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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:32 I'm Christian Berdahl, Director of Shepherd's
00:35 Call Ministry. And before we pray,
00:36 I have a question to ask you.
00:39 Have you ever thought about the fact
00:41 that we could share truth as God's people
00:45 in a way that would actually drive people
00:48 from God? Yes, it's true and we'll explore
00:53 this in just a moment but first, let's pray.
00:56 Father in heaven, Lord, we ask that you
00:58 would be with us as we study;
01:00 we ask that you would send the Holy Spirit
01:02 to anoint our time together. I pray that you
01:04 would help us to thumb through our Bibles
01:06 and to learn new things in Jesus name. Amen.
01:12 Let's go straight to the Bible and what I've
01:13 done is I've combined three of the four gospels
01:16 to give us a quick succession of what
01:18 happened in a room with Mary and Jesus,
01:23 the disciples and others had all surrounded
01:27 an alabaster box. Let's read Matthew 26:6,
01:31 Jesus was in Bethany in the house of Simon
01:34 the leper. John 12:2, there they made him a
01:38 supper; and Martha served, but Lazarus was
01:41 one of them that sat at the table with him.
01:44 Luke 7:37, And behold, a woman in the city,
01:47 which was a sinner, when she knew that
01:49 Jesus sat at met in the Pharisee's house,
01:51 brought an alabaster box of ointment.
01:54 John 12:3, Then Mary took a pound of the
01:56 ointment of spikenard, very costly.
01:59 Luke 7:38, And stood at his feet behind
02:02 him weeping, and began to wash his feet
02:05 with her tears, did wipe them with the hairs
02:07 of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed
02:09 them with the ointment. And Mark 14:3 says that
02:12 she also anointed his head as well.
02:15 It sent out ripples that impacted souls in that
02:22 very room. In fact ripples caused that day,
02:26 ripples caused that day have reached all
02:30 the way down the space of time to us.
02:33 Recently I was thinking of an illustration
02:35 regarding ripples that I think most of us have
02:37 heard and that is when, you know you cast
02:39 a stone into a pond that from the point of
02:43 impact in the water will ripple outward until
02:47 it reaches the shores. Friends, every choice
02:54 that we make as Christians or even non-Christians
02:58 causes ripples in our own life and even ripples
03:02 that could affect others. So it's important that
03:06 we interact properly with those around us that
03:11 might be affected by our choices and our actions.
03:15 Now Mary has just opened the alabaster box
03:18 of, and she's anointed Jesus and the ripples
03:21 have already begun to be sent out.
03:24 The ripples from one choice from one act have
03:27 already started. Mary was enjoying complete
03:30 freedom in her heart as she was sharing
03:32 the oil her love with her savior. And she had
03:36 no guilt, no embarrassment because
03:37 she didn't bring a lame offering, she brought
03:40 an offering that was worth an entire of
03:43 year's wage and beyond this she brought
03:45 the offering of her open heart to him.
03:49 The ripple intersects Jesus soul and she seized
03:53 the divine recipient approve of her act and
03:56 then Jesus sends out a positive ripple from
03:59 himself that intersects Mary's soul.
04:04 You see two people already blessed with
04:07 in moments of one act. But the ripples didn't
04:12 stop with just Mary and Jesus, you see as
04:15 they do in our example they continue outward
04:18 until they hit the shore. And they continued
04:22 outward and they intersected Simon,
04:26 the disciples and the guests in the house.
04:30 Let's read John 12:4-6, Then saith one of his
04:35 disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon's son,
04:37 which should betray him, Why was not this
04:40 ointment sold for three hundred pence and
04:42 given to the poor? This he said, not that
04:47 he cared for the poor; but because he was
04:50 a thief, and had the bag, and bare what
04:53 was put therein. Now notice, Jesus' reaction
04:57 was very different from Judas reaction.
05:00 Judas reacted in a negative way, Jesus' of
05:03 course was a positive. So Judas now reacts in
05:08 a negative way and sends out ripples himself
05:11 and these ripples intersects Simon,
05:14 let's read that. Luke, 7:39, Now when the
05:17 Pharisee which had bidden him saw it,
05:19 he spake within himself, saying, This man, if he
05:23 were a prophet, he would have known who and
05:26 what manner of woman this is that
05:27 toucheth him: for she is a sinner.
05:30 You see these negative ripples continued and
05:33 they intersected even the disciples.
05:35 Let's read that in Matthew 26:8 and 9,
05:39 But when the disciples saw it, they had
05:42 indignation, extreme anger mingled with
05:46 disgust or abhorrence, saying, To what
05:48 purpose is this waste? For this ointment
05:51 might have been sold for much and given to
05:53 the poor. Friends, Mary begins to hear these
05:57 words of criticism, she's thinking what's
05:59 happening here Jesus approved of what I
06:01 was doing, what's happening? She was
06:04 about to shrink away friends. She was afraid
06:08 that her sister might think her improvident
06:11 in fact the master might think that this was
06:14 some sort of extravagant gift that may be
06:16 she shouldn't have given, may be she wasn't
06:18 the wise steward here. She was about to
06:20 shrink away without apology. You see, the
06:25 harsh judgmental spirit of the disciples that
06:29 were following popular opinion, notice that
06:32 the disciples were following what Jesus did,
06:35 because Jesus accepted it and returned kindness
06:38 to her. They followed popular opinion in the
06:41 room and what they didn't realized was that
06:43 day were beating down a sister who was
06:46 being led by the Holy Spirit. Amazing, the
06:51 blindness of self- righteousness or following
06:56 popular opinion. Reading on in verse 10,
07:00 When Jesus understood it, He knew what
07:02 was happening, He said unto them,
07:04 why trouble ye the woman? For she hath
07:06 wrought good work upon me. For ye have
07:09 the poor with you always, but me ye not
07:12 have always. For in that she hath poured this
07:14 ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.
07:19 Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel
07:22 shall be preached in the whole world,
07:23 there shall also this, that this woman done be
07:27 told as a memorial for her. See friends,
07:31 the ripples continued. Simon the host,
07:37 the ripples interested him and Simon the host
07:40 was surprised at the conduct of Jesus and his
07:44 Pharisaic pride was offended. Because Christ
07:48 allowed this woman to approach Him and
07:51 to touch Him because He did not indignantly
07:54 spurn her as one whose sins were just too
07:58 great to be forgiven because he did not show
08:01 that he had realized that she had fallen.
08:04 You see the Pharisee says I know your sins
08:07 and I'm gonna show you your sins.
08:10 Jesus didn't do this. Jesus appeals to the
08:14 heart. You see we can be Pharisees and drive
08:17 people from God the way that we interact
08:20 with them. Friends, I want to encourage you
08:23 to be like Jesus not like Simon. Jesus knows
08:28 nothing of this woman who's so free in
08:31 her demonstrations he thought, or he
08:33 would not allow her to touch him. Luke 18:11
08:39 says, The Pharisee stood and prayed
08:42 within himself, God, I thank thee, that I
08:46 am not as other men, I'm so much better,
08:50 extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as
08:54 this publican. You see the Pharisee's heart
08:57 is blind friends, is blind to his own condition.
09:01 The Pharisee's heart says I must separate
09:03 from these great sinners, I can't associate
09:05 with them, in fact I need to let them know that
09:07 they are terrible sinners. As though the
09:10 Pharisee's heart is pure, as though he could
09:14 actually pick up a stone and cast the first
09:16 one. Friends, we by in large I think many
09:22 times act as Pharisees, act as Simon.
09:25 We don't see as the Bible says, we don't
09:27 see the plank, the telephone poll in our
09:31 own eyes while we can see the little speck
09:34 in our brother's eye. Friends, we have to
09:39 come to a place where we just say Lord
09:41 I don't wanna be the Holy Spirit anymore,
09:43 amen. Let the Holy Spirit do his work and help
09:46 us Father to learn how to love people as
09:49 you have loved them. You see that Pharisee's
09:53 heart was blind, Simon was blind to the new
09:57 heart that Mary had. All he could think about
10:01 was her past, oh Jesus doesn't do this.
10:03 Jesus forgets the past but we sinful beings
10:06 we keep the past alive and I've seen it in
10:10 friends of mine. Where Jesus Christ has really
10:14 given them a new heart like Mary and the
10:16 Pharisees in their lives, the friends or the
10:18 family in their lives won't let their past die
10:21 and they keep bringing it up, friends,
10:24 that's Satanic. That's not the spirit of Jesus
10:29 Christ. We must interact with others the way
10:34 that Jesus did. But it was Simon's ignorance;
10:41 it was Simon's ignorance of God and of Christ
10:45 that lead him to think the way that he did.
10:47 You see he did not realize that God's son
10:51 must act in God's way, amen. You see God's
10:57 way is to act with compassion, is to act
11:01 with tenderness and mercy. So I have a
11:05 question, are you God's child. If we are
11:10 going to profess to be God's children then
11:13 we need to act God's way, amen.
11:18 Praise the Lord. You see the act of kissing;
11:24 of Mary kissing Jesus feet was disgusting
11:30 to the Pharisee. Because spiritual things are
11:34 spiritually discern. And to this unspoken
11:37 thought of Simon saying how could Jesus if
11:41 he was a prophet let this woman touch him
11:44 who is such a sinner Jesus goes through in
11:46 Luke 7:40-50 and we don't have time to
11:49 read that friends but he goes through a
11:51 parable and he teaches Simon. He says
11:56 you know Simon, there was a great debtor,
12:01 and this man had two debtors and one had
12:04 $500 debt the other had a 50 pence debt.
12:10 And what Jesus was doing was he's
12:12 starting to show Simon and trying to convict
12:14 Simon's heart, the one that rejected what
12:17 this beautiful act was, the one that rejected it
12:20 he says no listen Simon, in a parable he
12:26 helped Simon to see that Simon's sin was
12:31 actually greater than that of Mary's. You see
12:35 Simon originally led Mary into sin, amazing.
12:42 Yet the Pharisee thought he was righteous,
12:45 he was the one that lead that very woman
12:47 that he despised into sin. You see Christ
12:52 concealed his home worth trust under the
12:55 veil of a parable. He threw upon his host
12:59 Simon, the burden of pronouncing sentence
13:01 upon himself, Simon had led the woman into
13:04 sin that he now despised and she had been
13:07 deeply wronged by him, the two debtors of
13:09 the parable, Simon was represented and the
13:13 woman was represented because Simon
13:15 felt himself more righteous than Mary.
13:17 Jesus desired Simon to see how great his
13:20 guilt really was, he would show him that his
13:24 sin was greater than hers as much greater a
13:28 debt of 500 pence exceeds that of 50 pence.
13:31 You see what's interesting to me; I want you
13:33 to note Jesus didn't openly rebuke Simon in
13:38 that room. He didn't openly, excuse me
13:40 Simon you are gonna cast something and blame
13:43 upon her saying she is a sinner you are the
13:45 one that led her into sin, Jesus didn't do that.
13:52 He could have given Simon a very straight
13:56 rebuke. Friends, I believe there is a lesson
13:59 here for us, I believe that Christ wants us to
14:05 deal with people even if they're great sinners
14:09 in the way that Jesus did with compassion,
14:12 with tenderness and with mercy, amen, amen.
14:18 You see Christ was seeking an opportunity;
14:23 he took the opportunity of Simon's negative
14:26 reaction to the ripple caused by the alabaster
14:30 box. He took opportunity to try to use, he
14:36 used the situation to try and reach Simon's
14:40 heart. He didn't rebuke him to stick him in his
14:44 place like so many of God's children do today.
14:48 You see Christ was appealing to his heart
14:51 and if he could do this and teach him without
14:54 embarrassment that's what he was going for.
14:58 He wanted Simon to have a new revelation
15:01 about the condition of his own heart to stop
15:04 looking at everyone else tinkering and
15:06 prescribing and meddling as many of God's
15:10 people do today. Friends, we need to be
15:12 asking God, what is it in my life? And stop
15:17 pointing out the sins in others friends.
15:20 Because when we really have that kind of
15:21 walk, you're going to realize that we're
15:23 all sinners and we're all just trying to
15:26 figure out this thing called Christianity.
15:31 You see Christ works with us the same way,
15:35 if he can led us to repentance in a revelation
15:37 about ourselves there is no need for
15:41 embarrassment, there is no need to openly
15:45 rebuke us. You know, God wants to conceal
15:50 our sins, he doesn't want to expose us.
15:54 He wants to conceal them friends and that's
15:57 what will happen with the blood of Christ,
15:59 at the end of time all of my sins can be
16:02 bloated out, he wants to conceal the matter
16:04 but we, we want to expose it, oh well if
16:07 you only knew about this blab, blab, blab.
16:09 But friends no, that is the spirit of anti-Christ,
16:12 that is the spirit of Satan, not the spirit of
16:15 God, that's not how God interacted with Simon.
16:18 Simon as a result of how Jesus shared truth
16:22 with him. You see it's important to share truth,
16:25 amen. And by God's grace when I stand in
16:27 the pulpit I will share truth, but friends it
16:30 must come, it must come off the way that
16:33 Christ would have us do. It must come from
16:35 a converted heart ourselves, because we
16:37 could see truth the wrong way and drive
16:40 somebody from God. I don't want that.
16:45 Would you want to drive someone from God
16:48 with your truth because you're saying it the
16:49 wrong way? No, no, no. Simon now began to
16:55 see himself in a new light, and shame seized
16:59 upon him and he realized that he was in
17:02 the presence of one superior to himself.
17:05 Christ recounted the opportunities that Simon
17:08 had to show his love for his Lord. And plainly
17:17 yet delicately with delicate politeness,
17:20 these are not my own words by the way.
17:22 Plainly, yet with delicate politeness,
17:25 the Savior assured His disciples that His
17:27 heart is grieved when His children neglect
17:29 to show their gratitude to Him by words and
17:32 deeds of love. I'd like to read out of Desire
17:35 of ages page 567, "Simon was touched by the
17:41 kindness of Jesus in not openly rebuking him
17:46 before his guests. He had not been treated as
17:49 he desired Mary to be treated. Here is
17:53 another amazing result from just one act
17:57 of Mary's. Ripples were sent out from her
18:01 that interested Simon and he rejected what
18:04 was happening. But because of Jesus Christ,
18:08 because of the way that he interacted with
18:13 Simon. Simon's heart was beginning to change;
18:17 you see Jesus was allowing the Holy Spirit
18:21 to do his work, amen, amen. And these
18:26 ripples that were sent out, Jesus says I want
18:29 Simon. Let's read on, Simon saw, He saw that
18:33 Jesus did not wish to expose his guilt to
18:36 others, but sought by a true statement, as
18:39 we always must proclaim truth, of the case to
18:42 convince his mind, and by, listen to this word,
18:45 pitying kindness to subdue his heart.
18:48 Stern denunciation would have hardened Simon
18:51 against repentance. And I see it all over
18:53 today, Stern denunciation hardens people
18:56 but patient admonition convinced him of
19:00 his err and he saw the magnitude of the
19:02 debt which he owed his Lord. His pride was
19:05 humbled and he repented, and the proud
19:08 Pharisee became a lowly, self-sacrificing
19:13 disciple. Friends, do you see within moments
19:18 of Mary's unstudied act of anointing Jesus
19:21 and Judas's negative reaction to it,
19:24 but Jesus' positive reaction to it, and Jesus'
19:27 positive reaction in dealing with Simon and
19:30 reaching his heart. You know it was
19:31 important what Jesus said but it was the
19:33 way that Jesus said it that actually made
19:37 the difference for Simon. Did you read that,
19:39 it said that he appreciated the fact
19:43 that he did not openly rebuke him?
19:47 Friends there is a way to share truth,
19:49 there is a way to witness for God and it's
19:51 not filled with humanism, it's not filled with
19:54 self, it's being surrendered as Jesus
19:56 Christ was always to his father to allow the
19:59 Holy Spirit to do the work in the heart.
20:00 Amen, amen. That's right. Each choice, each
20:05 choice we make friends can have an incredible
20:09 impact upon people. And we need to be
20:12 careful of what we say, when we say it and
20:15 how we say it. It's not enough just to go
20:20 out there and share truth and say well either
20:21 you accept it or you don't, it's not gonna
20:24 win souls. When we go forward to the world,
20:28 when we go to our own families, when we
20:30 go to our neighborhoods and our churches and
20:32 we share truth from the love that is God
20:37 then we will win souls, amen, amen. Each choice
20:43 we make friends can either woo people,
20:47 and the way that we interact with them can
20:49 woo them to God or we can push them away
20:55 and they will reject God. Christ wants us
21:00 to come to repentance friends. Not just the
21:03 world out there he wants you, he wants me
21:07 to come to repentance and if he can do
21:10 that without exposing us without embarrassing
21:13 us without openly rebuking us, He is going
21:16 to. Because it's never a fun thing to be
21:20 embarrassed in front of people, right?
21:23 So why don't we do with each other.
21:26 You know the true religion of God, when we
21:29 embrace Christianity for what it truly is,
21:32 the true religion of God sets us free from
21:35 guilt. The true religion of God is not a
21:40 religion based on guilt but total freedom from
21:44 it. Hallelujah. That just fires me up 'cause I
21:48 had lots of guilt in my life and my past.
21:51 Because I wasn't raised in a church,
21:53 I was a worldly guy engaging in everything.
21:55 I had lots of guilt, but Jesus set me free from
21:58 that friends. And you know what you,
22:01 if I stay faithful will never know about the
22:03 sins I have committed in my past because
22:05 God's gonna bloat it out with his blood, amen,
22:08 amen. You know I doubt that Mary would
22:13 have ever thought that by pouring this
22:16 alabaster box, the ointment upon her savior
22:21 that it would led to the salvation of the very
22:24 man that first wronged her, incredible.
22:28 That's awesome to me. I mean God put it all
22:32 together that they would be in that room
22:33 and Jesus had the right words being led by
22:35 the Holy Spirit to say what he did and it
22:38 convinced the very offender against Mary and
22:41 he became a lowly sacrificing disciple.
22:46 He became a Christian; oh he had the garbs
22:49 of religion for years. But he became a Christian.
22:57 Now, I know it's not beyond the possibility for
23:01 us to make bad choices and when we make
23:05 bad choices we are held responsible for those
23:09 bad choices friends. But Mary didn't make a
23:12 bad choice, she made the right choice and
23:14 when we make right choices, we leave the
23:17 results with God. Have you ever realized though,
23:22 that by making a right choice evil can come
23:26 from it? Yeah. Not just a hardened heart,
23:30 but actual evil can come from even a right
23:34 choice. Judas looked on this act with great
23:39 displeasure, instead of waiting to hear what
23:42 Christ would say of the matter, he began to
23:45 whisper his complaints to those near him and
23:48 throwing reproach upon Christ for suffering
23:50 such ways. What a sharp lesson too, Christ
23:54 could have given to Judas who had dropped
23:57 the seeds of criticism and evil thinking into the
23:59 minds of the disciples. You see Judas is the one
24:01 that started all the junk. How justly the
24:05 accuser might have been accused. He, who
24:08 reads the motives of every heart Christ and
24:11 understands every action, might have opened
24:13 before those at the feast dark chapters in the
24:17 experience of Judas. But the savior rebuked
24:21 him openly. No that's what happened,
24:25 the savior rebuked him not even the man that
24:33 was going to go and betray him, he rebuked
24:36 not friends. Amazing. Jesus Christ had perfect
24:43 control over his tongue at all times.
24:47 If self one little ounce of self would have
24:49 risen up in Jesus even to defend Mary.
24:54 He would have rebuked him. Well that's
24:57 what we do. Well no, you're not gonna talk
24:59 to her that way and just lay him out, but no,
25:03 that's not what my savior did. He reproached
25:06 him not, rebuked him not. Matthew 26:14,
25:14 Then one of the twelve, called Judas
25:16 Iscariot, went unto the chief priests and said
25:19 unto them, what will ye give me and I will
25:23 deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with
25:27 him for thirty pieces of silver. And from that
25:30 time on he sought opportunity to betray him.
25:34 Why did he do this? Because he had a
25:37 hardened heart, he saw what was going on and
25:39 when Jesus said why trouble you the woman,
25:43 do you realize that because Judas was the
25:45 one that said what's going on, why all this
25:48 waste. And Jesus said why you trouble the
25:50 woman. She's done a good work. That was
25:53 enough of a rebuke, how simple. That was
25:55 enough of a rebuke to Judas that he
25:59 decided Christ must die. You see the ripples
26:08 that were caused from that one simple act
26:11 have been felt all the way down to our day.
26:15 Oh Mary, did the right thing, didn't she.
26:18 But would Mary have ever thought that her
26:20 one beautiful act would have sealed Judas and
26:23 his decision I must have him killed.
26:27 She would have never thought that.
26:29 Friends, was it Mary's fault? No, is it our fault
26:33 if people react evil for our good? No.
26:37 It's not our fault and it wasn't Mary's
26:39 fault, it was Judas fault friends. And Judas
26:43 had to own that. And friends it's amazing to
26:46 me what happened shortly thereafter,
26:48 the ripple that Judas sent out from that one
26:51 decision to betray his savior took the life
26:54 of Jesus Christ. And the disciples felt it,
27:00 Mary felt it and we can feel it all the way
27:02 down to today and friends Jesus, the stone
27:07 decided to be cast into this pond of earth.
27:10 He decided to be cast here and the ripples have
27:13 gone out for eternity and they will continue
27:15 and friends, I wanna ask you this question,
27:17 have the ripples intersected your heart.
27:19 They've interested mine and I said Lord
27:21 please help me to react to people the way
27:23 that you want me to, help me to be a Christian,
27:26 help me to be a life unto life, not death unto
27:29 death with my words. Help me to look upon
27:32 people as you do. Jesus chose to be cast
27:37 into this world and cause ripples that
27:40 can save you and me, praise God.


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