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By Beholding We Become Changed

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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel. I'm
00:32 Christian Berdahl, Director of Shepherd's
00:34 Call Ministry, but before we pray
00:36 I would like to ask you a question,
00:38 have you ever felt like the world
00:41 and all of its entertainments
00:42 has a pool on your heart? The Bible has
00:46 some simple yet profound principles
00:48 that if obeyed and heated will make a
00:52 tremendous change in our lives.
00:54 Let's seek the Lord in prayer.
00:58 Father in heaven, thank you so much for this
01:00 opportunity to break the bread of life together.
01:04 Lord I pray that you would be with us,
01:06 you would fill us with the Holy Spirit
01:08 and that you would guide our study together.
01:10 Albeit our time short, we ask that you would
01:12 teach us much. In Jesus name we pray, amen.
01:16 Let's go to our first scripture
01:18 2 Corinthians 3:18, "But we all,
01:22 with open face beholding as in a glass a mirror,
01:26 the glory of the Lord are changed into the
01:28 same image from glory to glory,
01:31 even as by the Spirit of the Lord."
01:33 So, if you and I were to look at Jesus
01:36 and behold His character and His lowliness.
01:39 We as Christians can be changed into
01:41 that same image, praise the Lord,
01:43 but you see Biblical Principles can apply
01:46 both ways. So, if I were to rewrite scripture,
01:49 now don't get upset with me, hear me out first.
01:52 If I were to rewrite scripture in an
01:54 opposite way this is how it would read,
01:56 it's very impactful. "But we all with open
01:59 face beholding, as in a glass the sinfulness
02:02 of the world are changed into the same image
02:06 from deformity to deformity,
02:10 even as by the spirit of Satan."
02:12 Now, that's a whole different slant on
02:14 things, isn't it? In other words,
02:16 if we behold Jesus we can become like Jesus,
02:19 if we behold the world or Satan then we will
02:22 become like the world or like Satan.
02:25 Romans 12 verses 1 and 2 says,
02:30 "I beseech you therefore brethren,
02:32 by the mercies of God, that you present
02:34 your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
02:37 acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable
02:39 service. And be not conformed to this world,
02:44 but be ye transformed by the renewing of
02:48 your mind, that ye maybe able to prove
02:51 what is that good and acceptable,
02:53 and perfect will of God." We've got to be
02:56 careful as Christians, do not conform
02:59 to the world, even if the whole world,
03:01 even if the church is doing worldly things.
03:03 We shouldn't conform to worldlism,
03:07 but we should be transformed by the
03:09 renewing of our minds, if we behold Christ
03:13 we will become like Christ in character,
03:15 if we behold the world, we will become
03:17 world like, if we conform we will become
03:21 just like the world. And what I mean by
03:24 the world is the ungodly parts of world,
03:27 the pleasures and the interests
03:29 and that are unprofitable for
03:32 good character development.
03:34 I'm also talking about being worldly minded,
03:37 a predominant passion for obtaining
03:39 the world's goods or entertainments
03:42 or temporal enjoyment not seeking after God,
03:44 that's what I mean by the world.
03:47 Our next scripture John 17:15 says,
03:51 "I pray not that thou shouldest taketh them
03:54 out of the world, but that thou shouldest
03:56 keep them from the evil." You see,
03:59 as Christians we shouldn't go
04:01 and run off in a cave somewhere,
04:03 no, we've a world to win, amen. Absolutely,
04:06 but God wants you and I to, to be Christians
04:10 that are in the world, but not of the world.
04:12 In other words, the worldly things
04:14 just don't have a place in our hearts anymore,
04:18 if we want to be like Jesus
04:19 then we must keep away from the evil,
04:23 we must carefully guard what we behold.
04:26 And when I mean by what we behold is what
04:28 we look at, what we listen to,
04:30 what we touch, what we engage in.
04:34 We've to be careful; we must be very
04:37 careful friends, as Christians by what we
04:41 behold because it will change us
04:43 to the very core. Here is another quote from
04:47 Job 1:1, "There was man in the land of Uz,
04:52 whose name was Job and that man was perfect
04:57 and upright, one that eschewed,
05:00 excuse me one that feared God,
05:01 and eschewed evil." So, how do you suppose
05:05 that Job was a perfect man, an upright man?
05:10 Well, the scripture tells us that
05:12 he eschewed evil, he did not allow evil things
05:15 into his mind, and to eschew means to reject,
05:18 do not partake of. And so, Job knew
05:22 the biblical principle by beholding it
05:24 you become changed. And so, we as
05:26 Christians we got to be very careful,
05:28 we must be absolutely careful of what we
05:31 allow into our minds through the avenues
05:35 of the soul. Here's a very powerful quote
05:37 I'd like to read for you. "The heart must be
05:40 faithfully sentineled, or evils without will
05:44 awaken evils within, and the soul will,
05:48 it doesn't say might, the soul will wander
05:51 in darkness. Everything that can be done
05:53 should be done to place ourselves
05:55 and our children, where we shall not see
05:57 the iniquity that is practiced in the world.
06:01 We should carefully guard the sight of our
06:03 eyes, the hearing of our ears so that
06:06 these awful things shall not enter our minds.
06:11 "My wife and I decided long ago to follow
06:17 the council to move out into the countryside.
06:20 And there's very clear council to do so.
06:21 And there is a blessing waiting God's people
06:23 out in the country. And what we discovered was
06:26 when we were out in the country
06:28 and we still are, there is this wonderful
06:30 buffer zone between us and the world.
06:36 You see, I used to have a great addiction to
06:38 movies and television and all this type
06:40 of thing. And whenever I wanted to go watch
06:42 something I went to the nearest video store,
06:44 which was only couple of blocks away,
06:46 and I'd rent what ever I wanted.
06:48 What was a beautiful thing though,
06:50 God wanted to help me overcome my addiction
06:52 with movies and you may not have that
06:54 addiction many do. He wanted to help me
06:56 and so, when I moved out into the country,
06:58 it created a very real hedge of protection,
07:01 a real buffer zone between me
07:03 and the world, because for me to drive
07:06 over an hour around trip to go rent
07:08 one silly video. How many times do you think
07:10 I made that trip? You see, it created a
07:14 buffer zone, but friends, living out
07:17 in the country is not enough you see.
07:19 We've to not take the world with us.
07:24 Because we live in a technological age
07:27 friends and with satellites now
07:28 and Internet and, and radio
07:30 and satellite radio and everything that we have,
07:32 we can actually take the world with us
07:35 out and even to the country. God wants you
07:39 and I to experience country living,
07:41 why do you think that so? Because He knows
07:43 how strong the pool of the world is?
07:47 And so he says, is better to not live
07:49 in the city centers that are so filled with sin
07:52 and so much temptation, because frankly friends,
07:55 I've learned, I'm not as strong as I think I am.
07:58 And I need every advantage that
08:00 I can get, I read once that it's ten times
08:04 harder to raise children in the city
08:08 then it is in the country. Friends,
08:10 as a parent you and I don't need things
08:13 to be harder; it's already a challenge,
08:15 amen. But if you and I continue to, to as
08:19 God's people to live in the cities,
08:21 to live in the cities where it's full of sin,
08:24 then I believe with all up my heart that
08:26 we become weakened through the constant
08:28 exposure to evil and to the constant
08:30 worldly environment all around us
08:34 and sin becomes less sinful to us.
08:37 Even if we live in the country though
08:39 we must be careful not to take the city
08:43 with us, not to take worldly things with us
08:46 into the countryside. Philippians 4:8 says,
08:51 "Finally brethren, whatsoever things are
08:54 true, whatsoever things are honest,
08:57 whatsoever things are just,
08:58 whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things
09:01 are lovely, whatsoever things are of good
09:04 report; if there be any virtue,
09:06 if there be any praise, think on these things."
09:10 And since what we behold changes us
09:13 and Philippians 4:8 gives us a gauge by
09:17 which we can look at things,
09:19 whether we should engage in them,
09:20 we should watch them, we should bring them
09:21 into our homes. Let's just look at a,
09:24 a couple of different things that could come
09:25 into our little slice of heaven out
09:28 in the country, and see if they add up
09:30 with Philippians 4:8. Here's what I mean.
09:33 Let's think about books and magazines
09:35 for a moment, if we have worldly subscriptions
09:37 to magazines and different kinds of
09:39 romance novels, and those types of books
09:41 in our, our library. I wonder if we were
09:45 to allow our children to watch say fairy tales
09:48 or read them. I'm wondering if it adds up
09:53 to Philippians 4:8 because it didn't say
09:56 whatsoever things are honest,
09:58 whatsoever things are true, yes.
10:00 So, if we're going to allow them to watch
10:02 fairy tales, what's to say one day
10:05 they're gonna think God is a fairytale
10:07 because after all the Santa Claus wasn't real.
10:09 And the Easter Bunny wasn't real.
10:11 And so, now you need to believe in a God
10:12 that you can't see and He's real.
10:14 Do you see how much it undermines Christianity?
10:17 It's a dangerous proposition to even
10:20 let our children watch or read fiction.
10:24 In fact, science has proven that children
10:27 cannot distinguish between fact
10:30 and fiction. They can't distinguish between
10:33 the two, why do you think when they go to
10:35 certain theme parks that there is the certain
10:37 mouse walking around who is six foot tall?
10:40 Why do you think the children are terrified
10:42 by this little guy? Well, because they,
10:44 they're seeing a six foot rat.
10:46 They can't distinguish between what is fiction
10:49 and what is reality; they're petrified to see
10:52 this big animal walking around.
10:55 Science bears that out. What if we we're
10:59 to look at newspapers or broadcast news
11:02 or the Internet or video games or music
11:06 or sports, and we can go on and on and on,
11:08 if we as Christians were to evaluate
11:11 with just Philippians 4:8, what we watch,
11:14 what we allowed into our home
11:15 or what we let our children see? I believe
11:17 it would begin to revolutionize our homes
11:19 as Christians. In fact, I've seen it
11:22 in my own home. I like to talk to you
11:25 a little bit about I think a problem
11:27 that most Christians have TV and movies;
11:29 I had a huge problem with this.
11:33 And when I look at TV, friends
11:36 I see every vile thing from murder to rape
11:39 to stealing the Lord's name in vain,
11:41 profanity, inappropriate songs and music,
11:44 propaganda, premarital sex,
11:48 one person capping on or belittling
11:51 the other person continually.
11:52 These are not Christian things to behold, amen.
11:58 Christian Education page 35, "Among the most
12:02 dangerous resorts for pleasure is the theater.
12:05 Instead of being a school of morality
12:07 and virtue, as it's so often as claimed,
12:09 it is the very hotbed of immorality.
12:12 Vicious habits and sinful propensities are
12:14 strengthened and confirmed by these
12:16 entertainments. Low songs,
12:18 lewd gestures, expressions
12:21 and attitudes deprave the imagination,
12:23 and debase the morals. Every youth,
12:27 how many? Every youth who habitually attends
12:30 such exhibitions will be corrupted in principle.
12:33 Now, it gets scary. There is no influence
12:36 in our land more powerful to poison
12:39 the imagination, to destroy religious
12:42 impressions, and to blunt the relish
12:44 for the tranquil pleasures and sober
12:46 realities of life than theatrical amusements.
12:49 The love for these scenes increases which,
12:52 with every indulgence, as the desire for
12:55 intoxicating drink strengthens with
12:57 its use. The only safe course is to shun
13:01 the theater!" But you say, Christian
13:04 I, I don't go to the theater,
13:06 I've read that council, I don't go
13:08 to the theater. Friends, let's think outside
13:10 of the box. What do you suppose
13:12 that box is in your home? Now, it could
13:15 be a place of, of morality and virtue,
13:18 if you allow programming like 3ABN
13:20 to come into your home, praise the Lord,
13:23 I'm preaching on it. But friends,
13:26 if we allow worldly programming to come
13:28 into our home, haven't we just turned
13:30 that box into a mini-theater,
13:32 and if the council says, you shouldn't be
13:35 go into the theater. Well, friends
13:37 let's think outside the box. Will you give me
13:39 the liberty of just rewriting, if you will,
13:41 just swapping out a couple of words of
13:44 what we just read in Christian Education
13:45 page 35. Where all I'm going to do is swap out
13:48 the word theater and replace it with movies
13:51 and TV. That, let's just think outside the box,
13:53 a little experiment, okay. Christian
13:56 Education page 35, "Among the most
14:00 dangerous resorts for pleasure are
14:02 the television and the movies.
14:04 Instead of being school of morality
14:06 and virtue as it's so often as claimed,
14:08 they are the very hotbeds of immorality.
14:11 Vicious habits and sinful propensities are
14:14 strengthened and confirmed by watching
14:15 the worldly programming. Low songs,
14:18 lewd gestures, expressions,
14:20 and attitudes deprave the imagination,
14:22 debase the morals. Every youth,
14:25 how many? Every youth who habitually watches
14:28 these things on TV and in the movies will be
14:31 corrupted in principles friends.
14:33 There is no influence in our land more powerful
14:36 to poison the imagination, to destroy
14:39 religious impressions, to blunt the relish
14:42 for the tranquil pleasures and sober
14:45 realities of life than the television
14:46 and movies. The love for these scenes increases
14:50 with every indulgence as the desire for
14:53 intoxicating drink strengthens
14:55 with its use. The only safe course is to shun
14:59 the television and the movies!"
15:05 Friends, we cannot expect to hangout
15:09 with the world and not be changed into
15:12 the world. You see, this is not talking
15:14 about good Christian programming;
15:16 this is talking about the worldly programming.
15:18 Talking about things that you and I
15:20 as Christians, we need to be very careful
15:22 of viewing, in fact I will not view it
15:24 because I'm not as strong as some
15:26 think that they are. John 15:19 says,
15:31 "If ye were of the world, the world
15:34 would love as own: but because ye are
15:36 not of the world, but I have chosen
15:38 you out of the world, therefore the
15:41 world hateth you." 1 John 2:16,
15:43 "For all that is in the world,
15:45 the lust of the flesh and the lust
15:47 of the eyes and the pride of life is
15:49 not of the Father, but is of the world."
15:52 Friends just as disturbing as what we
15:58 watch and how it impacts us spiritually
16:00 in our spiritual life is how the programming
16:04 is edited. Did you know that science
16:06 has figured out that if you edit scenes
16:09 together too fast in rapid succession.
16:11 And I understand this because I'm an editor;
16:13 I've been in production for 20 years.
16:16 And I understand that if I were to edit
16:19 things in rapid succession and continue
16:21 that for a short space of time.
16:22 I can actually put you in a hypnotic trance.
16:25 Did you know that? That's serious
16:28 because we've to understand how
16:29 our brain works? You see, our frontal
16:31 moral lobe is right behind our foreheads.
16:35 And this frontal moral lobe is like
16:37 a filtering device. And if I'm viewing
16:40 things with my moral lobe in tat.
16:42 And I'm looking at things in the world
16:44 or different programming or things like this.
16:46 And I see things that are coming,
16:48 that I don't want to accept because my
16:50 frontal moral lobe is functioning,
16:52 my filtering device is in place.
16:54 Then I reject the evil, I eschew the evil,
16:56 I, I don't accept maybe even
16:59 a false doctrine. But friends
17:00 when I do anything that short
17:03 circuits my frontal lobe then the
17:05 information can get, be conveyed
17:07 right into my brain and it becomes
17:09 part of my core personality.
17:11 It becomes part of who I really am.
17:13 And modern day television besides
17:17 properly editing Christian programming.
17:19 Modern day television and movies
17:21 all of them are edited in this fashion.
17:24 And friends in, in fact some of you are going,
17:27 oh! Give me a break. You're talking about
17:29 you know TV being a problem,
17:31 movie being a problem, you're talking about
17:33 now we're being hypnotized.
17:34 Let me just give you a little test.
17:37 Are you up for it? Would you like
17:39 to find out if you've actually ever
17:40 been hypnotized? Okay, have you ever
17:44 sat there in your dark living room,
17:47 and you got the tube going and
17:51 you've got a really buffed thumb
17:53 because you've been pumping the,
17:55 the buttons on your remote control,
17:56 and you're sitting there.
17:58 And all of sudden your wife says,
18:00 honey and you don't even hear it.
18:02 Okay, no you're not, no give me a break,
18:04 I'm not hypnotized? Wait a minute,
18:05 you're sitting there, honey and you go,
18:08 huh! You don't even take your eyes
18:12 off of the set, you're glued you know
18:14 what I'm saying? Okay, here is another one.
18:16 Have you ever sat there and you're sitting
18:18 there and all of sudden you're going;
18:19 now it's really late. I need to go to bed,
18:22 I'm really tired. And you won't even get
18:25 off the couch to go to bed. Friends,
18:29 you've been hypnotized. Or you're sitting
18:31 and you're going I, I'm really hungry
18:35 I need to go eat something.
18:37 And you won't even get off the couch
18:39 unless of course there is a commercial
18:42 because you can't miss a second.
18:46 Friends, the devil is pulling us in and
18:49 he is a master editor. One brain wave
18:53 researcher was quoted as saying,
18:55 "Vast amounts of information is conveyed
18:59 and not thought about at the
19:02 time of exposure." That's scary,
19:04 what that means is that when
19:06 we're beholding these things and
19:07 did you also know that science has
19:09 proven not by just the editing,
19:11 but certain kinds of music short-circuit
19:14 the frontal moral lobe, certain kinds
19:16 of even dietary choices, certain kinds
19:19 of food can actually affect our frontal
19:22 moral lobe. And when we've short
19:24 circuited that frontal moral lobe
19:28 friends that's a very dangerous time
19:30 to receive any information.
19:31 And if we're watching modern day
19:33 television and all of that flood of
19:36 information that's going in there,
19:37 don't try to convince me it's not changing
19:39 the very character we've, it is without
19:43 a question. It was amazing to me friends,
19:47 is that we, we pray as Christians for
19:50 hedge of protection. Now,
19:51 I do in my family, my wife and I,
19:54 and my children we pray for a hedge
19:55 of protection around our home,
19:56 around our own hearts, even when we
19:58 drive we say, Lord, please put mighty
20:00 warrior angels around us.
20:03 How can we pray that prayer,
20:05 and how can God honor that prayer
20:07 if we've sinned, if it were as it were
20:09 in our camp? We're allowing the devil
20:12 through his box to allow worldly stuff right in,
20:17 and movies right, but Lord please,
20:18 please protect us from the outside evils.
20:22 When we've evil right in our own home?
20:24 That is the prayer I believe that can't be,
20:26 cannot be answered until we get the evil out,
20:30 until we uproot, eschew, reject the evil,
20:34 the worldly things in our lives.
20:36 When we as Christians can go forward
20:39 in faith and remove these things
20:42 and it will be a battle, it will be a trial,
20:44 it will be across the bear, but God always
20:46 replaces, it was something better
20:48 friends. In fact He replaced when I used
20:51 to watch all that TV, He replaced that
20:53 with a wonderful time, family time with
20:57 my children, praise the Lord. He replaced
20:59 it with something better, not just sitting
21:02 on the couch, next to each other, vegin' out.
21:07 It's not enough to get out of the cities.
21:12 We must get out of the world,
21:15 we must let the worldly things in our lives
21:18 just fall away friends. We must leave
21:21 the world physically, mentally,
21:27 spiritually, emotionally,
21:30 and mentally. I was called to ministry
21:39 in the Midwest. I used to live in
21:40 California before then and I was called
21:43 to ministry in the Midwest to work for
21:44 a TV ministry and we were there
21:46 for about 3 years. And after that the Lord
21:49 called me to start our own ministry of singing,
21:52 and preaching and media production.
21:54 And when we move back out to California,
21:56 now realize I hadn't had TV in my home,
21:59 no movies no nothing for many years
22:01 now going on close to five and half years
22:04 at this point. And we move back
22:05 out to California and we moved
22:07 in with some of our family and they
22:09 were very gracious to let us live there.
22:11 And TV began to become a problem
22:15 again because we were constantly
22:17 exposed to it, because our, our barriers
22:20 against the sin were slowly being
22:22 beaten down and you see how that
22:24 works by beholding we become changed?
22:27 And I had not had it for a long time and
22:30 yet I started to change, I saw it affect
22:33 my little children and my wife. And so,
22:35 we decided we need to move out
22:37 even sooner, we're waiting for,
22:38 and looking for a country location
22:40 to move to. And it wasn't coming available,
22:42 so we even decided. Let's just move
22:43 to another location within the city
22:45 and so we did. But we didn't take the
22:48 TV with us, we didn't plug it in.
22:50 And friends we began to, to have
22:54 freedom again. Then we moved out
22:55 into the, the countryside and our
22:57 little slice of heaven. No TV, praise the Lord,
23:00 children loving worship time,
23:02 we had a great time together.
23:03 And then we started having fires
23:07 all over in our community, up in our
23:11 mountain retreat, fires all over the place.
23:14 And I had never lived in the mountains before,
23:15 I had lived down the country,
23:16 but never up in the mountains.
23:17 And I didn't know how do I find out,
23:19 how you know, how and where the
23:21 fires are and, and should be get out or
23:23 what we should we do? And a neighbor said,
23:27 well you should probably get satellite,
23:28 so you, they'll report it on the news
23:30 because you couldn't just get regular
23:32 broadcast TV. So, I faithfully went down
23:36 and got my little satellite dish.
23:38 We got it hooked up and guess what
23:41 happened the very next day after we
23:45 had it hooked up, 9/11, 9/11 my mother
23:49 calls me in a panic and says, Christian,
23:52 did you get your satellite hooked
23:53 up I said, yes. She said, well, well turn
23:55 it on right now, we've been bombed.
23:56 What? We've been bombed.
23:58 So, I turn it on and I turn it on in time
24:00 to see the second aircraft smashing
24:02 the second building. And I was glued
24:05 for two solid weeks as most of the world was.
24:12 And friends I sat there and I watched
24:14 that over and over, you know how,
24:16 you know they played that video footage
24:18 over and over and over again of the,
24:20 the planes hitting the towers. And friends,
24:22 when I got tired of it and I needed
24:25 a break from it, I didn't make the
24:28 right choice; I actually changed the
24:31 channel instead of turning it off.
24:33 And theater, television, the movies
24:38 started to become a problem in my
24:41 home again. And I remember it very clearly
24:44 going you know, it's time for worship
24:45 come on kids and our program is ready
24:47 to come on at 8 O' clock or 7 O' clock,
24:49 come on children, let's go ahead and,
24:50 and gather around Jesus loves me this
24:52 I know, get go, get go right through
24:54 it real fast, usher them off to bed. So,
24:58 we can watch our programs.
25:01 And what we read earlier about the,
25:05 there is no influence in the land more
25:07 powerful to poison the imagination to
25:10 destroy religious impressions, to blunt
25:12 the relish for the tranquil pleasures,
25:14 and the sober realities of life than theatrical
25:16 amusements. You remember that quote?
25:17 I saw it in my own heart. I saw it in
25:20 my wife's heart, I saw in my
25:21 children's heart. And then God got
25:24 a hold of me and I don't have time
25:25 to tell you all the miracles, but God
25:27 got a hold of me and I repented.
25:30 And we chucked out that TV again and
25:33 we had victory. And friends we've not
25:34 had broadcast TV, satellite, or any
25:36 worldly junk in our home ever since.
25:39 It's been almost five years again.
25:41 And the beautiful thing is now that
25:44 these things are actually dying out
25:47 of my heart and out of my family's heart,
25:49 praise God, it's the promise.
25:50 That if we're to stay connected
25:53 with Jesus and if we allow the worldly
25:55 things into our home, it's gonna changes
25:56 into the image of the world, but if we
25:58 get the worldly stuff out and we behold Jesus
26:02 and I've seen this, I've seen it in my
26:05 own life, I've seen it in my wife's walk,
26:07 I've seen it in my children's life,
26:09 I've seen it in our Christian experience,
26:11 where now the worldly things are
26:13 dying away, praise the Lord.
26:15 That's the Christians promise
26:17 that God will help us through you see.
26:20 Philippians 4:8, "If we are to always
26:26 use that as our gauge, as to whether
26:30 or not we should engage in certain things
26:32 or not, it will help us, it is a simple yet
26:35 profound biblical principle, if we apply
26:37 it in our life then we make better choices.
26:39 Let's read that one last time together.
26:41 Philippians 4:8, "Finally, brethren,
26:44 whatsoever things are true,
26:45 whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever
26:47 things are just, whatsoever things
26:49 are pure, lovely and of good report;
26:51 if there be any virtue, if there be any praise,
26:54 think on these things. Those things which
26:57 ye have both learned and received and
26:59 heard in me, do, and the God of peace
27:02 shall be with you." Friends, there is an
27:05 urgency, there is an urgency to change,
27:08 because the things in our life, they'll over
27:11 take us, if they're not of, of God.
27:13 Oh! Lord, we need your help, let's pray.
27:17 Father in heaven, Lord, I pray that you
27:19 would give us the wisdom, help us to
27:21 overcome the things that are in our lives
27:23 that keep us from having that life-giving,
27:25 that purpose filled life with you.
27:27 Oh! Father in heaven, send the Holy Spirit
27:30 to remove the scales from our eyes,
27:33 we pray this in Jesus name, amen.
27:36 And friends, I want to encourage you
27:39 to allow God to show you the changes
27:42 that you need to make because He will always
27:45 replace it with something better,
27:47 He promised us, don't take my word for it,
27:50 try Him. Let the world die out of
27:52 your heart and you can
27:54 become a conquering soul.


Revised 2014-12-17