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00:17 Faith Chapel
00:30 Hello friend. My name is Pastor Alden Ho.
00:33 I run a ministry called Wheel Salt Ministries
00:35 in Berrien Springs, Michigan.
00:36 I have a message for you today
00:38 And the title of the message, believe it or not really is,
00:41 "Knock, Knock. Who's there? "
00:42 We'll answer that question in just a moment.
00:44 Because before we proceed, before we open the Word of God
00:47 let's bow our heads for a word of prayer.
00:49 Heavenly Father, this is such an important message
00:54 for us to understand.
00:55 In the world that we live in today
00:57 there are so many distractions that are all around us.
01:01 Help us to be able to know
01:03 who's standing at the door of our heart.
01:06 Lord speak. Speak to that door right now,
01:09 the door that might be crying, the door that might be hurting.
01:13 Please answer and hear our prayer.
01:17 Touch my lips. May they speak your words.
01:19 In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
01:22 There is a story that is told
01:25 of a new pastor who moved to a new district.
01:28 He wanted to go visit all
01:30 his new church members
01:32 In the process of going to visit
01:33 his church members he approached
01:34 one house and as he got to the
01:36 door, he knocked on the door.
01:38 He noticed there was a bit of movement in the house
01:41 but no one actually came to the door.
01:44 And he continued knocking a second time.
01:47 He still saw some movement
01:50 but nobody came to the door.
01:52 Trying not to be belligerent
01:54 one last time he said he'd try.
01:57 He knocked on the door the third time.
01:59 When no one came to the door
02:01 he took out his business card
02:03 out of his pocket, he took his pen out
02:05 and on his business card he wrote
02:07 Revelation 3:20
02:10 Well the next week at church
02:11 he found that same business card in the offering plate.
02:14 But right below Revelation 3:20
02:17 Someone had marked down Genesis 3:10.
02:21 Now, if you are students of the Bible you will know
02:23 Revelation 3:20 says, "I stand at the door and knock "
02:26 "if any one hear my voice and open the door "
02:28 "I will come in and sup with him. "
02:30 But if you know Genesis 3:10, it says,
02:34 "I heard your voice but I ran because I was naked. "
02:39 Now that's a chuckle. We might find that funny.
02:43 But the truth of the reality is
02:45 Jesus is standing there and he is knocking at our door.
02:48 And He's asking us, "Will you let Me in? "
02:51 Let's look at our text for today
02:54 and find out what this is all about
02:55 It's found in Revelation 3:20
03:14 You see friend Jesus is standing at the door of your heart.
03:17 He stands at the door of every church and every heart.
03:22 he's waiting to be invited in and he wants to be invited in.
03:26 Sometimes you know the question is
03:28 Jesus seems so far away.
03:30 And if He seems so far away the question is,
03:33 'Who actually moved? '
03:35 Jesus is the Rock. He does not move.
03:37 So He always stays there.
03:38 It's we who are the ones who run.
03:41 But in retrospect to this text
03:44 God wants to be our Lord.
03:49 He wants to be our closest Friend.
03:51 There sometimes things we keep distant from Him.
03:56 We shut the door on Him perhaps because we're too busy.
04:00 We have things going on.
04:02 But believers in Christ should not leave Him outside the door.
04:07 He is the God of Love.
04:10 He is the God of the Universe.
04:12 Who not only died for us
04:13 but who is waiting to embrace us with His love.
04:16 It's very interesting in this text,
04:19 Jesus is standing there. He is knocking.
04:22 He is wanting to gain entrance there.
04:24 Let's try a little game here.
04:26 You answer. Knock, knock...
04:28 You say, "Who's there? "
04:31 I'll say, "Jesus. " And your response will be,
04:34 "Jesus, who? "
04:35 And that's exactly what happens friend.
04:38 Jesus is standing at the door. He's saying, "Knock, knock. "
04:41 And we say, "Who's there? "
04:44 He simply replies, "Jesus. "
04:47 We know that voice.
04:49 We know what He sounds like.
04:51 As we look thorough the peep hole or the curtain
04:55 We know who is there.
04:57 But the problem is many of us do not want to answer Him.
05:01 We don't want to acknowledge that He's even there.
05:03 We might even put headphones on
05:05 to try to drown out the knocking noise.
05:08 You see, He stands there knocking at our heart.
05:12 But there are sometimes things in the way of our heart
05:16 that stop us from getting there to the door.
05:19 You might find issues such as anger
05:22 hatred, jealousy, envy,
05:26 you might even have an eating disorder
05:29 that stops you from hearing God's voice.
05:31 Then there are issues that some men might have
05:34 or even women, with pornography.
05:36 Then there are some other addictions,
05:39 alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
05:43 Jesus is knocking at your door.
05:45 There are issues sometimes for people who
05:48 consider themselves Christians
05:50 but yet they can't hear God's voice because
05:52 temperance, temperance for time,
05:55 temperance for finance
05:57 and temperance, believe it or not for appetite.
06:00 Some of have issues with evil tempers.
06:04 Some of you might even have issues
06:07 with a brother or sister in your church.
06:09 Yeah, one of those 'saints. '
06:10 One of those people you grow to love
06:12 but sometimes you have bad attitudes towards them.
06:16 Or you can't even sit in the same pew with them.
06:19 Or if you see them coming down towards you at church you
06:22 detour and go the other way to avoid them.
06:24 Jesus is knocking.
06:27 He's asking for you, in light of that brother or sister
06:31 to wash each other's feet in humility one weekend.
06:35 There's a quote from Ellen White
06:38 She writes in, 'Testimonies to the Church, volume 1 '
06:42 page 143, she says this:
07:19 My question is this, "Do we let Him in? "
07:23 Or better still, "Can you let him in? "
07:26 You understand, I'm paraphrasing from 'Desire of Ages'
07:32 'With every knock unanswered '
07:34 The desire for us to be able to open the door
07:37 as Jesus is standing there becomes weaker.
07:40 The voice of the Holy Spirit
07:42 if ignored today will not be as strong tomorrow.
07:46 And with each passing day that
07:48 seemingly loud knock will continue to diminish
07:52 and grow quieter and quieter.
07:54 There is another quote that is given
07:56 by Ellen White, it's taken from
07:59 LS 160, and she writes here:
08:50 Jesus is there
08:52 Once again, "Knock, Knock. "
08:54 "Who's there? "
08:56 "Jesus "
08:58 "Jesus who? "
08:59 Jesus is standing there at the door.
09:02 He is waiting to come in.
09:03 He is wanting to come in!
09:06 He's being very patient.
09:08 And He promises us if we allow Him to come in
09:14 there are things He can do for us
09:16 that we cannot do ourselves.
09:18 We are promised this in 2 Chronicles 7:14
09:43 Jesus is standing there friend.
09:45 He is standing at your door. He's wanting to come in.
09:49 No matter where you are, no matter what country you're in
09:52 You might be in a room in Las Vegas.
09:55 You might be in a hut in Africa.
09:58 Jesus is knocking at your door.
10:01 He's asking you permission if He can come in.
10:04 He will not help himself to come in.
10:07 That's what Love is all about.
10:10 He loves you so much, He will not intrude into your life
10:13 if you want to live your life the way you want to live.
10:16 But He simply stands there patiently waiting.
10:19 Will you let Him in?
10:21 Will you go to the door?
10:23 Will you open it?
10:25 We find the very famous verse in the Bible
10:28 many people know, John 3:16
10:30 Why does He stand there and knock?
10:32 Well, Jesus stands there and knocks for a very good reason.
10:35 He says this in John 3:16
10:50 You see friend, Jesus loves you so much
10:53 His Father sent Him so he could die on the cross for you!
10:57 He patiently waits for you.
10:59 He will not walk in Himself.
11:02 In fact the door is quite interesting.
11:04 If we look at the structure of the door
11:07 The door doesn't actually have a knob or handle on the outside.
11:11 That's why he waits.
11:13 He cannot enter in.
11:15 You are the only one who has access to that door.
11:17 And the door knob is only located on the inside.
11:21 There's an interesting text that I find
11:25 It's found in 'Messages to Young People'
11:28 I don't have it setup on the script for you
11:31 but I wanted to read this to you
11:32 because it's very interesting, it says,
11:33 "Satan knows to a great degree "
11:35 "the mind that is affected by that upon which it feeds. "
11:39 "He is seeking to lead both the youth and those of mature age "
11:43 "to read story books, tales and other literature. "
11:47 "The reader of such books becomes so "
11:49 "unfitted for the duties lying before them "
11:52 "They live in an unreal life "
11:54 "and have no desire to search the Scriptures "
11:56 "to feed upon the heavenly manna. "
11:58 The big craze that is happening nowadays
12:00 is the Harry Potter series.
12:01 People are so enthralled with Harry Potter.
12:05 In fact, young people are so mesmerized by it
12:08 That parents cannot even get them to watch TV
12:11 because they're reading so much of these books.
12:14 Jesus is standing, He's knocking at the door.
12:18 "Knock, knock. " "Who's there? "
12:22 We find a parallel to Revelation 3:20
12:26 also found in Song of Solomon, chapter 5.
12:30 And in this particular passage
12:31 it's interesting because it parallels
12:34 from the standpoint that Jesus is
12:35 standing there at the door knocking.
12:37 And its referring to Jesus, as a groom standing at the door
12:42 with the bride, the church, us, inside.
12:46 And here's what it says,
13:47 The same scenario here.
13:49 The bride is inside, the groom is knocking.
13:53 He's wanting to gain access, to enter in.
13:57 But the bride delays. She waits.
14:01 When she finally wakes up
14:04 and realizes she should open the door
14:06 she goes, she looks through the doorway
14:09 and Jesus is not there.
14:11 Why did He leave?
14:14 He will only knock so long.
14:16 And like with other villages in Matthew
14:21 He will leave, dusting off his sandals.
14:24 Friends, don't let Jesus leave.
14:27 You hear the knock. Answer the door.
14:30 Because you know who it is who's knocking there.
14:33 Remember, in this particular passage
14:37 that we find in Revelation 3
14:40 Jesus is knocking at the door.
14:42 He is knocking and He is wanting
14:44 to gain access.
14:46 But which church is this referring to?
14:50 Well it's very interesting that we find
14:52 that the church in Revelation 3:20
14:55 is the church of Laodicea.
14:57 It is the lukewarm church.
14:58 Now I find it very interesting since it is a lukewarm church
15:02 they're neither hot nor cold is what it says.
15:05 Let's read that. Revelation 3:16
15:18 Friends, Jesus doesn't like lukewarmness.
15:21 Although it's a comfortable temperature
15:23 That's the problem with it.
15:25 We get so comfortable in our Laodicean state
15:29 that we don't need anything.
15:32 Some of you who live in more modern civilizations
15:37 you have refrigerators.
15:38 When you open a refrigerator and you have all the food
15:41 you could possibly need for a week
15:43 is all located in there
15:45 there's no need to pray.
15:47 For those of you who don't live
15:49 in that type of society
15:51 you know what it's like to have to pray for your meal.
15:54 And know that when that meal is given to you
15:57 you know that God has provided that meal for you.
16:00 That's why you can say it with more passion when you pray.
16:03 Jesus is asking us here
16:06 don't be lukewarm.
16:08 Be hot! Don't be cold.
16:11 There's nothing worse than
16:14 a lukewarm Christian do you know that?
16:15 A Christian who has one foot in the world
16:17 and one foot in the church.
16:19 You gotta be totally miserable!
16:21 You can't enjoy the peace and joy that God has given you
16:25 in His kingdom because you feel guilty about sin.
16:28 But then on the other hand
16:30 you can't have a good time sinning either
16:33 because you know it's wrong.
16:35 Such Christians are useless spiritually.
16:38 Jesus tells them to choose whom they are going to serve.
16:42 Stop playing games.
16:44 He's standing there. He's knocking.
16:47 And He's wanting to be the Lord of your life.
16:50 Will you answer?
16:53 Let's go back.
16:55 "Knock, knock. " "Who's there? "
16:58 "Jesus. " He wants to come in.
17:02 The handle. He's waiting for the handle.
17:05 He's wanting to know if you will
17:07 reach for the handle and let Him in.
17:09 There's a call from Joshua
17:13 Joshua in his final remarks to the children of Israel.
17:18 He is getting ready to hang it up, I guess you could say.
17:21 To retire, to let another leadership take over.
17:24 And Joshua says in Joshua 24:14-15,
17:30 he's talking to the people there.
17:33 And this is what he says:
18:15 Joshua gave it in his final farewell address
18:21 to the children of Israel.
18:23 He pleaded with them.
18:24 Choose! Will you serve the gods you served before,
18:29 before we crossed over?
18:31 Or are you going to serve the gods of this land?
18:35 The gods of the Amorites.
18:38 But he said unequivocally, without a shadow of doubt,
18:41 he says, "But as for me and my house "
18:44 "we will serve the Lord. "
18:45 He didn't care what other people thought.
18:47 You should not care what other people think.
18:51 We need to serve the Lord and serve Him only.
18:55 You see, when Joshua asked the people
18:58 to make a choice about whom they should serve
19:00 they said far be it from us that
19:03 we should forsake the Lord.
19:04 In the same way there are people
19:06 who make a dramatic profession of faith in Jesus Christ
19:10 They ask Jesus into their lives.
19:12 And they are high as a kite with joy for their salvation.
19:16 However, not many of these people stay in the same game.
19:21 They may be attracted to somebody of the opposite sex.
19:25 And they may get involved in a relationship that they shouldn't
19:29 They may have developed an interest in a sport,
19:32 or hobby or perhaps it is a job that takes them away.
19:36 It takes away and it robs their time with God.
19:41 Although there is nothing specifically wrong with
19:44 other interests and pursuits
19:46 when you start replacing God as the Lord of your life
19:50 with other things, You have forsaken Him.
19:54 God calls you and me, He calls all His believers
20:00 to make a choice.
20:01 Joshua offered all the children of Israel a choice,
20:04 'Serve the other false Gods, or serve the Lord. '
20:08 Everyone must make a choice.
20:12 Joshua called the people to make such a choice
20:14 He demonstrated the right choice by saying to them,
20:17 "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. "
20:20 He didn't care what other people thought either.
20:24 He only cared what God thought.
20:26 is it clear that truly following God
20:30 requires us to make a choice.
20:31 The children of Israel were called upon to reject
20:35 the false Gods of their past
20:37 and to serve the living God.
20:38 We nowadays are being called also to make a choice.
20:42 In the life that we live right now
20:46 Some of us cannot hear his voice.
20:48 We cannot hear the knock. We have so many distractions.
20:52 There's the TV, there are movies, there's mp3 players
20:57 there's radio, there are needs.
21:00 There are people that are begging us to
21:03 wear this, dress this way, look this way.
21:06 How can we possibly hear God amidst all that noise?
21:11 Sometimes technology is supposed to make life easier for us.
21:15 In fact, it actually makes life more difficult for us because
21:17 it takes more of our time.
21:19 Jesus is standing there.
21:21 It has not changed.
21:23 He stands there, He knocks.
21:26 And He asks, "Who will you serve? "
21:30 "I would like, obviously, for you to serve Me, " He says.
21:32 But you need to choose for yourself.
21:35 And whatever you choose, choose wisely.
21:39 There's a quote I came across.
21:43 It's found in 'Signs of the Times. '
21:45 And it says this:
21:47 "The prince of the powers of darkness "
21:51 "is playing a game of life for the soul. "
21:55 "He is working with every device that he can invent "
21:59 "with all deceivableness of all unrighteousness "
22:01 "to separate man from God. "
22:04 "The lust of the flesh, the pride of life "
22:07 "the vanities of this world have taken "
22:09 "possession of the soul temple and no room is left for Jesus. "
22:14 It's interesting.
22:18 Satan's working in these last days.
22:20 And he is working so hard to try
22:23 and deceive us in every way possible.
22:26 If you think about some of the things that
22:29 he has got you wrapped around with.
22:31 And he's got your time all sucked up so
22:34 that you don't have time for Jesus.
22:36 Sometimes we hit the ground running
22:38 first thing in the morning and we're off.
22:41 Jesus is calling us.
22:43 Spend time with Him each and every day.
22:46 Open the door of your heart; will you let Him in?
22:49 You have to understand that sometimes
22:53 we don't want to let Jesus in.
22:55 Sometimes we feel that we've got so much junk.
22:59 We have so much stuff in the house.
23:01 And because we have so much stuff in the house
23:03 we have to clean up before we can let Jesus in.
23:07 But friends you have to understand.
23:10 Jesus is the best housekeeper there is.
23:16 There is no way that you'll be able to clean up your house.
23:19 There's no way that you can do it by yourself.
23:21 Only Jesus can help you.
23:23 Move the things away from the door.
23:27 Let him in.
23:29 Once you let Him in He can take care of the anger.
23:32 He can take care of the eating disorders,
23:35 the pornography, the evil tempers,
23:37 the problems with appetite.
23:40 He can take care of all those problems.
23:42 Whatever issue you have, believe me,
23:45 There is no issue big enough
23:48 that Jesus cannot handle.
23:50 He's wanting to be there.
23:52 He's wanting to be the Lord of your life.
23:54 He's wanting to come in.
23:57 There's a passage that is given
24:00 it's found in the 'Review and Herald'
24:01 November 2nd, 1886:
24:42 Friends, Jesus has allowed you to be prosperous.
24:48 He's testing you through that prosperity.
24:52 He's wanting to know who it is that you will serve.
24:55 He's standing there knocking.
24:58 I came across a quotation
25:01 once again from the 'Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings. '
25:04 And it is a very strong quote for us today.
25:08 Many of us have problems and we think that
25:11 we can overcome these problems by ourselves.
25:13 Maybe we can go see a psychologist
25:15 or even a psychiatrist for help.
25:17 But we don't realize the actual help
25:21 is right here.
25:22 It's right here in the Bible.
25:23 And it's available to us free of charge each and every day.
25:30 Mrs. E.G. White writes this
25:33 " If you will seek the Lord "
25:34 "and be converted every day, "
25:37 "if you will of your own free choice "
25:40 "be joyous and free in God "
25:42 "if with gladsome consent of heart to His gracious call "
25:46 "you come wearing the yoke of Christ "
25:49 "the yoke of obedience and service "
25:52 "all your murmurings will be stilled. "
25:56 "All your difficulties will be removed. "
25:59 "All the perplexing problems that now confront you "
26:02 "will be solved. "
26:04 That is a promise that has been given to me and you.
26:08 Seek the Lord while He may be found.
26:12 Everything that you are dealing with now
26:15 Everything He can help you with.
26:18 If you've lost your house
26:20 If you've lost a mother, a father, a brother, a sister
26:23 a son or a daughter
26:25 He knows your pain.
26:27 He's been there.
26:28 He was absent from His Father,
26:31 He died on the cross.
26:33 He endured the sins of this world
26:36 He took then to the cross because He loves you!
26:40 And friend, He promised us, if you let him in
26:45 He will come again.
26:48 We are assured that in John.
26:50 John tells us, He has gone to prepare a place for us.
26:54 And if He's gone to prepare a place for us
26:56 He will come again that where He is now we may be also.
27:01 The question I want to ask you one more time
27:05 "Knock, Knock. " "Who's there. "
27:09 "Jesus, come in. "
27:11 "Clean up my house. "
27:13 "Clean up my heart. "
27:15 Jesus is wanting to be there.
27:18 He wants to be the Lord of your life.
27:20 I want Him to be the Lord of my life.
27:22 How about you?
27:24 Let's pray...
27:27 Heavenly Father, we indeed need You.
27:31 Amidst all the stuff, all the noise of this world,
27:35 Oh Lord, we need You to clean up our house for us.
27:38 We need you to clean up our hearts.
27:40 Lord we want you to enter into our hearts
27:43 Cleanse our hearts from all unrighteousness.
27:45 Make our hearts pure.
27:48 Because we're promised if they're pure we will see you.
27:51 Thank you in Jesus Name, Amen.


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