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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel. I am Gordon Kainer,
00:35 a retired academy Bible teacher
00:37 living in Santa Rosa, California.
00:40 The topic that we are going to present today
00:42 is entitled the Double Cure.
00:45 I invite you to pray with me.
00:48 Our Heavenly Father, we acknowledge
00:51 you as the great physician, the one that we can turn
00:55 to for healing, for the remedy for all of our
00:59 defects and I pray today that what you can do
01:03 for us might become real to us as we open
01:06 and study your word in Jesus name. Amen.
01:12 Shortly after the destruction of the
01:14 twin towers in New York on September 11, 2001.
01:19 Somebody very distraught over what had happened
01:23 scribbled these words on a slab near the rubble.
01:28 This is what it said. Dear God, save us from people
01:33 who believe in you, those are really
01:37 tragic words aren't they, but you know that
01:41 please understandable, but it doesn't represent
01:44 the truth of the matter. If a person believes
01:50 and rightly understands God through the person
01:53 of Jesus Christ they will reflect his love
01:57 and his mercy and his compassion.
02:00 Jesus is the human face of God and those who disobey
02:06 and disbelieve in him are not reflecting what God
02:10 is really like. In our world today many people
02:14 have a distorted view of God.
02:18 This is extremely important because once view
02:21 of God lies at the very core of all religions,
02:26 it separate Israel from Baal and Ashtoreth
02:29 and Dagon, just as it distinguishes Christianity
02:33 from Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam.
02:36 So, when sharing our faith, simplicity and clarity
02:40 are extremely important. We need to speak plainly
02:44 and define our terms. It's been said that
02:48 a problem well defined is a problem half solved,
02:52 I like that. Let's illustrate the importance
02:55 of defiling terms by looking at two very common words,
02:59 sin and salvation.
03:03 Imagine for a moment that all the worlds
03:06 inhabitants are being examined
03:08 within the doctor's office.
03:09 According to the Bible, the diagnosis would
03:13 point to one common illness, sin.
03:18 But what exactly are we talking about.
03:21 If you have been checked over by doctor recently
03:23 and he just doesn't simply said to you, hey your sick
03:25 and I send you home, does he?
03:29 It is essential that he provide you with a detailed
03:32 explanation of your problem, that explains
03:35 why God doesn't gave us just a one page Bible.
03:39 That simply asserts that something is seriously
03:42 wrong with us, instead the Bible contains over
03:45 a 1000 pages explaining in great detail
03:49 the nature of sin and the appropriate remedy
03:53 and what's the prognosis.
03:56 Our illness doesn't need medication,
03:59 it requires a miracle. If one misunderstands sin,
04:05 a domino effect occurs. The meaning of salvation
04:09 as well as many other spiritual concepts will be
04:11 skewed or distorted. In other words,
04:15 the fact that every major religion in the world
04:18 has it's own view of the problem.
04:21 Means that each offers a radically different
04:23 perspective of the solution and all their solutions
04:27 are diametrically apposed to the heart
04:30 and soul of Christianity. I recently read about a man
04:34 who introduced a speaker at the company's
04:38 annual banquet and this is what he said,
04:42 our speaker is the most gifted,
04:44 gifted business man in the country.
04:46 In a short time, he made 100 million dollars
04:49 in California oil. Well,
04:52 when the speaker got to the podium he said,
04:55 thanks for that kind introduction,
04:56 but there needs to be some clarification.
04:59 It wasn't oil, it was coal, It wasn't in California,
05:05 it was Pennsylvania. It wasn't 100 million,
05:09 it was 100,000. It wasn't me,
05:12 it was my brother and he didn't make it,
05:15 he lost it. In like manner society today presents
05:21 the human race as big time winners,
05:23 it doesn't like what the Bible has to say about
05:26 us having lost it. Instead of the truth,
05:30 people want to hear something that's
05:31 a little more palatable,
05:32 something little easier on the ego.
05:36 If changes will require they want to experience
05:38 it with dignity and style. The Bible declares that sin
05:43 has brought such havoc in our lives that only God
05:48 himself has the solution, so exactly what is this
05:52 damage that sin has done. First of all,
05:56 sin has affected our status that is our legal
06:00 standing before God. It has severed
06:03 our relationship with him.
06:05 According to Ephesians 2:12,
06:08 we entered this world separate from Christ,
06:11 excluded from citizenship in Israel
06:14 and without hope in God. What the Bible is saying
06:19 is that all of us are off to a false start.
06:24 We are going in the wrong direction,
06:27 that's why Christ's first command
06:28 to all who would follow him is repent,
06:32 turn around, go another direction.
06:36 Secondly, sin has polluted our nature.
06:40 The sins we commit is an expression of that nature,
06:45 thus we began life with hearts and the heart
06:48 by the way is the control center of our life.
06:50 We begin with hearts that are self serving
06:53 and rebellious. Sin never has to be taught,
06:58 it comes naturally for all of us.
07:01 It includes everything we say or do,
07:03 that's not in harmony with the Will of God.
07:06 Psalm 58:3 puts it this way,
07:11 even from birth the wicked go astray from the womb
07:15 they are wayward and speak lies.
07:18 What the Bible is telling us is that sin
07:21 comes just from being born.
07:26 All of us, no doubt are very familiar
07:28 with that well known hymn rock of ages.
07:32 Let me read you the words of the second stanza,
07:36 let the water and the blood from thy wounded side
07:40 which flowed be of sin the double cure
07:45 cleanse me from it guilt and power.
07:48 What does the author mean when he said that sin
07:52 needs a double cure. Well, the first cure
07:57 takes care of our status, our standing with God.
08:01 You see when sin came into lives of Adam and Eve
08:06 they switched Kingdoms in their decision
08:10 to disobey they separate themselves from the Kingdom
08:13 of God then entered into the Kingdom of rebellion.
08:17 As the head of the human race,
08:19 Adam became the broken link that loose the entire
08:23 planet from the sovereignty of God.
08:28 How thankful we should be that Christianity meets
08:33 the challenge with an all encompassing solution.
08:36 Whatever sin ruins, salvation restores
08:41 and redeems. Only in Christianity
08:44 does an infant God break into the cosmos
08:47 to rescue a dying world. Only the God of the Bible
08:51 is willing to be pierced and punished and die
08:55 for the sins of the world. The sin that separates us
09:01 from God is dealt with in the person of Jesus Christ,
09:05 who unites in himself the human and divine.
09:09 By so doing, he becomes the connecting link.
09:13 The one mediator between a holy God
09:16 and sinful humanity through the miracle of incarnation,
09:20 Jesus becomes the bridge that spans the gap
09:25 between God and sinful man.
09:28 Someone has described this bridge as a cross
09:31 with three nails.
09:34 When we are in Christ by virtue of our faith
09:37 in this unique God man, our relationship
09:40 with God is restored, the penalty for our
09:43 rebellion against him is legally canceled,
09:45 that is forgiven, it reminds of me of the song
09:49 that we used to sing, Jesus paid it all,
09:52 that's so true. Now we are ready
09:54 for our natures to be recreated and spiritually
09:57 empowered by the Holy Spirit.
10:00 In Christ we are reconciled to God.
10:02 All things have passed away,
10:04 behold all the things are new.
10:06 Christianity stands alone in it's offer of a living
10:09 savior for a dying world. Now heaven's initial
10:14 prescription for sin, that's the first cure
10:17 involves justification. Our legal transfer
10:21 from the Kingdom of our birth,
10:24 which leads to eternal death
10:26 to the Kingdom of God, which leads to eternal life.
10:32 This transfer status extends the contrite,
10:36 brings with it the assurance of salvation,
10:39 knowing that in God or that through God he is,
10:43 made us accepted in the beloved or in Christ.
10:48 This transfers an active grace not based on any
10:52 earthly merit or goodness and what we have
10:56 by faith eliminates the need to get it by good works.
11:04 In 1996, a survey of students taking
11:07 the last day events course in
11:09 Southern Adventist University
11:12 revealed that 77% indicated that they did not
11:15 know if they would be saved if Jesus came that day.
11:20 In that same survey 37% thought that they had
11:23 to do something in order to have
11:25 the assurance of salvation.
11:27 Now why do collegians in our church have
11:33 this view of a works oriented religion,
11:38 could it be that many are prone to climb up
11:42 their own Mount Sinai and come down
11:45 with a set of rules or commandments
11:47 and declare with Israel of old,
11:49 all that the Lord has said we will do.
11:56 It is reassuring that the first cure justification
12:01 is not based on the holiness of the one who believes,
12:07 but on the holiness in whom one believes.
12:13 In the wonderful story of redeeming grace,
12:16 there is an orderly way in which it takes place.
12:21 I can illustrate it in the following way.
12:25 When you enter a hospital, perhaps with a life
12:29 threatening illness or some serious injury
12:33 you are required to sign a legal consent
12:35 form before surgery can be taken,
12:40 could be taken out or carried out.
12:42 This gives the surgeon the authority to do
12:47 whatever he deems best for you.
12:51 Likewise in salvation, there is an official way
12:55 you are lawfully given over to the one
12:58 who is going to repair the damage
13:00 that sin has done in your life.
13:03 This means that your legal standing with God
13:06 must be taken care of first
13:08 that is through justification,
13:10 so that more over renewal or sanctification
13:15 can occur. In another words,
13:19 taking care of you position opens the way of changing,
13:24 in changing your condition.
13:28 Justification is a legal term
13:31 closely related to the idea of trial and judgment.
13:35 It has referenced to being declared righteous,
13:38 to declare innocent, to declare it not guilty,
13:44 it does not imply a change in us,
13:47 but rather it is a bestowal of a righteous
13:51 status by God to repentant sinners.
13:57 In justification all the demands of God's
14:00 law are fully satisfied through the doing
14:04 and the dying of Jesus in our behalf.
14:10 When accepted by faith, we are reconciled to God.
14:14 We are made right with God.
14:18 In other words, transfer back to God
14:23 opens the way for transformation
14:26 to take place. Spiritual renewal
14:30 can best be seen as evidence
14:32 that our citizenship has been transferred
14:35 from the Kingdom of darkness
14:37 to the Kingdom of light that we are now free
14:41 from the world order, doomed to die
14:45 and adopted into God's inner circle
14:48 destined to live. For this reason,
14:52 the Apostle Paul explained,
14:53 exclaims in Philippians 3:20,
14:58 he literally shouts this out,
14:59 For our citizenship is in heaven,
15:03 from which we also eagerly wait for the savior,
15:06 the Lord Jesus Christ, but the emphasis
15:09 here of Paul is to emphasize
15:12 a change in citizenship. It is now in heaven.
15:16 My wife and I dramatically experienced
15:21 what's involved in a legal departure from
15:23 one Kingdom to another in the summer of 2003
15:28 when we took a vacation and our travels
15:31 took us to Canada. When we arrived at the border,
15:37 the US officials interviewed us,
15:40 they examined us, the car and loading
15:43 of our luggage and then told us to move on.
15:47 Now when we got to the Canadian port of entry
15:51 for some reason there were no officials present,
15:54 there was no one standing outside,
15:57 there was no one looking behind the glass
15:59 from inside at us,
16:02 and since it was a little green light there at
16:05 the gateway we mistakenly assumed
16:09 that we could go on, which we did.
16:13 Oh we drove about 5 miles
16:16 and then we were pulled over by a police officer
16:19 and he informed us that we have entered
16:21 Canada illegally. Now, we were no longer allowed
16:26 to enjoy what Canada had to offer.
16:29 We were escorted back to the port of entry,
16:32 we were interrogated several times,
16:36 they went through the car and our luggage
16:39 for over 2 hours and we were fined a $100.
16:45 Only then could we proceed legally,
16:49 this rather scary ordeal served as a grim
16:52 reminder that the wonderful life
16:55 changing transfer that occurs,
16:57 that God gives to us is also a just an legal trans,
17:04 a transaction. Throughout the Book of Revelation,
17:09 the theme song of the redeemed
17:11 is that all of God's acts are just and righteous.
17:18 In the great controversy,
17:20 the highest authority in the Universe,
17:23 the government of God must consistently act
17:28 in just an lawful manner. We see the cross
17:35 as a grand symbol that justice has been
17:39 met in the death of Jesus. That's what righteousness
17:44 or right doing is all about.
17:50 Jesus tells of this legal transfer from
17:52 one Kingdom to another. When he says in John 5:24,
17:59 I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word
18:03 and believes him who sent me has eternal life
18:07 and will not be condemned;
18:09 he has crossed over from death to life.
18:15 Jesus is the official port of entry
18:19 into God's Kingdom. Paul affirms
18:24 this when he says in First Timothy 2:5;
18:27 For there is one God and one mediator
18:30 between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.
18:34 And then he continues in Ephesians 2,
18:38 verses 8 and 9; For by grace you have been
18:42 saved through faith and that not of yourselves;
18:46 it is the gift of God, not of works,
18:49 lest anyone should boast. This affirms the underlying
18:56 theme of scripture that salvation is not
18:59 achieved by human effort,
19:02 but received by faith in Christ.
19:06 Grace provides, faith simply reaches up
19:10 and accepts God's provision.
19:14 Faith itself has no saving merit,
19:16 it never makes salvation,
19:18 it's simply takes the provision God has
19:22 to offer and that gift is Jesus Christ.
19:29 The righteousness then that saves us
19:33 is never our own.
19:35 It is the righteousness of another namely
19:38 Jesus our substitute, just as the ultimate course
19:43 of sin is beyond our world in Satan the rebel.
19:47 So, our salvation is beyond us in
19:50 in Jesus the righteous. Now let's take a look
19:55 at the second cure, it takes place
19:58 within the Kingdom, within our new status,
20:03 where as the first cure is a legal change,
20:06 the second cure is a moral change,
20:09 now while justification and sanctification
20:11 are very intimately connected they do
20:14 have distinctive roles. Justification refers to
20:18 Christ substitutionary work,
20:20 restoring us to God's favor.
20:23 Sanctification points to transforming work
20:25 of the Holy Spirit in our lives,
20:27 restoring us to God's image.
20:30 The moment our union with God is established,
20:33 sanctification springs interaction as a
20:36 heart fell response to that restoration.
20:41 Our faith in God is not to be seen as
20:44 a substitute for obedience,
20:46 but rather it is a stimulant
20:48 for true obedience.
20:50 Sanctification is a separation from sin
20:53 to a new life. It is depicted in the Bible
20:56 in different ways such as spiritual growth,
20:59 following after righteousness,
21:01 walking a newness of life. Sanctification is a life
21:05 long response of surrender
21:07 to God's love and his rulership.
21:11 A life of rigorous discipleship and growth.
21:14 It is our participation in character building,
21:18 so when the Holy Spirit calls us to faith
21:21 we are called to come and die.
21:24 Now this invitation sounds ominous
21:27 like a leap in the dark, but the opposite is true.
21:30 It is a step into the light.
21:33 First John 1:5 says this is the message
21:36 which we have heard from him and declare to you
21:39 that God is light and in Him
21:41 there is no darkness at all.
21:46 So, justification first points us to the Cross,
21:52 the one on which Jesus died from where all
21:54 salvation flows. In sanctification,
21:58 our response is to take up our own cross,
22:00 a symbol of our dying to self.
22:03 The Apostle Paul refers to this as dying daily.
22:09 There are no spiritual shortcuts,
22:14 there are no shortcuts such to say
22:16 to spiritual maturity, the road is long,
22:19 it's hard and it's gonna be difficult,
22:23 but more than that it's a war.
22:28 A life and death conflict, you see
22:31 in justification war is declared when we transfer
22:36 from God's dominion into God's kingdom.
22:40 I hope I said that correctly,
22:42 when we are transferred from Satan's dominion
22:43 into God's Kingdom this means the self,
22:48 that is our sinful nature is deposed from
22:53 the throne of our hearts and now God
22:57 becomes our ruler. This results in a
23:02 lifelong struggle through the conquering
23:06 power of God's Spirit and the old nature,
23:12 struggling for survival. I think a good illustration
23:19 of this was Israel's Exodus from Egypt
23:23 that all of us are familiar with.
23:27 God took Israel out of the Egypt
23:30 in one momentous event, which is like justification,
23:37 but it was an unending battle
23:39 to get Egypt out of Israel, which illustrates the work
23:45 of sanctification. In other words,
23:48 the sinful nature with it's passions and
23:51 desires according to Galatians 5:24
23:54 must be crucified throughout our lifetime.
24:01 Justification by faith is not an alternative
24:06 to holiness, but rather it serves as it's foundation.
24:13 It should not surprise us that God's way
24:15 of salvation is so contrary to the way humans
24:19 do things. For example, in non-Christian religions,
24:26 the perfection or holiness that people strive for,
24:32 ultimately is received when the journey ends.
24:36 They get it at the end of their lives.
24:39 I think of example, Roman Catholicism,
24:43 they believe that utmost holiness is not
24:46 received until a person dies and experiences
24:51 final cleansing in purgatory
24:55 and this seems to be typical,
24:58 I believe from all non-Christian religions
25:02 and that's why there is such an emphasis
25:05 upon salvation by works. They work so hard,
25:08 they work so desperately for
25:12 what they think they will receive at the end
25:15 and as a result this breeds salvation by works.
25:20 Now into the divine order of things,
25:23 the process is reversed, the Gospel declares
25:27 that the gift of perfect holiness is
25:30 how the Christian life begins.
25:33 At the very heart of a restored relationship
25:36 with God is his decoration of a perfect righteousness
25:43 received by faith when we first believe,
25:46 so we just see the opposite here.
25:50 Those of us who have accepted Christ,
25:53 at the moment we accept him,
25:55 he bestows upon us the gift of a perfect
25:59 righteousness, which then of course leads us
26:02 into a growth in holiness, but we need to see
26:06 that the gift precedes the growth.
26:10 As the Apostle Paul declares
26:12 in Hebrews 10:14, he says because by
26:15 one sacrifice he has made perfect forever
26:21 those who are being made holy.
26:24 And so we can see here how Paul deals with
26:29 both justification and sanctification.
26:32 The way he talks about being made perfect forever,
26:35 that's the gift and then being made holy
26:39 is the experience of sanctification where God,
26:43 day by day takes away the sin in our hearts
26:49 and in our lives and exchanges it for his righteousness.
26:52 It was Martin Luther who said,
26:56 uncertainty is the most miserable
26:59 thing in the world. This is true especially
27:03 when it comes to our relationship to God.
27:07 It is essential that Christians,
27:10 young and old have the assurance of salvation,
27:15 but this only occurs if we rely on the merits
27:17 of Jesus rather than our own personal goodness
27:20 or religious fervor. We are not to focus on
27:23 what we have accomplished or what might have been,
27:26 but rather to accept by faith
27:29 what we now have in Christ Jesus.


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