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00:01 Please stay with us.
00:08 3ABN presents
00:16 this closed captioned program.
00:29 My name is Marquis Johns and today our topic will be
00:33 'The Beautiful Mind. '
00:35 But of course, before we get into our topic
00:37 Let's just have a word or prayer
00:38 Father in Heaven,
00:41 Lord we thank you for Your Beautiful Son Jesus Christ.
00:46 We thank You for His beautiful life.
00:48 And we thank You for His beautiful and perfect sacrifice.
00:51 For without it where would we be?
00:54 And now Lord we ask as we study your word
00:57 that You would give us the mind of Christ
01:00 that we would discern Your Word speaking to us
01:03 specifically and directly.
01:06 And we ask this in Jesus name because You said
01:09 That we should study to show ourselves approved
01:12 unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed
01:15 rightly dividing the Word of Truth
01:17 so we ask and we claim Your promise
01:20 in Jesus name. Amen, Amen.
01:24 Today's topic: A Beautiful Mind.
01:29 There's a story of two Christian monks.
01:32 They were walking in a drenching thunderstorm.
01:34 They came to the banks of a specific river and
01:37 the thunderstorm was so immense that the banks were overflowing.
01:41 They found a young lady standing there.
01:44 And in Christian sincerity one of the monks said to her,
01:48 "May I help you? "
01:49 She said, "Yes! I need to get to the other side. "
01:50 And so the Christian monk decided
01:56 not only to help her to the other side
01:58 but to put her on his shoulders and carry her to the other side.
02:02 After doing this, later on at the monastery
02:05 After doing this his companion turned to him and said,
02:07 "You know I have a bone to pick with you! "
02:09 Confused, the monk said, "What is it brother? "
02:13 He said, "You know, we have taken a vow "
02:16 "not only not to look at women "
02:19 "but not even to touch them "
02:21 "and you, my friend, have broken both of those vows. "
02:24 The monk, with a smile replied to him,
02:28 "My dear brother, I left that lady "
02:31 "on the other side of the river. "
02:32 "However, you're still carrying her in your mind. "
02:35 The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 10
02:38 we must cast down imaginations
02:40 and every high thing that exalts itself
02:42 against the knowledge of God.
02:43 and bring into captivity every thought
02:46 to the obedience of Christ.
02:47 Today, we will study the most beautiful mind
02:51 the universe has ever known
02:52 with the hope of having that mind.
02:55 Turn with me in your Bible to Philippians 2:1
03:00 and let's begin studying that mind.
03:03 Now, what lead me to this study is, being consistently told
03:07 that I must have the mind of Christ
03:09 but not having the answers on how to attain that mind.
03:12 Now the bible tells us in Philippians 2:1
03:15 the beginning of having that mind.
03:18 the Bible says this:
03:40 Now this is an important text
03:42 because this clues us in to the theme
03:44 of the book of Philippians.
03:45 The book of Philippians is a wonderful book.
03:46 The word Philippian
03:49 comes from the word Philippi.
03:51 This province was settled by
03:53 Alexander the Great's father whose name was Phillip.
03:57 And the name Phillip means, 'lover of horses. '
04:01 It's a compound Greek word
04:02 coming from philos and hippo
04:05 which means, again, 'lover of horses. '
04:07 And in ancient mythology
04:09 in most cultures
04:10 the horse was the quintessential figure of stamina.
04:14 and so this book is the quintessential book
04:17 on the stamina of the mind.
04:19 The word 'mind ' repeats itself at least ten times
04:22 in the book of Philippians.
04:24 telling us to have the same mind
04:26 to be like minded.
04:27 It tells us what we should think upon
04:29 what we should not think upon.
04:30 And so whenever you want to know about the mind
04:32 whenever you want to know about how your mind
04:34 your character and your personality
04:35 should be or what it should be like
04:37 look at the book of Philippians.
04:39 but here the author Paul is cuing us in to something,
04:42 He says, "we must fulfill the joy "
04:45 "that we be like minded
04:46 "having the same love, being of one accord "
04:49 "of one mind. "
04:51 That 'one accord ' is very important
04:52 because in the Book of Acts
04:53 the only way the disciples were able to receive
04:56 the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit
04:58 was because they were gathered together
05:00 in one place and of one accord.
05:02 The Bible tells us in the Book of Psalms 133
05:05 "Behold how good and how pleasant "
05:07 "for brethren to dwell together in unity. "
05:09 And then it talks about Aaron being anointed
05:12 and the oil dripping down his beard
05:13 even to the hem of his garment.
05:15 And at the hem of the garment of the priest
05:16 was a bell and a pomegranate.
05:19 A pomegranate is a fruit!
05:21 And so what we see is this symbol of Jesus Christ
05:24 going to heaven, being anointed
05:26 and the oil which represents the Holy Spirit
05:28 trickling all the way down
05:29 till it reached the fruit of His labor
05:31 then the disciples who were gathered together in one place
05:34 and of one accord were able to go out
05:36 and I tell you, that day
05:38 three thousand people put in transfers for church membership!
05:40 I tell you that Jesus Christ blesses exceedingly and
05:43 abundantly above all that we could have thought or asked.
05:46 However let us turn to our next text.
05:48 In the book of Philippians again reading contextually
05:50 let's look at verse three as we begin to look at
05:53 I really don't sometimes like using this word but
05:56 the evolution of the mind of Christ,
05:59 the mind that we are told to have.
06:00 The Bible tells us in Philippians 2:3
06:17 Look at that, we already see that this mind
06:20 being likeminded, being of one accord
06:22 fulfilling the joy, has something to do
06:25 with how we treat our brethren.
06:27 And where does Paul get this example from?
06:29 Well, I tell you he is paraphrasing
06:31 or very well quoting
06:32 another text in Matthew 11:28
06:35 Because the text just told us we must be lowly of mind.
06:38 Where have we heard those words before?
06:40 Well, I submit to you that we heard them in Matthew 11:28,29
06:45 from the lips of the greatest teacher
06:46 the world has ever known.
06:48 Let's go there and look at what Jesus Christ
06:49 has to say in Matthew 11:28.
07:13 Paul said, be lowly in mind, Jesus said be lowly of heart.
07:17 In the Bible the words heart and mind are synonymous.
07:23 Let's give an example, the Bible tells us in Proverbs 23:7
07:30 Note that 'mind ' and 'heart ' are synonyms.
07:55 We think in our heart?
07:56 Yes, because the mind and the heart are synonymous.
07:59 Let's follow out this thought.
08:01 Turn in your Bible
08:04 Solomon just told us that as we think in our heart
08:09 Now look at what Jesus Christ has to say.
08:11 Matthew 15:19
08:25 Jesus tells us right here
08:27 that those things come from the heart.
08:29 We think thoughts in our heart.
08:31 This is why we must pray that prayer
08:33 Create in us a clean heart
08:35 not only a clean heart but also a clean mind
08:38 and renew a right spirit within us.
08:40 The Bible is telling us here that the heart
08:42 and the mind are synonymous.
08:43 So when Paul begins to explain what this mind is like
08:46 or who we should be like minded with
08:49 he gives us the example of Jesus Christ
08:55 and tells us we must be lowly in mind.
09:01 quoting Jesus Christ who said He was lowly in heart.
09:05 Now, we need to look at this text very carefully.
09:08 Philippians 2:3 says we should
09:11 esteem others better than ourselves.
09:13 When someone tells you to have the mind of Christ
09:15 how do we have the mind of Christ?
09:17 We don't look at that person
09:19 who is homeless, who doesn't have as much money as we have
09:23 who doesn't have the nice car that we have
09:25 we esteem them better than ourselves.
09:28 And where do we learn this type of behavior?
09:30 We learn it from none other than the Great Savior Himself
09:32 Jesus Christ, who saw in us
09:35 things that we don't even see ourselves.
09:38 Brothers and sisters I tell you today that
09:39 I should not be standing here.
09:41 There was a point in time in my life
09:42 where I was just a vagabond!
09:44 This is the worst person.
09:46 If you didn't let me into your home
09:47 I wouldn't blame you.
09:48 I wouldn't say that you were being
09:49 wrong or you were being mean to me.
09:51 I would say you were being smart.
09:53 I come from the streets of Los Angeles, CA
09:55 where we can esteem others better than ourselves
09:58 for you'd never know who might attempt to hurt you
10:01 or harm you or your family or
10:03 who doesn't have your best interest in mind.
10:04 But Jesus Christ tells us
10:06 that we should be like He is.
10:08 We should have His mind.
10:10 And how was that mind?
10:12 That mind is a mind that esteems others better than ourselves.
10:16 Don't clutch your pockets when you walk
10:17 by the person who might look like a thief.
10:19 You never know that may very well have been Jesus Christ.
10:22 He tells in Matthew 25:31
10:25 He tells us that when He comes back
10:27 He's going to start separating sheep from goats.
10:29 And what is the prerequisite for becoming a sheep or being goat?
10:33 Well it's simple. He goes on to delineate
10:36 the sheer fact that it's how you treated people
10:38 that you didn't know that could very well have been Him!
10:40 He said, "I was hungry and you didn't feed me. "
10:42 "I was thirsty and you didn't give me anything to drink. "
10:44 "I was in jail and you didn't visit me. "
10:46 And the goats say,
10:48 "When didn't we do these things for you, Lord? "
10:50 He said, "As much as you didn't do them for the least of these "
10:51 "you didn't do them for Me. "
10:54 So when God says to esteem others
10:56 better than yourself
10:57 this is the beginning
10:59 of what constitutes
11:00 the mind of Christ.
11:02 Let us read on in our text
11:03 The Bible tells us in Philippians 2:4
11:18 Don't look at yourself as better than someone else.
11:21 But look and see how you can benefit or help
11:24 someone else.
11:26 This is what the mind of Christ is like.
11:28 Christ was sitting in heaven
11:29 loving and being loved by His Father
11:32 dwelling in harmony and beauty
11:34 and He said to Himself
11:36 or said to His Father which is Himself
11:38 He said, "Listen, I want them to be better than what they are. "
11:42 "I can see something in them "
11:44 "that they don't even see for themselves. "
11:45 And that's why the Bible says here
11:47 "But every man also on the things of others. "
11:49 Jesus Christ looked on us and said,
11:51 "Listen, I have a plan for Marquis "
11:54 "I have a plan for you sitting out there today "
11:55 "that you are going to be some thing that you don't even see. "
11:58 And so we must follow this behavior
12:01 that Christ has modeled for us.
12:03 Looking at everyone better than ourselves
12:06 and not looking on our things
12:09 and being so happy that we have these nice things
12:11 but looking to see how we can use those things
12:13 to benefit the cause of Jesus Christ.
12:16 This is the beginning of the Mind of Christ.
12:18 Let us turn to another text.
12:19 This text is found in Philippians 2:5
12:24 because this is what we are talking about.
12:25 this is the climactic moment
12:27 of what Paul is trying to write here in Philippians 2:5
12:30 And all too often you hear this text quoted.
12:33 I know when I go to church
12:34 I hear the pastor say to me
12:36 let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus
12:38 I heard that text so many times
12:40 that I started agonizing and praying and saying,
12:42 "Lord! How can I have the mind of Christ? "
12:45 The mind of Christ is pure and without taint
12:47 My mind has been tainted by everything from rap music
12:50 to movies and television.
12:53 "Lord! How can I now have this mind? "
12:55 And God responds in Philippians 2 by saying,
12:58 It's not about necessarily
13:00 what's in your mind, although
13:01 you must, again, cast down imaginations
13:03 and ever high thing that exalts itself
13:05 against the knowledge of God.
13:06 But it is about how you treat your brother.
13:09 How do you look at your brother?
13:10 How do you look at your sister?
13:11 You see I love when the Gospel becomes practical.
13:14 Because all too often I hear the text of Matthew 24:14
13:19 "And this Gospel of the Kingdom "
13:21 "shall be preached in all the world "
13:23 "for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come. "
13:25 But we stop there and then we
13:27 jump over to another text that's a beautiful text
13:29 in Revelation 14:6 which says,
13:31 "I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven "
13:33 "having the everlasting gospel "
13:35 "to preach to them that dwell on the earth "
13:37 "to every nation, to every kindred "
13:39 "and tongue and people. "
13:40 However I want us to back to Matthew 24 sometimes and start
13:43 looking at what happened before.
13:45 What happened before and let this mind.
13:48 What is this mind? and it says,
13:49 "He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved " verse 13,
13:53 And verse 12 says, "Because iniquity abounds "
13:57 "the love of many waxes cold. "
13:59 But what is interesting is in verse 10
14:01 where this thought really begins in verse 10
14:03 Jesus Christ starts talking about hate and deception.
14:07 He says that hate starts making people betray one another.
14:10 And then after that he goes on and
14:11 in verse 11 he says, "And then many false prophets arise. "
14:15 So what prepares the way for deception? It's hate!
14:18 And then He says, "Because iniquity abounds "
14:20 "the love of many waxes cold. "
14:22 What is the remedy for deception?
14:24 It's Love.
14:25 Just like hate prepares the way for deception
14:27 the remedy to deception is Love.
14:31 And that Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached
14:34 unto all the world for a witness
14:36 unto all nations and then shall the end come.
14:37 It is the Gospel of Love!
14:39 Now some people out there say,
14:41 "You know, we can't dwell on the character of God "
14:44 "or the Love aspect of God, "
14:46 "we must also look at other things. "
14:47 But let me tell you something: the Bible tells me very clearly
14:49 in 1 John 4:8 that "God Is Love. "
14:54 That's who He Is!
14:55 It's a transcript
14:56 of His character.
14:58 and so if we really want to be
14:59 or have the mind of Christ
15:00 we must have also the love
15:02 of Christ in our hearts.
15:03 Without the love of Christ
15:04 in your heart how can you very well have the mind of Christ?
15:06 This is a question we must be asking ourselves.
15:09 How can I have the mind of Christ
15:12 without the love of Christ?
15:13 And if I don't have the love of Christ
15:15 then I am deceived!
15:16 Jeremiah 17:5 tells us we shouldn't worry about deception
15:21 coming from somewhere else.
15:22 We should worry about deception coming from the heart.
15:25 Because in Matthew 24 the disciples come to Him and say,
15:28 "Lord, what shall be the sign of Your coming? "
15:30 "what shall be the sign of the end of the world? "
15:31 And the first thing that Jesus Christ tells them is,
15:33 "Take heed that no man deceive you. "
15:38 Where is the greatest threat of deception?
15:39 Jeremiah 17:9 says,
15:41 "The heart is deceitful above all things "
15:44 "and desperately wicked. Who can know it? "
15:45 My heart is more deceitful than any man could be to me!
15:50 And that's why we must think in our hearts
15:53 or in our minds -cause remember they're synonymous-
15:56 we must think the way Christ thought.
15:59 This is why Romans 12 tell us this,
16:01 Romans 12:1 says, "I beg you therefore brethren "
16:08 "I beg you therefore brethren by the mercies of God "
16:11 "that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice "
16:14 "holy, acceptable unto God, it's your reasonable service. "
16:17 "And be not conformed by this world "
16:20 "but be transformed by the renewing of your mind "
16:24 "Be transformed by the renewing of your heart. "
16:27 Because the heart is desperately wicked
16:30 and deceitful above all things.
16:31 This is why the Holy Spirit inspired Paul
16:35 to write a whole book about the mind.
16:39 And how do we have the mind of Christ?
16:42 We've seen thus far in verses 3 and 4
16:44 that as we esteem others better than ourselves
16:47 we do nothing through strife or vainglory.
16:49 This goes back to a point I make all the time about
16:51 "what is our motive? "
16:53 Now, I can't judge your motives or your character.
16:55 But we can look in our hearts and see
16:57 why are we doing things.
16:59 Many people send money off to people
17:00 in the foreign mission fields
17:01 only because somebody's watching
17:04 When Mission Spotlight comes around
17:07 somebody stands up and says,
17:09 "I'm sending this much or sending that much. "
17:11 That's not what it's about.
17:12 It's about doing what God tells you.
17:13 If God tells you to extend $1 that's better than if you
17:17 tell yourself to send $1000.
17:18 This is what we must concentrate on
17:21 is having the mind of Christ.
17:22 And again, I can't say it enough,
17:24 'What is the mind of Christ based on? '
17:26 It's based on how you treat your brother.
17:29 You can keep all the commandments in the world
17:32 but if you are treating your brother badly
17:33 your breaking the commandments.
17:34 You will be breaking the commandments if
17:36 you're not treating your brother the right way.
17:38 If you walk into church on the right day
17:39 but have hatred in your heart towards your brother
17:42 you are breaking all the other commandments.
17:44 Because Christ told us if
17:45 you hate your brother you've murdered him.
17:47 Brothers and sisters we really need to think
17:50 about how we treat one another.
17:52 Stop thinking about how we are seen.
17:55 Stop thinking about how nice you come to church.
17:57 That's not what it's about.
17:58 It's about how you're treating your brothers.
18:00 How are you treating brothers and sisters
18:01 of other denominations.
18:02 Do you look down on them?
18:04 How do you treat people in your own denomination
18:06 who don't have the truth you think they should have?
18:09 Do you look down on them?
18:10 Or, do you esteem them better than yourselves?
18:12 Are you willing to resist unto blood for that person,
18:17 Are you willing to go to the cross for that person?
18:19 'Cause if you're not you need to get down on your knees
18:22 and you need to start praying for yourself and them.
18:25 Jesus died for that person.
18:27 And that's what we must always remember.
18:29 We must remember that every person that you see
18:31 is a person that Jesus shed His precious blood on Calvary for!
18:37 This is the most important thing.
18:40 This is what Philippians 2:5 is talking about.
18:43 Turn with me in your Bibles to Philippians 2:5
19:00 That's the mind that doesn't look on how many things
19:03 he has amassed.
19:04 It's the mind that doesn't look at everybody
19:06 as if they're lower than himself.
19:08 It's the mind that's willing to sacrifice
19:10 for people that he might not even know.
19:14 You know, my wife and I just got back from Bolivia.
19:18 There we were on a mission trip.
19:20 And this is one of the hardest things we've ever done
19:23 'cause we're city folks.
19:24 And we went out to Bolivia
19:26 and we're thinking, 'we're going to go out there '
19:27 'and we're going to help out '
19:29 'and we're going to have some nice place to sleep. '
19:30 Oh no no no, we had to bring tents.
19:33 We brought tents and we camped for 14 days.
19:40 Not only did we camp for 14 days
19:42 but in order to get to the site we were going to
19:44 we had to drive 20 hours through the Andes mountains
19:47 on a road called Death Road!
19:48 So we drove down this road;
19:51 we got to this camp.
19:52 The moment we got to this camp it started raining and pouring.
19:55 And we had to move our luggage from the bus to the camp site
19:58 where there was only a tarp set up.
19:59 Then we had to pitch camp during this rain and this was
20:02 South American tropical rain.
20:05 Pouring down.
20:08 So we set up our tent
20:09 and those of us who'd been traveling for 20 hours
20:11 what did we want to do?
20:12 Well we wanted to take a bath.
20:14 We were pointed to where we'd be bathing.
20:16 It was a stream.
20:17 We had to bathe in a stream.
20:19 Now the ladies had a stream that was sectioned off from the men
20:23 and they bathed upstream.
20:25 But upstream from them was where
20:27 we cleaned our pots and pans.
20:28 So we cleaned our pots and pans in one part of the stream
20:31 it trickled down to where the women bathed,
20:33 they bathed, then it trickled down to where the guys bathed.
20:35 Then we got up everyday and had worship.
20:38 And after worship we got to work mixing cement.
20:41 Now I went there, I'm the chaplain,
20:42 I'm supposed to be spiritual but
20:43 God told me, "Don't preach. "
20:45 "Don't preach the message, live the message. "
20:48 "get out there and mix the cement "
20:51 "dig 3 feet holes, carry bricks "
20:54 "carry cement, carry mortar. "
20:56 And this is what God was giving to me
20:58 as an experience because I was doing this
21:00 for some people I did not even know.
21:02 I didn't know these kids.
21:05 But these kids, as we were there with them
21:07 and we met them and we talked with them.
21:09 These were children who had lost their parents,
21:11 children who their parents had abandoned them
21:15 or were on alcohol and didn't care where they were.
21:17 And God gave a young lady a dream, a vision
21:20 of building in Ruranabake, Bolivia
21:23 a place where these kids could have refuge.
21:25 Now she didn't know these kids.
21:28 We didn't know these kids.
21:29 But as we lay hold of the mind Of Christ
21:31 we do things for others and we esteem others
21:35 better than ourselves.
21:36 We give up these precious amenities
21:38 that we have at home,
21:39 the washers and dryers because
21:40 we also had to wash our clothes in that stream.
21:43 We give up the nice warm bed.
21:45 We sleep in tents where it rains
21:47 and people are flooded out and have
21:49 to go to other peoples tents and sleep with them.
21:51 We gave up the nice food that
21:54 we can go to the restaurant and eat.
21:56 We ate limes and lemons.
21:58 We take for granted here in America
22:01 that we can go to the market and get any fruit that we want.
22:04 In America we can
22:05 go to the store and if it's
22:06 orange season or not
22:07 we can get oranges.
22:08 If it's apple season or not,
22:09 Gala or Fuji which I like
22:11 you can get them year round.
22:13 But there you can only get the fruit that is in season.
22:17 We missed mango season so what were we living off of?
22:21 We were living off of grape fruits, limes and lemons.
22:24 I grew up detesting grapefruit.
22:26 But I ate so many green grapefruits that I probably
22:29 don't want to see another grapefruit.
22:30 But these are the things that you do
22:33 when Christ is in your heart.
22:34 I'm not saying that I'm any better than anyone else.
22:37 I'm saying that I decided to give God a chance.
22:40 I decided to try Him.
22:42 You know, there's a story about a young man.
22:44 This young man who was wayward
22:46 and his mother had been praying for him.
22:48 And finally he came around.
22:51 When he came around the first thing he asked his mother for
22:54 was for a Bible.
22:56 His mother decided because she didn't have time to go out
22:58 and buy him a Bible she'd give him her old Bible.
23:01 So he took this Bible home and he began studying it.
23:04 He began reading it.
23:06 As he began going through different
23:07 books, chapters and verses
23:09 he began noticing T's next to certain verses
23:12 and P's next to others.
23:14 He kept noticing this to the point that
23:17 he had to know what these represented.
23:20 The best way to find out was to go to the person who
23:22 may have very well have put them there, his mother.
23:24 So he goes to his mom and says,
23:26 "Mom, I've been reading the Bible. "
23:27 "I've been studying it. "
23:28 And this just made that woman's heart rejoice.
23:30 He said, "However, I have a question for you. "
23:33 "There are certain texts that have T's next to them "
23:37 "and others that have P's. "
23:39 "Why is that Mom? Why is that? "
23:41 And she smiled and said to him,
23:44 "Well the T's stand for when I tried God. "
23:46 "And the P's are when He proved Himself. "
23:49 I submit to you brothers and sisters try God
23:51 and He will prove Himself.
23:52 And all I did was, try God.
23:56 He said, "There's a mission trip. Go on it. "
23:58 I went on the mission trip.
24:00 And as I was there He started changing my heart and mind,
24:07 giving me the beautiful mind of Jesus Christ.
24:11 And giving me the will to mix cement
24:14 because we didn't have cement mixers.
24:16 We had to mix cement by hand,
24:18 5 barrels of sand to every 12 bags of cement.
24:23 We had to mix them by hand, we had to dig these holes.
24:27 With shovels we dug 3 foot deep holes.
24:30 We had to lay this foundation.
24:31 We had to lay bricks and I'd never laid bricks in my life.
24:34 But I was out there because Jesus would have been out there.
24:39 And that's what He was showing me.
24:40 He said, "Don't look at all these nice things "
24:42 "you have at home Marquis. "
24:43 "Look at these young kids who don't have these things. "
24:46 "And I died for them. "
24:48 "I died for them the same way I died for you. "
24:50 "So, sacrifice. "
24:52 And so for 2 weeks my wife and I sacrificed.
24:55 And Lord have mercy, now my wife is telling me
24:57 she wants to go to the foreign mission field.
24:59 So please pray for me.
25:00 However, I want us to key in on this idea
25:02 of having the mind of Christ.
25:05 You know, I'd like to tell you a story.
25:07 One that is very close to home.
25:09 I grew up, as I said, in south-central Los Angeles, CA.
25:13 and back home I grew up looking up to gang members
25:18 and drug dealers
25:20 not only those on the street but some that were in my own house,
25:22 some that that were my own family members.
25:25 And there's a particular story about this one gang leader
25:28 not just a gang member but a gang leader.
25:30 He was known to carry a knife
25:31 and not afraid to use it.
25:33 He would frequently harass the locals
25:36 and didn't mind traveling to other neighborhoods,
25:38 as it were, and harassing people over there.
25:40 His name was caught up in
25:44 one of the most notorious murder cases of his day.
25:46 But one day this gang leader
25:50 he met Jesus Christ.
25:52 And upon meeting Jesus Christ
25:54 he decided to accept Christ into his heart.
25:57 And he went from a pusher to a preacher.
26:01 He began preaching not only to the people who
26:07 he saw as his brothers and sisters
26:08 but also those people he once harassed and annoyed.
26:13 And his heart was so touched
26:16 because this to him was the essence of Christianity.
26:21 He had been given the beautiful mind, the mind of Christ.
26:24 This gang leader was infamous not only in Los Angeles, CA
26:29 but the world over.
26:30 you know him, his name is Paul.
26:32 Yes, Paul.
26:34 And once Paul accepted Jesus Christ
26:37 he became one of the greatest evangelists
26:40 the world has ever known.
26:41 If it can happen for Paul,
26:43 it can happen for me
26:45 then it can happen for you.
26:47 Paul not only accepted Christ into His life
26:51 but he traded in that knife for a new weapon.
26:55 And that weapon is found
26:56 in 1 Peter 4:1
27:00 Turn with me if you will in your bibles to 1 Peter 4:1
27:04 And the bible says this:
27:21 Paul decided to put down his knife
27:23 and pick up a new weapon,
27:26 the mind of Christ.
27:28 How many of us are wielding weapons today
27:30 that profit us nothing
27:32 and need to put those weapons down
27:34 and arm ourselves with the mind of Christ?
27:36 Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 10
27:39 "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal "
27:41 "but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. "
27:44 I submit to you that what you should do
27:47 is what Paul did.
27:49 Put down the weapon
27:51 and pick up the mind
27:53 the beautiful mind of Christ.
27:55 God bless you.


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