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00:31 Like to welcome you today to Faith Chapel.
00:34 My name is David Shin, and we'll be spending
00:37 the next few moments together in a study
00:39 of God's word. But before we do so,
00:42 I'd like to invite to bow your heads with me
00:45 as we pray together.
00:48 Father in heaven we thank you today
00:50 for the privilege and the opportunity
00:53 we have to study your word,
00:54 and we ask that your Holy Spirit would lead us
00:57 and guide us into all truth.
01:00 Today, we're gonna be talking a little about
01:02 the devotional life and by way of introduction
01:05 to set the stage for our discussion,
01:08 I'd like to invite you to read along with me
01:11 in Matthew chapter 24 verse 1:3,
01:15 I'll reading from the New King James version.
01:20 Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple,
01:23 and His disciples came up to show Him
01:26 the building of the temple.
01:28 And Jesus said to them,
01:30 "Do you not see all these things?
01:34 Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be
01:37 left here upon another,
01:39 that shall not be thrown down."
01:41 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives,
01:44 the disciples came to Him privately saying,
01:47 "Tell us, when will these things be?
01:50 And what will be the sign of your coming,
01:53 and of the end of the age?"
01:56 You remember Jesus has just made a shocking
01:59 statement in Matthew chapter 24.
02:02 He went into the temple and told His disciples
02:04 you see these stones of the temple
02:06 there shall not be one stone left upon another.
02:10 And later when he's looking down on Jerusalem
02:13 from the Mount of Olives, disciples come to Him
02:16 privately saying when shall these things be?
02:18 What shall be the sign of thy coming
02:20 and of the end of the world? You remember
02:24 that disciples equated in there question,
02:26 there was a misunderstanding;
02:28 they thought the destruction of Jerusalem
02:30 was synonymous with the end of the world.
02:33 And Jesus instead of correcting their
02:35 misunderstanding gives a brilliant discourse
02:39 in Matthew chapter 24 answering both questions
02:42 regarding destruction of Jerusalem
02:44 and the final moments of ours history.
02:47 But I like to horn in on one particular verse
02:50 in Matthew chapter 24. Matthew chapter 24
02:54 and verse 15 gives an interesting endorsement
02:58 by Jesus Christ himself.
03:00 Matthew chapter 24 verse 15 reads
03:02 "Therefore when you see the
03:04 'abomination of desolation,' spoken out
03:07 by Daniel the prophet,
03:09 standing in the holy place" whoever reads,
03:12 let him understand. The prophet Daniel
03:17 is endorsed by Jesus and I just like to point out
03:20 three simple examples or three simple
03:23 observations from these verses, there is a lot
03:25 in there but by way of reference Jesus assumes,
03:28 number one that Daniel is a prophet.
03:31 We can study the book of Daniel knowing
03:33 that it has Christ saying that He is inspired
03:37 a messenger of God. And the second thing
03:40 Jesus points out that the Book of Daniel
03:43 has end time relevance. We can know that
03:47 as God's last day people living right before
03:50 the eminent return of Jesus Christ,
03:53 that Jesus is saying listen,
03:55 it is relevant to us living in the last days.
03:58 And that the third one is that Jesus gives
04:01 his own divine endorsement by
04:03 implication to study the Book of Daniel.
04:08 Now I like to read a lot in my spare time
04:11 and one of the things that I ask my friends
04:13 when I haven't seen them for a quite a bit,
04:16 I go to them and I ask are there any books
04:18 that you recommend, and depending on
04:21 who it is I'll go on based on the recommendation
04:25 and buy 50 to 70 dollars worth of books on
04:28 without even having cracked the cover,
04:31 and this is just based on the endorsement
04:33 of my friends. And so here Jesus is essentially
04:37 saying in Matthew chapter 24.
04:38 If you want to know what's gonna happen
04:41 in the last days and want to know how to live,
04:43 study the book of Daniel, and I don't know about
04:47 you but that is a pretty good endorsement
04:51 from the Son of God and so with that motivation
04:54 with this in juncture from Jesus Christ Himself
04:58 to say study the Book of Daniel.
05:00 I'd like to invite to turn with me to Daniel
05:03 chapter 1 and verse 1, 2, Daniel chapter
05:09 and verse 1:1, 2 reads.
05:10 In the third year of the reign of
05:12 Jehoiakim King of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar,
05:16 King of Babylon came to Jerusalem
05:18 and besieged it. And the Lord gave Jehoiakim King
05:22 of Judah into his hand, with some of the
05:25 articles of the house of God, which he carried
05:28 into the land of Shinar to the house of his God;
05:31 and brought the articles into the treasure
05:34 house of his God. Daniel to give you
05:37 a little bit a background was 15 to 16 years
05:41 of age when this happen. Nebuchadnezzar
05:43 who was King of Babylon at the time came
05:45 and besieged it, this was going to the first
05:47 of three sieges on Jerusalem and during
05:51 his lifetime Jerusalem was ransacked,
05:54 it was burnt to the ground,
05:55 the temple was destroyed and according to Leslie
05:58 Hardinge who is the scholar on Daniel says
06:00 that Daniel had to walk approximately a thousand
06:03 miles from Jerusalem to Babylon.
06:07 And I just want you to for a brief few moments
06:10 place yourself into the shoes of Daniel.
06:13 Remember that you're 15 to 17 years of age,
06:16 you're a teenager, you probably seen
06:18 your parents slaughtered before your very eyes,
06:20 and you had to walk a thousand miles from
06:22 Jerusalem to Babylon and what are you gonna be
06:25 thinking and the thoughts going across
06:28 your mind during this trip.
06:30 You know I got some friends that were raised
06:33 along the lines of Christianity,
06:36 and they served the Lord all their life,
06:38 and suddenly a trauma or a tragedy happens
06:41 to them and they say you know I serve
06:42 the Lord why is this happening to me,
06:44 and it shakes the foundation of their faith
06:46 and sad to say some of them have even left
06:50 the Christian faith as a result of this.
06:53 But here's Daniel, he decides that regardless
06:56 of what happens to him, regardless of whether
06:58 he loses his family, and loses his temple the
07:02 Jerusalem and is taken literally to a secular
07:05 university there in Babylon and not only
07:08 when you read the accounts does he make it
07:10 but he excels. Now the Book of Daniel
07:13 can be divided into two major genres.
07:17 Number one the prophetic,
07:19 that's obvious these prophecies are sealed
07:21 unto the time of the end according to
07:22 Daniel chapter 12. And the second is the
07:25 narrative, inner first in between these
07:29 prophecies are stories and it's not just by
07:32 happenstance. These stories are illustrations
07:36 of the lives that we are to follow,
07:38 six of them are characteristics that
07:40 we have to possessed, while these prophecies
07:42 are being fulfilled, and two of them
07:44 are prophecies, or characteristics
07:46 I should say of characteristics that
07:48 we have to avoid while these prophecies
07:51 are being fulfilled. And I like to go to a
07:54 little bit of a window and angel on the secret
07:58 of Daniel's faithfulness. Let's go to our next
08:01 passage Daniel chapter 6 and verses 1:5,
08:07 Daniel chapter 6 verse 1:5 It pleased Darius
08:10 to set over the kingdom one hundred
08:13 and twenty satraps, to be over the whole kingdom;
08:17 and over these, three governors,
08:19 of whom Daniel was one, that the satraps might
08:23 give account to them, so that the King
08:26 would suffer no loss. Then this Daniel
08:29 distinguished himself above the governors
08:31 and satraps, because an excellent spirit
08:35 was in him; and the king gave thought
08:37 to setting him over the whole realm.
08:40 So the governors and satraps sought to find
08:42 some charge against Daniel concerning
08:45 the kingdom; but they could find no
08:47 charge or fault, because he was faithful;
08:50 nor was there any error or fault found in him.
08:54 Then these men said, "We shall not find any
08:58 charge against this Daniel unless we find it
09:01 against him concerning the law of his God."
09:06 Essentially what is happening here is Daniel
09:09 has suffered or gone through a regime change,
09:13 the Babylonians were taken over by the
09:15 Medo-Persians and incidentally Daniel
09:18 was placed at a prominent position
09:20 in this next kingdom of Medo-Persia.
09:23 He was set second in command to the King
09:26 himself and these governors were jealous,
09:29 were envious of his position, and they sought
09:31 to find some thing to find or an aspect
09:34 of Daniel's life to nail him on
09:37 and to get his position. And is interesting
09:41 what they convinced the King to do in the next
09:44 few verses Daniel chapter 6 and verse 6,
09:47 we find another account of what is happening
09:50 in these verses.
09:53 So these governors and satraps thronged before
09:56 the King, and said to him: "King Darius,
09:59 live forever! All the governors of the kingdom,
10:02 the administrators and satraps, the counselors
10:05 and advisors, have consulted together
10:09 to establish a royal statute and to make
10:11 a firm decree, that whoever petitions
10:14 any God or man for thirty days,
10:17 except you O King, shall be cast into den of lions.
10:22 Now, O King, establish the decree
10:24 and sign the writing, so that it cannot be
10:27 changed, according to the law of the Medes
10:29 and Persians, which does not alter."
10:33 Therefore King Darius signed
10:35 the written decree. Just like to point out
10:39 a couple of things before moving on,
10:41 and that is that number one there is a political
10:44 law that is put in place regarding worship.
10:48 Number two there is death decree for any
10:51 person that worships any other God or man
10:54 rather then the King. This I believe is a type
10:57 of what's going to happen right before
11:00 the final moments of earth's history.
11:02 Remember in Revelation, there is a law regarding
11:05 worship, and secondly there is injunction
11:08 from this political government that any one
11:11 who worships any other God or man shall be killed.
11:14 Now Daniel does something very
11:16 interestingly in this passage that he does it
11:20 any way regardless of the indictment of being
11:24 thrown in to a den of lions. Now I don't know
11:28 how many of you have ever been bitten
11:30 by a wild animal before. A number of year ago
11:34 I used to go door to door selling books,
11:36 and one of the greatest fear I had was meeting
11:39 a ferocious dog, and so we would have this trick
11:41 when we walk up to the door we would shake
11:43 the gate, we'd whistle and once it was safe,
11:46 we would then proceed to move inside.
11:48 One of my friends actually was bit by
11:51 pit bull and on his face and had to undergo
11:54 some dramatic plastic surgery.
11:56 The surgeons did a good job, he is okay today.
11:58 But we are not talking about a small dog here;
12:01 we are talking about a fairly large cat.
12:05 I don't know how many of you have ever read
12:08 the story of Siegfried And Roy, they are running
12:12 a show with a large cat his name was Montecore
12:16 380 pounds and during a freak accident this animal
12:20 with his killer instinct even though
12:22 it had grown up virtually in captivity
12:24 all his life jumped on one of the trainers
12:27 and shook him like a ragged dog,
12:30 clamped down on his neck and sliced
12:32 his jugular vein. It was a miracle he lived
12:35 and I saw an account years later he looked like
12:38 he had age about 10 years his trainers
12:40 did and he never look the same.
12:43 And here is Daniel; he knows that the writing
12:46 has being signed. He knows and you can imagine
12:48 the pressure, we are not talking about one
12:50 isolated cat here we are talking about myriad
12:54 of 300 plus pound animals and he knows that
12:58 once he kneels down in prays he is food
13:01 for the lions. Now I just like for us to step back
13:04 and modernize us a little bit,
13:06 let's imagine that you are in your home
13:09 and they have these trained spy satellites,
13:12 these video cameras that are on you
13:14 and once you kneel down FBI guards storm
13:17 in to your room, they hammer you down,
13:19 read you your rights and take you off
13:20 to be executed. And yet Daniel here in
13:25 Daniel chapter 6 and verse 10,
13:27 we know the story this Daniel in the lions dens.
13:30 Let's see what Daniel does in this next passage
13:33 Daniel chapter 6:10. Now when Daniel knew
13:37 that the writing was signed, he went home.
13:40 And in his upper room, with his windows open
13:44 toward Jerusalem, he knelt down on his knees
13:47 three times that day, and prayed and gave
13:50 thanks before his God, as was his custom since
13:54 his early days. Daniel regardless of this
14:00 mandate, regardless of this law that was put
14:02 in place knelt down on his knees as he did
14:05 it four time and continued his life
14:09 of prayer. And I just like to make one simple
14:12 point before we proceed, and that's simply this.
14:15 Daniel would rather die then miss his devotions
14:20 Daniel would rather be eaten by a lion then
14:25 miss his time with God. I want us to think
14:29 about that, the dedication,
14:30 the consecration of this man. Now a number
14:34 of years ago when I gave my heart
14:36 to the Lord it was in the hills of Pennsylvania
14:39 as you forth wonderful experience in which
14:41 I accepted Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
14:44 for the first time. I had a friend of mine
14:46 who told me that there is this word call
14:48 spiritual disciplines, its kind of a word that
14:51 we shrug out or shrink back from
14:53 in the 21 century and essentially told us
14:56 this fact that when we live our Christian lives
15:01 that the devotional life is essentially important
15:05 and so I would make up this propositions
15:07 everyday about the time I would get up
15:10 in the morning, I was in high school at the time.
15:12 And suddenly after trigonometry,
15:15 after chemistry, after all this thing what
15:17 I would go through I had study all around
15:19 this work study program, I come back home,
15:21 set my alarm for early in the morning
15:24 and it would go off and it would take every effort
15:28 of super human strength to get up in the morning.
15:32 I don't know if I am only person that struggles
15:34 with this, and there will be times quite honestly
15:36 in which I would hit that snooze button
15:38 for an hour and it's the most miserable type
15:42 of sleep that you can ever imagine.
15:44 And so here is Daniel living the
15:47 devotional life and it is vital for a
15:49 Christian experience, we are saved by faith
15:51 through Christ alone, but devotion places
15:54 an essential part in the spiritual disciplines
15:58 for persons serving Jesus Christ.
16:00 And I just like to share with you very briefly
16:03 three axioms, three aspects of how we can
16:08 live this devotional life. Number one it has to
16:12 do with relationship and relationships
16:16 believe it or not are built on this thing
16:20 that we call time. Not to long ago I read
16:23 this book it's called the Five Languages of Love
16:29 and the thesis was essentially simple,
16:31 the author brought out that we have five major
16:34 modalities in which we express love,
16:36 one of them is acts of service.
16:38 When an individuals wants to express love
16:40 to another person, they try to serve them
16:43 in some way, or they do some thing for them.
16:44 My parents tend to be like this they cook
16:46 my favorite meal, my mom would do other
16:49 things like that acts of service is one.
16:50 Another one is words of affirmation;
16:53 this person likes compliments or feels love
16:55 when they are appreciated through
16:57 the verbal modality. Next one is gifts,
17:00 they like to gift things to other people
17:02 and then you have physical touch
17:03 and the last one struck me its quality time.
17:07 When I was in university I had friends that
17:10 were primarily quality time people,
17:12 and what they would do is come into my room
17:15 at certain parts of the day, sit on my bed
17:17 and you could be absolutely doing nothing,
17:21 and they just love to linger in your presence.
17:26 And I believe that God is all of these modalities
17:29 but one thing that is especially particular
17:33 to God when it comes to this aspect
17:35 of relationship is time, and God wants to spend
17:39 quality time with each one of us.
17:43 There is this quotation from the book
17:44 Steps to Christ that goes something like this.
17:46 The relations between God and each soul
17:50 are as distinct and full as though
17:52 they were not another person upon the earth
17:54 to share his watch care, not another soul
17:58 for whom he gave his beloved son.
18:01 Essentially this author is making this statement
18:04 that most of us from a human point of view
18:07 cannot connect with fifty people on a intimate
18:10 basis is more like four or five.
18:12 But God has the capacity to be able to connect
18:16 with you and me with the 6.5 billion people
18:20 that are living on planet earth.
18:21 When you talk to him you have his undivided
18:25 attention and it says though you are the only
18:28 person in the world. That's powerful,
18:32 that's intimate and that's the type
18:33 of relationship that God wants to have
18:36 with you and me. So the first angle
18:39 on the devotional life is relationship
18:43 and the next one is reclusion.
18:46 Reclusion comes from the root word recluse,
18:49 and you ever heard of a recluse is a person
18:52 that likes to spend time alone solitary.
18:56 And we are told in the Bible that Jesus would
18:58 go off to a solitary place and there he prayed.
19:01 Another example is Moses spent forty year
19:04 in the wilderness and Paul spent time
19:07 in Arabia before his ministry.
19:11 Now the illustration of reclusion has to do with
19:14 two different things, it has to do with silence
19:16 and solitude. I want to read to you the
19:20 statement we live in a noisy busy world;
19:23 silence and solitude are not 20th century words.
19:27 They fit in the era of Victorian lace,
19:30 high button shoes and kerosene lamps,
19:32 better than age of television, video arcade,
19:35 and joggers wired with their earphones.
19:38 We have become a people with an inversion
19:41 to quite and uneasiness with being alone.
19:44 And we live in a world where
19:46 there is a lot of noises, three are lot of things
19:47 going around us and silence and solitude
19:50 are two angles on a devotional life that
19:53 I believe are missing or are hard to find
19:56 in the 21st century. Number of years ago
20:00 I went off to New England to sell some
20:03 books and was there in the country alone
20:06 by myself that I found that I can find God
20:09 speaking to my heart like never before.
20:12 And when you think about it, some of the most
20:14 intimate moments are not in groups,
20:17 they are not that we can't have intimacy
20:19 in group but the most special moments
20:20 between two people are alone,
20:22 and that is what God wants to spend with each
20:26 one of us. Now there is a balance to this,
20:28 Jesus according to the Bible spent time
20:30 between the mountain and the multitude,
20:33 meaning silence solitude and the people.
20:36 If we are too much in the mountain,
20:38 we become irrelevant, if we are too much
20:40 with the multitude and become shallow
20:42 and superficial, and we don't have a lot to give.
20:44 And so Jesus live this beautiful tension
20:47 between solitude and the people,
20:50 and that is life that God is calling us to live
20:53 on a daily basis. So first we have relationship,
20:58 second we have reclusion and our third
21:01 one has to do with the word called re-scripting.
21:05 Re-scripting has to do with this fascinating
21:07 concept that all of us have a script,
21:10 metaphorically it's the sheet of paper
21:12 that all of us carry in our minds,
21:14 and it determines our value,
21:16 our world views the paradigms,
21:19 the parameters, the lens through
21:21 which we view the world.
21:23 This script interestingly enough is written
21:26 by someone else, someone else writes this
21:28 script and these scripts are fed many times
21:31 by academic education, advertising, media,
21:35 propaganda and television.
21:38 That's where we get our values and the thing
21:41 is that it used to be that people living
21:44 in the city had a different script than
21:46 individuals that were living in the country.
21:49 But nowadays they are calling a universal ethics,
21:52 so it doesn't matter where you go in the world,
21:54 you can be in a different socio-economic status,
21:57 ethnicity whatever it is in the western world,
21:59 you go to certain places, and they have a
22:02 certain way that they dress, the way that
22:03 they act, the way that the think
22:05 and view reality have certain values.
22:07 And I believe that this universal culture
22:10 that is being developed is setting
22:12 us up for a very interesting decision
22:16 as we approach the final moments
22:18 of earth's history. I want to read you
22:21 the statement from the book Great Controversy
22:26 and it's says this as the final storm approaches
22:30 a large class who have not professed
22:33 faith in the third angels message
22:35 but have not been sanctified through
22:38 obedience to the truth, abandoned their positions
22:41 and joined the ranks of the opposition.
22:45 By uniting with the world,
22:46 partaking of its spirit, they have come to view
22:50 matters and nearly the same light.
22:53 And when the test is brought
22:55 they are prepared to choose the easy
22:56 and the popular side. These individuals got
23:00 scripted, these individuals got scripted
23:03 so much that they live like the world,
23:06 they internalize the values of the world
23:08 and in the end they choose the easy
23:11 popular side. And it's not rocket
23:14 science friends, the way that we get
23:17 re-scripted is through devotions,
23:19 one of the ways is and when you spent
23:21 time with Jesus internalizing his word,
23:24 assuming his values is through this mechanism
23:27 that we learn to see things from God's angle
23:30 and God's perspective. And I dare say here
23:33 today that if you see things or you internalize
23:36 these values you will be counter cultural,
23:39 you will not be home in this world anymore.
23:44 So the three angles on devotional life number
23:47 one relationship, we must spend time with Jesus.
23:51 Number two reclusion, we must spend time
23:54 alone with Jesus. And number three,
23:57 re-scripting; we must internalize
23:59 God's paradigm and God's priorities
24:02 as we live our lives from day to day.
24:07 A number of years ago I had the privilege
24:09 and opportunity to visit my grandparents
24:13 down in California, it was a family reunion
24:16 and it was my grandfather's
24:17 80th birthday and as our cousins
24:20 and aunts got together it's kind of surreal
24:22 in some ways because you almost exist
24:25 in this time world, you have this mental picture
24:27 of the way they were being and when you meet
24:29 them face to face, its amazing how much
24:30 they've grown and matured
24:32 to the years and changed. And there was a certain
24:35 sense as we were together at this family
24:38 reunion that this perhaps would be the last time
24:41 that we would be together like this
24:43 because my grandfather was getting older
24:45 he was 80, his health was failing
24:48 and we had worship together on this
24:51 one weekend, my grandfather addressed
24:53 the family as a group. And at the end
24:55 he came to me, he is a retired pastor
24:58 and put in my hand this key chain
25:01 and he made me promise he said David
25:03 I want to take this with you wherever you go.
25:06 And I'm not particularly a sentimental type
25:09 but I said sure grandpa whatever you want
25:11 I will do it and so I flipped it over and on
25:14 the back of it was picture of the second coming.
25:19 And my grandfather is not particularly
25:21 a talkative person he didn't say much
25:23 and I walked up thank him put it in my pocket.
25:27 But I later as I thought about what he was trying
25:30 to portray in his own way, grandfather
25:33 to grandson, mentor to student, pastor to pastor.
25:38 He was trying to pass on this legacy
25:43 of the second coming. And as a minister of
25:46 the gospel, he wanted me to be faithful
25:48 and true to that calling. He wanted me
25:50 to picture the second coming and to live
25:54 my life accordingly. You know friend when Jesus
25:58 comes the second time there may be a lot
26:01 of things that you wish, but I guarantee
26:03 it won't be I wish I had a bigger car,
26:06 a bigger house, a bigger 401 k or bigger
26:08 bank account. But you may just wish heaven
26:12 forbid that you have spent more
26:14 time with Jesus. I want to urge you today
26:19 to spend that time with Jesus on a daily basis
26:23 like Daniel. Make it the center of priority
26:25 of your life; make it the paradigm through
26:28 which you view reality. One statement in
26:32 Step to Christ goes like this,
26:33 consecrate yourself to God in the morning,
26:37 make this your very first work,
26:40 let your prayer be take me as Holy time.
26:44 I lay all my plans at your feet,
26:46 use me today in your service abide with me
26:51 and let all my work be wrought in Thee.
26:54 This is a daily matter each day,
26:57 each morning consecrate yourself to God
26:59 for that day, surrender all your plans to him
27:02 to be carried out or to be given up as his
27:05 providence shall indicate. Thus day by day you may
27:09 be giving your life into the hands of God
27:12 and thus your life will be molded more and more
27:16 after the life of Christ. It's my prayer
27:21 for you today that you will spend that time
27:25 with the relationship with Jesus.
27:27 Its quality time that you will be in a time of
27:31 reclusion between the mountain and the multitude
27:34 and finally that you will be re-scripted
27:37 that you internalize God's values
27:40 and God's paradigms for our daily lives.
27:43 I like to thank you so much for joining us today
27:45 and may you join us again next time as
27:48 we journey through scripture in Faith Chapel.
27:52 May God bless you and keep you to that end.


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