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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel. Well, I'm
00:32 Pastor Nathan Renner from
00:33 the Troy Seventh-day Adventist Church in Troy,
00:35 Michigan. And we are going to discuss
00:38 a very important topic today,
00:41 titled The Work of the Spirit. And the,
00:44 the, work of the Holy Spirit has been
00:46 something that has, has intrigued and
00:50 motivated God's people throughout time.
00:52 And it's also been something that has been
00:55 a bit of confusion among God's people
00:58 in these last days. So, today we're gonna
01:01 explore from the Bible, what the Bible says
01:03 about the work of the Holy Spirit.
01:05 Let's pray and then we'll dig into the word of
01:08 God today to see what the Bible says,
01:11 let's pray. Father God, we thank you
01:14 for the truth of the work of the Holy Spirit.
01:16 And Lord today we pray that this would not
01:20 just be an intellectual study, but that
01:22 we would not just hear about the work of
01:24 your Spirit, but that we would sense the work
01:27 of your Spirit in our lives, bless us now
01:31 as we open your word and speak to us with
01:34 your Spirit, in Jesus name, amen.
01:38 In John chapter 16, Jesus is discussing
01:44 with his disciples about the fact that he is
01:48 going to be leaving. In fact, there is a,
01:49 there is a long discourse it actually begins
01:52 in about John 14. And Jesus is, is telling his
01:56 disciples that he is going to be leaving and,
01:58 he is telling them that the Holy Spirit is
02:01 going to come and the Spirit of God
02:03 is going to be there to comfort them to minister
02:08 to them after Jesus leaves. And then
02:12 John chapter 16 beginning in verse 8,
02:15 Jesus is speaking about the Holy Spirit
02:18 and notice what he says, it says
02:21 in John 16 verse 8, "And when he comes,
02:25 he will convict the world concerning sin
02:28 and righteousness and judgment. "
02:31 When the Spirit of God comes, the Bible says,
02:35 number one he is going to convict the world
02:37 of sin righteousness in judgment. Today,
02:41 we are gonna look at three works of the Spirit
02:44 on the world and three works of the Spirit
02:48 on believers. Okay, today again
02:52 we are gonna look at, what the Spirit of God is
02:54 doing to the whole world convicting of sin,
02:57 righteousness and judgment. And then we are gonna
02:59 look at what the Spirit of God does
03:01 in the life of true believers. Okay,
03:04 so we read in verse 8, the Spirit of God
03:06 comes and convicts of sin, righteousness and
03:10 judgment. Now, in verse 9, the Bible tells us
03:13 why the Spirit of God convicts of sin.
03:16 Verse 9, "Concerning sin, because they do not believe
03:22 in me. " Now, notice what the text in
03:25 scripture says, it says, that the reason that the
03:27 Spirit of God comes and convicts of sin
03:30 is because people do not believe in Jesus.
03:34 So what we could say is that when the Spirit of God
03:36 comes to the whole world and convicts
03:39 individuals in the world of their sin,
03:42 the Spirit is actually trying to lead people
03:46 to believe in Jesus Christ.
03:49 And this is very important because
03:52 what happens very frequently in people's lives
03:54 is they begin to study the Bible,
03:56 they begin to hear God's word,
03:58 they began to hear the voice of the Spirit
04:00 convicting them and when the Spirit of God is
04:04 convicting them of sin, they begin to feel guilty
04:08 and frequently they will say Oh! I don't
04:12 want to listen to you anymore.
04:14 I remember when I was 18 years old,
04:17 I had left home after I graduated from high school,
04:20 and I was living in Wyoming, climbing rocks and
04:22 one day, on the way home from Wyoming,
04:26 I decided to drive to home to see my family,
04:28 I was driving across Wyoming and there was,
04:31 there was nothing but AM radio.
04:33 And they had two stations available in the
04:37 middle of Wyoming. One was country music,
04:40 and which I wasn't too fond of at the time,
04:44 and the other was Christian and.
04:47 So, I decided to listen to the Christian
04:49 radio station, at the time I was not a Christian,
04:52 I was actually an atheist. So, I, I was just
04:54 listening on a whim Or at least I thought
04:57 it was a whim at the time, but it was really
04:58 the Spirit of God. And I was listening and
05:01 I was listening I, I was hearing a preacher
05:04 and who would have ever thought at that
05:06 moment that I would become a preacher someday.
05:07 I was listening to the radio and as I was
05:10 listening to the radio, I heard the preacher
05:12 preaching God's word. And
05:15 I began to sense the Spirit of God
05:18 working there, I didn't know it was the Spirit of God,
05:19 but I began to feel guilty, I began
05:21 to feel contempt, I began to
05:24 sense the reality of my sin.
05:27 And in a fit of rage, I punched my radio
05:32 to turn it off. I was experiencing
05:37 the conviction of sin and I, I didn't really
05:39 understand what to do with it at the time?
05:41 The Spirit of God convicts of sin,
05:44 not just to make us feel bad, not to make us
05:47 feel guilty, but to lead us to the place
05:50 where we put our confidence, faith and
05:52 trust in Jesus Christ. The reason the Spirit
05:55 convicts of sin, it's not to make you feel bad,
05:58 it's not to make you feel guilty, it's not to,
06:00 to make your life uncomfortable,
06:02 but it is to lead you to the place where
06:05 you put your confident trust in Jesus Christ.
06:07 Who died for your sins and rose again
06:10 the third day. Now, the second work of the
06:14 Spirit here for the world is found in verse,
06:19 verse 10 actually. It says, That
06:24 he will convict, no not only convict of sin, but he
06:26 will convict of righteousness concerning
06:28 righteousness in verse 10, because
06:31 I got to the Father, and you will see
06:34 me no longer. It's quite the esoteric verse,
06:38 it's always for a long time it confused me,
06:41 it says, he convicts of sin,
06:42 so they we'll believe and he convicts of righteousness
06:44 because Jesus isn't around anymore,
06:46 he's gone to the Father. I always puzzled
06:49 over that verse, why does the Spirit convict me
06:52 of righteousness because Jesus isn't going around,
06:56 isn't around anymore. And then one day
06:59 it hit me. Jesus Christ was the perfect
07:03 embodiment of everything that was right,
07:07 everything that was righteous, and when he
07:09 went to the Father, we no longer have that
07:10 living, breathing human example of what it
07:16 meant to be righteous. And so the Spirit of God,
07:19 he, he not only convicts of sin, what I have
07:22 done wrong, but the Spirit of God comes
07:24 into the life as a, as a, as an example of what
07:29 right living really looks like. Jesus says,
07:31 as I've been here living, I have been the
07:34 perfect example of what right living, what
07:36 righteousness is? Now, I'm gone, you don't see me
07:40 anymore, and so now you have the Spirit of God
07:45 to convict you, to show you what righteousness
07:48 really looks like. So, the Spirit of God convicts you
07:51 of sin, what you have done wrong,
07:53 it convicts you of righteousness, what, what,
07:55 what right living really looks like. And then the
07:58 third thing it convicts you of is judgment,
07:59 and verse 10, verse 11 rather, it tells us
08:03 why the Spirit convicts of judgment,
08:06 we'll read it now. "Concerning judgment, because
08:10 the ruler of this world is judged. "
08:15 Now, in the gospel of John, the ruler of this
08:19 world is Satan. And so it says, that we are
08:24 convicted by the Spirit of God of judgment,
08:27 because the ruler of this world is judged,
08:30 that is Satan is judged and of course we know
08:33 he's judged condemned. But why would God
08:36 convict me of judgment because Satan
08:39 has been judged condemned. Well, the answer
08:43 is very simple. It goes something like this,
08:45 if Satan is judged condemned for his sin,
08:50 how can his followers expect to get off the hook.
08:55 You follow the logic, in other words if, if
08:59 Satan has been condemned for his sin,
09:02 how can we expect the followers of Satan,
09:06 that is anybody that's not the follower of the true
09:08 God to get off the hook. So, follow what,
09:11 what Jesus has said then. He says, the
09:13 Spirit of God comes to convict of sin, righteousness
09:16 and judgment that what he's doing to the
09:18 whole planet. He is speaking to the hearts and
09:21 minds of every human being on this planet
09:23 saying, you've sinned, believe in Jesus,
09:27 he is taking care of the sin problem.
09:29 This is what righteousness really looks like.
09:32 This is what right living really looks like and
09:36 the Spirit of God says that he convicts of
09:39 judgment he says that you will be judged
09:41 condemned just like Satan was judged condemned,
09:44 if you refuse to believe in Jesus.
09:47 And if you refuse to let the Spirit of God teach you
09:50 what right living looks like. You follow,
09:53 in other words he convicts of sin, so you believe,
09:56 convicts of righteousness, so that you'll know what's
09:59 really right and wrong, and he convicts of judgment,
10:02 so that they will actually make the decision.
10:06 So, that we will have motivation to actually make
10:10 the decision to believe in Jesus Christ.
10:12 So, the Spirit's job for the world is to convict of sin,
10:16 righteousness and judgment. Sin, so that they'll
10:19 believe, righteousness so they'll know what's really
10:22 righteous inside of God and judgment,
10:24 so that they know the consequences of
10:27 refusing to believe in Christ and refusing
10:30 to allow the Spirit to give them a righteous life.
10:33 Convict of sin righteousness and judgment,
10:37 but what happened when somebody believes,
10:40 the Spirit of God is working outside of you
10:41 convicting of sin. So, that you'll believe,
10:43 what happens inside of person once they become
10:48 a believer. Galatians chapter 3 verses 2 through 6
10:54 tell us, very clearly what happens when you
10:58 believe the message of Jesus Christ?
11:01 Galatians chapter 3 beginning in verse 2.
11:04 Now, Paul goes through a series of questions here.
11:07 And here they are, let me ask you only this.
11:10 Did you receive the Spirit by works of the law
11:13 or by hearing with faith? Are you so
11:17 foolish having begun by the Spirit,
11:20 are you now being perfected by the flesh.
11:22 Did you suffer so many things in vain, if
11:25 indeed it was in vain? Does he
11:27 who supplies the Spirit to you and works
11:31 miracles among you do so by the works
11:34 of the law, or by hearing with faith,
11:36 just as Abraham believed God, and it was counted
11:40 to him as righteousness? Now, here Paul
11:44 is making a very simple point.
11:45 He is asking a question, how does a person
11:48 receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?
11:51 How does a person get the Spirit?
11:53 And he asked the question, do you get it?
11:55 By, by, by living a certain way, or do you get it
11:58 by believing in Jesus Christ. And the answer
12:01 is very simple that when you believe you
12:05 receive the Spirit of God. That when you
12:09 believe you receive the Spirit of God,
12:12 but what does the Spirit of God do once you believe.
12:15 We're gonna go to Ephesians chapter 1,
12:18 go with me to Ephesians chapter 1
12:22 and we are gonna begin in verse 13.
12:25 We'll read 13 and 14. Again Paul makes the
12:28 point in him; you also when you heard
12:32 the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation,
12:36 and believed in him, were sealed with the promised
12:41 Holy Spirit. Now, notice what the Bible says
12:47 in verse 13 it says, that after you hear
12:50 the gospel of your salvation, you hear the
12:52 word of truth, the gospel of your salvation
12:55 and you believe. The Bible says that you
12:58 are sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.
13:02 Now, we want to understand this, this
13:04 very essential point. The text says
13:07 that when you believe the Spirit of God
13:11 comes in to the life. We cannot miss that point.
13:15 My friends, the moment somebody believes that
13:18 they're a sinner, and that Jesus Christ died
13:21 for them on the cross. When they believe
13:24 in the message of the death burial resurrection
13:27 of Jesus Christ. The Bible says,
13:29 the Spirit of God comes into that person
13:31 and seals them. Now, what does that mean
13:35 that seal? Look in verse 14, verse 14 gives us
13:40 the answer. It says, that the Spirit is the guarantee
13:46 of our inheritance until we acquire
13:50 possession of it, to the praise of his glory.
13:54 So, it says, that the Spirit is the guarantee
13:57 of our inheritance until we acquire
14:00 possession of it, to the praise of his glory.
14:03 What does that mean? It's very simple and this
14:07 is the first work of the Spirit for the believer.
14:11 The Spirit according to this verse is the guarantee
14:15 of your inheritance until you actually
14:19 get your inheritance. Now, here your inheritance
14:22 is eternal life and life with God and all of the
14:25 glory that goes along with it.
14:27 And it says that the Spirit is your guarantee
14:29 of your inheritance.
14:31 Now, in the margin of my Bible, in the margin of
14:34 many Bibles it says the earnest of our inheritance
14:38 or the down payment, now follow with me,
14:43 if you are gonna buy something expensive.
14:45 Lets say you're gonna buy a house, and let's say
14:47 the house costs a $100, 000, just to pick a figure.
14:49 And you are gonna buy that house, but of course
14:53 you have to get a mortgage to actually buy the
14:55 house, and you have to fill all this paper workout etc,
14:58 etc, etc. Well, from the time that you tell the seller that
15:02 you want to buy the house until the time
15:04 you get all the mortgage and the everything taken care of.
15:07 Let's say that that period of time is a period of,
15:11 lets say three weeks. Well, in between the time,
15:17 when you have promised to buy the house.
15:19 And you actually do buy the house;
15:21 you place a down payment on the home.
15:24 And that down payment lets the seller know
15:27 that you are absolutely serious and absolutely
15:31 committed to actually buying the house,
15:34 does that make sense? In, in, in that way the
15:37 seller is protected from you being dishonest with him.
15:44 And so, so the down payment is, is the gift
15:48 that the buyer, or the, that the, the money that the
15:51 buyer gives to the seller as a guarantee that
15:54 he is actually to purchase the home.
15:56 Well, that's what the Bible says the Spirit of God is.
15:59 When you believe in Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of God
16:04 comes into your life, the Spirit is your guarantee
16:08 that God is actually going to do what
16:11 he said and giving you eternal life.
16:14 So, the very first work of the Spirit.
16:17 The very first work of the Spirit is as
16:20 your guarantee of your inheritance.
16:23 The Spirit of God comes in and says,
16:26 I'm here, I'm here as a guarantee, as a promise
16:31 that you will get your inheritance,
16:34 that inheritance of glory that God and
16:38 Jesus Christ have promised you. That's the first work
16:40 of the Spirit and the believer. For the unbeliever
16:43 the Bible convicts of sin, you've sinned,
16:44 you should believe, this is righteousness,
16:47 this is what right living really looks like and
16:49 this is judgment, if you refuse to believe,
16:52 these are the consequences. So, when you
16:55 become a believer. The Spirit of God comes in
16:58 and he is your down payment, your guarantee,
17:01 the earnest money as it were.
17:03 He is the promise that God is really gonna do
17:06 for you what he's promised he would do.
17:09 Now, the second work of the Spirit is found
17:12 in the Book of Romans. Romans chapter 8,
17:15 the second work of the Spirit in the life of the believer.
17:18 We are gonna look in Romans chapter 8, verses 14,
17:22 15, and 16. We'll read those together at this time.
17:26 Romans chapter 8, verses, 14, 15, and 16.
17:30 "For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.
17:36 For you did not receive the Spirit of slavery to fall
17:40 back into fear, but you have received the Spirit
17:42 of adoption as son, by whom we cry, Abba Father.
17:47 The Spirit himself bears witness with our Spirit
17:51 that we are children of God. " Now, did you hear
17:56 the language there? It says in verse the,
17:59 the, the final verse we read. Verse 16 it says,
18:01 that the Spirit of God bears witness with our Spirit
18:06 that we are children of God. That is the second major
18:12 work of the Holy Spirit. The first thing the Spirit
18:14 does when he comes into life, it says,
18:17 I'm here to guarantee that you're going to heaven.
18:19 The second work of the Spirit when he comes into
18:21 the life is as a guarantee that you are indeed
18:25 in fact God's child, you are God's son,
18:30 you are God's daughter. You're following? Spirit comes
18:33 in, you are my son, you are my daughter,
18:36 and I'm here to guarantee that you have eternal life.
18:39 Now, right there in Romans 8, we have the third work
18:41 of the Spirit. We are gonna begin in Romans chapter 8,
18:45 beginning in verses 5, 6, and 7. Follow,
18:49 "For those who live according to the flesh
18:52 set their minds on the things of the flesh,
18:55 but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds
18:58 on the things of the Spirit. To set the mind on
19:02 the flesh is death, to set the mind on the Spirit
19:04 is life and peace. For the mind that is set on
19:09 the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit
19:13 to God's law; indeed it cannot.
19:17 Now, I need you to follow with me here.
19:21 He is saying there's two kinds to minds.
19:23 There is the mind that is set on the flesh,
19:25 and there is the mind that's set on the Spirit.
19:27 Now, when the Spirit of God is come into the life,
19:30 the mind is no longer set on the flesh.
19:32 The mind is set on the Spirit, now what does that mean?
19:36 Well, again let's look at verse 7 again.
19:39 Just so that we have an idea of what it saying.
19:41 It says that "The mind that is set on the flesh
19:44 is hostile to God. " Now, if you look at the verse,
19:50 it also says, the reason why, the mind that's set
19:53 on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not
19:57 submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot.
20:03 There is a fleshly mind and there is a spiritual mind.
20:06 The fleshly mind is hostile to God, because it is in
20:12 rebellion to the law of God. Now, follow with me,
20:16 the text says, the mind that's set on the flesh is
20:19 hostile to God because it refuses to submit
20:23 to the law of God, but the spiritual mind,
20:28 the spiritual mind is life and peace, as we
20:33 read there in verse 6. Why is that?
20:37 Because the spiritual mind is no longer in rebellion
20:42 to the law of God. Notice, how the Bible says,
20:46 in Hebrews chapter 10, Hebrews chapter 10
20:50 beginning in verse 15. Hebrews, chapter 10
20:54 beginning in verse 15, And the Holy Spirit also
20:57 bears witness to us; notice it's the Holy Spirit
20:59 doing the talking. For after saying,
21:02 "This is the covenant that I will make with him after
21:04 those days, declares the Lord:
21:06 I, I will put my laws on their hearts
21:09 and write them on their minds, then he adds,
21:12 "I will remember their sins and their lawless deeds
21:15 no more. " Now, do you follow that amazing message?
21:21 It's a very awesome message, it says essentially
21:25 that the Spirit of God is going to come into
21:28 the life, and he is going to write his law on
21:31 your heart and on your mind.
21:33 And that he is going to no longer remember your
21:36 sins anymore. So, the Spirit of God, when a
21:41 person becomes a believer comes into the life
21:44 and says to the individual, you are going to heaven,
21:48 I will guarantee that you are going to heaven.
21:50 The Spirit of God comes in and says, you
21:51 are my son, you are my daughter,
21:54 you are my child, I will treat you like my child.
21:57 And the Spirit of God comes in and begins to write
22:01 the law of God on the heart.
22:03 He takes away the hostility that the natural human
22:06 heart has for God, he takes away the rebellion
22:09 that the natural human heart has for the law of God.
22:12 The Spirit of God comes in and writes the law
22:15 on the heart and on the mind.
22:19 Now, this promise in Hebrews 10 is just a quote,
22:22 this promise in the New Testament is echoing
22:27 the promise of the Old Testament in
22:29 Jeremiah 31:31 to 34. Let's read that now,
22:32 Jeremiah 31:31 to 34. Notice what is says,
22:39 "Behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD,
22:41 when I will make a new covenant with the house
22:44 of Israel and with the House of Judah,
22:46 not like the covenant that I made with their
22:47 fathers on the day when I took them by the hand
22:54 to bring them out of the land of Egypt,
22:55 My covenant that they broke, though I was
22:58 a husband, declares the Lord.
23:00 But this is the covenant that I will make with
23:03 the house of Israel after those days declares the Lord,
23:05 I will put my laws within them, and I will
23:08 write them on their hearts. " Do you follow
23:12 these beautiful new covenant promise?
23:14 The new covenant promise that we have in the
23:16 New Testament is a quote from the Old Testament,
23:20 and that is that God is going to write his law
23:23 on the heart and on the mind, he is going to write
23:26 the law on the heart and on the mind.
23:29 So, follow when the Spirit of God comes into
23:32 the believer, you believe, the moment you
23:34 believe the Spirit comes in and says,
23:35 you are my son, you are my daughter,
23:38 I'm gonna take you to heaven, and I'm going to
23:41 teach you how to live like somebody that's
23:43 going to heaven. I'm gonna write my law
23:45 on your heart and I'm gonna write, write my law
23:47 on your mind. Notice how Paul describes this
23:51 in Galatians chapter 5, in Galatians chapter 5
23:55 beginning in verse 19. He quickly describes
23:58 what it's like to live without God, and what it's
24:02 like to live with the Spirit. "The works of the flesh are
24:05 evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality,
24:09 idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy,
24:12 fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions,
24:16 envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these.
24:19 I warn you, as I warned you before,
24:21 that those who do such things will not
24:24 inherit the kingdom of God. " Now, he changes,"
24:27 but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
24:31 patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
24:34 gentleness, self control against such things
24:37 there is no law, and those who belong to Christ
24:40 have crucified the flesh with it's passions, and desire. "
24:44 Notice how he describes the two lives.
24:47 He has one life lived in the flesh,
24:49 lived for all of the sinful desires of the flesh,
24:52 and then he describes a life, full of love,
24:56 and joy, and peace, and goodness,
24:58 and gentleness, and faithfulness,
25:01 and self control, all of these things
25:03 produced by the Spirit of God.
25:06 My friend the Spirit of God, the Spirit of God
25:10 is working on the whole planet, right now
25:13 saying, you've sinned, you need to believe
25:15 in Jesus. The Spirit of God is saying this is
25:20 what right living should look like;
25:22 this is what it looks like? It saying,
25:26 if you don't believe and, and, and, and
25:28 if you don't surrender to, the life
25:30 that Jesus is calling you to live, there is nothing
25:33 but judgment waiting for you.
25:35 The moment you believe, the moment
25:40 you believe the Spirit of God comes into the life,
25:43 the moment you trust Christ for your salvation,
25:46 the Spirit of God comes in and says,
25:47 I'm your guarantee, you are going to heaven.
25:50 I'm here to tell you that you are God son,
25:52 you God's daughter, your God's child,
25:55 and I'm here to help you live like God's son or daughter.
25:59 I'm gonna write my law in your heart and
26:01 your mind, I'm gonna figure life with love
26:04 and joy, and peace, and goodness, and
26:06 gentleness, and self control.
26:08 This is what I'm going to do for you,
26:11 this is what I'm gonna do for you.
26:14 The Spirit of God fills you with love, joy, peace.
26:21 The assurance that God is your Father
26:24 and that heaven is your home.
26:26 Now, this is why Jesus said in John chapter 14,
26:30 verse, John chapter 14 verses 15 and 16.
26:34 "If you love me, keep my commandments.
26:37 And I will ask the Father, and he will send you
26:41 another Helper, to be with you forever. "
26:44 Notice what Jesus says, if you love him as your Father,
26:48 if you love him as your friend, you will keep his
26:52 commandments and you're not gonna do it on your own.
26:54 God is gonna send you a Helper, that helper
26:57 is the Holy Spirit. He is going to guarantee
26:59 that you are his son, you are his daughter,
27:02 he is going to guarantee that you are going to heaven,
27:04 and then he is going to teach you,
27:06 how to live like a child of God,
27:09 like somebody that's going to heaven.
27:11 Today, what do we need to do to have all
27:15 of these wonderful promises as ours?
27:16 What do we need to do to experience
27:18 this amazing blessing of the Spirit of God?
27:21 We need to understand that we have sinned,
27:23 we need to understand it deep within our
27:26 hearts, and we need to trust Jesus Christ
27:29 for our salvation. When we trust him,
27:32 when we trust him. The Spirit comes in,
27:35 guarantees our God, we are going to heaven,
27:39 guarantees that we are a child of God,
27:40 and writes the law of God in our hearts
27:43 and our minds. Friend today, won't
27:46 you trust Jesus, won't you experience
27:48 the tremendous blessing of the fruit
27:52 of Spirit in your life right now.


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