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00:30 Let me take this opportunity today to
00:34 welcome you to Faith Chapel, where we believe
00:38 that the just shall live by his or her faith.
00:43 My name is Roy R. Brown, Retired President
00:47 of the Southeastern Conference of
00:49 Seventh-day Adventist and my subject for today
00:53 is, nothing to it. Let us pray.
00:58 Father, we stretch our hands to thee,
01:02 no other help we know, in your loving
01:06 kindness grant us a full disclosure of
01:11 your will to us for this day.
01:14 In Jesus name, Amen. Jesus was confronted
01:21 by two individuals with critical needs.
01:26 Jairus, a well situated, well established,
01:34 well connected, well respected leader of
01:39 the synagogue, ruler of it.
01:42 He belonged to the college of elders
01:44 or preachers and he had a 12-year-old girl
01:50 who was terminally ill. His daughter was sick
01:57 and Jesus met an obscure elderly lady
02:02 who had spent all of her livelihood on
02:06 ineffectual medical care, a system
02:10 that was broken without one single result.
02:15 In fact she got worst, Jairus with status
02:21 gets to Jesus first and Jesus decided to go
02:28 down to his house in order to bring relief
02:31 and care to his daughter. As Jairus was
02:35 going down to his house, Jesus was going down
02:38 to Jairus' house the unnamed, unannounced,
02:43 unhealed, unnoticed, unclean woman lays
02:50 her hands on the Lord of life and glory
02:53 and her life which was ebbing away was
02:58 immediately healed. This is considered
03:03 one of the wayside miracles of Jesus,
03:06 because of its secret sorrow,
03:09 public description is withheld.
03:15 There are three gospels in the Bible
03:20 which report this incident, it's in
03:24 Matthew, Mark and Luke. In the 9th chapter of
03:30 Matthew, verses 20 to 22 we read,
03:34 the Bible says, and suddenly a woman
03:39 who had a flow of blood for 12 years came from
03:44 behind and touched the hem of His garment
03:49 and suddenly a woman who had this blood for
03:56 12 years Bible says, for she said to herself,
03:59 if only I may touch His garment,
04:03 I shall be made well." But Jesus turned around,
04:09 and said to her "Be of good cheer, daughter;
04:15 your faith has made you well."
04:18 And the woman was made well from
04:21 that hour onwards. The Levitical laws
04:26 indicate that this woman's malady
04:31 subjected her to grievous penalties,
04:34 it was rather embarrassing for her
04:38 to discuss her predicament in public.
04:42 In fact she was a woman of few words,
04:46 which is a rarity and a woman of much
04:50 shamefacedness. Womanly delicacy forbade
04:56 her openly discuss her situation in public.
05:02 But the Levitical law said that,
05:06 all that she touched, all she sat up on,
05:10 all who came in her path became unclean
05:14 simply because of her illness,
05:17 an outcast of society she was,
05:20 end of the law, shunned by her neighbors
05:25 and friends, purposely avoided if you please.
05:28 She was living a haggard life from poverty,
05:33 having spend all that she had,
05:35 in fact she was made worse not from the drain
05:42 on her physical body, nor her drain
05:45 on her finances, but the stigma of uncleanness
05:49 affected her mostly. This woman was excluded
05:54 from the consolations of public worship
05:58 and you know how it is, you go to church
06:03 when you're sick because you believe
06:06 that Jesus Christ is a great physician
06:09 and that He has healing for your
06:13 soul spiritually and physically.
06:15 Your go to the house of worship because
06:19 you are poor and the Bible indicates
06:23 blessed are the poor in spirit.
06:26 You go to church because you've been rejected
06:29 because you have a serious need,
06:32 you go to God's house because you have trails
06:35 and difficulties encompass you,
06:39 go because you have troubles
06:40 and you hope that within the house of God.
06:42 The words of Isaiah will be fulfilled in
06:45 your life, where the Bible simply says
06:49 he is called wonderful, counselor,
06:52 the mighty God, the everlasting Father,
06:56 the prince of Peace and it is hoped that
07:00 when you enter within the gates of God's house
07:04 that the comfort and the assurance
07:06 and the help that you need will be
07:08 forthcoming. This woman, her preference
07:13 rarely was obscurity, if it could have been
07:16 so not a single word came out of her lips,
07:22 except when Jesus confronted her
07:25 and He drew it out of her only for her
07:28 lasting good. She belongs to that
07:31 long line of persons, individuals who
07:38 if courage is needed to gain salvation
07:42 it will be most difficult for them.
07:44 She is almost like Nicodemus,
07:46 he came beneath the star studded skies
07:50 at night to learn truth and to gain light
07:55 and understanding from the Christ.
07:56 There was no pomp and no pageantry,
08:00 it was just Jesus and Nicodemus.
08:05 If you notice the life of Christ it is really
08:08 an amazing and beautiful life.
08:10 Jairus wanted Jesus to come down to his house.
08:16 The gentile Centurion told Jesus please
08:21 don't come to my house just speak the word
08:25 and my servant would be healed.
08:27 This unnamed woman will touch Christ
08:32 in the hope that she will be blessed
08:36 all three, Jairus, the gentile Centurion
08:42 and this unnamed woman, all three like
08:45 all of us in different ways are seeking for
08:48 God's help and the fact is that
08:51 God will respond, it was such an interesting
08:55 account that Jesus was going down to
08:58 Jairus' house and the cup of grace
09:01 that He was carrying simply spilled
09:03 and the woman sponged up every ounces
09:07 of it to her eternal good. This is what
09:11 we call a wayside miracle, this lady is
09:14 really symbolic of those whom Christ
09:17 and the Christian way of life the whole
09:21 Revelation of God in Christ is applicable
09:25 only in direst extremity, only as a
09:30 last resort. I'm talking about a religion that,
09:35 that's prompted by, by cul-de-sac,
09:39 experience a dead end road to be born again,
09:43 to be reconciled to God, to have all of our sins
09:48 forgiven, to have Jesus Christ at foremost
09:51 in the life. To do God's will and to keep all
09:54 of His commandments, they must be first sick
09:57 and dying, and then hear the cry from them,
10:03 they cry out Jesus Lord have mercy on me.
10:09 Lord, I'll do what You want me to do.
10:12 I'll be what You want me to be,
10:16 I will go where You want me to go,
10:19 they seem to forget the formula that
10:22 Jesus Christ has given us. He says in the
10:25 book of Matthew, the chapter is 6
10:27 and the verse is 33, He says,
10:30 "But seek first the kingdom of God
10:36 and His righteousness, and all these things
10:38 shall be added on to you." The Bible in the
10:43 book tells us that the woman had spent
10:48 all of her living. Mark's Gospel says
10:52 that this woman was first getting rid of all
10:56 of her expenses in an attempt to get well
10:58 before she saw Jesus and you and I ought to
11:01 remember that Jesus ought to be a
11:05 first choice and not a last resort,
11:10 we opt to spend all of our money
11:12 and our time on pleasure on wealth
11:15 and fame and cars and real estate
11:19 and when we have taken care of all of the
11:22 educational responsibilities
11:24 and the comforts and the ease of life.
11:26 Then after we have acquired and we have
11:29 done the gamete of those then we like the women
11:32 discover that we are not better but worse.
11:37 Then when we have failed to accept
11:42 Jesus Christ at the given time,
11:44 if we did not elect to chose God first then
11:49 when we ready to die, when we have no more
11:53 an attempt to get all that God has to offer
11:56 then we give to Him the tattered,
11:59 battered, scant remains of time
12:02 when we could have given Him first
12:04 if we had followed his formula all that
12:06 we have and are and life would have been
12:09 one endless stream of blessing,
12:11 no wonder the songwriter says give now
12:14 thy use to God, God will take us whenever
12:18 we get to Him, whenever we elect to choose
12:21 Him as our frame of reference,
12:24 as our savior, as our Lord and our coming
12:26 King. But in an event that we do not
12:30 but turn over our lives to Him God knows
12:33 that He will take us and make us what we ought
12:36 to be by His grace. This man and his wife
12:42 were at the account of fear
12:44 and she wanted to ride the merry-go-round
12:48 and he didn't. And after a few moments of
12:53 deliberation, he said to her, honey,
12:55 if you want to ride, you can go ahead,
12:57 I will wait for you. So, she went on the
13:00 merry-go-round and she had her ride,
13:04 finally the merry-go-round came
13:07 for a stop. He was waiting for her,
13:09 just where she had got on and then she walked
13:13 over to him and he said to her honey,
13:15 may I say something to you, he said
13:18 you paid your money, you got off
13:22 where you got on and you haven't been anywhere.
13:25 And so it is in life, sometimes we have given,
13:31 we have spent all that we have
13:33 and instead of getting better you got worse.
13:37 This woman really depicts in a broad sense
13:42 or diseased on healed world.
13:45 Look at the list of her helpers.
13:48 Really they were here hurters, HURTERS.
13:53 If we may calling the word, OBG ones,
13:56 doctors of internal medicine,
13:59 laboratory tests, operations, experiments,
14:04 notorious drugs, medications beyond
14:08 or ideal for fulfillment.
14:11 Egyptian doctors, Syrian doctors,
14:14 Greek practitioners, all tired, these men
14:17 had the science of medicine down
14:19 but instead of helping her she became worse.
14:22 She just paid, and paid, and paid
14:25 if she already knew the prodigal son,
14:29 that the prodigal did not earned his rule
14:33 it was given to him and so it is with us
14:37 what we get from the Lord is not
14:41 what for we do not earn it, it's a gift
14:44 from God. Twelve years expenditure
14:48 is a lot of money, the scriptures do not
14:53 indicate her source of livelihood,
14:56 well they are individuals in our world
14:59 now who can't afford their medications
15:04 for a week or a month, this woman could do for
15:08 12 years. In fact there are some people
15:11 who must opt may be to eat cat or dogs food
15:15 in order to get the medications
15:17 to sustain life. But this woman
15:20 having spend all, paid all, she was not
15:24 bettered, she was still poor, still destitute,
15:27 still diseased, still disappointed,
15:30 still weak, still miserable,
15:33 and still excluded from the consolations of
15:37 public worship. But she wanted out
15:39 you see of her situation. She was
15:43 downright desperate. She spared
15:47 neither living nor labor and all world is like
15:52 this woman, we have tired everything
15:55 world wars, we have tried all the isms,
15:58 capitalism, materialism, militarism,
16:03 we have tried communism, imperialism,
16:07 democracy, we're still going to pieces,
16:10 still diseased, all of treaties,
16:14 and all of the peace talks,
16:16 and all of the summits and all of the
16:18 United Nations resolutions, still have
16:23 not helped us. When are we going to learn,
16:26 we ought to learn in the book of
16:29 Acts the chapter is 4, and the verse is 12,
16:35 here is what the Bible tells us is the best
16:39 solution to all of the situations
16:42 that comes our way. It is so simple
16:45 we ought to just get it at the first chance,
16:48 it says "Nor is there salvation in any other,
16:53 for there is no other name under heaven
17:02 given among men by which we must be saved.
17:06 There is only name that will grant us salvation,
17:11 no medicine on earth can keep the heart
17:16 throbbing if Jesus says that's it.
17:21 No surgery can remove the load of sin
17:24 and guilt from the conscious but Jesus can.
17:28 No hand of preacher or philosopher
17:32 or prophet can cleanse the stains of sin
17:37 from our lives. No voice can say a word that will
17:43 astonish the wounds of a bleeding heart,
17:46 but Jesus can. The thirst can only go worse
17:52 because the water sought are from broken
17:55 empty systems. Only Jesus can help us.
18:00 We like the woman have tried and tried
18:04 and tried, we have forgotten that
18:06 life is not healed by financial resources,
18:11 life is not healed by the accomplishment
18:14 or the achievements. This woman had however
18:18 a great determination, she had great
18:21 hopefulness, she had great ideas
18:24 that she would get help, her misdirected
18:29 qualities are needful for us because
18:34 if only she had got the opportunity
18:39 to hold on to that which was right and true
18:43 and helpful at the out set.
18:45 Life would have been one glorious attempt
18:49 for this woman to know what kind of
18:51 characteristics she had. Mark tells us
18:56 that she heard about Jesus,
18:58 and this is so marvelous, this is so
19:00 beautiful somebody somewhere did a
19:04 beautiful deed for Jesus, when she had
19:08 heard about Jesus the woman said,
19:13 if I could only have the opportunity to touch him
19:18 I will be healed, I will be blessed,
19:21 I will be restored because this individual
19:24 who told her about Christ had given her
19:28 something to hold on to. She heard about Jesus
19:31 the Bible said, just hearing about Him
19:34 she hadn't seen Him. She was not in contact,
19:37 she heard about Him. How sweet the name
19:41 of Jesus sounds in a believer's ears,
19:45 it heals the sorrow and gets rid of all of his
19:49 wounds. Dear name the rock on which
19:52 I build my shield and hiding place.
19:55 The songwriter says all hail the power of
19:58 Jesus name. Let angels prostrate fall.
20:03 He is savior, He is our Lord, He is our master.
20:09 He is the great physician that
20:11 this woman sought, He is the door,
20:13 He is the good shepherd, He is the way
20:16 the truth, the life, in fact we need to say
20:20 like Thomas did, he cried out my Lord
20:24 and my God. However to hear about Jesus
20:28 is not enough, we must first come
20:34 and the songwriter says I came to Jesus
20:38 as I was, weary and worn and sad,
20:43 I found in Him a resting place
20:46 and He has made me glad. Isaiah 55 and verse 6
20:53 tells us exactly how we ought to deal
20:57 with our lives in relationship to this
21:00 marvelous savior that we serve Isaiah 55
21:04 and verse 6, it says, seek the Lord
21:08 while He may be found, Call upon Him
21:13 while He is near. This woman really sought
21:19 the Lord while he could be found,
21:21 she said if only I may touch His clothes,
21:27 she says I shall be made well, this unclean,
21:33 unhealed woman would venture into the
21:37 very presence of the Lord of life
21:40 and glory with one objective in mind.
21:44 If I can only but touch Him,
21:47 Jesus never ever bid us come if we are clean.
21:52 Jesus never gave us the idea that there are
21:57 some acceptable, approved ceremonies
22:01 that we must first go through before we can
22:05 approach Him. He does not design a ritual
22:08 for us to come He simply says come unto me
22:12 all ye that labor and are heavy laden them
22:15 and I will give you rest. This woman
22:19 sought the Lord, she said if I will only go
22:24 and if I can only touch His garment,
22:28 I know I am going to get well, and she did.
22:31 You see my brothers and my sisters,
22:33 my friends, it is important
22:36 that this woman get well because after 12 years
22:43 and she could no longer buy that,
22:46 those medications and costly injections
22:50 that had raised her hopes only to dash them,
22:53 this woman came to what would be called
22:56 her bitterest grief. She said I don't have
23:00 anymore money and look at what I'm going
23:02 through, I can't buy my medication
23:04 but she heard about Jesus, that was the best
23:07 thing that could have happened to her
23:10 because its no longer her medication it is no,
23:13 not I but Christ and so it is with us.
23:17 When we come to the end of our purse strings,
23:20 financially or educationally
23:22 or whatever purse strings we have
23:24 and they are depleted then we learn to depend
23:27 upon Jesus, we learn to trust him.
23:29 Because as long as there is food on the table.
23:32 As long as on one in the hospital,
23:35 as long as we can buy the gas for whatever
23:38 they cost, three dollars or four dollars
23:40 whatever, as long as the mortgage is paid
23:43 and we have some crunches around us,
23:45 then we feel that everything is alright.
23:48 But God says you got to learn to study
23:51 its not I but Christ, this was the
23:54 simplest thing she could do.
23:57 No prescription to fill, no pills to take.
24:00 This was the easiest thing that she could do,
24:03 just touch the hem of his garment.
24:04 This was the freest thing she could do,
24:09 its so free not a cent. Because God's gifts
24:12 are all free as the air we breath.
24:15 No money for grace, no money for love,
24:18 no money for his compassion.
24:20 This was also the quietest thing that
24:23 she could do only a touch. It was the most
24:26 effectual thing, number five that she could do,
24:29 look at the crowd around her,
24:31 look at her personal responsibility,
24:34 no one went for her. No one to touch for her,
24:37 no one to introduce him to her she was going
24:40 for herself, pushed and tossed
24:42 and shoved by the maddening crowd,
24:44 here this woman of faith in her hand.
24:47 She says my faith demands that I must
24:51 have a personal, intimate relationship
24:55 with the Lord Jesus Christ and so she came
24:57 and all of a sudden her moment arrived
25:00 and her moment arrived the Bible tells us
25:03 that she reached out and touched the hem
25:06 of God's garment and the Bible says
25:08 that her bleeding was immediately stanched.
25:12 Arrested, stopped, the live-giving forces
25:17 were now cruising through all of her body,
25:19 in fact the Bible says in the book of Mark that
25:22 her blood stopped immediately.
25:26 Jesus turns around and He asks,
25:29 who touched Me for I feel that
25:32 virtue has gone out of Me, that's what
25:35 the woman said, she said if I may but
25:37 touched Him. Jesus in saying who touched Me,
25:41 simply wanted to reward her faith because
25:45 He says virtue has gone out and He says
25:47 I do not want this woman to leave feeling
25:50 that she stole something or unconscious of that
25:55 which occur to her was a gift from God.
25:58 So, He said woman who touched Me,
26:01 He asked the crowd. The healing virtue
26:04 was an answer to her faith so God called her
26:08 and when she went up, the Bible says
26:10 that she spoke to God. She told Him
26:12 I touched you she told Him everything
26:14 because Jesus wanted her not only to believe
26:18 with her heart, He also wanted her to confess
26:21 with her lips, then Jesus turned to her
26:24 and He said to her daughter your faith
26:27 has made you well. Go in peace
26:31 and be healed of your affliction,
26:35 saving faith, the word of God in Jesus Christ
26:40 gave her a tremendous assurance,
26:43 more than that God called her daughter,
26:47 He was on His way to Jarius' daughter
26:50 and so He turn to her and he says lady
26:52 you are also my daughter, ancestry
26:55 of the Jews, ancestor of Abraham.
26:59 God has billions of people here
27:03 on the earth but He wanted her to know
27:05 that chronically ill old ladies mean
27:08 just as much to him as bright privileged
27:11 young daughters. So, He said daughter,
27:14 be of good courage, your faith has made
27:17 you whole, with the large crowd,
27:19 but this simple touch of faith do not leave
27:24 God's presence ever, unless you touch him
27:29 by the hand of faith, then raise up
27:31 and sing, he touched Me because it's reciprocal,
27:35 it's a divine human relationship
27:38 and then you can say to God only a touch
27:40 of your hands dear Lord, only a word of love
27:44 and God will make you all that you can be
27:47 and he wants you to be, there is nothing to it,
27:50 its simple faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


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