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00:31 Let me welcome you today to Faith Chapel.
00:34 A place where the word of God is declared
00:38 and God's people show that they trust him
00:42 implicitly. My name is Roy R. Brown, retired
00:49 President of the South Eastern Conference of
00:51 Seventh-Day Adventist and my sermon for today
00:55 is entitled Promises, Promises, Promises.
01:02 Let's have a word of prayer.
01:04 Our loving Lord and our Father,
01:06 as we open this sacred book,
01:09 we ask that you will speak to us from
01:12 your word, in Jesus name, amen.
01:18 After two tries David finally had an opportunity
01:24 of bring the Ark out of Abinadab's house and
01:29 also Obed-Edom's to Jerusalem.
01:33 It was a monumental task. Jerusalem, you
01:37 see was a civil, military and Ecclesiastical
01:41 center of the life of the children of Israel.
01:46 Israel was surrounded by all of its enemies and
01:50 at long last there was secession from war and
01:55 those kingdoms having been subdued David had
01:59 something else in mind. He was now the ruler
02:04 of all 12 tribes and doing a significant job.
02:10 The Ark which signified the presence of God
02:16 and from where he spoke to the children of
02:19 Israel as he had instructed Moses was now
02:24 laying beneath a canopy tent and David wanted
02:29 something else. Listen as he speaks to his
02:34 Prophet Nathan in Second Samuel, the chapter is
02:40 7 and verses 1 through 3 he says,
02:46 Now it came to pass when the King was
02:49 dwelling in his house, and the Lord had given
02:53 him rest from all his enemies all around,
02:57 that the King said to Nathan the Prophet,
03:00 see I dwell in a House of Cedar, but the ark
03:05 of God dwells inside tent curtains,
03:10 then Nathan said to the King, go and do all
03:15 that is in your heart. It was David's design to
03:22 take God who spoke to him from within the Ark,
03:30 where there two Cherubims were,
03:33 so that the confirmation of God and information
03:36 from God would not have come from beneath
03:39 a canopy tent. Here's what the Bible says in
03:44 Exodus 25 and verse 22, "and I will meet with
03:49 you and I will speak with you from above the
03:54 mercy seat, from between the two Cherubim
03:58 which are on the Ark of the testimony,
04:01 about everything which I will give you in
04:03 commandment to the children of Israel."
04:07 God designed that he should speak to the
04:11 children of Israel from within the Ark,
04:17 from the mercy seat, because all of God's
04:21 admonitions and his information comes with
04:25 love from the mercy seat. David had four
04:29 objectives in mind. Number one,
04:32 to win the nation's wars. Number two,
04:37 to secure the nation's independence.
04:40 Number three, to build the capital city Jerusalem
04:45 and finally with a fitting temple to Jehovah,
04:50 that temple would declare that God was indeed
04:54 in the midst of them. That temple given by
04:57 God, conceived by David and subsequently
05:03 built by Solomon was the insuperable
05:07 accomplishment that David thought.
05:12 Now, according to the Bible it says that the
05:15 King said to the Nathan the Prophet,
05:17 see I dwell in a house of Cedars, but the
05:22 living God is beneath these tents curtains.
05:27 I will elect some more appropriate place for God
05:31 to dwell. David's palace of Cedar was completed.
05:37 Hiram from Lebanon had sent him all the cedar
05:39 required to build this super house,
05:42 this palace for himself. It was there in his
05:46 house, in his palace, while contemplating the
05:51 lowly abode of the Ark of God from which God
05:55 spoke to his people that David said I would
05:59 like to build something splendid,
06:02 something durable, something lasting,
06:05 something significant, something glorious for
06:09 the eternal God, so that the name of the Lord
06:12 Christ might be recognized fully. Nathan said to
06:19 David, go ahead, do all that is in your heart,
06:24 so elected to do something significant he says,
06:29 I am going to do this for God, go for it he said,
06:33 it is frequently difficult to understand and to
06:38 distinguish between the inclinations of one's own
06:43 will and the guidance of God. We have no Urim
06:49 and no Thummim. We have no feast to lay
06:53 out, all we have is God's word and how do
06:58 we know for sure that it is what God wants us
07:01 to do even when we hear Lord, what will you
07:07 have me to do. We have of course what God has
07:12 promised, he said you'll hear a voice behind
07:15 you saying this is the way, walk in it.
07:19 Nathan although the Urim and the Thummim
07:22 were available to him simply said to David as
07:26 he contemplated this house for God, go ahead,
07:29 do all that is in the thine heart.
07:32 That was a wonderful proposition that they
07:35 made, but our God is a wonderful God.
07:38 There are times when we elect to do things
07:42 for God, but God sometimes have a different
07:45 concept. In Second Samuel, the chapter is
07:49 7 verses 4 and 5 the Bible says, that it happened
07:55 that night that the word of the Lord came to
07:58 Nathan, saying, "Go and tell My servant David,
08:04 thus says the LORD; 'Would you build a house
08:08 for Me to dwell in?' Apparently David and
08:13 Nathan had conversation during the night
08:17 and or sometime during the day,
08:22 but God said that very night while Nathan
08:26 the Prophet was resting, God gave a vision
08:30 to him and said I want you to go and say to
08:34 My servant David, not go for it as you have
08:40 instructed him but God says, I want to correct
08:43 that as splendid and as beautiful as the idea
08:46 is, it did not have my sanction as yet.
08:51 This was an interesting example of the dynamics
08:55 that God had between the relationship of
08:58 himself with this Prophet that during that night
09:01 watch God could have spoken to the Prophet
09:07 and say to him I need to correct the direction
09:10 in which you are sending My servant David.
09:13 And I think that this is such a marvelous
09:17 interaction of God, an interfacing with his
09:21 children. Two men, David and Nathan had a
09:28 conversation during the day as to what their
09:32 meditations of their hearts were and what they
09:37 were going to do specifically for God.
09:40 God all the way up in glory in his house heard
09:45 every discussion that was made.
09:48 Isn't it wonderful that God not only hears
09:51 our conversation but that also God knows our
09:54 names, knows the intents and purposes of
09:57 our hearts, he sees all that we do, he hears
10:01 all that we say, he knows everything,
10:04 my God is an encompassing God.
10:07 He is connected with everything that he is
10:10 done on earth and that is done in heaven.
10:13 It is in the book of Psalm 147 and verse 4
10:18 that we read, He counts the number of the
10:22 stars, He calls them all by name.
10:28 Oh what a mighty God we serve.
10:32 We serve a God who knows the names of
10:34 multiplied billions of stars and consolations and
10:40 planets. He knows your name, he knows my
10:43 name, He knows where we live, He knows what
10:46 we do, He knows what we say, He is concerned
10:50 whether we're lonely, whether we're happy,
10:52 whether we're sad, He knows all of our trials,
10:56 there is nothing that passes or is not important
11:01 to His graze. In fact, the word of God tells us
11:04 the Lord knoweth them that are His.
11:08 God owns us you see, both by creation and by
11:11 redemption. And so He says to His servant the
11:16 Prophet Nathan, go and tell my servant David.
11:23 What a privilege it is ours to be acknowledge as
11:27 a child of God by the most high God.
11:31 No wonder Jesus taught us to pray our Father,
11:36 to show the connection. God told Nathan,
11:40 here is what you must say to My servant David.
11:45 I had a plan when I called you David,
11:48 I had all the designs for your life. David, you are
11:53 the leader of my people, I've asked you to guide
11:56 and direct them, whenever Israel found a place
12:01 to go it was simply because I directed them
12:05 and whenever Israel needs permanence I the
12:10 living God will grant them that in My perfect
12:14 design for My children. But here are three
12:18 things he said to the Prophet Nathan that you
12:21 ought to say to My servant David.
12:26 Number one, tell him that I will grant him
12:31 rather than the ability and permission to build
12:35 me a house, I will give him a land forever.
12:40 The Bible says, more over I will appoint a
12:44 place for My people Israel and I will plant them
12:49 that they may dwell in a place of their own and
12:51 move no more, nor shall the sons of wickedness
12:55 oppress them anymore as previously.
12:57 I will give him a land forever and then a promise
13:02 of on unending dynasty. Verse 11, since the time
13:08 I commanded judges to be over my people
13:12 Israel and have caused them to rest from all
13:15 your enemies, also the Lord tells you that
13:18 he will make you a house. And then, promise
13:23 number three, an everlasting Kingdom the
13:28 Bible says in verse 13, he shall build a house
13:32 for My name and I will established the throne
13:36 of his kingdom forever. Marvelous isn't it?
13:40 That men proposes, but God disposes.
13:46 That God rules and that God overrules.
13:50 God vetoed the temple construction,
13:54 but God gave David more than he had in mind,
13:57 he wanted to build a temple for God but God
14:01 raise him to another level of an unending
14:04 dynasty which would eventually go through the
14:08 Lord Jesus Christ. It is like asking God for a
14:13 loaf of bread and God giving an entire bakery.
14:19 It is like a teacher just wanting the responsibility
14:22 of a classroom situation and God saying I
14:26 want more than just a classroom for you.
14:30 I would like for you to be the principal of the
14:32 school. I would like you to own the entire
14:35 institution. It's like living in a rented
14:38 apartment and God offering the entire complex.
14:42 It's like asking God for forgiveness of sins and
14:45 God doing much more than simply forgiving sins.
14:48 He is giving you grace that is greater than all
14:51 of your sins. David upon hearing what God had
14:56 in mind for him. Went before the Lord the Bible
15:00 says, he was so struck by what God had
15:03 offered, fully recognizing where God was leading
15:07 in his life. And the Bible says, in the book of
15:11 Second Samuel, I am in chapter 7,
15:15 I'm reading verses 18 through 20,
15:17 the Bible says, then King David went in and
15:22 sat before the Lord, and he said; "Who am I,
15:25 Lord, God? And what is my house that you have
15:29 brought me this far? And yet this was a
15:33 small thing in your sight, O Lord God; and you
15:36 have also spoken of your servant's house for
15:40 a great while to come. Is this the manner
15:44 of man, O Lord God? Now what more can David
15:49 say to you for you, Lord God, know your servant.
15:56 Despite the fact that God had granted him all
16:00 of this. David simply went before the Lord all
16:04 stricken with the beauties of God, all struck
16:08 with how far God was going to take him in his
16:11 plans for him. For you Lord God, know your
16:16 servant, is a cry that we find in the book of
16:21 Psalm 103 and verse 14 it says, for He knows
16:25 our frame, He remembers we are dust.
16:29 Despite that awesome Davidic covenant God
16:35 knew David's liberality, He knew of his
16:39 composition, He knew when he said led
16:42 everything that have breath praise the Lord.
16:45 God also knew his sinfulness, He knew of his
16:48 weaknesses, his flaws, his frailty,
16:52 his transgressions, God had that fierce catalog
16:57 of issue that had confronted David,
17:01 yet however as he sat before the Lord and he
17:04 said for you Lord God know your servant,
17:08 he knew that he was a child of God.
17:11 He knew that he was a man after God's own
17:14 heart and that brought him consolation.
17:17 The Indian proverb says, a diamond with flaws
17:23 is more precious than a pebble that has none.
17:30 God is a promise keeper to be owned by him to
17:34 confess His love is rewarding but despite all
17:38 of this God wants to honor David on a higher
17:42 level. David, you see would succeed,
17:47 be succeeded by all of his sons that was what
17:50 God was saying, that down through the cord of
17:52 years, all of his sons would create this dynasty
17:56 that God had intended and eventually that they
18:00 would come to the kingdom that God had in mind
18:04 for David eventually his kingdom would endure
18:08 forever because God had David fully in mind and
18:14 here is the fulfillment of God's promise to David,
18:18 so that David was not just basking in the idea
18:22 that God wanted to do something wonderful for
18:25 him. God would actually fulfill his word,
18:29 both from a legal standpoint and from a
18:32 Biblical standpoint that God would fulfill his
18:36 promise that through the lineage of David,
18:39 that Christ would eventually come to our
18:42 earth and that He the Lord Jesus Christ would
18:46 come from the lineage of David more than he
18:49 had ever thought God's promise to him would
18:52 be fulfilled. Now Joseph you see is the legal
18:57 representative but not the physical,
18:59 father of Jesus Christ, and he traces his lineage
19:03 all the way back to Jeconiah David's son.
19:07 It was the King Jeconiah whose reign was in
19:13 process when the nation of Israel was taken
19:17 captive down to Babylon and we can read about
19:20 it here in the Bible, David says that he had
19:27 not only one son but what are you doing to my
19:30 generation. David had another son, that son was
19:34 Nathan, Mary therefore was the physical mother
19:38 of Jesus which traces our lineage all the way
19:41 back to David. God was going to keep covenant.
19:46 God is a covenant keeper and if you look in the
19:50 Book of Matthew the chapter is 1 and we look
19:54 at two verses, verse 12 and verse 16,
19:58 it says and after they were brought to Babylon,
20:02 that's the children of Judah, Israel, Jeconiah
20:06 begat Shealtiel, and Shealtiel begat Zerubbabel
20:11 and then down to verse 16 after all of these
20:14 names it says and Jacob from the lineage of
20:17 David begot Joseph the husband of Mary,
20:22 of whom was born Jesus who is called Christ.
20:28 That's the lineage of Joseph the legal part not
20:33 the physical, here comes a physical and this happens
20:36 through Mary in the book of Luke and I'm in
20:39 chapter 3 of Luke and I'm at verse 31.
20:44 Here's what the Bible says, the son of Melea,
20:48 the son of Menan, the son Mattathah,
20:51 the son of Nathan, the son of David.
20:54 You see David had two different sons that
21:03 came from different wives and through the son
21:09 of Jeconiah comes Joseph and through the son
21:15 of Nathan comes Mary. She was born out of that
21:21 and he was right God is, because He keeps His
21:26 word, He is a promise keeper. Therefore the
21:29 Lord himself will give you a sign, behold a
21:32 virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall
21:36 call his name Emmanuel meaning God with us.
21:39 So he came through the tribe. God was
21:43 convinced that David would be a fit subject
21:48 to sent the lineage of Jesus, it happened God
21:52 could be trusted, that God never leaves us
21:56 without fulfillment of His word to us.
22:00 Now, if God kept His promise to David there is
22:06 an assurance that He will keep his promise to
22:09 us and to indicate that what God said to Nathan
22:14 the Prophet in passing information down to
22:17 David about this Davidic covenant. God indeed
22:22 was effectually doing something for David that
22:26 he never thought of, it was not within his grasp,
22:30 but God kept His word. When we arrive in the
22:34 time of Jesus, we find a man who was born blind,
22:38 he was blind, his name is called Barnabas,
22:45 he said to Jesus, blind Barnabas did,
22:50 he said Jesus Christ thou son of David have
22:54 mercy on me and he cried out asking God to
22:58 have mercy on him, because he was blind,
23:01 Jesus asked him, what can I do for you,
23:04 but notice what he said, he did not say Jesus
23:06 Christ thou son of Abraham, he did not say
23:09 Jesus Christ thou son of Joseph, he said Jesus
23:13 Christ thou son of David, if my God makes a
23:18 promise, my God will keep it, if God kept his
23:22 promise to Adam my God will keep his promise
23:27 to us. If God kept his promise to David to give
23:31 him a dynasty then God will also keep his
23:35 promise to us likewise. Because, God indicated
23:40 in the Bible that it would be easier to change
23:45 the process of day and evening then to change
23:51 the process that he had covenanted with David.
23:55 It says that if we could change the day so that
24:00 evening and morning do not occur then it would
24:04 be possible for us to change those faithful
24:08 promises that God had made to his servant
24:12 David. And so, I want you to hear me now God
24:18 will keep every promise that He has made to
24:22 us. He said in his word that he is able to keep
24:29 us from falling and to present us faultless
24:34 before His presence. God will keep His promise
24:38 because God is faithful. He said in my Father's
24:44 house are many mansions if it were not so
24:47 I would have told you. I go to prepare a place
24:52 and if I go I will come again and receive you unto
24:55 myself that where I am there you will be also God
25:00 will keep his promise and Jesus is now preparing
25:04 that mansion for the faithful children of God.
25:08 He said also in His word, I, even I, and he
25:12 that blotted out thy transgressions like a
25:16 thick cloud and I will remember them no more.
25:22 And if God promises that we can be assured that
25:28 our sins which are many will be not only forgiven
25:33 but that God blots them out and God remembers
25:37 them no more and if God does not remember
25:41 them anymore then we are not to worry ourselves
25:44 about sins that have been confessed.
25:47 God says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and
25:53 just to forgive us sins and to cleanse us from
25:57 all unrighteousness. God is a promise keeper.
26:02 He said I give unto them eternal life and no one
26:07 will pluck them out of my hands. Just as God
26:12 kept his word to David in like manner God says I'll
26:17 give unto them eternal life and no one can
26:21 take them out of my hands. He said in his word,
26:25 as many as receive them to them gave he
26:29 power to become the sons of God. Oh what a
26:32 wonderful thing it is that we are God's,
26:35 both by creation and by redemption and the
26:38 promise of God is as clearly as we can read it
26:42 from his word, it says as many as receive them
26:47 God gives power to become sons and daughters
26:50 if you please of the living God, and God will
26:53 keep his word. Then he says blessed are they
26:57 that keep his commandments that they may have
27:00 a right to the tree of life and enter through the
27:03 gates into the city, so that this ever lasting
27:07 lineage, this eternal kingdom that God promised
27:11 to David. We become heirs and joint heirs if you
27:15 please with Christ, because the promise of God
27:18 will be maintained simply because God said it and
27:23 God is willing to fulfilling his word. And, the
27:28 God we serve is a mighty wonderful savior.
27:33 His word is maintained because of his fidelity
27:36 to us and all he asks us is to believe,
27:40 to trust in him. My appeal to you today is,
27:45 trust in the Lord, his promises are sure.
27:49 God is faithful, God loves you and in return
27:54 He will be true to you always.


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