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00:30 I want to welcome you to Faith Chapel today.
00:34 My name is Evangelist Roger Duncan
00:37 from the island of Trinidad and Tobago,
00:40 South Caribbean Conference.
00:42 My subject today is Night Visitor.
00:46 Let's pray. Father in heaven we thank you
00:49 for being here. We thank you for your word.
00:53 We thank you that you love us so much.
00:56 We ask you to do speak out of this book.
01:00 May you touch your people, may this not
01:03 just be on ordinary word, but the word
01:07 that would affect people profoundly
01:09 and for eternity in Jesus name, Amen.
01:14 I just want to turn to John the 2nd chapter,
01:18 reading from verse 23 to 25. The Bible speaks
01:25 and this is what it says, Now when he was
01:28 in Jerusalem at the passover at the
01:31 feast day, many believed in his name,
01:35 when they saw the miracles which he did.
01:40 But Jesus did not commit himself unto them,
01:44 because he knew all men, And needed not that
01:50 any should testify of man:
01:52 for he knew what was in man.
01:56 I remember I was traveling in an
01:59 aeroplane over New York City,
02:03 and as we descended on the city I remember
02:07 looking out through my window looking
02:11 how beautiful is city looks at night,
02:14 the lights with different colors
02:17 and it was just a beautiful scene
02:19 and I remember wandering in my mind,
02:21 how beautiful runway lights look
02:25 on an airport as JFK. And as we descended
02:30 on that airport I remember as we were
02:32 about a thousand or so feet up, the pilot
02:36 in that plane jumped out of the plane
02:39 and the plane started to plummet down and down,
02:44 I remember peoples screaming and the fay
02:47 and hysteria, that was in that airplane
02:50 it just keep going down, down, down,
02:52 going to nose dive, eventually of course
02:55 the plane crashed the fact that I am standing
02:59 here to tell you the story is because
03:03 I survived but the thing is that's a
03:05 parable, but this is the point; the point is,
03:10 it is good to have runway lights
03:13 on the outside but I prefer if I have to
03:17 choose to have a pilot on the inside
03:21 because if a pilot is on the inside even though
03:25 there is no lights on the outside he could
03:27 still land the plane. Now there is a cancer
03:32 of the human heart that likes external things
03:36 better than internal strength and victory.
03:39 We like to look good on the outside rather
03:43 than have it on the inside because
03:46 when it's on the outside people could see it
03:48 and they could applause and they could
03:50 praise us. But when Jesus came on earth,
03:53 He emphasized having internal strength,
03:57 internal power, first cleaning the inside
04:02 of the cup then the outside. Jesus most
04:06 of his emphasis was on people getting
04:09 the heart right before they think about
04:12 outer things. He looked at the Pharisees
04:15 and he said you are like whited sepulchers.
04:17 You look good on the outside but then the
04:20 inside is dead man bones. So Jesus placed
04:25 the emphasis in his Ministry on the
04:27 inner man because when the inner man
04:30 is cleanest then the outer man could be
04:32 taking care of, but human being today
04:35 even in Christendom, people have a way
04:38 of emphasizing the external. You have
04:42 the truth, you clap your hands,
04:44 you do this, you do that or the other
04:47 on the outside and they sacrifice
04:49 the internal strength. Some people have
04:57 public success. I am a doctor,
04:58 I am lawyer, I am a successful
04:59 businessman, I am a successful Christian,
05:02 public success but have private failures
05:06 because there is no strength and as to this
05:08 cancer today I come to speak, there are
05:11 people for example for wedding, they will
05:13 spend tons of money on the wedding dress,
05:18 the wedding cake to have cards and
05:21 bridesmaid spend a lot of money on the
05:25 wedding ceremony, on the ring, expensive
05:28 diamond ring just to look good for people
05:31 to see. But when they do get marry we don't
05:34 spend 1/10th of that money to keep the
05:37 marriage because people are more
05:40 concerned on how they look on the
05:42 outside. You will quarrel with your
05:44 spouse all the way from the home to the
05:48 car, to the church but when you reach the
05:51 church somebody ask you how things are going?
05:54 You smile say it's alright because we
05:56 must look good for the people outside but
05:59 people are not mindful of the inner
06:02 mind and so Jesus emphasis that we
06:07 must place emphasis on the internal.
06:11 You cannot have kingdom behavior
06:15 without first having the heart of the king.
06:19 The priority is not just obeying the rules
06:23 but having the heart of the ruler.
06:26 You must have the internal change before
06:29 you can think about external things.
06:32 And so I also remember I was doing
06:35 an ultrasound on a woman.
06:38 She was about 4 months pregnant.
06:42 She had missed the period.
06:43 She had had the morning sickness,
06:45 here ankle swollen. She had all the signs,
06:49 her tummy was big. It was scratching
06:51 her because as your tummy grows when
06:54 you are pregnant your skin begins to itch.
06:57 She had all of those things but as I was
07:00 doing the ultrasound I was not seeing any
07:03 fetus. I was not seeing any baby.
07:06 Eventually call the radiologist and when
07:09 the radiologist looked at the woman's
07:12 tummy realized that there was no baby there.
07:16 And so in spite of this fact that she
07:18 had all the signs of pregnancy,
07:21 the swelled stomach, the missing of the
07:24 period all these things she had no baby.
07:27 So she had the external works but no
07:31 inner chart, and so how crushing it was
07:34 to tell this mother that you know what you
07:37 are really not pregnant and so one
07:40 of the points I want to make right here it is
07:43 possible to go to church, have your
07:45 Bible, read the text, preach the sermon,
07:49 sing the songs and yet there is no real Jesus
07:53 in the inner man. I have looked over
07:55 crossing them over the age and I've
07:57 discovered that people have a lot of the
08:00 externals, the entrappings that goes
08:02 along to church. But they don't have
08:06 that you know Jesus. If Jesus lived in our
08:09 hearts the way in which you want to,
08:12 we will just spread this Gospel with
08:13 lightening speed and leave this earth.
08:17 And so in my text Jesus will many
08:20 miracles and the people believed
08:23 because they saw miracles. Some people will
08:27 only believe in you when they see miracles.
08:30 But you have to do what God
08:32 has led on your heart, operate in your gift,
08:36 even though people don't believe on you
08:39 because Jesus said, that he knew what
08:42 was in man so he didn't give Himself to man.
08:46 Jesus was not elated by the applause of
08:49 man, neither was he rejected by their frown.
08:54 He was fixed. He knew his mission.
08:57 He knew who he was, and in spite of
08:59 people's opinion He still did what God
09:02 had laid in his heart. Because you see
09:05 today people will say to you Hosanna bless
09:09 to see that comes in the name of the Lord,
09:11 and they will praise you. But tomorrow the
09:14 same people from the same mouth will cry,
09:17 crucify. So that Jesus didn't way off to the
09:22 opinions of man. He state firm and I want
09:24 to suggest us whatever gift God has
09:27 bless you with, whatever God has
09:29 placed inside of you, don't let people's
09:32 opinion of you, move you; you have
09:35 to operate on the opinion the Jesus has placed
09:39 upon you. Because Jesus will call you a
09:42 mighty man of valor like he did Gideon
09:45 even though you maybe trembling in a
09:47 trust and flow. Jesus sees in potential so
09:51 he will call you great even when you think
09:54 you are nobody. So you have to go
09:57 on what Jesus says you. So in my particular
10:00 text, Jesus says, that he knows what is in
10:04 the heart of man. When he begins to
10:07 exhibit and to show us what is in man's heart,
10:11 and he uses in John chapter 3, to explain
10:16 to us what is in John's heart.
10:19 And so he says in our heart, he says,
10:22 there was a man and it uses a Greek work
10:26 anthropos in another words she is not using
10:29 a "Aner" which mean an individual man.
10:32 He is using anthropos and so he is using
10:34 mankind. Jesus is using Nicodemus as
10:39 an example of mankind. And this Nicodemus
10:43 he came to Jesus by night. Some people will
10:48 only come to Jesus at certain times and so
10:51 as Christians as people who believe
10:54 in God we must be welcoming to people
10:57 who will come at night. Now it's very easy to
11:01 use the letter of the book to say if you
11:04 don't confess Jesus before man then he
11:08 will not confess you. But because of God is
11:11 a God who condescends to meet man where
11:15 they are, He met Nicodemus where he was.
11:19 Nicodemus was shamed to come in the
11:20 day so he came by night but Jesus still
11:24 speak to him I found God for his love that
11:28 he such a good God that he meets us where we are.
11:35 And so I thank God for that.
11:36 I bless the soul that He meets us where we are.
11:41 He tells us come as you are,
11:43 but not stay where we are. So God welcomes us
11:48 into his kingdom where we are, what
11:50 we eat, what we dress but once we come to
11:52 Him, He begins to walk in our hearts so
11:55 that we can change progressively.
11:58 So Nicodemus came by night.
12:01 But Nicodemus was a ruler of the Jew.
12:05 Nicodemus was a Christian. Nicodemus was a preacher.
12:10 Nicodemus understood the Bible.
12:12 He knew Greek and Hebrew, he could
12:14 exquisite the text, he was a teacher of the Law.
12:19 Even though Nicodemus regime
12:22 that he was a scholar, par excellent, he was
12:25 a great man of God. He was a member of
12:28 the Sanhedrin. He was top in his profession.
12:33 He was a great man, yet Jesus said to
12:37 Nicodemus that you must be born again.
12:42 Now here is the point. Just imagine this great
12:46 man of God, this Christian man
12:49 because he was a Pharisee, he paid
12:51 thieve, he kept the Sabbath, he believed
12:55 the truth, he didn't eat unclean meat, in fact,
12:58 Nicodemus fasted about 3 times a week,
13:02 he washed his hands when he was going to
13:05 eat, he did all that yet Jesus looked at this
13:09 man, and said, you must be born again.
13:14 Is it possible that I could attend your
13:17 service, I could have a higher office,
13:20 I could be a cardinal, I could be a vice
13:22 president of a large institution, I am a
13:25 pastor of a church, I am an elder, I teach
13:28 the lessons, I preach the message,
13:31 I sing the song, I have all these strappings of
13:34 a Christian and yet the finger could be
13:38 pointed at me saying you must be born again.
13:43 Nicodemus was amazed that because
13:45 as far as he is concerned I am a
13:47 great man of God. I teach the theology
13:50 class, I am a teacher of the law, I know the
13:53 law, you can't be talking to me, yes,
13:56 Jesus was talking to him. It tells me therefore,
14:01 my brothers and sisters, my viewer and
14:03 audience that is possible that I could
14:05 have all these things, I could have my Bible,
14:09 I could read it every day, I could go to
14:11 church and do all these things and yet
14:15 I don't have a born again experience.
14:18 It is very important to make sure in spite of
14:22 your church life, or in spite of whatever that
14:25 you have an experience with God
14:28 that is individualistic that is pulsating
14:31 that is a life you have that connection with
14:34 God because church of itself religious
14:38 activities of itself cannot save you.
14:41 There are too many people who are busy
14:44 in the work of the Lord and they don't
14:47 have the Lord of the work in their heart,
14:50 and so Nicodemus was that kind of man,
14:53 and so Jesus said to him in verse 3.
14:57 Jesus answered and said unto him,
14:59 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except
15:02 a man be born again, he cannot
15:05 see the kingdom of God. Now see in this context
15:10 mean he cannot participate in the
15:12 kingdom, kingdom, he cannot participate
15:15 in the kingdom. You see when you
15:17 are born again you're like an ambassador in
15:21 the kingdom of God and an ambassador is
15:24 a powerful position. One of the things
15:25 about ambassadors, ambassadors cannot
15:29 give their own opinion. You could only speak
15:32 the opinion of your kingdom.
15:34 And so once you are an ambassador all you
15:37 have to get is the information from your
15:40 kingdom that is why the Christian life in
15:43 this context is easy. You don't have to
15:45 manufacture your opinions, because you
15:47 belong to a kingdom and I belong to a
15:50 kingdom that tells me that the Ten
15:52 Commandments, it's still applicable to thee.
15:55 So even though people must say it's
15:57 not I'm under born for my government to say
16:01 that it's still applicable, as an
16:03 ambassador, when you an ambassador
16:06 you don't have to fear because you have the
16:09 army of your kingdom behind you.
16:12 If anybody touch you, they will have to deal
16:16 with your kingdom and so God wants us
16:19 to have kingdom living. Do you know that the
16:22 United States Embassy in Haiti,
16:25 even though Haiti is poor, that United
16:29 states Embassy of itself is not a poor
16:33 place, is not a building that is run
16:35 down, is not a bad building.
16:38 It has all the facilities. In fact anything the
16:41 ambassador and it's crew needs, they can
16:44 get it from their kingdom. Once you're born
16:47 again even though you are in a poor
16:49 place which represents earth your kingdom is
16:53 rich, and so you turn to your kingdom for
16:58 help and so you have a vibrant prayer life,
17:02 a life that once you need something you
17:04 call to your kingdom and you will kingdom
17:07 will supply it. The reason why so
17:09 many people are starving spiritually
17:13 and have an empty experience because
17:15 they are not truly born again, yes you went
17:18 down in the water; yes you have the
17:20 trappings, but look at Nicodemus. Jesus told
17:23 him, except a man be born again he cannot
17:28 enter, he cannot participate in
17:31 kingdom living. An embassy or an
17:34 ambassador is as rich as his kingdom,
17:38 not way he is. In other words even though
17:41 I'm on earth, I'm in the world, but I'm not
17:46 off the world, I'm in this country as an
17:50 ambassador but I'm not off this country,
17:53 I'm as rich as the country I'm from,
17:56 not the country I'm residing now.
17:59 And so as ambassadors in the
18:01 kingdom of God, we are just to here as
18:04 so journals, but rarely we belong to a
18:07 kingdom that is rich. When you understand
18:10 that you belong to this kingdom you will
18:13 walk a certain way, you will talk a certain
18:16 way, you will eat a certain way.
18:18 It will effect your entire life, but
18:21 Nicodemus even though he was
18:23 intellectual, even though he preached
18:25 the sermon, even though he paid his
18:27 tithe cummin, of mint and anise and fasted,
18:31 he did not have a born again experience.
18:35 It is of this issue that burns my heart
18:39 everywhere I go because I see people have
18:42 things of God, without having God
18:45 himself and I urge you to question
18:48 yourself, am I just going to church?
18:50 Am I just reading my Bible? Am I just believe in this?
18:54 But I'm not really having a rich, vibrant
18:57 born again experience. Now Jesus went onto
19:02 say: Nicodemus saith unto him, how can a
19:05 man be born again when he is old?
19:07 can he enter the second time into his
19:10 mother's womb, and Jesus answered,
19:13 and said unto him, I say unto you,
19:16 Except a man be born of water and of the
19:20 Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom.
19:23 Now, I want you to look at verse 7.
19:26 Verse 7 says: "Marvel not that I said unto
19:30 thee, ye must be born again".
19:34 Now Nicodemus is surprise and the
19:36 reason why Nicodemus is surprise
19:40 because he is a Christian, because he
19:44 believes, because he pays his tithes.
19:47 Because he does all these religious things,
19:51 he marvels and so Jesus said don't
19:53 marvel, don't be surprise it's possible
19:56 to have all these things and yet be not
20:00 born again. Now, what bothers me
20:02 about the text is that Jesus says,
20:06 Ye must be born again. Now Ye in this
20:09 text is a plural poor noun. In other words Jesus
20:13 was saying you all. Now watch this
20:17 Nicodemus belonged to the Sanhedrin.
20:20 He belonged to the council of elders.
20:23 He belonged to these men that ruled
20:25 the organization. Now Jesus is saying
20:29 not only you Nicodemus needs to
20:32 be born of again, he's using the plural poor
20:35 noun, he's saying you all, all of you that
20:39 belong to the Sanhedrin need a born
20:43 again experience. Now that is mind
20:45 blowing because they're the rulers.
20:48 They're one in-charge. They're the one that
20:51 teaches the law. They're the one that
20:53 gets up on the Sabbath Day and read
20:56 the scrolls. They're the one that is
20:58 responsible for teaching the church.
21:01 And in this context Jesus is looking of
21:04 this man eyeball to eyeball and saying to
21:07 him you all must be born again.
21:11 It tells me something as a man of God,
21:14 whatever organization I belong to there is no
21:17 safety in just belonging to whatever
21:20 my post is, whatever my educational status
21:24 in life, whatever money I have in the
21:26 bank it is not the determinant factor.
21:29 The determinant factor is that I must
21:32 have a born again experience with Jesus
21:35 that is continual and continuous and that
21:38 I pray and fast and stay in a
21:41 relationship with Jesus. That is so vibrant that
21:44 I keep growing and growing and moving
21:47 in on and on until the perfect day and the
21:51 reason why I keep emphasis in this
21:53 particular point because everywhere
21:56 I go. I see people emphasis in their
21:59 external hence the reason why the
22:01 Apostle Paul as if exacerbated he said
22:04 that we maybe strengthen with might
22:07 in the inner man. He uses the Greek
22:10 word that it says Endotome; he uses
22:13 the word for impressive strength,
22:15 inner strength because Paul understood
22:18 if you have inner strength in the inner
22:21 man it was flow on the outside.
22:24 And so this is the emphasis of Jesus
22:26 anywhere you go Jesus most chasing
22:30 your marks, who are people who attend
22:34 church religious Pharisees who teach
22:37 the law, who teach all of these, pay their
22:40 tithes, has most caring remarks was to them
22:43 and the reason is that it's possible to get
22:46 comfortable with religious activities
22:50 and miss out on a born again experience.
22:53 So, Jesus says marvel not that I say
22:57 unto thee you must be born again and
23:00 of course in the chapter he go on to
23:03 explain the working of the Holy Spirit.
23:08 But then Nicodemus saith unto him in
23:09 verse 9: Nicodemus answered and said
23:12 unto him, how can these things be?
23:15 How could I do it? How, how, how,
23:19 verse 10 says: Jesus answered and said
23:22 unto him, Art thou a master, he use a
23:27 definite article art thou a master in
23:31 Israel. Jesus is pinning him down
23:33 now. Jesus is saying Nicodemus you are a
23:36 leader, you are your pastor, you are a vice
23:40 president in a huge conference, you are a
23:42 head man and I'm saying to you that,
23:46 thou art a master of Israel, you have a
23:49 high post Nicodemus. And knowest not
23:53 these things? Here is the point.
23:56 Jesus is saying to this man that you a great
23:59 man of God, and you don't know, now the
24:02 Greek word that is not just intellectual knowledge.
24:07 Nicodemus had that knowledge, but Jesus
24:10 is saying you don't know from experience
24:14 what is it to be born again?
24:16 And Jesus was trying to get Nicodemus to
24:19 this point to see that religious activities
24:22 alone will not do it. It will not save him.
24:26 He needs to be born again, he needs to
24:28 have the king inside, he needs to have the
24:31 pilot inside not just light outside.
24:34 Now it's wonderful to have lights outside.
24:40 But it's better to have the lights on the
24:43 outside and the pilot on the inside but if
24:47 you have to sacrifice one for another,
24:51 it is better to have Jesus in the inside.
24:55 Because when Jesus is in the inside he can
24:58 land your place. And so Jesus says
25:02 to Nicodemus you're a master of the Jew,
25:05 you're ambassador in Israel and you alone
25:07 know from experience these things.
25:11 Nicodemus needed to know that he needs a
25:14 true encounter with Jesus, but upon
25:17 reading the scriptures, upon reading the
25:19 Bible you discover that that hard talk to
25:23 Nicodemus gotten his heart. And he followed
25:26 Jesus teaching and he followed Jesus
25:29 ministry and even though he came by
25:31 night and he hid in the darkness of the night,
25:37 yet the light of the glorious gospel of
25:40 Jesus Christ got in his heart and eventually
25:43 when Jesus was in the cross both Nicodemus
25:46 and Joseph of Arimathea went and
25:49 beg the body of Jesus. And so we see from
25:52 the story Nicodemus eventually got the
25:56 message change his life and he was
25:58 transform and had a born again experience.
26:01 And the book of Acts tells us that when
26:04 Peter preached, and they begin to preach
26:06 the gospel a lot of scribes and Pharisees
26:09 came in and they were changed.
26:11 I'm suggesting to us in view our land.
26:14 We need examine ourselves, we need to
26:17 examine our hearts, we need to see where
26:20 are we placing our emphasis?
26:23 Are we just trying to look good into
26:24 outside, wear a nice suite, have a nice
26:27 face, have a lot of money? But no Jesus inside no
26:32 Jesus says to us whatever your
26:34 position is, whatever your status in life is.
26:37 Wherever you are yes you may have a big
26:40 post, good education, Masters Degrees,
26:43 Ph.D. all these things on the outside are
26:47 wonderful but you know what?
26:49 Do you know what I've come to say to
26:50 you that you need to be born again?
26:54 Those of you who are looking, you need to
26:58 be born again. The message comes
27:01 home and Jesus is speaking to your
27:04 heart, are you just religious?
27:07 Are you just a whited sepulcher?
27:09 Do you have all these things in the outside?
27:12 But Jesus is changing your face today and
27:15 saying you must be born again, you need
27:21 a rich, vibrant, pulsating a live
27:26 relationship with your God.
27:28 It is Jesus in the heart. It is Jesus in the
27:32 vessels that makes you smile of the
27:34 stone, it is Jesus in your heart that could
27:38 make you take criticism and don't
27:40 answer back. It is Jesus in the heart
27:44 that could make you lose things and still
27:46 stand up with Jesus. It is this Jesus that
27:49 I recommend to you today,
27:52 Jesus who loves you and I want you to
27:54 keep sweet in Jesus. God bless you.


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