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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel, my name is
00:32 Lynell Lamountain the speaker and director
00:34 of Life Ignited. Well I thank you for joining me
00:36 here today, our topic is on faith.
00:39 How unstoppable is your faith, how unstoppable
00:42 would you like it to be? For by studying Hebrews
00:44 Chapter 11 today, we will discover how to have a
00:46 Faith that nothing can stop. Before we get
00:49 started in our study let's bow our heads and
00:51 let's God to bless. Father in heaven I thank you for
00:53 being here today with us. I pray that is we open
00:55 your word, that you're always spirit would,
00:57 inspire us and power us and lead us to an understanding
01:00 of how to have type of Faith and type of life.
01:02 That nothing can stop, so Lord we dedicate this time
01:06 to you and to your glory, your name we pray, Amen.
01:11 It was a cold Czechoslovakian morning
01:12 September 22, 1949. Josef Korbel and his family had
01:17 enjoyed a peaceful night sleep. He worked for the
01:19 Salvation army, so he's up early this morning
01:21 and already dressed in his uniform,
01:23 ready to leave for the hall, when he heard a knock
01:25 at the door. He went down and answered it
01:27 as soon as he opened the door; he knew he was
01:30 in trouble. Because standing their facing him
01:32 were two communist agents that the government
01:34 had sent to find evidence against him because
01:36 of his Christian convictions. His wife Erna,
01:39 because it was so early hadn't dressed yet,
01:41 she was still in here bathrobe when she walked
01:43 into the room and just as she did one of the communist
01:45 agents shoved his gun in the neck of her husband.
01:48 He said you're under arrest and coming with us.
01:51 This was happening quite frequently in Czechoslovakia
01:54 at that time, and his wife was wondering what was gonna
01:56 happen to her husband. She was wondering would
01:58 she see him again. So she asks the only question
02:01 that came to her mind. Hoping to get some clue
02:04 as to when she would see her husband again and
02:06 she asked the communist agent. She said will he be
02:09 home for dinner? One of them looked at her and sneered
02:12 and said oh! He will be home for dinner, certainly.
02:15 And he was ten years later. Josef Korbel was imprisoned
02:23 for ten years kept away from his wife and his children
02:25 for a decade. And during the most cruel and inhuman
02:28 treatment the mind can possibly imagine,
02:31 he writes in his journal, at times I enjoyed fantasies
02:35 at being home, I wondered how my dearest Erna
02:37 was getting on with the work, in such moments of
02:39 Mental Escape I completely forgot my confinement.
02:42 Fighting against tears, I would always pray
02:47 O Lord please, please protect my dear ones at home,
02:51 strengthen us O Lord, O Lord, how I need you,
02:56 come to my help. Over and over again, I painfully
02:59 remembered my arrest, would I be home for dinner,
03:03 I would be home, so very, very late,
03:07 kept away from beloved family, imprisoned for a decade.
03:12 Would our faith endured ten years of mistreatment,
03:16 ten years of false imprisonment, ten years
03:18 of separation from our family, ten years of God
03:20 not answering our prayer for release?
03:24 Would we still believe in Him, would we still trust,
03:27 would we still be praying at the end of those ten years?
03:32 Our faith is a little bit fickle isn't it,
03:35 we're inconsistent, we're ambivalent, we're undecided,
03:38 we're kind a like the fourth grade class,
03:40 as you sent this get well card to it's teacher who had
03:42 surgery and was recovering over the holidays,
03:45 and the inside of the card, this note was scribbled,
03:48 it said Dear Mrs. Fisher, your fourth grade class wishes
03:51 you a speedy recovery by a vote of 15 to 14.
03:56 My Faith looks up to you Lord until the medicines
03:58 stops working. I trust you Lord until the bills come
04:01 and I don't have any money to pay them.
04:02 I trust you Lord until I lose my health,
04:04 my Faith looks up to you, I will follow you,
04:07 but if the trial takes too long and if I'm too
04:09 inconvenience and if I'm too uncomfortable,
04:11 well Lord the deals off, I'm not going to do that.
04:15 10 years think about it. Josef Korbel was unstoppable
04:19 those ten years because his Faith was unstoppable.
04:23 Would you like to have an unstoppable Faith?
04:26 A Faith that will get you through, a Faith that
04:28 you will count on and God on count on, well the Hebrews
04:31 11 tells us how to have that type of unstoppable
04:33 Faith. You see, it's an interesting chapter to me
04:35 because it's a laundry list of people who have been
04:37 hallows. It's people with imperfect backgrounds,
04:41 people that didn't live sin- less lives, and yet they're
04:45 here in this Chapter it's a Chapter filled with people
04:47 who have failed and struggled and failed and
04:49 struggled and endured. Now, we also have in this
04:52 Chapter a balance between stories of things
04:54 working out right and things not working out right.
04:57 Now, we can't say they were done wrong,
04:58 'cause when God is in control things don't work out
05:01 wrong, even if they don't worked out the way
05:03 we think they are to be working out.
05:06 Most of all we have in Hebrews 11 though,
05:08 a photo album of God's people, who are unstoppable in their
05:12 Faith. Now, but I can hear what you are thinking,
05:14 you thinking unstoppable. Listen Lynell,
05:16 I'm just not that type. Ten years like Korbel,
05:19 forget about it, wouldn't happen, that's not me.
05:22 I read Hebrews 11; I have seen those guys, Noah,
05:24 Moses, Abraham. If I would live back in,
05:26 there is no way my name will be in Hebrews
05:28 Chapter 11 today. I know it you're just wasting
05:31 your time, and I'm not that type. Second thing
05:34 I hear you say this, you don't know my background.
05:38 If you knew my background you won't be wasting
05:40 your breathe right now, because if there is any
05:42 possible way to fail, I've done at all, I have a
05:45 PHD in messing up. You don't know my background,
05:49 don't waste your breathe, don't waste you time.
05:52 Excuse me, for being blunt, but I don't buy it,
05:56 you are unstoppable, I know you because, if this people
05:58 are unstoppable, you can be unstoppable
06:01 and so can I. We're gonna see right now from
06:03 Hebrews Chapter 11, what it takes to have on
06:05 unstoppable Faith. I may go through this Chapter
06:08 fairly quickly. We're gonna scan through it.
06:10 So you might just wanna sit back and relax
06:12 and meditate on what the Bible is teaching us
06:14 as far as how we can be unstoppable.
06:16 In Hebrews 11 Verse 4 there is Abel,
06:18 the first thing we're gonna look at here is what type
06:20 of background he had and the others had because
06:22 you think you don't have the background but I think
06:24 you do have the type and the background.
06:26 Abel what type of person was he? He was farmer,
06:28 he was a Shepard. Verse 7, we find Noah,
06:31 Noah was also a farmer who went into the construction
06:33 business for about 120 years. We have Abraham,
06:36 what type was Abraham. Abraham was a business
06:39 man. Then we come to Sarah what type was she.
06:42 Sarah was a homemaker. Joseph Verse 22,
06:45 he was a politician, in fact, he was a politician with a
06:49 prison record. He was slave with the prison record
06:51 who in a few years became prime minister of Egypt.
06:55 Verse 23 we have Moses, Moses who was a soldier
06:58 who went to a war and then he became a Shepard
07:00 for his father in law of all people. Do you realize
07:03 that Moses didn't do any things spiritually significant
07:05 for 80 years? The first 40 years in Egypt,
07:10 did nothing spiritually significant, then he runs
07:12 becomes a shepherd for 40 years,
07:13 those next 40 years in the desert, did he do anything,
07:16 no. 80 years I don't know about you,
07:19 but that gives me a little bit of breathing room.
07:21 I have some time on my side. 80 years before
07:24 Moses did any thing spiritually significant that
07:27 got his name put in light, so to speak. Verse 31,
07:31 Rahab the harlot, now that's rather interesting
07:33 of person that we find in this Chapter,
07:36 what mental and spiritual contradictions that conjure
07:39 up in our minds to find her here.
07:42 Verse 32 we have Gideon and Barack and Jephthah,
07:45 they were all judges, who are in the legal profession
07:47 and we have Samuel who was also a Prophet
07:49 and a diplomat and a judge. And we come to David
07:51 in Verse 32, David was a poet, he was a writer,
07:55 who through unique turn of events became king.
07:59 The people in Hebrews Chapter 11 are people
08:01 just like you and me. They are ordinary people,
08:04 no special type is required to have a Faith that is
08:07 unstoppable, they are unstoppable,
08:09 you can be unstoppable, I can be unstoppable.
08:13 We can have unstoppable Faith for God,
08:14 you are the type, but that doesn't take care of the
08:17 little situation of well you don't know about
08:19 my background do you? You wouldn't waste
08:22 anymore time of you could see all the ways that
08:24 I have messed up. Well let's look at their backgrounds
08:26 for a minute, do you mind, because I think you're
08:28 gonna be surprised at what you find here.
08:31 You think you had to have special background
08:33 without failure, think again. Noah verse 7,
08:37 now Noah is known for building the barge that made
08:39 it through the flood but what people forget is
08:41 that surely after the flood he got drunk and was
08:44 ashamed to himself and to his family.
08:47 We come down to Abraham, Abraham had a
08:50 character of weakness, and you know what it was,
08:53 he liked to lie, in fact he lied to save his own skin,
08:57 even when it put his wife's life in jeopardy,
08:59 so you could say, now only he was a liar
09:01 he had a streak of cowardice in him as well.
09:06 But let's come to Sarah, what about her background.
09:08 Do you know that Sarah laughed at God?
09:12 She was 90 years old when she ever heard God
09:14 tell Abraham, she was gonna have a baby.
09:16 Now, I think if you're 90 years old and God
09:19 told you, you're gonna have a baby,
09:20 you would start laughing too because this lady she
09:23 can't even bend over and lace up her sandals
09:24 in the morning anymore and God said she was
09:26 gonna have a kid, now at she laugh at him but when
09:29 he told her that he heard her laughing.
09:31 She lied him and said no I wasn't, think about this for
09:35 a minute, this lady is lying to God,
09:37 who knows everything we can trick our spells but
09:40 is pretty tough to tricks somebody who knows
09:42 everything. That Sarah's background,
09:46 count down to through the Chapter and we
09:47 see 21 year old Jacob. Jacob had a gift,
09:51 he had the gift of deception and I'm telling you
09:53 right now you would never wanna do business
09:55 with Jacob because if you did, you would walk away
09:58 with your pockets empty. He will get you every
10:00 single time. Moses, Moses what about his background,
10:04 we know he was a murderer, he was murderer
10:06 who try to hiding the body in the sand,
10:08 and when that didn't he ran outside of Egyptian
10:11 jurisdiction 8that's his background. Rahab,
10:13 the Harlot from a background of promised
10:15 squirting lust God put her name in lights,
10:18 then Samson an undisciplined man of uncontrollable,
10:20 indiscretions, God put his name in lights,
10:23 here is thing that's strikes me as we read
10:26 and study this Chapter. If we were editing this
10:28 Chapter, we wouldn't include hardly any of these names,
10:31 because they don't live up to our moral standards,
10:37 yet there in God's photo album here in Hebrews
10:39 Chapter 11, how they do make it in, why do God
10:44 include them, these people or these types of
10:46 backgrounds and failures. You wanna know why;
10:50 here is why God included them in this Chapter.
10:53 Because He believed, He existed in the situation
10:56 they were in and they trusted Him.
11:00 Their Faith was unstoppable, because they
11:02 wouldn't like go, no matter what, it didn't matter
11:06 to them if they had messed up. If they didn't have
11:08 the right background, they would not let go.
11:13 God said, that honors me, I will like that,
11:17 put his name down, put her name down.
11:20 They belong in my photo album. But somehow
11:22 we place ourselves on this waiting list,
11:24 we say when my Christian experience gets
11:26 to such a level, then I will be a person of faith
11:29 like Moses and Noah, maybe like Josef Korbel.
11:33 When that day comes, I have arrived?
11:34 I will be just like them. But my question for you is,
11:39 when that's day going to be? What sort a
11:41 circumstances are you waiting for? What criteria
11:44 will you know that, that when it happens you have
11:47 arrived. I'm here to tell you that, the time to have
11:50 unstoppable Faith, it's not sometime in the future,
11:52 it's today, it's now, it's in this hour,
11:57 this is the day that we can be unstoppable for God.
12:01 Stop waiting for favorable circumstances because
12:04 from what I can tell, people of faith rarely,
12:09 rarely face favorable circumstances.
12:12 It seems to me that the odds are always against
12:15 them, or always overwhelmingly are
12:18 against them, because, if they work then why
12:21 would they need Faith. If you could work it out in
12:23 your strength, why would you need God's strength,
12:26 if I can figure it out in my own intelligence why
12:28 do I need God's intelligence? Stop waiting for
12:31 favorable circumstances because I'm here to tell you,
12:33 they're not gonna come. In fact when you choose
12:36 to be unstoppable when you choose to live as
12:38 a person of faith expect resistance,
12:43 expect resistance. But let's look at a few snap
12:47 shots in this photo album; let's just see what
12:50 circumstances were for this people.
12:52 Let's just double check and make sure that they
12:55 did have insurmountable odds.
12:57 Noah let's start with him.
13:00 The earth had never seen drop of rain and here he built
13:02 a boat. The day comes 120 years later,
13:07 he gets into the boat with all the animals,
13:09 he's in the inside playing checkers of his family.
13:11 The other people were on the outside wondering,
13:13 if he forgot to takes medication that morning.
13:16 But he is in the boat, now I'm here to tell you
13:17 that the arts were against it raining,
13:19 when rain is in the part of weathers.
13:21 Well the planets weather parrots that's Noah.
13:24 And come down Verse 8, Abraham,
13:27 God called Abraham to go some place and its pretty
13:30 much all he told him. Didn't tell where to go,
13:32 like in picture right now I can see Sarah outside
13:34 sweeping the porch and Abraham backs the whole
13:37 truck up to the garage and starts letting
13:38 boxes in the back and she says,
13:40 honey what are you doing? Oh! Didn't I tell you dear?
13:45 God and I had a chat earlier in this morning,
13:47 Oh! Really sweetie, what a God have to say?
13:50 He said, well we were to move. Really oh! Where to
13:53 Abraham? Don't know, he just said go.
13:57 How would you like to have that conversation
13:58 with your spouse, ha? Neighbor's drop by,
14:00 Abraham you did got transferred?
14:01 No, find a better job somewhere?
14:04 No, you don't have a job, you are not transferred,
14:07 you're moving, do you know where you going?
14:10 No. Oh, good luck. The odds are against you
14:14 finding where you going, when you will know
14:15 where you going in the first place, that's Abraham.
14:19 But come on down and we find, we find Moses
14:23 Verse 29. Says by Faith he passed over the red sea,
14:26 picture this for a second, you have Moses
14:28 who's leading these hundreds of thousands
14:30 millions of Israelites out of Egypt and the Red Sea
14:32 is right before him. Behind him, the Egyptian army
14:36 is closing in. you have desert on this side,
14:38 you have mountains on that side.
14:40 There is no way to escape, God tells Moses
14:45 I want you to go through the Red Sea.
14:47 Now, Aaron overhears this and he has to just
14:49 clarify what Moses is saying, Red Sea.
14:51 He says now Moses you and I both know,
14:53 you have a speech problem and I like you to repeat
14:56 very slowly what God told us to do because
14:59 I think I thought heard you say Red Sea and
15:01 that doesn't make any sense Moses because
15:03 think about this for a minute, army is behind
15:05 can't go there, deserts over here we die of
15:08 thirst can't go there, we got the mountains,
15:11 we got the sea, we can't go to sea because
15:12 we will drown. Let's just go back to the mountains.
15:16 We should disband the camp because,
15:18 common sense says Moses every man from
15:20 himself should go toward the mountains,
15:22 at least someone survive not everybody will make it.
15:25 But that's better than everybody dying so run
15:27 by God against I think you probably didn't get it
15:29 right. So, Moses says hold on.
15:31 Moses runs it by God and God says Moses
15:33 I have got two words for you Red Sea.
15:36 And so Moses lifts up his robe, he steps out,
15:37 and dry ground as the water parts,
15:39 you know and I know that the odds are against
15:42 a sea parting on any day of the week,
15:45 especially that day, but Moses obeyed and he
15:48 walked through. Are you in a tight place?
15:53 Are you in a situation where you are walled
15:56 in by trouble, do you impossible circumstances
16:00 face you right now? I think that's a great because
16:03 God's gonna play and escape that just makes
16:06 you glory and bask and the wonder of his
16:08 strength for your life. But what we do is we take
16:12 water tests, we get a community together,
16:15 we study the depth of the water,
16:16 we get engineers in the room to see what type
16:18 of bridge we need to build to make it across
16:20 the water. And God's just sitting and waiting
16:22 for us to go, so many times our Faith is
16:25 stopped, because we stop it, do you wanna
16:29 unstoppable Faith, get moving and stay moving
16:33 and keep moving. One of my favorite story
16:36 is here in Chapter 11 of book of Hebrews
16:38 is Jericho. Joshua takes Caesar to this big city
16:43 of Mammoth, rock walls that are several feet
16:46 thick. Can you picture right now,
16:49 you have the Israelites marching around the city,
16:50 you have the Jericholites who are on top of
16:52 the city walls looking at those people just marching
16:55 around and I can hear them saying hey,
16:58 what do you guys doing down there and one guy
17:01 in the back of the line, from the bottom of the people
17:04 marching around shouts up we're gonna march around
17:07 your city for the next seven days and then
17:09 we're gonna blow our trumpets and then your city
17:11 is gonna crumbled, you're gonna fall, we're gonna
17:14 take you over. Jericholites had just start laughing,
17:17 this is nonsense I can see them pulling up long chairs,
17:19 taking eliminate maybe having some potato salad
17:22 just watching Israelites walk around to this city.
17:25 Now, I have shared my fair share of Church boards
17:29 and you probably set on board in communities
17:31 and I can imagine what might have happened
17:32 that night back at the Israel camp. It probably went
17:35 something like this, Joshua could you tells again
17:37 why we're marching around the city seven times.
17:41 Well, because God said seven times,
17:43 well we even think it about, he was harder out
17:45 there today then we thought it was gonna be
17:47 and took little bit longer and you know
17:48 we're little tired so I'm thinking maybe we should
17:50 just march around the city four times because
17:52 you know common sense says. We need to have
17:55 some energy and strength left over so when
17:57 those walls fall we can ran in there and we can finish
18:00 those people off and take the city so.
18:02 I move we just marching around at four times,
18:04 someone in the back said say yeah second that,
18:06 that's sounds good to me four times.
18:08 Joshua says no seven times, well what about five,
18:11 seven, six, seven times God said marched around
18:15 it seven times and that's what we are going to do.
18:18 I think that we as believers will become a
18:21 unstoppable and our churches will become
18:23 unstoppable when we start convening sessions
18:26 and communities and board meetings to out vote
18:29 God's will for us for where we are.
18:33 We need to get going and follow him and keep
18:37 going we stopped ourselves. If you wanna have
18:40 unstoppable Faith is the model of our lives after these
18:43 people. Israelites marched around that city,
18:46 they blow there beguiles, the walls fell down,
18:50 in an area a cloud burst of sand and dust
18:52 and they walked in and they conquered the city,
18:53 but I'm here tell you, that the odds of his city
18:56 falling are not that great, when they're army's
18:59 only military strategy is to march around
19:00 at few times and blow beguiles. But it is not about
19:04 you and it's not about me, or our strategies.
19:09 It's about obeying God's call, following his lead
19:13 and trusting that his in the workout the impossible
19:14 for us in that situation, that's what these peoples
19:18 did. That's why there in this photo album of God
19:21 in Hebrews Chapter 11. God comes to you today
19:26 and he says trust me, you wanna be unstoppable
19:28 trust me, trust me moment by moment,
19:31 if that's what it takes, if you don't have enough
19:33 to just trust me for 24 hours, do it for an hour,
19:35 do it for a minute, do it for 30 seconds.
19:38 Trust me moment by moment and follow
19:39 my lead and you will be unstoppable,
19:43 here what's unstoppable looks like in your Bibles.
19:46 Hebrews Chapter 11, Verses 33 to 35,
19:49 here is a picture of unstoppable Faith.
19:55 We start with Verse 33: Who through Faith subdued
19:58 kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained
20:00 promises, stopped the mouths of lions.
20:03 Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge
20:05 of the sword, out of weakness were made strong,
20:07 became valiant in battle, turned to flight the armies
20:10 of the aliens. Women received their dead raised
20:12 back to life again. That's what unstoppable looks
20:16 like, but unstoppable has another picture
20:19 we just turned another page in God's photo album here
20:21 in Hebrews 11. He was also what unstoppable
20:24 looks like, we read from Hebrews Chapter 11 Verses
20:27 35-38, it says: Others were tortured,
20:31 not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain
20:33 a better resurrection. Still others had trial
20:36 of mockings and scourgings, yes and of chains
20:38 and imprisonment. They were stoned,
20:39 they were sawn in two, were tempted,
20:42 were slain with the sword. They wandered about
20:44 sheepskins and goatskins being destitute,
20:46 afflicted, tormented of whom the world was not
20:49 worthy. They wandered in deserts and mountains,
20:51 in dens and caves of the earth. Others who,
20:55 who are this people, were they ones who didn't get
20:58 it right, were they the wrong stuff,
21:00 were they the wrong type, were they the
21:03 backgrounds too bad for even God salvage and use.
21:05 Could they not too have unstoppable Faith,
21:08 the way we think unstoppable Faith
21:09 is supposed to work, who were they?
21:12 They were commended for their Faith the Bible says,
21:15 they were valiant men and women of God,
21:17 who could not be stopped, torture could not stop
21:19 them. Imprisonment could not stop them,
21:21 death could not stop them. People of Faith
21:24 are unstoppable regardless of the circumstances;
21:27 they keep going forward for God no matter what.
21:29 Now, there is a secret truth about Faith,
21:34 that makes this all make sense between things
21:37 working out right and things not working out right
21:39 from our point of view. A secret that I learned
21:41 a few years ago, the hard way I think.
21:46 It was story that happened to me during my
21:47 sophomore years at college 1986.
21:50 I walked into a boy's dorm and the secretary said
21:52 there is a telephone call for you. I answered,
21:55 here he said you Lynell Lamountain, I said yes,
21:58 the brother of and I said yes I'm. He said well
22:01 your brother is in the hospital being prepared
22:03 for emergency surgery. I said why,
22:05 what happened? He said earlier this morning
22:07 he was shot twice in the back.
22:09 And his wife is now requesting that you come
22:11 in and be with her as he's in surgery.
22:14 I can't tell you anything more than that,
22:15 so I got my car and I went up to the hospital
22:17 and I can still see my brother being wheel out
22:19 of surgery the tubes coming out of his body
22:20 and blood draining and the machines and he was
22:23 in ICU for three weeks, turned out he had gone
22:27 home after worked that morning and someone
22:29 introduce his trailer and tried to kill him.
22:31 They said I'm gonna kill you and I started
22:33 shooting. He escapes, but before he did,
22:35 he had two bullet holes in his back.
22:38 I captured the man and they decided that,
22:41 he was criminally insane of the time he would
22:43 tried killing my brother. And so after a few months
22:45 they let him go. My brother heard to the great
22:49 one and so did we, but the man vowed,
22:51 he was going to keep trying until he had finished
22:54 his job and done it right and my brother
22:55 was no more. So, my brother got his wife and
22:58 they moved, they didn't tell anybody where
23:00 they were, I didn't know where he was,
23:02 I didn't know how he was doing.
23:04 he missed my graduation and made sound selfish,
23:07 he missed my wedding which I always dream
23:08 to him being my best man. For a 5 or 6 years,
23:11 I didn't know where he was and during that time,
23:14 I rustled with God, why did this guy
23:15 who tried to kill him? How can we guy let go
23:17 and my brother, how come he had to move away
23:19 and I don't know where he is? God answer
23:22 these prayers. You work things out; your Bible says
23:25 you do, how can you not work, can get out
23:26 for me. And that during that time that I
23:30 learned the secret, that to me explains,
23:32 why this things seem to work out and why thing
23:35 seem not to work out. And as during that
23:37 experience of my brother and things have worked
23:39 out now and I know where he is and things
23:41 have gotten back to normal.
23:42 But he was during those years that this is the
23:45 secret that God impressed up on me about
23:47 how to have unstoppable Faith. If you wanna have
23:49 unstoppable Faith and realize this and here
23:52 is the secret. Faith doesn't change my
23:56 circumstances, Faith changes me, Faith doesn't
24:02 always change my circumstances, Faith won't
24:04 always change your circumstances.
24:06 But Faith will always change you,
24:08 that's what these people realized.
24:10 If your Faith is tied to circumstances working
24:13 out the way that you want them to be worked
24:15 out then your Faith will faltered and it will
24:17 be stopped. Faith doesn't change our circumstances,
24:20 Faith changes me. That's why we read about
24:24 these people being unstoppable because they
24:27 looked forward to a time that was most relevant
24:29 to them then the situation that they were in,
24:31 situation they were in didn't matter to them.
24:33 Bible says in Hebrews Chapter 11 Verses 13 to 16,
24:38 it said: These all died in faith, not having received
24:41 the promises, but having seen them afar off
24:43 were assured of them, embraced them
24:46 and confessed that they were strangers
24:47 and pilgrims on the earth. For those who say
24:49 such things declare plainly that they seek
24:51 a homeland. And truly if they had called to
24:54 mind that country from which they had come out,
24:56 they would have had opportunity to return.
24:58 But now they desire a better, that is,
25:01 a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed
25:03 to be called their God, for He has prepared
25:05 a city for them. Our lives are ignited with that hope,
25:10 our lives are ignited but the anticipation and expectation
25:13 of a better tomorrow and what it makes it better
25:16 is not having a fewer problems, you're having a
25:18 blunder pictures, will makes it better,
25:19 is the face to face internal satisfaction that will have
25:23 communing with Jesus Christ our redeemer and best friend.
25:26 Faith doesn't what change our circumstances but Faith
25:29 always changes us. That's a life, that's ignited,
25:34 that's a life that is led by a trust that is ignited
25:36 and cannot be quenched. So, today we in trust
25:39 ourselves in our situation to God,
25:41 we cooperate with him as he lead us through it.
25:45 We take action, Faithful action is dead the Bible says.
25:50 So, acknowledge is in control, so tell Him today
25:54 whatever you're going through. That this is sea,
25:56 that he is gonna have to part, this is his mountain,
25:59 he is enough to have you tunnel through.
26:01 You tell him Lord I'm putting the pressure on your
26:05 shoulders, the circumstances, well that's your
26:07 responsibility, I'm gonna do what the Bible says Lord
26:10 I'm just gonna relax in you, I'm gonna relax
26:12 and know that you're God. That's our job,
26:16 just to walk forward to obey and to relax,
26:18 as God lead us to where he is taking us.
26:21 Our role is to obey into rest, to rest in obey.
26:26 We have parody straight, we have clarity we're
26:28 unstoppable because He is our father,
26:31 we are His children and He looks through His photo
26:33 album and His wallet whatever we might carry with
26:35 Him and He says that's my kid, that's my child.
26:38 They were trusting in the situation that they were
26:40 in and that honors me and that makes me feel
26:42 glad now I'm happy all around the universe wherever
26:45 he goes, He takes out His pictures and said hey
26:47 have you seen my kid. You see the person that's,
26:50 it's got the rise on me and some days soon
26:53 I mean introduce you to them personally.
26:56 Have you seen pride and joy, have you seen
26:57 the kids in my photo album. They can't be stop,
27:00 because I won't let them stop, I'm in them there
27:05 is an Old Russian proverb it says this.
27:08 It says, "The hammer shatters glass but it forges
27:14 steel." The Faith that we have seen here in Hebrews
27:18 Chapter 11, this is type of Faith forges steel,
27:23 you have what it takes, you are that type,
27:25 your background doesn't matter, you're steel,
27:29 steel that won't bend, steel that won't break,
27:33 steel that won't bust and steel that won't melt.
27:34 God is working his work in you and you will prevail,
27:38 you will win the day, because you're unstoppable.
27:43 You're unstoppable because God is unstoppable
27:46 and God is in your heart, so trust Him, respond,
27:52 get going and keep going and
27:55 He will lead you through.


Revised 2014-12-17