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00:30 Hello and welcome to another edition of Faith Chapel.
00:34 My name is Terry Shelton.
00:36 Our message today is entitled
00:38 the power of prayer.
00:41 Do you love prayer? Do you exercise prayer
00:45 in your Christian life everyday?
00:47 We are going to look at some scriptures today
00:49 some instances, some examples of Bible prayer
00:52 and how these prayers affected
00:55 those who pray them.
00:56 Before we begin I would just invite you
00:58 to by with me for a moment of prayer.
01:01 Heavenly father, we thank you Lord
01:04 that we have been given the gift of life today
01:07 and that we have your word.
01:09 We pray just now as we open your word
01:12 that you would open our eyes in our hearts
01:14 to receive your word with gladness
01:16 in Jesus name Amen.
01:20 Let's look at some Bible instances of prayer.
01:25 Some different prayers that were prayed
01:29 and how they affected those around.
01:31 Let's look at Luke chapter 22
01:34 and beginning the verse 31,
01:37 And the Lord said, "Simon, Simon! Indeed,
01:41 Satan has asked for you,
01:43 that he may sift you as wheat.
01:46 But I have prayed for you;
01:48 that your faith should not fail;
01:51 and when you have returned to Me,
01:52 strengthen your brethren.
01:56 " But he said to Him, " Lord,
01:58 I am ready to go with You,
01:59 both to prison and to death."
02:02 Let's think about the life of Simon for a moment.
02:07 At this point, the crucifixion
02:10 had not taken place,
02:11 at this point the denial of Peter
02:16 had not occurred yet.
02:18 Peter had not, had not denied Christ
02:20 though three times.
02:21 And Jesus knew what Peter was getting ready to face,
02:26 he knew the trail that was coming up on Simon
02:29 and Peter and he said to Peter
02:32 I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail.
02:38 As we know, as we continue on in scripture
02:41 we find that Peter became
02:42 a powerful apostle of Christ.
02:46 A powerful leader of the New Testament church,
02:49 what I want us to see is that prayer can bring
02:52 conversion into any life, no matter who it is.
02:57 When you love to have Jesus look you in the eye
03:00 and say I have prayed for you.
03:03 What a blessing that would have been,
03:05 what a blessing to hear those words
03:07 coming from Christ.
03:09 Another thing that prayer can do for you
03:12 or for us is found in the book of Acts chapter 4
03:16 beginning with verse 31.
03:21 And when they had prayed,
03:22 the place where they were
03:23 assembled together was shaken;
03:26 and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit,
03:28 and they spoke the word of God with boldness.
03:31 Now the multitude of those who believed
03:33 were of one heart and one soul;
03:36 neither did anyone say that any of the things
03:39 he possessed was his own,
03:41 but they had all things in common.
03:43 And with great power the apostles gave witness
03:46 to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.
03:48 And great grace was upon them all.
03:51 Also over in Acts chapter 8 and beginning
03:54 of verse 14 it says, Now when the apostles
03:58 who were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria
04:00 had received the word of God,
04:01 they sent Peter and John to them,
04:03 who, when they had come down,
04:05 prayed for them that they might
04:06 receive the Holy Spirit.
04:08 For as yet He had fallen upon none of them.
04:13 They had only been baptized
04:15 in the name of the Lord Jesus.
04:16 Then they laid hands on them,
04:18 and they received the Holy Spirit.
04:21 The second thing I want to emphasize today
04:24 is that prayer can bring unity to God's church.
04:29 Are you maybe in a small church
04:30 or in a big church and there is always seems
04:32 to be division maybe one person seems
04:35 to be at hours with another,
04:36 maybe people don't see eye on things.
04:39 I would encourage you
04:40 to get together and pray about it.
04:43 Pray that God will lead this church
04:46 into the unified body like he wants us to be.
04:51 God's New Testament church here
04:53 they were of one heart and one mind
04:56 and they were together in their purpose
04:59 to evangelize the world.
05:02 Another thing that prayer can do for us
05:04 is found in the Book of Acts also chapter 9.
05:08 Acts chapter 9 and verse 40;
05:11 But Peter put them all out,
05:13 and knelt down and prayed.
05:15 And turning to the body he said,
05:18 "Tabitha, arise." And she opened her eyes,
05:22 and when she saw Peter she sat up.
05:25 We also find in the book of John
05:28 chapter 11 in verse 41, where it says;
05:31 Then they took away the stone from the place
05:33 where the dead man was lying.
05:34 And Jesus lifted up His eyes and said,
05:36 "Father, I thank You that You have heard Me.
05:41 What was the result of this prayer that Jesus prayed?
05:44 A dead man came out of the grave,
05:46 Lazarus came forth.
05:48 You see prayer can bring healing to a broken body.
05:53 This can work for you and I today friends;
05:55 prayer can bring healing to a broken
05:58 and even destroyed body.
06:00 What about this one in Romans chapter 8.
06:03 Romans chapter 8 in verse 26 we read these,
06:06 this passage. Romans chapter 8 in verse 26;
06:11 Likewise the Spirit also helps us in our weaknesses.
06:16 For we do not know what we should pray
06:18 for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself
06:21 makes intercession for us with groanings
06:23 which cannot be uttered.
06:26 Prayer can reach the spirit of God
06:29 with our inexpressible thoughts.
06:31 So, have you ever gone to your knees
06:33 in a moment of prayer? Perhaps things
06:36 were so wrong in your life at that point,
06:39 things were just completely out of kilter
06:42 and you went to your knees and you say God
06:44 things are so bad.
06:45 I don't even know what to pray for.
06:49 The scripture says that the spirit of God
06:52 will intercede for us and take our inexpressible
06:55 thoughts to the thrown of grace.
06:59 You know Jesus had a wonderful prayer life.
07:02 Jesus had a prayer life,
07:03 I would venture to say like no other.
07:06 Jesus had a prayer life that he was consistent in.
07:11 He was always going to his father and scripture
07:14 says that he would rise up early in the morning
07:16 and go and pray with his father.
07:21 You know there is a certain passage of scripture,
07:25 there is a certain story that we can find,
07:28 where Jesus prayed for endurance and for strength.
07:32 Let's look at Mathew chapter 26
07:36 beginning with verse 36.
07:41 Then Jesus came to them,
07:43 came with them to a place called Gethsemane,
07:45 and said to the disciples, "Sit here while I go
07:49 and pray over there.
07:50 " And He took with Him Peter
07:52 and the two sons of Zebedee,
07:53 and He began to be sorrowful
07:55 and deeply distressed.
07:58 Then He said to them,
07:59 "My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death.
08:01 Stay here and watch with Me.
08:05 " He went a little farther and fell on His face,
08:07 and prayed, saying, "O My Father,
08:10 if it be possible, if it be possible,
08:13 let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless,
08:16 not as I will, but as You will.
08:19 " You know this passage of scripture is kind
08:22 a repeated in Mark 14:32 to 41 and also in Luke 22.
08:29 Have you ever wondered
08:31 aside from what it says here?
08:34 Have you ever wondered what Jesus prayed for,
08:36 prayer Jesus spent much time night
08:40 in prayer in the garden.
08:43 He spent much time in agony
08:47 praying with his father,
08:49 where the good news is that it tells us,
08:51 the scriptures tells us
08:53 what he was praying for that night.
08:55 We are going to spend the rest of our time
08:57 looking at John chapter 17,
09:02 John chapter 17 because here we have recorded
09:04 the prayer that Jesus was praying that night.
09:08 There is so much encouragement;
09:10 there is so much strength in this prayer.
09:14 Let's look at John 17 beginning at verse number 1,
09:18 Jesus spoke these words,
09:20 lifted up His eyes to heaven,
09:22 and said: "Father, the hour has come.
09:26 Glorify Your Son, that Your Son
09:29 also may glorify You,
09:33 as You have given Him authority over all flesh,
09:36 that He should give eternal life to as many
09:38 as You have given Him.
09:41 And this is eternal life that they may know You,
09:45 the only true God,
09:46 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.
09:50 I have glorified You on the earth.
09:52 I have finished the work
09:53 which You have given Me to do.
09:56 And now, O Father,
09:58 glorify Me together with Yourself,
10:01 with the glory which I had with You
10:03 before the world was.
10:05 Let's do a verse by verse examination
10:09 of these passages of scripture John 17:1 to 5.
10:13 First of all I want you to get that Jesus
10:15 was always consistent to give glory to his father.
10:21 Jesus never wanted any, any praise
10:24 necessarily here on earth.
10:26 He wanted, he always pointed things
10:28 back to his father.
10:31 Another thing that we can get out of these
10:32 passages is that Jesus is the grantor of eternal life.
10:38 He is just that he should give him eternal life
10:40 for as many as you have given him.
10:42 He is talking about himself there.
10:44 You know I find it so interesting about
10:46 this eternal life is mentioned in verse 3.
10:49 Watch this; this is eternal life that they may know
10:52 you the only true God and Jesus Christ
10:54 whom you have sent.
10:56 I remember hearing out a sermon one time on 3ABN
11:00 I believe it is by Ty Gibson
11:03 and he brought up this point to me
11:05 that just really spoke to me.
11:08 What is eternal life?
11:11 According to this passage of scripture eternal life
11:14 is not measured in time and space.
11:17 Eternal life is simply knowing God the father.
11:22 Eternal life is not measured in
11:24 some amount of time that goes on and on forever,
11:28 but eternal life is being in
11:31 the presence of the father and Jesus first
11:36 and highest priority was to do
11:39 the will of his father.
11:42 Is that your priority today?
11:44 Is that it should my and your priority today
11:47 to do the will of our heavenly father.
11:51 And I like what he says;
11:52 he says glorify me together with yourself
11:54 with the glory, which I had with
11:56 you before the world was.
11:59 There should be no question in your mind
12:01 or my mind today about who or what Christ
12:05 was before he came to this earth.
12:07 He was with the father and he had glory,
12:11 heavenly glory before the world began.
12:16 This is the prayer that Jesus prayed
12:19 he was asking for strength and endurance.
12:23 And now he changes his prayer just a little bit.
12:25 Let's look at verse number 6,
12:28 we gonna read 6 through 8;
12:30 I have manifested Your name to the men
12:32 whom You have given Me out of the world.
12:36 They were Yours, You gave them to Me,
12:39 and they have kept Your word.
12:41 Now they have known that all things which You have
12:44 given Me are from You.
12:46 For I have given to them the words
12:48 which You have given Me;
12:49 and they have received them,
12:51 and have known surely that I came forth from You;
12:54 and they have believed that You sent Me.
12:59 I believe that Jesus is saying
13:01 that he is the channel,
13:04 he is the path, he is the delivery method
13:07 for the father's words.
13:09 A little sentence here from the book
13:11 Testimonies volume 8, page 286 says,
13:13 All that man needs to know or can know of God
13:17 has been revealed in the life
13:19 and character of His son.
13:22 Do you want to get to know God today?
13:24 Then get to know his son Jesus Christ
13:27 whom he has sinned.
13:29 Do you want to get close to God today?
13:31 Then get close to his son Jesus Christ.
13:36 And I like that, where he says I have known surely
13:40 that I came forth from You and they have
13:44 believed that You sent Me.
13:46 This is the evidence that Jesus
13:49 and the father were one his life
13:52 testified that they were one.
13:55 So, now reading on in verse number 9 of John 17.
13:59 I pray for them. I do not pray for the world
14:03 but for those whom you have given me,
14:06 for they are yours. And all mine are yours,
14:10 and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them.
14:15 Jesus spent some of his last moments
14:18 on planet earth praying for his disciples,
14:23 praying for this rag-tag group of believers
14:26 who had come to him, who had developed
14:29 a relationship with him.
14:31 Jesus' prayer was not primarily for himself,
14:34 but for those who had believed on his name.
14:39 Let's go on in verse number 11 Jesus says;
14:42 Now I am no longer in the world,
14:45 but these are in the world,
14:47 and I come to you. Holy Father,
14:50 keep through Your name those whom
14:53 You have given Me,
14:54 that they may be one as We are.
14:58 While I was with them in the world,
15:01 I kept them in Your name.
15:03 Those whom You gave Me I have kept;
15:06 and none of them is lost except the son of perdition,
15:08 that the Scripture might be fulfilled.
15:11 You see Jesus by faith believed
15:14 that he would see his father that's why he said,
15:18 he said I come to you father
15:21 and now he says please keep them,
15:24 please keep them in your name he wanted
15:27 his followers to be unified
15:30 and kept in the fold of God
15:34 reading on in verse 13 it says.
15:38 But now I come to you, and these things
15:42 I speak in the world, that they may have
15:45 My joy fulfilled in themselves.
15:47 I have given them Your word;
15:50 and the world has hated them just because,
15:53 because they are not of the world,
15:54 just as I am not of the world.
15:57 I do not pray that you should take them
15:59 out of the world, but that You should keep them
16:02 from the evil one.
16:04 They are not of the world,
16:05 just as I am not of the world.
16:07 Sanctify them by your truth,
16:10 Your word is truth.
16:13 As you sent Me into the world,
16:14 I also have sent them into the world.
16:16 And for their sakes I sanctify myself,
16:19 that they also may be sanctified by the truth.
16:24 Again Jesus expresses his belief
16:27 that he would soon see his father
16:29 and he had joined his belief
16:31 and he wanted youand I to have that same joy,
16:34 you know, it is said the Christians should be
16:37 the happiest people on the face of the earth
16:39 why because we are going to see our savior some day,
16:43 we are going to see him coming and that should,
16:46 that should give us joy,
16:47 we shouldn't go around with moppy smile like this
16:49 or with the moppy face like this all the time,
16:51 we should be happy, enjoy us because we know
16:54 that he is coming for us soon.
16:57 You know what I like about one of these passages
16:59 is that he lifts us up to his position by stating
17:03 that the world hates him just,
17:05 hates us as just as they hate him.
17:07 He kind of brings us up to his level,
17:09 he says the world is goanna hate you,
17:11 but they hated me first
17:13 and don't worry about that,
17:15 don't worry about that,
17:16 he says he asks the father
17:18 to keep us from the evil one.
17:21 Think about that he knew what was going to
17:24 happen to his disciples later on in their life,
17:27 he knew what was going to happen to Peter,
17:30 he knew what was going to happen to Steven,
17:32 he knew what was going to happen to James,
17:34 he knew what was going to happen to John,
17:37 and he says, he said he didn't ask the father
17:40 to deliver them from that he said please keep them
17:43 from the evil one and see them through it.
17:46 He prayed that you and I would go through it
17:49 with him and again he counts us with himself
17:53 not as once of the world we should not
17:55 count ourselves as part of the world.
17:57 Are you part of the world, I hope not,
17:59 I don't want to be a part of the world,
18:01 I want to be a part of the family of God.
18:05 I like that passages scripture that says
18:07 sanctify them through thy truth thy word is truth.
18:11 It says in the book of Christ's Object
18:13 Lessons page 101 "Sanctify them throught thy truth:
18:16 thy word is truth. " Received into the heart,
18:20 the leaven of truth will regulate the desires,
18:24 purify the thoughts, and sweeten the disposition.
18:29 It quickens the faculties of the mind
18:31 and the energies of the soul.
18:33 It enlarges the capacity for feeling,
18:36 for loving.
18:38 Friend I have a question for you today.
18:40 Do you want to have new desires,
18:43 do you want to have new thoughts
18:45 then study the word,
18:47 do you want your thoughts to be pure
18:49 and holy then study the word,
18:52 do you want to have a disposition a mind
18:54 like Jesus study the word,
18:58 do you want to love more,
18:59 do you want to love your brothers and sisters
19:01 more then study the word,
19:04 do you want to get smart,
19:05 do you want to have increased mentality
19:07 and spirituality then study the word,
19:11 that is my challenge for you today.
19:14 Then Jesus went on and he said as God sent Jesus,
19:18 Jesus sends us to reach the world
19:21 with the everlasting gospel
19:23 and each one of us have a part
19:25 to play in that everlasting gospel.
19:28 There is none, who is insignificant,
19:30 there is none who doesn't matter,
19:32 if you are a part of the family of God
19:34 there is something that you can contribute
19:36 to the work of God and finally that we found
19:40 that Jesus wanted his disciples to be sanctified
19:46 and he made himself as their example
19:48 that they might follow him.
19:51 He wanted Peter and James and John
19:54 and the rest of his disciples,
19:55 he wanted them to grow in him,
19:59 he wanted them to become like himself.
20:03 What Jesus now, now Jesus kind of
20:06 he kind of broadens his prayer just a bit,
20:11 just a little bit. Now we read on in verse 20
20:14 and it says "I do not pray for these alone,
20:17 but also for those who will believe in Me
20:21 through their word; that they all may be one,
20:25 as you, Father, are in Me,
20:27 and I in You; that they also may be one in Us,
20:31 that the world may believe that You sent Me.
20:34 And the glory which You gave me I have given them,
20:37 that they may be one just as We are One:
20:41 I in them, and You in Me;
20:43 that they may be made perfect in one,
20:45 and that the world may know that You have sent Me,
20:48 and have loved them as You have loved Me.
20:52 "Father, I desire that they also whom you gave Me
20:55 may be with Me where I am,
20:58 that they may behold My glory
21:00 which You have given Me;
21:02 for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.
21:06 O righteous Father! The world has not known You,
21:10 but I have known You; and these have known
21:13 that You sent Me.
21:15 And I have declared to them your name,
21:17 and will declare it, that the love with which
21:20 You loved Me may be in them,
21:22 and I in them " Friend think about
21:27 these last moments of Jesus life
21:30 shortly before the cross
21:33 and he spent these moments praying
21:36 for you and for me,
21:39 for each one of us we were on his mind
21:42 and it said oh son it says when he was on
21:44 the cross I was on his mind.
21:48 What was Jesus saying in these last few passages,
21:51 he broaden his prayer to pray for all
21:54 who would believe in his name that's you and me
21:58 and he wanted his children
21:59 to be of one heart and one mind
22:03 united under the wings of God.
22:07 We cannot be one unless we have hidden
22:10 our life with Christ in God and Jesus
22:13 he wants to glorify his church,
22:16 he wants to give us glory,
22:17 he wants to lift us up to help us
22:20 when we need help,
22:22 you know he is stressed over and over again
22:25 that his desire was to see his church
22:29 become one perfect and whole
22:34 and when we become one,
22:37 when we Gods people today become one
22:39 that we will testify of the fathers love
22:43 to the whole world and he even prayed
22:46 that the father would love us get this friend
22:51 to the same degree that he loves his son.
22:56 Did you hear that Jesus said I want you to love
23:00 my children as much as you love me,
23:03 how much does God love Jesus, wow!
23:05 there is no way to count it,
23:07 there is no way to tell the infinite love
23:10 that God has for his son and his son prayed
23:13 that he would love us to the same amount.
23:16 It's an incredible thought friend incredible,
23:21 he expressed his desire to have his church,
23:25 his bride with him physically united with him,
23:31 do you long for that day,
23:33 do you long to throw your arms around Jesus
23:36 and just tell him how much you love him,
23:38 and how much you appreciate
23:40 what he did for you
23:42 I do I long for that day dear friend,
23:46 I long to be in his presence,
23:48 to listen to his voice and to be right there
23:53 with him no matter if we don't say a word,
23:55 just want to be with Jesus
23:57 and that's what Jesus want,
23:58 he wanted to have his followers,
24:02 his children with him
24:04 to be physically united with him.
24:07 I think that he wanted us to see him
24:09 in all of his splendor and all of his glory,
24:12 think about it 2000 years ago
24:15 when he walked on planet earth
24:17 there was no former comeliness
24:18 that we should desire him.
24:20 There was nothing special about his looks
24:23 and even possibly as Christians today
24:28 in our mind we can see pictures
24:30 and paintings of Jesus hanging on the cross,
24:34 bruised and beaten and bleeding
24:37 for you and for me.
24:40 These are some of the last,
24:41 some of the things that stay in our minds,
24:44 but Jesus doesn't want us to think
24:46 about that necessarily,
24:47 he wants us to see him in his glory,
24:51 the glorified body that he came from the grave with,
24:54 he wants us to see the splendor that his father
24:58 has given him since that day.
25:03 He doesn't want to just see us as to see him
25:06 as just walking talking man on earth,
25:08 he wants us to see him as the risen savior
25:12 and he wants to reveal himself to us
25:16 so that we might have a better understanding
25:19 of who God is, of who he is,
25:23 and the fact that he was here
25:25 before the world began.
25:28 And finally Jesus' final words in this prayer
25:34 was he expressed his desire to have the fathers
25:38 love present in his church in you and in me.
25:45 Is that your desire today,
25:47 is that your desire to have the love of Jesus
25:52 in your heart.
25:54 We have seen examples of prayer.
25:58 My question to you today is
26:01 how is your prayer life friend?
26:03 How is your prayer life? Yeah, we are told
26:05 that Jesus got up early in the morning
26:08 to spend time in prayer with his father.
26:10 I find it for myself, I need that time,
26:14 I need that time a prayer with my heavenly father
26:19 and you know sometimes we get into this habit
26:22 of getting up and we get up in the morning
26:25 and of course we get up late,
26:27 so we look at the clock and say oh,
26:29 I got to get to work.
26:30 First of all before I get to work,
26:31 I've got to get, get to get bathed
26:33 and I've got to eat and
26:35 I've got to do all these things
26:36 and I've got to get to work on time
26:38 and sometimes we neglect
26:40 that time in prayer with God.
26:43 Friend don't let the devil get the
26:45 best of you that way.
26:47 That's what he wants to do,
26:49 the devil wants to throw so many things
26:50 at you that you don't have time to spend time
26:53 in prayer with your heavenly father.
26:56 Jesus gained strength and endurance through prayer.
27:01 Prayer can bring healing to a broken body,
27:04 prayer can bring, can bring life,
27:06 where there is death,
27:08 prayer can bring conversion
27:10 into stone heart, cold heart.
27:15 Prayer can bring unity to Gods church.
27:20 I would encourage you today
27:22 to please do not neglect your prayer life,
27:26 spend sometime in the morning
27:28 and in the evening in prayer.
27:30 We think that our prayers have to be these fancy
27:32 King James prayers, but that's not the case
27:35 just talk to God and he will talk to you,
27:40 spend time in prayer in the morning
27:42 when things are cool and calm and quite
27:45 and I guarantee you,
27:46 your day will go much better.
27:49 Spend time in prayer today
27:51 and let God speak to you.


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