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00:31 I want to welcome you to Faith Chapel today.
00:34 My name is Evangelist Roger Duncan
00:38 from the twin-island state of Trinidad
00:40 and Tobago. I am a member of the
00:43 South Caribbean Conference of
00:45 Seventh-day Adventist. My subject today
00:48 is entitled "When Jesus tarries behind."
00:51 Let's pray. Father, I thank you for this
00:55 awesome privilege of being a voice
00:58 in the kingdom of God for such a time
01:00 like this. I ask you to leap out of these pages
01:04 of history in to our hearts,
01:06 illuminate our minds and our hearts
01:09 to have a fuller relationship with you
01:12 and blessed your people, in Jesus name, amen.
01:18 I want to read in your hearing from Luke
01:21 the 2nd chapter from verse 43 to 46,
01:27 And when they had fulfilled the days,
01:29 as they returned, the child Jesus tarried
01:33 behind in Jerusalem; and Joseph
01:36 and his mother knew not of it.
01:38 But they supposing him to have been
01:41 in the company went a day's journey;
01:44 and they sought him among their kinsfolk
01:48 and acquaintance. And when they found him not,
01:52 they returned back again to Jerusalem,
01:55 seeking him. And it came to pass,
01:58 that after three days they found him
02:00 in the temple, sitting in the
02:03 midst of the doctors, both hearing them,
02:07 and asking them questions.
02:10 When Jesus tarried behind, many places
02:16 in the Bible and even in one's Christian walk,
02:19 it will appear that if Jesus has left them
02:23 and has tarried behind. Jesus does that
02:27 at that time to see if we will pursue him
02:30 unrelentingly. For example, even when
02:34 Abraham was sitting in his tent
02:36 in the scriptures and he saw three persons
02:40 passing by. He ran to them
02:43 and compelled them that they must come
02:45 in his house, so that they could have supper
02:48 with him. As a result of his hospitality
02:52 at that time Abraham was blessed because
02:56 he compelled them, he insisted that they stay.
03:01 You will observe even though kin,
03:03 a nightish woman who it appeared
03:06 as if Jesus was saying to her just go away,
03:09 I am not giving you any bread but because
03:13 of her persistent to make sure that
03:16 Jesus blessed her and stay with her
03:19 she was eventually blessed. Even Jacob
03:23 as he wrestled with the angel he thought
03:27 as he wrestled there and the angel said,
03:30 let me go. Yet Jacob said,
03:33 I will not let you go except you bless me.
03:38 This is the kind of tenacity that a person
03:42 has to have in his relationship,
03:45 his whole relationship with Jesus,
03:47 even though from the surface it may appear
03:52 as if Jesus is saying no, it may appear
03:56 as if He is passing you by like on the guys
03:59 on the route to MAS. You must still compel
04:03 Jesus to stay, you must still wrestle with Him.
04:05 It is people who wrestle with their God
04:08 with a tenacious faith will receive
04:12 the blessings from God. Now in this particular
04:15 chapter in the Book of Luke the 2nd chapter.
04:18 We see that Mary and Joseph had gone up
04:22 to Jerusalem in the pass over.
04:24 It was a wonderful ceremony.
04:27 It was the pass over and like every Jew
04:30 they went up as it was their custom.
04:33 And so while they were there they had
04:35 all the religious activities, the killing
04:39 of the lamb, the pouring of the water,
04:42 all this talk on religious activity
04:45 that pointed to Jesus. And while they were
04:48 there and they decided to return,
04:51 Jesus tarried behind. Now here it is that
04:57 you are coming from a church service,
04:59 you are talking about church,
05:00 you are talking about the wonderful sermon,
05:02 the pastor preach, and the wonderful time
05:05 we have and you're talking about
05:07 what a wonderful service, the temple
05:10 is so beautiful, the stain glass windows
05:13 are so wonderful. Haven't you seen what
05:15 they did with the lamp and it pointed
05:18 to the Messiah, you're talking about things
05:21 of Jesus and the savior himself has
05:25 tarried behind. Therefore,
05:29 it is possible to have just come from
05:32 a religious ceremony, a church service
05:35 talking about the experience,
05:37 talking about how wonderful it is,
05:40 how the lamb points to the Messiah,
05:42 all the things that a Jew will do,
05:45 yet Jesus has tarried behind.
05:48 Now what bothers me is that it is possible
05:52 to go on your experience without Jesus.
05:56 He has stopped. He has tarried behind to see
06:00 what we will do, so it is one thing for Jesus
06:05 to tarried behind, but it's another thing
06:08 not to know because when you don't know,
06:12 you continue your religious experience,
06:15 you continue your religious activity,
06:19 and you continue preaching the sermons,
06:21 singing the song, teaching the class,
06:25 all these things and Jesus has tarried
06:28 behind. As a Christian, as a person
06:31 you must always be operating
06:34 with the frequency of heaven,
06:36 so that you could know when there is a change.
06:39 When there is something happening,
06:41 what I am trying to say is that people need
06:44 to have a connection with Jesus
06:46 that is so strong, that if he stops, you stops,
06:50 if he moves at the side you move at the side.
06:53 In another words I am advocating
06:55 a hand in hand relationship with
06:59 your God, with you savior,
07:01 with Jesus Christ. So Mary and Joseph
07:04 even though they were his mother and father,
07:07 Jesus tarried behind, and they knew it not.
07:11 Jesus was lost to people who loved him.
07:15 Jesus was lost to people who loved him.
07:19 The love of Mary and Joseph was
07:22 not in question but Jesus tarried
07:26 and they knew it not. Now the Bible
07:29 goes in to say in verse 44, but they supposing
07:35 him to have been in their company.
07:37 Now look at the progression,
07:39 Jesus tarries and they don't know of it,
07:44 but then they are supposing him
07:48 to have been in their company
07:50 and went a day's journey. So Jesus
07:55 tarries behind, they don't know
07:58 he has tarried and then they suppose him
08:02 to be there. Now this is a critical point,
08:04 it is critical because you could suppose,
08:08 you can guess, you can think that Jesus
08:13 is in your midst because of who you are.
08:15 I am his mother, I am his father,
08:17 I am a church leader, I have a big office,
08:20 I am the Pastor here, so Jesus is here
08:23 and you suppose, he is there but he is not.
08:26 It is dangerous just to assume that Jesus
08:32 is in your company because of your
08:34 relationship to him in terms of like
08:37 Mary and Joseph. So they suppose him
08:40 to be in their company and they went
08:43 on a day's journey. Now hear this,
08:45 when you suppose that Jesus is in your company
08:49 and you don't know of it, you tend to continue
08:53 without him. Now Mary and Joseph
08:57 continued a day's journey and didn't
09:01 recognize it. So they have people
09:04 who is supposed to have Jesus
09:06 but Jesus is not with them and you continue
09:10 to serve, you continue to serve the Deaconary,
09:13 you continue to serve in your school,
09:15 you continue to serve in your church,
09:17 you continue to serve in your business,
09:19 and you don't recognized that Jesus is not there.
09:22 What happens when people realize
09:25 that Jesus is not there and they don't know,
09:28 they tend to increase effort,
09:30 and so we think is that we haven't see
09:33 of our program or more programming
09:35 or invite a great speaker to change
09:38 your thing and all we need is Jesus.
09:41 What I am saying is that Jesus is still
09:44 the answer to every problem.
09:46 When a person has Jesus continually with them,
09:50 it makes teaching easier, it makes
09:53 preaching easier, it makes your singing
09:56 easier because if you are preached
09:58 and people is blessed, it is really Jesus
10:01 who preached. If you have sung a song
10:04 and people are blessed it is really Him
10:06 that have sung, so we need him.
10:09 We have to make sure that we don't continue
10:13 religious activity and miss Jesus.
10:18 And so Mary and Joseph suppose him
10:21 to be there. The Bible says, they looked among
10:26 their kinfolks and so upon realizing now that
10:31 listen Jesus is missing, Jesus is not with us,
10:35 Jesus has gone somewhere.
10:38 Where is Jesus? You know what they did.
10:40 They looked among their kinfolks.
10:43 Now when you observe that there is a drought
10:47 in your religious experience.
10:49 When you observe that there is a drought,
10:52 you are experiencing barrenness in your
10:55 Christian experience, don't look among
10:58 your kinfolks. Some people look among
11:00 brethren for their solution. They look
11:02 among people, you pick up the phone
11:05 with your problems and you call mama
11:07 and you call daddy and you call elder this.
11:09 Now there is a place for that,
11:11 but once Jesus has tarried behind.
11:15 When Jesus is behind of you,
11:17 once you are not connected with Jesus
11:19 enough, Jesus is the only person
11:22 that can solve that issue.
11:24 So in Mary and Joseph case, the Bible says
11:28 they went a day's journey and they sort
11:31 him among the kinfolks and acquaintances.
11:34 This is a problem that I find happens
11:37 in Christendom today. People that find
11:40 themselves in a terrible situation look
11:42 among people, look among a man,
11:44 you look for great evangelist,
11:46 you look for great pastor,
11:48 you look for great teacher,
11:49 now each one of them have their place.
11:53 But the main ingredient in your Christian
11:57 experience is having Jesus,
11:59 and that is always the focus of this preacher
12:02 because I've have realized a long time ago
12:05 that Jesus is the main stay,
12:08 he is the main character,
12:09 he is the hero of the Bible.
12:11 Peter, John, Daniel, David, all these men
12:15 are just characters moving on the stage
12:18 of life, but the real hero of the Bible
12:21 is Jesus. I would like to say that the Bible
12:25 is a Him book, not hymn it's a Him,
12:30 it's a book about Him, and you have
12:33 to make sure as an individual that
12:36 you never go on without Jesus.
12:38 You always have to test the frequency
12:41 to make sure that Jesus has not tarried behind,
12:45 and that Jesus is continuing and continual
12:49 with you. So Mary and Joseph they love Jesus.
12:53 They lost Jesus in Jerusalem,
12:57 Jerusalem represents the church.
13:00 In other words, they lost Him,
13:03 they missed Him in a church environment.
13:06 Look at his, listen to this point,
13:07 It is possible then to have all the trapping
13:11 again of church have good sermons
13:14 and have all these things and Jesus has
13:17 folded his arms and tarried behind.
13:21 It means therefore, that I only can trust
13:25 my relationship with Jesus to ensure
13:29 that is always active and vibrant.
13:32 So and continuing it says, and they found
13:36 Him not and they turned back again
13:40 to Jerusalem seeking Him. Now when you
13:45 realize that Jesus has tarried,
13:47 the best thing you can do as a Christian,
13:51 as a person, as an individual is to
13:54 turn back to Him. There are millions of people
13:58 out there who know about Jesus,
14:01 who have an acquaintance with Jesus,
14:03 and Jesus has been talking to you,
14:05 all Jesus is saying to you today
14:08 is to turn around. When you turn around
14:11 its like repentance, you are going
14:13 in one direction, Jesus is saying turn
14:16 in around, do not continue your life
14:19 without Jesus. Jesus is a burden bearer.
14:23 He is the heavy load sharer.
14:25 He is the one that could fix your marriage.
14:28 He is the one that could fix your boss
14:30 on the job. He is the one that could give you
14:33 a job that you're not qualified for.
14:36 People don't realize when Jesus
14:39 is in the heart, He makes all things right,
14:42 even though you maybe facing prosecution
14:45 and trials, and temptations.
14:47 Once you have Jesus he makes the difference.
14:52 So that Jesus tarried behind and they
14:56 turn back. This is the key to life,
15:00 turning back to see where Jesus is.
15:04 So Mary and Joseph they turn back to God.
15:08 They turn back to where they first left Him.
15:12 But the Bible says something interesting
15:14 in verse 46, it says. And it came to pass,
15:18 that, after three days, after three days
15:23 now watch this? It took a moment for them
15:28 to miss Jesus, it took a moment for Jesus
15:32 to be lost by them, but it took three days
15:35 to recover him. It is easier to leave
15:40 Jesus behind then to find him back.
15:43 Therefore, I urge people if you are living
15:46 close to Jesus, if you are a Christian,
15:49 continue to stay close to Him because
15:53 if you leave him behind, you may not find Him
15:56 in three days. For Mary and Joseph
15:59 it was three days, but for some of us
16:02 it has been a year, two years, three years,
16:05 ten years. You were a Christian
16:07 when you were small. You went to church
16:09 when you were small. You went with your
16:11 grandmother. You were there in Sabbath school.
16:14 You were there in the church service.
16:16 You had a good time, but eventually
16:18 you allowed cares of this world to choke
16:21 Jesus out and you've left Him behind.
16:24 Now you are trying to raise your kids.
16:26 You are trying to run your family.
16:28 You are trying all these things without Him,
16:30 and you're failing and all Jesus is saying
16:33 comeback. Look how many years you have been
16:36 away from him. Are you successful?
16:38 How do you define success?
16:41 Success as far as heaven is concerned
16:44 is a vibrant relationship with Jesus.
16:47 You may not have any money,
16:49 you may not have a big house,
16:50 you may not have fancy cars,
16:52 but I tell you once you have Jesus with you,
16:55 once you have Jesus in your heart.
16:57 That is why some Christians in spite
17:00 of the fact that they don't have
17:01 a lot of things. Once you have Jesus
17:04 you can say praise the Lord, Hallelujah,
17:07 thank you, because as far as I'm concerned
17:09 you can take my car, you can take my house,
17:12 you can take anything but don't take
17:14 Jesus because in Him I move and live
17:17 and have my being. He is the person
17:20 that helps me. He is the person
17:21 that blessed me. He is the person
17:23 that helped me to stay in my marriage,
17:25 to stay faithful to my wife and children.
17:27 It is Jesus, and so I submit to us.
17:30 Once you realized that Jesus has tarried,
17:34 turn back to Jesus, turn to Him,
17:37 and even though it has been three days
17:40 for them, it maybe ten years for you,
17:43 but the nice thing is if you turn back
17:46 you will find Him where you last left Him.
17:49 Jesus is waiting on you. He is waiting.
17:53 He is calling. He is hoping that you return
17:56 and once you return, He will hug you,
17:59 He will welcome you. When the prodigal
18:02 son returned and turned around,
18:04 the Bible says when he came to Himself,
18:07 when he realized that in his father's house
18:10 there was plenty of bread to spare
18:12 and for the servants, he turned around
18:15 what's this? Salvation begins
18:18 when you turn around. The prodigal son
18:21 still had his dirty clothes on.
18:23 He still had pig food in his mouth.
18:25 He still probably wear his jewels but you know
18:29 what once you turn around,
18:31 salvation begins. You turn around
18:33 now the journey is where you take off
18:36 the clothes, where you take off the jewels.
18:38 When the Father met him then he removed
18:41 his clothes. He blessed him and so when God,
18:45 when God meets you as you come as you are,
18:48 he begins to tell you about what you wear,
18:50 and what you eat, but the thing is come
18:53 as you are, come today, come today to Jesus
18:56 and He will welcome you. Mary and Joseph
18:59 as they turned around, they found Jesus
19:03 in the temple talking with the doctors,
19:06 in the temple hearing them.
19:08 Now I have a serious issue with this part
19:13 of the text. I don't want to ask
19:16 a serious question. If Mary and Joseph
19:21 had continued to talk to Jesus,
19:26 they would have never missed Him.
19:28 I am almost certain that you probably
19:31 walking down in a busy street having
19:33 a conversation with an individual,
19:35 and eventually they stop a little bit behind
19:38 but because you were talking to them
19:40 and it was not a monologue you realize
19:43 quickly that, that person has tarried
19:46 behind. And so if Mary and Joseph
19:49 have not been talking to their kinfolks
19:52 and their families and friends but focusing
19:55 on talking to Jesus, they would have
19:57 not left Him behind, here is the key.
20:00 When you have a vibrant prayer life,
20:03 and you continue a communication
20:06 with Jesus, talking to Him about your issues,
20:09 He will not be left behind.
20:10 But too many people as soon as they are faced
20:15 with a problem, or soon as they are faced
20:18 with an issue, the first thing they do
20:20 is to pick up the phone and begin to complain
20:23 about your friend. But I want to suggest
20:25 to you, your friend cannot solve
20:28 your problems. They can talk with you
20:30 and there are place for friends,
20:32 but what I've discovered is that people
20:35 replace Jesus with family members,
20:38 with friends, and so it's easy to pick up
20:40 the phone and say, hello, Tom or hello,
20:43 Mary, you know I have this problem
20:46 and begin to weep. But I am suggesting
20:48 to all, that if we practice talking
20:52 to Jesus continually, you will discover that
20:55 He still is the great problem solver.
20:58 He is still the great burden bearer.
21:01 He said come to me, talk to me, my burden
21:04 is light, my yoke is easy.
21:07 I am recommending every moment in the sermon
21:10 that Jesus is the key, he is the answer.
21:13 And so if Mary and Joseph had continued
21:19 to speak to Jesus, he would not be left
21:23 behind. But in addition to that
21:26 if Mary and Joseph kept their eyes on
21:30 Jesus even though they had stopped speaking
21:35 to Him. If they kept their eyes on Jesus,
21:39 looking at Him, He would not be lost.
21:41 The problem is people are looking at
21:44 everybody else but Jesus. Some people,
21:49 they say, I am not joining the church
21:50 because there are hypocrites
21:52 in the church. I am not joining this church
21:54 because the pastor did this.
21:56 I am not joining the church because
21:58 the Deacon did this. I am not joining
22:00 the church because this no, no, no.
22:02 They are not your supreme example
22:05 that I am a flesh, I may fail you,
22:08 I am a man, I may feel you, but Jesus
22:11 never fails, and He says, looking on to
22:14 Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith.
22:16 The person to keep your eyes on is on Jesus.
22:20 And when you continue to look at Jesus,
22:23 the things of this world, the things
22:27 of this world just goes strangely
22:29 dim in the light of his glory and his grace.
22:34 Jesus is still the answer, keep your eyes
22:39 on Him and people all over,
22:42 they come to me sometimes.
22:44 They all these bad things that happening
22:48 in the church but I want to ask you
22:50 something even though there were animal faces
22:54 in the Ark, there were donkey faces,
22:57 goat faces all these filth in the Ark
23:01 even though the Ark didn't smell too good,
23:04 at least the Ark didn't have water
23:07 and when it was all over the people in the Ark
23:11 was saved, so what I am saying
23:13 if you keep you eyes on Jesus even though
23:16 God's church and God's people may have
23:19 some issues and there are problems,
23:21 you don't study the little filth in the Ark.
23:24 Keep your eyes on Jesus for when the door
23:28 opens you will be saved, and so you cannot
23:31 continue to make that as an excuse.
23:34 In fact, what I've discovered that
23:37 the bad things are happening in church
23:39 and the bad things are happening around you
23:41 is just manual for you to grow.
23:44 The fornicator in your church,
23:46 the adultery in your place, wherever
23:49 they are the hypocrite, all they are is manual
23:52 for you to grow in your Christian experience.
23:54 How you treat with them, how you pray
23:56 for them, how you talk to them,
23:58 so keep your eyes on Jesus continually.
24:02 And when your eye is focused on Jesus,
24:05 you will realize that you keep going
24:08 up and up because the Bible says
24:10 the steps of a good man is ordered by the Lord
24:14 but you have to keep your eyes
24:16 on the prize, keep your eyes on Jesus
24:18 and you will discover that your step
24:20 keep going up because the Greek word
24:22 for the step, was not a descending step
24:25 but it was ascending step and so once
24:28 your eyes are on Jesus you will discover
24:31 that you keep going up and up and up and up
24:34 and you keep progressing a new experience.
24:36 But if you keep your eyes on men,
24:39 men will fail you, men are not your measure.
24:43 Yes, we should be example, yes,
24:46 we should lead a good life but at the end
24:48 of the day we may fail, David failed,
24:51 Abraham failed, Samson failed,
24:54 Solomon like many women he failed,
24:56 so they are not the supreme example
24:59 but Jesus Christ never ever fails,
25:04 so the key is, it is Jesus it all comes down
25:08 to Jesus. And so I suggest to us
25:12 that when Jesus is tarried behind
25:14 even though you have been to church
25:17 and you have a lot of religious activities
25:19 and you've done a lot of things,
25:21 even though that happened when Jesus
25:24 tarried behind. Don't suppose
25:26 He is in your company, just suppose
25:29 find out where He is, pray with Him,
25:32 talk to Him, find out where He is,
25:35 don't just suppose. And when you have
25:38 discovered that he is not there,
25:39 don't look among your kinfolks,
25:41 don't look among your friends and family,
25:44 dial up Jesus, let Him send you a text.
25:47 This Bible, let Him send you a text,
25:50 this is the real text. Let Him send you
25:52 a word and you will discover once you
25:55 turn around, once you turn back to Jerusalem,
26:00 once you face where you left him,
26:02 He will begin to woo you in like Mary and Joseph,
26:06 and so when they found him after three days,
26:09 after three days of searching in sorrow,
26:13 the Bible says because sometime it is painful
26:16 when you have left Him to find Him back.
26:19 It is not easy some of us are drug addicts,
26:22 recovering drug addicts, because we left Him
26:24 ten years ago but the thing is He takes us
26:27 where we are and build us back up again.
26:32 So Jesus is wonderful, so the thing is never
26:35 stop talking to Jesus, talking to Jesus
26:39 is the key, having a pray life, a wonderful
26:43 relationship with Him continually
26:46 communicating and talking.
26:47 But even though you are silent
26:50 but if you are eyes I just focus
26:54 on the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
26:57 You keep looking at Jesus. Jesus,
26:59 where you are? Oh I see you there,
27:01 I am seeing you, I am seeing you,
27:03 you are there. Once you continue looking at Him,
27:05 you will realize that the path of the just
27:08 is like a shining light that shine
27:10 more and more and more until the perfect day.
27:14 And once you continue following the lamb,
27:16 following Jesus, you know where He leads,
27:19 He leads to heaven and even though
27:23 while you are following Him,
27:24 you may face some dubious and trying
27:27 circumstance. Once you keep with Jesus,
27:30 He has already won the battle.
27:32 He has already fought the fight.
27:33 He got the strips for you.
27:35 He will make sure that you have the victory.
27:38 The key is talk to Jesus, look at Jesus
27:42 and if you continue, continuously
27:45 every single day to keep looking at Jesus,
27:49 you will have no problem. You will gain
27:52 a victory because Jesus is Lord and savior.


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