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00:30 Hello friends, my name is Pastor Alden Ho
00:33 I run a ministry in Berrien Springs, MI
00:35 called Wheel Salt Ministries.
00:37 The message I have for you today is titled,
00:39 "Time to Go Fishing. "
00:41 Let's bow our heads and ask God to be with us now.
00:43 Heavenly Father, I thank you for the message
00:48 Thank you for the words.
00:50 Please allow each person who is listening to be prepared
00:54 and to prepare their hearts for this message.
00:57 Lord speak through me now. For I ask in Jesus name, Amen
01:01 When I was first growing up in Toronto, Canada
01:07 my parents immigrated
01:08 from Singapore to
01:09 Toronto, Canada.
01:10 My Dad wanted me to have
01:12 the All-American experience
01:13 I guess you could say
01:14 by taking me to go fishing.
01:16 So, he rented a boat
01:18 we got the fishing poles, got the worms,
01:22 did everything we had to do
01:24 We sat in the boat and we fished from early morning
01:27 till late at night.
01:29 We fished and we fished.
01:31 We stayed there in the boat all day.
01:33 Had lunch. Had a lot of fun.
01:35 I remember this that one time I even hated putting the
01:38 worm on the hook so I asked my Dad to do it
01:40 so he would put the worm on the hook for me.
01:42 And a couple times we would cast out
01:44 and we'd watch the little bob
01:46 that would be floating go up and down, up and down.
01:48 We'd reel it back in and the worm would be gone
01:52 but there'd be no fish on the hook.
01:54 So my dad would put another worm on the hook
01:56 and this last time I thought,
01:59 "I'm really gonna cast it out there "
02:00 'cause I think there are some fish way out there.
02:02 So I reeled back and I threw
02:05 that cast out as far as I could.
02:08 and I noticed that the line went all the way out
02:11 and then it looped back around and it came back
02:13 behind me and I was wondering, 'What was that? '
02:16 So I looked behind and unbeknownst to me
02:19 that hook had caught in my dad's cheek
02:22 and it was stuck in his cheek.
02:25 Well, I'll be glad to tell you that was
02:28 the last time my dad took me fishing.
02:30 I never went fishing any more.
02:32 But we sat in that boat all day
02:34 from sun up till sun down.
02:36 How many fish did I catch?
02:38 Zero.
02:40 No fish at all.
02:41 So I want to ask you a question and be honest with me
02:45 'cause I can handle it
02:47 If I sat in a boat all day
02:49 I had the rod, I had the reel, I had the bait, I had the hook,
02:54 I had all the tools I needed to be a fisherman.
02:56 Would you call me a fisherman?
02:58 Probably not.
03:00 But I'll tell you, there is One in the Bible
03:03 Who is really a Fisherman.
03:04 Jesus.
03:06 Jesus, during his time period we don't hear much
03:10 in the Bible during the Old Testament
03:12 of people who were fishing.
03:14 But in the New Testament when Jesus came along
03:17 we see a lot of examples that He talked about fishing.
03:20 You see fishing was a very big industry.
03:22 And in fact, it was so big that people would
03:24 go out there and they would build their entire communities
03:28 around the sea.
03:30 and as these people would build their communities
03:34 around the Sea of Galilee
03:36 you would find ribbon communities attached
03:38 all along there.
03:39 And that's where Jesus would walk.
03:41 As He would walk through there He would
03:43 go from one community to another community.
03:45 And there'd be a lot of people who'd follow Jesus.
03:49 Well this one day Jesus was out.
03:52 And as He was out He was talking with the people.
03:56 and as he talked, you have to understand that
03:59 in their communities of fishing
04:01 that's basically what they built
04:03 their entire industry on was fishing.
04:05 The type of fishing they did was
04:07 very different from the type of fishing
04:08 my father and I did with a rod and reel.
04:11 They would use a net that would be about 5 meters in diameter
04:16 and they would cast that out from the boat.
04:18 And many times the fishermen would go out
04:20 and they would fish early in the morning
04:22 before the sun would come up.
04:24 the reason they would do that is
04:26 because the fish would be able to see
04:28 who's throwing the nets out.
04:30 And the fish would not obviously fall prey to
04:33 their nets and the fish would swim away.
04:35 Fishing was a very strenuous life
04:38 and it required a very strong physique.
04:41 And if we turn in our Bibles right now we'll see this
04:43 story that Jesus is talking about
04:45 in the Gospel of Luke the Gentile physician...
04:51 in Luke 5:1-11, that's Luke 5:1-11...
06:49 You see this is a very interesting scenario here.
06:52 Peter was a fisherman. That was his job.
06:55 Jesus grew up in a carpenter's shop.
06:58 Peter kind of felt,
07:00 'Lord, why are you telling me to let out my nets? '
07:04 'I mean, we've just washed them '
07:05 'we've prepared them, we've been all night fishing. '
07:07 'This is our industry. '
07:10 'Why don't you stay in the industry that you know best. '
07:13 But nonetheless, when Jesus asked him
07:16 and commanded him, "Look Peter, "
07:17 "Send out the nets, throw them out. "
07:20 Peter did that and the catch was huge
07:25 because Peter followed what the Master was asking.
07:28 You see when Jesus calls us
07:31 and He calls us to come follow Him
07:34 He's asking us to do some things.
07:36 See, we must be separated to Him
07:39 that we may pursue His objective.
07:42 We must belong to Him
07:44 then His design will be our design.
07:46 The closer we commune with God
07:49 the greater our power will be over souls.
07:52 We must obey Him
07:54 and we must learn His methods
07:56 Jesus' methodology.
07:58 We must teach what he taught.
08:01 We must teach as He taught.
08:04 In fact, we must copy His life
08:06 because His life should be our only example.
08:09 This is not really an issue of works per se.
08:12 If it is, then I guess that keeping
08:14 the Commandments holy is also an issue of works.
08:17 This came straight out of Christ's mouth.
08:21 and He said to anyone who chooses to follow Him,
08:24 it says in Matthew 28:19-20
08:28 there is what we find in the Bible
08:31 referred to as, 'The Great Commission. '
08:33 Matthew 28:19-20
08:54 You see, Jesus gave great authority.
08:56 He told everybody, "If you love Me "
09:00 "these are the things I want you to do. "
09:02 "I want you to go. I want you to teach. "
09:05 "preach and baptize. "
09:07 He delegated that to us.
09:09 And when He delegated that to us
09:11 He said, "I will be with you always. "
09:13 So there's nothing to fear.
09:15 What authority do we have?
09:17 We have all the authority in this world.
09:21 Because it came to us through Jesus Christ Himself.
09:24 You know this idea of fishing
09:27 is a very interesting one.
09:28 Bob Schuller once said in his sermon
09:32 "If this analogy teaches us anything "
09:35 "it reminds us that the Christian "
09:37 "to fulfill his mission "
09:39 "must bear His witness where the people are. "
09:41 "We cannot wait for people to come to us. "
09:44 One successful evangelist put it this way,
09:48 "Suppose I built a beautiful fish house "
09:51 "down by the side of lake. "
09:52 "I design it after some gothic pattern "
09:55 "placed stained glass windows all around it "
09:58 "burned candles around it "
10:00 "and even had an electric sign that said, 'Fish House' "
10:05 " 'All Fish Invited' "
10:06 " 'Fishing Hours from 11am to 7pm. ' "
10:10 "How many fish do you suppose he'd catch? "
10:13 Well there are many fishermen in the world.
10:16 Some with very worthy motives.
10:19 And some with very selfish motives.
10:21 People are having every type of bait dangled before them.
10:26 And they're feeling the mesh of a variety of nets.
10:30 You see the Christian message
10:32 now as it was in Peter's time
10:34 must be none other than
10:35 the new old story
10:37 of Jesus and His love.
10:38 Christ's teachings leaves
10:41 no room for philosophies.
10:42 that would reduce the Gospel
10:44 down to some social uplift
10:46 let alone a mere entertainment.
10:48 You see, the purpose of the Gospel
10:50 is the salvation of man.
10:52 Therefore Jesus won't ask you
10:55 to leave your job, your business,
10:57 like he did Peter and Andrew
10:59 Who said, "Follow me "
11:01 "and I will make you fisher's of men. "
11:03 He will however expect you
11:05 to let Him be involved in all aspects of your life
11:09 including your business, your schooling and your home.
11:13 As a follower it is important for you and I to understand
11:18 that we can't just add Jesus into our life
11:21 whenever we can fit Him into our schedule.
11:23 It's not a convenience issue.
11:26 Jesus comes not to 'observe' your life
11:30 but He comes to be Whom He is in reality
11:32 your God, your King,
11:35 your Forgiver and your Leader.
11:38 Following Jesus involves a complete commitment,
11:43 a life commitment to Him.
11:44 God has the right to interrupt your life.
11:47 He is Lord.
11:49 In fact, when you accept Him as Lord
11:52 you give Him the right to help Himself to your life
11:54 at any time that He wants!
11:56 I want to ask you a question.
11:59 The question is this:
12:01 Do you friend, in your work,
12:04 the people that live around you
12:06 do they know that you are a Christian?
12:08 I mean, do they know that Jesus
12:11 is the Lord of your life?
12:12 Have you explained that to them?
12:14 Do they know your commitment?
12:16 Would it be obvious or would it not be so obvious?
12:21 I know that many of you have probably shared your faith
12:24 with other people,
12:25 people that you work with, people that you associate with.
12:28 But if you don't, why not?
12:31 Do you have a fear of sharing your faith with other people.
12:37 That people will say, "Well, We don't want to have "
12:40 "anything to do with you because you are "a Christian. "
12:42 Well, this is what I want to ask you.
12:46 Being a Christian is more than just
12:51 telling it, living it.
12:53 Being a Christian is to allow the Holy Spirit
12:57 to be a part of who you are.
12:59 I don't know where you've been.
13:01 I don't know what struggles you've had in your life.
13:04 But I can tell you this:
13:06 this sermon is not so much about football
13:09 or soccer or basketball
13:12 or even the latest movies.
13:14 But if you know all the football players
13:18 or all the basketball players,
13:21 if you know all those people that's all well and good.
13:23 However, the question is this:
13:26 If you can name the actors of the latest movie,
13:29 or the actors in the latest musical group
13:33 or CD that's out there, that's fine.
13:36 But is you can't name the name of the twelve disciples
13:39 there's a problem there.
13:41 You see where I'm going?
13:42 Jesus said in Matthew 6:33
13:47 "Seek first the kingdom of God "
13:49 "and all His righteousness "
13:50 "and all these things will be added unto you. "
13:52 You may have a passion for the Gospel.
13:55 Is it your dream?
13:57 It can't just be wishful thinking, friends.
14:00 It can only happen when you ask the Holy Spirit
14:02 to make it happen in your life.
14:04 I want to tell you this, my life is not perfect.
14:08 I have a lot of flaws, I'm full of sin.
14:11 But God knows exactly what type of bait
14:16 it is that I need,
14:18 the type of bait that will attract me
14:21 to the worldly things
14:22 and also the type of bait that will attract me to Him.
14:25 You may not feel that this is
14:29 something that you would want to be.
14:31 But God is calling you.
14:33 He's asking you to be a follower of His.
14:36 He's asking you to leave your worldly assignments,
14:39 your worldly occupation from that stand point,
14:42 to come into His type of boat
14:46 to go fishing with Him.
14:47 But you draw back and say,
14:49 "But you know what, I can't do that! "
14:51 "I mean I can't speak. "
14:53 "I stutter... "
14:54 "I can't think, "
14:56 "I can't be around people. "
14:58 And some of us feel that we have all these
15:01 human disabilities that stop us
15:04 from being a good Christian.
15:06 I want to assure you with this:
15:09 There's an interesting thing that I was reading here.
15:12 It's called, 'Why God Didn't. '
15:14 And there are many reasons why
15:17 God shouldn't have called you
15:18 but don't worry, you're in good company.
15:21 Moses stuttered.
15:23 David's armor really didn't fit him.
15:26 John Mark was rejected by Paul.
15:28 Timothy had ulcers.
15:31 Did you know that Hosea's wife was even a prostitute!
15:34 Amos? His only training was at the school of fig tree pruning.
15:39 And Jacob was a liar.
15:41 David had an affair.
15:42 Solomon was too rich.
15:44 And you know what? Jesus was too poor!
15:46 Abraham was too old.
15:48 David was too young.
15:50 Peter was afraid to die.
15:52 Ha, well Lazarus was dead.
15:54 John was self righteous and Naomi was a widow.
15:57 But then we have other people like Paul who was a murderer.
16:01 But then again, did you know so was Moses?
16:04 Jonah ran from God. Miriam was a gossip.
16:07 Gideon and Thomas both doubted.
16:09 Jeremiah was depressed and even suicidal.
16:13 Elijah was burnt out.
16:15 John the Baptist was a loud mouth.
16:18 And Mary, she was a total worrywart.
16:20 While Martha was a worrywart Mary was a lazy one.
16:24 Did you know there were others too.
16:26 Sampson had long hair.
16:28 Noah got drunk.
16:30 And did I mention, Moses had a short fuse?
16:33 But then a lot of people did,
16:35 Peter, Paul and several others.
16:39 But God doesn't require a job interview.
16:42 He doesn't hire and fire like most bosses do.
16:47 Because He's more than our boss,
16:49 He's our Dad!
16:50 He doesn't look at financial gain and loss.
16:55 He's not prejudiced or partial.
16:57 He's not judgmental.
17:00 He's not grudging.
17:01 He's not sassy or brassy.
17:03 He's not deaf to our cry.
17:05 He's not blind to our need.
17:07 We may think to earn them but God's gifts are free
17:12 to you and to me.
17:14 We could do wonderful things for wonderful people
17:17 and actually still not be wonderful.
17:19 Do you realize that?
17:20 Because Satan always comes back at us and he says,
17:24 "You are not worthy! "
17:25 Jesus says, "So what, I am Worthy! "
17:29 Satan looks always back at the past.
17:32 And he says, "Look at the mistakes you've made. "
17:34 God does not look back at the past.
17:36 He looks forward and He says,
17:38 "Look at the cross. Look at what I've done. "
17:40 He doesn't calculate what you did in 2000 A.D.
17:43 It is not even on the record.
17:45 Sure there are lots of reasons
17:47 why God shouldn't have called us.
17:49 But if we are magically in love with Him,
17:52 if we love Him more than our next breath,
17:55 He'll use us in spite of who we are.
17:58 I pray that as Christians
18:01 we will step out of our limitations
18:04 to the illimitable nature of who Christ is,
18:07 Who Jesus is, Who God is.
18:10 Then our passion for God and our passion to communicate Him
18:13 will make mince meat of our limitations.
18:16 Let me read you a quote from Spirit of Prophecy
18:20 Ellen White writes in the Review and Herald
18:21 November 25, 1909.
19:32 Friend, Christians are to be fishers of men.
19:35 Do you call yourself a Christian?
19:38 I call myself a Christian.
19:39 You see, being a Christian is far more than
19:43 just wearing the title of 'Christian. '
19:45 There is a certain thing that God has called us to do.
19:49 And that we find in Matthew 28.
19:51 We are to go, preach, teach and baptize.
19:55 Let me ask you a question.
19:58 If you were married I'm sure you'd have no problems
20:03 telling other people that you are married.
20:05 If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend
20:07 I'm sure that you have no problems
20:08 telling people that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
20:10 Because there's this thing called love.
20:13 And when you are truly in love with somebody
20:15 you anything that they.
20:18 Well, within reason that.
20:20 Well, Jesus is calling us.
20:22 He's talking to us.
20:24 He's saying, "Look if you "
20:26 "are calling me your Savior, "
20:28 "if you're in a love "
20:29 "relationship with me, "
20:30 "will you do something for me? "
20:33 "There's a lot of people, there's an entire world, "
20:37 "that doesn't know about me. "
20:39 "I need you to tell them about me. "
20:42 You see Christians,
20:45 Christians are to be fishers of men.
20:48 Like many of the disciples who used knowledge
20:51 and experience in their fishing
20:53 they knew where to go to find the right fish.
20:57 They were given strength.
20:59 They had skills to cast out their nets.
21:01 And they pulled in their catch.
21:03 They kept their nets well mended
21:06 and they were always ready for fishing.
21:09 As Christians, fishers of men,
21:12 we are to listen to the Holy Spirit
21:14 so that we will be sensitive
21:17 to the opportunities of sharing the Good News of Jesus.
21:19 If you ask Jesus and you ask Him to use you
21:25 in a very special way each and every morning
21:28 allow yourself to be used by Jesus.
21:30 If you pray that prayer He will open up amazing doors for you.
21:36 Doors that you would have never expected could have opened.
21:39 He will give you the words that you are to say.
21:42 He will allow you to speak to people
21:44 with which you would not normally feel comfortable.
21:46 But you must be in tune with His voice,
21:51 be able to listen for Him calling you
21:53 and speaking to you.
21:55 So let me go back to the question.
21:57 The initial question is:
21:59 If I sat in a boat all day,
22:01 I had all the right tools
22:03 I never caught a fish
22:05 would you call me a fisherman?
22:07 The answer would probably be, 'No. '
22:10 So my question to you is this:
22:12 If Jesus calls you to be a fisher of men
22:16 and you sit in a boat all day
22:19 and you don't catch any fish
22:21 are you a fisherman?
22:23 Are you a Christian?
22:25 Christians are to be fishers of men.
22:28 Friend there is nothing to be afraid of.
22:31 I used to be afraid.
22:33 I used to not want to talk to people about Jesus.
22:35 But there were things that started happening
22:38 in my life and I found out
22:39 and you might be sensitive to these things too,
22:41 that sometimes you feel impressed
22:43 and there might be something that's
22:45 very heavy pressing on your heart
22:47 that you're supposed to talk to someone.
22:49 That's the Holy Spirit talking to you
22:52 and He's saying, "Look you need to go. "
22:54 "There's a certain message "
22:55 "that I have for you to tell somebody "
22:57 "that nobody else can do. "
22:59 "You are the one that I've chosen. "
23:01 "You need to go. "
23:03 F. R. Havergal wrote this poem and she said,
23:08 "Lord speak to me that I may "
23:11 "speak in loving echoes of thy tone. "
23:13 "As Thou has sought, so let me seek "
23:16 "Thy erring children lost and alone. "
23:20 "Oh lead me Lord, that I may lead the wandering "
23:24 "and wayward feet. "
23:25 "Oh feed me Lord, that I may feed "
23:28 "Thy hungering ones with manna sweet. "
23:30 "Oh strengthen me that I may stand firm on the Rock "
23:35 "and strong in Thee. "
23:37 "I may stretch out a loving hand "
23:39 "to wrestlers with the troubled sea. "
23:41 "Teach me Lord that I may teach the precious things "
23:46 "that Thou doest impart. "
23:48 "And wing my words that they may reach "
23:51 "the hidden depths of many a heart. "
23:53 You know, Paul writes in Galatians chapter 2
23:57 verse 20 and 21 he says this,
24:33 I hope and pray that Christ did not die in vain for you.
24:35 You have been crucified with Christ.
24:38 It is no longer you who lives
24:40 but Christ who lives in you.
24:42 And if Christ lives in you
24:44 you would not be afraid to go out and tell the world.
24:46 of what He did for you,
24:49 that He loves you and He died and gave His life for you.
24:53 There is a story that is told about a bus pastor
24:57 who ran a ministry.
24:58 In his ministry he would travel
25:00 through the inner cities of America
25:02 one day he knocked on a door
25:04 a little boy came to the door
25:06 and the pastor asked the little boy who was at home.
25:09 The little boy said,
25:10 "No, there's just me and my little brother. "
25:12 And the pastor said,
25:13 "Well, son I want to ask you a question. "
25:15 "Do you know who Jesus is? "
25:17 "No " said the little boy.
25:19 The bus pastor said,
25:21 "Can I tell you the greatest love story ever told? "
25:24 And the little boy invited the bus pastor into the house.
25:27 The bus pastor told him about the love of Jesus.
25:31 "And how Jesus came and died "
25:34 "on the cross for him. "
25:35 "The little boy was crying tears. "
25:38 "He couldn't believe that some one would do that for him. "
25:40 Eventually, the little boy said,
25:44 "What do I have to do "
25:45 "to accept this gift of salvation? "
25:48 which the bus pastor explained.
25:49 And the bus pastor said,
25:51 "Well, why don't we kneel down right now "
25:53 "and ask Jesus into your heart. "
25:54 At that the little boy dropped to his knees right away.
25:57 And the bus pastor said,
25:59 "You know, next week I want to take you "
26:01 "on Sabbath to my church. "
26:03 And so he came to the church.
26:05 The boy had never seen a huge church like this before.
26:09 Beautiful stain glass everywhere, wood, He was amazed.
26:13 He was in awe.
26:14 And the little boy noticed that
26:16 there were some men up front passing something around.
26:20 He couldn't figure out what it was.
26:22 And so the little boy sat down in one of the pews.
26:25 And as whatever that was started making its way to the back
26:28 the boy realized that they were putting money in the plate.
26:32 And then it dawned on him.
26:34 They must be giving money to Jesus.
26:36 The little boy started looking through his pockets
26:38 he started searching everywhere
26:40 because he wanted to give money to Jesus.
26:41 He didn't have anything to give Jesus.
26:44 Finally that plate came down his row.
26:47 And the little boy grabbed the plate and didn't want to let go.
26:50 Eventually somebody said,
26:51 "You must let it go by. "
26:53 And it made its way to the back of the church.
26:55 The little boy ran up to the one of the men carrying the plates.
27:00 and said, "Look, can I hold the plate? "
27:02 The man wasn't sure why.
27:04 But he allowed the little boy to hold the plate.
27:05 And the boy said,
27:07 "Jesus, I have nothing to give you except me. "
27:09 And with that, the little boy put the plate on the floor
27:13 and he stepped into the plate
27:14 and he said, "Jesus, I give you me. "
27:17 Friend, Jesus is calling you.
27:21 Will you live for Him?
27:22 Will you allow Jesus into your life?
27:26 I want to ask that you will. And do it sometime soon.
27:30 Let's pray right now.
27:32 Heavenly Father, I ask that You will guide and direct.
27:35 Guide and direct the people getting this message,
27:38 the person whose heart is aching.
27:39 Call us to be fishermen of yours.
27:42 Guide and direct us, help us to come closer to you,
27:46 each and every day, Lord,
27:48 in all that we do and say
27:49 may we be your child because you love us.
27:52 In Jesus name. Amen.


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