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00:31 I'd like to welcome you today to Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is David Shin and we will be spending
00:36 the next few moments in a study of God's word.
00:39 But, before we do so I like to invite you
00:41 to bow your heads with me as we seek the Lord in prayer.
00:46 Father in Heaven we thank you today for the privilege
00:49 and opportunity that we have to study scripture.
00:52 We thank you that it's able to make us wise
00:54 on to salvation and we ask that you eliminate
00:56 our hearts and our minds speak to us
00:59 we pray in Jesus name we pray Amen.
01:04 The topic of our discussion today is entitled
01:07 Seek He First. We are gonna be talking little of our
01:09 priorities. What is to be the preeminent
01:12 focal point, the antecedent the priority in my life?
01:17 There is lot of books that I've read in the past
01:19 about priorities but one that resonated with me
01:22 the most is a book by Stephen Covey, maybe you've
01:25 read its New York Times bestseller called
01:27 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'.
01:31 And one of the habits that resonated with me
01:33 was this habit called beginning with the end
01:36 in mind and he basically gives his thesis that when
01:40 we begin and with the end in mind suddenly our values
01:44 and our priorities crystallize, and he
01:48 encourage the reader to do this exercises,
01:51 mental exercise of visualizing your own
01:54 funeral. Now I will admit it's probably not the most
01:57 appealing thing for all of us do but they said
02:00 there are two things in life that we can know
02:02 with the surety one is death and the other one is taxes.
02:05 But, anyways just hear me for a little bit and imagine
02:08 with me that you have died and you are witnessing
02:12 your funeral. There is shiny black horse parked outside
02:16 in the driveway. It's in a church or funeral home.
02:19 People from all over the country, perhaps 100s,
02:22 perhaps 1000s have gathered there to memorials lives
02:25 your life. There is big bouquet of flowers
02:28 in the corridor. The casket is there and you are
02:31 sitting there in your best suit or in your best dress.
02:35 And the doctor or the pastor has just given
02:39 the eulogy. And afterwards there is a line of people
02:43 that have gathered there to commemorate your life.
02:46 The thing that you want you to remember your by
02:47 the legacy that you've left. And as during about they are
02:51 about to get up and say something's about you.
02:53 He want you to pause and ask yourself this very,
02:57 the very fundamental question. What do you want
03:00 them to remember you by. It's very interesting that
03:04 when you begin with the end in mind that suddenly
03:06 you realize what's important and what's
03:08 not. I was reading an article in Time Magazine
03:11 where the individuals on the Twin Towers after the
03:15 the inferno on the bottom levels and the planes had
03:18 crashed into the bottom. They knew the death was
03:20 eminent. They knew that there was no way that
03:22 they would be able to live. But, they had a few moments
03:25 before those towers came crumbling to the ground.
03:29 And is interesting what many of those people chose to do.
03:32 They didn't run of to the bathroom, powder their face
03:34 or their hair even check their suits. They didn't get
03:37 online and check the stocks or read The Wall Street
03:40 Journal. Many of them if not most of them started
03:44 calling their loved ones and saying listen I'm about to
03:46 die. I'm in the Twin Towers, but I want you to know
03:49 that I love you. Suddenly people became a priority
03:52 for them. And not too long ago I had an experience that
03:57 was similar to this. I went to Africa on a mission trip,
04:00 spend about three weeks there and came back home
04:03 and started developing flu like symptoms.
04:05 And I thought it was the common cold, waited for
04:08 about five to six days and toward the end I said
04:10 this is not the common flu or the cold. I need to go
04:12 the emergency room. And I was wheeled into emergency
04:16 room the doctor took one look at me, unfortunately
04:19 he had been to Africa as a missionary doctor.
04:21 And he said I believe David that you have the symptoms
04:24 of malaria. And I got a brief education
04:27 very quickly as to what malaria was, a mosquito bite
04:30 you and injects his parasites into your blood
04:33 stream and takes about two weeks or so for to incubate.
04:36 But, these parasites go from red blood cell to red
04:40 blood cell and when they start multiplying and when
04:42 that red blood cell has to reached maximum capacity
04:45 it burst. So, you can imagine after a certain
04:48 amount of days your red blood cell count is totally
04:51 depleted. And they said seven days is typically
04:54 where you are on the brink of death. I had waited
04:56 six days and lying in the emergency room
04:59 sweat pouring down barely cognitive or reasonably
05:05 around of the surrounding around me.
05:07 And doctor said even if you make it David,
05:10 you may get kidney failure, liver failure and be
05:13 on dialysis for rest of your life. And I want to tell you
05:16 that sitting there my parents were looking at
05:19 me I was under 20 years of age, had my whole life
05:23 ahead of me. Suddenly I had certain things that became
05:26 a priority. Suddenly the things that were to be
05:29 valuable or value to me came crystallize to me.
05:33 Now I don't wanna to leave hanging you obviously
05:35 I did survive in what was the miracle and I'm here
05:37 today. But, it's very interesting that priorities
05:41 are the things, the paradigm, the central
05:44 pillars that guide us from day to day.
05:47 Now all of us have different priorities and certain
05:49 things take higher precedence than others.
05:51 And I came across this list of things that many of us
05:55 seek as priority and he list in a way Stephen Covey
05:59 does. What happens when this thing becomes a
06:01 preeminent priority. Now the first one is money.
06:05 Now I will admit that money is not inherently evil,
06:08 we need money to do transactions and live
06:10 our lives. The Bible says that the love of money
06:14 is the root of all evil. And he says a money centered
06:18 person, a person that places money as the preeminent
06:20 force in their life. Your personal value is determined
06:25 by your network. In other words your value
06:28 is determined by the amount of stocks,
06:29 amount of balance, the amount of money you have
06:32 in your bank account. And he says that you are
06:34 vulnerable to anything that threatens your economic
06:37 security. Profit is your decision making priority.
06:43 Money making is the lens through which life is seen
06:46 and understood. So, here is this individual
06:48 whose money is the preeminent force in their
06:50 life and they view life through sort of green glass
06:53 as they were. And they make profit, the criterion
06:57 makings phenomena and so forth. The second one is
07:01 a work centered individual. Now I have relatives,
07:04 family members that are this way. You tend to
07:06 define yourself by your occupational role.
07:10 You're only comfortable when you are working.
07:13 You define you see your work as your life.
07:17 Here is a person that their occupation is the prominent
07:21 priority for them. The next one is a possession priority
07:25 individual. Now possessions are not wrong, we all
07:27 have possessions, but this individual that makes us
07:30 to apex of their life. Your security is based on your
07:33 reputation, your social status are the tangible
07:39 things that you posses. You tend to compare
07:40 what you have with what others have? And you are
07:42 threatened by those things that threatened your social
07:47 secure. You make your decisions based on
07:49 well protect increase or better display your
07:53 possessions. This is individual that is
07:55 materialistic, that makes a things they posses their
07:59 priority. And there is a few others I like to read
08:02 one more and that's pleasure centered.
08:03 I had few friends in high school that were this way,
08:05 you feel only secure when you on pleasure or high.
08:08 You make your decisions based on what will give
08:10 you the most pleasure. You see a world in terms of
08:12 what's in it for you. There are few other enemies
08:15 centered and I think this one basically summarized
08:18 all of them and that is self centered. I think all of us
08:21 struggle with that one. Now whether it's money,
08:23 work, possession, pleasure. All these things are
08:25 priorities. Now they are not to be the preeminent
08:28 priority, and they are centers that around
08:31 which these individuals revolve. Now I like to ask
08:35 you today as we get into our discussion what is to be
08:39 the preeminent priority for us? What is to be the
08:42 center of our lives? What is to be the lens
08:45 through which we determine what our lives
08:48 are to revolve around. I'd like to go to this passage
08:52 as we get into this discussion about what we
08:54 are to seek for as Christians to
08:56 Mathew Chapter 6 Verse 33, ''Jesus has just give his
09:00 disquisition of the Sermon on the Mount''.
09:03 And in Mathew Chapter 6 Verse 33,
09:05 I'll be reading from the New King James Version,
09:07 he says these profound words. ''But seek first
09:11 the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
09:14 and all these things shall be added on to you''.
09:19 God is telling us to seek first the kingdom of God
09:24 and his righteousness and all these things shall be
09:28 added on to you. I like to go through this passage
09:31 word by word. The first word I like to concentrate
09:34 on is seek. All of us when we were born into this world
09:37 are seeking for something. We are seeking for thing to
09:40 fill us and this a statement that goes something like
09:43 this. We have a God shaped hole in our heart that only
09:47 he can fill. But, many of us we seek materialism,
09:51 we seek possession, we seek relationships,
09:54 we seek money trying to fill that void in our lives.
09:58 I don't know about you but many times before
10:00 I came to Lord, I had come home night laying in my bed
10:03 and there was an emptiness in my heart that
10:05 something that the things this world simply could not
10:07 fill. I try to fill it with all these things but they
10:11 would not fulfill me. It's very interesting that even
10:15 the people that we look up to that society puts on a
10:18 pedestal as stars. They have fame, they have fortune,
10:22 they have intellectual ability and they are
10:23 steamed by society. Have made some very profound
10:26 statements regarding their state of fulfillment.
10:30 And I like to read to you few quotations that came
10:32 across of very famous people regarding their fulfillment.
10:37 Listen to this ''I thought I had reached a point in my
10:39 life where everything would be smooth. But it is not.
10:42 It just gets more jagged and pitted and filled with
10:46 turns that take you into the dark recess of your mind.
10:49 It never seems to get easy''. Do you know who
10:52 said that? Sylvester Stallone who is a
10:54 prominent actor evidently. ''He says I thought
10:58 I had reached a point in life when things would get easy,
11:01 but simply doest not. Listen to this statement,
11:04 ''If I were given a change of life, I would like to
11:06 see how it would be to live as a mere six-footer,
11:10 Wilt Chamberlain, seven feet tall was in the NBA
11:14 as a center he says ''Listen if I live my life
11:17 again, I'm not satisfied I want to live as a mere
11:20 six-footer''. If I would live my life over again a
11:23 another statement I wish I could be a great
11:25 pianist or something Woody Allen.
11:29 Famous actor he says I'm not satisfied
11:31 if I live my life again I just want to be a pianist
11:34 or something. I don't like the way,
11:36 I don't like my voice. I don't like the way I look.
11:39 I don't like the way I move.
11:40 I don't like the way I act. I mean, period.
11:42 So, you know, I don't like myself, Elizabeth Taylor.
11:48 Beautiful actor back in her day she says
11:51 listen I don't like the way I look, act or move.
11:53 I'm dissatisfied with my physical appearance.
11:56 All these individuals since society steams
11:59 has been famous rich, intellectual having
12:01 at all have said at certain points in their lives,
12:03 at least these were honest enough to admit
12:05 saying these things do not fulfill me
12:08 and God is saying in Mathew Chapter 6
12:11 Verse 33 to seek something else,
12:13 seek those things that are true fulfillment.
12:16 The next word that I like to read to you
12:19 or I like to go for is first. First means
12:22 the highest priority, it means the preeminent
12:24 focal point in our lives. He says to make this
12:27 number one and every thing else secondary.
12:31 The next word is the kingdom of God,
12:34 seek first the kingdom of God. You know
12:38 I believe that very soon that Jesus will come
12:41 in the clouds of glory. And there will be
12:43 no more pain, no more sorrow, no more crying
12:47 and he is going to establish an eternal
12:49 kindom, that is going to reverse the entire
12:52 scope of human history. I just like to bridge
12:56 an illustration for you of what eternity really is.
12:59 Imagine with me that there is a story told
13:02 of a teacher that was talking to some students.
13:04 And the student raised her hand and
13:06 said listen how, how long is eternity.
13:08 You talk about heaven a lot, but how long
13:10 is forever. And the teacher said imagine
13:12 with me that there is a sparrow that flies
13:16 all the way to Pacific Ocean and picks up an
13:18 amount of water in the sparrow's mouth flies
13:21 across the rocks, across the plains to the
13:23 east coast, and with that little beak drops off
13:26 that little bit of water in the Atlantic Ocean.
13:28 Then he flies all the way across the
13:30 North American continent back to the
13:32 Pacific Ocean picks up that little bit of water,
13:34 flies all they way back and he is going back and forth,
13:37 back and forth until the entire Pacific Ocean
13:41 is on the side of the Atlantic.
13:43 And the teacher pause for a moment
13:44 and said that is one second in eternity.
13:50 Friends Jesus has a lot for us in store
13:52 and he is saying to seek first this
13:54 eternal kingdom. This kingdom that will
13:56 last forever and ever. I sometimes use this
13:59 illustration of the trade off that God is offering
14:01 imagine with me that Bill Gates who had last
14:04 time I checked is the richest person
14:05 in the this world.
14:07 The former chairman of Microsoft
14:09 and the founder as well, he is going to some more
14:11 humanitarian efforts now. But, this person
14:14 is worth last time I checked I think
14:16 depending on where the stock market
14:18 goes approximately over $30 billion.
14:21 Now imagine with me that Bill Gates came to you said
14:23 listen I want to make your proposition.
14:26 If you give me that pen in our pocket
14:28 I will electronically transfer into your bank
14:31 account immediately $1 billion.
14:34 Now would you be like let me think that Bill,
14:36 let me call you, don't call me.
14:39 I don't know about this agreement it seems
14:41 a little bit, I don't know. But, I think most of us
14:43 if we are in or right minds would be like Bill.
14:46 I'm gonna take you up on that offer imagine,
14:48 you can even have everything in my bank
14:49 account if you electronically transfer
14:51 $1 billion into my account. And God makes a far more
14:57 better offer that he says listen I want to give
14:59 you eternity with me the kingdom of God
15:02 for 70, 80 and 90 years of life if you are lucky
15:05 of existence here on earth, and we think about
15:09 that and we think that is not a very good
15:10 proposition that the lord has made for us.
15:13 So, God is saying but seek first his kingdom.
15:16 The second word I like to focus of the second
15:19 couple of words and his righteousness.
15:22 Notice he did not say our righteousness,
15:24 it says his righteousness, and the beauty of the
15:27 Gospel friend is that he offers our righteousness
15:31 that is outside of us as Martin Luther said
15:32 an alien righteousness, a subjective in nature
15:36 and when we give our lives unreservedly
15:39 to Jesus Christ. He promises to cover us
15:43 with that robe. And the moment that we except
15:45 Jesus Christ as our personal savior,
15:48 we stand before God as though we have
15:51 never sinned. Let's go to your next passage here,
15:55 let's go back a little bit more.
15:57 He says and all these things will be added
16:00 on to you. What is that promise lets go to
16:01 Matthew Chapter 6 Verse 32.
16:04 There is that mean that God will provide everything
16:06 ''For after all these things to the Gentiles seek.
16:09 For the heavenly Father knows that
16:11 you have need of all these things''.
16:15 Notice that's a same word as found in
16:17 Matthew Chapter 6 Verse 33.
16:19 But, seek first the kingdom of God
16:21 and His righteousness, and all these things
16:24 will be added on to you. Essentially Jesus
16:28 is saying that the Gentiles seek after
16:30 all these things, but I'd like to pose you
16:32 these question there is that mean that if I seek
16:34 God make in the permanent, prominent force in my life
16:37 that he will give me a Mercedes Benz,
16:39 or make me millionaire that I'll all go out
16:42 with $1000 suits, will he really make me prosper
16:45 in that end. Now they say that verse out
16:47 of context is a pretext. And in order to determine
16:50 what Jesus is really saying in this verse
16:52 we must go to the previous passage.
16:54 Let's to Matthew Chapter 6 and Verse 31.
16:58 ''Therefore do not worry, saying,
17:01 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?'
17:04 or 'What shall we wear?'' Essentially Jesus
17:08 says in this verse, that what we eat,
17:11 what we drink and what we wear are all
17:14 these things that if we place God at the center
17:17 of our lives he promises to take care of our
17:20 necessary needs. Now many of us when we
17:23 come to the Lord we say, oh I don't know
17:24 about being a Christian I'm not sure
17:26 if I can follow Jesus because I may starve,
17:29 I am ay be evicted, I may be put on the street,
17:31 I don't if I will be able to take care of myself
17:33 that is not to say that we should not work.
17:34 But, Jesus promises listen place your life in
17:38 my hands, make the kingdom of God.
17:40 And his righteousness, eternal righteousness
17:42 he offers to us and he promises to take are
17:45 of our daily essential needs. In Psalms
17:50 Chapter 37 Verse 25. This is a promise that
17:54 Jesus made through the inspiration of David.
17:56 Psalms 37:25 he says these words,
18:01 ''I have been young, and now I am old;
18:04 Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken,
18:07 Nor his descendants begging bread.
18:10 Essentially this is what David is saying
18:13 in Psalms 37:25. He is saying listen,
18:16 I have been old, I have been young,
18:18 but I have not seen the righteous forsaken,
18:21 Nor begging bread. I've not seen them out
18:24 on the streets somewhere as a
18:25 pauper going hungry from day to day.
18:27 He is saying I have seen God prepare
18:30 and take care of their essential needs.
18:33 Now I'd like to tell your personal testimony
18:35 of mine that illustrates this principle of
18:38 Mathew Chapter 6 Verse 33. That if we seek
18:41 first his kingdom and his righteousness that
18:44 all these things will be added onto you.
18:46 Not too long ago, I have the privilege of going
18:48 to South Central Los Angeles and
18:50 work in the streets, doing some evangelistic
18:53 series going door to door. And it was a
18:55 fantabulous, great, not fantabulous,
18:58 a great event that took place in that
19:01 I was going door to door meeting people
19:03 and inviting them to this series and we saw
19:04 miracles happen from day to day.
19:07 And I was there on the voluntary basis,
19:09 had no money given to me. I was withdrawing
19:13 from my bank account and in inadvertently
19:15 there is a lot mathematic circles something like.
19:18 This is very elementary that if you keep
19:20 subtracting from an X amount, and don't add
19:23 the amount decreases, many times exponentially.
19:26 And that was happing to my savings account,
19:29 as I swiping my ATM card from day to day
19:31 for needs it was going down to almost nothing
19:34 and I came to the point where I said Lord.
19:36 I'm claming Mathew Chapter 6 Verse 33
19:39 ''To seek first your kingdom and I just need
19:42 something to provide for me these next few days.
19:44 And I said Lord how about an extra $100
19:48 to get me through. And there is something
19:51 about prayer that I like to say before
19:54 I go on that sometimes Lord says yes,
19:56 other times he says no and sometimes he says wait.
19:59 And so I was willing to leave with whatever
20:01 the Lord said. And I, later that day after
20:04 I said that prayer, I went to my sleeping bag
20:06 to my corridors and sitting there on the
20:09 sleeping bag was a cheque. And there was
20:13 a note that was with it and it said David
20:15 I want to help you in the past but I'm was enable
20:18 to do so was pastor on California,
20:20 and I hope this helps you little bit and I flipped
20:23 the check over and you will never believe
20:24 the amount of that cheque it was for exactly $100.
20:30 And I said wow Praise Lord this is a great promise.
20:33 Seek first the kingdom of God.
20:34 Put him as preeminent force in my life
20:36 and he will provide for my daily needs.
20:37 And later on to that summer I want to claim
20:40 that promise again because I said this thing
20:42 is working and so I went out continued
20:46 in the evangelistic series and I had to borrow
20:49 a ladies car from day to day to pick up contacts.
20:52 I didn't have a vehicle and she was a saint
20:54 that willing to lend me her keys on a
20:56 day-to-day basis. It was a White Honda Civic
20:59 and one day as I was getting on to highway
21:01 105 is a 5 speed, I put into fifth gear,
21:04 and I said Lord I'm in ministry but I wanna ask
21:07 you if its not too much how about White Honda Civic.
21:12 And I just like to say that the Lord doesn't always
21:14 provide for our needs, but I said maybe,
21:16 maybe the Lord who provide for me in this way
21:18 and I hoped with anticipation as the
21:21 evangelistic series when on that this lady
21:23 who just say hey you have driven this car
21:25 almost every day, why don't you just keep
21:26 the keys, and inadvertently it didn't happen, I was
21:30 like hey the Lord said no this time but may be
21:33 he will provide for my need another way.
21:36 Anyway I had a wonderful series, flew back home
21:39 and as my parents were picking me up at the
21:42 airport they pulled me into the driveway
21:44 and sitting there in the driveway was a
21:47 White Honda Civic. It was an 87 by the way Lord
21:51 has sense the humor but I'm not saying today
21:54 that the Lord will grant you everything,
21:56 I'm not preaching a prosperity Gospel
21:58 here today that if you serve the Lord Jesus Christ
22:01 you can be going around in Bentley or Rolls Royce
22:03 and having all the things material possessions
22:05 that you have to do. But, I'm telling you with
22:08 assuredly that this promise is real that
22:11 if you dedicate your life, unreservedly to our
22:14 Lord Jesus Christ he will take care of our daily
22:18 necessary needs. I'd like to read to you a
22:22 statement from Matthew 6:28 through 30 and
22:26 that same disquisition of the sermon on the mount.
22:28 This is promise Matthew 6:28 through 30 he says,
22:33 ''So why do you worry about clothing?
22:35 Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow:
22:39 they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you
22:43 that even Solomon in all his glory was
22:46 not arrayed like one of these''.
22:48 Now if God so clothe to filed to the grass,
22:51 which today is, and tomorrow is thrown
22:54 into the oven, will He not much more clothe you,
22:57 O you of little faith? Jesus tells us with surety
23:03 that if we seek first his kingdom and his
23:06 righteousness that he will provide for necessary
23:09 needs. He says look at the sparrows how they grow,
23:12 look at the field of the grass how I clothe them,
23:14 look at al these entities. How much more valuable
23:17 are you to me than they. And Jesus tell us
23:21 to place our faith in him. To seek first,
23:24 the kingdom of God and his righteousness,
23:27 believing that all these things will be added
23:30 on to you. Lets go back to our first illustration
23:33 that we started with of sitting in that
23:37 funeral home you are watching your own funeral.
23:39 And we know this is make believe is not true,
23:41 you cant do that, but let say that you are there
23:45 and those people are about to get up
23:46 and give you those clothing remarks.
23:49 Those clothing statements about your life.
23:51 And I don't know about you but the thing
23:54 that I'm want them to live with me is that
23:55 I have a led them to Jesus because there is
23:58 only two things that you can take to heaven.
24:00 Number one it's your character and
24:03 number two is the things that you take with them.
24:07 In closing I like to leave you with this simple
24:11 illustration about priorities and souls
24:15 and the most important things in our lives.
24:17 There was this dream given of an individual,
24:20 he was sleeping and he dream this dream
24:22 and it was a kind of an interesting sequence
24:25 the voice was telling him to some directions
24:28 and so the voice would tell him go down
24:30 to street make a left hand turn, make a right
24:32 go down the street and so, in the dream
24:34 he was following this voice and let him to path
24:36 in a woods and suddenly the voice said
24:39 I want you to stop right now. And so he thought
24:42 this was very interesting and the voice says
24:45 I want you to reach down and pick up with your hands
24:48 these rocks and put him in your pockets.
24:50 And so he said okay, I'm not sure exactly
24:53 what this means but I'm gonna pick up the rocks
24:55 and put him in my pocket. And then he says
24:58 in the morning or when you get back home
25:00 and you look at these rocks you will be happy
25:03 and you will be sad. He said what a statement
25:06 how can you be happy and sad at the same time.
25:09 And so he went back out to his home
25:11 in the dream and turned on the lights
25:13 and he was curious as to the true nature
25:16 of what was suppose to be in this hands
25:19 and he pull them out and in the lights
25:21 sparkled gems, rubies, diamonds
25:25 and precious stones. And they were just myriad
25:30 of precious materials in his hand and suddenly
25:33 he understood the voice. Because he was happy
25:36 that he had the gems, but, he was sad because
25:39 he did not take more. In the same way
25:42 I believe that when we get to have will be happy
25:44 that were there. But, perhaps will be a little
25:46 sad a because we have not made souls our priory.
25:49 We have not made perhaps you could say
25:52 listen I wish I could have told my family,
25:53 my friends a little bit more about Jesus Christ.
25:57 I'd like to close with the statement from the book
26:00 The Desire of Ages, and is one of my favorite
26:03 statements found in this book on the life of Christ.
26:07 And she says these about worry, I don't know
26:11 about you but I'm an individual that tends
26:12 to worry quite regularly. And she says this that,
26:16 ''Worry is blind, and cannot discern the future;
26:22 but Jesus sees the end from the beginning.
26:25 In every difficulty He has His way prepared
26:28 to bring relief. Our heavenly Father
26:31 has a thousand ways to provide for us,
26:34 of which we know nothing.
26:36 Those who accept the one principle of making
26:40 the service and honor of God supreme will
26:42 find perplexities vanish, and a plain path
26:46 before their feet''. She is essentially saying
26:49 that worry is blind and cannot discern the future.
26:51 Now all of us worry on a day to day basis about
26:54 different things. We worry about our occupation,
26:56 we worry about our jobs, we worry about
26:58 our material positions. But, she says that
27:00 worry is blind and cannot discern the future.
27:04 But, Jesus sees the end from the beginning.
27:07 In every difficulty, he has his way prepared
27:10 to bring relief, and I like the last part of the
27:12 statement that those who make the principle
27:14 and service and honor of God supreme will find
27:19 perplexities vanish, and a plain path before
27:23 their feet. It's my prayer for you today
27:26 that you will by God's grace seek first the
27:31 kingdom of God and his righteousness.
27:33 That you will make in the preeminent,
27:35 the antecedent priority in our life believing
27:37 that you when you do this things he will provide
27:40 for your daily necessary needs.
27:43 May you by God's grace place center,
27:46 place Christ at the center preeminent
27:49 focal point of your life today.
27:51 May God keep you and bless to that end.


Revised 2014-12-17