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00:31 Hello, and welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:33 My name is Kenn Dixon.
00:35 Let's begin with a word of prayer.
00:37 Father in heaven Lord, we thank you
00:38 for this beautiful day which you
00:40 have given to us. Lord, we ask that
00:42 your Holy Spirit would come and
00:43 abide with us. Speak to our hearts Lord.
00:46 We ask that you would show us the
00:48 things in your scriptures in which
00:50 we can take to heart and it would
00:51 draw us closer to you.
00:53 We pray this in your name, amen.
00:55 Our message today is called,
00:57 'If you knew what I know.'
01:00 And we're gonna go right into the
01:01 scriptures in Matthew chapter 13,
01:03 the Bible speaks of something.
01:04 It says in verse 44, "Again,
01:07 the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure
01:09 hidden in a field, which a man found and
01:12 hid, and for joy over it he goes and
01:15 sold all that he has and buys that field."
01:18 You know, when I first read this, this,
01:21 this little passage in the scriptures I
01:23 thought it was amazing because I pictured
01:26 a man that is digging in a field.
01:28 And as he is digging in the field he finds
01:30 a costly treasure in that field.
01:33 He was not looking for a treasure,
01:35 he was just minding his business,
01:37 digging in that field. Maybe plowing
01:38 it for a new crop and he finds a
01:41 treasure in that field. Now, in those
01:43 days generally they would hide their
01:46 treasures in the field. And sometimes when
01:49 they would do these things, either they
01:51 would die or they would forget where
01:53 they buried them and someone else
01:55 would come along and purchase the
01:56 field and dig it up and find this
01:58 treasure or would be working in the field
02:00 and find the treasure. Well, this man
02:02 was in there and he was working
02:03 in the field and he found this treasure
02:06 and when he found this treasure,
02:07 he covers it back over, hoping that no
02:10 one saw him find it. And he runs back
02:12 home and he tells, he tells his family,
02:14 family we're selling everything.
02:16 Now, if your family is anything like
02:19 my family. They would think that
02:21 I lost my mind, if I came home and I start
02:24 selling everything to buy a field
02:27 with nothing in it. Well, the reason
02:30 this man was doing all of this and selling
02:33 all that he had is because he knew
02:35 something that his family did not know.
02:38 So, he ran home and said, everything
02:41 must go, he is taking although the
02:43 jewels and all of the, the China and
02:46 everything and selling it. And the
02:47 family's saying, daddy has lost his mind,
02:50 but he was saying, if you only
02:52 knew what I know. His family think that
02:57 that he, he, he had become mad.
02:59 They did not understand that this
03:01 man had found something far greater
03:03 than anything that they had
03:04 already possessed. They had, he had
03:06 found something in that field that was
03:09 gonna change not only his life,
03:10 but the life of his family.
03:13 This man did all that he could.
03:16 It is not natural to sell everything that you
03:18 have without discussing it with your family.
03:20 I'm very familiar with that because,
03:22 if I so happen to go to the store and
03:25 I know that men can agree with me on this.
03:26 You go to the store, one of those electronic
03:28 stores and, and you see the latest gadget
03:30 and you walk and then you look
03:32 at the gadget and you, you start doing
03:34 a mental calculation of how much money
03:37 you have and how much you can spend
03:39 without your, your, your wife knowing
03:41 that you've spend it. And so you start
03:44 doing the mental math and you,
03:45 you start working this thing out
03:47 and you said, okay well you know,
03:48 I can do this and I can, I can,
03:49 I can possibly sell this and get the
03:52 money from that and it'll all workout.
03:53 And so, you up at the checkout counter
03:55 and you say, you, you, you, you
03:57 buy the thing and then you go home
03:59 and you try to explain it. Well, it doesn't
04:00 work quiet like that. So, imagine this man
04:03 coming home and saying we're selling
04:05 everything we have. So, I can
04:08 purchase a field. They were would
04:10 think that he was crazy. It is not natural
04:13 for him to do that. He needed to discuss
04:15 these things with his family,
04:16 but you know I'm reminded of some
04:18 more people in the Bible that were crazy.
04:21 I call them crazy people in the Bible
04:23 that did some crazy things in order to
04:26 obtain something that they knew that
04:30 someone else did not know.
04:31 If you look in your Bibles in Hebrews
04:33 chapter 11, we look at our first one.
04:35 Hebrews chapter 11, verse 31 it says,
04:37 "By faith the harlot Rahab did not
04:39 perish with those who did not believe,
04:41 when she received the spies with peace."
04:44 See, Rahab was one day sitting around
04:48 the wells. And I can see the chatter and
04:52 the, the, the buzzing of the, the caravans
04:54 that would come and water.
04:56 And Rahab's job was to entertain she
04:59 was a harlot, so therefore she did some,
05:01 some things to entertain those that
05:04 were weary travelers. And I can see her
05:06 standing there in her, in her, in her harlot
05:10 clothing, dressed and trying to find the,
05:13 the next client. And as one of these caravan
05:16 comes, there is a buzz and people are,
05:19 are talking about strange thing that
05:22 happened. A strange thing that
05:24 happened to the Egyptian Army.
05:26 The water of the Red Sea came upon
05:29 the side and the Israelites came
05:30 through and as they came through
05:32 they prayed and then the water
05:35 came back down on the Egyptians
05:36 and swallowed the whole army.
05:38 And I can imagine Rahab stopping
05:42 you know, her, her, her normal train
05:44 of thought is to sell her body,
05:46 but now she is, she's trying to figure
05:49 out what they are talking about.
05:50 And she starts hearing more-and-more
05:52 about the God of Israel. And so she, she, she,
05:55 she runs back home and she begins so wipe
05:58 the stuff off of her face. She begins to
06:02 take things off of her and, and she changes
06:04 her clothes and her, her family is looking
06:07 at her like you know, what's going on he
06:09 says you know, I, I heard some news
06:11 about something in a, I'm not sure and
06:13 I'm not feeling comfortable. And later
06:15 on these, these spies came and they
06:19 made their way through the city of
06:21 Jericho and they found Rahab and Rahab
06:23 kept them and, and, and hid them.
06:26 And the Bible says the reason why
06:27 she is mentioned in this chapter is
06:29 because she hid the spies. And after
06:33 doing so, the Lord send blessing to
06:37 her home. Her family thought she was
06:39 crazy for what she was doing. She,
06:40 they didn't think that she, she was, she was
06:43 working with a level head. They didn't think
06:45 she was doing what was right because
06:47 for one minute she is out there selling
06:50 her body and the next minute she's
06:52 taking everything off and hiding strangers
06:54 in her home. And God blessed her for that,
06:58 the family did not know, but she knew
07:01 something that they did not know,
07:03 if you only knew what I know. You know,
07:06 the Bible speaks even more about some,
07:08 some more crazy people I'm thinking
07:09 about Abraham and, and when you
07:12 look at Hebrews chapter 11,
07:13 starting of verse 8. The Bible says,
07:15 "By faith Abraham obeyed when he was
07:17 called to go out to a place where he
07:19 would receive as an inheritance.
07:21 And he went out, not knowing where
07:23 he was going. By faith he dwelt in the land
07:27 of promise as in a foreign country,
07:29 dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob,
07:32 the heirs with him of the same promise;
07:35 for he wanted, he waited for the city
07:39 for which has foundations, whose
07:41 maker and builder was God."
07:44 Here Abraham was crazy, here's a man
07:48 that has all sorts of money, just making all
07:53 sorts of money and, and doing well and
07:56 he is living in a place that all of the sudden
07:58 God tells him, Abraham, get up
08:02 and go to a place well I tell you afterwards.
08:05 And you are gonna live in tents while
08:07 you are doing it. Can you imagine
08:09 Abraham coming home and, and telling
08:11 his wife, dear we're moving. And she is
08:15 probably like, oh great where we going?
08:17 The Lord will tell us when we get there.
08:20 Excuse me, you're saying that we're
08:23 gonna up root our whole family,
08:24 we're gonna dwell in tents and we'll know
08:28 when we get there because God
08:29 will tell us afterwards. Yes, you're crazy,
08:34 but, but, but dear, if you only knew
08:36 what I knew. If you only knew what I know,
08:39 if you only knew what I know. He said,
08:42 well I don't care what you know, but we,
08:44 where are we going? God has given
08:47 us a promise. He said, there is a city
08:49 where there is the, where, where,
08:51 that the maker and builder his God. Okay,
08:53 I will follow you. So, she follows him,
08:56 but his family must of thought he was
08:58 crazy to carry them out into the desert,
09:01 to carry them out into the wilderness,
09:03 to live all family and friends and everyone
09:06 behind and I need to say that sometimes
09:09 God has to take you from where you are
09:11 to get to you where you need to be.
09:14 Sometimes he shows things just a glimpse
09:17 of heaven and you want it so bad that
09:20 you would do whatever it takes.
09:22 And people don't understand they think
09:24 you're crazy. They think you have lost
09:25 your mind, but let me tell you.
09:26 When God says get up and go, go.
09:29 Because the place where He's sending
09:31 you is better than where you are.
09:32 His family thought that he had, he
09:35 had been out in the sun too long and he's,
09:36 he's crazy and he was heading for a place
09:38 that he do not know where he was going,
09:40 but then soon God would tell him.
09:41 You know, that's just, this is a crazy
09:43 thing to think of, but I think of another
09:46 crazy person Moses. Moses was one of
09:50 these kind of guys that you know grew up
09:52 in the limelight. He grew up having
09:55 everything right at his beck and call.
09:57 He, he was adopted into the Egyptian
10:01 family and the Pharaoh's son and, and
10:04 now he was living in the lap of luxury.
10:06 Everything was going well for, for Moses.
10:09 And, and everything was fine, but then all
10:12 of a sudden God grabbed a hold of him
10:15 and God took him and God changed him.
10:17 And instead of being in the, in luxury and
10:20 being in the palaces of Egypt he now
10:23 was going to be with the people whom
10:26 in which the kingdom were have enslaved.
10:28 The Bible says in Hebrews chapter 11
10:31 and verse 24. "By faith Moses, when He
10:34 became of age refused to be called
10:37 the son of Pharaoh's daughter,
10:38 choosing rather to suffer affliction with
10:40 the people of God than to enjoy the
10:44 passing pleasures of sin, esteeming the
10:47 reproach of Christ greater riches than the
10:49 treasures in Egypt; for he looked to
10:52 the reward." It was Moses desired
10:56 something greater, Pharaoh was
11:00 the richest man in the world.
11:02 The greatest nation in the world.
11:04 Moses had the, the, the opportunity
11:08 to be one of the greatest men and
11:11 Pharaoh in, in Egypt. He had the
11:13 opportunity to, to become great and,
11:17 and all the, he could have been
11:18 embalmed when he died and held in
11:20 one of the tombs, in one of the, the,
11:23 the pyramids, he could have had the
11:25 greatest things happen to him in the world,
11:29 but he choose rather to suffer with the
11:31 people of God than to enjoy sin for a season.
11:34 You know, it's interesting that when
11:36 you think about it? He would rather go
11:38 with slaves than with the leaders.
11:41 He would rather follow those that were
11:43 being suffered for Christ sake than those
11:45 that will doing the suffering. It is
11:47 amazing what God will do.
11:50 If you only knew what Moses knew?
11:53 You know, I think about so many different
11:55 things and as I contemplate all of
11:58 these different things and, and, and
12:00 speaking about the, the man digging
12:01 in the field and finding the treasure that
12:04 he was not searching for, but he found
12:06 it in the field. It reminds of what the
12:08 Bible continues to read in
12:10 Matthew chapter 13, starting with verses 45,
12:13 it says, "Again, the kingdom of heaven
12:14 is like a merchant seeking beautiful
12:17 pearls, who when he had found one pearl
12:19 of great price, went and sold all that he
12:22 had and bought it." The Bible speaks about
12:24 this man who had found and who was seeking
12:27 after a beautiful pearl he had seen many
12:29 ordinary pearls here and there.
12:31 He would look at them and handle
12:32 them and say, this is not that one,
12:34 this is not that one, this is not that one.
12:36 So, many different pearls out there,
12:38 but he did not find the one that he
12:40 wanted until one day he found the pearl
12:43 that he was looking for. The beautiful pearl,
12:45 he was out for an earnest search for
12:47 this pearl and when he found it,
12:48 he sold all that he had to obtain
12:51 that pearl. He did not go out looking
12:55 for any ordinary pearl. He wanted one
12:58 particular pearl in particular.
12:59 And once he found it he goes back
13:02 and sells all that he has to obtain it.
13:04 The best things in life or sometimes
13:08 not on the surface. Sometimes you have
13:11 to dig a little deeper.
13:12 The precious pearls that are in the
13:14 scriptures, you have to dig a little deeper.
13:16 You can't just take the, you know,
13:18 I'm gonna wake up in the morning and
13:20 read my one text and carried me
13:21 through the day. You think about that
13:23 for a second. You take one simple text
13:26 and you say, you read that text and
13:28 you say that's good enough for the
13:30 day for me. And then you go about your
13:31 day and for the next 23 hours you're
13:38 spending with the devil bombarding you,
13:42 but if we would take sometime to dig
13:46 a little deeper into the scriptures,
13:47 to search for that precious pearl
13:50 that is there. We would find that we
13:52 would be blessed. Our lives will be
13:54 changed; this man knew that it would
13:57 take something different. He couldn't
13:59 just go out and accept any, any old pearl.
14:02 He had to find the pearl that he wanted.
14:05 The man before him went out digging
14:08 in the field and when he found the treasure.
14:09 He did not say, well this is just any
14:11 ordinary treasure, I don't need to sell all
14:14 that I have. I can just sell a little bit and
14:16 keep a little, no he realized that the
14:17 treasure was that important to him.
14:19 And he sold all that he had just like
14:21 this man that found the treasure or
14:23 the man that when searching for
14:24 the pearl the price is the same,
14:26 the price is the great price of Jesus
14:29 and his kingdom 'cause let me tell you,
14:33 heaven is a beautiful place,
14:35 but heaven would not be heaven,
14:37 if Jesus wasn't there. It would just be
14:39 like any other place, if because Jesus
14:42 is there that makes it heaven,
14:43 if Jesus wasn't there what's the point?
14:47 You know, the Bible tells us that,
14:50 Jesus is the word of God.
14:52 He is the word that was made flesh
14:55 and dwelt among us.
14:56 It is the word of God. We can obtain
14:59 and experience heaven through the
15:01 word of God. Open the scriptures you
15:04 know, it, it doesn't make sense saying
15:05 that you know I enjoy and I know Jesus
15:08 and I love Jesus when we don't open
15:10 the scriptures, that makes no sense
15:12 because what we're saying is that we
15:14 know and we love someone that we
15:16 don't really know. Imagine if you were to
15:20 wake up one morning and turned and
15:21 looked at a person next to you,
15:22 if you're married and you see someone
15:24 lying in the bed with you and you
15:26 don't know them. How would you feel?
15:28 Would you say, oh dear thank you I,
15:29 you know, good morning. No, you would
15:31 probably call the police. Well, if you
15:33 don't know Jesus how can you say
15:35 you love Him? And how can you know Jesus,
15:38 if you're not studying His word? Finding out
15:41 what he is all about. What he wants
15:44 for our lives? These men understood this.
15:46 The only way that this treasure can be
15:50 appreciated is by seeking more of this
15:53 precious treasure in our hearts.
15:55 In Jeremiah chapter 29 and verse 13,
15:58 the Bible says, "And you will seek Me
16:01 and find Me, when you search for Me
16:04 with all your heart." When we search for
16:06 Jesus in all of our hearts? When we go
16:08 after the scriptures and we dive
16:10 into them and I must say that when we
16:13 study them line upon line and precept
16:15 upon precept here a little and there
16:17 a little, don't try to eat the whole thing,
16:19 take it slowly, take your time with it.
16:23 A relationship takes time and as
16:25 long as you continue to cultivate this
16:27 relationship it will strengthen the
16:29 relationship, it will be a better
16:30 relationship. And as you do this,
16:32 you will find that Jesus will become
16:35 more and more real to you in your life.
16:37 You know, the searching for the
16:40 treasure is one in which many
16:42 people will start. They will start on the
16:45 journey and they will go and they
16:47 will do those things, they make
16:48 New Year's resolution and they say,
16:50 that they will do this and they say
16:51 that on my birthday, on my 25th birthday,
16:53 on my 50th birthday I will do
16:54 this, but they only go half way,
16:56 this search is one in which that we
16:59 must go all the way. They desire only,
17:02 only a little bit. They, they find a
17:04 little bit of the what the Bible says,
17:06 and they take that and they say,
17:07 this is all I need. I don't need anything
17:09 else, but that's not the precious search
17:11 that we need. We need the one
17:13 in which we'll go past our feelings and
17:15 our desires. We need to go past
17:17 what we feel and what we want,
17:19 and what we, what we think is right,
17:21 we need to find out what God says,
17:22 and go that extra mile and go,
17:25 and be willing to lay aside every
17:27 weight and the sin that does so easily
17:29 be set us. God is wanting us to go
17:32 further-and-further and to His son.
17:34 The real treasure is going and
17:38 finding of the savior and making him
17:40 part of our soul. You know, and
17:42 there are many people that have eyes,
17:43 but yet they see not.
17:45 And they have ears, but they hear not.
17:47 They see things in there and they say
17:50 you know, I've had many people come
17:51 to me and say you know,
17:52 I see it in there, but it doesn't really
17:54 matter, if it's in there it matters.
17:56 It's not about our opinion and I've
17:58 this saying over the years.
18:00 Sometimes your opinion really,
18:01 when it comes to the scripture your
18:03 opinion doesn't matter. It's what God
18:05 wants for you because he knows
18:07 what's best. Well, in First
18:10 Corinthians chapter 2 and verse 14,
18:12 the Bible says, "But the natural man
18:14 does not receive the things of the
18:15 Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him;
18:18 nor can they know them, because they
18:21 are spiritually discerned." I remember
18:23 a time that when I was at the
18:25 University of Michigan and I was working
18:27 there that I had many people that
18:30 will come to me and that would say,
18:31 you know, what? I don't think you know,
18:34 I don't, I don't see it in the Bible or
18:35 you know, the, you know, it doesn't,
18:36 I don't see why I must do this or
18:39 I must you know, not do that.
18:40 I don't see it you know, that's,
18:41 that's your interpretation of it.
18:43 And you know, the Bible clearly says
18:44 that they don't see it because the
18:48 things of scriptures are foolishness
18:50 to them. People will wake up in the
18:53 morning, and they see no need for Jesus.
18:57 People will go throughout the day and
18:58 they see no need, but they make it
19:00 a point to say I cannot start my
19:02 day unless I have my coffee.
19:04 I cannot start my day unless I,
19:07 I watch this, this news program.
19:09 I cannot start my day until I check
19:11 my stocks. Well, you should not start
19:15 your day unless you've made Jesus
19:18 the first thing in your life.
19:20 The first thing when you wake up,
19:22 finding that pressure, that treasure
19:24 in the morning is what God wants.
19:26 And if you, if you look at the Bible
19:28 and you're saying, you know, I don't really it's,
19:30 it's boring and ask the Lord to touch you
19:33 and to give you the treasures that are
19:35 there because you will find yourself
19:37 saying after all is said and done you'll
19:40 be willing to sell all that you have
19:41 and people will call you crazy and
19:43 you will tell them, you don't know
19:45 what I know. And if you knew what
19:48 I knew, then you wouldn't be saying
19:50 what you are saying? And I will tell you
19:51 that God loves us so much that he
19:54 is willing to give us all the treasure
19:57 that are in a scriptures. You know,
19:58 there was a story about a young man.
20:01 This young man wanted a sports car
20:03 he desired a sports car and he told
20:05 his father said, dad, I want a sports car.
20:07 And his dad was up in the age and he said,
20:10 son you know, I wanna give you a sports car,
20:12 but I really want you you understand the,
20:13 the real meaning of life and the different
20:15 things in life and the most precious
20:17 things in life. He said, dad, I don't
20:19 care, I'm young. When I get older,
20:22 I'll go and I'll follow and do these different
20:25 things, and but right now I want a
20:27 sports car. All my friends have it, I want
20:30 a sports car. Give me a sports car,
20:32 his dad said, I cannot do that.
20:34 Well, this went on for years and years
20:36 and years and finally the older man,
20:38 the father died. And the son was
20:41 distraught and he was upset and
20:42 very upset not because his father
20:45 died, but because he did not get
20:47 the sports car. Well, they called
20:50 him in, and, and they told him that
20:53 he needed to bring the Bible that
20:57 was given to him as a youth.
20:58 He needed to bring the Bible that
21:00 was given to him by his father many,
21:03 many years ago when he was teenager.
21:04 And he said, I don't want to bring,
21:06 he said, bring it in. So, he finally brought
21:08 the Bible and he went into the Attorney
21:10 office and he sat down and the Attorney
21:12 took the Bible from him and he said,
21:14 you need to look at such a,
21:16 such a passage in the scriptures.
21:18 And he said, I don't want to, I've never
21:20 looked at the Bible, there is dust on
21:21 as you see, I don't study it.
21:23 He said, son, take this Bible, look at the
21:26 passage, so the son takes the Bible
21:28 and he is upset because he doesn't
21:31 really want to look at this thing.
21:33 And he opens the Bible to a certain
21:35 passage and taped in the Bible is a key
21:39 to a sports car, a brand new sports car.
21:45 Well, the son started crying and he
21:48 read the note from his father said,
21:49 son I wanted you to realize the precious
21:52 treasures that are in the word of God.
21:54 It has life eternal, but you did not
21:57 want to do it. I have, I wanted to share
22:00 so many things with you while I was alive,
22:01 but you desired to do what you wanted to do.
22:04 So, if you would have read these scriptures,
22:07 if you would have followed what the Bible
22:09 has said, eventually you would have
22:11 gotten that sports car because
22:12 I taped the key here for you,
22:14 but the son never picked up the Bible.
22:18 You know, sometimes when we have
22:19 Bibles on our shelves and we never
22:21 look at them. We never realize the
22:24 treasure that is hidden there.
22:25 We may desire some things in life.
22:28 We may want some things in life,
22:30 but the Bible says, you know seek
22:32 first the kingdom of God.
22:33 And all these things shall be added
22:35 unto you. God knows what's best for us.
22:37 He knew that if you would have given
22:39 that young man that sports car,
22:40 when he wanted him. He would have
22:42 never opened the scriptures;
22:43 he would have never studied the scriptures.
22:45 Sometimes God will not give us the things
22:47 we want immediately because
22:49 he knows it, if we do it we will forget
22:51 about him and we will have no time for him,
22:53 but God wants us and to love him,
22:55 he wants us to spend time with him,
22:57 he wants us to form that relationship
22:59 that is so meaningful at this point,
23:02 in this junction. You know,
23:03 there is another story that, that is,
23:05 that is spoken of in the Bible.
23:08 And this story speaks about a young man,
23:10 a rich man. And this rich man basically
23:13 he had everything and he came to
23:15 Jesus and he said, you know,
23:17 how can I obtain eternal life?
23:18 And Jesus explains it to him in,
23:21 in Mark chapter 10 and verse 21.
23:23 Jesus tells him, he says,
23:24 "Then Jesus looked at him and he loved him.
23:27 and he said to him, 'One thing you lack:
23:29 Go your way, sell whatever you have and
23:34 give it to the poor, and you should have
23:36 treasure in heaven and come,
23:40 and he says take up the cross and follow Me."
23:44 You know, Jesus is talking to this
23:46 young man. And he doesn't just say
23:48 to him. You know, come and hang out with us.
23:50 He says, go first and sell all you have
23:53 because there is a treasure within me
23:55 that is greater than anything else.
23:57 There is a treasure that your money
23:59 cannot buy. There is a treasure that
24:01 if you take this treasure you will
24:03 find life's greatest blessings.
24:05 And the young man was blinded by
24:08 the fact that he had so much that
24:10 he could not sell them. He said,
24:12 I can't sell it, I have so much.
24:14 And Jesus is saying to him, first of all
24:17 the Bible says, he loved him.
24:18 Jesus loves all of us, whether be
24:21 rich or poor. He loves all of us.
24:23 He says, go, sell all you have give
24:26 it to the poor, and then take up your
24:29 Cross and follow me.
24:31 He's given him something that Jesus
24:33 did not give very many people in
24:35 the Bible. He says come be one of
24:37 my disciples. Be one that will stand
24:39 next to me in this ministry.
24:41 Be one that will stand next to me
24:42 in preaching the gospel.
24:43 And this man said, I can't do it,
24:46 I have too much. I cannot give up
24:49 all that I have and do this.
24:51 And he went away the Bible says,
24:53 very sorrowfully. You know, so many times
24:58 God is speaking to us and He tells us so much,
25:02 and He wants us to give up so many different
25:05 things in our life, but we hold on to them.
25:07 We don't want to give them up.
25:09 We don't want to give up certain
25:11 relationships. We don't want to give
25:13 up certain jobs. We don't want to give up
25:15 certain friendships because we feel
25:17 that that is what makes us who we are?
25:19 But God is saying that let me,
25:22 let me make you who you are?
25:24 I made you once, let me remake you
25:27 and to something new. Let me change
25:29 the things that you desire, let me
25:32 change the life that you once live,
25:34 and to a life that will be great for the
25:36 kingdom. You know, that man that's
25:39 searching through that field and
25:41 found that treasure was willing to sell
25:43 everything. He was willing to go home
25:46 and be considered a crazy man,
25:48 but he obtained the great price that
25:52 was in the field, the treasure,
25:54 the kingdom of heaven. That merchant
25:57 that went out and search for that
25:58 beautiful pearl. They searched and
26:01 searched and searched not settling
26:03 for just anything, settling for what
26:05 God told them. He, he, he had his
26:08 mind fixed on what he needed, he had
26:10 his mind fixed on what he want it and
26:12 that's what he found. And once he
26:13 found it, he was willing, when they told
26:15 them the price he said; cheap enough
26:17 I'm willing to sell everything. You know,
26:21 Jesus wants us to do that very same thing.
26:23 Listen this, "There are those who
26:26 seem to always be seeking for the
26:28 heavenly pearl. But they do not make
26:31 an entire surrender of their wrong habits."
26:35 There, there is a, there is no dying
26:39 to self that Christ may live in them.
26:42 Therefore they do not find the
26:45 precious pearl. "There is a need for,
26:48 for us to take up our Crosses and
26:52 follow Jesus, there is a need.
26:55 Almost Christian yet not fully Christian,
26:59 they see near the kingdom of heaven,
27:02 but they can enter here.
27:05 Almost but not wholly saved means
27:10 to be not almost, but wholly lost."
27:14 God is trying to do whatever He can
27:16 to save every last one of us.
27:18 He's given us the treasure and the
27:21 precious pearl. He loves us with an
27:24 everlasting love. And God wants to
27:27 save us. Let's pray now that God
27:29 will come into our lives, even now
27:32 and make our lives what He wants
27:34 us to be. Father in heaven Lord,
27:36 we thank you for this time, we thank you
27:39 for the precious, precious pearl and
27:41 the, the treasure. We ask that you
27:43 would please make it real to us Lord
27:46 as we seek out those things that are
27:49 found above. We pray this to in
27:51 your name, amen. We want to thank you,
27:53 thank you for joining us at
27:54 Faith Chapel, God bless.


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