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Six Days In Babylon

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00:01 Please stay with us
00:08 3ABN Presents
00:16 this closed captioned program
00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel. I'm Christian Berdahl,
00:34 director of Shepherd's Call ministry.
00:36 Before we pray together I'd like to ask you a question.
00:39 it's a deep question though.
00:41 Are you in Babylon?
00:43 Or would you consider yourself
00:45 to be a Babylonian?
00:47 And of course most Christians
00:48 will say, "Of course not!"
00:50 In fact I hope you answer that way.
00:52 But friends, I'm just wondering
00:56 if in the Bible, when it refers to Babylon
01:00 if it's more than what we think it is.
01:02 Let's pray together and ask God to show us.
01:05 Father in Heaven, I pray that You would be with us today,
01:08 during our study.
01:09 And I pray that You will send the Holy Spirit
01:11 to guide our minds into all truth.
01:13 I pray that your Word will be very clear to us.
01:16 I thank You and ask this in Jesus Name! Amen.
01:20 I'd like to have our opening verse start in Revelation 18:2
01:55 So, I'll ask you again friends, Are you in Babylon?
01:59 Now what do we all know Babylon to be?
02:02 In general what is Babylon?
02:03 And most will answer, "confusion"
02:05 or a false system of worship.
02:07 And friends you would be right answering those.
02:10 But we've been taught that Babylon
02:15 is a false system of worship and confusing doctrines.
02:20 But I'm just wondering if there are Christians out there
02:24 that think that Babylon is not an issue in their life,
02:28 that Babylon is something that's out there,
02:31 and they've come out of her
02:33 and so it's not a personal issue in their life or is it?
02:37 Could it be that we as Christians
02:41 are living our lives for six days a week as Babylonians
02:47 and only worshipping God for one?
02:50 That's a pretty heavy question isn't it?
02:53 Could it be that we say, we love Jesus
02:57 with our mouth, but the way we live our lives
03:01 says we love Babylon, we love the world?
03:04 Because friends, this is a day and age where we need
03:08 to get ready for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.
03:11 And I see the Spirit of Babylon in God's people.
03:15 And I'm not here to call the church Babylon, friends.
03:18 That's not what this is about.
03:19 That wouldn't be consistent with inspired writings.
03:22 The church is not Babylon.
03:24 But friends are there Babylonian roots in your own heart
03:28 or in your home?
03:29 Could it be the devil is using what we know which is
03:30 true, about spiritual Babylon, that it's a false system of
03:42 worship, it's something other religions are engaged in.
03:44 Could he be using this as a means by which we're
03:49 being lulled to sleep in carnal security, thinking that Babylon
03:53 is just not an issue for me?
03:55 Babylon is something out there.
03:57 As I've traveled around this country, America,
04:01 and as I've traveled around the world,
04:03 I've seen the spirit of Babylon in God's people
04:07 and it breaks my heart.
04:09 I see the spiritual life and the spiritual growth
04:12 has been blunted by the Babylonian world around them
04:16 and in them.
04:18 They have partaken of her sins.
04:22 I believe that our opening verses, friends,
04:26 can be applied to us on a deeper spiritual level.
04:29 That I believe, Babylon is more than
04:33 just a false system of worship.
04:36 Now it is that, but I believe it's more than that.
04:39 I think God wants us to go deeper
04:41 into the Scriptures today.
04:43 I believe frankly, it's a way of life
04:46 that God is calling us out of.
04:48 The Babylonian says, "I'll do whatever I want to,
04:54 I'll do whatever I want to, whenever I want to,
04:57 with whomever I want to,"
04:59 no matter what God says.
05:01 That's the Babylonian attitude.
05:03 "Oh it's just too fanatical to just live your life
05:07 like those goodie-two-shoes. "
05:08 "I'm going to be doing whatever I want to, whenever I want to. "
05:12 Could it be that we as professed Christians, God's followers,
05:21 are living like Babylonians for six days a week
05:24 but only worshipping God for one?
05:27 Is it a possibility?
05:33 We don't have the everlasting gospel.
05:38 We might know the everlasting gospel
05:42 but we don't possess it.
05:43 We don't live it.
05:45 And 1 Peter 2:9 says
06:04 God has called us out of darkness, friends.
06:06 Do you need to come out of the darkness of the world?
06:08 Amen! He says, "I'm calling you out of darkness,"
06:11 out of the world, out of Babylon
06:13 and into His marvelous light." Amen!
06:16 When God calls us, there's to be a new life that's hid in Jesus.
06:24 New motives will emerge
06:26 and new ambitions, new thoughts, new words, new
06:29 desires, even a new character, will begin to develop.
06:35 And the old will fall away.
06:38 That's the Christian's hope.
06:40 I want my once carnal man
06:44 to fall away.
06:45 I want to be that spiritual Israelite if you will.
06:49 And this can only happen through a vital connection with Jesus
06:53 which can only happen by beholding Jesus.
06:56 When we spend time with Him in His Word,
06:59 and spend time with Him in prayer,
07:02 when we fellowship with His people,
07:04 and when we witness to others.
07:07 But friends, when we take His name in vain,
07:11 when we take His name in vain, by living
07:14 a life that's no different than the world's,
07:16 no different than Babylon's,
07:18 then we are like the luke warm water that the Bible refers to
07:23 in Revelation 3:15 and 16, quote
07:46 God would rather you and I
07:49 to be real Christians,
07:51 or real Babylonians, that's what the Scripture just said.
07:55 It says, "I'd rather you be hot or cold. "
07:58 But because you've combined some Babylonian things,
08:02 and some Christian things and you've put them together,
08:05 in kind of a Babylonian Christianity...
08:08 or a term that I've coined... "you've become a Babylistian"
08:13 I mean, I know that's kind of a silly term, but think
08:17 about that, is that how we are living our lives?
08:18 Are you and I being Babylistians?
08:21 We've got, you know, nine toes
08:23 out in the world and just a pinky toe in the Church.
08:28 Friends, this is a serious problem,
08:33 because our youth are not finding the leaders,
08:38 and the role models that they need in the Church.
08:40 You know as well as I do, friends, that
08:44 there are countless traps out in the world.
08:46 The devil has set them far and wide.
08:48 And they range from TV, to movies, to video games,
08:53 to the bad stuff on the internet,
08:56 to soul stealing music.
08:57 Traps that keep us from having that close walk with God,
09:01 to love the world more than we love God.
09:03 In fact, our young people are not seeing
09:08 any difference between us and the world.
09:11 And so they run off to the world.
09:13 Were you aware that there was a poll done
09:17 of 1500 pastors, in America,
09:21 'Christianity Today' conducted the poll.
09:23 And it said that 54% of pastors revealed
09:29 that they had looked at internet pornography
09:31 within the year of the poll.
09:33 What!
09:34 The men of the cloth?
09:37 God's pastors, over half of them, said they
09:41 had looked at internet pornography!
09:42 We have a problem friends.
09:44 By beholding the world we become changed into the world.
09:52 And then 30% of them said,
09:55 that they had looked at internet pornography,
09:57 within the last month.
10:00 Friends, if those are the statistics for the "Men of God",
10:05 the "Pastors and Preachers" throughout America,
10:08 what are the statistics for you and I, just the laity?
10:12 That's a sobering thought, Amen?
10:14 So let me ask the question,
10:17 Are you in Babylon?
10:19 Are you living your life like a Babylonian?
10:22 I hope not. Oh God, I hope not.
10:24 Frankly friends, the way that we are representing Christianity,
10:32 in fact, when I was a young person,
10:34 I looked at Christians and I thought
10:36 they were a bunch of hypocrites,
10:38 because they lived their lives no differently
10:41 than I was living, and I wasn't even a professing Christian.
10:44 They just went to church a few hours one day,
10:46 and said a prayer, and they're going to get to go to heaven.
10:48 Doesn't that seem silly?
10:50 There must be a difference between us
10:54 and the world, friends. Amen? AMEN!
10:58 There must be a difference.
10:59 Another study revealed that 41%
11:04 that's a big number-
11:06 41% of Christian youth surveyed
11:10 said that there was no one in the church,
11:12 that they respected enough to consider a role model.
11:15 That breaks my heart.
11:18 Well, why isn't it? In fact, 67% of youth
11:23 see adults as hypocrites.
11:26 Church members as hypocrites!
11:29 So, why do you suppose our young people see us,
11:32 leaders and older people,
11:35 as hypocrites in the church?
11:37 And there's no role model,
11:38 because they know what the pastor
11:40 is watching and doing at home.
11:42 They know what mom and dad are doing at home.
11:44 Right? Right.
11:48 Friends, we have got to get
11:51 our fingers, and our eyeballs,
11:53 and our ears, out of the world.
11:55 Can you say, "Amen! "?
11:57 This is not a time to play with sin, friends.
12:00 It's time to overcome and be the people
12:04 that God has designed us to be.
12:06 If mom and dad aren't going to live,
12:11 any life that's different than the neighbors,
12:17 the children see it.
12:19 How many times, I've talked to lots of young people
12:22 not just in America but in other parts of the world too,
12:25 and you know what they tell me?
12:27 "Mom and Dad are nicer to me when other people are around. "
12:30 Now, that's not okay!
12:32 That's not okay is it?
12:34 Absolutely not.
12:36 And I've talked to others
12:39 who have said, "You know, my mom and dad, they just do
12:43 everything else that all their friends do,
12:45 and yet, when the pastor comes around
12:49 or when the other church people come around
12:51 they act like it's not okay anymore. "
12:54 They're living a dual life, they're being hypocrites.
12:56 No wonder the children are running out of the church.
13:00 They're not seeing mom and dad
13:03 have victory in their lives, friends,
13:06 and if mom and dad aren't having victory,
13:09 then they must assume, that neither is anyone else in the
13:13 church, because after all, they can't find role models.
13:17 What are we going to do?
13:18 We've gotta make changes.
13:20 We have got to get to the place
13:22 where we stop playing with our Christianity,
13:24 and we become the true Christians,
13:27 the real Christians.
13:29 You know people ask me,
13:30 "How do you make your ministry relevant to the young people? "
13:33 You know what I do? I preach TRUTH!
13:35 I talk to them about a real Christain life style.
13:38 In fact, I recently just had a wonderful time
13:40 with a bunch of young people at a campmeeting,
13:43 and I pulled them aside and I said,
13:44 "You know what, young people,
13:45 I'm not going to preach to you,
13:47 I want you to teach me. "
13:48 "What have your parents done right? "
13:50 They thought about it and told me some things.
13:52 I said, "What have your parents not done right?
13:54 Because I want to be an awesome daddy to my children. "
13:57 Then I asked them, "What would you change in your home? "
14:01 And do you know what they started to say?
14:03 They said, "You know what? I'd get rid of that dumb TV,
14:06 get it out of here. "
14:07 "I'd love to just go for a walk, with my mother or my father,
14:11 I'd love for them to just throw a ball with me. "
14:13 And then I asked them another question,
14:16 "When was the last time you received
14:20 a hug from your mom and dad,
14:21 and it was a real hug? "
14:23 I had one young lady say, "Just this week."
14:27 I said, "Praise the Lord!"
14:28 And I had one girl break down and said,
14:31 "Five years ago... "
14:33 Friends, what are we doing?
14:37 We're more interested in what's going on in movie stars lives
14:42 than we are in our own children!
14:44 They're crying out, wanting to spend time with us,
14:47 and what are we doing?
14:48 We're off like little Babylonians
14:52 watching things we shouldn't.
14:55 And we fight and we scream, all the way through Sabbath morning,
14:59 getting ready to go to church, we get in the car
15:01 "Come on everybody, where's my Bible?
15:02 Oh, it's still here where it was last week"
15:04 Didn't read it all week.
15:05 "Come on, everybody's in the car. "
15:07 And we're rushing, and fighting and bickering, all the way
15:09 to church and then something miraculous happens,
15:12 as we get out of the car,
15:14 we become holy people.
15:17 Oooo, we become holy all of a sudden
15:19 and the kids go, "Give me a break."
15:21 Right?
15:24 It's true, friends.
15:26 Why do you think the children are leaving the churches?
15:30 Because mom and dad aren't having
15:33 real victory in their lives,
15:34 and it's breaking my heart.
15:36 It's gotta stop.
15:38 I wish I could bring young people into my home
15:41 and just, "Come on, come live with me. "
15:43 I'm not perfect but I'll tell you what
15:47 I'm forgiven and I want to walk
15:49 a life like Jesus wants me to walk.
15:51 Amen?
15:52 Praise the Lord!
15:57 Jeremiah 17:9 says
16:09 You see friends, we need a heart transplant.
16:11 We need to have Jesus, and allow Him to come into our
16:14 hearts, to change our motives,
16:16 to help us, and to let the world die away from us, you see.
16:21 Ezekiel 36:26 says
16:40 Praise GOD!
16:41 I want that! I want my stony heart to be cast away
16:45 and I want my new heart that Jesus wants to give me.
16:48 Jesus says, "Look, I'll take away
16:50 that stony Babylonian heart you have
16:53 and I'll help the desires to change in your life."
16:57 Praise the Lord.
16:59 "A new heart, a new mind will I give you,
17:04 a new conscience, a new moral character,
17:07 new emotions, new passions, new courage,
17:10 to take on your Christian life."
17:11 I'll take away that stony heart,
17:14 that Babylonian heart,
17:16 and I will give you a heart like Jesus.
17:18 Do you want total victory in your life friends?
17:21 Do you want total victory?
17:24 Well here's a very powerful Biblical formula,
17:27 very simple, but very powerful.
17:30 Let's read James 4:7
17:40 Now notice that there are 3 stages to this Scripture.
17:43 Submit, resist and then the victory.
17:47 Are we clear there?
17:48 It starts with submission.
17:50 Well of course, what is submission?
17:52 It's simply praying to God,
17:54 asking Him to give you that new heart that he has promised,
17:57 new discernment to see ourselves for who we really are,
18:00 asking Him to heal our backslidings,
18:03 to forgive us for engaging in all the stuff
18:07 we've been engaging in.
18:08 Forgive us for all the junk we've been allowing in the home.
18:10 And then we must accept what God reveals to us,
18:15 in regard to changes necessary
18:18 for victory in our lives.
18:19 That's submission.
18:21 And with this power, with Jesus Christ's power
18:24 not just your own will power, but no,
18:27 being connected to the Source of all power in Jesus Christ.
18:31 When we're connected, then we can resist the devil, you see.
18:36 There's two parts.
18:38 There's me and God,
18:42 there's two very powerful factors here.
18:45 God and me.
18:46 When we are drawn together
18:49 When I say, "Lord I need Your help."
18:52 Do realize what I've done?
18:53 I've opened up the storehouse of heaven
18:56 to help me overcome whatever I need to.
19:00 That's awesome to me! Praise GOD!
19:02 But until we see the sinfulness
19:07 of our natures, and have a new revelation of Jesus Christ,
19:12 a new revival in our hearts,
19:14 then we will just continue to be Babylistians.
19:17 And friends, I'm not going to be a Babylistian.
19:22 Do you know what revival means?
19:26 It's a beautiful word.
19:28 The root word is "revive",
19:30 to return to life, to restore from a state of neglect.
19:36 Have we been neglecting our privileges
19:39 and responsibilities as children of God?
19:42 Then the Reviver, Jesus Christ,
19:46 wants to come in and work reformation
19:49 in our hearts.
19:53 You see, Jesus knows we need to have that change happen in us,
20:01 and He's more than willing to help us do that,
20:04 He wants to revive us
20:06 to a return, or a recall to activity,
20:09 from a state of languor,
20:11 and languor means dullness of the intellectual faculties.
20:14 Very interesting.
20:15 Or listlessness, where we just don't care anymore
20:18 about the sin in our lives,
20:20 and this is just what the wine of Babylon does, friends.
20:25 It dulls our connection with Jesus Christ.
20:29 He wants to show us where we are dead in our trespasses,
20:32 and where sin has become less sinful in our lives.
20:36 But when we are so distracted by the world,
20:41 we can't hear that still, small voice anymore.
20:44 And that's a scary time in our lives.
20:47 When that revelation, that waking up happens,
20:54 then we will see the need of change in our lives.
20:58 You know, it's amazing, many have written into our ministry,
21:01 they've emailed us, they've called us and said,
21:03 "Christian," because we do send out messages...
21:06 and they say, "Christian, conviction from God came. "
21:10 And do you realize many of them
21:12 took their TV's out.
21:13 I've actually had some say, "You know what,
21:15 We've resisted all the worldly programming,
21:17 but we're not getting rid of 3ABN."
21:19 And I said, "Well, Praise the Lord!"
21:20 I didn't say to do that.
21:22 And so they got rid of the junk out of their house.
21:26 The first thing they did was they surrendered,
21:28 they submitted to God,
21:30 and said, "Lord what would you have us to do? "
21:32 Not, "What would Christian have us to do? "
21:34 or anyone else, even your church leaders.
21:36 What would God have you to do?
21:38 They prayed this prayer of submission, and
21:39 then with the power and revelation Jesus gave them,
21:42 they got rid of some stuff out of their homes.
21:44 One man even emailed me and said,
21:46 "I moved the computer from my office, out
21:48 into the family room where there'd be less temptation,"
21:51 because he was having a problem.
21:53 And men you know what I'm talking about.
21:55 You know what that's called?
21:58 Resisting! Praise GOD!
22:01 Yes, submission, resisting and then the devil fleeing.
22:07 That's the formula of James 4:7
22:09 Submit, resist and then the devil flees.
22:13 Praise the Lord!
22:16 And when we have that revelation, when
22:18 we have Jesus Christ coming into our hearts,
22:21 then we will see the need of change.
22:24 In fact, we'll make some changes, we'll reform.
22:28 Now do you know what the word "reform" means?
22:30 That's a word, my friends, that's very misunderstood
22:34 in Christendom today,
22:35 and I think that stems from
22:37 some people on the name
22:38 of reformation have
22:39 kind of beaten others
22:41 over the head.
22:42 But 'reform' is not a bad word
22:44 to the Christian,
22:45 'reform' is a beautiful word.
22:48 You know what reform means?
22:49 It means to change from worse to better,
22:51 to restore to a former good state,
22:55 to remove that which is bad or corrupt,
22:57 to form again.
22:59 Jesus the Reformer wants to 'reform' us.
23:05 Let me ask you a question,
23:07 how were we first created?
23:09 How was man created?
23:12 Well Genesis 2:7 tells us.
23:23 How careful and how tender Jesus,
23:27 reached down into the dust, and got His hands dirty,
23:30 and He formed us and shaped us,
23:32 everything else he spoke into existence,
23:34 but us, He touched us,
23:36 he formed us into His likeness and His image.
23:40 Have we come away from God's image?
23:42 Ohh yes friends.
23:44 Do we need to be reformed into His image?
23:48 I need reformation in my life,
23:50 reformation is not a bad thing,
23:52 and when you and I submit,
23:54 when we're walking closer with God,
23:57 and we're walking closer to the real Christain ideal,
24:00 then we will have that reformation begin in our lives.
24:06 Praise Jesus!
24:08 I don't know about you,
24:09 but I need more reformation, more changes in my life.
24:13 You see, I was a heathen before,
24:15 I made fun of Christians.
24:17 Was I in need of reform? Ohh yes.
24:19 I was a sick person, I had terrible health.
24:22 Was I in need of being reformed?
24:25 Ohh yes I was,
24:26 and now I've gotten all the big stuff out of my life,
24:30 all the big junk out of my life,
24:31 the TV and the movies, the bad music,
24:34 got all of that stuff out of my life.
24:35 And guess what happens now?
24:36 God says, "Good, now we can really get to some
24:39 character development in you, Christain."
24:41 There's more?
24:43 Yes, praise the Lord, there's more,
24:45 you see now, self is being truly exposed for what it is.
24:53 When we have all these Babylonian distractions
24:56 in our life, do you realize what the devil is doing?
24:58 He's keeping us in a cycle of escape,
25:00 where we are escaping the reality of who we really are,
25:04 and friends, the best thing we can do is look in the mirror,
25:09 God's Word and say, "Who am I really?"
25:12 What change do I really need to make?
25:15 And when you and I make these kinds of changes in our lives,
25:18 do you realize we are going to set the world on fire,
25:21 because we have set the Church on fire.
25:24 And the young people will say, "Amen! Let's go
25:27 we want to finish the work. "
25:28 Amen, Amen.
25:33 James 4:7 says
25:44 Praise GOD!
25:46 Submit to God, resist the devil with His power,
25:51 and he WILL flee from you.
25:54 Friends, are you having problems with Babylon in your life,
25:57 with Babylonian distractions?
25:59 God says, "I will free you completely. "
26:02 Amen, Amen.
26:04 Friends, when my wife and I finally got
26:08 all the Babylonian distractions
26:10 out of our lives,
26:12 it almost seemed like, I could hear God
26:15 for the first time in my life, because my
26:18 sensitive, communication center in my mind,
26:25 wasn't being numbed
26:28 by all the Babylonian distractions.
26:31 Do you remember what Revelation 18:2 says?
26:36 "And he cried mightily with a strong voice
26:39 Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen",
26:42 finally out of my heart!
26:44 Amen, friends!
26:46 When God has a people, that have this testimony,
26:53 that Babylon has fallen out of their hearts,
26:56 then He's going to come again and He's going to take us Home!
26:59 Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
27:03 Let's pray.
27:05 Father in Heaven, I pray that you would bless us,
27:10 help us to see what we need to change in our lives,
27:13 help us to know how Babylon has infected us,
27:18 and I pray that you would give us the power to overcome,
27:21 we pray this in Jesus name.
27:23 Amen.
27:25 And friends, I want to encourage you,
27:26 I want to encourage you,
27:29 to let the world die from your heart,
27:32 to worship God,
27:37 to not spend time with Babylon for six days a week,
27:41 but I want you to spend time with God for six days a week,
27:46 and worship Him on the seventh. Amen!
27:49 Don't just spend time with the world,
27:52 spend all the time you can with your Savior, Jesus Christ.


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