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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel, my name
00:34 is Pastor Rowland C. Nwosu,
00:36 the pastor of the All Nations African
00:38 Seventh-Day Adventist Church in San
00:40 Bernardino, California and also the
00:42 President of the Adventist Our
00:44 International Ministries in Loma
00:46 Linda, California. Our Post, Postmodern
00:51 world today is filled with issues,
00:54 ideologies and philosophies,
00:58 rationalism, relativism and other isms
01:02 that I called Faith Busters.
01:07 They challenge our faith and our
01:10 beliefs in Christ Jesus and the
01:14 practice of our faith in our society today.
01:17 So, today I want to share with you,
01:19 if you please about 12 foundational
01:23 suggestions as to how we can build
01:26 our faith in this situation, in this
01:29 society. Let us pray, Father, thank you
01:33 for the opportunity to hear your
01:35 word and to speak your word, help us
01:39 to be faithful in times when life and
01:43 ideas and thoughts and discussions
01:48 around us tend to challenge our faith,
01:51 help us dear Lord in the name
01:53 of Jesus we pray, amen.
01:58 Twelve foundational suggestions for
02:01 building up your faith in our
02:04 Modern Society, in today's world.
02:08 With the philosophies and ideas, ideologies
02:11 and rationalism of our times,
02:13 it becomes, becomes something
02:17 that challenges our faith when
02:19 on the right and on the left,
02:21 on the televisions we are faced
02:25 with ideas that make us feel
02:29 that our faith are wrong or what
02:32 we believe about God are wrong.
02:37 And I want to suggest you that
02:39 the first thing that I would encourage
02:45 us to do is to recognize, to remember.
02:47 To recognize that God loves us,
02:51 God loves me; God loves you more
02:55 than you love yourself. Let me explain,
02:58 you see, yes this body that I have maybe mine,
03:03 I may eat and nourish it and take care of it,
03:06 but God cares about me more than
03:11 I care about myself. He protects me
03:13 more than any armies in the world can protect.
03:16 He cares and loves me more than
03:19 my parents would ever love me.
03:21 He, He guides me, He heals me,
03:24 provides for me more than anybody
03:27 else can and would. So, if we recognize
03:31 that then our role will be one to cooperate
03:35 with Him, want to find out what God
03:38 is actually working out for us.
03:42 It is to plan out to, workout to,
03:46 find out God's will for us.
03:51 It is important that we believe.
03:53 We recognize that God loves us
03:57 more than we love ourselves.
04:00 The Bible says that God's promises
04:05 are true all the times. In Isaiah chapter
04:08 41 verse 10, and this one of my
04:11 favorite verses and many of you
04:13 watching, this maybe your favorite
04:14 verse also. It says, Isaiah chapter 4,
04:18 41 verse 10 it says, fear not,
04:21 for I am with you; be not dismayed,
04:26 for I am your God; I will strengthen you,
04:31 yes I will help you, I will uphold you
04:34 with my righteous right hand.
04:39 This is a text that has meant so
04:40 much to me, it lifts me up when
04:43 I am down, and when I feel that all
04:45 the world is collapsing against me,
04:47 this verse tells me, Rowland,
04:51 do not fear for the maker and the
04:54 creator of the universe is with you.
04:56 And if you turn to the page to Isaiah
04:59 43 verses 1 and 2 it says, But now,
05:07 Isaiah chapter 43 verses 1 and 2
05:10 it says, "But now, thus saith the Lord,
05:14 who created you O Jacob,
05:17 And He who formed you, O Israel:
05:20 Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
05:23 I have called you by your name;
05:27 you are mine. When you pass
05:30 through the waters, I will be with you;
05:32 And through the rivers, they shall not
05:34 overflow you. When you walk
05:36 through the fire, you shall not be burned,
05:39 nor shall the flame scorch you."
05:45 This is a, this is a covenant promise,
05:47 this is a promise that was made to
05:49 Jacob on the basis that he accepted
05:52 God as his savior. And this promise
05:54 is also available to all those,
05:57 to anyone who accepts God
05:59 as his God, who accept Jesus Christ
06:03 as their personal savior.
06:05 This same promise, this covenant
06:07 promise is available to anyone and
06:12 you are watching. Have you accepted
06:16 Jesus Christ as your personal savior?
06:18 In your growth as a Christian person,
06:21 as one who believes the Lord,
06:23 do you accept this covenant relationship?
06:25 If you do this promise is for you.
06:28 Fear not, but believe that God loves
06:32 you more than you love yourself.
06:33 So, do not worry and nothing will happen
06:38 to you without God knowing it and
06:42 allowing it to happen. Suggestion number
06:44 two, if we must grow our faith and
06:47 build our trust, our faith in the Lord
06:49 we must, we cannot, we must recognize.
06:52 Number two, is that we must recognize
06:54 that we cannot do anything to
06:57 make God love us more than He has.
07:00 We cannot improve upon God's love for us.
07:05 You see, the Bible says that God loves us,
07:09 God loved us, even while we were
07:12 dirty, ugly, stinking and deeply
07:17 immersed in sin. Romans chapter
07:20 5 verses 6 through 8, Romans 5 verses
07:26 6 through 8. Now, we read the Bible
07:29 says, "For when we were still
07:32 without strength, in due time Christ
07:36 died for the ungodly. For scarcely
07:40 for a righteous man will one die:
07:43 yet perhaps for a good man someone
07:45 would even dare to die. But God
07:49 demonstrates His love toward us,
07:52 in that while we were yet sinners,
07:55 Christ died for us." Well, this is no
08:00 wonder why Jesus speaking to
08:03 Nicodemus that one night in
08:04 John chapter 3 verse 16, a text that
08:08 most of us, you will know that you
08:11 would know, yeah that some of us
08:13 have committed to memory John chapter 3
08:15 verse 16. The Bible says,
08:17 "For God so loved the world that
08:20 He gave His only begotten Son,
08:23 that whoever believes in Him will not
08:27 perish but have everlasting life."
08:33 So, my friends you see, you cannot
08:35 improve upon God's love,
08:37 accept that God loves you more
08:40 than He loves, more than you love yourself.
08:43 Believe that He will take care of you.
08:49 Suggestion number three, let us
08:52 humble ourselves before the Lord
08:55 and obey Him. Let us be humbled
08:59 and obedient. Suggestion number three,
09:02 you see the human race suffers
09:03 from what I call the peacock syndrome,
09:06 that is the condition where people
09:08 tend to inflate themselves much higher
09:11 and larger than they really are.
09:14 You see, we live in a world where
09:16 someone's status is determined
09:19 by the type of car they drive and
09:23 the kind of house they live in,
09:25 the, their big homes, fat big bank accounts,
09:29 their facts and fashions and their
09:32 positions and these have become signs
09:35 or symbols of status.
09:39 Everyone wants to get this things
09:41 and get ahead. And no one wants
09:43 to submit, no one, but few people
09:46 want to submit if you please.
09:50 May I suggest, be obedient and humble.
09:54 You see, God is no respecter of persons
09:58 and these things, these symbols of status
10:02 that we have on earth today cannot
10:05 get us where God wants us to be.
10:10 The Bible says that everyone is equal
10:12 before God. The Bible says that God
10:15 is no respecter of person. So, our
10:18 nationalities don't mean anything,
10:21 do not matter, our ethnic affiliations
10:25 do not matter, our degrees do not
10:27 matter, our bank accounts do not matter,
10:30 our wealth do not matter, our
10:32 professions do not matter.
10:34 In fact, let me be clear.
10:37 Your beauty does not matter also.
10:40 What matters is the content of the heart.
10:42 Let no man think of himself more
10:45 highly than he ought to think.
10:46 In fact, the Bible says, as followers of
10:48 Christ we admonish to have the
10:50 mind of Christ. In Philippines chapter
10:54 2 verses 5 through 8, the Bible makes
10:57 it clear that we ought to have the mind
11:00 of Christ, and he goes on to tell us
11:02 what the mind of Christ is.
11:04 Philippines chapter 2 verses 5
11:06 through 8 it says, "Let this mind be in you,
11:11 which was also in Christ Jesus,
11:13 who being in the form of God
11:15 did not consider it robbery to be
11:18 equal with God, but made Himself
11:20 of no reputation, taking the form
11:23 of a bondservant and coming in the
11:25 likeness of men. And being found in
11:28 appearance as a man, He humbled
11:31 Himself and became obedient to the
11:33 point of death, even the death of the cross."
11:38 You see, humility is not, is not
11:40 quietness, it's not soft speaking,
11:43 it's not positiveness on issues,
11:46 it's not trying to stand in middle.
11:48 Humility has to do with God, our
11:51 relationship with God that finds itself
11:53 filtered in the way we relate to one another.
11:57 You see, but humility is a divine gift,
12:00 You see grace in the mind and in the heart
12:03 of the believer which allows him or
12:05 her to think of Himself not so highly,
12:09 not, not, not higher than the other
12:13 creation of God. So, true humility than
12:16 requires us to feel that God,
12:19 that God and that in God's sight we are,
12:24 we have no merit on ourselves, by ourselves.
12:27 True humility requires us to honor
12:31 and prefer others to ourselves.
12:35 However, humility does not mean that
12:38 you should be somebody's doormat.
12:41 It does not require us to on duly self
12:46 depreciate ourselves, but rather
12:48 the loneliness of, of self estimation
12:53 and freedom from vanity.
12:57 If we must build our faith, if we must
13:01 build our faith and increase and grow
13:04 in our faith relationship with God,
13:07 my first, the fourth suggestion
13:09 I want to suggest was is that we
13:11 must accept the will of God.
13:14 Many of us including yours faithfully,
13:16 one of my problems have been to
13:21 accept God's will. You know,
13:23 I have this plan, I have my plans.
13:26 You have your plans; we want to work
13:28 our plans the way we want it,
13:30 but God has His plans.
13:33 And often times and in most,
13:36 in most times our plans are different
13:39 from God's plans. You see in Isaiah
13:44 chapter 55 verses 8 and 9, God reminds
13:51 us that, For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
13:55 Nor are your ways My ways, says the Lord.
13:58 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
14:01 So are My ways higher than your ways,
14:05 And My thoughts than your thoughts.
14:08 So, God says, God says, I know better,
14:14 just give me your will, give me your thoughts.
14:17 Let accept what I say, find out where
14:22 I'm going and then follow me.
14:24 You see, God says, His ways are not
14:28 my ways; His thoughts are not my
14:33 thoughts. I don't think the way God
14:34 thoughts; you don't think the way
14:36 God thinks. The only way we can
14:38 accept God's will, the only way we
14:41 can harmonize our will with God is
14:44 for us to be in constant conversation
14:47 with Him. So, that we can see,
14:51 we can feel, we can hear Him speak to us.
14:54 And when He speaks to us,
14:56 when we hear Him then what we want
14:59 to do will be in harmony with what His
15:01 plan is for us, it is never, it has never
15:06 worked out for anyone who wants to
15:08 kick against God's will. It certainly
15:11 did not work for Balaam.
15:13 Balaam tried it when he wanted to
15:15 curse God's people; he ended up blessing
15:18 God's people. Haman also tried to kick
15:26 against God's plan, God's people in,
15:29 in Persia, Haman also tried to kick
15:37 against God's plan for Mordecai and,
15:39 and the Hebrew people, but he ended
15:44 up being hanged by the same,
15:46 the same gallows that he had prepared
15:48 for God's people. Apostle Paul did not
15:52 succeed either, I see he tried to kick
15:56 against God's people and against God's plan.
16:01 Apostle Paul got converted doing so.
16:06 Alexander the Great did not succeed,
16:10 in fact he ended up as he fought against
16:13 the will of God. He exclaimed at the end
16:15 God is too much for me. You cannot
16:20 my friends, you cannot kick against God's will,
16:23 submit. I have learned through all
16:26 the years that God's will will happen,
16:31 it may take long, we may wrestle with it,
16:34 but God will be victorious at the end.
16:39 Suggestion number five, if we must grow
16:41 our faith relationship with God,
16:43 we must guard against, we must jealously,
16:47 we must guard jealously the avenues to our soul.
16:54 Guarding the pathway, the avenues,
16:57 the doors that lead into our soul,
16:59 what do I mean by that? We need
17:01 to protect things that get into our minds.
17:03 We need to secure and jealously guard
17:06 the pathways to our minds.
17:08 What do we feed our minds?
17:10 What we watch our minds.
17:12 Jesus Christ emphasized that the importance
17:15 of how what enters our mind because
17:17 it comes out. In Matthew chapter 12 verses
17:22 33 through 37, Matthew chapter 12
17:27 verses 33 through 37. It says,
17:30 "Either make the tree good,
17:33 and it's fruit good; or else make the tree
17:36 bad and it's fruit bad; for a tree is known
17:39 by the, by it's fruits. Brood of vipers!
17:43 How can you being evil speak good things?
17:46 For out of the abundance of the heart
17:48 the mouth speaks. A good man out of the
17:51 good treasure of his heart brings forth
17:54 good things, and an evil man out of the
17:56 evil treasure brings forth evil things."
18:00 Verse 36, "But I say to you that for
18:04 every idle word that men may speak,
18:07 they will give account of it in the Day
18:10 of Judgment. For by your words you
18:14 will be justified, and by your words
18:17 you will be condemned. Garbage in,
18:24 garbage out, what we feed our minds
18:27 somehow it will come out through our lips.
18:32 Let us guard jealously things that get
18:36 into our minds, either through what we see,
18:40 through what we read, through
18:41 what we touch, through what we hear,
18:43 through what we taste. Suggestion number six,
18:50 carefully tame your tongue, careful.
18:54 Let us carefully take, tame our tongue.
18:57 Let us refuse to be the devil's agent.
19:02 The one purpose of gossip is to destroy
19:06 God's image in us. And that is why
19:10 the devil uses it to tear people down.
19:13 Oh how many churches? How many
19:16 groups have ended up destroyed,
19:20 turn apart as a result of gossip between
19:25 people, between members, here say.
19:31 First Timothy chapter 5 verse 13,
19:34 Apostle Paul speaks to Timothy about,
19:37 about some saints trying to do this.
19:39 He says, And besides these people,
19:42 they learn to be idle, wandering from
19:46 house to house, and not only idle
19:49 but also gossips and busybodies,
19:52 saying things which they ought not say.
19:59 Question, question, when you say things,
20:05 do you know for sure that they are true?
20:09 Did you verify your source? Is it true?
20:14 Would it help? Would it hinder?
20:16 Would it destroy? Would you build up?
20:19 Those are questions, those are rule of
20:22 thumb questions that we can ask
20:25 ourselves before we repeat something,
20:27 if it is not going to build somebody up,
20:31 please don't repeat it. Suggestion number
20:41 seven, let us talk less and do more,
20:47 let us talk less and just do it.
20:52 Let us talk less us about praying more
20:54 and just do it. Let us talk less about
20:58 doing God's work and just do it.
20:59 Let us talk less about having more
21:02 devotions in the family and just do it.
21:05 Let us talk more, let us talk less about going
21:08 to church early and just do it.
21:11 Let us talk less about reading the Bible.
21:14 We want to read the Bible; we plan
21:15 to read a Bible. Let's just do it.
21:19 We talk too much, we talk so much.
21:21 Let's talk less now and do it.
21:25 There are so much plans, there are so much
21:27 things, so many things that we need to
21:30 talk less about and do the right things.
21:33 Let's talk less about other people and
21:36 talk more about Jesus, what do you say?
21:42 Suggestion number eight, let us practice
21:44 the agape love of Jesus, the self
21:47 sacrificing love of Jesus, that love that
21:49 cause Him to sacrifice His glory,
21:52 that love that that cause Him to give up
21:56 His glory and all the honor and adoration
22:00 and praises that He had. Let's have that
22:04 mind and have that love of Jesus and
22:08 that love when we accept because
22:12 God is love, we accept God, we accept
22:15 Jesus Christ then that love is filtered
22:19 into our hearts and our minds.
22:24 The Bible says in Matthew chapter
22:25 2 verse 12. Now, this is a very good
22:28 text that you know, it says Matthew chapter
22:31 7 verse 12, "Therefore, whatever
22:37 you want men to do to you, do also to them,
22:42 for this is the Law and the Prophets."
22:51 If you don't want someone to talk
22:53 about you, don't talk about them.
22:54 That's what that text tells me,
22:56 if you want somebody to attend
22:59 your function, attend somebody else's
23:01 function, if you want someone to say
23:03 hello to you. Please say hello to somebody,
23:05 if you want someone to be nice to you,
23:07 be nice to somebody. Let us be kind
23:14 and gracious to one another.
23:17 Help somebody, seek somebody out and help,
23:21 if you want someone to stop by your
23:23 house and say hello, stop at the neighbor's
23:25 house and say hello. First John chapter
23:29 4 verses 20 and 21. The Bible says,
23:35 "If someone says, I love God and hates
23:39 his brother, he is a liar; for he who
23:42 does not love his brother whom he
23:44 he has seen, how can he love God
23:46 whom he has not seen? And this
23:48 commandment we have from Him;
23:51 that he who loves God must love his
23:56 brother also." Suggestion number nine,
24:03 serve, let us use our gifts, talents and,
24:10 and the means that God has given
24:12 us our influences to serve His church
24:14 to the glory of God. God has given each member,
24:21 each one who believes in Him.
24:23 When we accept Jesus as a personal
24:25 savior and are baptized into the
24:28 kingdom of God, when we are baptized
24:30 in the church and I'm accepted into
24:32 the fellowship of the saints,
24:33 God gives us gifts. Each person sitting
24:38 onto pew has a gift that God has
24:41 given them for the identification of the
24:43 saints and for the building up of
24:44 His church. Let us find what our gifts
24:48 are and use them to the glory of God.
24:50 In First Corinthians chapter 12 verses
24:54 4 through 11, First Corinthians chapter
24:57 12 verses 4 through 11 it says,
25:00 "There are diversities of gifts,
25:03 but the same Spirit. There are
25:05 differences of ministries, but the
25:07 same Lord. And there are diversities
25:09 of activities, but it is the same God
25:13 who works all in all. But the
25:16 manifestation of the Spirit is given
25:18 to each of the, each, for each one,
25:21 for the profit of all. For to one is given
25:26 the word of wisdom through the Spirit,
25:28 to another the word of knowledge
25:30 through the same spirit. To another,
25:33 to another faith by the same Spirit;
25:35 to another the gifts of healing by the
25:37 same spirit. To another the working of miracles;
25:40 to another prophecy; to another discerning
25:44 of spirits; to another different kinds
25:46 of tongues; or to another the
25:48 interpretation of tongues."
25:50 Verse 11 says that, "But one and
25:53 the same spirit works all these things,
25:57 distributing to each one individually as He wills.
26:04 Suggestions number ten, make God first
26:06 and exercise your faith. You see,
26:09 faith is like the muscle it will not be
26:12 strong without exercise. Everyone knows
26:14 the value of exercise, so without
26:17 exercise the muscle suffer from atrophy.
26:20 Faith is exercised on development,
26:23 it is encountered with some difficulty.
26:27 So, exercise your faith, when it's
26:30 confronted when you don't have,
26:32 when you need to return your turn,
26:34 when you have to give God's your,
26:35 your gift or your money and you don't
26:37 have enough the, the faith is exercised.
26:41 Obey God and then watch Him work for you.
26:46 Suggestion number eleven, let us study
26:50 the Bible more and pray more in the same
26:52 way we eat and drink. You see,
26:56 we'll have food, food is our food sustains
27:01 us physically. So, what the food,
27:04 our physical food is to our physical body
27:07 is what the word of God is to our
27:10 spiritual self. Let us study the word
27:12 of God as much as we eat.
27:16 The last point is, focus on Jesus.
27:20 Jesus is our example, He is the author,
27:24 He is the one who started our faith,
27:26 He is the one who will carry us through,
27:28 He is faithful and just, He is the finisher
27:33 and the, the author and the finisher of our faith.
27:36 Focus on him, do not focus on someone else,
27:39 do not focus on the leaders of the church,
27:41 do not focus on your parents, but make
27:44 Jesus your focus for He Himself is our guide,
27:47 He Himself is our protector, He is, He
27:51 Himself is the one who is the author
27:54 of our faith and the builder of our faith.


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