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00:31 I want to give you a very warm welcome to Faith Chapel today
00:34 My name is Paul Rayne from Restoration International
00:39 and I want to talk today about finding rest in Christ
00:43 Do you ever rest in Christ? Let's bow our head's
00:47 Father in heaven, we need you to bring rest
00:52 into our troubled hearts. And as we study your Word together
00:57 I pray that your Spirit will speak to me
01:00 and to each viewer. That the words that are heard
01:04 and the word that are spoken might me words of life.
01:07 And is in Jesus name we pray. Amen.
01:11 What do I mean by rest in Christ?
01:15 Well let me tell you what I mean by no rest.
01:18 Shortly, before I was married, I was going to meet my fiancée
01:23 at Heathrow Airport in London. Huge airport.
01:25 This point in my life I was very used to having the Lord
01:29 wake me up in the morning. So I said: "Lord, I'm used to
01:34 getting up at 4, 5, 6 am. But now I've got to get up super
01:38 early to meet my darling at the airport.
01:40 So wake me up when you need me. "
01:43 Well, I went to bed that night
01:45 with full sure that the Lord will wake me up.
01:47 I woke up in the morning, and I've done my calculations.
01:50 I figured probably the Lord will wake me up at 3 to get me to
01:54 the airport in time. Well, when I woke up, it was 5,
01:57 it was my normal time for getting up. I thought: "Oh no,
02:00 my sweetie is gonna be at the airport waiting for me. "
02:04 So, I jumped out of bed, I didn't have time to pray.
02:07 I didn't have time to clean my teeth. So off I go.
02:11 Down the M1 motorway. The central road that runs through
02:15 England. And I'm going as fast as I dare and I get there.
02:19 Do I have rest in Christ?
02:23 Oh no, not rest. I'm pushing Jesus out of my life.
02:26 Was I a Christian? I was a profess Christian at this time.
02:30 I'd even giving seminars at the church. And I rush into the
02:34 airport. And I'm looking were is that flight. My fiancée was
02:37 coming back from the mission field. I haven't seen her for
02:41 a little wile. I get to the monitors. There it is: Lusaka,
02:45 Zambia. That's her flight. Delayed! 2 hours!
02:51 I could've have rest in Christ all the way through.
02:54 But I didn't. How do I get from that point in my Christian
02:59 experience to a point when nothing will ruffle me.
03:04 Nothing will ruffle you! That is a peace that the world
03:08 doesn't understand, and many of us, even thou we profess to be
03:13 Christians. Of those who do not profess to be Christians.
03:17 Have we found rest in Christ? I want to take a look at 3 steps
03:22 to finding rest in Christ. First we going to have a look
03:25 at the past, then will going to look to finding resting in the
03:29 present. And then will going to have a brief look at finding
03:32 rest in the future. Let me start off with thinking about the past
03:38 You know, unless we have doubt with the past, we are never
03:45 going to find rest in Christ. Do you have any skeletons
03:50 in the closet? Do you hear me? Do you know what I'm saying?
03:53 Do you know what a skeleton in the closet means? Maybe that's
03:56 just a western world expression. But what it means is that you've
03:59 done things that are wrong. And you know there are wrong,
04:02 and you know they are wrong, but you've never confessed it to
04:04 God, you've never made it right to it whoever it was
04:08 that is something, dear viewer
04:11 that will come back and plague you.
04:13 You can push it aside, you can ignore it, but when it really
04:17 comes down to it, maybe when you are in a car accident, or when
04:21 you're in your crisis in your life, and you are asking God
04:24 to come very close.
04:26 Then those things will start to come back to you.
04:29 So, we got to look at the past, we can't just forget the past.
04:33 Now, I'm not talking about delving in to every last thing
04:37 you ever did,
04:38 I'm talking about going to the Lord and saying: "Lord, is there
04:42 anything in my past that you're calling me to take care of. "
04:48 You know that some things that you have seen that you should
04:54 not have seen. Maybe I'm speaking to men.
04:56 Today, you're watching 3ABN, but do you watch 3ABN all the time?
05:01 Or do you flick channels sometimes, and come, find your
05:04 eyes coming across things that they should never be looking at?
05:07 You know what you've seen, men.
05:10 Ladies, I don't want to get myself into sticky ground here,
05:14 but ladies you know the things that you've done
05:17 or the things that you've purchased and you should
05:19 not have purchased or the books that you're reading
05:22 that you shouldn't be reading or the friendships that
05:24 you are formulating that you shouldn't be having?
05:28 If there are things like that are in your life, then they need
05:33 to be taken care of.
05:35 We need to take God and His Word.
05:40 God is offering us forgiveness for the past.
05:43 But as well as God is offering us forgiveness, you know,
05:47 we have to forgive ourselves.
05:51 Often times we have gone to God and we have taken care of it,
05:55 but we've carried it around for years.
05:58 We've got to learn not only to allow God to forgive us, but to
06:04 forgive ourselves.
06:05 Now how do we have God forgive us?
06:08 This really is not very complicated.
06:11 It all comes down to one word: Do you believe God?
06:16 Do you really believe God?
06:19 You know, sometimes we can go to God and we can say:
06:22 "Lord, please forgive me" and then we immediately get up
06:26 off our knees. And we go into our day, and we are still
06:30 chastising ourselves. We don't really believe that
06:33 God has forgiven us.
06:34 But let me ask you a question: If we have asked God
06:40 to forgive us, if we've asked God to give us a clean heart,
06:43 do you know what I mean by that? To give us repentance,
06:47 to turn our hearts away from that wrong act or sin,
06:51 whatever it is, then will God do it?
06:54 Or is God the sort of God that say's: I know you've asked,
06:58 but I'm going to hold out on you for a while to see if
07:02 you really meant it?
07:03 No, that's not the God we serve, think about Jesus
07:08 in his ministry. He spent a lot of his time healing people.
07:11 We can learn a precious lesson from how Jesus healed people.
07:15 Remember that man by the pool of Bethesda.
07:19 Jesus came to him and he say's, Do you want to be made whole?
07:22 And the man said: I do!
07:26 And Jesus said, "Get up and walk!"
07:30 What did the man say?
07:32 Oh, Jesus, you don't understand! I've been like this for
07:35 30 odd years. There is no way I can do that!
07:38 Is that what happened?
07:39 No!
07:41 Did the man act on faith?
07:43 Did he have to act on faith and say, the Lord said I can get up
07:48 so I'm gonna get up.
07:49 You know, that man got up and walked
07:52 When it comes to forgiveness, dear friends, we need to get up
07:56 and we need to live!
07:58 Don't go wallowing in the past,
08:01 don't say that God's holding out on you
08:03 If you believe the Scripture say's
08:07 Let's look at it, Mark 11, 24
08:23 So, is it God's will for us to be forgiven?
08:28 Of course it is!
08:29 We can't say to God, "Please God, give me a Porsche!"
08:32 Because it might not be God's will
08:34 Or a new house!
08:35 But we can say, Lord, please forgive me!
08:39 That is His will.
08:40 And then we need to take it a step further, as I said.
08:43 And we need to settle the matter
08:45 If God has forgiven me, then I am forgiven.
08:48 And I can forgive myself.
08:51 We need to confess our sins, we need to give ourselves to God
08:55 and then, whole heartedly, we need to say,
08:58 Lord, I'm going to serve you! No other master,
09:03 just You, and You alone.
09:05 You know, so often we don't believe God.
09:13 Like I said, we kneel down, and we say: Lord, please!
09:18 And we don't believe Him.
09:20 I was with a group of men just recently and we were having a
09:23 men's' summit.
09:25 And some of those men began to open up their hearts, you know
09:28 what the bottom line issue was?
09:30 We discovered that a lot of us in that room,
09:34 don't really trust God with our whole life.
09:39 We can! We can do it!
09:41 Jesus is there to help us!
09:43 And we need to respond to his calling.
09:49 You know, I don't want to lead us just to that point,
09:52 because there's more to it then just asking for forgiveness.
09:56 Let us look at another Scripture.
09:58 Leviticus 6:4
10:12 What will he do?
10:13 He will have to restore.
10:15 So it's not just a case of going before God and saying:
10:18 "Lord, I've said sorry to you, there is a part for us to play
10:22 We have to restore that which we have stolen
10:25 And that might be somebody's character,
10:28 that might be somebody's reputation
10:31 that might be somebody's wife,
10:32 that might be somebody's money, and might be anything,
10:36 but you get the spirit of what that verse is saying
10:39 There is another Scripture: Zacchaeus
10:41 Remember Zacchaeus? He was a very little man,
10:43 the Scripture tells us, Luke 19:8
10:47 "if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation,
10:52 I restored him fourfold. "
10:55 He, as a part at his walk with Christ has started making right
11:00 So, we confess to God, we forgive ourselves, and then,
11:04 as far as lies within our power, we are to make restitution
11:10 And you say, oh, you're going too far.
11:14 I was quite with you on the speaking part to God, but now
11:18 making restitution?
11:19 Yes, we need to make restitution.
11:24 Let's summarize that: If we want to find true rest in Christ
11:28 for the past, then we have to confess our known sins.
11:31 We have to give ourselves fully to Jesus Christ.
11:35 We have to make restitution as far as lies within our power.
11:39 And then we need to resolve to serve God.
11:43 Whole heartedly, no restrictions on our surrender.
11:49 All of it to Jesus Christ.
11:51 Let's move on. That's finding rest for the past.
11:55 We can't skip that.
11:56 Not comfortable, but we cannot skip it.
11:58 But I want to spend some time now looking at finding rest
12:02 in the present.
12:03 In the here and now. Today!
12:05 This very day that were in now.
12:07 Turn with me, if you got your Bibles, at I'm hope if you're
12:10 viewing at home or in church you've got your Bibles.
12:13 Open up to Matthew 11:28-30
12:49 You know, this Scripture is so profound.
12:54 We can spend the rest of this message on these few verses.
12:59 First of all, in 28 it says "come unto... " who?
13:03 "Come unto Me!"
13:06 That's Jesus speaking those words, so "come unto me, all ye
13:10 labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. "
13:15 Do you know what sadness me?
13:16 As I country speaking, I find people who've come unto church
13:23 that they might find rest.
13:26 Well, it doesn't take long, going to church to figure out
13:29 that is not all rest, in church.
13:31 Or some people they think, I'm coming to 3ABN
13:37 and I shall find rest.
13:39 But it won't work that either.
13:41 The Bible say's, God's Holy Word say's
13:44 "Come unto Me"
13:47 Have you come? Have you come unto Jesus?
13:50 That it might give you rest?
13:53 You know do you have rest right now.
13:56 is everything in your soul perfectly at rest?
14:01 Or are there background burdens?
14:03 Are you carrying what I call background burdens,
14:06 things that are just nibbling away at your rest
14:10 and you know you need to take care of them,
14:13 But for the press of time, or for the want of desire,
14:18 those things are nibbling away at you.
14:22 I tell you, my dear friends, we need to come unto Jesus
14:27 that He might give us rest.
14:29 Now, you might be saying: How?
14:31 How am I suppose to come unto Jesus?
14:33 I've heard people say that before!
14:35 You know, the answer, my dear friend, is right in the very
14:40 next verse. Keep your Bibles opened. Matthew 11:29
15:09 You know, when I read this verse, first of all, I thought
15:12 A yoke? How can a yoke make anything easy.
15:15 I think of a yoke as this thing around your neck,
15:18 and is a negative thing, how can having a yoke
15:21 around your neck make things easy and light.
15:24 I just couldn't understand that. And then I started to realize.
15:28 Well, let's look at it. Let's look at the oxen.
15:32 Why do they wear a yoke? And it dawned on me,
15:35 A yoke, you know, that piece of wood that
15:38 they strap between the animals.
15:40 A yoke makes the load easier to pull.
15:45 If we are yoked in Christ yoke, that is very obvious
15:50 who we are yoked to.
15:53 I become connected to Jesus Christ through the yoke.
15:59 Then, all of the sudden, things are easier.
16:02 You know, so often we carry burdens and we do things
16:07 that the Lord has never called us to do.
16:10 And we find life hard going and we wonder
16:12 how come I'm so burden down.
16:14 I tell you why we are so we're burden down.
16:17 Because we are seeking to live up to
16:21 everybody else's expectations.
16:24 The Lord's yoke is easy.
16:27 If we are connected to Jesus Christ,
16:29 then we are wearing his yoke.
16:30 And the good thing is, could you imagine being in a yoke?
16:33 Could you imagine having a piece of wood around your neck
16:36 and having another piece of wood around somebody else's neck
16:40 and you've got to pull a load.
16:42 I would like the strongest man in the world
16:44 to be in the other side of the yoke.
16:46 Because I would to like the work.
16:48 Well, that's exactly how it is with Jesus Christ.
16:52 He can do anything.
16:53 All we need to do, and don't miss this, dear friends,
16:57 All we need to be is yoked to Christ.
17:02 As I like to say, we just need to be connected to Christ.
17:07 If we are connected to Him, we shall have peace
17:10 in every situation.
17:12 Let me share an example of how this happened for me.
17:16 It doesn't happen every time in my experience,
17:18 I don't want you to think that I'm some kind of saint,
17:20 but I can remember this one time.
17:22 I had been going to my local church area, and I was
17:28 caught speeding.
17:31 It was a 25 limit, I was doing 38, so the officer told me,
17:35 and so, I paid my fine and I drove slower.
17:42 But a couple of years later, I negotiated a very good rate
17:48 on my auto insurance.
17:49 But when the paper work came through,
17:51 the discount that I agreed with the lady on the phone
17:56 it was gone.
17:57 And the insurance was more then it was the year before.
18:01 So I called up the insurance company.
18:02 I said: how can this be?
18:05 They said: we did a search on your record, Mr. Rayne,
18:08 and we found that you had a ticket,
18:10 and so you've lost some of the benefits
18:13 and you're insurance will be higher.
18:15 I said, can't you ignore that, it was a year or two ago?
18:18 They said, "There's nothing we can do about it
18:19 until it's off your record. "
18:21 I said: " How do I do that?"
18:24 They said: "You have to see the judge. "
18:25 So I called the judge. It's only a small town.
18:28 And I explained the whole situation to her, and she said,
18:34 "Yes, we can do something about that. "
18:36 I said, "Praise the Lord!"
18:39 And she said, "But you have to go to driver's education,
18:44 driver's school. " I didn't know what that meant.
18:47 Are you willing do to that?
18:48 I said, ok I'll do that, to save the money here. "
18:51 Also you have to come and see me, and when she said that,
18:55 I thought, "Now, I've got to go to court,
18:57 I've never been to court in my life.
18:59 Anyway, I went to driver's school, that was nothing,
19:01 just watching a video, getting some education.
19:04 Then came the day I had to see the judge.
19:07 Eleven o'clock. Be in court.
19:08 Well, I left my home office a little late.
19:13 It doesn't as bad as you think. But now I'm in a rush,
19:18 and I'm very tempted to speed.
19:20 But I'm going to see the judge for speeding.
19:23 That's not a good situation, is it?
19:24 So, I go along the road, and for the first time,
19:29 on our gravel road, were we live, I find road works.
19:34 How can they be doing road works today? I asked myself.
19:37 So I sit there and the lady say's, "Wait!"
19:40 I'm late 5 minutes.
19:42 I'm late 10 minutes.
19:44 Now, that am I speaking to you about today?
19:47 Finding rest in Christ.
19:50 Is it difficult to have rest in Christ
19:53 when you've got to see the judge at 11 o'clock?
19:56 You are already 10 minutes late
19:58 and now they are holding you for road works another 10 minutes.
20:01 Is that a temptation?
20:02 I can tell you, by the grace of God,
20:05 and that's who I want to lift up today, Jesus Christ,
20:09 by the grace of God, he spoke to my heart, no audible voice,
20:13 but just, "Paul, you can trust me. "
20:16 I said, "Yes I can, Lord,
20:18 I don't know how do you want to work this out
20:19 I don't know how do you make up time, but I trust you, Lord.
20:22 And I trusted Him. And my heart didn't get upset.
20:26 Well, we got through those road works, and I got stopped
20:29 to another one.
20:31 And now I'm on my way, when I get to the courthouse,
20:33 I've never been before, I didn't know were to park,
20:36 I didn't know were to go, and I went into one place,
20:38 that was a library, that was a wrong place,
20:41 I'm looking for the judge's office.
20:42 And I thought there is all this people in court waiting for me.
20:46 It's now a quarter past eleven. 15 minutes late.
20:50 What a terrible thing!
20:51 When you're going to be in court
20:54 Well, I walked into the judges office
20:57 and she said the judge wasn't there
21:00 and I said, "I've come to see the judge"
21:01 and she said "She's gone. "
21:03 And I said "Oh, is that mean I have to come back?"
21:05 "No, it's only a few forms you have to fill in,
21:07 I'll take care of it"
21:08 What a relief to me that I hadn't lost all my connection
21:14 with Jesus Christ, and got all upset, and started blaming
21:20 the guy in front of me for driving too slow.
21:27 Maybe ladies you are just making a dish and the guests
21:31 are at the door, the door bell is ringing, and then you realize
21:35 It's burning! The soup is burning!
21:38 Can you find rest in that situation?
21:42 Yes!
21:43 Jesus Christ can give us rest.
21:45 What do I mean exactly by finding rest on Christ?
21:49 I mean it's that we have to ware his yoke,
21:53 do everything to the honor and glory of God.
21:57 That means in your business!
21:59 Do everything to the glory of God in your business!
22:03 I challenge you, men, do God's will.
22:10 Do what you know to be right in your business
22:12 and you will find rest in Christ!
22:15 If you are a mother, or if you are a teacher,
22:20 give your heart to those young children, for those young people
22:24 do what God would have you do through his strength.
22:28 Every decision you have to make, say no to self,
22:31 no to what you naturally want to do,
22:34 and yes to what you know Jesus Christ is calling you to.
22:37 And you will live with no regrets.
22:40 You will have a perfect peace.
22:42 A peace that passes all understanding.
22:46 Do you want that?
22:47 Do you think that's possible in the crazy world that we live in?
22:51 I am one man who's here to tell you that more and more
22:56 I am experiencing that.
22:58 When by bags get lost in the airport, when I have to
23:02 wait for different things that naturally call forth impatience
23:08 I am thankful, that, by the grace of God,
23:12 he is whispering to me.
23:16 Paul, you can rest in me.
23:19 You know, there's nothing, dear viewers that replaces
23:26 perfect peace in God.
23:30 Do you want it?
23:31 Is it possible?
23:33 You can have it!
23:35 You, watching this program today,
23:38 don't give all you're excuses to God.
23:40 Don't say: "God, it's ok for him, he is a preacher.
23:44 No, it's ok for everyone!
23:47 What did the Scripture say?
23:49 He said, "Come unto me, all ye who labor and are heavy laden"
23:55 Are you heavy ladened?
23:58 Then the invitation is to you.
24:01 The invitation is to me.
24:04 "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden,
24:08 and ye shall find rest. "
24:10 Come unto Jesus!
24:12 It's entirely possible not through your own strength,
24:16 it's found in His Word, it's found as you, and as I
24:21 surrender all our known choices to Jesus Christ.
24:26 I challenge you!
24:28 Try it!
24:30 First of all, let's do a little recap,
24:31 You've got to find rest for the past,
24:34 you've got to take care of those skeletons in the closet.
24:37 You know, skeletons don't always stay in the closet.
24:41 Maybe this will be a little human motivation for you.
24:44 Sooner or later, those skeletons are going to get out the closet,
24:47 they're going to start walking around the church
24:49 or walking around the neighborhood.
24:51 Then you wish, then you're do anything to take care of them.
24:54 Take care of them now, dear friends.
24:57 Take care of those skeletons in the closet,
25:00 and then confess your sins to God.
25:03 Make restitution as far as lies within your power,
25:07 and then seek every moment of your waking day,
25:11 seek to be connected, to be yoked to Jesus Christ.
25:15 Then, the Scriptures are fulfilled, and it say's
25:19 that Christ can do all things through you.
25:22 He can!
25:24 He can make you the husband you want to be.
25:26 He can make you the wife or the mother that you want to be.
25:30 He can make you the teacher,
25:32 He can make you want He wants you to be.
25:35 But you have a part to plan.
25:37 Now, our part is very small.
25:39 And God's part is very big.
25:41 But if we don't play our small part, God can't do it for us.
25:46 It's a team effort.
25:49 The secret of success is human effort with divine power.
25:56 We can't do it in our own strength.
25:58 But Jesus can't do it without us.
26:00 Otherwise he could save the whole world
26:01 without our permission.
26:02 So, we've looked at the past, we've looked at the present,
26:07 want to spend a few moments looking at the future.
26:10 You know, we will not find rest in the future unless we
26:16 have taken care of the past and the present.
26:19 We need to let Christ purge the past.
26:22 We need to let Christ to empower the present.
26:26 And then, as it say's in Scripture, Acts 2:26
26:29 "we can rest in hope"
26:33 Don't rest on you're pension plan!
26:38 Because it may fail you.
26:40 Don't rest upon your insurance, or you're savings.
26:47 Rest in Jesus.
26:49 But is part of the program.
26:51 Take care of the past.
26:52 Live to Him in the present.
26:54 Then you can rest.
26:55 Let's bow our heads in a word of prayer.
26:58 Father in heaven, what a good God you are,
27:02 and I am so happy that for everyone of our viewers today
27:06 you are offering perfect peace.
27:09 Father, I seek it myself.
27:12 I give myself to you afresh, that I may walk every moment
27:16 to everyday in your presence.
27:18 And Father, I thank you for hearing our prayer.
27:21 In Jesus name, Amen.
27:22 You know, I just want to give you a personal invitation.
27:26 I don't know what you going to be doing in a few minutes,
27:30 I don't know what your life consists of
27:32 But I know that Jesus is waiting for you to surrender all.
27:39 Will you do it?
27:40 For His sake, will you do it?
27:43 I challenge you, and you shall have rest
27:46 that you're friends will not understand.
27:49 I'm so thankful you joined us today,
27:52 and may God richly bless you.
27:54 God bless.


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