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00:31 Hello. Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:34 My name is Pastor Rowland C. Nwosu,
00:37 the pastor of the All Nations Africans
00:40 Seventh-Day Adventist Church in San Bernardino,
00:43 California, and the President also of the
00:46 Adventist Our International Ministries
00:49 based in the Melinda, California.
00:53 I want to share with you today a message that
00:55 I had told Break Your Fallow ground.
01:00 Let us pray, Father we thank you
01:02 today for the opportunity that you've given us to
01:06 share your word, to receive your word,
01:08 to meditate upon your word to reflect upon your word.
01:13 Father, we ask that your Holy Spirit will help us
01:16 to internalize these words and to allow
01:20 ourselves to be used by your Holy Spirit,
01:24 help us, Oh father to break our fallow
01:26 ground in Jesus precious name we pray.
01:30 Amen. Break Your Fallow Ground is the message
01:36 that God gave to his people Israel.
01:42 Israel had been disobedient for so long,
01:46 they had backslid in for so long.
01:49 They have turned their backs on God for so long
01:53 and worshiped idols, and had fallowed after
01:58 all the nations and had done things that please
02:01 them in their eyes and God have become so
02:04 frustrated with them, that he was tired of
02:08 being frustrated. But, he gave a message to
02:12 prophet Jeremiah, which was recorded in
02:15 Jeremiah Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.
02:20 I swell where we want to draw our lesson today.
02:25 God involved himself in that conversation
02:28 with his people, he initiated a repentance
02:32 and his people responded and as they
02:36 innocence had this conversation,
02:37 let us speak that conversation up from
02:40 Jeremiah Chapter 3, Verse 22,
02:46 Jeremiah Chapter 3, Verse 22.
02:49 God calls upon his people, Return, you
02:53 backsliding children. And I will heal your
02:57 backslidings. And notice that his people responded.
03:00 "Indeed we do come to You, For You are
03:04 the Lord our God. And it goes on to say,
03:08 that the people recognize their need for repentance,
03:14 they willingness to comeback to him".
03:16 In Verse 22, we read that they profess their
03:20 repentance toward God. They express their desire
03:24 to return and they claimed, they were serious,
03:27 they swore that they were serious than the message,
03:32 the discussions shifts and that we read in
03:36 Chapter 4, Verses 1 and 2, God saying to them
03:41 and the God says "If you will return,
03:44 O Israel," says the Lord, "Return to Me;
03:48 And if you will put away your abominations out of
03:52 My sight, Then you shall not be moved
03:57 and you shall swear, 'The Lord lives
04:02 In truth, in judgment, and in righteousness;
04:05 The nations shall bless themselves in Him,
04:08 And in Him they shall glorified.
04:11 In other words, in other words,
04:14 God says if you're serious My people,
04:19 if you're serious that you've, that you all
04:23 wanted to repent or that you've repented.
04:25 If you're serious and if you really mean
04:28 what you're saying, if you've taken this oath
04:31 and you're genuine and you're honest,
04:34 notice what will Lord says, he says in Verse 4,
04:38 in Verses 3&4, he says,
04:41 for thus says the Lord to the men of Judah
04:46 and Jerusalem: "Break up your fallow ground,
04:49 And do not sow among thorns.
04:51 Circumcise yourselves to the Lord,
04:54 And take away the foreskins of your hearts,
04:57 You men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem,
05:00 Lest My fury come forth like fire,
05:03 And burn so that no one can quench it,
05:05 Because of the Evil of your doings".
05:10 You see in these passage, we see God's message
05:13 to the men of Judah and Jerusalem,
05:16 as the message of warning, a message of
05:20 loving invitation, a message of warning
05:23 for impending judgment that was to come to them
05:26 and God does not just invite them to return,
05:29 to return after righteousness,
05:32 to return to him, to repent,
05:33 but God also, also gives them a warning that,
05:38 if they do not repent, if the do not return to him.
05:42 Something will fallow. But besides that God
05:45 also prescribes how that return should be.
05:49 What a Loving God, we serve. This message to
05:55 His people is similar, it's like the some
05:59 message God has given to his people in their
06:03 last days, a message of warning that is recorded
06:06 in the Book of Revelation Chapter14, Verses 6-12,
06:11 that we should, beyond we're invited to return
06:16 back to the Lord, we must return,
06:19 if we do not return there is message of
06:23 impending judgment and then there is also
06:27 a prescription as to how that return should
06:31 take place. So to the people of Judah,
06:34 God prescribed these messages.
06:38 Return, Return break up your fallowed ground,
06:42 do not sow among thorns and circumcise
06:46 your hearts and not just your foreskin.
06:50 That leaves me to ask, what is,
06:54 what does it mean to break, Israel's fallowed ground.
07:01 You see in the Old Testament,
07:03 the Jews were required to cultivate a piece of land,
07:08 their piece of land for six years,
07:10 but then on the 7th year, they were to
07:13 allow the land to rest.
07:16 So, that it can recuperate and then have his yield,
07:21 a yielding capacity again.
07:23 In Exodus Chapter 23 Verse 10& 11,
07:27 we read these words. He says,
07:30 "For six years you're to sow your fills
07:34 and harvest the crops, but during the
07:37 seventh year let the land lie unplowed and unused.
07:42 Then the poor among your people may get
07:46 food from it, and the wild animals
07:49 may eat what they leave.
07:51 Do the same with your vineyard
07:53 and your olive grove.
07:57 " So a fallowed ground is a piece of land
08:02 purposely allowed to lie idol,
08:06 during a growing season, a land is allowed
08:11 to lie idol and the reason is to encourage
08:14 this land to have fertility and have its
08:18 nutrients restored and if properly
08:22 conducted these land, this fallowed land
08:25 restores in the soil, the nutrients
08:30 necessary for good productivity.
08:35 But sometimes some things happen due to
08:38 some laziness or some poor management by someone,
08:42 a fallowed land lies wasted, stays longer than
08:47 necessary, because someone forgot,
08:50 someone neglected, someone
08:52 did not care to prepare it for fallow.
08:56 Sometimes due to negligence or lack of care,
08:59 this fallow ground becomes a dumping ground.
09:03 Because of lack of care and negligence or
09:06 something, this piece of land, this fallow
09:08 ground, that has been left unplowed becomes
09:13 a place where beast of pray
09:15 will hide and cause great harm.
09:20 Somehow because of negligence,
09:22 this fallow ground grows thorns
09:26 and it is because of this that God warned
09:29 that they should not sow among thorns
09:32 because the land has been left for so long,
09:35 uncultivated, unplowed.
09:38 It is no wonder why King Solemn in his
09:41 wise writings in the book proverbs
09:44 Chapter 13, Verse 23 and the Bible reads that.
09:49 Much food, much food is in the fallow ground of
09:53 the poor and for lack of justice there are just waste.
10:02 So, in our Chapters that we're discussing with,
10:05 discussing in Jeremiah Chapters 3&4
10:09 God uses the imagery of farming and circumcision
10:14 to describe the spiritual condition of His people.
10:18 the fallowed ground is their heart.
10:20 They all the ground, the fallowed ground.
10:23 Gods people have allowed their hearts to be vested.
10:29 They've allowed they are largely vested.
10:31 God's people have backsliding so long.
10:34 They've stayed beyond. They fallow time.
10:39 They've served idols so long.
10:42 They had done things in their own way.
10:44 They had done their will. They had abandoned what
10:47 God had wanted them to do and they needed to
10:49 return back to the Lord. They needed to break up
10:53 their fallowed ground. They needed not to sow
10:55 among thorns, what they needed to plough,
10:58 the ground of their soul and their aligns
11:00 and plant in this newly plowed land seeds of
11:06 repentance that will grow up and become mature
11:10 and produce good fruits and good productivity,
11:15 and as if that was not enough
11:19 God said to them listen,
11:20 I am sure you're familiar with the circumcision
11:24 process, I don't really care. I don't really mind
11:28 about circumcision of the flesh.
11:31 I really do care about the circumcision of
11:35 your heart, circumcise your heart.
11:38 Yes, I gave the circumcision,
11:41 God send to say, I asked you to circumcise.
11:44 Yes, that is a sign between me and you,
11:47 but it is okay for you to do it.
11:49 But you done mean, it doesn't mean that
11:52 you've relationship with you.
11:53 If you just cut out the foreskin and not render
11:58 your hearts to me and not give me your heart.
12:01 If you just performed this circumcision alone
12:05 it's like having a form of Godliness and
12:08 decline a part of it, if you just cut the
12:10 outside form alone and not the heart.
12:13 I am not interested on the outside part,
12:15 I am interested in the inward part.
12:18 God said break your fallow ground
12:23 and do not so among thorns and then
12:26 circumcise your hearts to the Lord
12:29 and not just your foreskin.
12:31 O our God is good, lesions we can learn
12:36 from this conversation between God
12:39 and his people first. The invitation
12:44 to repent begins with God.
12:49 God initiates it, except the Holy Spirit
12:53 comes to us we can't have the desire to
12:58 come back to God. So we need to ask God
13:05 for his continued our pouring and the giving
13:09 the Holy Spirit, so that each day
13:11 we will be renewed.
13:14 Now if you're watching this broadcast,
13:17 are you do not have a personal relationship
13:19 with God. It is some opportunity for you to now
13:24 to come down on your knees and say Lord,
13:26 I've gone too long without you,
13:29 I need your relationship with you, I've fallow
13:33 too long Lord coming now and listen to the voice
13:39 of the Holy Spirit and I do believe the
13:40 Holy Spirit led you to this station
13:44 and God is speaking to you right now.
13:48 God is initiating that invitation to comeback
13:51 and to return to him and when you return to him
13:58 let the seed of your repentance, the words
14:01 of God be planted in the soul of your heart,
14:06 So, that it can blew some.
14:10 So that the Holy Spirit will put the water of his
14:13 Spirit, God will put the Holy Spirit water
14:16 if you please, so that
14:18 it would rain upon this soul of your heart
14:22 and then a plant of a new life will grow.
14:28 Do you accept Jesus Christ as your
14:29 personal savior? Do you love him as
14:33 the Lord of your life? Are you accepting him as
14:36 one who you need to feel your sin sick soul to
14:41 clean it up and to feel that need,
14:43 that void you have? You see invitation to
14:49 repent is initiated by God and repentance is done
14:56 directly by the person to whom God has invited.
15:02 God has invited you to repent, to comeback
15:06 to him and only you will have to respond to
15:10 that personal call. God makes those
15:13 individual calls to us. He may make it as a group
15:17 but we respond individually.
15:20 so we are not saved as a group,
15:22 we are saved as individuals.
15:24 So when you repent, when we repent,
15:27 we cannot repent, we cannot be saved,
15:30 we cannot be Baptized on behalf of somebody else.
15:33 when we are Baptized, we are Baptized
15:36 just by ourselves. when we are saved,
15:39 we are saved by ourselves.
15:41 We do not Baptized by property. We don't
15:44 Baptized or we don't repent on behalf of
15:47 the dead or anyone else that is alive. We respond
15:51 to God as individuals and he saves us
15:54 as individuals. He says for the soul that
15:57 sin shall die. And he who serve God,
16:02 he who loves God, whosoever loves the Lord
16:06 and believes in him shall be saved.
16:09 Lesion 2 that I think we need to learn
16:12 is that, we can obey God all we want but still
16:17 have the wrong attitude. Let me explain this,
16:21 the Israelites followed.
16:25 God asked them to fallow they are land.
16:28 But now, you can see, the land is fallow,
16:33 God is obeyed, but they allowed the land
16:35 to stay wasted, wrong attitude.
16:40 We read in the scripture, the rich young ruler,
16:44 who came to Jesus by night,
16:48 had obeyed the Lord.
16:50 He had obeyed it all his life. But guess
16:53 what, he had a wrong attitude.
17:00 Figuratively speaking my dear friends,
17:02 the Israelites obeyed God alright,
17:05 but they did not till their land.
17:09 They fallow their land, but they didn't till it.
17:11 they didn't break this soil. They didn't
17:14 clear the farms and the wheeze before
17:17 they planted the seed of repentance.
17:21 They had good seeds alright.
17:24 But they filled to clean up their acts
17:27 and to clear the farms that when necessary
17:30 to be cleared before planting.
17:34 That is to say that we can obey God
17:38 and go through the motions and the look
17:41 motions that have to do with serving God.
17:44 But we failed, when we failed to
17:47 meet the favor of God.
17:50 It is because we have the wrong attitude.
17:53 It's because we've not allowed the Spirit of
17:56 the Lord to direct the things we do.
17:59 We have not allowed the love of God
18:01 to be the oiles, that grease our
18:03 behavior and our attitudes.
18:07 That was the problem with God's people?
18:12 Lesson 3 that I believe that I have,
18:16 learned in this passage is that
18:18 the value of the fallowed ground lies,
18:22 listen to this, listen to this,
18:23 the value of the fallowed ground lies not in the
18:28 looks of the fallowed ground, but in the
18:30 content of it, you see God saw the
18:33 fallowed ground, he saw all thorns,
18:35 he saw all weed. He saw places where
18:38 animals who hide. He saw places where
18:41 people can dump things, but there was something
18:44 special with fallowed ground.
18:46 Inside it, there was rich soil. It had the
18:50 propensity to have richness because
18:53 when the rains comedown they will drip down in.
18:56 So, God says listen, I can see through this
18:59 dirt, but clean it up. I am willing
19:05 to make changes, I am willing to help you,
19:07 I am willing to rain down to pour my rain down
19:11 upon this ground. But till it, break it up,
19:14 repent, break it up, dig deep,
19:17 scooped it up, turn it over.
19:21 Do you need your life turned around,
19:25 as your life been beseeched with all kinds
19:28 of difficulties and trios and situations and
19:32 drug addict and smoking all kinds of things
19:35 and messing up your body and living a life that is
19:39 not something that is honorable?
19:44 God says break it up. Break up your
19:48 fallow ground, dig it up,
19:49 clear those thorns and weeds.
19:57 You see, prepare yourself, God says, to receive
20:03 blessings of the Lord. Sow good seeds of God's
20:08 word and allow the Holy Spirit to water it
20:11 and then the sunshine of God's mercy
20:15 and grace will produce, will help you produce
20:20 good fruits and good result.
20:24 However, and all repentance, stubborn
20:27 heart that would not humble himself
20:30 or herself and return to the Lord, It's like a
20:34 fallowed ground. It's untilled, it's not tilled
20:37 well, it's not even tilled. It's unoccupied.
20:40 It's unfenced. It's valueless.
20:43 It's a dumping ground for waste. It's full of fishers.
20:47 It's not capable of improvement,
20:49 it is full of overgrown weeds.
20:52 The Bible says to us. Return break up your
20:59 fallowed ground, break up your fallow
21:02 ground and circumcise yourselves.
21:07 In Hebrews Chapter 6 Verses 7 and 8,
21:09 we read this very wonderful passage that
21:13 describes the, Hebrews 6 Verses 7and 8 say this,
21:18 for the earth which drinks in the rain
21:21 that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful
21:27 for those by whom it is cultivated,
21:30 receives blessing from God. But if it bears thorns
21:35 and briers, it is rejected and near to
21:39 being cursed, whose end is to be burned.
21:47 My friends the instruction is do not sow seeds of
21:55 repentance in unfit soil. Just as a farmer prepares
22:03 the ground by clearing it off weeds and exposing
22:06 it to the sun and to the rain,
22:09 before interesting to it the seeds sow we must
22:14 regard repentance as a serious matter,
22:18 as the serious matter requiring full thought,
22:21 anxiously, planning
22:26 and dependence and trust in God, to sow in an
22:30 unfallowed ground was practically to sow on
22:35 a land full of thorns. Is your life full of thorns?
22:44 Are you sow seeds of repentance
22:49 in a land full of thorns, in an unplowed land?
22:55 We go to Church every time.We listen to
22:59 the music. We even hear God's word,
23:03 but are these words, are these messages
23:06 falling on hard soil, on plowed soil.
23:14 That brings us to our next lession.
23:18 Do not sow among thorns.
23:21 Hosea Chapter 10, Verse 12 says.
23:24 Sow for yourselves righteousness
23:28 Reap in mercy. Break up your fallow ground,
23:30 for it is time to seek the Lord
23:33 till He comes and rains righteousness on you.
23:40 The people of God are called not to Sow
23:44 wickedness, but to sow righteousness.
23:48 We're suppose to sow righteousness for what
23:52 we sow is what we reap and I will like you to
23:56 refer you to, what apostle Paul talks about
24:00 in Galatians Chapter 6, Verses 7 and 8,
24:04 Galatians Chapter 6, Verses 7 and 8,
24:07 in that Verse, apostle Paul is
24:10 trying to let us know that when we sow
24:14 goodness, we reap goodness,
24:16 when we sow sadness, we reap sadness,
24:19 Whatever we sow we reap.
24:22 Galatians Chapter 6 Verses 7 through 9, he says
24:29 do not be deceived, God is not mocked.
24:32 For whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.
24:37 For he who sows to his flesh will of the
24:42 flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the
24:45 Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life
24:50 and let us not grow wary while doing good,
24:53 for in due season we shall reap
24:57 if we do not lose hearts.
25:00 My dear friends my last point is this,
25:06 circumcise yourselves to the Lord.
25:09 The Lord says circumcise under wood,
25:11 circumcise has to do with cutting of,
25:14 cutting of yourselves, kill yourselves if you
25:17 please, kill that superficial naughtiness,
25:21 the addiction, the human habits, that discuss,
25:25 that discuss us, that destroy us,
25:29 the uncaused the Greek word uncaused those things that
25:33 lay around us, that hinder us, that prevent us
25:36 from being who we're, from serving the Lord
25:39 from being faithful, cut it off,
25:42 circumcise yourselves to the Lord,
25:44 dedicate yourselves to the Lord, for that is
25:48 the sign between God and his people.
25:51 God says circumcise yourselves to me,
25:54 I am not interested just in the outward cutting.
25:59 I am not interested in just going to Church.
26:02 I am not just interested in the form of it,
26:05 but I am interested in the circumcision of the heart.
26:09 Deuteronomy Chapter 10, Verses 16 and 17,
26:14 the Bible says. Therefore circumcise,
26:18 circumcise your heart. Therefore do not be
26:21 stiff-necked any longer
26:24 for the Lord your God is God of Gods and
26:28 Lord of Lords, and he is the great God,
26:32 mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality
26:35 nor takes a bribe. In Joel Chapter 2,
26:39 Verse 13 says, rend your hearts, rend your hearts,
26:46 rend your hearts, and not your garments
26:48 return to the Lord your God, for He is
26:51 gracious and merciful, Slow to anger,
26:55 and of great kindness and He relents from
26:59 doing harm. My friends return to God,
27:02 if you've been gone from the Lord so long,
27:06 return. If you've been in the church too long
27:09 and have allowed your ground to be fallowed,
27:12 render your hearts and not your garments.
27:15 Yes listen to those good music, but let it
27:18 come from the heart, study God's word,
27:21 have personal relationship with him,
27:23 allow the soil of the soul to receive the
27:27 blessings of God, to receive the power,
27:30 the sunshine of God's goodness and mercy.
27:32 The rains that God is willing to pour,
27:35 let his spirit pour out and when his spirit
27:39 comes down, when we receive the Holy Spirit
27:42 then we, our hearts will be changed,
27:45 we will do the works that God want us to do
27:48 and our hearts will be in place, where God
27:52 will live. May Lord bless you. Amen.


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