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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is Lynell LaMountain the Speaker
00:34 and Director of Life Ignited
00:36 and I am so happy that you are join me here today.
00:38 In a study today we are going be to studying
00:40 Luke Chapter five. Before we get into that
00:42 I would like to have prayer with you so that God bless
00:44 our time together. Let's pray.
00:46 Father in heaven we thank you so much for
00:47 being here among us today.
00:49 I pray Lord as we open your word
00:50 and we study what you teach us about
00:53 how to live and be happy with your holy spirit
00:55 and blesses and we see clearly for the first time
00:57 Lord that we can trust you. The life of happiness is
01:00 ours just waiting to be claimed, so Lord bless us
01:02 now as we open your word and study
01:04 it together in your name we pray. Amen.
01:08 A cold wind blew across the lake.
01:10 The sky was golden red as the sun flamed upward.
01:13 The odor of slippery fish, musty sails
01:16 and brownie water filled the air.
01:19 The time for rebuilt boat rocked as lazy waves
01:21 rippled by. It would have been a perfect morning
01:24 for these fishermen who have been for the empty
01:26 nets. They had fished all night long then
01:28 have anything to show for it, not even a
01:29 minnow to take to the fish market later.
01:32 It was one of those mornings when you find
01:33 yourself asking, what's the point.
01:37 Must life be this hard, does it get any better,
01:40 is this all that there is? Does it have to be a
01:43 constant struggle? It's a morning fill,
01:46 but empty hopes, empty dreams, empty pockets
01:49 and empty nets for these guys nothing to
01:52 take with them to earn their keep for the day.
01:55 Simon Peter and the others were alone where their
01:57 thoughts headed for the shore to mint the nets
01:59 and to clean the sails. They were very,
02:01 they warned and they were wounded from their
02:04 forth fruitless night of toil. Although nearly been a
02:06 year since Jesus had asked them to follow him.
02:09 They hadn't still fully committed to be
02:11 his disciples. They were taken the wait
02:14 and see attitude. You know what I am talking
02:15 about plan A was to give Jesus a chance to see
02:19 if he is worthy of following.
02:20 Plan B well was to keep fishing just in case things
02:24 don't workout and this morning it seemed like
02:27 both plans were not working out.
02:29 They weren't succeeding as part-time fishermen
02:32 or as part-time disciples. Since the time Jesus
02:36 had first called them they had seen him turn water
02:38 into wine. They saw him supernaturally vanish
02:40 from an angry mob that's about of through him
02:42 over a cliff to his death. They saw demon
02:45 shrieking terror as Jesus expelled them for
02:47 people's lives. He healed the blind.
02:49 He healed the deaf. He healed leprosy fathers
02:52 giving dads back to their kids,
02:54 what more to Peter need to see.
02:56 What more did they need to hear.
02:57 What proof were they waiting for?
03:02 What would it to take for these men to stop
03:05 wavering between fishing and following?
03:07 Each day for nearly a year they had wavered.
03:11 They held back and they found some reasons,
03:12 some excuse not the fully answered God's call,
03:15 but also Peter want to know what else,
03:17 did he need to know. Well if you asked him for
03:20 starters from his point of view. He wanted to know
03:22 if his faith would be any different than John A
03:24 Baptist his close friend. Despite Christ promising,
03:28 raise a power. He certainly had in help John very much,
03:31 these last few months. The very one who had
03:33 baptized in, in fact, and then there was a failed
03:36 mission to Judea and lets not forget about the vivid
03:38 hatred of the Priest and the teachers,
03:39 and the Rabbis. Peter could list for more
03:42 reasons for not following Jesus than fore-following
03:45 him. Troubled followed Jesus everywhere they went?
03:48 There is often times ahead of them when they got
03:51 there waiting for them. Follow me, follow him
03:55 where, follow him into an empty dungeon cell
03:58 beside John A Baptist, follow him into the middle
04:00 of blood thirsty mobs, follow him into open
04:03 confrontation with Church leaders.
04:06 Follow him away from the safety and security
04:08 of a sleepy fishing business into a murky future of
04:11 permanent uncertainty. Is that where is
04:13 he leading us to? Hey if Jesus were a Messiah
04:18 they would follow him no questions asked,
04:20 no problem, but as far as Peter was concerned
04:23 the jury was still out on that one and until Jesus
04:26 who gave them more reasons to say yes
04:27 than they say no, then he would gladly choose
04:30 the occasional empty fishing net over
04:31 imprisonment or dismemberment or death,
04:33 because if things kept going this way it wouldn't
04:36 be long until they found himself strung up
04:37 on one of those crosses the Romans were so famous for;
04:40 follow me, not today buddy thank you very much
04:44 I have got plans. In fact Peter did have the plans.
04:48 His day time was already full. He needed to go home
04:50 clean the sails, I mean the nets, sleep,
04:52 eat and get back out under the water
04:53 and fish all night again to make-up for the poor night
04:56 that they just had had. His wooden boat drag
04:59 along the sandy bottom as skimmed ashore,
05:02 and who be the first person he saw standing there
05:06 but Jesus, doesn't figure and behind Jesus
05:09 descending the hill there is large crowd of people
05:11 coming toward them. The masses were looking for a
05:13 hope, that's why they all was gathered around
05:15 Christ they needed some one to promise
05:17 that they might pass the point of no return,
05:18 they need to some one to seal the promise was
05:20 something more than just empty words they
05:22 needed someone to take their pain away,
05:24 they make it stop, pain that was caused by
05:26 malfunctioning bodies, malfunctioning beliefs,
05:29 and malfunctioning hearts, malfunctioning dreams,
05:32 they needed to someone to drive there tears
05:33 and calm their fears and sue the spirits.
05:35 They longed for redemption,
05:37 may be this not word they would use
05:39 but they were searching for that's
05:41 why they came around where the Jesus was.
05:43 He wanted to hear the words again from Christ mouth,
05:45 but how God valued them because that was news
05:48 to them good news in fact, Christ presence invigorated
05:52 them. His eternal law has restored them and his
05:54 grace ignited the hearts with the joy they push
05:58 forward, they pressed in, they closed around him
06:00 wanting to be as near to him as they possibly
06:02 could get. Says in Luke chapter 5:1:33
06:07 and I m reading the new king James version
06:09 it says, so it was there is a multitude pressed
06:12 about him and hear the word of God,
06:14 that He stood by the lake of Gennesaret,
06:16 and saw two boats standing by the lake;
06:18 but the fishermen had gone from them
06:20 and were washing their nets. Then He got into
06:22 one of the boats, which was Simon's and
06:23 asked him to put out a little from the land.
06:25 And He sat down and taught the multitudes
06:27 from the boat. Peter was anxious to get home
06:32 and go to back, he didn't want to go backyard under
06:34 the water again, put yourself in his shoes
06:37 he was a exhausted he was disappointed
06:40 he was gloomy and he was big crumpy
06:43 he had even had time to home grab a glass
06:45 of orange juice and now Jesus wants him to
06:47 put boat out of ways. So Christ could have some room
06:50 to sit down and teach the people who were pressed
06:52 along shore. Peter shoved the boat away from shore.
06:57 He got into away Christ, he gazed at the crowd.
07:00 It was a motley group, old men with drooping
07:03 shoulders, would perish their spirits in the mud
07:05 while leaning forward gazing at Christ.
07:07 There are people dressed in precious silks,
07:10 enemy side people wearing tighter ropes,
07:12 blue collared workers were standing beside white
07:14 collared workers. Among the crowd where there
07:17 are sick and lame and the abandoned,
07:19 there were the blind, the deaf and the diseased,
07:21 there were and priests and scribes who were there too
07:24 along with spies that have been sent to see
07:26 what Jesus was doing, what wrong he was doing.
07:29 And many of Peter's colleagues were in the
07:31 crowd too, fishermen who also had just come in off
07:33 the sea that night, they wanted to see what Jesus
07:36 had to see and say, Jesus appealed to everyone
07:39 that's what Peter noticed wasn't just to a certain
07:41 group of people, it was to everybody,
07:43 everyone came to this man who spoke words of hope.
07:48 The boat rocked and swayed admits the rolling
07:50 waves as Christ, the creator of the heavens
07:52 and the earth sat and taught people
07:53 how to live and how to be happy,
07:55 is the message that everybody is wanted
07:57 to hear since the beginning of the world,
07:59 how can I live and be happy. Tell anybody wants.
08:03 Peter listened to the words of Christ he felt
08:07 an unseen power tugging at his heart.
08:10 What would it be? Would it be his precious desires
08:13 or God's destiny? His preference,
08:16 or God's prophets? In his life would it be his
08:20 comfort or God's commission his convenience
08:23 or God's cosmic adventure to which he have been
08:25 called almost a year ago. Would he keep doing
08:28 his own thing? Or begin doing Christ's thing,
08:31 which would it be? Fishing or following?
08:36 After Jesus had finished unfolding time his wisdom
08:38 to the truth thirsty crowd he turned to Peter
08:41 and he said, take this out into deep water.
08:45 Luke Chapter 5 Verses 4 and 5 says
08:49 When He had stopped speaking;
08:50 He said to Simon, Launch out into the deep
08:53 and let down your nets for a catch.
08:54 But Simon answered and said to Him, Master,
08:56 we have toiled all night and caught nothing:
08:59 nevertheless at your word I will let down the net.
09:04 There was a good reason why fishermen fished
09:07 at night. Fishermen who use nets always fished at
09:10 night because the darkness made impossible
09:13 for the fish to see the nets, nobody, no fishermen in
09:17 his right mind ever would even think
09:19 or consider taking the boat out and dropping
09:21 those nets into the water during the brilliant rays
09:24 of the sun because the fish, they would see it from
09:26 a mile away and here Jesus says he is telling
09:30 Peter this seasoned fishermen, this man who was
09:32 successful as a fisherman, he saying go out drop
09:35 your nets in the water and not only that,
09:37 it would be one thing if, Jesus was telling Peter
09:39 to do this when no one was there watching
09:43 but there is a crowd on the shore watching
09:46 and in that crowd are seasoned fishermen,
09:49 and Peter know, he knows what they are thinking,
09:52 he is wondering if he is actually going to do it
09:54 and he is probably little bit embarrassed
09:56 and he tries to talk Jesus out of it.
09:58 But Lord we didn't have any success last night,
10:00 just wasn't good and you know I am pretty sure
10:02 that we didn't have any success last night at all
10:04 our fishing wholes that we had a lot of success that
10:06 before if that didn't happened last night really
10:09 probably not the best investment of time
10:12 and energy to take the boat out and nets all
10:13 right now, may be we should wait for later,
10:15 may be tonight. Jesus didn't say anything keeps
10:19 looking out toward the wild blue yonder.
10:23 So Peter launches the boat out takes Christ out
10:26 that's where Christ wants to go the nets
10:28 that's where he is going to take Christ.
10:32 Peter takes Jesus out into deep water
10:34 and casts the nets just as he has been asked
10:36 and no sooner he had casts the nets into the water
10:39 and the water began roiling and swirling
10:41 and stirring as fish were jumping into the nets,
10:44 in broad daylight, this does not happen.
10:49 It is impossible, must a fish or couple of fin short,
10:52 of a full deck of fins they don't just jump into
10:55 empty nets. Bible tells us about it in
10:58 Luke Chapter 5 Verses 6 and 7 I am reading
11:01 from the New King James version starting the
11:02 Verse 6, And when they had done this,
11:05 they caught a great number of fish,
11:07 and their net was breaking.
11:08 So they signaled to their partners in the other
11:10 boat to come and help them. And they came
11:12 and filled both the boats, so that they
11:14 began to sink. Instantly the nets were full,
11:18 it didn't make sense, it was an irrational result
11:21 in fact, it was impossible. Peter and the others
11:24 grab the nets that were breaking and they
11:26 divided the fish between the boats,
11:27 there are so many fish that the boats were in
11:29 danger of sinking, does that ever happen
11:32 when you fish? Never happens when I fish.
11:36 Fish were splashing around even popping up
11:39 and smacking Peter against the cheeks,
11:40 slapping him on his arms and snapping about
11:42 the bottom of the boat. And Jesus, I can just
11:45 I just imagine him sitting there in the boat watching
11:49 it all take place, can't you just imagine Jesus
11:52 of beaming from ear to ear with his unchangeable smile,
11:55 this joy that he can't contain as he is watching
11:59 Peter being swatted on the knees by these fish
12:01 that are slapping about in the bottom of boat,
12:05 and then it happened. Peter while standing knee
12:09 deep in fish slimy slippery scaly fish he starts
12:16 putting to and two together.
12:19 Under the canopy of darkness he had caught
12:21 nothing with those nets, those very same nets
12:25 but now under the brilliant noon day sun he had
12:29 the biggest catch of his career and this was one
12:32 for the record books, he had always dreamed of
12:34 catching this many fish and it never had happened
12:37 until now and he begins wondering what made the
12:41 difference? What's change since last night?
12:48 Jesus, Jesus that was a change since last night,
12:54 apart from Jesus Peter's efforts have been fruitless,
12:56 they have been pointless, they have been worthless.
12:58 With Jesus he had success beyond his wildest
13:01 imagination and then it really hit him.
13:04 What had just happened was impossible,
13:08 impossible but Jesus said, he had somehow managed
13:12 to manifests Peter's nets full of fish;
13:14 Jesus did that in broad day light, in clear water,
13:19 nets abundantly full of fish. Peter knew that
13:25 if Jesus can manifest this then there wasn't anything
13:29 he couldn't do and there wasn't anything that
13:31 Jesus couldn't make happen in his life and then
13:34 he realize the kind, loving, patient God who had been
13:39 with him nearly a year now waiting for him to make
13:41 a decision are you going to fish or you going to
13:45 follow? That patience and that grace,
13:47 and that kindness that bear down upon him.
13:52 And in that moment he felt unworthy,
13:54 he felt unworthy to be invited by God who was
13:57 so loving, A God who was so kind,
14:00 A God who was so forgiving and A god
14:02 that was so giving. The Bible says in
14:05 Luke 5 Verses 8 and 9, When Simon Peter saw it,
14:11 he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying,
14:13 Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.
14:16 For he and all who were with him were
14:17 astonished at the catch of fish which they had
14:19 taken. Peter was overcome by the greatness
14:23 of Christ he was ashamed of his unbelief,
14:26 he was overwhelmed with the gratitude that Christ
14:28 had come to him but he felt insignificant in the
14:31 presence of such power, now though he asks
14:33 Jesus Christ to leave Jesus stayed there,
14:36 Peter mattered to Jesus or else Christ
14:39 wouldn't have happened to just been by the sea
14:41 that morning when Peter came off from his night
14:43 of fishing. Luke 5 Verses 10 and 11 starting with
14:47 the second half of verse 10 says this,
14:50 And Jesus said so Simon, Do not be afraid.
14:54 From now on you will catch men.
14:56 So when they had brought their boats to land,
14:58 they forsook all and followed Him.
15:02 Peter realized that up until now he had been
15:05 thinking too small, his dreams had been too small,
15:08 his goals had been too small, his faith had been
15:11 too small and his worry had been too big.
15:14 There wasn't any need to doubt Christ
15:16 because there wasn't any need that Jesus Christ
15:18 could not supply, not after performing this miracle,
15:21 this Peter was sure of, if anyone could cram
15:23 fish into nets during broad day light then they
15:26 could do anything. So they came to shore they
15:29 sold all their fish and left everything behind in
15:30 order to follow Jesus Christ. This time he didn't
15:33 have to ask him, he couldn't keep them
15:35 away from him this time and Peter would follow
15:38 Jesus Christ until his dying breath,
15:39 Peter's dying breath, he wouldn't follow him most
15:42 perfectly but he would follow him perfectly in
15:45 Christ because of Christ. Peter moth-balled
15:49 his boat and his fishing here and he was now a
15:51 fully devoted disciple to Christ he was fully
15:54 committed, he was fully his, he had a new mission
15:57 now and his mission was to fish for souls.
16:00 In the Greek fishers of men literally reads catch
16:04 men alive. Jesus taught Peter that men were
16:10 languishing dead in their sins and he would reach out
16:13 with a net of grace and he would catch those men
16:15 and in the process of catching them,
16:17 they would come to life he would catch men alive
16:20 grace brings people alive spiritually grace gives
16:23 them hope, Peter would now catch people alive
16:25 in the nets of grace offering eternal life to them in
16:30 Christ's. That day on the lake Peter learned to
16:33 how to live and to be happy he learned
16:35 how to be happy by doing this.
16:40 By surrendering his ambitions to Jesus,
16:43 by surrendering his desires to Jesus by
16:45 surrendering his goals to Jesus,
16:47 because Christ's ambitions for him were bigger,
16:50 Christ's goals for him were bigger;
16:52 Christ's longings for him were bigger.
16:56 Peter surrendered his goals;
16:57 he surrendered his ambitions to Christ,
16:59 he surrendered his life to Christ,
17:00 because Christ's life for him was bigger
17:02 so big in fact that would take eternity for
17:05 Peter to live out the life that Jesus Christ
17:07 had now given him, on that day on the lake
17:10 Peter saw that Christ could manifest for him
17:13 anything that he wanted that whatever Christ
17:16 could manifest was much bigger than
17:17 what Peter could manifests. Jesus tries to comes
17:21 to us like he does to Peter and to like
17:22 he did to the disciples whoever we are he meets
17:25 us there if we were lonely, he meets us there
17:27 if we were discouraged he meets us there,
17:29 if our relationship are in shambles
17:30 he meets us there if we feel all as well
17:33 and that we don't need anything
17:34 because we are getting along pretty good
17:36 in life he meets us there. In those time,
17:39 when we feel like we are need of nothing,
17:41 wherever we are Jesus finds us.
17:43 He finds us on our beliefs and in our disbelief,
17:46 he comes to us he finds us knee deep in our failures
17:50 and in our sins, he meets us where we are
17:53 and he invites us to follow him.
17:54 He invites us to leave the darkness
17:56 and to walk into the light, he invites us to leave
17:58 those, to leave lives of meaninglessness
18:00 to leave the lives and live a life of truth,
18:03 he invites us to leave our life lessening habits,
18:05 life lessening attitudes and our life lessening
18:08 beliefs and to embrace life and to be filled up
18:10 over flowing abundantly with life,
18:13 he invites us, follow me. Are you fishing?
18:17 Doing your own thing or you following,
18:20 doing Christ's thing for you? Are you busy trying to
18:25 manifest small dreams? Are you busy trying to
18:28 make your dream life happen?
18:30 Have you heard enough of this lately dream life,
18:33 dream life, dream life. Everybody is teaching
18:35 you had a have a dream life,
18:38 or you have been captured by Christ
18:41 and the dream life that he has for you.
18:42 There are two dreams you can have.
18:44 You can have your own, or you can have his.
18:46 In the lot of times he is just scary
18:49 because it takes us to places where may be
18:51 we wouldn't choose to go at least for the short
18:54 term, but in the long term we are going some
18:57 place that even the mind cannot begin to imagine
19:00 how great it is. They make any mistake,
19:02 the disciples, they started living their dream
19:04 life in Christ but it wasn't easy,
19:06 What Jesus lead him through, according to
19:09 Church tradition here is what happened to the
19:11 disciples once they started following him completely,
19:13 once they put their entire trust in him,
19:15 this is their faith, this is what happened.
19:18 It says Mathews suffered martyrdom by being
19:20 slain with a sword at a distinct city in Ethiopia.
19:24 Mark died at Alexandria after being cruelly
19:26 dragged to the streets of that city.
19:28 Luke was hanged upon an olive tree in the
19:31 Classic land of Greece. John was put in a
19:33 caldron of boiling oil but escaped death in a
19:36 miraculous manner was afterward banished to
19:38 Patmos. Peter was crucified upside down
19:42 and he was crucified upside down
19:44 because he felt he wasn't worthy to be
19:45 crucified in the manner that Jesus was crucified,
19:48 so by request they crucified him upside
19:50 down. James the greater, Jesus' brother was
19:54 beheaded at Jerusalem, James, the lesser,
19:57 was thrown from a lofty pinnacle of the temple,
19:59 and then beaten to death with a fuller's club.
20:02 Bartholomew was flayed alive. Andrew was bound
20:06 to a cross, whence he preached to his
20:07 persecutors until his dying breath;
20:10 Thomas died by a lance being pushed
20:12 through his body, Jude was shot to death
20:16 with arrows. Matthais was first stoned
20:19 and then beheaded him Barnabas of the Gentiles
20:22 was stoned to death at Salonica.
20:24 Paul, after various tortures and persecutions,
20:27 was at length beheaded at Rome by the
20:30 Emperor Nero; such was the fate of these men
20:33 who were living their dream lives.
20:36 They were where they needed to be at the time
20:39 and they were following Jesus Christ no matter
20:41 what their lives in this earth were irrelevant
20:43 to them. It didn't mean anything to them
20:45 because where they were now compared to where
20:48 they were going, it was a decision they made easily,
20:52 can give it all for Christ. Christ dreams are
20:55 much bigger than our dreams and his dreams
20:57 don't square with the dreams the world has,
20:59 when he says manifest your dream life,
21:01 it's a dream life that involves eternity
21:03 but some times the row between here
21:05 and eternity is not the easiest one to walk
21:07 but you walk it gladly with joy
21:09 because we are going endure with Jesus
21:10 face to face forever, in his presence,
21:12 experiencing eternal satisfaction.
21:14 Where we are, Jesus finds us and he offers us
21:17 life, a life that defies rationalization
21:20 he finds us knee deep in our failures
21:22 and our sins, he meets us where we are
21:24 and he invites us just to follow him,
21:25 he invites us to leave the darkness
21:27 and walk in the life he invites us to leave
21:29 the lives and live in truth, he invites us to leave
21:31 our, life lessening habits and our life
21:33 lessening attitudes and our life lessening beliefs
21:35 and he invites us to embrace life in his full nets,
21:39 he invites us, follow me. In the question
21:42 I have for you, in the question I have for me
21:44 is the question I ask myself everyday
21:46 am I fishing? Or am I following?
21:48 Am I fishing doing my own thing
21:50 or am I following doing Christ's thing for me?
21:53 How we busy trying to manifest our dreams
21:55 or are being captured by Christ in giving the dream,
21:57 the eternal dream. All people wanted to do is live
22:01 and by happy, I am convinced of that,
22:03 alright. They never feel fully alive
22:05 or fully happy or fully free though apart from
22:08 Christ, apart from the one who gives that
22:10 live the one who gives that eternal life
22:11 into their souls places eternity in their hearts,
22:14 they may have dreams, we might have desires,
22:16 we might have ambitions, but without Jesus Christ
22:21 they fall apart. They mean nothing
22:24 and I guess the thing I am really trying to say is
22:26 they leave us totally unsatisfied apart from Christ.
22:31 Jesus Christ created us, he knows what it makes,
22:34 what it takes to make us happy,
22:36 he knows what it takes to make us feel full
22:38 of life he knows what thrills us in our divine
22:41 partnership with him he will supply all of our
22:43 needs no matter where we go no matter
22:44 what we need, he fulfills us with the eternal
22:46 satisfaction and abundant life.
22:48 Would you like to be completely his?
22:51 Would you like to be fully committed him?
22:55 Would like to be fully happy? Would you like
22:58 to feel fully alive and fully free?
23:03 Back in world war II at night there are planes
23:09 started flying over city and dropping bombs
23:11 the air raids were blaring, buildings were on fire.
23:16 A father took his son and he started running
23:18 through the streets to escape the bombs
23:20 trying to find cover trying to hide trying to
23:23 survive yet another attack on their town,
23:25 they couldn't see there were no lights
23:27 all they could see was a light that was caused
23:30 by the flames and they did run and a bomb that
23:33 dropped in they had fall down and the dirt
23:35 would scattered and they get up
23:36 and run somewhere and finally the father had
23:38 an idea probably the best place to hide with
23:41 his son, the best chance that they had a
23:43 survival would be to, find a bombed out hole in
23:47 the middle of the street and so he took his son
23:52 he ran down the street he found a hole
23:54 and he jumped in, his son was standing at
23:57 the top and father held out his arms
23:59 and he said jump, son jump and the son was
24:04 at the top and he was looking into the darkness
24:06 and he said I can't see you, the father says,
24:09 jump I will catch you and the son started to cry,
24:12 he said but I can't see you and the father
24:15 he looked up and because of the flames
24:17 burning the buildings he could see a faint orange
24:20 hue and his son silhouette against the hue
24:23 and that son said I can't see you but the
24:25 father said jump because I can see you
24:27 and so his jumped into his arms and that's
24:32 what Jesus had been saying these disciples
24:34 for a year jump I can see you, I will catch you,
24:39 trust me but I believe we hold back.
24:42 We hold back because we question whether
24:44 or not he knows what it makes what it takes
24:46 to make us happy we don't really think that
24:49 he has our best interests of heart,
24:51 we really don't think that he is on our side,
24:53 we really don't think that he knows what thrills
24:56 our hearts, now will take care of that Jesus,
24:58 give us a little time we are going to work
25:00 little harder, we are going to make little bit
25:01 more money, we get things of a control
25:04 we got our organized out and how mapped out
25:06 now, we are going to take care of this,
25:08 I want to tell you today, if you really want
25:12 to live and be happy and there is one thing
25:14 you have to do and that you have to hand
25:17 over your dreams to Jesus.
25:20 You have to hand over your ambitions to
25:21 Jesus Christ, you and I, we think too small,
25:26 we think in terms of all waterfront property
25:29 and there is nothing wrong waterfront property
25:31 but you realize that in Christ who is gone
25:32 ahead of us to heaven, he has built a mansion
25:34 there just waiting for you to occupy
25:36 that you already have waterfront property
25:38 looking out of window there is a river of live
25:40 just streaming by down below.
25:42 You can have a house in the ocean or a house
25:44 overlooking the river of life, which would you choose.
25:47 We think too small whatever you go through here
25:49 is no big deal. It's just going to last a little
25:52 while, but then forever starts and then that
25:55 forever is eternal satisfaction.
25:57 But I want to say something too,
25:58 eternal satisfaction just doesn't start
26:00 when Jesus comes and we start living with him.
26:03 When Christ comes into your life
26:05 when you allow him to come in when you start
26:06 following him satisfaction begins in that moment
26:09 and you feel fulfilled like you never were fulfilled
26:12 before that's how the disciples felt,
26:14 that's why they followed him, that's why
26:16 they followed him to their deaths
26:17 because he made them feel fully alive
26:19 he made them fully alive, so today I ask you
26:23 and I ask myself are we fishing or are we following?
26:26 Do you take your plans to him?
26:31 What is that that you trying to work out in
26:32 your life that you not trusting him with.
26:36 Why do you afraid of? I know sometimes you get
26:38 beaten down by life and you feel like
26:40 I can't take this anymore, if I can just work it our
26:43 or I can save little money pay few things off
26:45 or may be go buy a house somewhere
26:47 I will move or relocate and then things will start
26:49 working out great man then I will be happy.
26:52 There is one thing in this world, there is one thing
26:55 about this world nothing makes us happy
26:58 and those who had everything find out
27:01 sooner or later, satisfaction comes from Christ.
27:05 Remember hearing Jim Carrey the comedian
27:07 say once he says ,I hope everybody gets
27:08 what they want he says I hope they go
27:10 and they get famous and they get rich
27:11 and they call the money they buy all the things
27:13 that they want to buy may be and they get
27:14 all important, he said because they all learned,
27:17 that none of that makes you happy,
27:21 these disciples waiver between fishing
27:23 and following for almost a year and then they
27:28 put their hearts in line for Christ they gave him
27:30 everything to him and Jesus took it and he made
27:34 them happy. Romans 8 Verses 1 and 2,
27:36 the Bible says put yourself on the alter offer yourself
27:39 as living sacrifices, this is real worship,
27:42 now is a real worship putting yourself on the
27:44 alter offering yourself as a living sacrifice to
27:46 Jesus Christ giving him your desires your goals
27:49 and your ambitions that is a secret
27:50 being fully alive into being happy forever.


Revised 2014-12-17