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00:31 Hi, I'm Pastor Nathan Renner, Pastor of the
00:34 Troy Seventh-Day Adventist Church in
00:35 Troy, Michigan. And welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:39 I'm so pleased that you are here today to study
00:42 God's word. We have a very exciting topic to
00:45 discuss today, its titled victory over the Mark.
00:49 Victory over the Mark, the Mark of the Beast is
00:53 probably one of the most
00:55 engaging topics in the Bible.
00:58 People all over the world are familiar with the
01:01 concept of the Mark of the Beast.
01:04 Now many people are confused as to what the
01:07 Mark of the Beast is, many people wonder
01:09 what the Mark of the Beast is, but people all
01:12 over the world even Non-Christians are curious
01:16 about the Mark of the Beast.
01:17 So, let's begin with prayer then I'm gonna tell you a
01:20 story and we will get into the God's word let's pray.
01:24 Father as we discuss this important topic,
01:28 we cannot do it without your help.
01:31 Please send your spirit to speak and to teach
01:37 and to bless us. Lead us God now we pray
01:41 and to teach us in Jesus name amen.
01:46 I was just out of high school and I had traveled
01:49 to Wyoming, I wanted to move to Wyoming to
01:53 climb rocks. And I move to a little town named
01:57 Lander, Wyoming and there in Lander I got a
01:59 job at a grocery store a small town grocery store.
02:02 a small town grocery store.
02:07 And one day I was running the cash register
02:09 and a women came to the register their and she her
02:14 food came down the conveyor belt and
02:16 I grabbed her first item and was ready to scan it
02:19 on the UPC scanner as we all do so many times
02:23 when we go to the store. And she stopped me,
02:28 she told me that she had a relationship with the
02:32 owner of the stores, she had spoken to the owner
02:34 and the owner had granted her permission to
02:38 not have her groceries scanned.
02:42 She would write down the total price of each
02:47 individual food item and then she would give
02:50 the cashier that list of totals the cashier would
02:53 add them up and then charge her for her food.
02:57 And I was little bit puzzled by this and so
03:02 I asked her why is it that you do not want your
03:06 grocery scanned. What is it with scanning
03:09 your groceries that is a problem to you and
03:12 she told me that she was concerned that if she
03:18 scanned her groceries with the UC code that
03:20 she would be receiving the Mark of the Beast.
03:25 Now today we are not going to figure out from
03:28 the Bible though we could what the Mark
03:31 of the Beast is. That's really not our concern
03:33 today, today our concern is not finding out whether
03:38 this woman was right or wrong.
03:40 Although, I think she wasn't right.
03:42 Today our concern is finding out how we can
03:46 avoid receiving the Mark of the Beast.
03:50 What we are gonna discover is that it is a very
03:53 spiritual issue, it's a spiritual issue.
03:58 So, today what we are gonna do is we are gonna
04:00 look at the Book of Revelation and we are
04:02 gonna look at several verses from the Book of
04:04 Revelation that talk about the Mark of the Beast,
04:07 what the issues are at the end of time and we are
04:09 gonna discover how to not receive the
04:12 Mark of the Beast. It doesn't matter even
04:15 so much what the Mark of the Beast is if we can
04:18 find out how to avoid it then we can, we are
04:22 moving the right direction. So, it's a little bit like
04:25 cancer, I don't need to understand all of the inner
04:28 workings of what cancer is, I just need to know
04:32 how not to get it. You follow, so let's begin
04:36 in the Book of Revelation, we are
04:38 gonna begin in verse 4. Now as we read through
04:41 this, we are gonna read several verses rather
04:44 quickly through the Book of Revelation
04:46 and we are gonna find out that the pulsating bottom
04:49 line message of the final crisis at the end of time
04:53 is not barcodes, its not computer chips, its not
04:57 computers or internet, its not microprocessor stuck
05:01 into your head, its something very spiritual.
05:04 Let's read it Revelation 13 verse 4.
05:08 The Bible says, And they worshiped the dragon,
05:12 for he had given his authority to the beast,
05:15 And they worshiped the beast saying,
05:18 "Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?"
05:23 Notice it says in verse, chapter 13 in verse 4.
05:26 They worship the dragon and they worship the beast.
05:29 Now we will read verse 8. All who dwell on the earth
05:33 will worship it, everyone whose name has not in
05:37 written before the foundation of the world
05:40 in the book of life of the Lamb that was slain.
05:43 It says all who dwell on the earth shall worship it,
05:47 now we will read verse 12. It exercises all the
05:49 authority of the first beast in its
05:51 presence and makes the earth and its
05:53 inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal
05:58 wound was healed. Verse 15, And it was
06:02 allowed to give breath to the image of the beast,
06:06 so that the image of the beast might even speak
06:09 and might cause those who would not worship
06:12 the image of the beast to be slain.
06:15 Notice in verse 4, its worship, worship.
06:17 Verse 12 worship, verse 15 worship.
06:21 Now we are looking in chapter 14 verse 9.
06:25 Another angel, a third, followed them saying
06:28 with a loud voice, "If anyone worships the
06:31 beast and its image and receives a mark in his
06:34 forehead or in his hand. Verse 11, the smoke of
06:36 their torment goes up forever and ever,
06:38 and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers
06:41 of the beast and its image, whoever receives the
06:44 mark of his name." Notice the issue at the
06:47 end of time is an issue of worship, worship
06:51 worship, worship. The pulsating bottom
06:55 line issue at the end of time is not barcodes
06:59 or serial numbers or 666 tattoos, or computer chips.
07:05 The issue at the end of time is an issue of worship.
07:11 In fact its even more than worship,
07:14 when you look in Revelation chapter 13,
07:19 we are gonna look in verse 8.
07:20 We are gonna see that the issue is not just worship,
07:24 but it's also the commandments of God.
07:28 Revelation chapter 13 verse 8.
07:33 The first of the 10 commandments.
07:40 It says that we should have no other God's
07:45 before the true God. Now notice Revelation 13:8,
07:49 look what it says. All who dwell on the earth
07:52 will worship it, everyone whose name has not been
07:57 written before the foundation of the world
07:59 in the book of life of the Lamb that was slain.
08:01 Here in Revelation 13 verse 8 the Bible is clear
08:05 that the antichrist is seeking the worship of
08:10 the world. The worship of the world,
08:13 which would lead the world to violate the first
08:17 of the 10 commandments. Now if you look in
08:21 Revelation chapter 13 verse 14.
08:25 We see that this antichrist power is trying to lead
08:28 people to violate the second commandment.
08:31 The second commandment prohibits the worship
08:35 of images, Revelation chapter 13 verse 14.
08:41 And by the signs that it was allowed to work in
08:43 the presence of the beast it deceive those
08:45 who dwell on the earth telling them to make an
08:48 image for the beast that was wounded by the
08:51 sword and yet lived. Now notice the beast is
08:55 looking for people to worship it thus causing
08:59 people to break the first commandment.
09:01 The beast is also trying to set up an image causing
09:05 people to violate the second commandment.
09:09 Now look in Revelation chapter 13, in verse 6,
09:17 Revelation chapter 13, verse 6, it says,
09:20 it opened its mouth to utter blasphemies,
09:23 blaspheming his name and his dwelling and
09:28 those who dwell in heaven. Notice they blaspheme
09:33 the name of God. Now the third commandment
09:37 in the Book of Exodus when he gives the 10
09:39 commandments prohibits taking the name of the
09:42 Lord our God in vain. So, now follow with me
09:47 so far what we've seen in the Book of Revelation.
09:50 We have seen that the issue at the end of time
09:53 is an issue of worship, they worship the beast,
09:55 they worship the dragon, they worship the whole
09:58 issue at the end of time is worship.
10:00 The second thing we have noticed is that this
10:03 beast is calling people to worship himself violating
10:08 the first commandment, worship images violating
10:10 the second commandment, and taking the name of
10:13 the Lord in vain. Blaspheming his name
10:15 taking the third commandment in breaking it.
10:19 Now we are seeing then that the issue at the
10:23 end of time is not barcodes, it is not
10:27 computer chips, it is not computers often
10:31 swearing with the silly name like the beast,
10:34 the issue at the end of time is an issue of
10:37 worship and obedience to the commandments of God.
10:41 The antichrist power is trying to change God's
10:43 commandments, so that people will violate them.
10:46 Now, look in Revelation chapter 14, verse 6 and 7.
10:52 Revelation chapter 14 verses 6 and 7.
10:57 Then I saw another angel flying directly overhead
11:00 with the ever lasing gospel to preach to
11:03 those who dwell on the earth, to every nation
11:05 and tribe and language and people.
11:08 And he said with a loud voice, "Fear God and
11:12 give him glory because the hour of his judgment
11:16 has come, now notice the language and worship
11:19 him who made heaven and earth, the sea and
11:23 the springs of water." Heaven, earth, sea and
11:28 springs of water. Now notice we have read in
11:31 Revelation 13 and 14 seven times they worship
11:35 the beast, they worship the dragon, the issue is
11:37 worship, worship, worship, worship
11:39 seven times, seven times they are said to worship
11:43 the dragon, worship the beast, worship the image
11:46 etc. One time, one time in these two chapters God
11:52 asks us to worship him and when God asks us
11:56 to worship him, he ask us to worship him as the creator.
12:01 He asks us to worship him as the creator and
12:05 its fascinating the one time God asks us to
12:08 worship him, its his worship him who made
12:12 heaven, and earth, the sea and the springs of water.
12:17 Fascinating thing about the Book of Revelation.
12:19 There are 400 few more then 400 verses in the
12:22 Book of Revelation. Most every verse in the Book
12:26 of Revelation has some kind of Old Testament
12:31 background. In fact when you get a good Bible
12:36 whether it's an English Bible or a Greek Bible,
12:39 the most good Bibles give you in the margin the
12:42 Old Testament background text that
12:47 are being refer to. In fact in my Greek Bible
12:51 it's a good Bible, it's a Bible that everyone gets
12:53 when they go to college and they take Greek classes.
12:56 And in the margin of my Greek Bible it tells me
13:01 that when the Bible says worship him who made
13:02 heaven, the earth, the sea and the springs of water
13:06 that is a quote from Exodus chapter 20
13:10 one of the 10 commandments.
13:12 Let's go there Exodus chapter 20, verses 8 to 11,
13:17 we are gonna focus it on verse 11.
13:19 We will read Exodus 20: 8 to 11. "Remember the
13:22 Sabbath day to keep it holy. This is one of the
13:25 10 commandments now. Six days you shall labor
13:28 and do all your work, but the Seventh Day is a
13:30 Sabbath to the Lord your God.
13:34 On it you shall not do any work, you, or your son,
13:37 or your daughter, your male servant, or your
13:39 female servant, or your livestock, or the sojourner
13:42 who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord
13:46 made heaven, the earth, the sea, and all that in
13:49 them is, and rested the Seventh Day.
13:51 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day
13:55 and made it holy. Now notice the similarities
13:58 there are in verse 11. It says in six days the
14:01 Lord made heaven, the earth, and the sea,
14:05 and all that in them is. In Revelation chapter 14
14:08 it says worship him who made heaven, earth,
14:12 and sea. Just like in Exodus 20, in fact if
14:15 you the Book of Revelation is full of
14:18 Old Testament quotes, but Revelation 14 verse 7
14:21 were it says made heaven, and earth, the sea, and the
14:25 springs of water is the longest Old Testament
14:29 quote in the Book of Revelation and its taken
14:31 from the fourth commandment,
14:32 the commandment that tells us to remember
14:35 the Sabbath day. Now its fascinating because
14:40 in the Book of Revelation now what have we seen
14:44 really, what have we seen, we have seen that
14:46 the issue at the end of time is an issue of
14:49 worship and then these beast powers are trying
14:52 to get people to worship them in a way that causes
14:56 them to violate the first commandment,
14:58 the second commandment, and the third commandment.
15:01 The one time God asks us to worship him.
15:04 He asks us to worship him as the creator and
15:08 he uses the exact language, the exact
15:12 language it's the exact language that he uses
15:16 in the fourth commandment him who created heaven,
15:20 the earth, and the sea and the springs of water.
15:22 And actually in the original languages,
15:25 the language is essentially identical.
15:28 It's a little different in the English translations
15:30 but in the original it is essentially identical
15:33 here in Revelation 14 and in Exodus chapter 20.
15:38 You see the fascinating picture, the issue at the
15:41 end of time is not barcodes and computer
15:43 chips or anything else. The issue is worship,
15:47 and worship in the context of faithfulness
15:50 to God's commandments. And they worship
15:53 breaking the first commandment,
15:54 breaking the second commandment,
15:55 breaking the third commandment
15:57 and also God calls us to worship him in the
16:01 context of that wonderful Sabbath command.
16:04 Now look there in Revelation chapter 12 verse 17,
16:11 Revelation chapter 12 verse 17, this verse
16:15 introduces the final crisis, Revelation 12 verse 17.
16:20 The dragon which is a symbol of Satan became
16:23 furious with the woman. That's God's people,
16:27 went to make war on the rest of her offspring,
16:31 on those who keep the commandments of God
16:34 and hold the testimony of Jesus.
16:37 Notice God's people are defined and described
16:41 as keeping the commandments of God.
16:45 Now look in Revelation chapter 14:12 again.
16:49 Here is a call for the endurance of the saints,
16:54 those who keep the commandments of God
16:57 and their faith in Jesus. Fascinating picture,
17:02 Revelation 12:17 introduces the final
17:05 crisis by saying God's people keep the
17:07 commandments, Revelation chapter 14:12
17:10 is the conclusion of the final crisis.
17:13 And it says God's people keep the commandments
17:15 and there faith in Jesus. Commandments and faith
17:19 in Jesus. So, my friends I want you to notice the
17:22 picture then, the issue at the end of time is an
17:24 issue of worship and the issue at the end of time
17:28 is worship in the context of faithfulness to Jesus
17:33 Christ faith in Jesus and faithfulness to
17:36 the commandments of God. My friends we
17:39 don't need to know what the Mark of the Beast is.
17:43 I mean it maybe helpful, it maybe good.
17:46 It is helpful and it is good. But, what is
17:49 essential for us today. Today is to understand
17:54 how to avoid receiving the mark.
17:57 And the answer to that is very simple.
18:01 We must, we must understand that the
18:05 issue at the end of time is worship and faithfulness
18:08 to Jesus and his commandments.
18:13 Look in Revelation 14:12 again it says,
18:15 Here is a call for the endurance of the saints,
18:19 those who keep the commandments of
18:20 God and their faith in Jesus.
18:25 We see the issue, is an issue of worship,
18:28 seven times it warns against worshiping the
18:30 beast, worshiping the beast, worshiping the
18:32 beast. One time it calls us to worship God as
18:36 creator. It tells us that he is going to try to
18:39 break the first commandment
18:41 worshiping somebody other then God.
18:43 Break the second commandment,
18:47 which is making images, break the third
18:49 commandment taking the name of the Lord in vain
18:52 and also we see that God calls us to remember the
18:55 fourth commandment and worship him as creator.
18:58 That's why it says that those people at the end
19:01 of time who do not receive the Mark are
19:04 those people who keep the commandments of
19:07 God in the faith of Jesus. Let's talk about that,
19:12 those are the two elements to avoid
19:14 receiving the Mark of the Beast.
19:15 Whatever it is you want to not receive it,
19:17 it's very simple. Tell yourself you will keep
19:21 your faith in Jesus and then you will keep the
19:24 commandments of God, faith in Jesus.
19:27 Lets look at Romans chapter 10, verses 9 to 11.
19:31 Romans chapter 10 verses to 9 to 11 tell us why
19:34 faith in Christ is so important?
19:37 Romans chapter 10 verses 9 to 11.
19:40 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord
19:43 and believe in your heart that God raised him from
19:45 the dead, you will be saved.
19:48 For with the heart one believes and is justified,
19:51 and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.
19:54 For the Scripture says, "Everyone who believes
19:56 in him will not be put to shame."
20:01 Very simple point, that if we believe in Jesus,
20:04 if we believe in Jesus we confess with our mouth
20:06 Jesus is Lord, we believe with our heart that God
20:09 raised him from the dead. That if we believe this
20:12 and we trust Jesus for this.
20:14 We will be saved that is absolutely foundation.
20:21 But, Revelation doesn't say, they just keep the
20:24 commandments of God or they just keep the
20:27 faith of Jesus rather. It says they keep their
20:29 faith in Jesus and keep the commandments of God.
20:34 Let's go to Hebrews chapter 10, in Hebrews
20:37 chapter 10 the New Testament describes
20:40 God's people as keeping the commandments
20:43 of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.
20:47 Hebrews chapter 10 beginning in verse 15.
20:52 And the Holy Spirit also bears witness to us;
20:54 for after saying, "This is the covenant that
20:57 I will make with them after those days,
20:58 declares the Lord: I will put my laws on
21:02 their hearts, and write them on their minds,"
21:04 then he adds, "I will remember their sins and
21:07 lawless deeds no more." In Hebrews 10, the Bible
21:12 describes God's people as keeping the
21:16 commandments of God because God comes into
21:18 their life by the power of the spirit and writes his
21:21 law on their hearts and writes his
21:24 law on their minds. My friends when the
21:27 Book of Revelation describes God's people
21:29 as keeping the commandments of God
21:32 and their faith in Jesus. He is describing God's
21:35 true new covenant people. You know sometimes
21:38 I listen to Christians talk about their new covenant
21:42 Christians. And their definition of being a
21:44 new covenant Christian is believing in the
21:47 forgiveness of Jesus and also believing that he will
21:50 let you do whatever you want to do.
21:52 Continue to live alive from sin.
21:54 My friend when I read the New Testament
21:56 and it describes God's new covenant.
21:58 It describes God's new covenant as forgiveness
22:01 of sin because of faith in Jesus.
22:03 And it describes the writing of the law of
22:05 God on the heart and on the mind by the
22:08 power of the Holy Spirit. My friend if you want to
22:13 be a New Testament Christian, you want to
22:15 be a new covenant Christian, you need not
22:17 just put your faith in Jesus, but you need to let
22:20 the power of the spirit of God in your life to write
22:24 the law of God on your heart.
22:27 My friend in the Book of Revelation it says that
22:29 those who make it through, those who do
22:32 not receive the Mark of the Beast.
22:34 The people who endure to the end are the people
22:38 who have this faith in Jesus, this faith that won't
22:41 give up in Christ and the people who by the power
22:47 of the Holy Spirit keep the commandments of God.
22:53 That's how you avoid the Mark.
23:01 My friend you can scan your groceries at the
23:03 grocery store. You don't have to worry about
23:05 barcodes, and computer chips,
23:07 and all of those things. The devil has sidetracked
23:10 the world with all of those things to get people
23:13 looking to the physical and the material and not
23:17 thinking about the issues of their own heart.
23:21 Is my heart committed to the Lord Jesus Christ,
23:24 is my life in harmony with the law of God by
23:27 the power of the Holy Spirit.
23:31 The devil is got a sidetracked and we are
23:34 looking to barcodes, and computer chips,
23:36 and all of those things as the Mark.
23:39 What we need to worry about, is how not
23:41 to receive it and that is by keeping our faith in Jesus.
23:47 By keeping our faith in Jesus and keeping the
23:49 commandments of God by the
23:51 power of the Holy Spirit.
23:57 That's what Jesus was talking about in John
23:59 chapter 14 verse 15 he says, "If you love me,
24:04 you will keep my commandments.
24:06 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you
24:08 another Helper, to be with you forever.
24:11 Jesus says if you love me keep my commandments,
24:14 if you love me you will keep my commandments
24:17 and that he is going to pray to the father and the
24:20 father is gonna send a helper. I love that word
24:23 helper there in, in this translation.
24:25 The word in the Greek is Parakletos,
24:28 its one who comes beside,
24:33 its one who comes beside
24:35 to help. Jesus says if you love me you will
24:38 keep my commandments and he will pray to the
24:42 father and the father is gonna send a helper,
24:43 this helper is the Holy Spirit.
24:47 My friends the devil as I have said before has
24:51 got the world sidetracked. People are worried about
24:55 computer chips; he has got the Christian world
24:58 sidetrack. They are worried about
24:59 computer chips and barcodes, and they
25:01 are not worried about their own spiritual house.
25:06 Is their faith formerly rooted and grounded
25:09 in the Lord Jesus Christ. And is the spirit of God
25:13 writing his law on their hearts and on their minds,
25:16 the issue at the end of time worship, worship,
25:20 worship, worship, worship, worship, worship.
25:25 Seven times in the book of Revelation in chapter
25:28 13 and 14 the issue is worship, worship of the
25:31 beast and one time God asks us to worship him.
25:36 The issue in the Book of Revelation is the
25:38 commandments they break the first
25:40 commandment, they break the second
25:41 commandment taking the name of the Lord
25:44 and worshiping idols. They break the third
25:46 commandment taking the name of the Lord in vain.
25:48 And then God says remember by fourth
25:50 commandment and worship me as creator.
25:53 The issue at the end of time is not computers,
25:57 barcodes or any of thos things; they are the
26:00 spiritual issues of a new covenant.
26:03 The new covenant in Hebrews that is the
26:06 writing of the law on the hearts, the writing
26:09 of the law on the minds, and the forgiveness of sin
26:13 through faith in Jesus Christ.
26:16 My friend today you want to stand in the final crisis,
26:21 you need to stand right now for Jesus Christ.
26:25 You want to be ready for the final difficulties that
26:28 face us then you need to make sure that your faith
26:31 is in Jesus right now. You need to make sure
26:34 that the spirit of God is the work in our life
26:37 bringing your life into harmony with the
26:39 commandments of God. There is no rebels in
26:43 heaven, there is no rebels in heaven.
26:47 We put our faith in Christ today.
26:50 The spirit of God writes the law of God on the
26:54 heart, and the mind today. I think of a millionaire
26:57 heart first woman to ever fly across the
27:00 Atlantic Ocean unassisted. Then she decides to fly
27:04 across the Pacific Ocean. When she is flying across
27:07 the Pacific Ocean, she encounters bad
27:11 weather and her aeroplane crashes.
27:13 But, before her plane crashed she radioed
27:16 in for help and she said these words.
27:19 Fuel almost gone, position doubtful.
27:23 She had no idea where she was at and she
27:25 had no fuel to get anywhere at all.
27:29 My friends that's why many people are they
27:31 don't know where they stand with God and they
27:33 have no spiritual power. If you give your life to
27:36 Christ today keep your faith in him, he will fill
27:39 you with the spirit and give you spiritual power
27:41 and that's what its gonna ultimately take to stand
27:44 at the end of time, it just it's what's it's gonna take
27:48 to stand at the end of time what you need today
27:50 is what you will need tomorrow and ultimately
27:53 what you will need at the end
27:54 of time, put your trust in him.


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