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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel
00:32 I'm Tom Waters for Restoration
00:35 International, and today we're
00:37 going to' be talking about faith
00:38 now is easy to talk about faith
00:40 but the question is, are we
00:42 experiencing faith, are we
00:45 experiencing a living faith
00:47 a faith that connects us
00:49 to the living power of
00:51 Jesus Christ who is alive
00:53 for each one of us,
00:55 so we're going to talk about
00:56 what it means practically today
00:58 to live by faith, not by sight
01:01 not by circumstances, but
01:03 truly living in a connection
01:06 with a power that's outside
01:07 of us, with that power we connect
01:10 to by faith, if you have
01:11 your bibles I'd like you to turn
01:13 with me to Romans, we're
01:15 going to' be looking at the first
01:16 chapter of Romans and verse
01:18 sixteen, Romans one; sixteen
01:22 it says there: "For I am not
01:26 ashamed of the gospel of Christ
01:28 for it is the power of God
01:31 the power of who? It is the
01:34 power of God unto salvation
01:36 to every one that believeth
01:40 notice, first of all,
01:42 we don't need to be ashamed
01:44 of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
01:46 because if it really is the
01:49 power of God and if he really is
01:52 our faith that connects us
01:55 with his power, then it's going
01:57 to connects us in such a way
01:58 that it reveals his power
02:02 and it's going to allow us
02:03 to be in a relationship
02:04 that is drawing us closer
02:06 when it does the first place
02:08 that God's power reveals itself
02:11 is in the home, in the marriage
02:13 with my own family, now
02:15 I want you to think about this
02:16 for a moment because it says
02:18 that it is the power of God
02:20 unto salvation to everyone
02:23 that believeth, now this is
02:25 talking about faith, or we
02:27 can say "I believe", "I believe
02:29 in God", "I believe I have
02:31 faith, I believe God is real",
02:33 but is that faith really
02:35 connecting us to a power that's
02:38 changing us on a day to day basis
02:41 because I want us to go down
02:43 as we continue to go down to
02:45 verse seventeen, Romans one
02:48 going back down to verse
02:51 seventeen, it says for therein is
02:53 is the righteousness of God
02:54 revealed from faith to faith:
02:57 as it is written, the just
03:00 shall live by faith".
03:03 So, who's righteousness is being
03:06 revealed here? Is my
03:08 righteousness? Does my faith
03:10 make me revealed my
03:12 righteousness? To my wife,
03:14 to my children?, No, it's the
03:17 righteousness of God, it is
03:19 revealed from faith to faith
03:22 what is that mean practically?
03:23 It means that from one choice
03:26 of faith, to the next choice of
03:29 faith, when I connect my witness
03:33 with the enduring strength
03:34 of Jesus Christ, then I'm
03:37 revealing the righteousness
03:39 of God, I'm not revealing
03:40 my righteousness, because
03:42 my righteousness is nothing
03:43 is filthy rags, but when my
03:46 weak, frail humanity takes
03:49 whole of the enduring power
03:51 of God, then that faith that
03:54 connects me, connects me to a
03:56 power that is going to reveal
03:59 His righteousness, it's going to
04:01 reveal it in every transaction of
04:04 life from one choice of faith
04:06 to the next choice of faith
04:09 because it is written,
04:10 That the just, those that are
04:13 justified by God, who are
04:16 justified to Christ, those
04:18 that are just, will be truly
04:21 living by faith. Not just
04:23 talking about faith, not just
04:25 believing that there is a God
04:27 but that, That God is going to
04:30 change my life. So, let's make
04:33 this practical, I can make it
04:35 very practical, as I go back
04:37 to 1995, my wife, my dear
04:42 precious wife, was diagnosed
04:45 with cancer, ovarian cancer,
04:48 a very deadly cancer, my wife
04:50 and I, both come from medical
04:53 backgrounds prior to ministry
04:56 work with Restoration
04:57 International, and we both knew
04:59 that my wife could be dead
05:02 in 6 months, leaving me with
05:05 3 young children, I want to
05:08 ask you, How does that make me
05:11 feel? I tell you, I had a lot of
05:14 feelings and emotions that were
05:16 going through me, but I remember
05:17 the day of surgery, she was
05:19 taken into a special hospital
05:22 and she had two specialist
05:24 surgeons working on her,
05:27 her main surgeon, and then a
05:29 specialist from UCLA
05:30 Medical Center was called in
05:32 who is specializing in containing
05:35 cancer, so it didn't spread
05:37 through the body. IT was a long
05:40 surgery as I was sitting in the
05:42 waiting room, it was a surgical
05:44 waiting room, and I was alone
05:45 in there that day, and the
05:47 receptionist said to me
05:49 as I was sitting there, when
05:50 the surgery is finished,
05:51 the doctor will call me and
05:54 then I'll have you meet with
05:56 the doctor and his assistant, so
05:59 I was sitting in there for
06:00 those hours, do you think that
06:03 the thoughts of my mind
06:05 brought me temptations to anxiety,
06:07 absolutely, there were thoughts
06:10 that brought me to: What is
06:12 going to be like if my wife
06:14 dies? What am I going to do?
06:17 And there amidst those thoughts
06:19 The Lord kept calling to me
06:21 and the thought that came to me
06:23 is I would never leave thee
06:25 not forsake thee, that's the
06:27 God that we serve, I will never
06:29 leave thee, and the thought
06:31 came to me, How is your faith?
06:33 Right now, How is your faith?
06:36 Now I recognized, some of the
06:39 thoughts are bombarding me,
06:40 and I said Lord, I believe,
06:43 I believe that you have the
06:45 best, good in mind for me
06:47 I believe you're seeing this
06:48 picture, I believe that all
06:49 things truly will work together
06:52 for good because I love you Lord
06:53 and I know you love me, you love
06:55 my wife, my children and
06:58 I found peace, then I sat there
07:00 and you know what I found
07:01 in faith life it is just
07:03 at once, be faith, once be
07:06 faithful to that call and
07:08 goes away, it's a faith choice
07:10 over and over, because those
07:13 thoughts keep coming back
07:14 and we have to keep taking them
07:16 into the Lord and then
07:17 that phone rang and I tell you
07:20 the devil with my human weakness
07:22 made one more bid for me
07:24 'cause I was going to meet the
07:25 surgeons now, and the thought
07:27 came back to me again I will
07:29 never leave thee, I am with you
07:31 I am at the right hand, and so
07:34 I got it by faith I had rest
07:36 in peace in Jesus Christ,
07:38 by faith alone, the just shall
07:41 live by faith, by faith I found
07:43 myself connected to a power
07:46 that was outside of me, I found
07:49 myself connected to a God,
07:52 who says there's nothing
07:54 too hard for me, I'm the God
07:56 of all flesh, and so I went out
07:59 and I met those surgeons, then
08:00 a very amazing thing happened
08:02 the first thing that the senior
08:05 surgeon said to me was "You have
08:08 peace, your countenance has peace
08:12 How do you have this peace?
08:14 This is before he said anything
08:17 about my wife, and I praised
08:19 God in there, in that moment
08:22 in my thoughts I praised God
08:25 because it was the righteousness
08:27 of God that was been revealed
08:29 that's what the verses we read
08:31 are saying, is the righteousness
08:34 of God that's revealed, from
08:36 one choice of faith to another
08:39 then do you know what told me
08:41 He said: your wife does not
08:44 have cancer, we removed
08:47 the tumor and it was not
08:49 cancerous and I praised the Lord
08:52 but you know what I praised
08:53 the Lord for more in that moment
08:55 I praised the Lord that
08:59 in that moment, I was at peace
09:03 not because of the good news
09:06 I was at peace because of loving
09:11 Savior who already by faith
09:13 had hold of my heart,
09:16 that's what faith does, faith
09:18 connects us regardless of our
09:20 circumstances, regardless of our
09:21 difficulties, regardless of our
09:23 emotions, faith right faith
09:25 real faith, believes in God
09:27 connects us to a God that can
09:31 save us to the uttermost
09:33 if you come to Him, with the
09:34 believing that He is God
09:37 You know I want to share with you
09:38 another verse, a very familiar
09:41 verse but maybe not such a
09:42 familiar experience, it's found
09:45 in the book of Hebrews.
09:46 Hebrews 11 and verse 6, I want
09:50 you to go there with me:
09:52 It says without faith it is
09:54 impossible, it is what?, it is
09:57 impossible to please him: for he
09:59 that cometh to God must believe
10:01 that He is, and that he is the
10:04 rewarder of them that
10:06 diligently seek him.
10:09 Now we can say that we believe
10:13 in God and any Christian or
10:16 professing Christian is going
10:17 to say, of course I believe
10:19 in God but the question here
10:22 and the question that has been
10:23 brought to my mind and I never
10:26 bring a question to you, God is
10:28 not only bringing to me
10:30 and working in my heart to ask
10:32 me the same question, Do you
10:35 really believe that He is God?
10:37 he is the cometh to God
10:38 must believe that he is,
10:40 That he is what? That he is God
10:43 If I really believe and if you
10:46 really believe that He is God
10:50 That's incredible, because we
10:53 know that That God, is the God
10:57 that can do anything, He is
11:00 the God that can open the sea
11:03 and let people walk across
11:05 on a dry ground, He is the God
11:07 that can raise the dead, if
11:09 we believe that He is God
11:11 if we say we are his people
11:14 we are his children, oh I love
11:18 to see how my children,
11:19 especially when they were
11:21 very young, how they trusted in
11:23 me, how they believed in me
11:25 they could be up in a tree,
11:27 and I could say jump, and they
11:29 would jump, they believed in me
11:31 Do you really believe in God?
11:33 If we do, He that cometh to God
11:38 must believe that He really
11:39 is God and that he is the
11:41 rewarder of them that diligently
11:42 seek him, so when we come to God
11:45 believing that he is really God
11:47 that's faith, because we believe
11:49 in something we can't see,
11:50 And we believe, that he can do
11:52 whatever he says he will do.
11:55 When that happens, then
11:58 the first thing that we
12:00 believe it on is that we can
12:02 trust him with our whole hearts
12:04 we can trust him with our whole
12:06 life, we can trust him with
12:08 unconditional surrender of
12:10 myself to this God who can do
12:13 all things for me all things
12:16 in me by faith and he can reveal
12:18 his righteousness through us
12:21 I remember I was going to be
12:24 doing a series of meetings
12:26 over South Korea, a long flight
12:29 and so I had to, well at least
12:32 I thought I had a get a lot of
12:33 rest, you know, the night before
12:35 I was in a hotel, getting ready
12:38 to fly out early in the
12:39 morning, so I said to the lady
12:42 at the front desk, you know
12:43 I need a quiet place, I've got a
12:45 long over seas flight and
12:47 Can you get me a quiet room?
12:48 And she said, sure, so she gave
12:50 me this room, I was there
12:52 by myself I was opening God's
12:55 word just having some quiet time
12:58 there, all of a sudden I heard this
13:02 well it sounded like a herd
13:04 of people, not a group of people
13:06 but they were just stomping
13:08 down the hallway, loud and
13:10 frivolous and vociferous...
13:13 I don't know if you ever experienced this
13:15 but some how I had the feeling
13:16 they will going to end up right
13:17 next to me, and sure enough
13:20 the door to the adjoining room
13:22 was flung open, the handle hit
13:25 the wall against the wall where
13:27 I was sitting at the desk, they
13:29 came in there, they turned on the
13:31 television and the louder the
13:34 television went louder their
13:35 voices went, and I tell you
13:38 I start to feeling sorry
13:40 for myself, Oh lord, I need rest
13:46 I can't have people like this
13:47 next to me, and you know
13:49 the Lord called to me in that
13:50 still small voice, not audible
13:52 voice, he called to me in my
13:54 heart, Can you trust me?
13:57 Can you give yourself to me?
13:59 Can you trust me enough to rest
14:01 right now that I can take care
14:04 of this, you know that's a
14:06 faith choice, it isn't something
14:08 that just happens at the
14:10 beginning of the day, when
14:11 we say I believe Lord
14:12 take my life, give me a
14:14 new heart, we need to do that
14:16 but that choice needs to be made
14:18 over and over,
14:20 the just shall live by faith,
14:22 one faith choice to the next
14:24 so I said Lord, I'm willing
14:27 to surrender this to you
14:28 I'm willing to rest in you
14:31 by faith, I know you have
14:33 the solution, and even if
14:35 it means I stay up all night
14:37 I know that I can trust you
14:39 enough, your grace is sufficient
14:41 I don't have to get upset
14:43 I don't have to get irritated
14:44 I don't have to be agitated
14:45 by this I can trust you enough
14:48 When I was in that resting place
14:51 with God, that's a faith choice
14:54 to come back rest in place
14:55 to believe God enough,
14:56 When I was in the resting place
15:00 Are you in the resting place
15:02 right now friends? Are you in
15:05 the resting place?, I don't care
15:06 what you know, I don't care
15:08 how many bibles you have given.
15:10 I don't care how much
15:11 Scriptures you memorize,
15:12 Are you in the resting place?
15:15 with the righteousness of God
15:17 can be revealed because you're
15:19 connected to a living Savior
15:21 When I found that connection
15:22 to the Lord, for right there
15:24 in that hotel room, it was then
15:28 that my mind was clear enough
15:30 and myself was subdued
15:31 that the Lord send me back down
15:33 to that reception desk and
15:36 I told them my situation, now
15:37 I want you to think for a moment
15:39 if I would have done that, in my
15:41 irritation, in my agitation
15:43 if I would have gone down there
15:46 demanding that I get a quiet
15:48 room and why am I in this kind
15:50 of room, Can you imagine?
15:52 Who would it have been revealed?
15:54 Would been the righteousness
15:56 of God, or would it have been
15:59 selfishness? Do you think
16:00 that these people in these worldly
16:03 big businesses see enough of
16:04 self reveal? But how often
16:07 are they seeing the righteousness
16:09 of Christ, the righteousness
16:11 that makes the difference
16:13 then I went down there resting
16:15 in the Lord, and I told her
16:18 the situation I said is there
16:20 any other place, she said
16:21 you know, just renovated the
16:22 whole third floor, no one
16:25 staying, she said, if you are willing
16:27 to carry the things up,
16:29 one level, she said, you can
16:31 have the whole third floor
16:32 to yourself, you can have
16:34 the whole place is quiet
16:37 You won't have to worry about
16:39 any noise. And so I went up
16:42 there, it was an interesting
16:43 thing as I got to my room
16:45 There was a beautiful view out
16:48 over the mountains, a quiet room.
16:51 Isn't that how God works?
16:54 You see, my first room was a
16:56 little room, the old room hadn't
16:59 been renovated it overlooked
17:01 the city, God has mercy, gave me
17:05 a beautiful quiet place
17:07 Now God doesn't always
17:09 work that way when we exercise
17:12 faith, but always when we
17:15 find a rest in him, we find
17:17 peace, the passes understanding
17:20 Are you finding that in the
17:23 little things of life? I had to
17:25 find it in the crisis of life
17:27 'cause sometimes is in a crisis
17:28 when your wife is diagnosed
17:30 with cancer, well the cancer is
17:32 is almost like you don't have
17:33 any choice but go to God,
17:35 but are we finding by faith that rest
17:38 in Christ, in the little things
17:41 of life, remember, it's the
17:44 righteousness of God is revealed
17:47 from faith to faith, the just
17:50 shall live by one faith decision
17:53 to another all through the day
17:56 taking hold to the strength
17:58 of Christ, calling upon him
18:01 in the day of trouble. I Peter
18:03 If you want to go there,
18:04 I Peter says: I Peter 1:5
18:09 it's a very simple verse, it says:
18:11 We are kept by the power
18:13 of God, by the power of who?
18:16 the power of God through faith
18:19 unto salvation, that's how
18:24 we're kept, we're kept
18:26 by what power? The power of God
18:29 as we're kept by the power of
18:32 God it's only through faith
18:34 that connects us to that
18:36 power and if we keep choosing
18:39 by faith to connect to this
18:42 power it would be a decision
18:44 that leads us moment by moment
18:47 in salvation and it will lead us
18:51 ultimately to the full
18:53 salvation that we're looking
18:54 forward to in the coming of
18:56 Jesus Christ, but you know
18:58 I have found it as we live by
19:00 faith, as our faith truly
19:03 connects us to the power of
19:06 Jesus Christ, we are tasting
19:09 heaven here, heaven begins
19:11 here by faith and as we learn to
19:15 trust him with a whole heart
19:17 as we learn to hold on by faith
19:20 we're experiencing a power
19:22 that's outside of us, that
19:24 lifts us above the present
19:26 circumstances that we deal with
19:28 You know, faith is really not
19:31 our Savior, I think it's evident
19:34 that faith is for one thing
19:37 faith is to connect the human
19:40 weakness, the human fearful
19:41 heart the frail weak human being
19:44 faith connects that weakness
19:47 to the enduring strength of God
19:50 That's what faith does,
19:52 I remember one day we were sitting
19:55 in our home up in the mountains
19:56 of Montana, was a very cold
19:58 wintery day, low and behold
20:03 a lady came walking by, now we don't
20:06 generally see people just
20:08 to walk by when we live up in
20:09 the mountains, and she did
20:11 not looked like she was dressed
20:12 for the winter, she did not look
20:14 prepared and my immediate
20:16 thought was, this lady
20:17 is stuck somewhere, she is
20:19 walking and she didn't have a
20:21 warm coat, she didn't have
20:23 warm boots, so invited her into
20:25 our home and warmed her
20:27 a little bit there by the fire
20:29 she told us of her plights
20:31 and then we got her old Betsy
20:35 old Betsy is, an old pick up
20:39 that old Betsy was a powerful
20:41 four wheel drive used for
20:43 collecting wood, gathering fire
20:45 wood, and that old Betsy I knew
20:49 without a shadow of doubt had
20:51 that power of the four wheel drive
20:52 to get this lady out of her
20:55 predicament. So we went
20:57 down there, she was really stuck,
21:01 now, how we're going to get the
21:04 power of old Betsy, connected
21:08 to the weak and frail situation
21:11 of this car stuck deep in the
21:13 snow bank, cause all the power in the
21:15 world, that old Betsy had,
21:18 was nothing if it didn't some
21:20 how that connected to this
21:22 car who was stuck in the deep
21:25 snow ditch, well we had a strap
21:29 one of this nylon straps
21:32 that's real heavy duty
21:35 and I hooked one under that
21:36 strap, old Betsy, and the hook
21:39 the other under the strap to
21:40 that disabled vehicle, and the
21:43 power of Betsy connected
21:45 to the weakness of that vehicle
21:49 you know what happened?
21:51 That power connected to that
21:53 weakness pulled that vehicle
21:56 right up out of the ditch
21:58 like nothing. Now I'll
22:00 ask you a question, here is
22:02 this lady she's really excited
22:06 really thankful, and now
22:09 I want to ask you, do you think
22:11 she got out of her car and came
22:14 and started telling this truck
22:19 "How wonderful the truck was"
22:21 Do you think that she came
22:23 to this strap and said:
22:25 "Oh this strap what a wonderful
22:28 strap you saved me from the
22:30 situation, you see faith
22:33 connects us to power this
22:35 strap represents the faith
22:38 that connect us to the power
22:40 we are trying to reveal the
22:42 power, we're not trying to
22:44 brag about power, we're not
22:45 to brag about what connects us
22:47 to power we want to reveal
22:50 God, and that's what faith does
22:54 Faith connects us, faith
22:57 connects us to a power that is
23:01 above beyond anything that
23:03 we have and so when that lady
23:06 got out the car she was
23:07 profusely thanking me for
23:10 pulling her out of the ditch
23:12 Well, obviously the illustration
23:16 breaks down very quickly there
23:18 but the point is it was the
23:20 strap that make the connection
23:23 with power, it was old Betsy
23:28 it is the powerful Betsy
23:29 that got out her, I couldn't
23:30 pull her out even if I had
23:31 the strap I don't have enough power
23:34 but I tell you she was thankful
23:36 to me that I took the time
23:39 to get her out, she wasn't
23:41 thanking the strap, she wasn't
23:43 thanking the truck, she was
23:44 thanking me, and I tell you
23:46 friends today, that when
23:48 we connect our weakness by faith
23:51 to the power of God, people will
23:55 be thanking God for the
23:57 difference that He makes
23:58 in his life, in their life
24:01 if we really want to see
24:04 a difference, that difference
24:06 will only come through Jesus Christ
24:10 if we really want to make
24:13 a difference, and I believe
24:16 it's my personal conviction
24:19 and is my first evangelistic
24:22 outreach, I believe that right
24:25 faith, real faith in God
24:28 connects me to a God that is
24:31 able to save me to the uttermost
24:35 and when He does, and when He is
24:37 because this is an ongoing
24:39 process, when He does the first
24:42 person that faith and that power
24:46 that power of the Gospel,
24:48 the power that we read there
24:50 we shouldn't be ashamed of the
24:51 power the Gospel of Jesus Christ
24:54 because it's the power of God
24:55 unto Salvation, the first
24:57 place of that power should
24:59 reveal itself, is in my marriage
25:02 my wife should be the first
25:06 recipient of the living life
25:09 changing power of Jesus Christ
25:11 and you know, a very interesting
25:13 thing happen in our home
25:15 we begin to understand
25:18 the simplicity, the power
25:21 of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
25:23 I began to make my wife, my dear
25:28 wife my first evangelistic
25:31 outreach. You know, I used to be
25:34 involved in so many outreach
25:36 opportunities, and I tell you
25:38 that wouldn't be a part of this
25:40 Ministry Restoration
25:41 International if we did not
25:43 believe in the life changing
25:45 restoring power of God
25:47 But you know, I used to be
25:49 involved in so many things
25:50 they were out there out there
25:52 and my poor wife and my poor
25:54 children didn't have what
25:56 they needed from me, I tell you
25:58 God wants us to work first
26:00 the Gospel needs to work first
26:02 in our homes and when it's
26:04 working there I tell you
26:05 it will work any where in the
26:07 world because it is the power
26:09 of God unto Salvation, to everyone
26:13 that believeth. Do you believe?
26:17 The question is: Do you and
26:19 Do I really, believe today?
26:21 Because if we do, then our faith
26:25 would be a living faith
26:27 would truly believing by faith
26:30 a faith that connects us
26:33 to Jesus Christ not just
26:35 at the beginning of the day
26:37 but all through the day we will
26:39 be coming to him in every
26:40 circumstances, situation
26:42 will be saying, Lord
26:43 I need you, and right now
26:45 I'd like us to, just bow our
26:49 heads where we are, as we come
26:51 to the Lord by faith, will you pray
26:54 with me? Father in heaven
26:57 we come to you because we're not
26:59 ashamed of the Gospel
27:01 we're not ashamed to admit that
27:03 we need a power outside of
27:05 ourselves, we need a living
27:07 connection with your power
27:10 Father, if we're going to be
27:11 living Christians we need to
27:13 living connected by faith,
27:14 and we want to live by faith
27:16 do we want to give ourselves
27:17 to you to surrender whole
27:20 heartedly, that you will work in us
27:22 to will and to do a good pleasure
27:24 and we thank you in Jesus name.
27:27 Amen. I hope that as you go to
27:32 the rest of today, wherever you
27:34 find yourselves, whatever your
27:36 circumstances, whatever your
27:37 difficulties that has the spirit
27:40 the Lord calls to your heart
27:42 that you would be willing
27:45 to live by faith not by sight,
27:48 Jesus wants to be your Savior
27:51 and mine today, by faith.


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