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00:31 Hello, friends welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:33 I'm Christian Berdahl, Director of Shepherds
00:35 Call Ministry and before we pray,
00:37 I'd like to ask you a question. Are you going
00:40 through trials and tribulations right now
00:42 in your life, or have you been through some
00:44 that you couldn't explain. Friends,
00:48 have you ever thought that God is the source
00:51 of your problems, that he's causing these things
00:54 to happen in your life. Friends,
00:57 this is just not the case, God is not the source
01:01 of our problems, Satan is. Let's pray together.
01:07 Father in Heaven, please be with us as we study.
01:10 Lord, I ask that you would send the Holy Spirit
01:12 to anoint our time together, I pray that
01:14 you would lead us into all truth.
01:17 Let the devil be exposed for who and what he is.
01:21 And help our minds to realize who and
01:24 what you are. Please help us to be Christians.
01:28 In Jesus name, amen. Let's go right to the Bible,
01:32 Revelation 12 verse 7: And there was
01:35 war in heaven and Michael fought and his angels
01:40 fought the dragon; and the dragon fought
01:42 against his angels. And prevailed not;
01:44 neither was their place found any more in heaven.
01:48 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent
01:51 called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the
01:54 whole world: He was cast out into the earth,
01:58 and his angels were cast out with him.
02:04 Today, we find ourselves in a great cosmic war,
02:09 on one side we have Satan and he wants our
02:12 eternal destruction. He wants us to hate God;
02:15 he wants us to assign Satan's characteristics
02:18 to God. And we have God on one side saying
02:22 I love you and I want to be with you forever,
02:24 there's a great controversy going
02:27 on right now, a great war, Satan on one side,
02:30 God on the other. And friends, Satan is trying
02:34 to do everything he can in his hellish power
02:36 to deceive us regarding God's true character.
02:41 And his special affection for us, he seeks to
02:43 discourage us, to beat us down, to make us run
02:47 from God, even to blame God for problems that
02:51 the devil himself is causing. He wants us to
02:55 live for self and to question the value of
02:59 a Christian life. He wants us to look upon God
03:03 as a harsh, ruling dictator, who just wants
03:06 to snuff us out, if he has the chance.
03:10 There is a deep seeded belief in Christendom
03:12 today I've discovered and that belief is,
03:15 it goes like this, if we're suffering,
03:18 if we're having trials in our life and things just
03:20 aren't going the right way for us.
03:23 Then we must be suffering judgment from God
03:26 and this, this deception, this perspective is as old
03:30 as the devil himself. But friends, this isn't always
03:33 the case, yes, it's true that our own poor
03:36 decisions can give our loving God an opportunity
03:39 to correct us and help us. And he does this by
03:43 allowing trials sometimes, God will through
03:47 his providential hand set up circumstances,
03:49 to guide us back to a healthy life giving
03:53 invigorating Christian walk. But God does not
03:58 cause the temptations; the devil causes the
04:05 temptations, I don't believe God
04:07 causes the trail. He may indeed allow the test,
04:16 but God does not tempt us. In fact let's go to
04:19 James 1:13 and this we'll bear it out,
04:22 God does not test, tempt us:
04:24 Let no man say when he is tempted,
04:26 that I am tempted of God: for God cannot be
04:30 tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:
04:35 You see God may test us, but he doesn't tempt us.
04:42 God uses tests and trials for our own good
04:49 and our own growth and character development.
04:51 In fact let's read that, the Southern Watchman
04:54 February 7, 1905: "Affliction, temptation,
05:00 adversity and other varied trials are the means
05:04 by which God refines us and sanctifies us."
05:09 So, friends there are going to be trials
05:12 as a Christian, because it's the very means
05:14 by which God refines us and sanctifies us,
05:18 to be made Holy that means.
05:21 The devil knows that every single trial and
05:25 every episode of suffering that he inflicts on us
05:28 as God's people; he knows that
05:30 if we're connected to God. That God can work good,
05:35 out of even that nasty trial that the devil
05:38 has brought upon us. You see he's a beaten foe,
05:42 so when he tries to get us to look at God with
05:44 a distorted view that God is the one that's causing
05:48 the trials. It's not God, it's the devil,
05:53 for without God, think about this. Without God,
05:59 we would just be left as the sport of Satan,
06:02 we would be constantly tempted,
06:04 in fact without God life would just be a bunch
06:07 of meaningless suffering and toil.
06:10 But with God we can make sense out of the,
06:14 the suffering and the toil sometimes,
06:16 we can go through life knowing that God
06:18 will not allow us to be tempted above that
06:20 we're able in fact let's read that First Corinthians
06:23 10:13: There hath no temptation taken you but
06:27 is as common to man: but God is faithful,
06:31 who will not suffer you to be tempted above that
06:34 ye are able; but will with the temptation also make
06:38 a way of escape, that you maybe able to bear it.
06:43 You see God is not going to allow us to go through
06:47 anything that he himself has not foreseen,
06:49 evaluated and said yes Christian can handle this,
06:52 or no he can't. That gives me courage to go on. Amen.
06:56 Even through the trial, in fact if we're going
07:02 to be grown up Christians. We have to get to the
07:06 place where we're just going to accept that
07:08 there will be trials and the sooner we do this,
07:12 the sooner we can get on with our victories
07:15 Christian life. I had a Revelation a while back,
07:20 I realize that I was praying two entirely
07:24 opposite prayers, I was praying Lord,
07:27 please help me to be like Jesus, help me to
07:30 overcome the sin in my life, help me with this
07:32 character perfection, help me to be like the
07:36 hundred and forty four thousand.
07:37 I'm, I've been praying that for many years and
07:39 yet trials would come and then I would say
07:42 Lord please I'm failing here why are these
07:44 trials here, please take them away.
07:47 I don't wanna go through this,
07:49 please Lord what's wrong, why am I going
07:51 through these problems, and it occurred to me
07:54 one day as I was studying this,
07:56 the trials and tribulation and why we have to go
07:59 through this suffering, it occurred to me that
08:03 God was answering my first prayer when he
08:06 allowed the trials to come. You see if I've a
08:09 problem with money, God will allow money
08:12 problems to come. So, I can learn my lesson
08:16 to overcome the defect that I have,
08:19 God was just being the faithful Father.
08:23 He was saying I will honor your first prayer
08:26 request, I will help you through the trial,
08:30 praise God. You see I didn't understand how
08:38 trials and tests and temptations worked.
08:42 You see God was helping me to overcome the
08:44 character, the very dear character defects that I
08:47 needed to overcome. James 1:12 says:
08:52 Blessed is the man that endureth temptation,
08:57 for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown
09:01 of life. You see there is gonna be a trial,
09:03 which the Lord hath promised to them
09:05 that love him. Friends when we're tried and
09:10 the trials are coming I think the best place
09:11 to start is Lord am I being corrected for
09:14 sin in my life. Because Hebrews 12:6 says:
09:19 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth,
09:23 and scourageth every son whom he receiveth.
09:27 You see to chasteneth that doesn't mean like
09:31 in my mind I used to think that was like you
09:32 would whip somebody, you would chasten them,
09:34 no to chasten means to instruct.
09:38 For whom the Lord loves, he instructs.
09:40 Amen, I need to be instructed,
09:42 it's also means to correct or to reform.
09:44 For whomever the Lord loves,
09:46 he's going to correct and reform,
09:49 I need reformation in my life friends,
09:51 I'm sure you do too. For whomever the Lord loves
09:54 he chastenth. And God does as I would
09:57 with my children. If I truly love my children,
10:01 I'm going to chasten them, I'm going to love them,
10:04 instruct them, correct them, and help them back
10:08 on the path of righteousness. God
10:11 does just as a faithful Christian father would;
10:14 he helps us back on the path of righteousness.
10:21 Hebrews 4:16 says: Let us therefore come boldly
10:25 to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy,
10:28 and find grace in time of need. Friends,
10:31 we need to come boldly to God's throne,
10:34 don't run away from him come to God.
10:37 And he will work good, out of the bad,
10:41 God won't waste your pain friends.
10:47 The Faith I live by, page 134: We should remember
10:50 that all make mistakes, even men and women
10:55 who have years of experience sometimes err.
10:58 But God does not cast them off because of
11:01 their errors, to every erring son and daughter
11:03 of Adam; he gives the privilege of another
11:08 trial. Did you hear that? To every erring son,
11:11 he gives the privilege of another err,
11:13 so if we don't meet it, we don't learn the lesson
11:16 the first time around. God will faithfully bring
11:19 it back around, what a terrible psycho frankly;
11:22 I don't wanna go back through the same trials
11:25 over and over again. And if we learned the
11:28 lesson the first time, God has no need to bring
11:31 that same trial around again, praise the Lord.
11:36 What a coach. The next reason we need to
11:39 ask ourselves if I'm not being corrected by God
11:41 for sin is, am I being prepared for special
11:45 service, I think of Joseph. Young Joseph was
11:48 sold into slavery and he became as a slave,
11:53 he eventually became the second-in-command
11:55 of all of Egypt, how did he go from being a slave
11:58 to being Second-in-command,
12:00 because he didn't whine and complain, oh!
12:02 My brothers sold me, I'm sure he had moments
12:05 of that, but eventually he got over it and he
12:07 went forward in his faith with God,
12:09 knowing that at least God was with him.
12:11 His family wasn't, his dad wasn't,
12:13 his brothers weren't but God was with him.
12:17 And God was preparing him for special service,
12:20 in fact he became Second-in-command
12:22 of Egypt and because of his faithfulness,
12:24 millions were fed during a great time famine,
12:29 where if Joseph hadn't been used of God
12:31 and if he had just been a whiner and become
12:33 a normal slave like everyone else.
12:35 God couldn't have worked through Joseph
12:37 because he was being prepared for special
12:39 service; God couldn't have worked through
12:41 Joseph to bless millions, if Joseph hadn't been
12:46 surrendered to God, perhaps millions would
12:49 have starved. You see eventually God helped
12:56 Joseph to not only be a blessing to millions
13:00 of people. But he became a blessing to his own
13:04 family and you know the story, God didn't waste
13:06 Joseph's pain of being a slave, no, no, no.
13:09 He brought Joseph's brothers back to him,
13:12 he brought his father back to him and
13:13 they were reconciled, God didn't waste Joseph's
13:16 pain and if you're being prepared for special
13:19 service. God will not waste your pain either.
13:22 Amen. Amen, the third reason I thought about
13:28 why would we be having trials and tribulations
13:31 in our life, perhaps we're being attacked
13:35 just simply because we're living a Christian
13:36 life and the devil hates that very fact.
13:40 Jesus from his birth, he was misunderstood
13:43 and attacked by the devil, he was misunderstood
13:45 by his brothers, by his parents, by his church,
13:48 by his disciples, by the Roman government,
13:50 everyone misunderstood Jesus Christ.
13:54 And he was attacked and we're told that Satan
13:58 made stronger attacks upon Christ than he
14:01 will ever make upon us, you and I can never
14:04 be tempted like Jesus was tempted.
14:08 But God didn't waste Jesus pain either.
14:11 You see sometimes we as Christian are
14:14 misunderstood and it is hard and
14:16 we're thinking Lord I'm just trying to do the
14:17 right thing, why is this happening.
14:20 We're asking the wrong question friends,
14:22 stop asking why and start asking what
14:25 can I learn, how can I be a light.
14:30 Jesus pain wasn't wasted friends.
14:33 He went from being the majesty of Heaven,
14:36 the creator sitting on the throne and he
14:40 became like me, a lowly human being and he died,
14:46 he went through a life of misunderstanding,
14:49 he went through a life of, of attack by the devil.
14:52 You know from the time he was born,
14:54 the devil worked on Herod to try to kill him,
14:56 he was constantly being attacked friends.
14:59 You and I don't even have to go through that
15:00 much, yet Jesus chose to come here.
15:06 He chose to be a man like you and me,
15:11 but God didn't waste his pain, even though,
15:13 even though he went all the way through with
15:15 the plan of salvation and he hung on that cross
15:19 and he died and he died of a broken heart,
15:21 separation from his, his father.
15:23 God didn't waste his pain, because he raised
15:26 him in three days. Amen, he raised him
15:28 in three days and Jesus Christ pain wasn't
15:31 wasted. Because he could go to the throne of God
15:33 and he said yes son, your sacrifice is accepted,
15:36 praise God. But I want you to think about this,
15:43 God's pain won't be wasted either friends,
15:48 think about this God is the only one who has gone
15:53 through all of the suffering from the
15:56 first sin in Heaven and it broke his heart.
16:00 Taking a third of the host of heaven which
16:02 broke his heart, to seeing Adam and Eve follow
16:06 the devil which broke his heart,
16:08 was God going through trials, yes.
16:10 Then stop whining and complaining if you are,
16:13 if God can't even escape trials and tribulations
16:15 neither are we as Christians, amen. Right,
16:21 God has gone through trial and tribulation with
16:25 every single one of us since beginning of time,
16:29 we only have to live this long in our life
16:31 and we're going oh! It's just too hard, what?
16:36 But you know, God's pain is not gonna be wasted
16:40 either friends, halleluiah! When Jesus comes
16:44 he's gonna have a people who have loved
16:46 and had faith in him and God will have his children
16:49 with him again. And so God's pain won't be
16:52 wasted either, there is no one more in this
16:55 universe that wants the pain and suffering to stop,
16:58 no one more than God the father himself.
17:07 If we suffer and we have trials another reason
17:13 we may be going through this, is perhaps
17:15 I've been selected, you've been selected for
17:19 special character growth. Maybe God really
17:23 wants to work in our lives and I think about Job,
17:27 you can't talk about trials and tribulations from
17:29 a Biblical perspective and not talk about Job.
17:32 That brother went through trials and tribulations
17:36 didn't he. We all know the story, let's start Job
17:41 1 and we'll start in verse 6: Now there was
17:48 a day when the sons of God came to present
17:50 themselves before the Lord,
17:51 and Satan came also among them.
17:53 And the Lord said unto Satan,
17:55 Whence comest thou? In other words, you know,
17:56 where have you come from?
17:59 Then Satan answered the Lord and said,
18:01 From going to and fro in the earth,
18:03 I've been patrolling and walking up and down in it.
18:06 And the Lord said unto Satan, Hast thou
18:08 considered my servant Job, that there is none like
18:11 him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man,
18:14 one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?
18:18 Then Satan answered the Lord, and said,
18:20 Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast thou not
18:24 made an hedge about him, and about his house,
18:26 and about all that he hath on every side?
18:28 Hast thou blessed the work,
18:31 you've blessed the work of his hands,
18:32 and his substance is increased in the land.
18:36 Put forth thine hand now and touch all that
18:38 he has, and he's gonna curse you to your face.
18:40 And the Lord said unto Satan, Behold,
18:43 all that he hath is in thy power;
18:47 only upon himself put not forth thine hand.
18:50 So Satan went from the presence of the Lord.
18:53 Oh! The devil was excited, I can go and I'm
18:58 gonna show God that I'm right,
18:59 that Job only worships you because you've
19:02 put a hedge of protection around them.
19:04 Friends, do you see what's happening here,
19:08 God is allowing the devil to do certain things,
19:13 I don't like that, I don't but God,
19:17 he has an expected end for Job.
19:21 Let's read Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the thoughts
19:26 that I think toward you, saith the Lord,
19:28 thoughts of peace and not of evil,
19:31 to give you an expected end.
19:35 You see God had a plan for Job,
19:39 he wanted to help Job grow in his Christian
19:42 experience and so he allowed the devil to go
19:45 and to tempt him, to bring the trial,
19:49 to bring the tribulation and in the story in Job 1:3
19:53 through 19 we're not gonna take the time
19:54 to read it but there were four calamities that
19:56 befell Job very quickly in rapid succession.
20:00 The first calamity was that people came and
20:01 stole his oxen and his asses and killed his
20:04 servants, part of his major wealth,
20:05 a major part of his wealth was taken.
20:08 Second calamity, right rapid fire right after
20:10 fire came down from Heaven killed sheep
20:14 and servants, the third, people stole camels
20:17 and killed the servants. Now, all of his wealth
20:19 is gone and the fourth and the most terrible
20:22 you know Job kind of probably dealt with
20:24 becoming a poor man, but then the fourth
20:26 one and the most terrible in my estimation
20:28 is that a tornado came and it smote the four
20:31 corners of the home where all of his children,
20:34 ten children were inside. The roof falls
20:37 in and kills them all. Job receives the news
20:41 that he has lost absolutely everything
20:43 including his children within a manner of
20:46 moments. Did Job know why this was happening?
20:51 No. Did he know who was behind all of this terror?
20:57 No, did Job have all the facts? No,
21:03 all he knew is what he could see and what he
21:05 could he hear. This was an all out attack from
21:09 the devil friends, did God do it? No,
21:15 did God allow it? Yes. Who did it? The devil friends,
21:20 the devil did this. Now did Job like this at all,
21:24 did he like the fact that this was happening to him?
21:26 Of course not friends. Did Satan tempt him after,
21:31 see here's how it works. The trial comes and
21:34 then when the trial's there and our emotions
21:36 are getting the best of us then the devil
21:38 comes in to tempt us to forsake our God.
21:42 Friends, we must be careful not to sin,
21:45 because of the trial, amen. You know when things
21:50 are all falling apart and there is no apparent
21:53 reason for it, we must and we've been living
21:55 a healthy Christian life and God's not correcting
21:57 us for something, we must then conclude that
22:00 we don't have all the facts. In the middle
22:04 of this Job mourns in the great loss,
22:07 but amazingly enough, he gets down in the
22:10 ashes and he worships God. He worships his God,
22:14 his maker, this was a man of great faith friends.
22:19 And I guarantee you God did not allow this
22:23 trial to come at the beginning of his Christian
22:26 experience, because God looks at things
22:28 and evaluates and says I know the faith
22:30 that Job has and he can see this one through
22:34 with my strength and my power.
22:39 Did Job understand why all this was happening?
22:43 He didn't, and he had to bring into his life,
22:47 Second Corinthians 5:7 that says:
22:48 We must walk by faith, and not by sight,
22:51 he had to walk by faith and not by what was
22:54 going on around him, he couldn't look at the
22:57 fire that came down from Heaven and consumed,
23:00 you know it didn't consume a couple
23:01 of sheep, it consumed seven thousand of them.
23:04 I mean that would seem like God did this,
23:07 well the devil has control over those things
23:08 too friends. He had to walk by faith,
23:11 not by what he was seeing and when we're
23:13 tempted and when we have trials and tribulations
23:15 that are going on around us.
23:16 We have to walk by faith knowing that God
23:19 is in control, and then Satan is not happy
23:25 that Job stood through it because now
23:27 he's proven wrong. He goes back up to Heaven
23:30 and Job too and he says, alright,
23:33 you know round one ding, ding alright Job won
23:35 this one, but give me another chance,
23:37 let me afflict his person and if you let me
23:39 afflict him. He's gonna curse you. God says
23:41 you can afflict his person, do not kill him.
23:45 So, Satan comes back and says what can
23:48 I give this man that's gonna cause him,
23:51 I've got to give him something, I've
23:52 got a give him a dozy. So, Satan smote him,
23:56 smites him with boils from the top of his head
23:59 to the bottom of his feet even into his throat.
24:02 And Job begins to lament, he begins to wish
24:06 that he was dead, he doesn't even want
24:07 to live anymore and God's not giving him any
24:10 answers. And his friends that come to comfort him,
24:14 that's why they came amazingly enough,
24:16 if you know the story, they went on for thirty
24:18 something chapters and just beat down the
24:20 brother who was having a problem. Trying
24:22 to convince him, the reason you're suffering
24:24 Job is because well you've got some hidden
24:27 sin in your life. Well, that wasn't the case
24:31 and then to add insult to injury that his wife
24:35 says just curse God and die.
24:38 Would it be fair to say, Job feels all alone
24:41 in this world, yes. Would it be fair to say
24:46 that Job feels forsaken of his God,
24:48 here he had been living his life as an upright
24:51 Christian man and all of a sudden boom,
24:53 sudden calamity. Job begins struggle friends,
24:56 he did, he struggled and he started to think
24:58 that God was against him, because his reaction
25:02 to the second affliction, which was physical
25:04 suffering was very different in marked
25:07 contrast to his first affliction.
25:11 The loss of his children and his wealth,
25:13 but amazingly enough Job still goes through this,
25:18 this terrible trial and he's able to put it in
25:21 perspective and he weaves together beautiful
25:23 words in a poem of trust, from about chapter 26
25:27 to about chapter 31 and finally God steps into
25:30 the picture. And he says look your friends are
25:32 wrong, I'll deal with you later he says.
25:36 But I'm not gonna answer why, did you realize that?
25:39 God didn't answer Job's million dollar question
25:44 why? But God started asking Job a bunch of question
25:46 and he says, what do you know about the
25:50 creation of the earth? What do you know about
25:54 the animal kingdom? He begins to asking him
25:58 a bunch of questions that no man could possibly
26:00 answer and what he was doing was he was
26:02 trying to teach Job, that God's moral purposing
26:08 may not always be what we understand it to be,
26:12 that there is a bigger picture. He was using
26:16 Job's ignorance of God's creation,
26:21 to expose his ignorance of God's moral purposing.
26:29 Turn with me to Second Corinthians verse 10
26:34 or chapter 10 verse 4: For the weapons of
26:36 our warfare are not carnal,
26:38 but mighty through God did the pulling down
26:40 of strongholds; Casting down imaginations,
26:44 and every high thing that exalteth itself against
26:47 the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity
26:50 every thought to the obedience of Christ.
26:53 Friends, when we look at the great controversy,
26:58 everything that's going on we have to realize
27:01 that God will see us through and our weapons
27:04 of warfare are not carnal, but Spiritual.
27:07 So we must tap-in spiritually to God
27:09 and Job did and God restored unto Job,
27:13 he didn't waste his pain. Because he restored
27:16 unto Job, his family, his wealth and beyond this
27:22 Job got to live for a hundred and forty years
27:25 in a deeper experience. It says in the Bible that Job
27:28 said I had heard about you before but now
27:31 I have seen you. Friends, I want to encourage you
27:35 go through the trials with God, be like Job,
27:38 yes you'll struggle, but stand, stand through the
27:41 trial and God will deliver you for one day soon.
27:45 There will be no more pain; no more hurt for God
27:49 will led all the former things pass away.
27:52 God bless you as you move forward.


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