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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel, my name is Pastor
00:34 Rowland C. Nwosu, the pastor of the All
00:37 Nations African Seventh- day Adventist Church
00:39 in San Bernardino, California and the
00:41 President of the Adventist hour International
00:44 Ministries in Loma Linda, California.
00:48 When life has been so unfair to you,
00:52 when things have not worked out the way
00:54 they ought to be, when you have prayed your
00:56 best prayers, when you have played by the
00:59 rule and things have not worked out.
01:04 Trust God, he will never fail you.
01:07 Let us pray. Thank you Father,
01:10 for the opportunity to share and to receive
01:13 your word, help us to trust you in the good
01:17 and in the bad times, when times are rough
01:21 and hard, help us to be faithful and Father,
01:24 we pray for strength as we go through our
01:27 life's experiences in Jesus
01:30 precious name we pray, amen.
01:34 The Bible speaks about a man.
01:38 A righteous man from the land of Uz,
01:41 his name was Job. He was blameless and
01:44 upright, he was righteous and Godly he was a
01:48 man rich and famous. Job was spiritual and
01:52 faithful. In fact the Bible tells us that this
01:56 man was the greatest man of all the people
02:00 in the East, telling us that it is possible to be
02:04 a rich and still be a Godly righteous man.
02:10 Reading from the Bible, the Bible text,
02:13 the Bible text that we want to read Job
02:16 chapter 1 verses 6-7 says that,
02:20 Now there was a day when the sons of God
02:25 came to present themselves before the Lord,
02:28 and Satan also came along them.
02:33 And the Lord said to Satan, "From where do you
02:36 come?" So Satan answered the Lord and said,
02:40 "From going to and fro on the earth, and from
02:44 walking back and forth on it." So Satan had been
02:51 busy manufacturing evil on the planet earth,
02:57 he had been going to and fro deceiving the people
03:01 on earth. He made them sin yet he comes in
03:05 the presence of God and accuses them of not
03:08 being faithful, of not being righteous,
03:11 of being unworthy to represent the planet
03:14 earth in the presence of God. That is what the
03:18 devil does. So in that encounter, in that
03:22 discussion God challenged Satan's presentation,
03:28 in Job 1 and verses 8-11 we read that the Lord
03:34 said to Job, "Have you considered My servant
03:38 Job, that there is none like him on the earth,
03:43 a man blameless and upright man, and one who
03:46 fears God and shuns evil?" So Satan answered the
03:51 Lord and said, "Does Job fear God for nothing?
03:56 Have you not made a hedge around him, around
04:00 his household, and around all that he has on every
04:04 side? You have blessed the work of his hands,
04:08 and his possessions have increased in the land.
04:12 But now, stretch out your hand and touch all that
04:16 he has, and he will surely curse you to your face!"
04:21 Wow! Do you see, you know it was,
04:24 Satan was accusing God of bribing Job to
04:29 worship him, to serve him. Satan accuses
04:36 God of giving Job favors so that he can serve
04:41 him. Another way of saying that is that the
04:46 Satan says to God you are buying your loyalty,
04:53 your obedience from the people,
04:55 from the people on earth. What a challenge.
05:00 So God was put in a situation where he had
05:02 to prove to Satan that Job was a man who
05:06 served him from his heart who chose to serve
05:10 him. So in this passage God demonstrates his
05:14 confidence in Job, he declares his trust for
05:19 Job. God confirms that Job is a blameless and
05:22 upright man who will shun evil in spite of
05:26 what he had, in spite of the blessings that he
05:29 had received from God, what a testimony that
05:32 God had on Job. So in the next verse we read
05:41 that God himself gave authority,
05:46 gave permission to Satan to prove himself,
05:50 to prove that Job was right, to prove that Job
05:54 serves him from his heart. And I've asked
05:57 myself wow! Can God depend on me,
06:00 can God have that kind of trust in me?
06:03 Can God have that kind of confidence and trust
06:06 in you? So the Lord in verse 12 says,
06:09 So the Lord said to Satan, "Behold, all that he
06:13 has is in your power; all that you have all that
06:18 he has is in your power and only do not lay a
06:22 hand on his person." So Satan went out from
06:26 the presence of God. This one verse turned
06:31 Job's life around. Destroyed his family,
06:37 God gave him the permission to go and try
06:40 him out,s but notice that the Bible says that
06:44 Satan went out of the presence of God.
06:48 My dear brothers and sisters nobody goes out
06:51 of the presence of God and remains the same
06:54 and notice what the Bible says that Satan went
06:57 out of the presence of God and evil followed him.
07:04 He went to ferment evil to torment Job,
07:08 to destroy Job and when so,
07:10 when Job goes out, when Job stays in his house
07:17 with his family when his family relaxes and
07:21 enjoys and lives their daily lives something
07:25 terrible was about to happen unbeknown to Job.
07:32 When I was preparing this sermon I wanted to
07:35 title this message, can God really trust me or can
07:43 God really trust you? So as I prayed and
07:47 reflected upon the question, as I talk about
07:51 the experiences of Job, as I looked at my four
07:54 children, as I look at what the Lord has given us
07:58 the life, the health, I can began to wonder if
08:03 God can really trust me, if God can really
08:07 depend on me, if God can really depend on us,
08:10 if God can really depend on you. So, I've
08:12 found out, I discovered that the question should
08:15 not be if God can really trust me but if I can
08:20 trust God, if you can trust God. So that's how
08:25 we come to talk now of this question of this
08:27 sermon, that you can really trust God.
08:32 Can I really trust God? Yes. You can trust God,
08:37 I can trust God, because God has proven himself
08:40 that he does not fail, he cannot fail.
08:47 So you see the devil leaving God's presence
08:51 and begins to work his work of evil.
08:56 Now notice that Satan leaves God's presence
09:01 and goes to instigate the Sabeans from Sheba
09:05 to attack and raid the servants of Job,
09:12 they took away the oxen and the donkeys,
09:15 killed all the servants and left one person to
09:18 go and report the mayhem. Servants destroyed,
09:23 oxen destroyed. And in verse 16, Job chapter
09:29 1 verse 16, "while this messenger was still
09:32 speaking another also came and said,
09:36 the fire of God fell from heaven and burned up
09:40 the sheep and the servants, and consumed
09:43 them; and I alone have escaped to tell you!"
09:50 Question, how did this servant know that this
09:54 fire was fire from God? This is what the devil
09:58 intended for the servant to blame God to do,
10:03 to blame God for the fires that destroyed Job's
10:09 servants, sheep and all his oxen.
10:15 The Bible says that Satan will cause fire to come
10:20 even from heaven to deceive the very elect.
10:24 And as if these were not enough while this
10:28 servant was still speaking Satan starred
10:30 up another group of people, the Chaldeans
10:33 from Babylon as agents, they organized
10:35 themselves into three groups they attacked
10:38 and raided another group of servants of
10:40 Job and killed all of them and took their camels
10:44 and they left one servant again to come and
10:48 report to Job. While the servant was still
10:53 speaking, we read that, another servant came
11:03 reporting and says your sons and daughters
11:05 went eating and drinking in their older brother's
11:09 house and suddenly a great wind came from
11:12 across the wilderness and struck the four
11:15 corners of the house and it fell on the young men
11:18 and they were dead and I alone have escaped
11:22 to tell you. Dear friends, the devil stirs people to
11:27 start trouble. The devil uses people to attack
11:31 other people, he chooses some people willing
11:35 to afflict war, harm, pain on other people.
11:39 He uses people to devise his plans and to
11:44 accomplish his plans. It's not sad, it is sad,
11:51 it is sad to say that you can find devil's
11:55 agents at home, at school, at your work,
12:01 yes even at the church. There maybe members
12:03 of your committee, but I want you to notice
12:07 something that Job did after all these
12:14 circumstances, after all these attacks on his
12:17 person, after all these attack on his family,
12:20 upon all these things in one day.
12:25 Job 1 verses 20 and 21, my Bible says,
12:32 Then Job arose, tore his robe,
12:38 and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground
12:42 and worshiped. And he said: "Naked I came from
12:47 my mother's womb, and naked shall I return
12:51 there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken
12:55 away; Blessed be the name of the Lord."
13:02 What a faith! Incredible! A man has lost all he
13:09 had in one day, his riches, his possessions,
13:12 his family. And worst of, he's been told that this,
13:20 that this, that all these things have come from
13:23 the man, the person, the God that he has
13:27 worshiped and served his life.
13:31 Can the Lord trust you to respond like Job
13:37 responded in his predicament? Can I,
13:40 can God trust me to respond when situations
13:45 are not so convenient? The Bible testified that
13:50 in all this Job did not sin nor charged God with
13:57 any wrong, in all this Job did not sin nor charged
14:05 God with any wrong. In other words Job
14:08 trusted God although he did not understand
14:11 what was happening he trusted God,
14:13 can I trust God, can I trust God, can you trust
14:17 God when situations are so bad, when things
14:20 are not working your way, when you can not
14:22 pay the bills, when you can not do the things
14:25 that you really should do, can do. I see if these
14:32 experiences were not enough Satan did not
14:35 stop there. He was disappointed because Job
14:38 had not sinned, Job had not cursed God,
14:41 he was angry, he was furious, he had started
14:44 with attacking Job's motive in the first place,
14:48 that was the first part of his attack on Job,
14:52 then he went after his possessions but that also
14:55 failed. Satan also went after his children that
14:58 also failed, he failed to move him,
15:01 then the Bible says there was yet another
15:03 meeting in the presence of God. Where the sons
15:07 of God met again. Satan came back with a
15:12 request to attack Job's health and God said in
15:16 this situation Job chapter 2 verse 3,
15:22 Job chapter 2 verse 3 we read in this that,
15:27 Then the Lord answered and said to Satan,
15:32 have you considered My servant Job,
15:36 that there is none like him on the earth,
15:40 a blameless and upright man, one who fears God
15:44 and shuns evil? In other words God says to
15:47 Satan again, I told you, I told you this man is a
15:51 righteous man and then and he says,
15:54 And still he holds his integrity, although you
15:57 incited Me against him, to destroy him without
16:01 cause." God tells to Satan I told you that I've
16:07 trusted this man that he serves me from his
16:11 heart, it's his choice to serve me, he is
16:14 not serving me because of all those things
16:17 that he's been blessed with, don't you see he
16:21 still holds to his integrity, to his choice
16:24 of obedience to me. Then in verses 4 through
16:30 7 we read that. So Satan answered the Lord
16:37 and said, "Skin for skin! Yes, all that a man
16:43 has he will give for his life. But stretch out
16:48 Your hand now, and touch his bone and his flesh,
16:52 and he will surely curse you to Your face!"
16:56 And the Lord said to Satan, "Behold, he is in
17:00 your hand, but spare his life." So Satan went
17:04 out of the presence of the Lord.
17:11 Again Satan left, I'm not sure if he was there till
17:17 the end of the meeting, but he left because
17:20 he had an evil agenda, he went to attack Job
17:23 again, this time from the tip of his hair,
17:28 from the very root hairs on his head to the
17:32 very soul of his feet boil, boil all over and he
17:40 could not comb his hair. Job I can imagine Job
17:43 not able to comb his hair or to stretch his hand,
17:46 or to even lie and lie down comfortably or
17:50 even stand on his feet, or put on clothes on
17:53 his body. Have you had one boil before?
17:58 Have you ever had one boil? Do you see how
18:00 painful one boil is? Can you imagine boils all
18:04 over your body? Including the bones painful,
18:09 painful, painful I can imagine Mrs. Job at this
18:14 point talking about why? Why, what have you
18:20 done man? What have you done wrong?
18:23 Have you been cheating on me? Ha, ha,
18:26 is that, is this, have you contracted AIDS,
18:29 or what is it that is what are you hiding from
18:33 me? Did you get this from somewhere,
18:37 have you been sneaking around, what, tell me,
18:40 what, have you not been telling me, why is Lord
18:44 allowing you to go through these things?"
18:47 Can you imagine day and day, after night after
18:51 night, Job hearing this from his wife.
18:55 I don't know what Mrs. Job told him but the
18:57 Bible says that she herself did ask her
19:03 husband to curse God and die.
19:08 You must have been cheating on me,
19:10 she must have said. You see many of us are
19:13 like, you see many of us are like Mrs. Job.
19:20 We have aware of analyzing things and it
19:23 has to be somebody's fault. We think of,
19:26 we think it is no use doing good or being good,
19:30 we think it does not pay to obey God or to
19:36 obey the Lord. We see prosperity of the wicked
19:40 and we think it does not help to play by the rule.
19:49 Mrs. Job said in Job chapter 2, in Job chapter
20:00 2 verses 9 and 10 the Bible says,
20:04 Then his wife said to him, "Do you still hold
20:08 fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!"
20:12 But he said to her, "You speak as one of the
20:16 foolish women speaks. Shall we indeed accept
20:20 good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?"
20:26 In all this Job did not sin with his lips.
20:35 The most beautiful part, the most beautiful part,
20:40 Job did not sin with his lips.
20:46 Can the Lord brag on me, or brag with me,
20:50 brag with you. Can the Lord depend on you;
20:57 can the Lord depend on me? But as I said
21:01 earlier, we can trust God; you can trust God
21:07 regardless of all that we go through.
21:10 The three Hebrew boys trusted God even in
21:14 the fiery furnace and God did not fail them.
21:19 Moses trusted God when he came to the Red Sea
21:25 God did not fail him. Daniel trusted God when
21:29 he was thrown into the lion's den but God
21:33 did not fail Daniel. Joshua trusted God when
21:38 his enemies around him and surrounded him,
21:44 God was still faithful to Joshua.
21:47 David trusted God when he went out to fight
21:51 with the Giant Goliath. God was faithful to David,
21:58 God did not fail him. You can trust God,
22:02 you can depend on God, you can trust God in
22:06 times of trouble, you can trust him in your times
22:09 of difficulties. There are people around the
22:13 world from the Old Testament to the
22:16 New Testament, even in today's world who can
22:20 stand and say yes I trust God, I can trust
22:26 God he will not fail me, I stand here to testify
22:31 to you today that I trust God because he has
22:37 not failed me, because he will not fail me.
22:42 Ruth was a young lady, parents have died.
22:52 Didn't have, she was a little, little girl,
22:56 born three months when born, but his, her parents
23:01 died, three months when she was three months
23:05 and then she was given away to a little girl
23:08 who had just gotten married, who was not
23:11 pregnant. For some reason this girl chose to
23:16 nurse Ruth. And miraculously the Lord
23:23 provided breast milk for Ruth. At an age,
23:28 this lady was about in her 20's and there was
23:31 breast milk in her and she fed,
23:35 Ruth fed from this 20 year old girl.
23:40 Today this man standing here is the son of
23:48 that little girl who was nursed by a 20 year
23:53 old girl, who was not, who have not had a
23:56 baby but had the breast milk. Yes, you can
24:02 trust God. So many souls have tested him as
24:07 Psalm writer says, through all the course of
24:10 time, some still reach out to him with broken
24:14 hearts and minds but everyone of them will say
24:19 without exception that they find that Jesus
24:22 never fails. Jesus never fails. Trust God he will
24:29 not fail. I stand here again to testify to you
24:33 that Jesus never fail, that God can be trusted,
24:37 you can trust God because he will never disappoint
24:40 you. It does not matter what you're going
24:44 through, you might go through experience as
24:47 such as Job's, you can go through circumstances
24:51 that may not be as terrible as Job's,
24:54 but they feel that you are experiencing again
25:00 Job's situation, trust God. There is something
25:06 you may not understand we do not know what
25:09 is going on in the spiritual realm.
25:14 Could it be that the devil is bringing charges to
25:19 God on your behalf, telling God to try you?
25:25 Wishing the devil, wishing to take you, wishing
25:30 to destroy you or your family, wishing to
25:33 destroy me or my family. The objective today
25:38 in this message is for you, it's for me to be
25:42 encouraged to go through what we are going
25:45 through, bearing in mind that God is willing and
25:50 able to deliver us from this particular situation,
25:56 because God did not disappoint anyone who
26:01 have trusted in him in the past.
26:06 God throughout the years has been faithful,
26:11 you can trust God. God did not disappoint the
26:15 woman with the issue of blood, so if you are
26:18 a woman this day, trust God. He will not fail
26:23 you. God did not disappoint Mary and Martha
26:28 regarding their brother Lazarus.
26:33 God did not disappoint them, God raised him up.
26:39 So trust God, he will not fail you. God did not
26:43 disappoint in Mary the mother of Jesus when
26:46 he asked a favor from Jesus in that wedding
26:53 that took place in Cana of Galilee,
26:58 even though Jesus said to her woman,
27:01 what does your concern have to do with me?
27:05 So trust God, he will not disappoint you.
27:10 There are great benefits to trusting God.
27:13 If you trust God you may find a realm on your
27:16 mount Moriah. If you trust God you may gain
27:19 back double what you have lost.
27:21 If you trust God you may be carried off by a
27:24 chariot of fire, if you trust God you may cover,
27:29 he may cover the mouths of lions all around
27:33 you, if you trust God he may have to cause
27:36 his son to stand still until you conquer your
27:40 enemies, if you trust God and continue to trust
27:43 God your lost acts might float in the rivers
27:47 of your life. Trust God, he will not fail you,
27:51 trust him he will not fail you,
27:53 because he never fails.


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