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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel. Thank you for tuning
00:34 into 3ABN. My name is Paul Rayne from Restoration
00:38 International. And I have a message today
00:41 that I think you're gonna enjoy it.
00:42 It's called Planning to prosper.
00:44 You wanna prosper? Let's bow our heads
00:47 and speak to the Lord before we open his word.
00:49 Father in heaven, I thank you for being here today
00:54 and I pray that as we spend some time together
00:57 in our word, that we will glean some principles
01:00 that will help us to prosper in this world below,
01:04 in Jesus name we pray, Amen. You know,
01:09 God has planted in everybody's heart a desire
01:12 to prosper. A lot of people get that mixed up.
01:17 And they turn it into ambition or money making
01:20 or wanting to be famous. But, you know that desire
01:25 to prosper that God has somehow kept alive in
01:29 even the most carnal heart. That desire to prosper
01:33 is a spiritual desire. Now, like I said it gets mixed
01:38 up with all kinds of other things but if you could
01:40 take the rubbish off, underneath there
01:44 is a desire. Now how, how do we cooperate with
01:50 God's plan? Let me open with a scripture first of all
01:52 to prove to you that God's desire is for you
01:56 and I to prosper. Turn with me to 3 John chapter
02:02 1 and verse 2, well 3 John 2 as some would say.
02:05 3 John 2 says, Beloved, I wish above all things
02:12 that thou mayest prosper and be in health,
02:15 even as thy soul prospereth.
02:21 There it is right from The Word of God.
02:23 Beloved, isn't it a nice way that God talks to us?
02:26 That's you, that's you dear viewer, Beloved,
02:28 I wish above all things that thou may prosper
02:33 that you, may prosper and be healthy. Well,
02:35 are you a little skeptical. Do you find yourself
02:40 feeling a little skeptical that God could want that
02:43 for you? Turn with me to another scripture.
02:46 This is Jeremiah 29 and verse 11. I'm reading here
02:50 from the New King James. For I know the plans
02:53 that I have for you, declares the Lord,
02:55 "plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
03:00 plans to give you a hope and a future."
03:03 Isn't that amazing? God is actually planning for our
03:08 prosperity. Well, you know God can do all the
03:12 planning he likes but if we want true prosperity
03:18 there has to be some cooperation.
03:21 This human being has to cooperate with this God
03:24 so that we can prosper. The one I wanna talk
03:28 to us today about is three ways that we can prosper.
03:34 I'm gonna be sharing largely from my own experience
03:37 not that I' m very prosperous man.
03:40 I don't have a lot of money in the bank and my
03:45 clothes are just, every day clothes so,
03:47 it's not the material type of prosper I'm talking about
03:52 it's spiritual prosperity. I'm gonna break this
03:56 message down into three parts. Really,
03:59 what I wanna talk about is morning time with God.
04:03 That's what it's all gonna center on.
04:05 The first part of that morning time is,
04:07 I want to look at our prayer time. I wanna take a
04:10 serious look at our prayer time. A lot of us,
04:13 a lot of you viewers and a lot of other people in
04:16 Christian world today are playing with prayer time.
04:22 Playing with prayer time. We're not half as serious
04:25 as God intends us to be. Then, I want us to look
04:28 at prayerful planning, planning? Yes,
04:33 I'm gonna talk about planning for the day ahead.
04:36 And then also I want us to look at thoughtful
04:41 study of God's word. Are you ready for such
04:45 a study? Well, let me ask you a question before
04:47 we go any further. It may seen a little out of the blue
04:51 but I want to ask you a question. Children,
04:53 if there's any children watching 3ABN today.
04:55 You can answer out loud okay, at home or wherever
04:59 you are. I want you how many planet earths this
05:04 big world that we live in? How many planet earths
05:07 do you think you could fit inside the Sun?
05:09 You know you could take the Sun that shines in
05:12 the sky and you could take all the inside of it out,
05:15 you know kind of take the apple out and just leave
05:17 the skin. How many planet earth could you take
05:21 and put inside that Sun? Do you think you get
05:24 3 in there? Do you think you get 5 in there?
05:27 Do you thing you get a 100 planet earths inside
05:31 the Sun? Well, course you could never do that,
05:35 but the mathematicians, that's the people who work
05:37 with all those figures they have worked out
05:39 that we could get 1 million planet earth inside the Sun.
05:46 Isn't that an amazing thought? Here is another
05:48 fact about the Sun. The Sun emits more energy
05:53 in one second. There goes another one and another
05:57 one, and another one, we just got 3 seconds.
06:01 The sun emits more energy in one second than planet
06:05 earth has consumed in it's entire history.
06:09 Doesn't that blow your mind? That is an enormous
06:12 planet, if we can call the Sun a planet that is an
06:15 enormous mass out there in the heavens,
06:18 how did it get there? Do you know how the Sun
06:21 got there? Psalm 33 in verse 9, "For He spoke,
06:26 and it was done; He commanded,
06:29 and it stood fast." That's how that planet got there.
06:35 Wow what a thought, that is The God we pray to.
06:40 He speaks words into existence.
06:44 You know follow me with another scripture.
06:47 This is Psalm 95 and verse 6 it says, "Oh come,
06:53 let us worship and bow down; Let us kneel
06:57 before the Lord our Maker." When we go before
07:02 God in personal private prayer we are praying
07:08 to the very God, the very Creator God who speaks
07:12 words into existence, isn't that amazing?
07:17 As a sign of reverence to God we should in our knees.
07:22 No, I'm not telling you that you have to be on knees
07:25 every time you pray. You can pray as you drive
07:27 your car, you can pray as you walk in the street,
07:31 you can pray anytime. I'm in habit in the ministry
07:35 world that I'm in, of praying while I'm on phone talking
07:39 to somebody else, but you know when I come to God
07:42 in my personal morning private time with him,
07:47 I kneel before God, for I kneel before God because
07:51 he is my maker. I'm the sinner in need of salvation,
07:56 and wisdom and help from the God of the universe.
07:59 And, as a sign of respect I kneel before the Lord.
08:04 You know do we need his help? Oh, we need his help.
08:08 Then recognize that He is all powerful and we are the
08:14 weak ones. You know what do we need to pray about?
08:19 When we are on our knees before God,
08:21 there in our morning time. We're talking about
08:23 spiritual prosperity. Friends you will never prosper.
08:29 Not in a spiritual sense, maybe in a materialistic
08:32 or a wordily sense you will prosper without prayer
08:36 possibly, but in the spiritual world, prayer is
08:39 indispensable. Prayer in the opening of the heart
08:42 to God, talking to him like he is a friend.
08:47 He is also the Creator. Never forget that.
08:49 So, what should we pray? You know there is a little
08:52 book, it's called "Steps to Christ."
08:54 You can write into 3ABN anytime I'm quite sure
08:58 and get a copy of Steps to Christ. This is what it says
09:01 on page 100. It says, Keep your wants, now that,
09:07 this is an old book, so that word wants it's an old
09:10 fashion word for needs. Keep your wants,
09:12 your joys, your sorrows, your cares,
09:15 and your fears before God. You cannot burden Him;
09:19 you cannot weary Him. Isn't that a good news?
09:23 That no matter what your troubles are in your prayer
09:28 time, once you are on your knees you cannot wear
09:30 out God patience, you cannot bring too many things
09:34 to him. Now, I'm not encouraging you to have
09:36 self centered prayers. But, here I'm asking you when
09:41 you're on your knees pour out your needs
09:44 and your wants, your joys to God.
09:46 He loves to hear you talk about those things
09:48 and he is there to help. Another scripture,
09:50 another scripture is Philippians 4 and verse 6.
09:55 Turn with me there. It says, be anxious for nothing,
09:58 but in everything by prayer and supplication with
10:02 thanksgiving, let your requests,
10:05 Now here we have something else now,
10:07 let your requests be made known to God;
10:11 we can make requests to God.
10:16 So, often we ask small things from God and we get
10:19 small answers. I encourage you dear viewers,
10:22 ask big things of God. You know, you're watching
10:25 a TV station here because the founder asked big things
10:30 of God and that is the only reason you're watching
10:33 this station today. You can ask big things of God
10:36 and He has big answers to give you,
10:38 but when you ask for little things, you only get little
10:41 things. You know so often we carry what I called
10:45 background burdens. We're carrying around a bag
10:48 of troubles and if we prayed about those things.
10:51 I'll tell you how intimate I wanna get at this point.
10:56 Often time these background burdens are almost
10:58 unrecognized to ourselves and we carry them around
11:01 a bit like a weight on our shoulder,
11:03 but oh if we could get that weight off,
11:06 life would be so much more joyful. You know,
11:09 one day, I was working at my desk, working away
11:11 on the computer and I recognize that part
11:16 of my tooth had come off. How? That was a burden,
11:21 instant burden for me? But, I tried to put it away,
11:23 put it away. You know, that was no worries.
11:26 You know I haven't been to the dentist for a while.
11:28 It will probably be okay and you know sorry dentist,
11:31 if there was any dentist that's watching,
11:32 you're probably cringing but that's fine I want to share
11:35 with you what happens in real life.
11:37 We have a burden. Now, I've got a burden,
11:39 it's about my bad tooth. But, I don't want to think
11:41 about it. I don't wanna go to the dentist.
11:44 So, I push it behind me and I push it behind me.
11:47 But, you know what happened, this tooth got worse
11:49 and worse. This background burden became a
11:52 foreground burden. And I realized I needed to get
11:55 it taken care of. You know, God can take care of all
11:59 our burdens. So, I prayed to God.
12:01 I prayed to God about my tooth. Lord,
12:06 I have to admit to you God that I'm little scared about
12:09 calling the dentist. You scared to go to the dentist?
12:13 That's the burden that you've being carrying.
12:15 So, it was a burden that I was carrying so I said Lord,
12:18 give me deliverance from this. I just had the gentle
12:22 impression, Paul you need to call the dentist,
12:24 you need to go and get it taken care off. So, I went,
12:27 I went down to the dentist. Now is God able to take care
12:31 of us? It was friend of mine, who's a dentist who lives
12:34 about an hour of our home and I was driving down there.
12:37 What you think my heart was doing on the way down?
12:40 Do you think it was pounding? It wasn't.
12:44 It was perfectly at rest. Because I prayed about
12:46 this and God was giving me the strength to go to
12:50 the dentist. It might not be the dentist in your situation
12:52 but what I'm trying to say is God can take care
12:56 of your background burdens if you'll be earnest in your
12:59 prayers. I got there, I sat in his chair and then
13:02 he's coming at me with a drill. It didn't bother me.
13:07 I can honestly say, and I can say this is no exaggeration,
13:11 I can say and I said this to the dentist:
13:13 I enjoyed it. You can enjoy going to the dentist.
13:17 You can enjoy anything if you're in communication
13:19 and connection with the Lord Jesus Christ.
13:22 Don't carry those background burdens around,
13:25 take your wants, take your joys, take your sorrows
13:28 to Jesus Christ. Steps to Christ,
13:32 that little book again, page 100 this time it says:
13:35 Take to Him everything that perplexes the mind.
13:39 Nothing that in any way concerns our peace is too
13:44 small for Him to notice. In prayer also,
13:49 I like to have a prayer list. I go through,
13:53 I have different people on my prayer list,
13:54 I have different topics on my prayer list.
13:57 You know we get organized with everything else.
13:59 We make shopping lists. Why can't we make a
14:01 prayer list? What's more important prayer
14:02 or shopping? Well you make a shopping list because
14:06 you don't forget anything. But, in prayer
14:09 let's get serious in our prayer brothers and sisters;
14:13 let's make our prayer life come alive.
14:15 Prayer about your concerns, pray about your worries.
14:22 Once you've prayed, the last part of my prayer
14:26 is I get up, I say: Lord, I want You to interrupt me
14:30 today as I go about my day Lord, I give you
14:34 permission now, not that he really needs the position,
14:38 the permission, but I say Lord, please, interrupt me
14:41 today as I'm going about my business I want you
14:43 to call my attention and it's happened I'll be behalf
14:47 through the day, in situation that come up I say Lord,
14:51 I hear you, what you want me to do?
14:54 That's taking prayer time out of the closet and out
14:57 it into the day. I wanna carry on today message
15:01 talking about prayer for planning. Know I wanna switch
15:06 gear slightly, planning, what am I talking with planning?
15:09 So, often, we're not thinking about the actual day ahead.
15:15 As part of my prayer time, I will pull out
15:18 my PDA or for you it might be a pen and paper
15:21 whatever it is, a laptop, however you keep notes,
15:24 personal notes and I write on my PDA the things
15:28 that have to be done that day.
15:30 And I go through this with the Lord. This isn't just me,
15:33 so I'm saying Lord, what do you want me to do today?
15:36 Well I remember, you said you would write such
15:38 and such, you should do that, okay I'll done that today
15:41 and then what else? Write it on the list. Oh,
15:46 boy I nearly forgot that. I'd better get done that today.
15:49 You want me to do that? Put it on the list.
15:52 I make a list with the Lord. This is important part
15:56 I make a list of what needs to be done that day
15:58 with the Lord and then when I leave my prayer
16:03 time I go out into the day with some direction,
16:07 not my direction but the Lord's direction.
16:10 What is this message titled? Planning to prosper.
16:15 If you go to the Lord every single day.
16:18 And you spend some prayer time with him.
16:20 And then you make a plan for the day ahead with him.
16:23 You are planning to prosper just one day at the time
16:26 and if you do it the next day and the next day,
16:29 then that whole week would be under God's control.
16:32 And if you do it for a month that whole month
16:35 would've been under God's control. What a joy to think
16:39 that we can be in cooperation with God movement
16:43 by movement and day by day. Plan your work with God
16:50 and then work your plan with God. Don't make your
16:55 own plans and don't do your own thing.
16:57 It's all about Jesus Christ and it's all about earths
17:01 cooperating with him in the things that we have to do.
17:05 You know I made a list of things that needed to be
17:07 done one day. And I've got that into my office little
17:09 flashing light tells me I've got voice mail.
17:12 I pick up the phone, check the voice mail,
17:14 I've got two calls to turn before I get into my day
17:17 first call took an hour and a half.
17:21 As a said we work with Restoration International up
17:23 there in Montana and we've a lot of people calling
17:25 to the ministry office. I finish with that call just
17:29 as I hung up, the phone rung.
17:30 I was there for another half an hour.
17:33 A big chunk in my morning had gone.
17:36 Then a lady called up, called my wife and said,
17:39 we are in a terrible situation in our marriage,
17:41 is there any chance we can come down your place
17:43 and talk things over? They came around.
17:46 It's now afternoon and I've got nothing done
17:49 that was on my list but it didn't bother me at all.
17:53 Should I tell you why? Because of this,
17:55 it says in Steps to Christ that little book,
17:58 you've got to write in or call in, just ask for Steps
18:02 to Christ, it's only about 100 pages.
18:04 Here's page 70: "Each morning consecrate yourself
18:08 to God for the day. Surrender all your plans to Him,
18:14 to be carried out or given up as His providence
18:17 shall indicate. Thus day by day you may be giving
18:21 your life into the hands of God,
18:24 and thus your life will be molded more and more after
18:28 the life of Christ." That is spiritual prosperity.
18:33 But, let me ask a question. It said that you have
18:35 to surrender all your plans to Jesus.
18:37 That's what I did. That's why it didn't worried me
18:39 when I had phone calls and people who's speak
18:41 to me because I surrender all my earthly plans
18:45 even thought I made them with the Lord.
18:47 I surrender them all to the Lord to be carried out
18:50 or giving them up as his providence shall indicate.
18:57 If we haven't got any plans, we can't surrender them.
19:00 Make a plan for your day after you've had prayer
19:03 time with God. I do, I sit at home I pull the leaver
19:07 on my lazy boy chair, I sit there and I say:
19:10 Lord, we've got to make a plan for today.
19:13 Nothing I enjoy more. I wanna move on now.
19:17 Oh, just a quick point, quick point here I don't wanna
19:20 miss this, just a bit of advice. If you're making
19:23 a list of things to do, put the things you enjoy
19:27 the most at the end of the list. Why would I say that?
19:31 Can you figure it out? If you put the things you enjoy
19:34 the most at the beginning of the list,
19:37 you're going to spend a lot of time doing those
19:39 'cause you enjoy it. I've made it a habit of putting
19:42 the things that are most agreeable to my nature.
19:44 Putting them of the end of the list.
19:46 Then, I'm more motivated to work through those
19:49 things and getting to things that naturally are more
19:52 pleasing. Just a little bit of humored advice
19:54 for you there. Let's move on, Thoughtful Study,
19:57 the third part of our morning time with the Lord.
20:00 We've talk about prayer time, being serious in our
20:02 prayers, getting down on our knees and then we
20:06 looked at the need for planning.
20:10 And now I wanna take a look at Thoughtful Study.
20:13 You could not, you should not and you must not go
20:17 into a day if you're planning to prosper on this earth,
20:21 you must not go into the day without having spent
20:24 a little time or even better, a lot of time in the
20:29 Holy word of God. You know many of us,
20:32 when we study scripture, we just surface read.
20:38 We sit there and we read and we say I've read
20:41 it before. Trying to find something new to read.
20:46 We have lost our focus. You know how,
20:48 the most effective way for studying I have found
20:51 is the verse by verse method.
20:54 You take one verse just one verse and you read
20:59 it and you read it again and you might wanna read it
21:02 in several versions but you keep read it and then
21:05 you mediated upon it. You just sit there and say:
21:07 Lord, what is this saying to me?
21:09 You know I was doing that not a long ago
21:11 with Luke 22:42, you don't need to look at it but
21:14 it says that: Father, if thou be willing,
21:18 remove this cup from me. Jesus said that in the Garden
21:21 of Gethsemane remember? If thou be willing
21:23 remove this cup from me.
21:24 I've read that many times before but this one morning
21:27 I was sitting there reading it and I was thinking:
21:31 Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me.
21:36 What was that telling me? That was telling me
21:39 that Jesus, the perfect one, in this situation
21:45 was struggling to do the will of God.
21:49 He said if it's possible God, remove this cup from me.
21:54 But, what's the rest of the verse? You know the rest
21:56 of the verse? Nevertheless not my will,
22:04 but Thine be done. Oh! That is the secret, dear friends,
22:07 that is the secret to spiritual prosperity.
22:11 Not my will, but thy will be done. Every moment in
22:14 every day in every decision that you have to make
22:18 whether it be small or whether it be large,
22:22 whether you have a whole corporate organization
22:24 to organize or whether you just have a future which
22:28 would have to take care of. Every single decision,
22:33 your motto and my motto should be nevertheless,
22:36 not my will but Thine be done. And I went through
22:41 that day after I studied that one verse for one hour
22:44 in the morning. I could memorize the verse from
22:47 several translations. I have much more of an
22:50 understanding what it was saying to me and most
22:53 blessed I was able to take that verse with me that day.
22:58 What a day I had with the Lord, Not my will but
23:02 Thine be done, in every situation.
23:04 That's the verse by verse method.
23:07 We're talking a little about Jesus there in Gethsemane.
23:14 I just want us to take a quick look at Jesus life.
23:17 Did Jesus do any of this stuff that we've been
23:20 talking about? Praying to his Father, planning his day,
23:25 spending time in the Old Testament scriptures?
23:29 Yes, he did. Turn with me. We can see it very clearly
23:32 in Mark 1:35. It says there, and in the morning,
23:36 rising up a great while before day,
23:40 He went out and departed into a solitary place,
23:44 and there he prayed. Jesus got out of his bed
23:51 and he went out into a quiet place so he could
23:53 commune with his Father and there he prayed.
23:57 And there he studied. And there,
23:59 I believe Jesus thought about the day ahead.
24:03 Father, do you want me to move from this area
24:05 now and move on? No, my son, you can stay here
24:10 a few more days. It wasn't the Son doing the work
24:14 it was the Father. And Jesus was in communication
24:17 with his Father. And oh that is my desire,
24:21 that is the desire of this ministry 3ABN in conjunction
24:25 with Restoration International, our desire
24:27 for you is to be connected to Jesus Christ 100% of
24:33 the time, is that possible? Well this man hasn't
24:37 experience that, but I tell you I've gone through
24:40 days, I've gone through afternoons where every
24:41 thought was in subjection to Jesus Christ.
24:45 Oh, there's nothing like it. I'm gonna seek for that
24:48 experience with all my heart, with all my soul
24:52 that it may be mine. Another scripture:
24:55 John 8 verse 2 it says now. And early in the morning
24:59 he came into the temple, and all the people came
25:02 to him; and he sat down, and he taught them.
25:06 You know that word early has something to do
25:09 with very early. If you look it up in your margin
25:14 or if you look up into concordance that word
25:16 that's translated now early in the morning
25:19 that is sunrise. Let me ask you a question.
25:23 If Jesus was walking the earth today,
25:26 living his ministry the way he lived it.
25:29 He would've been up early, preaching at the church
25:32 just like he was back then? Would you be there?
25:36 Or you would be snoozing? Would you be like
25:38 the disciples in Gethsemane, slumbering? You know,
25:44 Jesus was up early. Jesus followers were up early.
25:48 And I'm gonna challenge you, get up early.
25:52 How? But you don't understand you might say.
25:56 It's impossible for me to get up early because;
25:58 I'm just not a morning person.
26:01 I'm not a morning person and I get up early
26:02 because God has change me and God can change you.
26:06 Amen? The reason that you cannot get up early,
26:09 and it took me 30 years to figure out the reason
26:13 I couldn't get up early, is because I didn't go to
26:15 bed early. I challenge you the evening and
26:18 morning of the first day you go to bed early
26:21 and you will be able to get up early.
26:22 Maybe not in the first couple of days but once
26:24 your body gets the backlog out,
26:26 you'll be able to get up early and have some
26:28 time with the Lord. The devil has a game plan
26:31 though. I wouldn't dare leave you without letting
26:34 you know the devil's got a game plan.
26:35 He wants you late nights and he gives you lots to do.
26:41 You know, try to crumb too much work into one day,
26:43 you may get to bed in time but your whole body
26:45 is shot. Don't push and rush every last second
26:49 of your day, stay connected with Jesus Christ,
26:52 work out your plan, don't put too much into
26:55 the day and then you'll be able to get to bed on time,
26:58 then you're be able to get some rest,
26:59 then you'll be able to get up and then you'll be
27:01 able to have a morning time that will make
27:04 you prosper spiritually. You know, don't make it
27:08 a habit of staying up late. Let's close with a word
27:12 of prayer. Father in heaven, Oh, I'm so grateful
27:15 that you plan for us to prosper.
27:18 We've read it from your word. And Father,
27:20 I pledge myself and I pray that the viewers today
27:23 will pledge themselves to cooperate with you
27:26 in planning to prosper. It's in Jesus name we pray,
27:31 Amen. It's been good talking with you today.
27:36 My only desire is that this message doesn't fall
27:39 on empty ears but that you will take it to heart
27:43 and then you will say Lord, I give my whole life to
27:47 you and I want to prosper and I'm willing
27:49 to do anything. God will richly bless you.
27:52 Be sure you let us know how it goes. God bless.


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