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00:30 Hello my name is Kenn Dixon
00:32 and welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:34 Let's pray. Father in heaven, Lord,
00:37 we thank you for this day that you've given us.
00:39 We ask now that your Holy Spirit will come
00:41 and abide with us. Speak to us as we open
00:44 your word and find the yearning of our hearts.
00:46 We pray these things in your name, amen.
00:51 Our topic today is called the Hound of Heaven.
00:56 To what degree would Jesus go out to seek us.
00:59 How far would God go to redeem us.
01:04 There is a story that is told about a man
01:09 that illustrates how far God would go.
01:13 In 1930 Stalin ordered the plunging of all Bibles
01:16 and all believers. In Russia he ordered
01:19 to carry, this order was carried out
01:22 with vengeance. And thousands of Bibles
01:25 were confiscated, and millions of people
01:27 and thousands of people were thrown into prison.
01:31 And they were there to die.
01:34 Well there was a group in Raleigh,
01:35 North Carolina, that tells the story about how,
01:39 when they visited this place that God
01:42 did a miracle. When they came to a certain
01:45 city in Russia. They did not know the history
01:48 behind this certain city. But when the team
01:51 had difficulty getting Bibles into that country.
01:55 They decided to look around to see what can,
01:58 they can do. And they remembered,
01:59 someone remembered that there was a warehouse
02:01 where all of these Bibles years ago
02:04 were being held. And so they decided to go
02:07 and see if they can get those Bibles
02:09 and distribute them. After some prayer
02:12 the team got together and they said lets go
02:15 to the administrators and see if they'll be
02:17 willing to give us those Bibles,
02:19 well lets see first if they're still there.
02:21 So they found there were still there
02:23 and they asked if they can get those Bibles
02:24 and distribute them back out into that city.
02:28 Well to their surprise they said yes.
02:32 The next day they returned with a truck
02:34 full of Russians, so that they can help
02:37 unload all these Bibles and give them out.
02:40 One of the helpers that decided to work
02:42 with them that day was a skeptic.
02:45 He was a student at one of the local schools
02:48 and he was just there for the days wages.
02:51 And as they loaded Bibles, one of the team
02:54 members realized that this young man was missing.
02:56 And eventually they found him in the warehouse
02:59 where he was in the corner weeping.
03:02 He had slipped away hoping to take
03:04 one of the Bible for himself.
03:06 What he did not know was that the Hound
03:08 of Heaven was seeking on his trial.
03:11 What he found in that Bible shook him
03:15 to the core. So when he opened the pages
03:18 and opened the cover and looked at the
03:20 inscription that was in it, he saw that
03:22 it was a handwritten signature of his
03:25 own grandmother. Out of all of the
03:27 thousands of Bibles that he could have taken,
03:29 he took the very one in which his grandmother
03:32 had signed. And this woman was a woman
03:37 that was full of faith and he knew this,
03:40 this woman was persecuted all her life,
03:44 because of her belief in Jesus.
03:47 Now wondering, no wonder why that this
03:50 young man was weeping so hard.
03:56 You know to such extend Jesus will go
03:58 to seek us out. He loves us so much
04:01 and this young man was amazed to find out
04:05 that the Hound of Heaven was after him.
04:08 You know the Bible says that, that heaven
04:11 and earth cannot fill God.
04:13 He is everywhere and he is ever present
04:16 wherever he goes. Jesus is our ever seen
04:21 and all seeing Hound of Heaven.
04:23 He will track us down wherever we're hiding
04:26 and once he's on our trail, he never gives up
04:29 until we have turned away from him completely,
04:34 but he always is there. You know once choosing
04:39 to leave heaven and the glory of the presence
04:42 of his Father. He decided to come down
04:45 to this planet. Come down to intermingle with us.
04:50 The Bible says in Luke 19 verse 10
04:53 that Jesus loves us so much that he would go
04:56 to the ends of the earth. Let see what the Bible
04:59 says in Luke 19 and verse 10. The Bible says,
05:03 For the Son of Man has come to seek
05:05 and to save that which was lost.
05:08 Jesus is seeking and saving you and I.
05:11 He will not give up. He left the glory of
05:15 heaven to this, and come to this planet,
05:17 to this cruel planet, this sinful planet
05:20 for you and I. It was his desire that
05:23 he would go through all of this,
05:24 so that we can gain victory,
05:28 that is such a blessing to know that
05:30 God loves us so much.
05:32 Heaven and heaven and all the,
05:36 the host that is there and the father
05:38 were continuously seeking after us.
05:41 And you know even after Jesus died
05:44 and went back to heaven the Bible tells us
05:46 in Hebrews 7 and verse 25,
05:47 that he is still there looking after our
05:50 best interests. Hebrews 7 verse 25 says,
05:53 Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost
05:56 those who come to God through Him,
05:58 since He is always living to make an
06:01 accession for us. Jesus loves us so much.
06:05 You see Jesus still pursuing people through
06:08 the message of the Cross. The message
06:10 of the Cross rises above all the voices
06:13 and calamity around the world and through
06:15 all cultures the Cross is rising up.
06:18 Seizing the throat of those that will
06:21 speak against it, the Cross is speaking
06:23 salvation to us. If Jesus Christ was almighty
06:28 incarnated. If Jesus Christ was the one
06:32 that said he would come to save us.
06:34 If Jesus Christ was the one who said that
06:36 he would ultimately pay the price for this sin
06:39 world then what should we do.
06:43 You know in Romans chapter 7 and verse 24
06:46 Paul says something very deep.
06:49 He says, O wretched man that I am,
06:51 who will deliver me from this body of death.
06:55 It is Jesus that will do it.
06:58 But the good news is that those who love him,
07:02 that's all of us. Those who love him,
07:06 everyone that cares about him,
07:08 everyone that is giving their all and all to him.
07:11 And even in this present polluted world,
07:14 Jesus has come to die for him.
07:16 O wretched man that I am, Jesus has come
07:19 to deliver me from this body of death.
07:21 You know when I think about the Hound of Heaven
07:23 and I think about how Jesus loves us so much
07:26 and to what extend, it reminds of the parable
07:29 that is found in Matthew chapter,
07:31 Matthew chapter 18, verse 12 and 13,
07:34 speaking about the lost sheep,
07:37 what do you think if a man has a hundred sheep,
07:40 and one of them goes astray,
07:42 does he not leave the ninety-nine
07:44 and go to the mountains to seek the one
07:46 that astray? And if he should find it,
07:50 assuredly I say to you, he rejoices more over
07:54 that sheep than the ninety-nine that
07:57 did not go astray. Jesus is the hound
08:00 that is seeking after us. Jesus is that hound
08:03 that goes out looking for that one sheep
08:07 that was lost from the flock. The sheep,
08:11 who is it? Its you and me.
08:13 That sheep is the one that has gone astray.
08:17 That sheep is the one that finds something
08:20 better to do in life. You know when I was
08:23 growing up, I never really found Jesus
08:27 as my personal savior. I never really said
08:30 and committed my life to him.
08:31 And I found that many things were distracting.
08:35 I would go out and I get in,
08:36 engage in various different things.
08:38 But it was never thought for my mind
08:41 about Jesus' love, because my mother always
08:44 taught me said you know sooner or later
08:46 you're gonna have to do what God has asked
08:47 you to do. And you know being young you know
08:49 you kind of like well I don't want to hear
08:50 all of that. And I tell you today that Jesus
08:54 loves us and he is seeking after us.
08:57 No matter what we do.
08:59 You can be running from him,
09:01 you could be hiding in some strange places,
09:04 but he is always seeking after us.
09:07 It's amazing when I thin about the love of Jesus.
09:10 And all the things that I've gone through
09:12 in my life and you know the Bible gives us some,
09:14 some clear evidence and some wonderful things,
09:17 when speaking about this lost sheep that
09:20 had gone astray. When we look at
09:21 Luke chapter 15, starting at verse 5.
09:24 The Bible speaks about us. He says that,
09:27 and what, and when he has found it,
09:30 talking about the sheep.
09:31 He lays it on his shoulders and rejoices.
09:34 Can you imagine that.
09:36 Think about it for a second.
09:38 You have gone astray. We're out there in the,
09:41 in the, in the world with all the wolves and stuff.
09:44 We're just a little sheep, and you know sheep
09:46 are not very smart. You know I like to think
09:49 of myself as a sheep, not very smart.
09:52 You're out there in the world and you,
09:53 you, you think you know everything.
09:56 And you know being young you say that
09:59 I know its best. And I know that,
10:01 that, that the things that I,
10:03 bring me happiness and you get out there
10:06 and you realize that you have gone
10:09 into foreign soil. You are confused,
10:12 you are looking and searching around
10:15 and before you know it, you hear the sound
10:17 of wolves around you. And these wolves are
10:19 closing in on you. What do you do?
10:24 Well it is good to know that when the shepherd,
10:27 he realizes, he does his counting,
10:30 he does 98, 99 and there's no more.
10:34 He realized that you're missing.
10:35 What does he do? He puts the,
10:38 he closes the gate and he puts his cloak
10:42 on his back and he grabs his staff
10:43 and he grabs a little, a little bag with him
10:46 just in case you're hurt.
10:48 And he goes out in the middle of the night
10:50 seeking after you. And as he's going through
10:54 various different valleys and over the mountains
10:56 and ranges and different things.
10:58 He's looking for you. Isn't that amazing,
11:02 and as you're out there and you've gotten
11:05 caught up in it and now you're surrounded
11:07 by wolves all of a sudden you hear the sound
11:10 of the master. You hear the sound of the
11:13 shepherd. He finds you and he takes that
11:16 staff and he beats back those wolves
11:18 and he grabs you and you've been bruised,
11:21 you've been out there in the world
11:22 and the world has not treated you nicely.
11:24 He picks you up and he puts you on his shoulders.
11:26 And the Bible said that he rejoices,
11:28 because he's found you and he brings you home.
11:32 And verse 6 in Luke chapter 15,
11:34 it goes on to say that, he loves us so much
11:38 that he says, And when he comes home,
11:40 he calls together his friends and neighbors
11:43 saying to them, rejoice with me
11:45 for I have found my sheep which was lost.
11:47 He calls everyone together and rejoices
11:52 because he's found the one that was lost.
11:55 You know many times people think that
11:59 no one cares. And when you put it
12:01 into perspective, you think about Jesus finding
12:04 the lost sheep. He goes back to heaven
12:07 with the millions upon millions upon billions
12:10 of angels and he says I have found the sheep
12:13 that has gone astray. You remember,
12:15 you remember Ken when he, when he went away for
12:18 so many years. He, he was caught up in so many
12:21 different things. His life was not
12:22 where it should be. And you know that
12:25 he was gone and destined to be lost.
12:28 But guess what, we found him.
12:30 And he was out there playing the fool
12:32 and acting crazy and all of these different things,
12:35 but we found him and heaven rejoices over
12:39 one person that is saved. All the angels flap their
12:43 wings and the harps are going and the sound
12:46 of heaven is rejoicing. It sounds like a carnival
12:51 of activity because of you.
12:54 Think about that for a second.
12:56 Though no one here may care that you've given
12:58 your life back to Jesus.
13:00 Jesus and all heaven rejoices because
13:03 you have done it. And verse 7 of that same
13:06 chapter 15. It says, and I say to you that
13:09 likewise there is more joy in heaven over
13:12 one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine
13:16 just people, just persons who need no repentance.
13:21 You know who is, who is greatly
13:23 to be appreciated. I think it's the person that
13:26 has gone astray and who has done much.
13:29 You know what good is it if you live your life
13:32 and you said you know I'm alright,
13:34 I have no need for Jesus.
13:37 What good does that do? What I think about
13:40 is when you get down on your knees at night
13:42 and you've realized that you have made a mess
13:44 of your life. And all of a sudden you say
13:47 surely God does not care. He is not here,
13:51 he does not care anything about me.
13:53 And you get down on your knees
13:55 and you're praying and your tears are starting
13:57 to flow, something comes to mind that
14:01 I want you to remember. And that is the Hound
14:04 of Heaven never sleeps. He never sleeps,
14:08 he never slumbers. You know once he finds us
14:12 and puts us on our shoulders.
14:14 He doesn't, it's not just this feeling or emotion,
14:18 where we get all happy and stuff and say I found
14:20 Jesus and we don't do anything.
14:22 No. The Bible says in John verses,
14:24 John chapter 5 in verse 14.
14:26 It says something that, that,
14:28 after we have been found, after Jesus found
14:31 him in the temple, he said to him,
14:33 see you have been made well, sin no more,
14:36 lest the worse thing come upon you.
14:39 Jesus is saying after he has found us,
14:42 after he has put us on his shoulders
14:45 and has carried us to heaven.
14:46 And all the heaven is rejoicing, don't go
14:49 and get back in the mud. It doesn't make
14:52 any sense. Don't be like the pig after
14:55 you've cleaned him up. After you've took him out
14:58 of the muddy pit, brought him inside
15:01 and washed him clean and got a tooth brush
15:03 and even did his teeth. And clean out his ears
15:06 and get him nice and smelling nice and sweet
15:09 if a pig can ever smell sweet,
15:11 but you get him nice and sweet.
15:12 And you dress him up and you bring him outside
15:15 and you show everyone the first thing the pig
15:18 is gonna do is he's gonna run and jump back
15:20 into the mud. Jesus is saying go
15:22 and sin no more, don't make a mess out of
15:25 your life again. But you're saying,
15:28 well you know I can't help it.
15:29 I can't help it its, its, its human nature.
15:32 I've been brought up that way
15:34 and that's all I know. Jesus is giving you
15:37 the out when he risks, when he goes out
15:39 and save you. And puts you on his shoulders
15:42 as a shepherd goes out and find the sheep.
15:44 He now empowers you with something.
15:46 He gives you the power to overcome.
15:49 So you don't have to go back out and jump
15:51 in the mud and wallow in there and do
15:53 all this craziness. He gives you the power
15:56 to overcome. Jesus gives us the power through
15:59 his Holy Spirit to gain the victorious life that
16:02 he gained. When Jesus was here on earth,
16:05 he was attacked by every known sin.
16:08 Here the Bible says that in all the points
16:10 he was tempted and he didn't sin.
16:13 See we're not tempted in all the points,
16:15 see there are certain things that tempt me
16:17 that don't affect anyone else.
16:19 And the certain things that tempt you that
16:21 won't affect me, but Jesus was tempted
16:24 in all points, yet he did not sinned.
16:26 He astray, the devil threw everything at him.
16:29 See, we're only attacked with things
16:31 that we're familiar with and we can fall
16:32 easily too, but see Jesus is being tempted
16:35 with everything. Every known sin in the world
16:38 he was tempted with, but yet he gained
16:40 the victory, why? So that we can gain the victory.
16:44 The Spirit of God comes into the life
16:46 and it changes the life.
16:48 And I'm not speaking just, you know,
16:50 you know the words that they were followed.
16:53 I'm speaking of experience.
16:54 There is no reason why I should be here
16:56 and I'm telling you this that Jesus gives power
16:59 to overcome. In the Scriptures there is power
17:04 to overcome. If we desire something so much,
17:09 we would do all that we can to gain it.
17:13 And Jesus died so that we gain victory,
17:17 not only hereditary, but cultivated tendencies
17:20 to do wrong. He gives us victory over it.
17:23 You know the Bible speaks in John chapter 10
17:26 and starting at verse 14 it says that,
17:28 after Jesus found him in the temple he said
17:31 see that you have been made well.
17:34 Sin no more, lest the worse thing
17:36 come upon you. It goes on to say that,
17:39 I am the good shepherd, I know my sheep,
17:44 I am known by my own.
17:47 As the Father knows Me,
17:48 even so I know the Father,
17:50 and I will lay down my life for the sheep.
17:53 It goes on to say that, and other sheep
17:55 I have which are not of this fold,
17:57 them I must bring, and they will hear My voice,
18:01 and there will be one flock and one shepherd.
18:05 Jesus is saying that he will go
18:08 and he will bring those who he is calling.
18:11 Those who, he is seeking after,
18:13 he will call them and they know his voice.
18:15 When you hear the voice of Jesus
18:17 in the Scriptures, you know it is Jesus calling.
18:20 No one can tell you otherwise, no preacher,
18:23 no teacher, no friend, no family.
18:26 You know its Jesus voice, because you've read it
18:29 in the Scriptures and you see it for yourself.
18:31 No one can confuse you, there are voices
18:34 that are all over the place, but no one can
18:36 tell you otherwise. It is Jesus that is calling
18:40 you and when he calls his sheep they know
18:43 his voice. In the Middle East I'm told.
18:46 I have not been there yet,
18:48 but in the Middle East I'm told that
18:50 there are shepherds that will come together
18:52 and each morning they start off and they bring
18:54 all of their sheep together.
18:56 And as they go out and their sheep going grazing,
18:59 the shepherds when it's time to eat lunch
19:01 they will go and they will sit off by themselves
19:04 with each other and they will laugh and joke
19:06 and all these sheep will mingle in with each other
19:09 and there will be you know one shepherd
19:11 sheep here and one shepherd sheep there
19:13 and they're just all eating together
19:14 and having a good time.
19:16 But when it's time for the shepherds
19:18 when they finish eating their meal,
19:19 they all do something very unique I'm told.
19:23 One will go off to the East, one will go off
19:25 to the West and one will stay right there.
19:27 And they will make a certain sound
19:30 and only the sheep that know that shepherd's
19:33 sound will go to that shepherd.
19:35 Jesus is that shepherd. He says that his people
19:39 know his voice. They listening to him,
19:41 they don't have to be told by some minister.
19:44 They can see it in the Scriptures
19:46 and the Bible speaks to them.
19:48 And Jesus is saying my sheep know my voice.
19:51 Now once you hear that voice, what is our job?
19:55 What does God want us to do? well, in Hebrews
19:57 chapter 3 and verse 15 Jesus says that,
20:00 while it is said: Today if you hear,
20:03 hear His voice, do not harden your hearts
20:06 as in rebellion. He says don't harden your heart.
20:10 Today if you hear my voice harden not your
20:13 heart you know when you hear that voice of Jesus,
20:15 it has not time to resist. The Hound of Heaven
20:18 is seeking after us. He is looking after us
20:21 and you know I'm amazed about hounds.
20:24 Hounds have the ability to smell for,
20:28 you know smells that we can never pick up.
20:31 They are able to stay on a trail for hours.
20:35 When a child or someone is missing.
20:37 They get a piece of article of that person
20:39 and they put it in the hound's noise
20:41 and that hound smells it and he gets that
20:43 scent all into him and then he goes out
20:45 and he gets on the trail.
20:46 And he does not stop until he finds
20:51 what he's looking for. He will search
20:52 and he will search high and low,
20:54 he will not stop until he has found
20:57 what he is seeking after.
20:58 Jesus is that Hound of Heaven.
21:00 He seeks after us, he's consistently on
21:04 the trail, consistently moving, never tiring like
21:08 that hound. He never tires, he is always
21:11 looking after you. You know it is interesting
21:15 that when we hear that voice of Jesus,
21:17 it does something to us. It touches us
21:21 in such a way that no one else can ever do.
21:24 The words that I'm speaking to you today
21:26 are not my words, because I can get
21:30 up here, the only that I can do is I get up
21:31 here and talk some foolishness.
21:33 You know, but it is the words of Jesus that
21:36 touches the hearts that's the only thing
21:38 that changes. When Jesus does these things
21:42 and he, he gives us the Scriptures in which
21:44 to speak to our minds. He is doing something
21:48 that no one else can do. He is touching chords
21:51 in which he has created. When Jesus formed us
21:57 so long ago, when he formed Adam and Eve
21:59 and he, he bent down and he molded man
22:03 and he breathed into his nostrils the
22:05 breath of life. He was intimately involved
22:08 in our creation. And he knew what lies in man,
22:13 he know the things that bothered man,
22:15 he knew the things that would come up
22:18 with man. But yet he still said I will
22:22 create man. And not only that,
22:24 but he went so far as to know that
22:28 he would have to die. But you know
22:30 its something that when you think about it.
22:32 When you hear the words of God as I was saying
22:35 before he touches the chords of life.
22:37 How can he know? Because he formed all
22:40 the things that are in us. You know in,
22:43 in John chapter 9, starting at verse 35.
22:47 The Bible says, Jesus heard that they had
22:50 cast him out, and when He had found him,
22:53 He said to him. Do you believe in the son of God?
22:57 And He answered and said, who is He Lord
22:59 that I may believe in Him? And Jesus said to him,
23:02 you have both seen Him and it is He who
23:05 is talking with you. And then he said,
23:08 Lord I believe. And he worshiped Him.
23:11 This man had been plagued with,
23:13 with, with this problem of being blind for all
23:18 his life. And he was struggling and
23:20 people believed that because he sinned
23:22 or his family sinned or something
23:24 had come about, but you know what even
23:26 in your sin people will reject you when
23:29 you are over that sin. You know people like to,
23:33 you know it's amazing that when I was out
23:36 there in the world and I was having my,
23:37 my good time. I had a lot of friends as long as
23:41 I was in my sins. But the minute I decided
23:43 to make a decision for Jesus and give my life
23:45 to Jesus. You know friends started changing.
23:48 The same friends that were with me all my life
23:51 decided they wanted to turn my back on me.
23:52 Because they said I can't be around you when
23:55 your talking all of this craziness,
23:57 but you know it was so funny because after
24:00 a few years they came around.
24:02 And now we sit down and we talk
24:04 and we laugh about the times in which
24:06 we were out there in the world acting a plum
24:08 fool and then how we came and gave our
24:10 lives to Jesus. And that is the joy of being
24:13 with Jesus. See the Hound of Heaven does
24:16 not stop. Even when there is rejection
24:18 that comes, even when he comes and people,
24:21 your family member turn their back on you,
24:23 the Hound of Heaven is always there.
24:25 He never gives up. He is always seeking
24:29 after you. You know when I think about
24:33 this is that, the encouraging words
24:35 that come to mind is when you, when a father
24:39 tells his son, son, I want you to do
24:42 good in life. Son, I want you to be successful.
24:46 I want you to do this, but the most important
24:48 thing son, I want you to find Jesus
24:51 and once you have found Jesus everything
24:54 will be added unto you. All of the desires
24:58 will be in lined with his desires.
25:00 All of your, your pleasures will be
25:03 in lined with his pleasures.
25:04 And it is Jesus when he, when he comes into
25:07 life he does something. It is such a powerful
25:10 thing that he changes you slowly.
25:13 I wasn't always a preacher, I wasn't always
25:17 talking about Jesus, I wasn't always the nice
25:22 guy that you see today. Many times people
25:24 said you know you need to smile more,
25:26 well you know what I had nothing to smile about,
25:29 but now I do. When Jesus comes into life
25:33 it does something to your heart,
25:35 it does something to your attitude.
25:37 You don't dress the same way.
25:38 Somebody has, doesn't have to tell you
25:40 how to dress. When Jesus comes into your life
25:42 he will teach you. You don't talk the same way.
25:45 You know, you don't come out with the four letter
25:47 words and all of this craziness,
25:48 you speak with love. People want to be around
25:53 you and it is because of Jesus.
25:55 It's not anything that you have done.
25:56 It is Jesus in your life. You know I,
26:00 I think about this and the words that
26:03 I can let you hear are the words that came
26:06 to me, keep the faith. Step, steadfast,
26:11 remain faithful to Jesus no matter what,
26:14 he will never leave you nor forsake you.
26:17 I'm encouraging you, as we wind this thing
26:21 down to understand that the Hound of Heaven
26:23 is in pursuit, that young man that was coming
26:27 for a day's wage, seeking just to gain
26:32 some money to help with loading Bibles
26:35 on to some trucks. Realized that he said
26:38 that you know I want to find this,
26:41 this Bible and make fun of it and so I,
26:46 he took one of them and he went away,
26:48 but what he realized was that Jesus would go
26:50 to the greatest lengths to save.
26:54 It is he that is seeking after us.
26:57 You know and as I think about how much
27:00 God loves us. I'm reminded of the text in
27:03 Jeremiah 31 and verse 3 where the Bible says.
27:08 He says that he loves us.
27:11 The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying:
27:15 Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love.
27:18 Therefore with loving kindness
27:20 have I drawn you. He loves us with an
27:24 everlasting love. Let's now thank him
27:27 for the love in which he has given for us
27:29 that never ends. Let's pray. Father in heaven,
27:32 Lord we thank you for your everlasting love.
27:34 Giving us your son to die on the Cross Lord
27:38 for our sins, so that we can gain the victory,
27:40 be with us Lord and give us the peace
27:42 that we so desperately need.
27:43 We pray this in your name, amen.
27:46 Thank you for joining us at Faith Chapel,
27:47 may God be with you, may God bless your home,
27:50 bless your family and bless everything
27:53 that you do, keep your eyes on Him.


Revised 2014-12-17