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How To Cross The Finish Line

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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel. My name is Lynell LaMountain
00:34 the Speaker and Director for Life Ignited.
00:36 Today, we are gonna talk about How To cross
00:38 The Finish Line. But, before we get into our study
00:40 please bow your heads and let's have prayer together.
00:43 Father in heaven we thank you so much for Jesus Christ
00:44 and his powering presence in our lives.
00:47 Lord as we study from your word today how to actually
00:49 finish the race, how to cross the finish line,
00:51 I pray that your Holy Spirit would inspire us
00:53 and enlighten us with your truth, the truth that
00:56 keeps us going on to the very end when we enter your
00:58 arms in eternity. This is our prayer in our name,
01:01 Amen. Olan Hendrix was preaching at his church
01:06 when his wife while she was sitting on the front row,
01:08 he makes his crack about his wife. He says
01:11 my wife thinks the slumming in means spending a night
01:14 at the Holiday Inn. She didn't think he was funny
01:17 and she didn't laugh, the others did but she didn't.
01:20 So, what did he do to make it up to her?
01:21 You think he went brought some flowers and took
01:23 her out to a nice meal or brought her a gift probably
01:26 an expensive gift you think maybe that's way he did?
01:29 No, that's what most husbands probably would
01:31 have done, but not him. Nobody did to make it up
01:33 to her. He took her to Africa, now she didn't have
01:36 any interest in going to Africa, in fact she didn't
01:38 have any interest in going anywhere. She wanted to
01:41 stay home. But, he wanted to take her to Africa
01:43 because he knew in his heart there was one thing that in
01:45 Africa that would capture her soul, if he could
01:48 just get her there. One thing that would dazzle her,
01:50 one thing that will make her eternally grateful that
01:52 she would travel thousands of miles from home
01:54 and had endured rough travel, and that one thing
01:58 he knew that would capture her heart was
02:00 Victoria Falls. One look at Victoria Falls in Africa
02:05 would be in our heart forever. Yeah personally
02:07 seen a majesty of Victoria Falls, he would hike to its
02:09 end and he saw had seen as stately brown statue
02:12 of David Livingstone. The first white man to have
02:15 seen Victoria Falls and he had seen that statue just
02:18 Livingstone purring out over the water and Olan
02:20 Hendrix was just captured. Well the day came they left
02:25 for Africa. Mrs. Hendrix she wasn't a very happy
02:29 camper at all. During that trip, though he kept trying
02:31 to pump her up, you know, how it goes when the people
02:33 going on a trip with you don't wanna be there,
02:35 you try to pump them up and describe what they are gonna
02:37 be experiencing, what they are gonna seeing,
02:39 in order to try to get them excited. You remind her
02:41 about the legendary splendor of the falls. He describes
02:44 the romantic missed building upward from the thunders
02:46 raging water. He helps her imagine the luxurious
02:49 greenery lining the soft soggy river banks.
02:52 He described in vivid detail. The rainbow that
02:55 arch to cross the falls in a spectral burst of color.
02:58 Finally the day came, she had battled bugs and
03:02 mosquitoes and spiders, snakes, frogs
03:05 and other bugs. She was sweaty and frizzy, and
03:07 frumpy in her baggy safari clothing. Not to mention
03:11 she was tired and she was thirsty and she was achy.
03:14 Her nails were broken, her arms had scratches on them,
03:17 but she had done it. They had reached the end of
03:20 their journey and her husband showed her the
03:22 heavenly Victoria Falls. Then he excitedly grabbed
03:26 her hand and he led her to that famous statue of
03:29 David Livingstone that great missionary statesman and
03:32 an adventurer, who is eternally frozen in time
03:35 like I say with his hand raised to his brow
03:38 as if shading his eyes from the sun, gazing out
03:40 over the water. This was the moment they have been
03:43 waiting for. This is the moment he had been talking
03:46 about incessantly since the day they had left
03:48 for Africa. This is the moment that would make his
03:51 trip worth it, her trip worth it, and all the
03:54 controversy they had experienced between
03:56 each other. This would make it worth it. In this moment
03:59 of rapture is wonder, caught up in a moment he
04:02 turn to his wife and he said this, he said this
04:05 he said there he is David Livingstone. Look at him
04:09 gazing out over the falls, what do you think
04:12 he is thinking. She looked at the statue of
04:16 Livingstone thought a moment and turn toward
04:18 her husband and said I think he is thinking
04:22 that I had it up to here with Africa. When was the
04:26 last time those words came out of your mouth.
04:28 I have had it up to here with my job. I have had it
04:31 up to here with my relationships. I have had it
04:34 up to here with whatever it is that's pressing you in.
04:37 When was the last time those words tumbled pass
04:39 your teeth. When was the last time you had it up
04:41 to here with someone in our life. Perhaps your teacher
04:45 and you would never admit this, but there is a
04:46 kid in our class that makes life difficult, day after
04:49 day and you have had it up to here or maybe this people
04:51 at work, you know I'm talking about the kind that
04:54 make work miserable and you had it up to here with them.
04:57 May be that person was a person that beat you
04:59 out for a promotion or raise and do you had it up to
05:02 here with that person, it's a phrase we here often
05:06 is something we speak often, I've had it up to
05:08 here. Maybe this is a tricky one, maybe you are a pastor
05:14 and you would never admit this, not publicly,
05:17 but in our church there are two or three people
05:19 that seem to have this spiritual gift of giving you
05:21 ulcers. And you've had it up to here with those
05:25 people or maybe you've had it up to here with
05:27 a situation that no matter what solution you offer,
05:31 it seem solution resistant, and you had it up to here
05:34 with this chronic problem that just keeps going on
05:36 and on and on with no end in site. I've had it up to
05:41 here wow. Maybe you've had it up to here with
05:45 spiritual complacency. You have plenty of religion,
05:50 but you tired of going through emotions.
05:54 If had it up to here with a complacency, you are ready
05:58 for something real, something authentic.
06:01 You are ready to feel alive to be fully filled
06:04 with the presence of Christ in our heart.
06:08 How do you handle the on slide of these situations
06:10 that wear on you, squeeze on you and grind against you.
06:13 How do you, how do you survive when you have
06:15 had it up to here, well you only have two choices
06:20 you can keep going or you can quit. You can keep going
06:24 or you can quit and there is a word for it. A word for
06:26 keep going, but I wanna tell you a story from my life
06:29 first and I really cant believe I'm sharing this
06:31 with you, but I think this story probably will
06:33 illustrate quite clearly what I'm talking about.
06:36 It was an eighth grade and I had a crush on
06:38 a certain girl. Now she is one of those girls I want to
06:42 talk to, your inside is gonna melt, you know what
06:45 I'm talking about? And when she talk to me
06:48 I found myself stumbling over my words, which I do
06:50 even when I'm not nervous, but when a girl that I like
06:52 a cute girl is talking to me man I can't get a
06:55 sentence out of my mouth. She was nice,
06:57 she was pretty, she was perfect what more
07:00 that I need in eighth grade. Well the first year
07:06 that I tried capturing her heart nothing,
07:09 nothing happened, she wasn't interested at all.
07:12 Second year we are in quire together, so I had a little
07:15 bit more opportunity to be near her. So, on towards on
07:18 the bus we would sit beside each other when I got
07:20 a chance and we talk and joke and stuff like that.
07:23 But, nothing happened the second year, and I could
07:27 since as I entered my third year of trying to vow her
07:32 to me that time was getting short for me. My window of
07:36 opportunity was closing and I had to pull out
07:38 all the stops, it was the time to step up to the
07:40 plate to swing for the fences to make something
07:43 happen. Well complicate matters even more,
07:46 this girl that I like that had a crush on
07:48 she started falling for the campers heart throb,
07:51 you know who that is. That's the person that you just
07:53 love to dislike. You don't like them at all.
07:55 And it complicated even more than that, my best
07:58 friend who worked with her over at laundry on the
08:01 campus, he started to like here. Bible says by
08:05 beholding would become changed so I guess he would
08:07 talk so much about this girl for all these years,
08:09 there is finally rubbing off on him. And he is starting
08:11 to have feeling toward her, so I knew if I didn't
08:13 do something radical my chance to get her forever
08:16 I mean it would be gone, so what I did? I talk to her
08:21 boss and I worked it out for me to drop by one day
08:24 drink break where she worked. You are gonna think
08:28 this is really cheesy, but I got to tell you
08:30 because it illustrates what we are talking about here.
08:33 I went to her to the place of work on her break
08:36 and I had this paper sack with me and inside that
08:38 paper sack I had a mix tape of her favorite songs,
08:42 I had two candles and I remember to bring the
08:44 matches that surprising in itself. And in addition
08:47 to that, I had brought her favorite soft drink
08:49 in four Styrofoam cups, yes four. One for her,
08:53 one for me, one for my best friend who was there working
08:55 with her and one for her boss. Well I took the
08:59 liberty to dim the lights, I poured her soft drink,
09:03 canned our soft drink into the glasses and then I
09:05 handed them out, lighted the candles, got the music
09:09 playing, I'm telling you what. It was romance
09:12 extraordinary, right there in campus laundry with
09:16 washing machines and dryers all around us
09:18 and piles of dirty laundry on the floor and on the
09:21 tables around us. But, I had to do something to try to
09:24 let her know. If she could just spend a moment
09:26 with me and see how nice of a guy, how good of a person
09:30 I was, how much I had to offer then she would just
09:32 totally stop chasing the campers heartthrob when she
09:34 saw what a wonderful guy I was, you know what I'm
09:38 talking about? Well I was there for few minutes
09:40 and then later that afternoon she sought me
09:43 out, she actually came to see me. We were walking
09:47 down the sidewalk and she says you know you really
09:50 made me so special, thank you so for dropping by.
09:52 She said Lynell you are a real sweet guy.
09:58 As soon as I heard the word sweet out of her mouth,
10:00 I knew it was over, I had no chance.
10:02 Any guy who has been in that situation trying to
10:04 vow a girl and she calls and says he sweet or he is
10:08 nice, he is lost there is no hope at all.
10:11 But, this one situation, year one nothing happened,
10:15 year two nothing happened, year three nothing
10:18 happened, nothing ever happened.
10:20 We did part as good friends in fact a matter for
10:22 the first time in 22 years last summer and she
10:26 was doing great she had forgotten about the whole
10:28 laundry room thing, which I'm thankful for.
10:31 But, she is doing fine. Now there is one thing
10:37 probably why this didn't work out maybe more then
10:38 one thing, but when I was in eighth grade she
10:43 was a sophomore, when I was a Freshmen she was
10:46 Junior, when I was a sophomore she was a senior.
10:49 So, she was two or three years older to me, so it
10:51 probably was doom from the start but you never,
10:53 you never would been held of convince me that
10:56 there was no hope for me in this girl who was 2 or
10:58 3 years older then me in an high school that's a
11:00 big deal, now there is one more word that describes
11:04 my actions. Besides the word desperate there is no
11:07 another word, that kind of puts it perfectly what
11:12 I was doing those three years and no stockings
11:14 not the word that came to my mind either,
11:16 there is another word that describes my actions with
11:19 this girl as trying to vow to me during those years.
11:22 And the word is perseverance. I didn't quit,
11:25 I kept going, I kept tying to do all I could do to get
11:29 the girl of my dreams. When you had it up to here,
11:35 when you can't take it anymore, you can either
11:37 quit or you can continue. You can stop or you can
11:41 persevere those are the only two choices you have.
11:45 But, you didn't get the girl you say,
11:46 well you are right, I didn't get that girl.
11:48 But, a few years later I did I happened to marry
11:51 the girl of my dreams. So, I might have lost that
11:53 battle, but I won the war, I persevered.
11:56 Perseverance what is it? One of the definitions of
11:58 perseverance is this, is adherence to a course of
12:01 action or belief or purpose without giving away.
12:04 Endurance to push through despite hardship grit,
12:08 how much grit do we have? We are talking about
12:11 cross the finish line and across the finish line of
12:13 life you have to have grit. You have to have
12:16 perseverance and you must endure, and I ask
12:18 you today and I ask myself, what is our tendency?
12:22 Do we tend to quit when things get hard, do we
12:23 tend to quit when we get pressed in, do we tend
12:26 to quit when we feel the heat at the moment.
12:27 Do we try to find shelter away from it at all or
12:30 do we persevere and push through and keep going no
12:32 matter what it takes. If you wanna cross the finish
12:35 line you have to persevere. I remember reading
12:39 that people who make New Year's resolutions.
12:41 That over 80% of the people who make New
12:43 Year's resolutions they've stopped,
12:46 they've quit their New Year's resolutions by January
12:48 18th. They even take three weeks before they
12:51 give up, what they said they wanted to do.
12:53 Oh! I'll start my diet tomorrow, I go to the gym
12:56 next week, I'll start having quite time with God
12:59 tomorrow. I'll start returning Tyson offerings next
13:01 paycheck. I'll start saving money in a month
13:04 or two when I've gotten caught up. Perseverance,
13:07 endurance, grit with it you will cross the finish line
13:11 without it, you not even in the race, you might think
13:13 you are, but you are not. To pray when you don't
13:16 feel like it is perseverance. To forgive someone who
13:19 has hurt you that takes perseverance because
13:21 those feelings of hurt well up inside, time after time,
13:24 after time and you have to keep forgiving and forgiving
13:27 and forgiving to forgive someone how is deeply
13:29 wounded you is perseverance, takes perseverance.
13:32 To stick with the job that makes you miserable because
13:34 you know that that's where you need to be right
13:36 there and right then that takes perseverance.
13:39 To stand up for right and to stand up for God when
13:41 it's inconvenient and uncomfortable and unpopular
13:44 is perseverance. To remember God in the good
13:47 times and remember him in the bad times is
13:50 perseverance. To blow it spiritually, but to get up and
13:53 keep going is perseverance. To never give up on our
13:56 mission mandate or calling is perseverance.
13:59 Grit that's what we need today and God gives it
14:03 to us, he keeps us going. Perseverance is saying to
14:06 yourself, I refuse to quit by the grace and indwelling
14:10 power of Jesus Christ I will not be shaped by my
14:13 circumstances because in my partnership with God
14:16 circumstances don't master me, I master them.
14:20 This is perseverance, this is grit and this is our
14:23 Christian privilege in heritage. Ministry of Healing
14:27 page 500 has this awesome quote, Man can shape
14:32 circumstances, but circumstances should not be
14:35 allowed to shape the man. We should seize upon
14:37 circumstances as instruments by which to work.
14:40 We are to master them, but not permit them to master
14:44 us. Paul puts it like this in 2 Corinthians chapter 4
14:50 versus 7 and 11, 7 through 11 and I'm reading
14:52 from the New King James Version. But we have this
14:56 treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of
14:58 the power may be of God and not of us.
15:01 We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed;
15:04 we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted,
15:07 but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed-
15:10 always carrying about in the body the dying of the
15:12 Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be
15:15 manifested in our body. For we who live are always
15:18 delivered to death for Christ sake, that the life of
15:20 Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh.
15:25 Hard-pressed but not in despair, persecuted,
15:27 but not abundance, struck down, but not destroyed
15:30 this is perseverance, endurance and grit.
15:35 Power of God, the power of God is unconquerable.
15:39 I mean the power of God is in you, you are
15:42 unconquerable. You are unconquerable in your
15:45 mission. You are unconquerable in your
15:47 purposes, you are unconquerable in our ambitions
15:50 you and everything about you in a power of God
15:52 is in your life is invincible, you cannot be beaten.
15:55 So, persevere you have ever right to endure,
15:58 it's your heritage, it's your destiny. So, live
16:01 with grit, I've to ask you what has struck you down
16:05 lately. And it's okay to admit that we gotten
16:09 struck down, we all get struck down.
16:13 There are moments in life when you stand and you
16:15 walk and you go as far as you can, for as long as
16:17 you can. And there is a one last thing that just
16:21 takes the life out of you in your fall, which struck
16:24 you down lately. What caused you to quit,
16:29 what's cause you to take a break and sit on the
16:33 bench for a while. As loneliness gotten the best
16:37 of you? Has frustration over certain situation or
16:40 a certain person gotten best of you? Is it finances,
16:48 relationships that are crumbling, broken dreams,
16:52 sadness, discouragement, ill health, you prayed and
16:57 you prayed and you prayed and still you have this
17:00 illness and you have this disease it doesn't seem as
17:02 if God has gonna take it away and that was the final
17:05 straw what is it? What struck you down,
17:09 what's discouraged you of anything? What's the
17:12 life been throwing at you to trip you up and only
17:16 trip you up, but keep you down. Ephesians 3:20 says,
17:23 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly
17:26 above all that we ask or think, according to the power
17:28 that works in us. God is at work in our life the power
17:32 of God is operating in your life, he is real and he is
17:35 in you if you invited him to be in you and I believe
17:39 that you have, you would be watching this show
17:42 today, you wouldn't be here in Faith Chapel with me
17:44 today, if you hadn't invited Christ to be an operating
17:47 presence in our life. So, persevere, endure,
17:51 conquer have this within your reach. Bible prophecy is
17:55 being fulfilled before very eyes. Jesus is coming soon
17:59 this is not a time to be discouraged, this is not a
18:01 time to quit, this is not a time to say well at least I
18:04 give it my best and I tried. This is a time to keep
18:07 going forward, no matter what is thrown on our way to
18:10 keep walking and walking and walking to persevere
18:13 to endure. We are knocked down, but we are not
18:16 knocked out. We might take a beating, but we never
18:19 beaten, we might loose a battle, but we won't lose
18:21 the war, persevere, endure. Consider Paul he
18:27 writes this in 1 Corinthians chapter 9 verse 24 and I'm
18:30 reading from the New King James Version. Do you not know
18:32 that those who run in a race all run, but one receives
18:35 the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain
18:38 it. Did Paul live on easy street? Absolutely not
18:42 he knew one thing or two about perseverance and
18:44 enduring and having girt. Do you realize that the
18:48 Jews had him whipped five times and in each of
18:52 those five whippings he was lashed 39 times.
18:56 And it was well known that a few lashed someone
18:58 40 times they would die from it. So with five
19:01 different times he was lashed with an interim of
19:04 his life, so to speak. He was beaten with rods
19:09 three times, he was stoned once, he was
19:11 shipwrecked three times, and he spent a day and a
19:14 night lost at sea. He endured sleep deprivation,
19:19 hunger, and thirst. He had been left without
19:21 clothing in the cold. He was falsely in prison to
19:24 more than once. If anyone had a reason to go
19:26 silently into the night with a soft whimper it
19:29 was Paul, but he didn't, he had right to say,
19:32 he had a right to say. I've had it up to here,
19:34 but he didn't say that. In study says in 2 Timothy
19:37 chapter 4 verses 6 through 8, For I am already being
19:42 poured out as a drink offering, and the time of
19:44 my departure is at hand. I have fought the
19:46 good fight, I have finished the race,
19:48 I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid
19:51 up for me the crown of righteousness,
19:52 which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to
19:55 me on that Day, and not to me only but
19:57 also to all who have loved His appearing
20:03 Seize the day, seize the day by the power of
20:07 God, rise up and shape your circumstances
20:09 because faith without action is useless.
20:13 Act, follow, seize the day, many people have
20:17 confused perseverance with patience, I say here
20:21 is the patients of the saints and the saints and
20:23 believers are certainly patience, but in the
20:26 Bible there is a big difference between
20:28 patience and perseverance. Perseverance, now listen
20:32 to me, perseverance is not patience, the Greek
20:37 word for perseverance is hypomone.
20:39 Hypomone is more than patience. It's the spirit
20:42 that doesn't passively endure, but the spirit
20:44 that actively overcomes. When Beethoven was
20:49 threatened with deafness he said,
20:50 I will take life by the throat that's hypomone.
20:54 Most of the railroad executives treated
20:56 Westinghouse like he had lost his mind
20:57 because he believed and theorize that a train
20:59 could be stopped by wind. But, he
21:02 persevered and sold the airbrake. Leonardo Da
21:05 Vinci worked on the last supper for 10 years.
21:08 And to really put into perspective God been
21:11 working on you all your life, he is persevere
21:14 with you, he is not quit on you, he is enduring
21:16 with you, however, long it's been God doesn't
21:19 quit, he doesn't give up. He is believed in you
21:23 your whole life even when no one else has,
21:26 even when you have it. As long as you with
21:30 him, as long as you are with God you will cross
21:33 the finish line guaranteed. All you need is God in
21:39 gumption. As the old saying goes, doesn't
21:41 matter where you are, only matters where you
21:43 had it, some don't, so don't make excuses,
21:46 don't rationalize, don't quit, dare, and dare
21:49 again and keep on daring. We can do all things
21:54 through Christ dare, dare again and go on
21:57 daring. Think bold, believe bold, act bold,
22:00 be bold because when the power of the Holy
22:04 Spirit is operating in you and you are
22:05 surrendered to the control in the will of
22:07 God anything can happen or do as Christians.
22:12 As sons and daughters of God is to proceed as
22:16 if limits to our ability do not exist this is our
22:22 calling, this is our power, this is our destiny,
22:26 no conflict, no crown. How do we develop the kind
22:29 of perseverance it gets us across the finish
22:31 line? How can we cross the finish line when we
22:33 so far way and out of breath and our muscles
22:35 are on fire. How do we keep going when
22:37 quitting seems to be the easier option?
22:40 Well, first we preserver in Christ and his power.
22:44 Our power is limited, our power runs out, but
22:46 Christ power is unlimited it never runs out.
22:49 Preserver in Christ invites him to abide in
22:51 your heart and you will share with you the
22:53 source of perpetual hope and energy and
22:55 power that is your experience joyfully
22:57 from day to day. Philippians 4 verse 13
23:01 it says, I can do all things through Christ who
23:04 gives me strength. If you want to cross
23:06 the finish line then you must preserver in Christ
23:09 power not your power, Christ power.
23:13 Secondly in addition to preserving in Christ we
23:15 must submit to Christ. The Bible says in James
23:19 chapter 4 verse 7. Therefore submit to God.
23:24 Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
23:27 Preserving Christ, submit in Christ and the
23:29 sky will split apart in God's glory will come
23:31 down and move mountains out of your
23:33 way in the light of his glory and is truthful
23:35 right your path if you submit to him. Jesus
23:38 preserved in God, he submitted to God.
23:40 He crossed the finish line for every human
23:42 being who has ever wanted to cross the
23:44 finish line, who has ever wanted to cross
23:45 over from the death on to life. Jesus Christ was
23:47 an exempt from preserving. He need a
23:49 grit and he had it. Bible records this about him
23:52 in Hebrews 12 verses 1 through 3. Therefore we
23:56 also, since we are surrounded by so great
23:58 a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every
24:00 weight, and the sin which so easily
24:01 ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the
24:03 race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus,
24:06 the author and finisher of our faith, who for the
24:08 joy that was set before Him endured the cross,
24:10 despising the shame, and has sat down at the
24:12 right hand of the throne of God. Our destiny is
24:16 with Jesus Christ although it's true that he
24:18 walks with this here. What we really want is
24:20 to walk with him there. So, we press on,
24:25 we push through, we prevail.
24:27 The Greek word for race is agonu and we
24:29 get the word agony from it. Make no
24:31 mistake, have no misunderstanding, don't
24:34 be fool the Christian walk isn't easy expect
24:36 resistance. The devil will through everything
24:38 he can into your path, he will do everything
24:40 he can to make you stumble and to scrape
24:42 your knees. He will shape you into thinking
24:44 that you are not worthy of the race, that your
24:46 failures have disqualified you in some way.
24:49 But, there is no condemnation because
24:50 we are in Christ Jesus, we have been redeemed
24:52 by his blood, we have been covered with his
24:54 grace, we have been empowered by now
24:55 pouring and in filling of the Holy Spirit.
24:59 The devil will do everything he can to
25:00 to keep you down, to disqualify,
25:03 to discourage you. He even use death itself
25:05 to scare you into submission. Jesus never
25:08 promised, we wouldn't go to the grave, but he
25:10 did promise we wouldn't stay there.
25:13 There is a resurrection morning for every
25:15 person, who follows Jesus Christ was put his
25:17 or her trust in Him. So, when you think about
25:19 it in reality Satan is left with nothing, he can't
25:22 keep you down. He can't disqualify you,
25:24 he can't discourage you, he can't even keep you dead.
25:29 You have what it takes to cross to finish
25:31 line because you have Jesus Christ. You are
25:34 determent, you steadily go forward each day,
25:37 you refuse to be deflected. Obstacles
25:39 won't dawn you, delays won't depress you,
25:41 discouragement won't still your hope away
25:43 I know it. Jesus Christ is with you walking
25:46 with you right now. Nothing from within
25:48 stops you, nothing from without can block you.
25:51 You will stead fussily endure and you will
25:53 carry through to the end. How do I know
25:56 you are gonna cross the finish line because you
25:59 are about to promise me something.
26:02 You are gonna live from this standard from
26:03 this day onward. What standard am I talking
26:06 about, is of this one. Always get up one
26:13 more time then you fall, always get up one more
26:18 time then you fall, fall down 3 times get up
26:21 4 times. Fall down 5 times get up 6 times.
26:24 Fall down 7 times get up 8 times.
26:26 You always get up one more time then you fall.
26:29 Maybe you think you too weak to get up and
26:31 to keep going, but is not true the Bible says in
26:33 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9. And He said to me,
26:37 "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength
26:39 is made perfect in weakness." Therefore
26:41 most gladly I would rather boast to my
26:43 infirmities by the power of Christ because it
26:45 rests on me. You've got the power, you are not
26:47 weak, you can't fail because Christ power is
26:50 in you, you cannot have fail Christ because
26:52 Christ doesn't fail. If you fall down 7 times
26:55 he picks you up an 8th time, a 9th time, a 10th
26:58 time, a 11th time and 12th time. There is
27:00 nothing you can do to make him stop
27:02 believing in you. As long as you never let
27:05 go and you will hold down, you will make it
27:08 cross the finish line. So, I tell you today dare
27:11 something worthy, then dare again and keep on
27:13 daring. Preserving Christ, submit to Christ.
27:18 You have to master failure in order to
27:19 master success and you do that by getting up
27:21 one more time then you fall, do this and you
27:25 will cross the finish line with Christ.
27:27 You will cross the finish line right on into
27:30 eternity into the open welcoming arms of a
27:34 Father in Heaven, who loves you more than
27:36 anything else on earth, have you fallen?
27:40 Get up, grace will pick you up, grace will keep
27:45 you going and as you cross the finish line
27:47 everything live in worthy, as you begin
27:49 experiencing an exhaustible satisfaction
27:54 that you will find in God.


Revised 2014-12-17