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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:34 What a delightful experience it is to be
00:37 in a situation where we can talk about the things
00:41 that relate to eternal life in Jesus Christ.
00:45 My name is Roy R. Brown, Retired President
00:49 of the Southeastern Conference of
00:51 Seventh-day Adventist.
00:54 My topic for today is The Scarlet Thread.
01:01 Let us pray. Eternal God and our Father,
01:05 we thank you for the blessings of this day.
01:11 In searching Your word may we find life
01:15 through Jesus Christ. Amen.
01:21 Moses had the monumental task of taking
01:25 the children of Israel through the desert
01:29 for 40 years because of their unbelief,
01:35 because they were reluctant in just having
01:40 faith in God. They must travel for 40 long years,
01:46 at long last however they must now face
01:52 and have combat with those people from whom
01:56 they must rest the land known as Canaan,
02:01 their entry into the promised land.
02:03 Joshua, Moses' successor was an eyewitness
02:10 to all of the miracles that God had shown
02:14 and demonstrated His power in their
02:18 journey towards the promised land,
02:21 like the crossing of the Red Sea,
02:25 like Moses hands being held up to heaven
02:28 while the battle wave in favor of Israel
02:31 against the Amalekites, he saw the display of
02:35 God's glory that random and awesome experience
02:39 on the Mount Sinai as God declared
02:41 His holy will to all of the Israelites.
02:44 He is now in leadership position and God speaks
02:50 pastorally to Moses, to Joshua.
02:54 He says to him in Joshua 1:5
02:59 "No man shall be able to stand before you all
03:03 the days of your life; as I was with Moses,
03:08 so I will be with you; I will not leave you
03:13 nor forsake you."
03:17 There is no better way to embark upon any
03:22 ministry program, irrespective of what it is,
03:27 there is no better way to start a project
03:30 than this or not a colleague,
03:35 not an administrator, not a spouse,
03:39 not a friend, not a parent but God.
03:45 And He says to Joshua, as I was with Moses
03:49 so I'll be with you. It sounds almost like
03:53 Jesus in His departing moments from His disciples
03:56 then He said, lo, I am with you always even
03:59 to the end of the age. There would be that
04:02 divine human relationship as I was with him
04:07 so I will be with you. You see my friends,
04:10 Jesus is the same yesterday, today
04:15 and forever and there is recorded in this book
04:21 written by Joshua. One of the greatest
04:25 historical episodes in Israel's conquest of the
04:30 promised land. There are two pivotal things
04:34 in this chapter two. One is that there is a
04:38 revelation of the plan of God and secondly,
04:41 God's plan to have all nations,
04:44 that's all kindreds, tongue and people to
04:47 populate the place he is now preparing for them
04:49 called the heavenly mansion.
04:52 Jericho was the key citadel of the
04:54 Jordan Valley. Its elimination was the
04:59 first imperative task of Joshua.
05:02 Geographically it commanded the passes
05:05 into the central highlands by destroying Jericho
05:10 this center of idolatry Israel would establish
05:14 number one, a bridge head and secondly their
05:18 progress would have been unimpeded.
05:21 Canaan's occupation was 40 years deferred
05:27 because of unbelief and Joshua purposed
05:31 in his heart that there would be no blind entry
05:34 into the promised land so he calls two spies,
05:41 two men with endurance, resourcefulness,
05:46 adaptability, wit, quickness of perception,
05:51 coolness and with a purpose to search the
05:54 land and to checkout Canaan and bring a report,
05:59 they are dispatched. After their reconnaissance
06:02 mission, there is not a single report from
06:07 these two men indicating any demographic study.
06:11 When they came back from the search in Jericho,
06:14 they did not say how high the walls were,
06:17 what the size was, what the population was,
06:20 where the location of the exits and
06:23 the entrances are, what the activities
06:25 and the daily schedules of the people were?
06:28 There was not a single word?
06:31 You see my wife and I went down for our wedding
06:33 anniversary to Italy and since we were going
06:37 to be there for over two weeks I decided
06:40 to see all the sites in these various cities
06:43 and Naples and in Florence and Milan over to
06:47 Genoa and over to Venice and in Rome
06:51 and I discovered something after
06:53 a little while, that when 12 O'clock came
06:55 everything seem to shutdown and they do not
06:59 open again until may be about 12 O'clock before
07:01 they opened again 3 O'clock and so what
07:05 we did was we do all our site seeing
07:07 and all our activities until 12 O'clock
07:11 and then we left we would use between one
07:15 and three just to travel to the next point
07:17 and then whatever was available after noon
07:21 hours we would then observe it.
07:24 But in these men, mission in Jericho they did not
07:28 come back with a single statement regarding
07:32 what they had seen. Here is all they brought
07:34 back and I am in the book of Joshua
07:36 I am in chapter 2, and I am looking at verse 24.
07:39 Here is what the men said upon their return
07:43 from the land, they said, and they said to Joshua
07:47 "Truly the Lord has delivered all the
07:50 land into our hands, for indeed all the
07:52 inhabitants of the country are fainthearted
07:55 because of us." My friends, may I clearly say
08:01 as much as I can that in the destruction of our
08:05 "Jericho's" Taking the cities in our conflicts
08:12 in the struggles that we have in life.
08:15 Whether it be employment, economic,
08:18 educational whatever the struggle might be,
08:21 you name it, God does not need out ingenuity.
08:28 The battle is not ours it's the Lord's and faith
08:33 is the victory. In Zechariah,
08:37 the chapter is 4, and the verse is 6,
08:41 lets hear what God says.
08:43 This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel.
08:48 "Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit,
08:54 says the Lord of hosts." It is not the numbers,
09:01 it is not influence, it is not strategy,
09:06 it's by the Spirit of the Lord. God is responsible
09:10 and He says that He will save us.
09:13 I am in the book of Deuteronomy,
09:14 I am at chapter 20 and I would like to read
09:18 verses 1 through 4. Here is God almighty speaking,
09:23 He says and this was clear I am sure to
09:28 Joshua since it was written by Moses
09:31 "When you go out to battle against
09:33 your enemies, and see horses and chariots
09:36 and people more numerous than you,
09:39 do not be afraid of them; for the Lord your God
09:42 is with you, who brought you up from the
09:43 land of Egypt. So it shall be when
09:46 you're on the verge of battle,
09:48 that the priest shall approach the people
09:50 to say to the people and He shall say to them,
09:55 hear O Israel today you are on the verge
09:59 of battle with your enemies.
10:01 Do not let your heart faint, do not be afraid
10:07 and do not tremble or be terrified because
10:10 of them for the Lord you God is He who goes
10:15 with you, to fight for you against your enemies
10:18 to save you." They had this marvelous
10:21 opportunity to know that in the conquest
10:24 of Canaan's land that God says not only will
10:29 he fight for them but that God will save them.
10:33 The instruction of Joshua's was simple
10:37 to go and view the land.
10:39 We are not told where else they went but
10:43 we are told that they did obey God.
10:45 They were in Jericho, they went to Rahab's house
10:48 and the Bible also indicates in the book
10:52 of Joshua, I'm reading chapter 2 and verse 2-4,
10:56 verses 2 to 4 and it was told the King of Jericho
10:59 saying "Behold, men have come here tonight
11:03 from the children of Israel to search out
11:05 the country." So the King of Jericho sent to
11:09 Rahab saying bring out the men who have come
11:12 to you and have entered your house,
11:15 for they have come to search out all
11:17 the country. Then the woman took the two men
11:21 and hid them. So she said yes,
11:23 men came to me but I did not know
11:26 where they were from. Interesting, Solomon said,
11:32 there is nothing new under the Sun.
11:36 These men finally came to Rahab's house to find
11:41 these men and between all they know how
11:47 they had whether they were CIA, FBI, KGB,
11:52 Scotland Yard, we do not know but when they came,
11:57 the woman said yes, I know two men came,
11:59 but I do not know where they are gone
12:01 you need to go and check and find for yourself.
12:04 There is a thing called wild goose chase.
12:06 They were sent on a wild goose chase nothing
12:08 new under the Sun and she said she had hid
12:11 them upon the roof amidst the flakes,
12:14 and the oats and the barley that she had,
12:17 that's camouflage. She did not display
12:22 where these men were in fact she lied.
12:26 And my question is to me until you my friends
12:30 is a lie ever justifiable? Can the pressures of
12:35 circumstances palliate it? Whatever happened to
12:40 death before dishonor? Should Rahab have
12:44 turned over the spies to the authorities?
12:47 The two spies were in her house.
12:51 I don't care how much skillful reasoning we do.
12:57 We cannot make Rahab's act of treachery
13:01 to her own people right.
13:05 A lie is always offensive to God,
13:08 whether Rahab told it or Abraham did it by
13:14 lying about his wife Sarah being his sister,
13:19 or David lying to Saul by saying to Jonathan
13:24 he is to tell his daddy he's gone down to
13:27 Jesse's father for some celebration
13:29 or Peter saying to the maid at the
13:33 crucifixion of Jesus, I don't even know
13:35 the men. I don't know where he came from
13:37 I don't know who he is, not once but three times.
13:40 We cannot justify that. A lie is always offensive
13:45 to God but before we walk all over Rahab.
13:50 We ought to remember that light from
13:53 God is progressive. We who are Christ accepted
13:58 him and his truth and gradually God unfolds
14:02 to us all of the sacred will,
14:05 when you are converted. Jesus told Peter
14:09 while he was a disciple then go and work for
14:13 the brethren and also Peter wrote later
14:17 on in his life when all of these facts
14:20 had pulled upon him. He said that we are to
14:24 add to our faith virtue and to virtue tempers
14:30 and to tempers knowledge.
14:33 There has to be a constant walk of faith.
14:36 Rahab had not reached where she ought to
14:40 have been as yet and she could say with certainty
14:47 God is not through with me yet,
14:51 I am still under construction.
14:54 The God we serve is mighty to save,
14:58 how all the people we do not know
15:02 what the population count was,
15:04 but of all the people in Jericho Rahab was
15:07 the only person that articulated God's
15:11 intervention in the fears of the land.
15:15 She welcomed the spies, she perfectly did well
15:20 reason for their visit to Jericho.
15:25 She says I know why you're here,
15:27 she is commended in scripture not for her
15:32 falsehood but for her faith.
15:36 Not for her treachery but for her faith,
15:41 not for lying but for her faith.
15:44 Hebrews 11 chapter and verse 31,
15:48 the Bible says, By faith the harlot Rahab did not
15:54 perish with those who did not believe,
15:58 when she had received the spies with peace.
16:05 Will you please listen to her conversation
16:07 with the two spies after the government officials
16:11 had gone on their wild goose chase.
16:14 Its awesome, may God grant each of us
16:18 the courage, the conviction, the awesome
16:22 power to speak about our heavenly Father
16:25 in the way that Rahab spoke about God.
16:29 It is so least with the grandeur of her concept
16:34 of the high and holy God.
16:36 I am in the book of Joshua,
16:37 I am in chapter 2 and I am looking at
16:40 verses 9 through 11.
16:41 Here is what she said and she said to the men,
16:46 "I know that the Lord has given you the land,
16:51 that the terror of you has fallen on us
16:56 and that all inhabitants of the land are
16:58 fainthearted because of you."
17:01 For we have heard how the Lord dried up the
17:03 water of the Red Sea for you when you came out
17:06 of Egypt, and what you did to the two Kings
17:09 of the Amorites who were on the other side
17:11 of the Jordan, Sihon and Og, whom you utterly
17:15 destroyed. And as soon as we heard these things
17:18 our hearts melted, neither did there remain
17:21 any more courage in anyone of you because
17:25 of the Lord, for he is God in heaven above
17:29 and on earth beneath. She says I know that our
17:34 hearts are melting, there is no more courage
17:37 in anyone because of you, for the Lord your God.
17:41 She says, he is God in heaven above and
17:44 on earth beneath. What an awesome declaration
17:49 of God's position and His character.
17:53 She believed in God's power and his dominion
17:57 over earth, heaven, she believed his promise
18:02 to His people Israel. She had greater faith
18:06 then even the men who came to her.
18:09 She hadn't seen the conquest as yet.
18:12 She had no opportunity to see any of the walls
18:16 of Jericho falling down but she believed,
18:18 she spoke even with greater assurance
18:22 than those who were eyewitnesses of the
18:27 wonders that she enumerated because
18:30 when God took those men and women out of Egypt
18:33 through the Red Sea and God gave them an
18:37 opportunity just to believe that he would
18:40 do more for them. The Bible says that
18:43 there was in them a heart of unbelief.
18:46 This woman heard about it and she believeth,
18:51 please listen to Rahab and be committed.
18:56 She did not say, I think that the Lord is God
19:02 in heaven above and in earth. I suppose so,
19:05 I guess so no she didn't say like that,
19:09 what she said was I know. She was positive,
19:14 it was a for sure statement,
19:17 she said we have heard and she says the Lord
19:22 he is God in heaven above and in earth beneath.
19:27 Her declarations were plain, uncut, raw,
19:33 untarnished, simple faith. This woman trusted
19:38 in God. she trusted in his words.
19:42 When Thomas heard that Jesus was resurrected
19:47 Thomas said except I see the nail prints
19:52 in his hands, except I see the wound in his side,
19:56 except I see the nail prints in his feet Thomas
19:59 says I will not believe. Jesus came eight days
20:02 later and he said Thomas, because you've seen my
20:06 hands and my feet and my side Thomas
20:09 you believe but he says blessed are they who have
20:12 not seen yet have believed.
20:15 How great is Rahab's faith,
20:17 the woman hadn't see, all she implied was hearing
20:21 not see. She says we heard what God has done.
20:25 Rahab's faith was a complete declaration
20:29 that we ought to trust in God. God can do salvation
20:33 without our intervention, God does need our hands,
20:38 God can enter hearts which seem
20:40 incapable of him pre, appreciating his
20:43 grace and love. God doesn't need us
20:46 but he gives us some opportunity to have
20:49 fellowship and to work alongside of him.
20:52 Rahab's faith was not the product of some
20:56 teacher, Rahab's faith was not because of some
21:00 literature evangelist, some Bible counselor,
21:05 some evangelist on the walls of Jericho
21:08 or some priest, or some scribe,
21:11 or some Levitt had introduced her to Christ.
21:14 God simply lifted her to his marvelous light
21:19 all from darkened Jericho's lifestyle.
21:23 He saved her, he released her from grossest
21:27 idolatry and from foulest sin, simply by having
21:33 seaweeds testify of his greatness and the fact
21:39 that he is God. Indeed the Bible is right,
21:44 without faith it is impossible to please
21:48 God for when we must come we must simply
21:51 believe that God is and that God is the rewarder
21:55 of them that diligently seek him.
21:57 She knew that judgment was coming and the God
22:01 would soon take the land she says,
22:03 you know our hearts fail, she said with all
22:06 the swagger and destruct and the bravado
22:09 and the issues of Satan, he knows he has a
22:13 short time, this city is going down and
22:16 so she struck a deal if you please with the
22:19 two spies, she entered into a covenant wisdom.
22:23 She says I want you to help me out.
22:26 I want you to save me when you get back
22:29 not only me but I want to save my mummy,
22:32 my daddy, my brothers and sisters
22:34 and their families. And the Bible says in
22:37 Joshua 2 and verse 18, they said after having
22:41 made a covenant, entered into a covenant
22:44 with Rahab they said, unless when we come into
22:48 the land you bind this line of scarlet cord
22:52 in the window through which you let us down,
22:56 and unless you bring your father and
22:58 your mother and your brothers and all your
23:00 fathers household to your home
23:02 we will not be responsible.
23:04 Oh! Marvelous, that is so good, that is so nice,
23:07 all they asked her to do is you're going to
23:09 let us down on the Jericho's wall by this
23:13 scarlet cord and they said when you let us
23:17 down what we want to do is for you to hang
23:20 this in the window and when we comeback
23:23 we will take care of you. My brothers and sisters
23:26 this is too good for us it seems.
23:31 Can you understand Rahab pleading
23:33 with her parents and her siblings
23:35 and all they had to come into the house
23:38 on the wall, house of shame which now
23:42 became house of salvation.
23:45 Her message was simple,
23:46 I wonder what she told them,
23:48 all she was I have this scarlet cord.
23:52 This scarlet thread according to the
23:54 King James version, this scarlet thread
23:56 is in my position and all I need for you to do
23:58 is to come in my house because once you get
24:01 into the house you can't get out but salvation
24:03 will be in the house. It was a symbol of God's
24:07 promise to deliver, to save from the on
24:11 coming judgment and the book of Joshua
24:14 the chapter is 6 verse 25 the Bible says
24:18 "And Joshua spared Rahab the harlot
24:22 and her father's household
24:24 and all that she had. So she dwells in Israel
24:29 to this day." What kind of lecture,
24:32 what kind of Bible study did she give
24:35 to her family? You see God was not looking
24:38 for Rahab on that faithful day no more
24:42 than when he comes again when he be looking
24:45 for our achievements and our accomplishments.
24:49 The question is do you have the scarlet cord
24:53 in the window, is the blood of Jesus Christ
24:56 over your life. Jesus said, when I see the blood
25:01 I will passover you. Rahab and us must leave
25:08 everything that we have to total faith in
25:12 Jesus Christ because we are not redeemed
25:15 with corruptible things such as silver
25:18 and gold but with the precious blood of
25:20 Jesus Christ. Rahab was saved on the wall
25:26 and everyone who came in had to remain
25:29 in the house with Rahab,
25:31 in order to find salvation and so it is with us
25:35 we must have the scarlet thread representative
25:38 or symbolic of the blood of Jesus over us
25:41 and we also must have Christ within the
25:46 life operating. Rahab became an Israelite,
25:52 she became the wife of the head of the
25:55 tribe of Judah, Salmon by name.
25:59 Probably one of two spies because Ephraim
26:02 and Judah were usually sent on important
26:05 assignments, her child was Boaz, brightest
26:10 and most honorable of Israel's saints.
26:14 Ruth, a Moabites was her daughter-in-law.
26:18 Her grandchild's grandchild was David,
26:22 Jesus Christ of Nazareth. If you please,
26:25 his ancestor traces back all the way to Rahab,
26:29 in the book of Matthew. I am in chapter 1,
26:32 and I'm reading verse 5. Matthew 1:5
26:35 the Bible says Salmon begot Boaz by Rahab,
26:39 Boaz begot Obed by Ruth, Obed begot Jesse
26:43 and Jesse was the father of David,
26:46 the plan of salvation unfolded in majesty
26:50 and beauty. The plan of salvation,
26:53 the in-gathering of souls of all nations kindred,
26:57 tongue and people as requested by God
26:59 was done, and through the blood we all our saved.
27:04 Saved like the scarlet thread in the window
27:08 and all remaining in the house of God
27:11 by his grace, by his sacrifice and by his love.
27:15 Praise God from whom all blessings flow
27:17 and indeed the Bible says, they overcame him
27:21 by the blood of the lamb at the great feast
27:26 in heaven we all will be there because sin died
27:30 at the cross. Condemnation lifted us
27:34 at the cross, ruining was removed at the cross,
27:37 death sentence was revoked at the cross,
27:40 slave chains were snapped at the cross,
27:44 the shadow of death was dispelled at the cross,
27:48 darkness of eternity was radiated at the cross.
27:51 Hallelujah to the Cross of
27:54 Jesus Christ on which He died.


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