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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel, thank you
00:33 for tuning in to 3ABN. My name is Paul Rayne
00:37 from Restoration International.
00:40 A little Ministry up there in the Northwest
00:42 corner of Montana, we have a subject for
00:45 you today called the Refiner's Fire,
00:48 its all about the trails that come
00:51 our way but before we get into God's
00:53 word lets seek him in prayer.
00:56 Father in heaven, we thank you that
00:59 you are an infinitely loving God and we
01:04 want to take a look today at some of the
01:07 things that you allow our way.
01:09 I pray that your Holy Spirit
01:11 will illuminate our minds it's
01:14 in Jesus name we pray, Amen.
01:18 Trials come out our way, don't they?
01:21 Let me ask you some questions
01:22 would you rather somebody love
01:24 you or love you? Would you rather
01:29 somebody hate you and hinder you
01:33 or would you rather they help you?
01:37 You might say, come on the questions
01:40 are obvious, the answers are obvious.
01:42 How about would you rather somebody
01:44 pray for you or prey on you? You know
01:49 what I mean prey on you, pull you to pieces,
01:52 well one more question? Would you rather
01:56 have a friend or a foe? You know we
02:01 seem as human beings here on
02:03 planet earth, we seem to make
02:06 superhuman efforts to make everything
02:09 plain sailing for ourselves, think about it;
02:13 it's very obvious. If you're gonna go
02:15 camping; you like to go camping?
02:18 Do you go camping in the winter
02:19 or the summer? I come from,
02:23 like I said the North-West corner of Montana.
02:26 I hope that new Glacier Park,
02:28 you know nobody goes camping in
02:30 Glacier Park in the winter, because it's
02:33 too much snow who would ever think
02:34 of doing such a crazy thing? Well,
02:36 how about when you come to buy a vehicle?
02:38 Are you going to go to the parking lot
02:41 and look at that one and think it
02:43 looks like a good one and I could
02:45 afford it I buy it or would you go to
02:48 another one until that thing just doesn't
02:50 look good at all. And it's overpriced,
02:52 I'll buy that. No, you wouldn't do that,
02:55 because we make superhuman effort, consciously
02:59 and unconsciously we are always about
03:03 trying to make life easy on ourselves.
03:06 But life isn't easy. So, what's going on?
03:11 So, I'll tell you exactly what is going on.
03:15 First Peter chapter 4 verses 12 and 13,
03:20 look at it with me. It says that,
03:23 Beloved, think it not strange concerning
03:26 the fiery trial which is to try you,
03:29 as though some strange thing happened
03:32 unto you But rejoice, inasmuch
03:35 as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings;
03:38 that, when his glory shall be revealed,
03:42 ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.
03:46 God allows trials dear friends,
03:51 to come our way because we make
03:54 every effort to make life smooth
03:56 and to avoid them, so God somehow,
03:59 not that He originates the trails,
04:02 the devil does that, but every trial
04:06 that comes into our life.
04:07 God has allowed to come our way. So,
04:11 that our characters can be refined, ready
04:16 for the Heavenly Kingdom. Let me ask you a question.
04:18 What kind of knowledge is it that we gain
04:22 in a trial? Is it just hath knowledge?
04:25 Is it just an understanding of
04:27 God's word? Well yes, we do get
04:29 a deeper understanding, but it's a
04:31 hard experience that we learn from the trials.
04:35 You know some of the things that we
04:38 try to avoid are the very things
04:40 that God wants to bring our way
04:43 or allow our way so that we
04:45 can be strong and mighty for him.
04:48 Let me read from you another quote.
04:50 It's from a very old magazine
04:52 called The Review and Herald.
04:54 This is an old article, it's from
04:56 April 10, 1894. That's a long time ago, 1894.
05:02 But this is truth. Let me read it to you.
05:05 A refining, purifying process is going
05:09 on among the people of God,
05:11 and the Lord of hosts has set
05:13 his hand to this work.
05:15 The process is most trying to the soul,
05:17 but it is necessary in order the defilement
05:21 maybe removed. Trials are essential
05:26 in order that we may be brought
05:29 close to our heavenly Father.
05:31 You know there is something more
05:35 precious than a friend, it's a foe.
05:38 And there's something better than
05:41 a car that runs perfectly. It's a car that
05:44 breaks down once in a while
05:46 because then character is developed in a trial.
05:52 Are you preparing for the second
05:54 for the second coming of our Lord
05:56 and Savior Jesus Christ? You know,
05:58 if you don't realize it, I want to tell you.
06:00 May be nobody's ever told you before
06:02 but I want to tell you Jesus Christ
06:05 is coming back to this world a second time.
06:07 Every prophecy it seems in the Scripture
06:10 centers on the fact that Jesus is
06:13 gonna come back to this world and
06:15 he is gonna take his people home with him.
06:17 But, let's turn to Malachi, the last book
06:21 of The Old Testament. Malachi chapter
06:23 3 and verse 2, take a look with me there.
06:26 It says, But who may abide the day
06:29 of his coming? And who shall stand when
06:33 he appeareth? And this question,
06:36 for he is like a refiner's fire, and a
06:41 fullers' soap. You know every single
06:45 one of you watching this program today,
06:47 from where you are in your present
06:51 experience or a lack of it with the Lord
06:53 between here and when Jesus comes
06:56 again you and I are going to have
06:59 to go through the refiner's fire.
07:02 There's no escaping it. You can't get
07:05 around it, it's we who are gonna have
07:07 to go through it. There are people who have
07:09 gone through ahead us and
07:10 we are gonna have to go through it.
07:12 That may be bad news to you, but it's
07:14 not bad news. Let me tell you about
07:17 Daniel chapter 3. If you remember
07:19 Daniel chapter 3, There was a big
07:21 image set up on the plain of Dura,
07:24 and the King told everybody that they
07:27 were to bow down. Well there were
07:29 three people that didn't bow down.
07:32 And the King gave them a second chance.
07:33 He says bow down or you're going in the furnace?
07:37 They didn't bow down. They got thrown
07:40 in the furnace. But, do you know the story?
07:45 You can read it for yourself in
07:47 Daniel chapter 3. In that story,
07:49 even though they went into the fire
07:52 and when they went into the fire
07:55 they were all tied up.
07:56 They were bound, the Bible says. Three times
07:58 it says they were bound.
08:00 They went into that fire and you know
08:02 what happened? They didn't burn. They survived.
08:07 You know the only thing that burned were
08:11 the cords that bound them. As you and
08:15 as I go into the furnace of trial,
08:19 as the Lord our gracious, loving, compassionate
08:23 Lord allows trials to come into our life.
08:27 I wanna assure you of two things,
08:29 it's only the cords that will burn and secondly,
08:34 if you remember the story of Daniel chapter 3
08:37 it was Jesus Christ that it was in there
08:42 with them. Jesus Christ was in that furnace.
08:46 You read it, Daniel chapter 3.
08:48 Jesus Christ was in the furnace with those men.
08:52 Let me read another quote to you,
08:55 it's from a favorite book of mine.
08:57 It's called Lift Him Up. It's an old book,
09:00 it's page 250. It says in the future
09:04 we shall see how closely all our trials
09:09 were connected with our salvation,
09:12 and how these light afflictions worked out
09:16 for us a far more eternal and exceeding
09:21 weight of glory. You know it doesn't
09:27 feel much like much fun when the trials
09:31 are upon us. But, God is doing his work.
09:34 Don't be discouraged, don't be discouraged.
09:40 I know sometimes, all around you maybe
09:43 right now, maybe for one of our viewers right now,
09:46 things are overwhelmingly dark. Don't give up.
09:50 You know it's in the darkest hour
09:54 that Jesus might well be the closest.
09:57 You might be just around the corner
10:00 from day break. When is the darkest part
10:03 in the day? Just before the dawn.
10:05 Hang on to Jesus Christ.
10:07 If you are one viewer today that's
10:10 thinking it's all too much.
10:12 Hang on, Jesus is able, Jesus is more than
10:18 able to take you through whatever
10:20 you're face in right now. I've been
10:23 through some trials in my life and
10:25 at times you attempted to be discouraged,
10:27 keep your eyes on The Lord. Say out
10:30 loud Lord, I will not give up.
10:33 I will hang on to you as long as life shall last.
10:37 You know think of Peter. Do you like Peter?
10:40 Peter of The New Testament.
10:42 What a character Peter is.
10:44 Let me read with you from first, no this is Matthew,
10:48 Matthew 16:22. And this is Peter speaking
10:51 he says, sorry this is Christ speaking.
10:55 Then Peter took him, and began
10:58 to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee,
11:01 Lord: this shall not be unto thee.
11:04 What's going on? Let me give you the picture:
11:06 Jesus has just announced to his disciples
11:10 that he is going to be betrayed,
11:14 he is gonna be killed and he is going to
11:16 die a martyr's death. And Peter says,
11:20 no way Lord, I am not going to allow them
11:24 to do that to you. I am ready to go,
11:28 I am ready to do whatever I need to do
11:30 to make sure they don't harm you. But, now,
11:35 come with me a few pages into scripture.
11:37 Let's look at 1st Peter chapter 4 and verse 12,
11:41 1st Peter chapter 4 verse 12, this is Peter
11:45 again beloved, this is Peter himself now.
11:47 Beloved, think it not strange concerning
11:51 the fiery trail which is to try you, as through
11:54 some strange thing happened unto you;
11:56 that the verse that we started with.
11:58 Peter went from refusing to allow trials
12:05 in the life of Jesus to the point where he could
12:08 write, think it not strange. You know what
12:11 would be a modern version of think it
12:13 not strange, expect it? Plan on it? Yes,
12:18 friends, if we are following Jesus we can
12:22 plan on a few trials in our life, we can
12:24 expect them. Don't think it is strange.
12:26 You know, it was a very slow lesson
12:29 that Peter learned, very slow and it's
12:32 one that we learn very slowly as well. But,
12:35 I hope today's program, I hope this Faith Chapel
12:39 is helping you to understand that the way of salvation
12:45 is though the Refiner's Fire.
12:49 Do any of you know who Horatio Spafford is?
12:55 He was a wealthy businessman who lived
12:59 in Chicago back in the, oh I forget when it was.
13:03 But, it was many years ago and he, because
13:09 of the fire, some of you might remember
13:11 some of you historians might remember
13:12 the fire in Chicago, well, much of the school system
13:16 was destroyed. Horatio Spafford being a
13:18 fairly wealthy businessman decided
13:20 to send his family over to Europe where I'm from.
13:24 And there he went to the boat the Ville du Havre,
13:28 was the name of the ship and he put his family
13:31 in and he on the boat, the last minute just
13:34 before the boat was gonna set to sail.
13:36 He got called back to Chicago.
13:38 Some of your real-estate is going to come
13:41 up in the system and you need to be there.
13:44 So, what Horatio did was he got off the boat,
13:49 he said to his wife and his four daughters
13:52 you head on, I'll follow you as soon as
13:55 business is wrapped up. Well, so he waved
13:58 off his family and Ville du Havre set sail
14:02 from the East Coast of US heading over to Europe.
14:06 Taking the straightest route, which took
14:08 them past Newfoundland. Well, you know
14:11 it wasn't just a few days into that journey
14:14 that the Ville du Havre collided with a
14:18 British sailing ship. The Ville du Havre went down.
14:24 In 2 hours the whole boat was gone.
14:31 The mother was holding the youngest child
14:33 at the time and the story tells us that
14:39 the baby, the 18 month old daughter of
14:42 Horatio Spafford was swept from his
14:45 mother arms to its watery grave.
14:48 What about the other children? They all died.
14:53 It's a tragic story. The wife, Anna Spafford
14:57 survived, she was found clinging on to
15:00 some of the ship, they found her, they took
15:03 her to Cardiff Wales. There she telegraphed
15:06 her husband, two stinging words,
15:10 how would you like to receive a telegram
15:12 like this, my friend? Saved alone, just her.
15:18 Saved alone, well what would you do men?
15:23 You would do exactly what Mr. Spafford did.
15:25 He got on the next boat and he headed
15:27 over to Europe to be reunited with his wife.
15:30 As he sailed across, he took the some path and
15:37 the captain called him aside, he said,
15:38 Mr. Spafford, I do believe we are over
15:42 the spot where your daughters died,
15:45 the water is two miles deep.
15:50 Oh can you imagine, can you imagine that kind
15:56 of trial? You might be going through some
15:58 of the trails at the moment and they might
16:00 be hard and oh, my brothers and sisters
16:02 I sympathize, but is your trial like
16:06 Mr. Spafford's trial and Mrs. Spafford's trial?
16:09 They've lost all four children in one day.
16:15 Well, Horatio went back to his room on the ship,
16:18 not the Ville du Havre, that was the one
16:21 that had gone down, he went back to his room,
16:23 he couldn't sleep but he could write.
16:26 You wanna know what he wrote? Let me read It
16:29 to you, you will recognize it. When peace,
16:32 like a river, attendeth my way, When
16:35 sorrows like sea billows roll; Whatever my lot,
16:41 Thou has taught me to say, It is well,
16:46 it is well, with my soul. You see where he
16:50 got the words from? You see what was
16:52 going on in his life? The second stanza
16:55 is not in the American hymn no,
16:58 not that I found. But, it's in the ones
16:59 in Europe. And this is how it goes.
17:00 It says, Though Satan should buffet,
17:03 though trials should come, Let this blessed
17:08 assurance control, That Christ hath regarded
17:12 my helpless estate, And hath shed His
17:17 own blood for my soul. Oh, Jesus is a
17:21 compassionate Savior, He is right there
17:24 with us in every trial. First Peter chapter
17:33 1 and verse 7. Turn there with me if
17:36 you have your Bibles. I really encourage you
17:38 folks, watching at home or watching in church,
17:41 get out the word of God. You know,
17:44 you remember just where this is
17:45 on the page and next time you're
17:47 studying your Bible you'll remember this.
17:49 Turn with me, First Peter chapter 1 verse 7,
17:53 it says here, That the trail of your faith,
17:55 being much more precious than gold that perisheth,
17:59 though it be tried with fire, might be found unto
18:03 praise and honor and glory at the
18:08 appearing of Jesus Christ.
18:13 Trials out for in the moment are they? But,
18:17 Jesus has a very definite plan as for
18:20 what he is trying to achieve. And to try
18:23 and make this message to you dear viewer
18:26 as practical as possible I'm gonna encourage
18:28 you at this point run out and get a pen and paper.
18:31 I want you to take down some things with me.
18:33 I'm gonna go to a few points that I want
18:36 you to remember in a trial. Maybe you're
18:38 in a trial right now. If you are, go and
18:41 get a piece of paper. Write this down.
18:43 There's a few points, here is number one,
18:46 it says, We must not look upon a
18:48 trial as a punishment. So, often we beat
18:54 ourselves up so to speak and we say,
18:57 Oh, I'm in this terrible trial and it's all
18:59 my fault and it worries me and we start
19:02 to go down the negative thinking path.
19:05 I want you to know though yet some trials do come
19:10 because of our dumb behavior. But, some
19:13 times trials come as no result of what we've done.
19:15 Maybe you were just innocently driving around
19:18 the road and now you're in hospital.
19:20 It wasn't your fault? I want you to know
19:23 that trials, my brothers and sisters are
19:26 not punishments. That's not the sort
19:29 of God that we serve. Trials come to
19:32 everybody. Also, remember point two,
19:35 we must not compare ourselves among ourselves.
19:38 You can't say in a trial: why is this
19:42 happening to me? It should be him.
19:44 No, let the Lord take care of him and
19:49 let the Lord take care of you also.
19:51 Don't compare yourself among yourselves.
19:55 Say: this is come my way and it's for me
19:58 and my Savior Jesus Christ to work it out.
20:00 Another point I want you to remember is,
20:04 and remember this from the book of Job,
20:06 every trial that comes into our life
20:09 has been weighed unmeasured by God
20:14 himself before it's get anywhere near
20:16 planet earth. There are some things I can
20:19 just picture. I can just picture the devil
20:22 and is out to get me, and is out to get you and
20:25 he wants to destroy us and God says, no,
20:29 that's my child. And he allows,
20:33 God allows the devil to come so far.
20:37 Everything is weighed and measured.
20:38 So, if a trial is in your life. If a loved one
20:41 is causing you pain or if your whole body
20:44 is causing you pain or whatever your situation,
20:47 I want you to know that Jesus, your lovely Savior,
20:52 my lovely Savior he has weighed and measured
20:55 that long before it go anywhere near
20:58 this earth and your life. You know,
21:03 First Corinthians chapter 10 verse 13,
21:08 let's look, God is faithful, who will not
21:12 suffer us to be tempted above that you're able,
21:16 but will with the temptation also make a way
21:20 of escape that you may be able to bear it.
21:23 That is good news. That means there is nothing,
21:28 there is nothing that comes to this earth,
21:32 nothing that comes into your life or my life. But,
21:35 Jesus has not made provision to take care
21:38 off. Point number 4, I want you to take note
21:41 of in a trial that God is not against us.
21:46 We are not fighting God. God is on our side.
21:55 That's obvious. But, so often when
21:57 we get into a temptation, when we get into a trial,
22:00 we think: God, why are you doing this to me?
22:05 Because God loves you and he is seeking to refine you.
22:08 You are in the Refiner's Fire and it's not
22:12 comfortable, but it is necessary. Remember what
22:15 we read earlier: trials are essential,
22:18 that our characters may be refined,
22:21 ready for the second coming of our Lord
22:24 our savior. Another thing I want you to remember
22:27 in a trial is what God is trying to teach me?
22:30 God's always trying to teach us. In this trial
22:34 God is not arbitrary, I'll just give this
22:36 guy a hard time for a couple of hours? No,
22:39 away with such thoughts. We serve
22:42 a compassionate God, but not a,
22:44 you know the modern version of love is all
22:48 kind of wishy, washy. We serve a God
22:50 with a purpose and he is sending us
22:54 trials 'cause he wants to teach us something.
22:56 So, in a trial say Lord, what is it that
22:59 you're trying to teach me? I guarantee you,
23:03 he will give you answers maybe not the first
23:05 time you pray it, maybe not the second time you
23:07 pray it. But, God is trying to teach
23:09 you something and you know what I have learned?
23:11 In all the little trials and some of the bigger
23:13 trials that I've been through in my life.
23:15 The one thing that Jesus is trying to teach me
23:19 in every trail is that I've got a fallen nature,
23:23 I've got an old man, I call it self and it
23:26 rises up and it wants to take the control
23:29 of the situation and it wants to say what it
23:30 wants to say. And do what it wants to do.
23:33 You know, self has to die. You have to die
23:40 and you have to let Jesus Christ come into
23:42 your heart and then, this body, this mouth,
23:45 this man will speak words for God
23:49 and that can be the same for you. So,
23:51 in a trial what is it that God is trying to teach me?
23:56 The last thing in a trial is I want you to recognize
23:59 once you realize what the problem is,
24:01 to make a full surrender to him. Is that possible?
24:05 An unconditional surrender to the will of
24:10 Jesus Christ. Do it brothers and sisters
24:13 you'll be very happy. You know if we hold out
24:16 on God and if we say no, I'm gonna refuse,
24:19 I can see my way through this trail,
24:20 I can bet my teeth I'll get through it.
24:22 I'm not gonna surrender to what the Lord
24:24 is teaching me, I don't want to surrender. Well,
24:27 you know what? It might will have to
24:31 come around the second time. Don't make
24:35 life hard on yourself. Give your hearts fully
24:38 and completely to Jesus Christ right now
24:40 whatever trial you're in. Jesus,
24:44 I want to just talk a little bit about the life
24:47 of Jesus. Do you think that Jesus had
24:49 any trials in his life from beginning to end?
24:52 But, Jesus was perfect. Surely, Jesus didn't
24:56 need character development. Hebrews 5,
25:01 I'm gonna read it for you. Hebrews 5 and
25:04 verse 8 says, though He was a Son, yet to
25:07 learned obedience by the things which He suffered.
25:12 Can you believe that? That Jesus Christ learned
25:17 lessons by the things that he
25:20 suffered just like we do.
25:22 So, if it was necessary for Jesus then it's got
25:27 to be necessary for us. Think about Jesus,
25:32 where we started in this message, would you
25:34 rather somebody love you or leave you?
25:36 Think of Jesus life. Oh, those guys were on his
25:39 back all the way through his public ministry.
25:41 Trying to trick him up, trying to catch his
25:43 every word. Would you rather somebody help
25:47 you or hinder you? They were always hindering,
25:49 even some of his own disciples were hindering
25:51 his work. Judas, was always out to cast
25:55 insinuations against Jesus. You read that
25:57 in the Scriptures. What about, rather having
26:01 been somebody pray for you than prey on you?
26:02 They were always preying on Jesus. But,
26:05 despite the fact that Jesus life was way
26:09 more difficult to live than ever whatever you
26:11 and I have will to go through. He had trials
26:14 to deal that we note not off. You know if
26:18 the devil could have got him to sin, then
26:21 the whole human race would've been lost.
26:25 The devil tried very hard on Jesus Christ and I
26:28 know he is trying hard on us as well. But,
26:30 I want to encourage you that the Refiner's Fire
26:34 is the very place where God wants us to be.
26:39 Maybe you are not in a trial presently
26:41 maybe it's smooth sailing but there might
26:45 be one at the corner and if it comes in your
26:46 way I want you to remember: that this
26:50 has been weighed and measured and that
26:53 Jesus Christ is in control. Will you
26:57 bow your heads with me? Father in Heaven,
27:00 Oh, I thank you that you are loving God
27:02 and I also thank you that You love us enough
27:06 to send trials our way. Oh Father, we ask
27:12 that you would give us the grace to go through them.
27:15 Oh, Father, I even pray by faith that you would send
27:19 some our way and some in the way of our viewers.
27:22 And it's in Jesus name I ask these things Amen.
27:28 You know, there are trials coming to this world,
27:30 the little trials that we are going through
27:33 just now, whatever they maybe.
27:35 There's a big trial coming. There is a time of
27:37 trouble coming to this earth such as never was.
27:41 And ever I don't say that to make you miserable
27:43 just to let you know that now, today is the day
27:47 of salvation. Today is the day we need
27:50 to be praying through our trails.
27:52 Thank you for joining us. May God richly bless you.


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