
22:14 For Satan has laid his plans very deeply
22:17 and in places that you'd be very, very surprised.
22:20 This 6000 year controversy between Christ and Satan,
22:25 good and evil is quickly coming to an end.
22:28 The final events will be rapid.
22:31 For the Bible tells us in Matthew 24:14
22:46 People say, "but with 6 billion people "
22:48 "and many of them not even ever heard of Jesus Christ "
22:52 "how can this happen? "
22:53 With the invention of satellites and the internet and cell phones
22:59 this Gospel could go around the world in 30 days.
23:02 This could be over.
23:03 It's not going to be a long drawn out ordeal.
23:06 It's going to be an event that's
23:08 going to take place very rapidly.
23:10 People will have to make their decisions for or against Christ.
23:13 And then the Bible says the end will come.
23:16 Be aware, beware.
23:19 Where do you stand today?
23:21 If Jesus were to come today would you be saved?
23:24 God is searching for men and women, boys and girls
23:28 who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.
23:32 He's looking for modern day Enoch's
23:34 and Josephs and Daniels and Elijah's and John the Baptists.
23:39 God is searching for people
23:42 who'd rather die that lie.
23:45 Do you fit that description?
23:48 Satan very soon is going to push the envelope.
23:52 He will impersonate the Second Coming of Christ.
23:57 Now I need to let you know the word impersonate means
24:00 he will make people think that he is Christ.
24:03 To personate means that you let people know that
24:08 you are not that person but that you are pretending.
24:11 Satan will impersonate Christ.
24:13 He'll make people think that he is Christ.
24:15 The Bible says that he will serenade all over this earth
24:18 telling people that he is Christ, he has come back to
24:21 save them and he will pronounce all these great blessings
24:25 that Jesus did when he was here on the earth.
24:27 But the only one thing the Bible tells us in
24:29 Revelation 1:7 is that every eye will see Jesus.
24:34 So if anybody comes back to this earth
24:36 and they proclaim to be Jesus
24:37 and they say come out to the desert
24:40 or come here or come there
24:42 you can know that they are an imposter
24:45 because Jesus warns us that when He comes
24:48 Everybody on this earth will know it because
24:50 it'll be such a loud noise.
24:52 For the Bible says it will be like loud trumpets.
24:56 That every eye shall see Him.
24:58 It will not be a secret rapture.
25:00 Know that when Jesus comes back to this earth
25:02 there'll be nothing secret about His Second Coming.
25:05 The whole world will know that He is here.
25:07 For we are told in the Bible that
25:10 the wicked will run to the mountains
25:13 and the rocks and cry, "Fall on us! "
25:15 to hide us from Him that sitteth upon the throne.
25:18 And so when we think of what's coming on this earth
25:22 We know that our time is short.
25:24 Jesus is soon to come.
25:26 Jesus is looking for individuals
25:30 who are willing to make that sacrifice for Him,
25:33 individuals who don't mind being ridiculed.
25:36 They don't mind being spectacles to the world.
25:38 They don't mind people calling them, "Holy Rolly's, "
25:42 and calling them Christians.
25:45 They don't mind carrying their Bibles to let people know that
25:47 "Yes I am a Christian and I'm happy "
25:49 "to be serving the Lord Jesus Christ. "
25:51 Jesus tells us, "If you deny me in front of sinful, "
25:54 "wicked, evil people then I will "
25:57 "deny you in front of my Holy Father and the holy angels. "
26:01 So God is making up His number.
26:03 He's looking for a people this very moment,
26:06 who are preparing to live with Him throughout
26:09 the ceaseless ages.
26:10 If you miss Heaven you will have missed it all.
26:14 If you were to live 100 years on this earth
26:19 with all of the crime and all the sadness
26:21 deaths and sickness, what would you gain?
26:25 What will it profit a man or a woman if they gain
26:27 the whole world and lose eternal life?
26:30 What will you give in exchange for eternal life?
26:32 Jesus wants you to live with Him forever.
26:36 After living a million years
26:39 and coming up to Jesus and saying,
26:41 "Jesus, we've lived a million years "
26:43 "and we are so happy that we have decided to follow You "
26:46 Jesus will say to them, with a smile on His face,
26:50 "Hey, let's start another million. "
26:52 This thing is not going to end.
26:53 It's going to go forever and ever and ever.
26:56 And so today we have to make that decision.
26:59 Will it be the world, or will it be Christ?
27:04 Will I live for Him now, or will I deny Him?
27:09 If you don't accept Jesus Christ and you're not living for Him
27:13 sadly to say, you are living for that other power on this earth.
27:17 In Heaven, it's going to be what we cannot afford to miss.
27:24 My brothers and my sisters
27:26 Why don't you decide today to accept Jesus Christ
27:30 as your Lord and Savior. He loves you so much!
27:32 God bless you.


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