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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel, I'm Nathan
00:33 Renner, Senior Pastor of the Troy
00:34 Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Troy,
00:36 Michigan and today we're gonna be
00:38 discussing how to have peace with God?
00:41 How to have peace with God?
00:43 Before we get into our topic though of course
00:45 we have to pray because we need to
00:46 ask the God of the Bible to be with us and to
00:49 inspire our thoughts as we study His word.
00:52 So, let's pray. Father, as we look at your word,
00:57 we ask that you would speak to our hearts.
01:02 We pray that we could hear your voice
01:04 and we would understand your
01:06 message, bless us now Father as we read,
01:10 speak, we pray in Jesus name, amen.
01:15 We're gonna begin our study today in Romans
01:17 the fifth chapter, Romans chapter 5 verse 1.
01:22 We'll read that text just now it says,
01:24 "Therefore, since we have been justified by
01:28 faith, we have peace with God through our
01:32 Lord Jesus Christ." In Romans 5 verse 1,
01:36 Paul tells us how an individual can have
01:39 peace with God and that is by
01:42 being justified by faith.
01:45 What does justified mean?
01:47 What is the definition of justified?
01:50 Justified means just as if I'd never sinned.
01:55 It means to be accounted righteous.
01:58 So, Paul says that we can be justified by faith,
02:02 that is God can look at us as we had never sinned.
02:06 We can be accounted righteous by putting
02:09 faith in Jesus Christ. And the result
02:11 according to Romans chapter 5 verse 1,
02:14 of being justified by faith is that we have
02:17 peace with God. Now, there's a couple
02:20 of ways to understand this
02:22 concept of peace with God.
02:25 There's the psychological interpretation which
02:29 is goes a little something like this.
02:32 Since I've become a Christian, my life has
02:34 just been filled with such peace.
02:38 Well, certainly when you become a Christian,
02:40 the Lord does fill your life with peace,
02:43 but I don't really think that's the Apostle Paul's
02:47 thought right here. That's not the Apostle
02:49 Paul's thought in fact, Paul is saying something
02:53 much more significant then simply that your
02:55 life is full of peace once you become a Christian.
02:59 He doesn't just say that you have peace;
03:00 he says that you actually have peace
03:03 with God, you have peace with God.
03:06 And so, Paul here is saying that when you
03:09 believe, when you have faith and because of
03:12 your faith God treats you just as if you had
03:14 never sinned, he regards you as if
03:16 you're perfectly righteous.
03:18 Because that is true, the Bible says that
03:20 have peace with God. Now, the concept here
03:23 is that the war between human beings and God
03:27 is over, when a person puts faith in Jesus.
03:31 Look in Romans 5 verse 6, and we'll read
03:34 several verses here in a row.
03:36 Romans chapter 5 verse 6, it says,
03:40 "For while we were still weak, at the right time
03:43 Christ died for the ungodly."
03:48 In Romans 5 verse 6, the Apostle Paul
03:50 describes humanity as being weak and ungodly.
03:54 Notice how we describes humanity in verse 8.
03:58 The Bible says in Romans chapter 5 verse 8,
04:01 "But God shows his love for us in that while
04:03 we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
04:06 So, we are weak, ungodly and according
04:09 to verse 8, we're sinners.
04:12 Now, let's look in verse 10.
04:14 How does Paul described humanity in verse 10.
04:18 "For if while we were enemies
04:20 we were reconciled to God by the death of his
04:23 Son, how much more shall, now that we are
04:27 reconciled, shall we be saved by his life."
04:30 Notice Romans chapter 5 verse 10 describes us
04:33 as enemies of God, we were enemies,
04:37 we were reconciled to God.
04:38 So, now notice the language, we're weak,
04:41 we're ungodly, we're sinners, and we're
04:44 enemies, we're enemies.
04:47 So, in Romans chapter 5 verse 1, when the
04:49 Bible says, therefore being justified by faith,
04:51 we have peace with God. He's not talking about
04:54 a psychological peace; he's talking about the
04:57 kind of peace that is ours when we have
05:00 seized to be enemies of someone else.
05:04 Romans chapter 5 verse 1, is telling us when it
05:07 says we're justified by faith,
05:09 we've peace with God. He is saying that the
05:11 war between you and God is over, that we are
05:16 now at peace with God. That's His promise.
05:21 His promise is that when you put your
05:24 faith in Jesus and God looks at you just as if
05:27 you had never sinned. When you put your
05:29 faith in Christ and he says, I look at you as
05:32 if you have never sinned; I look at you
05:33 as if you're perfectly righteous.
05:36 He says, now you are at peace with God.
05:39 The war is over. You're no longer enemies
05:43 with God, you're no longer ungodly,
05:46 he no longer looks at you as if you're a sinner.
05:49 He looks at you if you're righteous
05:51 and that you are at peace.
05:55 Now, we're gonna look at Romans chapter 5
05:58 verse 2, let's read Romans chapter 5 verse 2.
06:01 Of course we've read verse 1, we know we're
06:03 at peace with God verse 2 now says in Romans
06:05 chapter 5 verse 2, "Through him we have
06:08 also obtained access by faith into this grace in
06:14 which we stand, and we rejoice in the hope
06:18 of the glory of God." Now, notice what it
06:21 says, it says that that by faith we have gained
06:25 access to God's grace. So, when we put our
06:28 faith in Christ, we received peace with
06:31 God and we also have obtained access into
06:37 grace, that's grace in which we now stand.
06:40 We have obtained access into grace.
06:42 Grace is God's favorable disposition
06:45 towards us; it's His loving kindness toward us.
06:49 When we put our faith in Christ, we now have
06:52 access to all of the goodness and the
06:55 kindness and the mercy of God.
06:59 In fact, I like the language of
07:01 verse 2 it says, "Through him we
07:02 have also obtained access by faith into
07:04 this grace in which we stand."
07:07 The concept there is, is, is an amazing
07:10 concept, it's a glorious concept,
07:13 it's, it's, it's, it's one of the greatest
07:15 concepts in the entire Bible.
07:16 It says that you are now standing in grace.
07:21 Grace is the, the environment in
07:24 which you live, when you have
07:25 faith in Jesus Christ. When you have faith
07:28 in Jesus you are immersed and standing in grace.
07:31 The picture I have is, it's almost like a
07:33 swimming pool you, you're standing in
07:35 water and when you're in a pool and the water
07:37 has surrounded you. That once you have
07:40 faith in Christ, grace is the environment
07:43 in which you stand. In fact, it's fascinating
07:46 in, in the original language when it says,
07:49 you stand in grace, it's, it's perfect
07:51 indicative and, and what that means
07:54 is that it's, it's something that begins
07:56 at a particular point in time and continues
07:59 indefinitely into the future.
08:02 When you put your faith in Christ at that
08:03 moment you're standing in grace.
08:06 And you continue to stand in grace
08:08 indefinitely into the future as long as an
08:11 individual has faith in Christ,
08:14 they're standing in grace. By the way, we need
08:18 to be clear, the Bible does not teach one
08:21 saved always saved. The Bible teach us that
08:23 if a person rebels against God
08:26 and does so flagrantly disregarding who God
08:32 is, and what God has done for him,
08:33 if that person had been a believer,
08:35 they have ceased to be in a covenant
08:37 relationship with God and probably
08:38 the best way to describe what Paul is describing
08:41 here? Is, is through marriage, an illustration
08:45 for marriage when, when I was marry
08:47 I looked into the eyes of my wife.
08:50 And she looked into my eyes and the minister
08:53 you know, he called on us to affirm our vows
08:56 together and she looked at me and said,
08:59 I do and I looked at her and said I do and then
09:02 we were married. And we were bound
09:05 in a covenant relationship.
09:08 We were bound in a covenant relationship.
09:11 Now, here's the fascinating thing.
09:14 When my wife and I, we have a
09:15 disagreement, lets say even the disagreement
09:19 were to get heated and I sinned against her
09:21 in the course of the disagreement
09:23 or she sinned against me.
09:26 We don't have to be remarried every time
09:29 we have a disagreement, we don't have to be
09:32 remarried every time we sin against each other.
09:36 We have to repent most certainly,
09:38 but we don't have to be remarried.
09:40 You only need to be remarried, if you have
09:42 been divorced. You follow, yes or no?
09:47 And, and so it is with God, when we put our
09:49 faith in Christ and we enter into a covenant
09:52 relationship with him. When we say to Jesus,
09:54 Jesus I put my faith in you, I believe
09:57 that you died for me on the cross.
09:59 He says, I look at you now as if you are just;
10:02 I look at you now as if you're righteous.
10:05 The war is over, you are now standing in grace,
10:09 your position with me is grace.
10:11 And you stand in that position of grace
10:13 indefinitely into the future, you are with
10:17 God in grace, you're not in grace one day
10:21 and out of grace the next. You're not with God
10:23 one day and not with God the next.
10:25 As long as you have faith in Christ,
10:28 you are standing in grace.
10:33 Just like as long as I'm married,
10:36 I'm standing in that marriage relationship.
10:39 Now, certainly a married man
10:40 can divorce his wife. And a Christian can
10:43 divorce his God, but on, but every time
10:47 there's a mistake or a failure in the
10:49 relationship, it does not a divorce make.
10:55 You follow that idea, yes or no?
10:56 It's, it's a critical important idea.
10:59 Paul says, when you have faith,
11:00 you stand in grace. You're in grace,
11:03 you're not in grace and out of grace,
11:04 you are in grace. You can choose to
11:06 get a divorce, but every time you make a
11:09 mistake you don't get a divorce.
11:11 Now, it's fascinating because what he says
11:14 in verse 2 and let, we'll read the verse again,
11:16 again here in Romans chapter 5 verse 2.
11:20 Romans 5 verse 2, it says, "Through him
11:24 we have obtained access by faith into
11:27 the grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in
11:31 the hope of the glory of God."
11:36 It's fascinating what he says there, he says
11:38 that when you have put your faith in Christ,
11:41 you're standing in grace. Now, you rejoice in the
11:44 hope of the glory of God. You rejoice in the hope
11:49 of the glory of God. That's a promise, you
11:52 rejoice in the hope of experiencing all of
11:55 God's glory. It's really a promise of
11:56 going to heaven. It's a promise of going
12:00 to heaven, when you put your faith
12:02 and trust in Christ. He says that you're
12:04 gonna stand in grace, you're gonna be
12:06 immersed in grace. And that you will
12:09 stand there indefinitely into the future.
12:10 Now, you have the hope of going to heaven.
12:13 As long as you don't ask for a divorce,
12:16 you have the hope of going to heaven.
12:19 Now, it's fascinating what he says in verse 3
12:21 because I, I don't know about you,
12:22 but I, I'm really happy that I'm going to
12:24 heaven, aren't you happy that you're
12:26 going to heaven? If you have put your
12:27 faith in Christ. I'm sure that you are,
12:30 but notice what he says in verse 3.
12:36 "More than that, we rejoice in our
12:39 sufferings, knowing that suffering produces
12:43 endurance." We'll read verse 4 as well.
12:46 "And endurance produces character.
12:49 And we're gonna read verse 5,
12:54 "And character produces hope and
12:57 hope does not put to shame, because God's
12:59 love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit
13:03 who has been given unto us."
13:05 You follow what, what Paul is saying here?
13:07 Well, first of all Paul says in verse 2 that
13:10 we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.
13:12 We rejoice essentially that we're going to
13:13 heaven. I'm happy about that,
13:15 you're happy about that, but in verse 3 he says,
13:18 more than that, more than the, the amount
13:21 that we rejoice that we're gonna go to
13:22 heaven, we rejoice in our sufferings.
13:29 My friend, I want you to think about that,
13:32 if you put your faith in Christ and you have
13:34 confidence that you're going to heaven and
13:35 you're happy about that.
13:38 Are you more happy when difficult,
13:40 when difficulties come your way then you
13:42 are about the fact that you're going to heaven.
13:46 I want you to think about that.
13:50 And, ask yourself why is it that Paul would
13:53 say that we are more happy about our
13:56 sufferings then about the fact that we're
13:59 going to go to heaven. Why is Paul saying that?
14:02 Is Paul a masochist, is he someone
14:04 who loves pain, is Paul someone who loves,
14:08 loves to suffer, absolutely not.
14:12 Paul is, is, is committed, Paul does not love pain,
14:17 what is it in Romans chapter 5 here verse 3
14:21 and 4 that Paul is saying, when he says,
14:24 we rejoice on our sufferings.
14:25 Paul says in verse 3, more than that we
14:27 rejoice in our sufferings because we know that
14:29 suffering produces endurance.
14:32 Paul is not happy to suffer
14:34 for suffering's sake. He is happy to suffer
14:37 because he knows what suffering produces
14:41 in the life of the believer.
14:42 Paul says that suffering produces endurance and
14:47 endurance produces character and character
14:53 produces hope. You follow what Paul
14:56 is saying? He is saying, yes I'm standing
14:58 in grace, yes I know that when Christ
15:02 comes again, I'm going to share God's glory
15:04 and go to heaven, I'm very happy about that.
15:08 I'm so wonderfully happy about that.
15:11 However even more than the fact that
15:14 I'm going to heaven I rejoice in my
15:17 sufferings, why do I rejoice in my sufferings?
15:20 'Cause sufferings produce endurance
15:22 and endurance produces character
15:24 and character produces hope.
15:27 My friends, I want you to understand
15:28 something here my friend.
15:30 When suffering comes your way,
15:31 if you are a believer and suffering comes
15:33 your way, don't get discouraged,
15:36 don't give up, why? Because you know,
15:40 that God is gonna take anything and
15:42 everything that comes your way.
15:44 And He's gonna use that to change
15:46 the person that you are. That suffering is gonna
15:50 give you endurance and that endurance
15:52 is gonna change your character and the
15:55 character change is gonna fill you
15:58 with hope and encouragement.
16:00 Now, let's read verse 5 again.
16:03 Romans chapter 5 verse 5, in what way
16:06 does suffering produce endurance and
16:10 endurance produce character and
16:11 character produce who? Hope. In what day,
16:13 in what way does character
16:15 transformation produce hope?
16:16 Verse 5, "Hope does not put us to shame,
16:21 because God's love has been poured into our
16:24 hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been
16:27 given unto us." Notice what the text says,
16:30 the hope that we have will not be put to
16:34 shame, because God's love has been poured
16:38 into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who
16:41 has been given unto us. What does he mean?
16:44 When he says the hope that we have?
16:46 The hope of going to heaven, the hope of
16:48 transformation, what does Paul mean when
16:50 he says that will not be put to shame?
16:53 Well, imagine that you're a child and
16:56 that your parents had promised you a
16:57 fantastic, glorious, lovely vacation next
17:04 summer they said, we're going to go to
17:06 that place that you've always dreamed have
17:09 going, I don't know. When I was a boy
17:11 always dreamed of going to Disney land.
17:12 Now, of course I'm an adult.
17:13 Now, Disney land doesn't really interest
17:15 me too much, but imagine you're a child,
17:17 and your parents have told you, you're gonna
17:19 go to some kind of fantastic place and you
17:23 have looked forward to it all year long and,
17:26 and you are days and weeks away from going
17:29 to where you always dreamed of going.
17:34 And then dad comes home,
17:38 and dad says I need to meet with the family
17:42 and the family gathers around.
17:46 And dad says, you know, we were planning to go
17:48 on vacation to this glorious, fantastic
17:50 place, but today on, on my, on my way at home
17:56 after work, after work they gave me an
17:58 envelope and when I got to my car,
18:00 I open the envelope and in the envelope
18:03 was my layoff notice. In the envelope the,
18:08 the boss told me that I no longer have a job,
18:12 I no longer have employment,
18:14 I no longer have income from this particular
18:16 place, and so children though I have promised
18:20 to take you on this glorious vacation,
18:23 though we have been looking forward to
18:25 this glorious vacation, we are not able to go.
18:29 We cannot go because I no longer have a job,
18:32 we cannot afford to go. The, the hope that that
18:36 child had in that vacation has been totally
18:40 completely put to shame, it's been put to shame.
18:46 Paul says, that if you're a believer,
18:49 you're standing in grace that sufferings change
18:53 the person that you are. Paul says, that if you're
18:56 a believer that suffering will
18:58 produce endurance, endurance will produce
19:00 character, and character will produce hope
19:02 and that hope that you have of going to heaven
19:05 will never ever, ever be put to shame, why?
19:10 Why won't it be put to shame, it won't be put
19:12 to shame because God's Spirit is living
19:15 in your and He is, is your constant
19:18 reminder that God is true. That God is not gonna
19:22 turn his back on you. That God, if God has
19:24 told you that He's gonna take you to heaven
19:26 then God is going to do it.
19:31 Your hope of heaven will never be put to
19:33 shame; your hope is based on
19:36 something substantial. My friend, if you're
19:40 looking here in Romans 5, what He is saying is,
19:42 it's a glory message when you put your
19:45 faith in Christ, you have peace with God,
19:48 the war is over. You're standing in grace,
19:51 God looks at you and treats you with grace
19:53 it's not in grace and out of grace; in grace and
19:56 out of grace as long as you have faith, you are
19:58 being treated with grace. Now, you can divorce
20:00 God, you can, you can say to God.
20:03 God I don't wanna be in grace anymore,
20:04 I don't want to be in a relationship with you,
20:07 but as long as you have faith in Christ,
20:09 you are in grace and you have the hope of
20:11 going to heaven, but more than the hope
20:13 you have of going to heaven, you rejoice in
20:16 your suffering 'Cause you know that
20:18 everything you experienced here on this earth.
20:20 Good, better and different everything
20:22 you experience, God is taking it to change
20:25 who you are to, to craft your character and all
20:30 the hope that God fills your heart with,
20:33 you know, that you'll never be put to shame,
20:35 that your hope will not be disappointed,
20:37 that you will actually make it.
20:41 And your conformation that you're gonna
20:42 actually make it according to Romans 5
20:44 verse 5, let's read the verse again.
20:46 Romans chapter 5 verse 5, your conformation
20:49 that your hope is not gonna be put to shame
20:51 is found there in Romans 5 verse 5,
20:53 "Hope does not put us to shame, because
20:56 God's love has been poured into our hearts
20:59 through the Holy Spirit who has been given
21:02 unto us." The Holy Spirit is our ever
21:06 abiding confidence that we are going
21:10 to heaven that eternal life is ours.
21:14 Our hope of heaven is not gonna be put to
21:16 shame because we are experiencing God's
21:19 love day-by-day, we are experiencing God's
21:22 love in our hearts as a guarantee
21:25 that heaven is our home.
21:28 My friend, if you put your faith in Christ
21:31 then you have peace with God, the war is over.
21:34 He will treat you with the amazing grace of
21:38 God, that amazing kindness of God.
21:42 It says, that you'll rejoice in the hope
21:46 of going to heaven, but more than that you'll
21:48 rejoice in suffering 'cause suffering changes
21:51 who the per, the person you are,
21:52 it changes who you are. But all through it all,
21:55 it doesn't matter how bad you suffered,
21:57 it doesn't matter any of that does not matter
21:59 because it's changing who you are and you
22:01 have confidence that you are
22:03 actually going to make it.
22:05 Heaven is your home because the spirit of
22:07 God is that constant abiding presence
22:11 reassuring you of the love of God.
22:14 Now, in Romans chapter 5 verse 6,
22:17 the Apostle Paul describes the love of
22:21 God, he describes the love of God in the
22:24 most glorious language. This love of God that's
22:27 our constant abiding presence, when the
22:29 Spirit of God has been given to us, what does
22:33 he say about the love of God?
22:35 "For while we were still weak, at the right time
22:39 Christ died for the ungodly."
22:42 This is what God's love looks like; this is what
22:45 God's love looks like. It looks like; it looks
22:48 like a willingness to die for the
22:51 weak and the ungodly. That's what God's love
22:54 looks like. Verse 7 describes God's love;
22:58 verse 7 describes God's love.
23:00 "For one will scarcely die for a righteous
23:03 person though perhaps for a good person one
23:06 would dare to die." We'll read verse 8 as well.
23:11 "But God shows his love for us in that while
23:16 we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
23:21 Here he is describing God's love and it's
23:23 glorious terms. He is saying, when you
23:25 were weak, and when you were ungodly,
23:27 Christ died for you. He said, you know,
23:29 in the world somebody might die for a good man.
23:33 He might die for a good man, but what about
23:37 the ungodly person? What about the ungodly
23:40 person? Who's gonna die for him?
23:46 Who' gonna give their life for that person?
23:49 And the answer is that God shows His love to us.
23:55 Even when we're desperate sinners
23:58 by sending Christ to die for us.
24:05 My friends, when we have believed in Jesus,
24:08 when we have put our trust in Him, we're at
24:10 peace with God, we're standing in grace,
24:17 we are rejoicing in the fact that we're going
24:20 to heaven, and when we suffer we know that
24:25 God has a plan in suffering that it changes
24:27 who we are and, and even in the midst of the
24:30 pain of suffering, we have the love of God
24:32 as our constant abiding presence, the love of
24:36 God that says, when you were a rebel,
24:38 when you were ungodly, when you're
24:40 weak, when you are a sinner, when you were
24:43 separated from me, not thinking about me,
24:47 I was thinking about you, I was loving you
24:50 and I gave myself for you, even when you
24:54 were in that condition. He says, God shows his
24:58 love for us, in that while we were still
25:01 sinners, Christ died for us.
25:09 Oh, my friend, God didn't wait till you got better,
25:13 He went for you when you were wretched,
25:17 poor, and miserable, while you were still a
25:20 sinner, Christ died for you.
25:24 If he was willing to die for you when
25:26 you were a sinner. According to Romans
25:28 chapter 5 verse 9 he says something glorious.
25:32 "Since therefore we have now been justified
25:34 by his blood, much more shall we be saved
25:40 by him from the wrath of God.
25:45 Follow the beautiful truth
25:47 contained in that scripture.
25:48 It's glorious, Romans chapter 5 verse 9,
25:51 has just said, if God loved you when you
25:53 were a sinner, so much that he was willing to
25:56 send Christ to die for you.
25:58 Now, that you have believed and are
26:00 justified, how can you expect, but to be saved
26:05 from the wrath of God. In other words it's
26:07 saying essentially that if God was willing
26:08 to do acts for you when you were a sinner,
26:11 now that you are a believer, how much
26:13 more can you be confident that he
26:15 will treat you kindly. If Christ was willing
26:17 to die for you when you were a sinner,
26:20 how can you expect anything other than
26:23 God to save you now that you have
26:25 become a believer. My friend today,
26:30 you can be confident that if you trust in
26:33 Christ right now that the war will be over,
26:37 that you will be at absolute peace with God,
26:40 that you will not be his enemy, but that
26:42 you will be the subject of His awesome
26:44 loving kindness, His awesome grace,
26:47 that he is gonna treat you with that kindness
26:49 and that grace as long as you believe,
26:52 as you're trusting Him. You have the hope of
26:55 going to heaven. And it doesn't matter whatever
26:58 bad things come your way, whatever suffering
27:00 and pain comes your way, you are confident
27:02 that God is just gonna allow that to change the
27:05 person you are to form your character into what
27:09 He would like it to be. And you know,
27:13 that your hope of going to heaven is going to be
27:16 realized, it's not gonna be put to shame because
27:18 God's love for the power of the spirit is
27:20 your abiding presence, it is
27:22 your abiding presence. The Spirit is constantly
27:25 reminding you of the goodness of God in
27:28 sending His son to die for you while
27:29 you were a sinner. My friend, today put
27:33 your confident trust in Jesus, tell Jesus
27:37 that you believe in Him, tell Jesus that you know
27:40 His death was for you, that He died for you
27:43 when you were yet a sinner.
27:45 And you trust Him and you could be
27:47 confidence that heaven is your home,
27:50 that Christ is your Savior and
27:52 that you are at peace with God.


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