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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel. My name
00:32 is Lynell LaMountain the speaker and director
00:34 of Life Ignited. Today, we are gonna talk
00:36 about how to overcome failure before we get into
00:38 our Bible study let's pray and invite God's presence.
00:41 Father in Heaven, I thank you so much for being here
00:43 throughout today and I pray that as we study your
00:45 word that you would open up new truth to us
00:48 about how to overcome that thing, which hold us
00:51 back so often which is failure. Lord you are the
00:54 solution for failure help us see that and find that
00:57 today in your word is our prayer in your name Amen.
01:02 This is a story about a man who failed his best friend
01:07 of a man who believed his denial of his savior
01:10 had put him forever beyond the reach of redemption.
01:12 This is the story for anyone who feels here
01:16 she has really blown it big time anyone who feels
01:20 broken beyond repair this is a story of people
01:23 who feel irredeemable. This is a story of the weakness
01:27 of man, the story of the greatness of Jesus Christ
01:30 and his grace. This is a story about a man
01:33 who thought he thrown away the chance of a life time
01:37 just when Jesus had needed him most. Peter failed him
01:41 not just failed him, but denied him. He was filled
01:46 with self loving, he was crushed by guilt,
01:49 he was haunted by regret, he was disempowered by a sense,
01:52 a deep sense, a profound sense, a haunting sense
01:55 of his unworthiness. Peter decides to go away and
02:00 think about it for a while he decides to go fishing.
02:02 The Bible says in John chapter 21 verse 3,
02:06 the first half of verse 3. Simon Peter said to them,
02:10 "I am going fishing." Some of the others thought
02:13 it was good idea, so they tag along they get out the
02:15 mothballs boat, the mothball fishing gear and they
02:18 shake out the seal, sails in the head of deep water
02:22 have you ever felt like putting a sign on your door
02:24 it's says gone fishing. There is something being
02:27 going so terribly wrong in your life that you just
02:29 got to get away while a dust settles. We all have
02:32 these moments, where we just feel like saying
02:34 hey we are out here for a while, don't know
02:37 when they will be back, but they were gone fishing,
02:39 going to sort things through. In John chapter 21
02:43 and verse 3 starting with the second half,
02:45 the Bible says they said to him, "We are going
02:48 with you also." So they went out and immediately
02:50 got into the boat, and that night they caught nothing.
02:54 Their fear and discouragement and doubt took them
02:56 back to where they first started when Jesus was
02:59 calling them, it took them back where they first
03:01 started that was away from Christ empty, hopeless,
03:08 and nets they were also empty they were right back
03:12 to square one. That night on the water they remembered
03:15 the good old days with Christ long before who have
03:18 been crucified. Memories of him calming the storm
03:21 of him walking on water and of Peter joining him
03:24 for a few minutes before Peter took his eyes off
03:26 Christ and started plunging into the depths.
03:29 Memories of him sitting in the boat with them teaching
03:31 the people lining the shore all of these memories came
03:34 back to them that night on the sea as they gotten away
03:37 from it all and fished. The hill upon, which the
03:40 5000 were fed wasn't far from where they were
03:42 and componium was on the other side of the lake,
03:45 but now they questioned there own future what once
03:49 look like a glorious future now seem it grimed,
03:52 it was dim, and it was black. The glimpse of the golden
03:57 morning burst through the blackness of the night
04:00 as midnight and noon trade it watch and Jesus was on
04:05 the shore. They didn't know it, but he was there
04:08 and he was watching. John 21 verses 4 and 5
04:13 in the new King James version reads But when
04:16 the morning had now come, Jesus stood on the shore;
04:19 yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus.
04:22 Then Jesus said to them, "Children, have you any
04:25 food?" They answered him, "No." Something surprising
04:31 here to me is we actually find a group of fishermen
04:34 who tell the truth. Jesus asks them have you caught
04:37 anything and they say no, most of us would have said
04:40 yeah we have caught a lot, but we have it throw them
04:42 back but they answer honestly no we have nothing
04:45 our nets are empty. The second thing that strikes
04:49 me about this verse is a language Jesus uses
04:51 he just doesn't ask have you caught anything
04:54 and the Greek it reads have you caught anything boys,
04:58 got any fish kids. Not only they do not have any fish,
05:03 now as the stranger on the beach marking them
05:05 rubbing it in calling them children it is the only time
05:08 in the New Testament, where Jesus refers to them
05:10 as kids as boys, but I guess it's a third thing
05:14 about Christ question that makes me take notice
05:19 and it's this Christ question leaves them to
05:23 admit that they have failed, he wanted them to admit
05:27 the truth about themselves that apart from him
05:31 they had failed, apart from him their lives in their
05:35 nets would always be empty, so real question
05:40 to me go something like this. Find what are you
05:43 looking for boys so what he ask him that morning,
05:47 so what he asks me today, what he asks you
05:49 have you found what you are looking for it's your
05:52 life full is it satisfied, have you found what you
05:55 want. Jesus continues addressing them as children
05:59 by telling them what to do. In John 21 verse 6
06:04 And he said to them, "Cast the net on the right side
06:06 of the boat, and you will find some." So they cast,
06:11 and now they were not able to draw it in because of
06:13 the multitude of fish." This strange familiar voice
06:18 on the beach that goes across the water to them
06:20 try again if your nets are empty, try again,
06:24 so they put the nets down on the right hand of the
06:26 boat, which is interesting because that is the side of
06:29 the boat that was facing Jesus, the right side of
06:32 the boat, so they cast their nets and the text says
06:35 the nets were so full of fish that they could barely
06:38 pull them into the boat and then suddenly knee deepen
06:42 fish again they realized who the stranger is
06:45 on the beach it was Christ, Christ their Lord,
06:51 it was his voice, it was his power, it was his method,
06:54 it was his way, it way his miracle, it was him
06:57 once again meeting them, where they were he had
06:59 found them, he had come looking for them. He had
07:02 especially had come to looking for Peter,
07:05 Peter was so excited, I mean he can't stand himself
07:07 when he realizes that is Jesus on the beach.
07:10 And he is right back, where he started. A net bursting
07:12 at the seems of fish after a fruitless night of fishing
07:15 except Jesus wasn't in the boat with him this time
07:18 like he was in Luke chapter 5. Christ is on the shore,
07:20 but now Peter who had been following Christ
07:24 up until the denial is over joy with the power and
07:27 presence of Christ on the beach waiting for him
07:29 to close the distance. Overwhelm by the grace of
07:34 Christ, Peter takes off his jeans, he takes off his
07:39 lucky fishing shirt that he doesn't wash and as he
07:41 leaps into the water he is gone fishing hat,
07:44 is caught in the wind and blows away. I am not sure
07:51 what Jesus was thinking as he saw Peter's splash
07:54 towards him in the water, but I have a hunch
07:57 he was hap py and that he knew in his heart
08:01 that the cross have been worth it even if it meant
08:03 bringing Peter back, bringing him back home,
08:06 it was grace that was bringing Peter back to him
08:09 without grace Peter would have been swimming away
08:12 from Jesus, without grace Peter would have been going
08:14 in the other direction, without grace Peter
08:16 would have been trying to put as much distance
08:18 between him and God as he possibly could.
08:20 Just as fast as he could, but grace was offering him
08:23 a second chance and in that moment when Peter realized
08:27 it was Jesus, he realized to something else,
08:29 he realized that his failure wasn't final,
08:31 there was hope for tomorrow not only tomorrow there is
08:34 hope for today. He is very patient, this Lord of the
08:38 second chance when you say he doesn't easily give up on
08:41 people in fact he never does, he has never given
08:44 up on you and he never will. Peter slashed his forth
08:48 from the water and he runs toward Jesus and he drops
08:51 to his knees in the sand out of breath hand
08:53 on thighs, but Jesus doesn't say anything to Peter
08:55 just yet he just starts a fire to cook breakfast
08:59 as Peter gazes into that charcoal fire as John
09:02 tells us, he remembers the other night and another fire,
09:07 a charcoal fire, where he denied Jesus three times
09:11 while warming his hands. Peter smells the charcoal
09:16 and he remembers, he gazes at the dancing flames
09:20 and he remembers, he sees the nail prints in Christ's
09:25 hands and feet and he remembers; he faces
09:28 the truth, he faces the truth about himself
09:30 and the truth about what he had done and he remembers,
09:33 he felt naked because in that moment as he is looking
09:35 to the flames Jesus Christ had removed his masks,
09:39 all the Peter's masks gone. He couldn't pretend to be
09:44 spiritually healthy not today there was distance
09:47 between him and God; distance that he had chosen
09:50 to put there so Peter kneels by the charcoal fire.
09:54 He acknowledges the truth about who he is
09:57 and what he is done. Jesus knew the truth about who
10:00 Peter was and guess what he didn't leave,
10:05 Jesus didn't abandoned Peter. Jesus stayed there,
10:10 he still loved Peter, he loved leader, He loved Peter
10:12 more than life itself in fact he loved Peter
10:14 more than death and he stayed. The others join Jesus
10:20 and Peter for a breakfast of fish sticks and after
10:23 breakfast has finished Jesus says to Peter got a minute
10:26 can we just talk for a little bit there is something
10:29 on my heart, something on mind, something I wanna
10:32 ask and Peter he must have felt like a guy waiting
10:36 the guilty verdict. The disciples are looking on,
10:38 the are listening, he can only imagine what's coming
10:41 next, he feels vulnerable, he feels uncertain,
10:45 and than Jesus asks him this question
10:47 in John 21 verse 15. Jesus says so when they had eaten
10:53 breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon son of
10:56 Jonah, do you love me more than these? And he said
10:58 to him, yes Lord you know that I love you. He said
11:02 to him Feed my lambs. Think of all the things that Jesus
11:07 could have asked Peter, he could have asked Peter
11:10 are you sorry for what you've done, he could have
11:14 said Peter do you promise to never let it happen again,
11:17 Peter do you promise to try harder next time,
11:21 no, Jesus doesn't ask any of those questions,
11:24 he just says Peter I've been wondering about something,
11:28 do you still love me more than these?
11:32 Now Christ's heart is on the line, he is a vulnerable
11:35 one because when you ask that question do you love me,
11:39 you leave yourself totally exposed. My wife and I met
11:43 in college and I remember telling her that I liked her,
11:46 and I wanted to be with her, and I asked her she like
11:50 me back? And I was kind of imagining and hoping that
11:53 she would say something like this, I'm so captivated
11:56 by your charm and your sheer animal magnetism
11:58 that is all I can do to keep from rushing into your
12:01 arms and that is pretty much what she said it just took
12:05 me six months to get it our of her, when you ever ask
12:08 someone do you love me you are putting your heart
12:10 on the line it's a vulnerable moment, this is Christ
12:14 question to you today and to me do you love me?
12:19 It's a question he asked Peter except the Peter,
12:21 so he doesn't use Peter's nick name Peter, he uses
12:24 Peter's surname Simon son of John, he says Simon
12:28 son of John do you love me? It says if Jesus is saying
12:31 I won't presume that you still want the old intimate
12:34 relationship that we want to enjoy it and I won't
12:36 presume that you are still Peter, so Simon son of John
12:41 do you love me, now listen carefully because I don't
12:45 want you to miss this, the word Jesus uses for love
12:47 is Agapao, it's a verb form from the word Agape
12:51 it's a highest form of love, it's love based on
12:54 intelligence, love based on reasoning, comprehension
12:56 coupled with a corresponding purpose, it's a love that
12:59 does not change no matter what's going on at the time,
13:01 it is unaffected by situations and circumstances,
13:04 it's a supreme love, it's the same word that used in
13:07 John 3:16 which says for God's who love the world.
13:10 So, Jesus asks Peter, Peter do you love me with a
13:13 highest form of love more than these as you wants
13:15 so boldly claim that you did and Simon replies
13:19 yes Lord I am fond of you, instead of the word
13:24 Agape Peter uses Phileo instead it's the Greek word
13:28 for love that, that means fondness, affection, it's
13:32 a love that needs something return to actually keep
13:34 on going into exist or else with us and it's a totally
13:38 different word than Agape and these two words never
13:41 ever equal or equal in their meaning and this is a new
13:44 ones that is usually lost in most translations
13:47 and interpretations, Peter replies to Jesus
13:52 I am fond of you Lord, I have deep affection for you.
13:57 Now, if Jesus would have been like you and me
13:58 you know what he might have said just as I
14:01 thought you haven't changed at all, you are the same
14:04 old Peter, trader there is the door use it,
14:12 but Jesus isn't like us, halleluiah for that he is not
14:15 like you and he is not like me and that's good news.
14:19 He says to Peter it's okay feed my lambs then Jesus
14:24 asks him a second time in John 21 verse 16
14:29 He said to him again a second time, Simon,
14:31 son of John, do you love Me? He said to him, yes,
14:34 Lord, you know that I love you, he said to him
14:38 tend my sheep. What's missing this time,
14:43 what's missing in this question, the phrase do you
14:48 love me more than these, it's gone Jesus took it out.
14:54 Jesus removes a peer pressure of comparison
14:56 and says okay Simon forget the other people and the top
14:59 five priorities of your life, where do I fit in,
15:03 do you love me with the supreme kind of love in your
15:06 life am I near the top and again Peter answers
15:11 yes Lord I am fond, I am fond of you, Peter says
15:19 Jesus you are admonishing, you know everything,
15:21 you can read my heart, you can examine my soul,
15:23 you know beyond the shadow of any doubt that yes
15:26 I am telling the truth I am fond of you.
15:31 Jesus says okay Peter that's alright, that's an honest
15:34 answer and I can deal with it, feed my sheep.
15:39 Then Jesus asks Peter a third time, three times
15:42 Peter had denied Jesus three times he must confess
15:44 his love for him and Jesus asks in John 21 verse 17
15:49 he said to him the third time, Simon son of John,
15:52 do you love me, Peter was grieved because he had said
15:54 to him the third time do you love me and he said to him
15:57 Lord you know all things you know that I love you,
16:01 Jesus said to him feed my sheep. Why do think
16:06 Peter was so grieved at Christ asking this question
16:09 a third time because this time when Jesus asked him
16:13 if you loved him he use the same word that Peter
16:16 has been using the same Greek construction, he says
16:20 Peter are you only fond of me? Set of Agapao O Jesus
16:28 uses flare oh, Peter's grieved because Jesus is
16:32 questioning the authenticity of his fondness.
16:35 He says yes Lord you know, you absolutely know you
16:38 can take it to the bank that I am fond of you,
16:41 I am affectionate, I am telling you the truth you
16:43 know this because you can read my heart.
16:47 Peter says I wish I could say I love you with the
16:50 Agape kind of love, but I can't, I can't do that right
16:56 now, the best I can do just to say I am fond.
16:59 I once said that I loved you with everything
17:02 that I had never you leave you, I had never deny you,
17:04 I had never depart from you, I want to claim that
17:06 I loved you with the highest form of love,
17:08 but I don't trust myself anymore, I can say that
17:12 because I failed you once, but I know for sure
17:16 that I am fond of you, I am affectionate towards you
17:19 you didn't count on that. Jesus didn't spare
17:25 Peter the pain of going through this and it hurt
17:29 and sometimes it hurts when Jesus takes the masks off.
17:32 When Peter denied Jesus he had denied all common
17:37 affection even for Christ and now Jesus
17:43 he asked the question whether or not that
17:46 affection is in Peter's heart, but Peter
17:49 understands what Jesus is doing because Peter
17:51 was right. Jesus did know that Peter had a heart
17:53 full of affection and fondness for him, but what
17:56 Jesus was doing in front of the other disciples
18:00 he was confirming and affirming that yes indeed
18:03 Peter had a heart for Christ and they needed to see
18:07 that, they needed to see Jesus forgiving Peter,
18:09 they needed to see Jesus restoring him, they needed
18:12 to see Jesus giving Peter a second chance publicly.
18:16 Before Peter's fall he was rash and he was always
18:18 speaking his mind and speaking out to turn, he was
18:20 impulsive from moment to moment. He was always
18:23 ready to correct others and ready to speak without
18:26 thinking, but this Peter the post-denial Peter
18:33 this was a very different man in grace was regulating
18:37 his zeal now and the disciples could see that
18:39 there was a decided change in his heart.
18:43 Three times over charcoal fire Peter denied Jesus,
18:46 three times he had failed and now three times
18:48 over another charcoal fire he confessed his undying
18:51 love for Jesus. This is Peter Story, but the fact
18:55 is it's everyone story, it's your story and it's my
18:58 story, it's a story of anyone, who has ever
19:00 stood by the fire and fail God. Jesus is saying to
19:04 us right now like he did to Peter, he is asking
19:06 he is saying whoever you are and whatever you have done
19:09 get back into the game, you are still called,
19:12 you still chosen, you've still being commissioned by
19:16 me, get off the bench, get back into the game.
19:19 Jesus comes to you and me right now today and he says
19:22 I am giving you a do over for that situation that you
19:25 can undo I am giving you a do over. Sometimes in life,
19:28 sometimes in our walk with God many times in our
19:31 walk with God, we failed and we do things that we
19:34 cannot undo. There are times when the devil
19:36 would say to you after what you have done we will make
19:38 you think you are qualified to serve God. How can you
19:41 possibly follow him when you know the truth
19:42 about who you are you know that he knows too,
19:45 you are hopeless the devil comes and says to us.
19:48 Well maybe the devil is right, maybe he is right
19:52 about what we did just maybe we did deny Christ
19:57 not just once, but three times, maybe you messed up
20:01 so badly that you lie awaken bed and stare the ceiling
20:04 at night, maybe you are afraid to go asleep because
20:07 you are afraid that those dreams will terrorize you
20:12 and from those dreams you can't just wake up and say
20:14 aha it never happened because you know it happened.
20:19 Words can't be taken back, moments that can't be
20:22 relived, decisions that you can undo they hunt us,
20:25 but Jesus comes to us and he finds us and he says
20:28 would you like it do over, we have had those moments
20:29 would you like it do over, we have had those moments
20:32 where we stood by the fire, it made wrong decisions,
20:37 so how do you deal with failure, how do you deal
20:40 with those moments when you feel like you blown it
20:43 and you blown it for good. Is there something you
20:45 can do overcome failure to deal with failure.
20:48 Well indeed there is first John chapter 1 verse 9
20:53 gives us this promise If we confess our sins, he is
20:58 faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse
21:01 us from all unrighteousness. In addition to first John 1:9
21:06 that wonderful promise of forgiveness that we can
21:08 claim forgiveness even though we don't feel like
21:10 we are forgivable, in addition to that promise
21:11 is this promise in Romans chapter 8 verse 1
21:15 The Bible says there is therefore now no
21:18 condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.
21:22 Jesus tells Peter now you are beginning to see
21:25 why I went to cross in the first place, I went to the
21:28 cross and I arose from the tomb, so I could give
21:30 you Peter, so I could give you a do over, take it Peter
21:35 it's free my gift to you doesn't cost a thing.
21:43 It's the strangest thing about us, we read about
21:46 the cross, we talk about the cross, we sing about the
21:49 cross, but in a moment in times we need it most
21:52 and those moments when we failed and those moments
21:55 that we forget that the cross exists we forget that
22:00 there is a solution to our failure when we need the
22:03 cross most sometimes we forget it, we accept the do
22:07 over that Christ freely offers us and we get back
22:10 into game that's how we deal with failure. Hey,
22:12 we could not accept the forgiveness, we could not
22:15 accept the grace, it's a choice, it's a decision.
22:19 If you wanna deal with failure and overcome it
22:21 you accept the do over that Jesus Christ offers you,
22:23 forgiveness is a choice and Jesus has chosen
22:26 to extend it to you, to offer to you, and now you
22:29 can choose to accept it or to reject it. The thing
22:33 about the cross, the cross is for people who don't
22:36 deserve the cross, so if you don't feel deserving and
22:39 you don't feel worthy then guess what the cross is
22:42 especially for you that's why it's there and Jesus
22:45 is offering you new hope and a new chance and a do over
22:48 today. We hold ourselves back from coming to the cross
22:53 because we think we don't deserve to come to it
22:55 and that's the reason why it's there for people who
22:57 don't deserve it, people like Reyhan, Mary Magdalene,
23:00 people like King David and people like Peter,
23:02 people like you and me we need the cross.
23:04 Forgiveness what a sweet word restoration,
23:07 reconciliation, victory, healing for regrets, healing
23:11 for spiritual scars, healing for fractured hopes,
23:14 forgiveness. Forgiveness is for those who least
23:18 accepted and for the least deserving, so stop feeling
23:21 irredeemable because of your failures, stop feeling
23:23 that you have been disqualified to lead,
23:26 stop feeling that Jesus Christ is disappointed
23:28 in you and the God is only letting you in his family
23:30 because of a technicality, stop feeling like your
23:33 liability to Christ and to his cause. Jesus is saying
23:37 to you right now, I forgive you now get back
23:39 into the game, it's okay, it's alright you may,
23:44 you may have comprised your integrity, you may have
23:46 comprised your credibility, but Peter comprised both
23:50 his credibility and integrity, he betrayed
23:52 his Lord, he committed in a very real way spiritual
23:55 adultery and idolatry because he chose self over Christ,
23:57 but Jesus had the desire and the ability to restore
24:00 Peter to his rightful place as a son of God.
24:03 Sons and daughters of God, children of God are there
24:06 anymore beautiful words than these because if they are
24:09 I haven't found them. Peter dealt with his failure
24:12 through repentance, through confession and through
24:15 victory. Repentance, confession, and victory
24:18 restored Peter. You see Jesus loved Peter
24:20 just as he was and he met him there, but he loved him
24:23 too much to leave him there. Jesus loves you,
24:27 and he meets you where you are, but he loves you
24:29 too much to leave you there. Jesus Christ comes
24:31 to your life and he offers you a do over, a do over
24:33 that will lead to complete restoration. A do over that
24:37 will do it with all the failure that can be for,
24:39 he doesn't leave you in your failure, he leads you
24:41 unto victory and greater victory. We here Christ say
24:44 take a do over. Truth is if we could read each others
24:47 minds, forgive each others hearts to see all that we
24:50 have said and done and thought the past year,
24:51 we would loss creditability with each other instantly.
24:54 But Jesus Christ who knows us completely, who knows us,
24:56 where we have been, where we were going,
24:58 he comes to us and he sees our faults and our failures
25:00 and we can't fool him and he says take a do over,
25:02 get back into the game, if anybody should turn
25:04 his back on us he should be the one who knows the most
25:06 about us which is Jesus, but he doesn't he still
25:08 comes and he saves and he redeems and restores.
25:14 Warren Bennis writes about a promising junior executive
25:18 at IBM. This junior executive was involved in a very
25:22 risky venture for the company and he ended up
25:24 loosing 10 million dollars in a gamble, 10 million
25:28 dollars gone just like that, that's a pretty big failure.
25:31 Well, he called into the office of Tom Watson
25:33 senior, Tom Watson was a founder and chief executive
25:36 of IBM for 40 years. He has been a business legend
25:39 and as you might imagine this junior executive
25:41 is overwhelmed with guilt and fear, he bloated out.
25:44 Well, I guess you called me in for my resignation,
25:46 so here it is I resigned. Well, Tom Watson looked
25:52 at him and he said you must be joking, I just spent
25:56 10 million dollars educating you, I can't afford your
25:59 resignation and he put the kid back in the game.
26:04 On the most awful day of human history in the darkest
26:06 moment of the greatest friend Peter would ever have,
26:08 Peter turned his back on Jesus and denied him
26:10 three times he stands before charcoal fire and he says
26:14 I never knew him I am not, I am not his follower,
26:16 he is not my friend, he means nothing to me
26:18 and I pictured Jesus coming to that charcoal fire
26:21 that morning because this one is the big one this
26:23 failure is the failure of all failures, this isn't one
26:26 little embarrassing goof up, this was the denial
26:28 of his Lord and he says to Christ I guess you want my
26:31 resignation here it is and Jesus says you must be
26:34 joking Peter I just invested my life in you, I can't
26:37 afford your resignation get back in the game,
26:40 you think you're gonna quit, no absolutely not.
26:43 How many times do we tremble in the presence of
26:45 God expecting the very worse when we say sheepishly
26:47 here God here is my resignation and God says
26:50 you must be joking, I just invested my sons' life
26:53 in you, I can't afford your resignation.
26:56 If you hear nothing else today here this, Jesus
26:58 is giving you a do over right now would you like one,
27:02 I know I would. The Church is a place for people
27:05 who need do overs. The message and grace is place
27:07 for people who need do overs, people who are here
27:09 for redemption. Jesus Christ is the finder of
27:13 directionally challenged sheep, he is a searcher of
27:16 the runaway coin, he is the embracer of foolish
27:18 particles, his love knows no limits, his grace has no
27:23 measure, his boundaries are limitless and immeasurable,
27:27 his power is infinite, he redeems and he redeems
27:30 and he redeems, so do you love him and you accept
27:34 his divine do over today. If you do get back into the
27:38 game, he can't afford your resignation because
27:42 he invested eternity into you. Except you do over
27:45 today get back in the game, failures gone, you've
27:49 forgiven in Christ and restored forever await you.


Revised 2014-12-17