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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel,
00:32 I'm Tom Waters with Restoration International.
00:36 Today, I wanna with you about a very special day
00:40 that I had with the Lord. I have many
00:43 special days with the Lord now,
00:45 but this one particularly stood out of my mind
00:48 as a day of learning that we really can be with
00:52 the Lord and He wants to be with us.
00:55 He wants to be at our right side.
00:57 He wants to direct us through the day.
00:59 One evening as I was kneeling by my bed,
01:04 closing the day in prayer to my Lord.
01:08 I was praying, sharing all the things that
01:11 were on my mind and then I was listening.
01:14 You know communication,
01:16 if you think about it, is a two way process,
01:19 if it's effective communication,
01:20 it isn't just one person doing all the talking.
01:23 The Lord really does wanna commune
01:25 with our hearts and He wants us to be
01:27 still and know that He is God.
01:30 And so at the end of my sharing with
01:33 the Lord if you will, I said Lord you know,
01:37 is there anything you have for me
01:38 and this thought came to my mind
01:40 and I wrote it down. It was a challenge
01:42 from the Lord, I want you to know that's
01:46 the thought that came through.
01:47 I want you to know that I'm with you all
01:49 through the day tomorrow.
01:52 So here's the Lord preparing me
01:55 as I'm closing the day that tomorrow is going
01:59 to be a special day that I can know that
02:02 he is with me through the entire day.
02:05 So I said Lord when you wake me in the
02:08 morning will you remind me that you are with me.
02:13 Do you believe Christ wants this kind of
02:17 personal connection with His people.
02:19 Now I hope, hope you do it today,
02:21 I hope that no matter where you find yourself,
02:24 that even now the spirit of the Lord will
02:27 come to you. Will impress upon your
02:30 heart that He loves you with an everlasting
02:33 love and because of that He is drawing
02:36 you to Him with loving kindness.
02:39 The Lord wants to have a personal connection
02:42 with us. He wants to guide us all through
02:45 the day. So the next morning,
02:49 the Lord woke me up. You know its interesting
02:52 in Isaiah 15 in the fourth verse. It says,
02:55 He wakeneth me morning by morning.
02:57 Is he waking you morning by morning,
03:00 He wants to be. He wants to be a part
03:02 of our lives from the beginning of the new
03:05 day until we close it. It says, He wakeneth
03:08 me morning by morning, He wakeneth my ear
03:10 to hear as the learned. Are you waking up with
03:14 the Lord and when you wake up,
03:17 are you waking up with an ear that's ready
03:20 to hear. Lord, what would you have me
03:21 to do today? What do you have for me in this
03:25 new day? Well, the Lord woke me.
03:29 And not only did He wake me, but He did
03:32 just what I asked Him to do in His mercy.
03:35 He reminded me, He reminded me of my
03:39 prayer the night before. Now He was waking me,
03:43 He said He would. He was reminding me,
03:48 now what do I have to do. Oh here's the
03:52 part that we have to face and that is,
03:55 what will we do with the choice that God
03:59 gives us. That's the part that we have.
04:02 He's done his part. He is, He's waken
04:06 us in the morning, He's called to us,
04:09 He's reminded us that He wants to be there
04:12 with us and now the choice is up to me.
04:16 I have a choice, by faith to accept His
04:18 offer that He is bringing to me
04:21 or I have a choice that I can rollover
04:24 in my bed and say I'm tired.
04:28 It doesn't seem so important to be with
04:33 you as it did last night when I closed the day.
04:36 Now we might not say that in reality the way
04:40 I just said it. But the question is,
04:44 are we really saying it in our response.
04:48 Are we saying to the Lord as we rollover
04:51 and turn our back to Him that I don't really
04:54 want to have you guiding me through
04:55 the day. I don't really wanna do it your way.
04:58 I wanna start this day by doing it my way.
05:00 And the way I wanna do it my way is to
05:02 stay in bed right now, because I don't
05:03 feel like getting up and having communion
05:06 with you. I hope that's not the case.
05:09 Let's go back there again to chapter 50
05:12 of Isaiah in verses four and five, it says,
05:15 He wakeneth me morning by morning,
05:17 He wakeneth my ear to hear as the learned
05:19 and the verse five says, And I was not rebellious,
05:24 neither turned away back. Oh what a blessing.
05:29 Let's take the practical application of that now
05:31 He's waken us, are we gonna turn our back
05:33 on Him? Physically, spiritually, are we
05:36 gonna turn our back or we gonna be responding
05:40 to His awakening and saying yes Lord,
05:43 I wanna be with you today.
05:44 Well I remembered my prayer,
05:46 I remembered that I ask Him to remind me.
05:49 And I have remembered this day I was going to
05:51 be with Christ. This day was not going
05:53 to be just the day of doing things my way.
05:56 It was gonna be a day with Christ.
05:59 So, I was aware of His presence,
06:02 I was aware of His call and I began my
06:05 day on my knees with the Lord.
06:08 And I went through my prayer time with
06:11 the Lord and I like to pray and what I call
06:13 gospel order. I found it will be very meaningful.
06:16 That means that the first thing I need to
06:18 pray about is my personal need of a
06:21 leaving connection to Christ.
06:23 I need a new heart, I need a spirit put
06:27 within me, I need to take, the Lord to take
06:30 out this stony heart out of my flesh and
06:32 give me a new heart, a clean heart and that's
06:35 where I start with my prayers in the morning,
06:37 because I know that without Him I'm not
06:41 gonna have a very good day, because
06:43 self's way does not work. Have you found
06:46 that to be the case. My way doesn't work,
06:49 but when I surrendered myself to God
06:51 and I enter into His way, so I opened myself up,
06:56 began to pray, then I like to pray for my wife,
07:00 for my children. I call it gospel order
07:03 because its first the individual, myself to God
07:06 and then its my marriage, then its
07:08 my family, then its my wider circle.
07:11 And so I finished praying and making
07:13 my needs known to God and I said Lord,
07:17 is there anything this morning that
07:18 you wanna put on my heart and it was
07:21 interesting the Lord brought three families
07:25 especially to my mind. And I began to pray
07:28 for those three families. A friend
07:32 of mine has requested that, that I would make
07:35 him more accountable as a Christian.
07:37 Would I be willing to do that to give him
07:39 a call once in a while and I said you know
07:41 I'm happy to do that if the Lord puts
07:43 that in my heart. I wanna do it if its
07:46 God's will and so, this morning that came to
07:49 my mind so clearly and I began to pray for him
07:52 and then I wanted to be able to follow through
07:55 and have that, that positive spiritual
07:58 accountability. It reminded me of
08:01 another family. Family that was
08:03 going through a particularly difficult
08:06 struggle in their experience and I
08:08 began to pray for them. Praying that God would
08:11 come near to them in His presence through Christ
08:14 and through the Holy Spirit, that He would
08:16 meet their particular needs and they too
08:19 could be aware that this day they could be
08:23 with Christ. And so I was praying there
08:26 that beautiful morning with the Lord and
08:28 I said Lord, I just, I have given myself to you.
08:32 I just wanna know that you're with me.
08:34 I wanna be aware of your presence through
08:36 the day. I wanna be in your will all through
08:40 the day. And this thought came to my mind,
08:43 a beautiful thought, I will be at thy right hand.
08:49 Oh! What a thrilling thought, I will be at thy.
08:52 The Lord is saying I will be at thy right hand,
08:55 what an encouragement.
08:57 I remember the words of David in Psalm 16
09:00 verse 8 where David says there, I have set
09:05 the Lord always before me, because He is at
09:09 my right hand, I shall not be moved.
09:12 What a promise. These words are for us
09:16 and this was very personal to me on
09:19 this day with Christ. I knew that He was
09:23 going to make me aware of his presence.
09:26 He was gonna be at my right hand
09:28 and therefore because He is at my right hand.
09:31 I don't have to be moved. What does
09:32 that mean? I don't have to be moved by
09:35 my selfishness, I don't have to be moved by
09:37 wanting to do things my way.
09:40 I don't have to be moved by the
09:41 temptations that the devil is gonna throw
09:44 at me because I have my savior
09:47 who is willing to be at my right hand.
09:51 This is the whole purpose of communion
09:54 with God friends. This is the whole reason
09:57 for our quiet time in the morning.
09:59 This is why God wants to waken us
10:01 morning by morning to be with Him.
10:03 So that we can be set in our minds,
10:07 that we can know that He is at our right
10:09 hand and knowing and consciously aware
10:12 that as he is with us, then we don't have
10:14 to be moved. This is the whole purpose for
10:17 our time. It isn't just, that we take our Bibles
10:20 and we have time, so we can say well
10:22 I read my Bible today or I had a prayer today.
10:25 The whole reason for communion with God
10:28 through His word and through prayer
10:30 is to connect our souls in a vital living
10:35 connection with Jesus Christ and to know that
10:39 He is going to be with us. And I shall not be
10:43 moved. You see a living Christian,
10:45 this is a living Christian, communion with Christ,
10:49 heeding the call of spirit and living in
10:52 His will by His power. The other, the
10:57 professed Christian has no real communion
11:00 with Christ. Not really tuned in or responsive
11:05 to the call of the spirit and he is managing
11:07 my life in myself doing it my way
11:10 and this is the Bible calls a form of Godliness.
11:14 Looks like Godliness to many people,
11:16 but it's a form of Godliness that denies
11:18 the very power of the gospel.
11:20 And we're told that we should turn away
11:23 from that kind of Godliness to the
11:26 living power of Jesus Christ.
11:28 Well that morning as I went upstairs for
11:33 my room. I went upstairs I was about
11:36 to return down stairs I got a drink of water,
11:40 I was just ready to head back down the
11:42 stairs to my room where my desk is
11:45 and the Lord gave me this thought.
11:47 Remember He is gonna be at my right hand.
11:49 I don't need to be moved. The Lord gave
11:52 me this thought, go over and give your
11:54 wife a kiss. And let her know how much
11:57 you appreciate her. Now shall hear a
12:00 behind this thing, this is the way walking.
12:04 Do you think that God wants to communicate
12:06 with us personally in real life situations?
12:11 That he wants us to take His word and
12:13 bring it into our practical daily lives.
12:15 You see God knew the need of my wife
12:19 at that moment. And as I was headed back
12:22 down stairs to go to my desk, the Lord said,
12:25 go over and give your wife a kiss.
12:28 Let her know how much you appreciate her.
12:30 My first instantaneous response was I have
12:34 things I need to do. But the Lord
12:37 reminded me again as I ask Him to do that
12:40 this day was going to be with Christ.
12:42 I was going to stay with Him and so
12:44 I went over. I yielded myself and the power
12:48 of God worked in me to go over and not
12:51 that it's difficulty to give my wife a kiss,
12:53 but its difficult when I'm focused on doing
12:55 something else. But isn't that the struggle
12:58 we have in the Christian life.
12:59 Isn't that the struggle we have daily,
13:01 whether it's my will or thy will be done,
13:04 in the intensity of real life and so
13:07 I yielded myself. I went over to give
13:10 my wife a kiss. She lit up, she said how
13:14 did you know I needed that. I said well,
13:18 the Lord knew, the Lord knew what you needed
13:21 and I was willing because I love you
13:24 and I wanna serve the Lord.
13:25 The Lord knew what you needed and
13:27 I was willing to do what the Lord was
13:29 asking me to do. So how was it with you today.
13:33 Are you experiencing this kind of walk with
13:36 Jesus Christ where you are being guided
13:40 and governed as you go to his word,
13:42 to make the word come alive in Jesus Christ?
13:45 He wants to be our Savior all through
13:48 the day. He wants to be our Lord all
13:50 through the day. He wants to instruct us
13:53 and teach us in the way that we should go.
13:54 He wants to guide us through our day.
13:57 Are we really letting him do that?
14:00 You know, it was interesting, the first
14:03 major plan change for my day came from
14:06 the Lord when I came up for breakfast,
14:08 there I was coming up to the breakfast table,
14:12 I really enjoy breakfast. Coming to the breakfast
14:15 table and I had one of those gentle promptings
14:18 from the Lord. Just gently calling to me
14:22 that I needed to just eat lightly that day
14:26 and just have fruit. Oh I was looking forward
14:30 to a big breakfast. I like to breakfast
14:33 like a king. And I enjoy it so much,
14:36 but you know we have just returned not long
14:41 before from a series of meetings and I realized
14:45 that my throat was not quite what it should
14:47 and you know the Lord was calling to
14:51 me just to eat more lightly. What am I
14:53 gonna do now? He reminded me again that
14:56 He is gonna be at my right hand, so I don't
14:59 need to be moved, so now will I trust him
15:01 enough. This is the question that each
15:03 one of us faces. Will we trust God enough
15:07 to go beyond what I think is best.
15:09 What I wanna do, what self wants to do.
15:12 Do I trust God enough this day with Christ,
15:16 that was what I was going to have this day
15:19 with Christ and I said yes Lord, I'm willing.
15:22 I wanna do your will all through the day,
15:25 because I know you have my best good in mind,
15:27 you have my best health in mind.
15:30 He says I, whether you'd prosper and
15:32 be in health, even as thy soul will prosper.
15:35 So I went to the table and I had the meal
15:40 with my family, not as a martyr.
15:42 Oh poor me, I can't eat today because the
15:46 Lord told me that I, you know I just need to
15:49 give my body a little break and eat lightly.
15:51 So well I'm gonna do what the Lord tells
15:54 me to do. It's really too bad.
15:56 You know I went to the table, I was a joy
16:00 and an inspiration and an encouragement
16:02 to my family, doing what God was asking
16:05 me to do. Because I wanted to have Jesus
16:09 as my companion throughout the day,
16:12 going about my father's will.
16:15 Well I'll tell you. Christianity as far
16:19 as I'm concerned practically speaking
16:22 is living in the present will of Jesus Christ.
16:28 Christianity, think about this, is living
16:32 in the present will of Jesus Christ.
16:35 Not just this morning, not just yesterday,
16:38 but presently in this moment and not only
16:41 is it living in the present will of
16:44 Jesus Christ. It is living in the will of
16:46 Jesus Christ by the present power of
16:49 Jesus Christ. And that's what makes the
16:52 difference. It's not enough to just be
16:55 willing to be in His will in the present moment,
17:00 we need a power outside of ourselves,
17:02 that power is Jesus Christ through His
17:05 Holy Spirit he says I will never leave thee
17:08 nor forsake thee. If we want him to be
17:11 that power, if we choose Him to be that power.
17:14 We can have his will worked out in my life
17:18 with the power of Jesus Christ present
17:22 an alive in us. You know I went on through
17:26 that day. Later that afternoon I got a call,
17:30 a very important phone call from someone
17:33 that I had been praying for, for many years.
17:37 Praying for the Holy Spirit to break through
17:41 to that young man's heart. It was my
17:43 nephew and I had been praying and praying
17:47 for God to break through. Lo and behold
17:50 on this day that I had committed myself
17:53 in a special way. This day from the morning
17:57 to the night I had committed myself to
17:59 stay in a present will of Jesus Christ under
18:03 His divine power and guidance.
18:05 This day God made a divine appointment
18:09 with my nephew. He called me on the phone.
18:13 He had recognized like never before,
18:16 his need of a savior. He said, uncle Tom,
18:19 there is no one else I, I know that I can turn to.
18:22 He said can you help me? Can you help me now?
18:28 I want you to stop for a moment friends
18:31 and think if there is someone you've been
18:34 praying for and they call you on the phone.
18:36 Are you going to be in a position in this
18:40 present moment to help them in the
18:44 strength of Jesus Christ? Are you going
18:46 to be able to give them a life changing
18:49 connection to Jesus Christ? Because only
18:51 as we are in that connection, only as
18:54 we are living and alive in Jesus Christ,
18:56 can we give that experience and
18:59 encourage someone else to take it up.
19:01 It can't be yesterday's experience.
19:03 It can't be living in self and saying well here
19:06 I've got a couple of Bible texts for you.
19:08 I mean they don't really have any
19:09 impact in my life, but boy they're really good,
19:12 you know that's God word. No friends,
19:14 it needs to be in the present experience
19:18 that Jesus has for us. And I began to share
19:22 with him my experience in Jesus.
19:26 I began to experience, share the experience
19:29 of my surrender and what God was asking
19:32 me to do. And that God would be at
19:34 His right hand if he was willing to give himself
19:37 vulnerably to God, that God would be there
19:40 for him. Would be a pleasant experience
19:43 for him. And then he asked me, do you have
19:46 a book? You know I have a Bible.
19:48 Do you have any book that will be helpful
19:50 to me? And immediately the Lord brought that
19:53 special precious book, Steps to Christ.
19:57 Oh! What a beautiful book that is and how simple.
20:01 And the Lord brought that book to mind and I,
20:03 I shared that with him, and said I will send
20:06 you a copy of this book, so you can have it to
20:09 along with your Bible study. And he said,
20:13 uncle Tom could you, could you mark the
20:15 book for me. Mark the things in it that are
20:19 special to you that I might be able to turn
20:21 to and I can get the encouragement that
20:23 God has given you. Would you do that
20:25 for me uncle Tom? And I said yes.
20:28 I'd be happy to do that. Well we had prayer
20:31 together. I got off the phone and I was so
20:34 excited, what an opportunity I had been
20:36 prayer for years for this young man.
20:39 I got off the phone, I got the little book
20:43 Steps to Christ that I was gonna give to him.
20:45 A brand new one, I have a few I like to
20:48 share and I, I got the book and I sat down
20:51 and I was opening it up and I was, I was
20:53 gonna mark some special passages and
20:56 as I just began the thought came to me
20:59 from my ever present Lord, who said that
21:02 he was gonna be at my right hand,
21:04 so that I didn't have to be moved.
21:06 He called my heart, the spirit called to me
21:08 and said mark the whole book.
21:12 Now obvious he didn't mean to mark every
21:15 word in the book, but you know go from
21:17 the front book, to the end of the book
21:19 and mark the passages that are so special
21:23 and so powerful in the book.
21:24 And I have to honest with you. I said Lord,
21:29 that will take a long time. Isn't our
21:33 humanity weak and doesn't it come to the
21:36 surface so quickly. Lord, that will take
21:38 a long time. And the tender reprove from
21:42 the Lord that came to me quietly was,
21:45 you've been praying for him for a longtime
21:50 it will be worth it and he will be blessed.
21:54 And I said Lord, thank you, I'm sorry,
21:58 I want to do this and so I sat down
22:01 and what would have been a long chore
22:03 in the wrong spirit became a joy and
22:06 rejoicing in the right spirit. And I'll tell
22:09 you what a blessing as I went through
22:11 and I highlighted the powerful words of that
22:14 book in many places. One of the things that
22:17 I highlighted, I came across these words.
22:19 It says, take me Lord, take me as wholly Thine.
22:23 I lay all my plans at Thy feet. Use me this
22:27 today in Thy service. Abide with me, and let
22:32 all of my work be wrought in Thee.
22:34 That's taken from the Steps of Christ page 70.
22:38 Take me as wholly Thine, and this is what
22:41 struck me. I lay all my plans at Thy feet.
22:46 This friends is what God is asking us to do,
22:50 to have this day with Christ.
22:53 To be willing to lay my plans, it's not wrong
22:56 to make plans, but to lay those plans as
23:00 we come to Him morning by morning to say Lord
23:02 these are my plans I've made them perfectly,
23:05 I've made them with my understanding limited
23:09 as it is from what I see. But Lord you take
23:11 these plans and I laid him at Thy feet.
23:15 I'm wholly Thine. If you need to change
23:18 my plans Lord, you can change my plans
23:20 and that's what God is actually doing.
23:22 Changing my plans in that situation,
23:25 he was asking me to highlight the portions
23:30 of that whole book and oh what a blessing
23:34 it was. You see this is the real Christian life.
23:40 This is the of kind of day, these are the
23:44 kinds of days that we can be experiencing
23:49 with Christ over and over and over again.
23:52 When Jesus was here on this earth.
23:55 He said I always do those things that
23:58 please my heavenly father. Oh! I'll tell you
24:02 to be a Christian has become the greatest
24:05 joy of my life. I love being a Christian
24:10 because I love communion and
24:14 the life changing, the life keeping power
24:17 that comes from being with Jesus Christ
24:20 through the Holy Spirit. That experience takes
24:24 Christianity or so called Christianity from a
24:27 dry formality, from a rule, the rules of dos
24:30 and don'ts and it begins to write in
24:33 our hearts the law of God. I delight to do
24:37 thy will, oh! My God. Yea thy law is within
24:42 my heart. This is the experience that Jeremiah
24:46 had when he said, I found thy word
24:48 and I did eat it; and thy word became
24:49 unto me the joy and rejoicing of my soul.
24:54 It means that we take the word of God.
24:57 This is the word that was made flesh
25:00 and dwelt among us. This is the word that comes
25:03 alive in Jesus Christ. We take that word
25:06 and it becomes a part of us as we allow Jesus
25:11 to have full control of us. Do you wanna have
25:14 that difference today? Do you wanna experience
25:17 that in Jesus Christ? If you do, you can have
25:22 this day with Jesus. Not just this day,
25:26 but you can have everyday in Jesus.
25:29 Imagine, if you'll take this day, wherever
25:34 you find yourself in this day.
25:36 And you will open yourself up to Jesus.
25:39 Whatever your perplexity, come to
25:42 Him in living faith, believing that He
25:44 will do in you, what you cannot do for yourself.
25:47 That He has the answer to every perplexity,
25:49 you can live with day as you wholeheartedly
25:54 give yourself to God. You can live this day
25:57 with Jesus. And you'll wanna live tomorrow
26:00 with Him I can assure you.
26:02 You see, the results of living this day with
26:06 Christ are like what Psalm 16:11 says,
26:09 Thou will show me the path of life,
26:11 in thy presence is fulness of joy,
26:14 and at thy right hand there are pleasures
26:17 forever more. The pleasures that are
26:20 forever more are what we experience with
26:23 Jesus at our right hand. The devil wants
26:26 us to think if you surrender yourself
26:28 to Lord. You're not going have any fun anymore.
26:30 No, the devil is a task master.
26:34 The Lord is joy ever more.
26:38 He brings us the fulness of joy.
26:41 It says here at thy right hand there are
26:43 pleasures for evermore. If you aren't experiencing
26:47 those pleasures or if you wanna experience
26:49 them more. Let this day be with Jesus Christ.
26:53 Let's go to our heavenly Father right now
26:55 as we pray. Father, we come to you,
26:58 because we need Jesus Christ.
27:00 We need Him as our savior.
27:02 We need Him as our Lord, we need Him
27:04 as our master, we need Him at our right hand,
27:07 we need Him through the Holy Spirit to be
27:10 to us what we cannot be for ourselves,
27:12 we need the power. The life changing
27:15 transforming power of Jesus Christ to be
27:18 living vibrant Christians. Lord, we want this day
27:22 to be with the Jesus. In His name we pray, amen.
27:27 Oh! What a privilege we have to call God
27:32 our heavenly Father. To call Jesus our Lord
27:35 and master, our friend. He is the
27:37 friend of sinners and wherever you find
27:39 yourself today, He wants you to give Him
27:43 your heart. He wants in this day and everyday
27:48 to be a day with Christ, because a day with
27:51 Christ is a day of pleasure
27:53 forever more. God bless.


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