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00:31 I like to welcome you today to Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is David Shin and we will be spending the next
00:36 few moments together in a study of God's word,
00:40 but before we do so I would like to invite you to bow
00:42 your heads with me as we seek the Lord in prayer.
00:46 Father in heaven, we thank you today for the privilege
00:49 and opportunity that we have to study your Holy Word.
00:52 We asked that you illuminate our hearts and our minds
00:55 that you can speak to us we pray in Jesus name, Amen.
01:01 The topic of our discussion today is entitled Is Seeing
01:05 Believing? You know within the press and media
01:08 nowadays it seems that we have had a resurgence of
01:11 interest in the supernatural. And one of the things
01:15 that I came across was something called NDEs or
01:18 Near Death Experiences. It happens when a person
01:22 is on the brink of death perhaps they are wheeled
01:26 into the emergency room the doctors,
01:28 the nurses are frantically working on this patent,
01:31 but the blood pressure is dropping.
01:33 The individual is slipping away and inadvertently
01:36 in this event some people have this out of body
01:39 experience and I like to read to an account that relates
01:44 to us something about what this is happening, Grace.
01:47 He was talking about Grace, Grace were shaking
01:49 with fever and terrible pain. Her body was trembling
01:53 as she was rushed to the hospital as she immediately
01:56 was assured into the emergency room,
01:58 the physicians gave her very, very little hope.
02:01 She said that as her blood pressure drop,
02:04 as she was very, very near death it appeared that
02:07 when she was slipping up out of her body.
02:10 It appeared through her that something unusual
02:13 and strange was happening, it appeared that
02:15 she was ascending to the ceiling. She seems to be
02:18 floating up toward the ceiling. She seem to be looking at the
02:21 physicians and nurses that were attending her.
02:24 She described her experienced as a journey to the light.
02:27 In fact Grace said I began to feel the most incredible
02:32 warm loving feeling. I was in this light and there was a
02:36 presence in the light. Here Grace says she has
02:39 rushed into the emergency room, the doctors are
02:41 working harder and inadvertently she feels
02:44 herself come up out of her body looking down
02:46 on the physicians that are working on her
02:50 and she says there is a light, there was a presence
02:52 in the light. It is estimated that seven million
02:56 Americans claim to have had an outer body or near
03:00 death experience. I was working in Tulsa,
03:04 Oklahoma not too long ago. This is another supernatural
03:06 experience that happened, an individual came to me
03:09 and said David there is something happening
03:11 in my garage. She said she got up that morning,
03:13 went out to her garage and those this portable closet
03:17 that was there and he started shaking on the floor
03:20 uncontrollably and she said she didn't know
03:22 what to make of it, she wanted me to come over
03:23 in the house and have a word of prayer.
03:25 And unbenounced to me, I was little bit and see about
03:30 going over and so I went over inadvertently
03:32 nothing happened and I met other people that
03:34 believe they have had other supernatural
03:36 manifestations and another one that came up in the media
03:39 not too long ago in prominent magazines
03:41 such as News Weekend Time is something called
03:44 Marian Apparitions, where they have these apparitions
03:48 of Mary that are appearing and the catholic church
03:50 is actually verified and gives a thumbs up or
03:53 thumbs down on certain websites authorizing
03:56 certain of these apparitions. Those one that came
04:00 to my attention and it was weeping Madonna
04:03 very interestingly and scientist would go to these
04:06 weeping Madonna's, there statues that are actually
04:08 weeping tears. And the scientist would go with
04:11 the test tube take, the saline solution or whatever
04:15 the tears were being admitted from the statue
04:17 take it off to the lab and what they found was that
04:20 was actual real tears, human tears.
04:23 Madonna's weeping blood, they take the blood
04:26 to the test tube and do the same test it was human
04:29 blood as well. I saw this other one,
04:32 where they had a stained glass window much like
04:34 the one behind me, where they would have the impression of
04:37 Mary that was supernaturally imposed on it after
04:40 the stained glass window was put up.
04:43 They have another instance called stigmata's,
04:45 where they have individuals that are emitting blood or
04:49 olive oil out of their hands, their feet, or their head,
04:53 where Jesus died they called this stigmata.
04:55 And they believe that this is a sign of the authenticity
04:59 of Mary. Now the purpose of our discussion today
05:03 is not to do a judgment call on any of these events,
05:06 where it's Marian Apparitions.
05:07 The people I met in Tulsa, Oklahoma or even near death
05:11 or out of body experiences, but to ask more fundamental
05:15 question as to how the Christian is to determine
05:18 truth here in the 21st century.
05:21 Now there is a common statement that goes something
05:23 like this, if I see it I'll believe it. And rightfully so,
05:28 we live in the 21st century and from an impress
05:30 standpoint of view we use our five senses what
05:33 we see, what we taste, what we touch, as an indicator
05:36 of what is true reality for us. Now, I like to ask this
05:41 question what if there is a conflict between the
05:43 experience, the supernatural manifestation that
05:47 you have and scripture. Which is to take dominance,
05:50 which is to be the preeminent driving force in our lives?
05:53 And that is the question that I like to ask.
05:56 Is seeing really believing for the Christian.
05:59 Which takes priority is it experience or is a
06:02 something else. And by way of introduction,
06:05 I would like to go to our fist passage.
06:07 Our fist passage here today second Peter chapter
06:10 1 and verse 16. I'll be reading from the King James,
06:14 New King James version, Actually King James Version.
06:16 2 Peter chapter 1 and verse 16,
06:20 the Apostle Peter says, For we have not followed
06:24 cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto
06:28 you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,
06:31 but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.
06:35 The Apostle Peter is making this claim he say listen
06:39 I want you to believe me regarding the authenticity,
06:42 regarding the reality of Jesus Christ because
06:45 I was there he uses a very key word near the end
06:48 of 2 Peter chapter 1 verse 16 he says,
06:51 I was an eyewitness of his majesty.
06:54 He says what I'm telling you is not a myth,
06:56 is not a fairytale, is not something that a group
06:59 of individuals 2000 years ago got together and said
07:02 let's make up the story. Peter saying I want you
07:05 to believe me on the basis of something of an
07:08 eyewitnesses account. I saw Jesus that's why I want
07:13 you to believe in me. Let's read the next verse 2
07:16 Peter chapter 1 in verse 17 again, and Peter makes this
07:20 further statement he says, For he received
07:22 from God the Father honor and glory,
07:25 when there came such a voice to him from the
07:28 excellent glory, This is my beloved Son,
07:30 in whom I am well pleased. Peter says not only
07:34 do I want you to believe in me based on the eyewitness
07:37 account that I had, but furthermore I heard the voice
07:41 from heaven this is my beloved Son,
07:44 in whom I am well pleased. He uses his sensory
07:48 perception of site and then goes on to the sensatory
07:51 perception of hearing. He says number 1;
07:53 I want you to believe in me on the basis of what
07:56 I've seen and what I've heard.
07:58 Now what Peter are you talking about what events
08:00 specifically is he addressing here.
08:03 Let's go to verse 18, 2 Peter chapter 1 and verse 18
08:07 and he says, And this voice which came from heaven
08:11 we have heard, when we were with him in the holy mount.
08:15 Now Peter is describing in this account the description
08:21 of the mount of transfiguration.
08:24 If you remember in the Gospels,
08:25 there was a transfiguration in which Peter,
08:28 James, and John went up to the mountain into pray.
08:30 And in it there was a theophany,
08:32 there was a manifestation of God divinity flash
08:35 through humanity and Jesus revealed himself
08:38 as a son of God and the disciples were floored,
08:42 they fell prostrate before the feet of Jesus
08:44 and Peter said I build a house for each one of the
08:47 Moses, Elijah, and Jesus. Now it was in this event
08:50 that they saw the glory of God and sure they
08:53 heard the voice and Peter saying in 2 Peter
08:56 chapter 1 verse 16, 17 and 18 that essentially
08:59 I want you to believe in me, I want you to believe
09:03 the claims regarding the authenticity,
09:05 regarding the veracity of Jesus Christ as a son
09:08 of God on the basis that I saw Jesus on the mount
09:12 of transfiguration. I like to paint this picture
09:15 for you a little bit more from the book Desire of Ages,
09:19 Desire of Ages 421. His prayer is heard meaning
09:23 Jesus. While He is bowed in lowliness upon the stony
09:26 ground, suddenly the heavens open,
09:29 the golden gates of the city are thrown wide,
09:31 and holy radiance descends upon the mount,
09:34 enshrouding the Saviour's form.
09:36 Divinity flashes through humanity, and meets the
09:41 glory coming from above. Arising from His prostrate
09:44 position, Christ stands in godlike majesty.
09:48 The soul agony is gone. His countenance
09:51 now shines "as the sun," and His garments are
09:54 "white as the light."
09:56 The disciples, awaking, behold the glory of God
09:59 illuminating the mount. In fear and amazement
10:02 they gaze upon the radiant form of their Master.
10:06 As they become able to endure the wondrous light,
10:09 they see Jesus is not alone. Beside Him are two
10:13 heavenly beings, in close converse with one another.
10:16 They are Moses, who is upon Sinai who talked with God;
10:20 and Elijah, to whom the high privilege was granted
10:23 to none other but the sons of Adam never
10:25 to come under the power of death.
10:29 So, imagine the scene Peter and Peter is saying
10:31 I want you to believe in me regarding the claims
10:35 of Jesus Christ because I saw Jesus with Moses
10:38 and Elijah on the mount of transfiguration,
10:40 I heard the voice from heaven and believe me
10:43 what I'm telling you is not a myth, it's not a fairytale.
10:47 Now I think for most of us the Peter,
10:49 the Apostle Peter would come to you and say listen
10:51 I want you to believe in me because I was there,
10:53 I was an eyewitness of his majesty.
10:55 I heard the voice from heaven, I think for most of us
10:58 it would have settled the question for sure.
11:01 Now the last part of this verse let's read it,
11:04 2 Peter chapter 1 and verse 19, 2 Peter chapter 1
11:08 verse 19, We have also a more sure word
11:13 of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed,
11:18 as unto a light that shineth in a dark place,
11:21 until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your
11:26 hearts. Did you catch that portion,
11:28 Peter has in this next verse basically undermine
11:31 the whole paradigm of modern empiricism
11:34 and I like to focus on two words they are
11:37 we have also a more sure word of prophecy
11:42 that's profound. Peter is essentially saying that more
11:46 sure then seeing Jesus face-to-face on the mount
11:50 of transfiguration. More sure then hearing the actual
11:54 voice of God from heaven that scripture is to take
11:58 a higher priority and precedence.
12:01 The implications of this passage are evident. Number 1,
12:05 scripture has a priority over experience.
12:08 We are not saying that experience is not relevant,
12:10 but that experience must be in harmony with scripture
12:14 as a standard. And number 2, the collier is just as
12:17 important therefore if there is a conflict between
12:21 the experience that we have in the word Peter
12:24 is simply implying that scripture to take precedence.
12:27 That if there is a conflict between the supernatural
12:30 manifestation that you have, Peter is saying that the
12:33 more show word of prophecy is the thing to go by.
12:36 Now we never wanna base the text or a passage
12:39 use one passage as determine for doctrine.
12:42 So, let's go to another one our rule of faith,
12:44 let's go to another one, let's go to Mathew chapter 24,
12:48 sorry Luke chapter 24 verse 13, Luke chapter 24
12:53 and verse 13. And, behold, two of them went that
12:58 same day to a village called Emmaus,
13:01 which was from Jerusalem about threescore furlongs.
13:04 And they talked together of all these things
13:07 which had happened. And it came to pass,
13:10 that, while they commanded together or communed
13:12 together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near,
13:16 and went with them. But their eyes were holden
13:19 that they should not know him. I just like to set the
13:23 stage for you here very briefly, Jesus has just died,
13:27 the crucifixion has taken place.
13:29 And these disciples are depressed, they are melancholy,
13:32 they are morose, all the hopes that they had in Christ
13:35 as a Messiah had just simply been obliterated
13:38 in a weekend. And these two disciples one whose
13:42 name is Cleopas and other one who is unnamed
13:45 are walking this journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus.
13:49 And you can imagine as they are walking,
13:52 their hopes have been dashed, they have been
13:54 invested their entire lives in Jesus as a Messiah
13:57 and over this weekend Jesus has just breathe
13:59 his last. And while they are walking together
14:02 to recounting the events that took place.
14:04 And Jesus walks up with them.
14:08 And the Bible says that their eyes were holding,
14:11 they are so immersed in their own surrounding,
14:12 they could not even recognize that this was the
14:15 Savior that had been resurrected on that
14:18 resurrection mourn that Easter Sunday day.
14:20 And so let's read in the next verse and see what
14:23 happens. Luke chapter 24 and verse 17,
14:28 And he said unto them, What manner of
14:31 communications are these that ye have one to another
14:34 and are sad? Jesus poses to them this very
14:38 essential question saying these words, what manner
14:42 of communication are these and that you are walk
14:45 in a sad. He wants to go to the root of the problem.
14:48 What you guys talking about? And he asks a question,
14:50 now questions of two things. Number one,
14:53 it forces the questioner to challenge his own
14:57 assumptions and number 2 it creates an entry
15:00 point for discussion. And Jesus proceeds in the next
15:04 verse, let's look at in verse 18 through 20,
15:06 Luke chapter 24 verse 18 through 20.
15:09 And the one of them, whose name was Cleopas,
15:12 answering said unto him,
15:13 Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem,
15:16 and hast not known the things which are come
15:19 to pass there in these days? And he said unto them,
15:22 What things? And they said unto him,
15:24 Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a prophet
15:27 mighty in deed and word before God and all the
15:30 people: And how the chief priests and our rulers
15:34 delivered him to be condemned to death,
15:37 and have crucified him. They say Jesus where
15:41 have you been or they didn't know Jesus at this
15:43 point, are you a stranger in Jerusalem
15:46 and you have not heard of all these events
15:48 that have simply turned Jerusalem in an uproar
15:51 and they go and they reveal their lack of faith,
15:54 they reveal to Jesus who is currently unrevealed
15:57 to them and they say listen we did not really
16:00 believe the words of Christ when he said before
16:02 that after three days I will rise again.
16:05 And Jesus goes to the heart of the problem.
16:09 Let's read on Luke chapter 24, 24 through 26.
16:14 And certain of them which were with us went
16:17 to the sepulchre, and found it even so as the women
16:21 had said: but him they saw not.
16:23 Then he said unto them, O fools, and slow of heart
16:27 to believe all that the prophets have spoken:
16:30 Ought not Christ to have suffered these things,
16:33 and to enter into his glory? Jesus says to them
16:38 listen O fools now this is a stranger they must
16:41 have been taken back a little bit, he comes to them
16:43 and says listen had you not known that this
16:45 is what should have happen to the Christ
16:47 regarding the son of God and the Messiah.
16:50 Now the next verse is very interesting,
16:53 Luke chapter 24 verse 27, And beginning at Moses
16:58 and all the prophets, he expounded unto them
17:00 in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.
17:04 Now notice in this passage what Jesus did not do.
17:07 Jesus did not come to them and say listen
17:10 or not the prophets to have known these things
17:12 and a dazzling light shown from heaven,
17:14 a voice came from God, and his face was illuminated
17:17 and he said, I'm Jesus, I'm alive,
17:20 I've been resurrected. He doesn't do that at all instead
17:23 when revealing the authentic nature regarding
17:26 the authenticity of the birth, the resurrection,
17:30 the burial of Jesus Christ he says that I want to give
17:33 you a Bible study and he starts with Moses
17:36 and all the prophets and reveals to them all these
17:38 things concerning himself. He did not come to them
17:42 say I'm Jesus rather he give them a Bible study
17:46 and revealed himself to them later.
17:49 This is very interesting because to Jesus he takes
17:53 a high priority in scripture. He took the time to walk
17:56 with his disciples almost in disguised before
17:59 revealing himself to them to quote scripture
18:02 to take them on the Bible study because he wanted
18:04 them to base their face upon a thus save the Lord.
18:09 The implications are similar to that passage in
18:12 1 Peter that Jesus places a higher priority upon
18:17 scripture. He places even a higher priority on
18:20 scripture then seeing him face-to-face there as a
18:23 determiner for truth. And the collier is also similar.
18:28 Therefore if there is a conflict between what we
18:30 experience in the word Jesus place this a higher
18:34 value on the word. We should standby the Bible
18:37 as a final rule of faith. Now you maybe asking
18:42 yourself this question why is it that Jesus and the
18:46 Apostle Peter places a higher priority upon scripture
18:50 then a supernatural manifestation.
18:52 It goes simply like this, I believe that we are in a great
18:55 controversy between the forces of light
18:57 and the forces of darkness. And if you remember
19:00 in Christ disquisition he says be aware of deception
19:04 in the end of time. Now deceptions are very
19:07 interesting thing because people did not go walking
19:10 the streets saying I'm deceived, I'm deceived.
19:11 Deception is a deception because you and I can
19:15 be deceived right now and not even know it.
19:18 That is the nature of deception.
19:20 And deception has another interesting twist to it
19:23 and that it can be 99.9% error and 0.1%,
19:28 99.9% truth and 0.1% error and that's what makes a
19:33 fatal fallacy. Now you remember that the devil
19:37 according to the Bible is said to be transformed
19:40 or can be transform to an angel of light.
19:43 When Jesus was tempted after his baptism this
19:48 devil did not come to him with the pitchfork
19:50 and horns. He came to him as a dazzling angel
19:53 prophesying to be from God of heaven.
19:55 And he came quoting scripture and I believe
19:59 that in the end of time that there will be miracles
20:01 from God and they will be miracles as well
20:04 from the forces of darkness. Now you ask yourself
20:08 how do I determine between, which is from God
20:10 and which is not. I like to take you to this text
20:14 in Isaiah chapter 8, verse 20, Isaiah chapter 8,
20:19 verse 20, To the law and to the testimony:
20:22 if they speak not according to this word,
20:25 it is because there is no light in them.
20:29 This is a rule of faith that all of us can follow that
20:32 if there is a conflict between what we experience whatever
20:35 maybe that we are detested by a clear thus say
20:40 the Lord. Nothing that we receive,
20:42 where there is a doctrine, where there is a believe,
20:44 where there is a supernatural experience
20:46 or eye vision. A miracle that happens we are
20:49 detested by a clear word of scripture.
20:53 Now at this point you maybe feeling a sort
20:57 of tension and it goes something like this.
20:59 How do I get to the place, where I put a higher
21:02 priority upon scripture then a supernatural
21:05 manifestation that we may have.
21:07 Now I will admit that it is very difficult because
21:09 all of us we tend to believe what we see and feel.
21:12 But, the Bible is telling us that if that conflict
21:15 between the word of God, we are to go with scripture.
21:18 Now what is some keys. I like to leave with you
21:21 just four keys for how we can come to that place,
21:25 where we take a preeminent priority with scripture.
21:29 And that is number 1, make Bible study a priority
21:32 in your life. You know, there is a lot of things
21:35 that we invest in this life, we invest in our cars,
21:38 we invest in our houses, perhaps some of you have
21:41 401 case or stocks and bonds and rightfully so,
21:44 but let's talk a little bit about eternal investment.
21:47 When Jesus Christ comes the second time
21:50 we are not going to be wishing, Oh!
21:52 I wish I driven my car more, in matter of fact the only
21:55 thing that we can take to heaven is our character,
21:57 we are not even gonna take this body,
21:58 and the friends that we take with us.
22:00 There is gonna be a lot of things that we wish
22:02 when Jesus comes and one of them just maybe
22:05 I wish, I'd my Bible more. So, I like to encourage
22:10 you from that standpoint to place a high priority
22:13 upon scripture because when Jesus comes the second
22:16 time the things that are eternal,
22:17 the things that last forever will be the things
22:20 that take us through to the end.
22:22 The second one is a set, a regular time for Bible study,
22:26 whether its morning or evening set the prominent
22:30 time when your mind is the clearest and spend
22:32 it in God's word. You know there is an interesting
22:36 collier in the Bible it says man shall not live
22:39 by bread alone but by every word that proceeds
22:42 for the mouth of God. There is a relationship
22:45 that Jesus places between our physical food
22:47 and our spiritual food and I don't know about you,
22:50 but I need regular times for my meals.
22:52 If I skip a meal, if I don't eat or eat regular
22:55 irregularly it tends to through off my circadian
22:58 rhythms and in the same way, if you want spiritual
23:01 strength from day to day make sure that you are
23:04 spending regular time in Bible study.
23:07 Our third one is to pray before studying scripture.
23:12 It's a spiritual book and spiritual things are
23:16 Spiritually discerned and I praise the Lord that IQ,
23:19 that intelligence is not approve raucous that for studying
23:22 the Bible Amen. That the Bible tells us that he will
23:25 lead us and guide us into all truth. It's a spiritual book
23:28 and we needs God's help, intent is prior to content
23:32 and truthfulness in the heart proceeds truth in the
23:36 objective world. Our last one is to memorize
23:40 and focus on those passages that are most meaningful
23:45 to you. I believe that there is more to be obtained
23:47 from a focus study of one text that you make
23:51 your own then reading the whole Bible through
23:53 and I wanna encourage you to read the Bible through,
23:54 don't get me wrong, then reading the whole Bible
23:56 through with no definite purpose or view in mind.
23:59 So, focus on the text, meditate upon those themes
24:03 and/or age you in your Christian life and growth.
24:06 So, let's summarize number one make Bible study
24:09 a priority in your life. Number two, set a regular
24:12 time to study everyday. Number three,
24:14 pray before studying the scripture we need God's help.
24:18 And number four, memorize and focus on those
24:22 passages that are most meaningful to you.
24:25 In summary today, we've dealt with some supernatural
24:29 occurrences that have occurred in our world
24:30 and we have asked this fundamental question
24:33 what is to take priority for the Christian.
24:35 Is to be human experience or scripture.
24:38 We are not just count human experience,
24:39 but if there is a conflict between the two which
24:42 is to take priority and we have seen in second
24:45 Peter chapter 1 verse 16 through 20 that essentially
24:48 the Apostle Peter is telling us that even more
24:50 then seeing Jesus to face-to-face on the mount of
24:53 transfiguration. He is essentially telling us to go by
24:56 scripture as the more sure word of prophecy.
25:00 And Jesus by illustration in Luke chapter 24
25:04 by his example on the walk to a mess tells us that
25:08 we are to go by scripture rather then even a
25:11 supernatural manifestation of himself.
25:14 And we have also seen in Isaiah chapter 8 verse 20
25:18 that to the law and to the testimony if there is no,
25:21 if they do not speak according to these things
25:23 it's because there is no light in them.
25:27 The Bible is telling us to base our experience upon
25:30 scripture to go by the word of God,
25:32 to make the word of God your rule of faith from
25:36 day-to-day. I came across this very interesting
25:40 statement or this story of an individual that had
25:45 let a legacy of leadership for about 60 years
25:49 of her life she had led the church, she had led this
25:52 group of people, 82 years of age she was weak,
25:56 the congregation knew that this was probably
25:59 the last time she was going to be speaking with them.
26:01 And with much anticipation this congregation was about
26:06 to hear her speech and the general conference
26:09 bulletin describes her words as such.
26:12 She closed her words or address with these words
26:15 brethren and sisters, we shall separate for little while,
26:18 but let us not forget what we have heard at this meeting.
26:22 Let us go forward in the strength of the mighty
26:25 one considering the joy that is set before us.
26:29 I'm seeing his face in the kingdom of God and going out
26:33 no more forever. I pray God that this maybe the
26:37 experience of each one of us and in that great day
26:40 of God, we maybe glorify together.
26:44 Having concluded the last sermon,
26:46 she was to preach at this session.
26:47 The 82-year-old messenger of the Lord moved away
26:51 from the desk and headed toward her seat suddenly
26:55 she stopped, turned and came back to the poppet
26:58 and picking up the Bible from which she had earlier
27:02 read she opened it and held it out with extended hands
27:06 that trembled with age and said brethren and sisters
27:11 I command onto you this book. Can you imagine
27:16 the scene. This 82-year-old messenger of the Lord
27:19 has just preached her last sermon, she was to give
27:21 to this group of people, she is about to walk away
27:24 from the desk when she comes back and this is
27:26 the last legacy that she wants to live with them
27:28 and she says brethren and sisters I want to command
27:31 onto you this book. It's my prayer for you today
27:37 that you will make God the highest priority in your life.
27:41 That you will make scripture first, may you be a person
27:45 that lives by every word that proceeds
27:49 from the more amount of God.
27:52 May God bless you and keep you this day.


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