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00:30 Welcome to Faith Chapel, I'm Christian Berdahl,
00:32 Director of Shepherd's Call Ministry.
00:35 Before we pray I have a question for you,
00:39 do you love Jesus? If you answered yes,
00:43 I love Jesus then how do we as human
00:46 beings on planet earth show God,
00:49 show Jesus that we love him,
00:51 I mean after all I can show my family
00:54 members that I love them, I can give them
00:56 hugs and kisses but I can't hug and kiss Jesus.
01:02 How do we show Jesus love?
01:05 Let's pray and then we'll
01:06 explore this question.
01:10 Gracious heavenly Father, Lord,
01:11 we ask that you would be with us, you would
01:13 guide us through the opening of your word,
01:16 I pray that it would illuminate our minds.
01:19 And Father, we ask that you would teach
01:21 us from your scriptures. We ask that you would
01:24 be with us and teach us how to
01:26 love you in Jesus name, Amen.
01:31 So, how do we show love to somebody that we know?
01:37 I discovered that we can say it with words
01:39 and we can say it with our actions and it's
01:43 wonderful to tell people that we love
01:45 them and to communicate that verbally but it's
01:48 not enough friends. We have to back it up
01:51 with some action and I believe that my wife
01:55 for instance needs to know that I truly love
02:00 her and I respect her and I show her love,
02:03 I tell her I love her all the time.
02:06 In fact I tell her over and over again thank
02:08 you for saying yes at the marriage alter and
02:12 she says thank you for asking.
02:14 But friends beyond this wonderful
02:16 communication that we have I have to
02:18 show her that I love her and I spend time
02:22 with her, I rub her back and rub her feet
02:26 and I bring her flowers and I open
02:28 doors for her I show her that I love her,
02:33 but how do we do this with Jesus?
02:36 How do I show Jesus that I love him, has
02:39 my wife become the woman of my dreams
02:42 or is she just something I take for granted?
02:46 Is Jesus just a necessary ingredient
02:49 for salvation, is he just the way to heaven
02:53 or is he may all and all?
02:57 There is a powerful story in the Bible,
02:58 turn with me to Luke 7 and verse 37, there's
03:02 a powerful story in the Bible that
03:04 illustrates, that shows a deep love that a
03:07 woman had for her savior.
03:10 I think of Mary and the alabaster box.
03:15 And behold, a woman in the city, which was
03:17 a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at
03:20 met in the Pharisee's house, brought an
03:21 alabaster box of ointment, and stood
03:24 at his feet behind him weeping, and began
03:26 to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe
03:29 them with the hairs of her head, and kissed
03:32 his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.
03:34 Moving quickly onto Matthew 26 starting
03:37 in verse 8, but when the disciples saw this,
03:41 they had indignation. You know what that
03:43 means, that means extreme anger or disgust.
03:47 They said to what purpose is this waste?
03:49 For this ointment might have been sold
03:51 for much, and given to the poor.
03:53 When Jesus understood it, he said to them,
03:56 why trouble ye the woman? For she hath wrought
03:59 a good work on me. For ye have the poor
04:02 always with you; but me ye have not always.
04:05 For in that she hath poured this ointment
04:06 on my body, she did it for my burial.
04:10 Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this
04:12 gospel shall be preached in the whole world,
04:15 there shall also this, that this woman hath
04:19 done be told for a memorial of her.
04:22 Friends, a controversy broke out in the room
04:26 immediately, on one hand they
04:28 were some men of God.
04:31 And they were disgusted by this act
04:35 and on the other hand there was Jesus
04:39 who was reacting positively to this
04:41 thing that she did, the anointing of Jesus,
04:44 the breaking open of the alabaster box
04:46 and so on one hand the men of God were
04:48 saying this disgusting, this is, they had
04:51 actually abhorrence for what had happen
04:54 and on the other side. Jesus is saying
04:57 I accept this, why are you troubling the
04:59 woman? And Mary hears that she did
05:03 well and that the whole world will hear
05:05 about what she did. And then Jesus says,
05:09 your sins Mary are forgiven.
05:14 Was Mary forgiven? Did salvation come
05:17 to her soul because she broke open that
05:20 alabaster box and anointed Jesus?
05:23 Friends, I want to say yes, I believe Mary
05:29 was saved because she anointed
05:31 Jesus with the alabaster box.
05:35 So, how is it that Mary came to such
05:38 a decision to anoint Jesus with this special
05:43 gift, we have to understand that Mary
05:47 was once a great sinner friends,
05:49 she had been a harlot, a woman of the night
05:54 and she was brought before Jesus by the
05:56 Pharisees and set up before Christ and
06:01 Christ did not condemn her.
06:03 He worked with her in a way that touched
06:06 her heart, praise God and this is of course a
06:09 lesson for you and for me,
06:13 because we're just sinners?
06:15 And when we come to Jesus, no matter how
06:18 bad our sins are, no matter what we've done,
06:21 Jesus will still accept us and give us the
06:24 power to turn away from those sins
06:25 friends and Mary experienced this.
06:29 She had a great struggle, she went
06:31 back to her old ways of life, over
06:33 and over and over again.
06:36 But Jesus, as the Bible says, went to
06:38 her over and over again. And finally the seventh
06:42 time she had a battle friends but the
06:45 seventh time that Jesus went to Mary,
06:49 she gained the victory and she became one
06:52 of the strongest disciples of Jesus Christ,
06:55 Praise God, a changed life.
06:59 And so, what is it about this alabaster
07:03 box, what's so special about it and what
07:06 do I think that the breaking of the
07:10 alabaster box is what brought Mary's salvation.
07:16 You see I believe that this story represents
07:19 the entire gospel just in two verses
07:23 and that's how God is, he's amazing in his word
07:26 and if we look at it Mary is the sinner.
07:29 Jesus of course is the savior, he is salvation,
07:33 the church was represented by the
07:36 disciples, they were both spiritual Jews
07:39 and there were gentiles, they were
07:41 people in there as well that were not
07:43 heading quite like Simon that hadn't
07:45 actually accepted Christ as the Messiah.
07:49 They was also the world, they were
07:51 many people in the house that were not
07:54 Christians and were looking at Jesus with
07:56 unfriendly eyes and they represent the
07:58 world and I believe that the alabaster
08:00 box represents Mary's heart and the oil,
08:05 the oil of spikenard that was in that box,
08:08 in that flask was the love that Jesus had
08:15 instilled in her. And so you see Mary
08:19 brought her heart and she opened her heart
08:23 to Jesus and returned the love to her savior
08:28 by anointing him, that's beautiful to me.
08:32 Now, I asked you earlier, how do you
08:34 show that you love Jesus. Now, I wanna go
08:39 back over our scriptures now and
08:41 I want to break down Matthew and we'll
08:44 start in verse, excuse me Matthew chapter
08:47 26 we'll start in verse 37 and it said there
08:50 behold a woman was in the city which was
08:54 a sinner, so it's very clear that Mary was
08:57 a sinner and what
08:59 said, Romans 3:23 says, For all have
09:03 sinned and come short of the glory of God.
09:09 Friends, you and I have sinned, there
09:12 is no question that we're sinners but
09:14 when Mary the sinner, when she knew,
09:17 lets continue on, when she knew in our verse,
09:19 when she knew that Jesus sat at meet in
09:21 the Pharisee's house. When she knew she
09:24 brought an alabaster box of ointment,
09:26 when she knew Jesus was somewhere she
09:28 went there, she sort him out, Amen.
09:31 Yes, the sinner went and sort out Jesus Christ.
09:36 Are we seeking out God with our whole
09:38 heart or just part of it? Are we keeping the
09:42 box of our heart closed to him?
09:45 Are we spending time with Jesus everyday?
09:49 You know when we love someone,
09:50 we want to spend time with them.
09:52 When I return from my travels and I go
09:54 home, I seek out my wife because I love to
09:58 be where she is? I seek out my little
10:00 boys because I love to be where they are?
10:03 If we love someone, we'll want to spend
10:05 time with them and when Mary heard
10:07 Jesus was at Simon's house she went,
10:12 reading on, brought an alabaster box of
10:15 ointment, she brought the alabaster box,
10:18 you see what she brought was her heart,
10:21 she brought her heart and when I fell in
10:23 love with my wife Cobie, I invested
10:26 my heart in her. I brought my whole
10:29 heart, I didn't bring part of it, I brought
10:31 my whole heart to the marriage alter and she
10:34 trusted that I wouldn't give it to anyone else,
10:36 any other woman. The greatest gift
10:39 I can give my wife is that of one hundred
10:42 percent fidelity to her and this proves my
10:46 love for her, if I were to go off with some
10:48 other woman, God forbid, breaking my
10:50 marriage vows and came back telling
10:53 Cobie that I loved her, would she have cause
10:57 to think does he really love me.
11:00 Because if he really loved me his actions
11:03 would be different, friends that's what it
11:07 is like with Jesus, my actions speak louder
11:10 than my words, if I love Jesus then I want
11:14 to spend time with him. If I love Jesus I'll
11:18 act in a way that proves I love him.
11:21 You see I'm married to Christ and if I go
11:24 off as the Bible says a whoring with other idols.
11:29 Does Jesus have cause to think does
11:31 Christian really love me, yes.
11:35 So, what are the idols in the world that we
11:37 have today, some have problems with
11:40 movies, some have problems
11:42 with sports figures. Some people's idols
11:44 are American idol. I mean what are the
11:47 things in the world that cause us to no
11:51 longer love Jesus Christ. You see I can show
11:57 Jesus that I love him, because I have no
12:00 other spouse, no other idols in my life.
12:04 I want to spend time with him and him alone.
12:07 Amen. And then as we read on and she
12:11 stood at his feet behind him, stood
12:15 behind him, I believe this symbolized that
12:18 she would follow him, John 10:4 says,
12:22 And when he putteth forth his own sheep,
12:24 he goeth before them, and the sheep follow
12:27 him: for they know his voice.
12:32 Mary knew the voice of her savior friends
12:35 and when she heard he was at Simon's
12:37 house, she went, she wanted to hear more
12:40 of what Jesus had to say. Mary had a history
12:44 friends of trail, she also had a history of
12:47 victory and through the power of Jesus
12:49 she developed a faith in Jesus Christ and
12:52 experiential knowledge of Jesus and actual
12:55 experience with Jesus delivering her
12:59 and so where ever he was she wanted to be.
13:02 Amen. Now, Jesus doesn't expect us to,
13:05 to follow him like blind dogs,
13:08 just believe, no. He says come to me
13:12 and I'll help you through the struggles
13:14 in life, if you come to me I will help you
13:16 gain victories and this your faith can be built
13:20 by, we can build our faith, victory upon
13:23 victory and Mary had gone through that
13:25 process and therefore she wanted to come to
13:28 that house and show Jesus that she loved
13:31 him and respected him and wanted to
13:34 spend time with him. Then it says whipping.
13:39 She brought the alabaster box she
13:41 stood at his feet behind him whipping,
13:43 why was Mary whipping? Was she sad because
13:47 she was still engaged in her harlot life?
13:49 No, she was whipping because she had been
13:51 delivered from her harlot life friends.
13:55 She was thankful for the new heart that
13:58 Jesus had given her and began to wash
14:02 his feet with her tears. She bowed in humbleness
14:07 before her master, she humbled herself
14:11 to wash his feet. Nothing was too
14:13 great for Mary to do for her savior friends
14:17 and if my wife has something, and asks
14:19 me to do something that she wants me to
14:21 do, nothing is too great for me to do for
14:25 my wife because I love her. Amen.
14:29 And Jesus loved Mary. And Jesus said you
14:35 know Mary I will never ask you to do
14:37 more than I myself have done.
14:41 Mary knew this about Christ, she saw the
14:44 humbleness in Jesus and she said if my
14:46 savior can be humble, if my savior can be
14:49 this way so can I. And so she humbles
14:53 herself right there in front of all the
14:55 scoffing onlookers, she humbles herself
14:57 and washes her feet, washes
15:00 his feet with her hair.
15:03 An incredible display of humility friends.
15:07 You know I've met, I've met men who'd
15:10 say well my wife she needs to clean the
15:13 toilet, she needs to make the food as
15:15 though she's beneath him or something.
15:18 They won't even consider helping their
15:19 wives with mundane chores around the house.
15:23 This is not the spirit of Christ, that's the
15:26 spirit of Satan friends, that selfishness rising
15:29 up, Jesus himself washed feet friends
15:34 and so Mary thought it nothing, ah!
15:37 I'll wash the savior's feet and then she
15:41 wiped his feet with the hairs of her head
15:46 and even more humility she takes her hair
15:49 which the Bible calls her glory and begins
15:52 to wipe, actually she was wiping the tears
15:55 that she was crying from his feet,
15:58 of no doubt his feet were, were travel
16:00 worn and dusty friends but she didn't care.
16:04 She wanted to show that she loved her
16:07 savior so much, she would even take her
16:09 glory and wash his feet. How do we show
16:13 Jesus that we love him? Are we washing his feet?
16:18 Some of us don't even want to wash
16:20 each others feet in the church.
16:24 Friends, its time to become Christians,
16:27 its time to become Christ like, Amen.
16:30 And then she kissed his feet, she weeps,
16:34 she kisses his feet. Why did Mary kiss
16:39 his feet? I believe that she knew that those
16:43 feet were gonna walk the path to the cross.
16:49 I believe that she's, Jesus will never step
16:52 on my heart he'll never trample me
16:54 under his feet, I can kiss these holy feet.
16:58 You see friends true love, Mary didn't
17:01 walk in and say Jesus I love you, no.
17:05 True love, she was motivated to express
17:09 her love, true love is always expressed not
17:14 just verbally, but by actions and friends,
17:17 I believe the greatest example of love in
17:21 action is found in John 3:16, For God so
17:27 loved the world, that he gave his only,
17:31 he gave, he took action. He gave his only
17:34 begotten Son, that whosoever believeth
17:37 in Him should not perished but have
17:39 everlasting life. Friends, real love will
17:43 always be expressed not only by words but
17:46 by actions. God didn't say I love you and
17:49 didn't take action. He said I love you so
17:51 much that I will send my son to die for you.
17:57 God took action, Hallelujah.
18:02 1 John 3:8 says, 1 John 3:18 says,
18:08 My Little children, let us not love in word,
18:12 neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.
18:17 Notice, it says let us not just love people
18:21 with our mouths but in deed and in truth,
18:24 we must actually do something.
18:27 Real love is always expressed.
18:31 And then she anointed them with the ointment,
18:34 she broke open the alabaster box friends,
18:37 her heart had been broken in times past.
18:42 And now she opened her heart up to the one
18:46 who had given her that new heart,
18:48 the new heart that was filled with love,
18:51 she opens it up and she says here Jesus
18:56 I want to anoint you then she reaches out,
18:59 she actually physically touches
19:02 Jesus Christ and anoints him.
19:08 Awesome, I'd love to be able to physically
19:11 reach out and anoint my savior, to give
19:13 him a hug and kiss and say thank you.
19:16 I don't have that opportunity yet.
19:19 I will some day, amen. But friends,
19:21 Mary reached out and anointed Jesus,
19:26 you see she took her heart and she gave
19:31 back the love that Christ had given her
19:35 with the new heart that she was experiencing.
19:38 Ezekiel 36:26 says, a new heart, and a new
19:43 spirit will I put within you, and I will take
19:46 away the stony heart out of your flesh,
19:48 and I will give you a heart of flesh.
19:52 Mary knew what kind of heart she had
19:54 before and now she knew there was a
19:56 change, there was something different,
19:58 something miraculous had happened because
20:00 she embraced Jesus Christ
20:04 and his power to change.
20:07 The ointment my friends was a symbol
20:11 of the love contained within our heart.
20:14 The alabaster box was her heart, was Mary
20:17 saved because she anointed Jesus with
20:21 the ointment? Yes, because it was a
20:24 reflection of what had happened inside
20:26 of her, this was the outward working of
20:28 that, but friends yes she was saved
20:30 because she gave all of her heart to Jesus
20:32 Christ and I want to encourage
20:34 you to do the same. Amen. Amen.
20:39 Do you know how much Mary gave in
20:41 that one monetary gift, that monetarily
20:44 speaking, she gave 300 denarii,
20:47 that doesn't mean much to you and me,
20:50 300 denarii was what a person would earn
20:54 in an entire year, one denarii a man
20:58 would earn for a day's labor, 300 denarii was
21:02 an entire year's wage, let me bring that
21:04 home to you, here in America the U.S.
21:08 National Median income in 2004 was
21:12 $43,000, now this just confirms that I am
21:15 indeed a pauper, but what if you earned
21:19 $40,000 lets just say $40,000, have you
21:25 ever shown Jesus Christ love like that,
21:28 here, let me put my money where my
21:31 mouth, I love you Lord but let me put
21:32 my money where my mouth is, let me give
21:35 you an entire year's wage in one gift.
21:38 Have we ever done that?
21:41 Then Mary must have had some sort of
21:43 deeper relationship going on with Jesus
21:47 Christ, he must have entered her heart
21:49 in a way that totally saved her friends to
21:52 where nothing was too much for her savior.
21:55 Hallelujah. Have you and I experienced
21:57 that, have we given an entire year?
22:02 What if you make a 100000, what if you
22:04 make a million? Have you ever given
22:06 that kind of gift to Jesus Christ?
22:08 Friends, let me ask you have you ever
22:10 given a larger gift than that to Jesus?
22:13 Have you ever given him the
22:15 gift of your entire heart?
22:20 Have you? You know when I came to Christ
22:23 I thought I don't need to ever work in the
22:26 secular world again, I must go and I must
22:29 preach, I must sing, I must encourage
22:32 people that there's a better way of life
22:34 because Jesus had given me a new heart
22:36 like he gave Mary friends. I don't earn
22:39 money now like I used to, but I can
22:43 at least show Jesus that I love him by
22:46 giving him my life service, amen.
22:49 You can do the same too friends, I have no
22:51 training, I'm not a preacher, I've never
22:53 been trained as a singer, but friends
22:56 that's the ministry God's called me to,
22:58 I'm just a lay person and I want to show
23:00 Jesus not just say I love him I wanna
23:02 show him that I do indeed love him.
23:06 I want to encourage you get off the couch,
23:09 get out there and witness to other
23:12 people, win a soul for Christ. Amen.
23:19 And she anointed him, she reached out
23:23 and touched Jesus Christ, physical touch
23:27 friends is so important, you know scientists
23:30 have done studies that newborn babies if
23:32 they're left to themselves and have no physical
23:34 touch, most time they're ridden with
23:36 disease and many times they die.
23:39 Physical touch is important friends,
23:40 it's important, Jesus embraced physical
23:43 touch, I don't believe Jesus walked around
23:45 saying I am sorry I can't hug you.
23:46 I am sorry I can't, I can't no, no.
23:50 Jesus, I can envision him giving people
23:53 warm embraces saying I love you
23:55 it's gonna be okay, go on.
23:58 He loved to have the children
23:59 come and sit on his lap. I'm sure no doubt he
24:04 hugged them, he kissed them on their
24:06 cheek, he patted their heads.
24:08 Physical touch is important friends.
24:14 And friends, I, I want to encourage
24:17 you to go all the way with Christ, if there's
24:21 someone in your midst be like Jesus
24:23 and if they must be ministered to with a touch.
24:28 A gentle pad on the back, a warm
24:31 handshake, a hug, be like Jesus, you know why?
24:36 Lets read Matthew 25:40 here's a way
24:40 that we can show Jesus love, verily
24:42 I say unto you, and as much as you have
24:44 done it unto the least of these My brethren,
24:47 you have done it unto Me.
24:49 So, if I show a person, someone on this
24:54 planet whether I know them or not,
24:57 if I show them love, if I lead them to some
25:00 help that they might need, if I encourage
25:02 them, if I give them a warm handshake,
25:04 I have done it unto Jesus, that's how we
25:08 can show Jesus Christ love, to be like Jesus
25:13 and to go and to minister to people,
25:15 sometimes the greatest sermon that
25:17 can be preached is by a family that is a
25:21 Christian family. I'll tell you this,
25:24 in my own family with my extended
25:26 family members, I had a lot of truth
25:27 and I would go out and preach this truth
25:29 if you will to them and I would kind of
25:31 beat them up with my Bible and friends
25:33 I never won their heart but when I went
25:37 and showed my love and my family,
25:40 my little boys and wife and I, would go
25:41 there and cut my father-in-law's lawn.
25:45 When we would get the weed eater out and
25:47 we would go just and we would drive an
25:49 hour and half one way three hour round trip
25:52 to go and do these chores for him when he couldn't.
25:54 Friends, we began to show that we loved
25:57 him and when he said thank you so much,
26:01 say you know praise God. God is good
26:03 and we leave it at that, we didn't try to
26:05 proselytize him, we just showed him
26:07 the love of Christ and to this day, now, today.
26:12 After ten years of trying to witness to
26:16 my in-laws now their hearts are really open
26:20 because we shut our mouth with all of our
26:22 truth that we started living the truth.
26:24 Amen. Amen. Go out and find someone to
26:29 love. Amen. Amen. We have so much
26:35 here to cover and our time is going very
26:37 quickly, but friends one of the greatest
26:39 things I want you to think about is that the
26:41 fragrance that Mary poured upon Jesus
26:44 Christ, that oil of spikenard, something
26:46 does, something happens with that,
26:48 it seeps, seeps into the skin, it soaks in,
26:52 and the fragrance lingers. You see Jesus Christ
26:57 smelt what Mary had given him, when he
26:59 stood in the court of Pilate, he could smell
27:02 the scent as he hung there on the cross
27:05 and he knew that there was at least one
27:07 that loved him and he could look down
27:09 through the future, the portal of time and say
27:12 I know that there will be other people that
27:14 will love as I have loved. That will show me the
27:17 love by the way that they live their life,
27:19 friends, I want to encourage you to be
27:22 like Jesus, let the fragrance of
27:23 Christ love linger in your life.
27:27 Be like Mary, be open friends,
27:31 don't be like Judas in that room, who said
27:33 you know what this is disgusting to me.
27:36 I'm gonna go out and have Christ betrayed.
27:40 No, be like Mary, be like Jesus and show
27:46 people all around you what it is to be a
27:49 Christian, go all the way with Christ.


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