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00:31 Welcome to "Faith Chapel." My name is
00:35 Evangelist Roger Duncan from the Island of
00:39 Trinidad and Tobago, South Caribbean
00:42 Conference. My subject today is
00:45 "Lost and Found." Let's pray.
00:50 Father, we thank you for the privilege of being
00:54 able to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
00:58 Bless your people, be with us,
01:00 may you step out of these pages
01:04 and be a living word for those that hear it,
01:08 Ignite the soul set them on fire,
01:12 save your people in Jesus name, Amen.
01:18 I just want to look at the book of John
01:24 the 12th chapter. I want to read the 24th verse,
01:31 it says, Verily, verily, I say unto you,
01:36 Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground
01:42 and die, it abideth alone: but if it die,
01:47 it bringeth forth much fruit.
01:51 It's a profound verse. Now I want to preface
01:54 this sermon by saying that Jesus taught with
02:00 parables and stories. So I am going to use
02:04 stories that you could relate from the
02:06 scripture in order to make my point
02:11 "Lost and Found". When Abraham was told by God
02:16 that he should go on to the Mount Moriah,
02:19 and sacrifice his son. Of course,
02:23 Abraham found that to be very strange
02:25 because in the Bible the text that he read
02:28 based on the law and a testimony
02:30 that was totally contrary, so as it
02:34 what God was telling Abraham to do something
02:38 that seems to contradict his word.
02:40 But you see Abraham had a relationship
02:44 that was so close to God that he
02:48 was not just familiar with the letter
02:51 of the words of the Bible but he was
02:54 familiar with the voice of God.
02:56 Now the voice of God suggest relationship
02:59 and intimacy. So sometimes the voice
03:03 of God will tell you something that seems to
03:06 contradict the letter of the word.
03:08 But because you are familiar in the
03:11 intimate way with the person you know
03:14 their voice that is why Jesus say,
03:16 my sheep know my voice, not so much the word
03:19 because you see the devil could quote
03:21 the word. He quote it for Jesus.
03:23 But voice suggested intimacy.
03:27 So even though Abraham was told to go up on
03:30 Mount Moriah, he still decided to go up
03:33 and sacrifice his son, and he said something
03:37 profound in the Bible to the guys
03:39 that he carried. He said, stay here
03:42 with the donkeys, I and the lad are going to
03:46 under to worship and we will return.
03:49 Now notice something, Abraham was saying
03:51 that he is going to worship,
03:53 there was no guitar, there was no sound,
03:56 there was singing but he was going to worship.
03:59 It suggests to me that worship is more
04:02 profound than just music. But worship
04:06 is a posture of the soul where you have totally
04:11 given up all for Jesus that is real worship
04:14 when you have surrounded your life to Him,
04:16 and in this case, Abraham was
04:19 surrendering. Now while Abraham was walking
04:22 to that spot. He was very silent but also God
04:27 was silent because often times when a teacher
04:31 gives a test, they talked before the test
04:34 and they give you all the advice
04:36 and everything but during the test,
04:39 there is a silence. Now many of the times
04:42 when you are going through a trial
04:43 and a temptation, often times it seems like
04:46 God is silent but God often incubate great
04:51 characters through the wilderness,
04:53 silent experience. So even though it
04:56 seems like God is not talking,
04:58 He is right there with you. Now Isaac
05:01 was carrying the wood and carrying the fire
05:05 and wondering where is the sacrifice,
05:07 where is the sacrifice. Now while they were
05:11 going up the mountain, the lad asked dad
05:14 where is the sacrifice? And he said,
05:16 God Himself, God will provide Himself
05:21 a sacrifice. In other word God Himself
05:24 will be the sacrifice. But Isaac being a
05:28 submissive child continued to walk up
05:31 the mountain. Now while Isaac was walking up
05:37 he is wandering where will the lamb come from,
05:39 where will it come from? At the same time,
05:42 Isaac is walking up, there is a ram
05:46 that is going up to other side of the
05:48 mountain. Now you see when you going
05:51 to a trial or temptation or a testing from God
05:55 you may think you are not being provided for
05:59 because between you and your provision
06:02 is a mountain that obscures your vision,
06:05 but I want to encourage you even though
06:07 your vision is obscured from God's provision,
06:12 you have to understand for every vision
06:15 God gives you. He also gives the provision
06:18 and every test you go through God provides
06:21 the strength. So annoying to them
06:23 while they were walking up the mountain
06:26 God has a ram that simultaneously coming up
06:30 the other side. Until eventually the Bible
06:33 tells us that there was a ram caught
06:36 in the thicket by its horns. Now the reason
06:40 why the Bible mentioned that it was caught
06:42 in the thicket by its horns because if that
06:45 ram was caught by its leg or its chest
06:48 or its body, the thicket would have probably
06:50 pierced it and it would not represent Jesus.
06:53 So the Bible did not give us that detail
06:56 just for so, it was caught by the horns,
06:58 so it will not be bruised because
07:00 it represents Jesus. But this is a point
07:03 I want to make. The point I want to make
07:05 at this stage is that this ram that was caught
07:09 probably and theologians have exposed
07:13 this view. Probably this ram was a ram
07:17 that was lost by some farmer,
07:20 some Bedouin farmer somewhere.
07:22 Now he's lost provided for Abraham.
07:27 He lost something but because of that lost
07:31 we preaches today, preach profound sermons
07:35 about God's provision and we say that
07:37 he is Jehovah Jireh, He is a God that
07:40 provides and so even though when it looks
07:43 like you loose something, believe me
07:45 that God is able to use what you have lost
07:49 for His glory. Sometimes we don't see
07:53 the purpose of our loss but once we exist
07:57 in the providence of God and we have
07:59 sovereignty over us, we could be assure
08:02 whatever we lost, it could be money,
08:04 it could be house, it could be people,
08:06 what I have discovered, even though
08:08 you are a boss and you have a staff
08:10 or what have a stage you are in,
08:11 when people leave, you don't worry.
08:13 God is able to give you double for your trouble
08:17 and He is able to use the lost things
08:20 to bring glory. That is one instant,
08:23 you could remember this story when Peter
08:27 got beside himself and started to boast
08:31 about Jesus, and he said, that is must
08:33 I will pay to drag him out of the temple tax.
08:37 And he came to Jesus and Jesus told Peter,
08:39 He said go into the lake and catch your fish,
08:42 your fish hook out and then you will
08:45 get the first fish you catch,
08:46 open the mouth and there will be the coin,
08:48 pay the tax, for thee and myself.
08:52 Now we see that side of the story
08:55 but let me give another side in order to make
08:57 my point. It is possible that some boy,
09:01 somebody was fishing on that very lake one day,
09:03 and their coin fell out and was lost,
09:06 and you know if you are a boy
09:08 and you are fishing and you lose your money,
09:10 lose your mother's money, you could get a
09:12 whooping for that. But that coin was lost by
09:16 somebody but the thing is God allow a situation
09:20 and a circumstance to come up that,
09:23 that fish took that coin in his mouth
09:25 and then Jesus eventually use
09:27 His relationship with his father
09:30 and told Peter, listen go by the lake showing
09:32 His divine authority and power that
09:35 God is still able to provide under
09:38 any circumstance. I want to suggest to us
09:40 that we must not worry because
09:42 even though we lose things God is still able
09:45 to provide, in fact, let me make this
09:47 announcement that the bank of heaven
09:51 is not bankrupted and God still has the recipe
09:56 for Manna. God still has the recipe for Manna.
10:03 Your God is still Jehovah Jireh.
10:07 He is a provider even though it seems like
10:11 you are loosing or you've lost something,
10:14 and even though you have not benefit
10:17 from the lost directly, you better believe
10:19 that your God is so in-charge, so sovereign,
10:23 showing His auspicious glory in control of
10:26 everything, He will make sure that blessings
10:28 comes out of losses. Hence the reason
10:31 why the Bible says that He will give you
10:33 beautiful ashes. Ashes when things are burnt
10:37 that is a chemical change. It is not
10:40 reverse but in the Bible chemical changes,
10:43 changes that people think never reverse,
10:45 your God says that He is able to give you back,
10:48 beautiful ashes, that is profound.
10:52 In the scriptures in Old Testament,
10:54 there was a story where Kish the father of
10:57 Saul, he lost some donkeys, some property
11:01 and so he asked his son Saul to go
11:04 and look for them. So the donkeys were lost
11:06 and he went to look for them.
11:08 But God in his providence wanted to
11:11 anoint somebody as king. So God spoke to
11:15 Samuel and told Samuel that you will meet a man
11:17 by such and such a place and that is a man
11:20 to anoint. So God is using a situation
11:23 where Kish has lost some stuff in order to
11:28 anoint a man of God. So even though
11:30 you've lost property, you've lost your car,
11:33 you've lost your house, you've lost a spouse,
11:36 you've lost a child, you've lost
11:38 and it seems like it so cruel it is so bad.
11:41 I am telling you I am submitting based on the
11:43 word of God that God is able to use
11:46 this situation to bring power to His name
11:50 and glory to Himself. So don't cry over
11:54 split milk, just keep on walking in God,
11:57 just keep on continual and you will discover
11:59 the reason for your loss. I mean this is not
12:04 really a lost in itself but you'll know
12:06 the boy with the five loaves and two fish.
12:09 You know that boy came at all at lunch one day,
12:12 and as a result of given it away,
12:15 as a result of handing it to somebody else,
12:18 we could say in a sense he lost it
12:20 but once He give it away it returned to him
12:24 many full times. It seems like the farmer
12:28 for example only has what he gives away.
12:31 It is what you move away from yourself
12:33 is the irony and paradox of scripture.
12:36 So I've learnt not to cry, not to faint
12:39 when you lose things and you lose people
12:42 and thing comes out of your life.
12:43 If you are a boss, if you are managing
12:45 a place or whatever, don't worry about
12:47 when people leave you. The Bible says,
12:49 As I was with Joshua, Moses,
12:51 so shall I be with you. God has a way of
12:55 providing for you just providing in time
12:58 of need. So even when you look at other
13:02 situations for example; I am a trained
13:04 radiographer. I use to do x-rays and CT scans
13:09 and know let for my livelihood,
13:11 and do you know that a lot of people
13:13 who are my predecessors even though x-rays
13:16 are a wonderful discovery. It is
13:19 beautiful; it allows us to see inside the body,
13:22 to see inside the head, to see what is wrong
13:25 with people so we could provide diagnosis
13:27 so that they could be healed.
13:28 While we are providing a service that is healing
13:32 people, sometimes the radiation is giving
13:35 leukemia and several diseases and problems
13:39 to the person who is doing it.
13:40 So while I am losing my life, while I am given
13:44 away my life I am blessing a lot of
13:47 people. It seems like, there was a law
13:49 that is taking place that while I am giving,
13:52 while I am spending my life,
13:54 while I am even being hurt,
13:56 blessings are coming out of it.
13:58 It is true and people work in the lab
14:01 to provide medical diagnostic,
14:04 laboratory diagnostics to make sure that
14:07 your blood is alright, your blood cells and to
14:09 measure these things so that
14:10 the doctor could solve your problem.
14:12 Do you know that our studies have shown that
14:14 a lot of them suffer from breathing in some
14:17 chemistry into the lab; they suffer from that
14:20 right, that septum that separates the right
14:23 nostril from the left, sometimes it's away.
14:25 So while they are given away their life
14:28 they have been a blessing to millions
14:31 and thousands of people.
14:32 So that seems to be yes you lose but
14:35 things have been found and its irony of the word,
14:38 but you'll discover that this is a profound law
14:40 that even God uses. People who live in
14:44 cold countries for example; do you know
14:47 that when they provide coals for heating,
14:51 millions and millions of families
14:53 all over the world, houses are warmed up
14:58 because thousands of people are working
15:01 in coal mines in order for them to feel warm
15:04 but do you know people who work in coal mines
15:08 die prematurely from coal miners lungs.
15:12 They are given away their life, they are spending
15:15 their life for us to feel warm in the winter time.
15:20 They are giving, they are losing but we are gaining.
15:24 But more people are gaining from their loss,
15:28 and so their life, their lives are cut short as a
15:32 result of their sacrifice. Even people, who
15:38 blow glass in order for us to get light
15:42 to illuminate our room, illuminate our shops;
15:45 illuminate our place for us to be able to walk,
15:48 for us to be able drive. Those people who blow
15:50 the glass and work with glass and all these
15:53 things they also suffer lives are cut short
15:57 as a result of their profession,
15:59 while they are giving their lives, a lot of
16:02 people are bein blessed, lost and found.
16:05 What about the people that work with gold,
16:07 gold and silver and precious metal?
16:10 They also die prematurely because of breathing
16:13 in some of that thing into their lungs.
16:16 So you see that life hasn't giving
16:19 and receiving, sowing and reaping.
16:22 I am losing something yes, but then it is
16:25 being found somewhere else and where it is
16:27 found it is blessing. So when you search
16:29 you realize that this is a phenomenon.
16:33 In fact, when I go to Africa and these
16:36 countries sometimes I look for cheap materials
16:40 to buy but one day I realized that a lot of
16:45 people that worked with certain leash material
16:47 and certain material, they have to work that
16:50 cloth and work that material in a dark
16:54 place where the lights are dimmed
16:56 for very little money. So they are paid little
17:01 and they have to work in the dark in order
17:04 for me to come now and I ask for the cheapest
17:06 price to get this material but you know
17:07 what they suffer from?
17:08 Often times they go blind prematurely.
17:12 They go blind quickly as a result of us
17:16 wearing all nice clothes and moving around
17:19 and people adoring us and people are dying,
17:23 giving away their lives. So in this particular
17:26 text from which my assignment comes
17:29 the Bible says, in verse 24, chapter 12,
17:32 Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of
17:38 wheat falls into the ground and die,
17:42 it abideth alone: but if it die,
17:45 it bringeth forth much fruit.
17:47 Jesus understands the principles,
17:50 the principle of giving,
17:51 the principle of letting it go.
17:54 Jesus says, except a corn of wheat goes into
17:58 the ground and dies, it abideth alone.
18:02 If you like the farmer, have your corn grains
18:06 and you eat all your corn grains,
18:09 you may have a meal for today.
18:12 But the farmer who gives away his grains
18:15 or throws it in the ground or sows it,
18:20 he gets a harvest. He has the principle,
18:22 you really have what you give away,
18:26 you really have what you've seen lost.
18:30 So for Christians and the economy of heaven
18:33 when we pay our tax, when we give our offering,
18:36 when we bless somebody, when we say a kind word
18:39 even though we have given something,
18:41 really we are sowing it
18:43 and it will return in our harvest.
18:45 So that is why it is so important to be like
18:48 Jesus and just be a giver, giver, giver
18:52 that is why you keep given you give your time,
18:54 you give you life and when you sow your time,
18:57 you sow your life, you give your all, your education
19:00 into the kingdom of God, God will bless you.
19:03 I have observed people they grown up,
19:07 was poor, God bless them, give them a good degree,
19:11 then they get a masters degree, you get a PhD
19:15 and suddenly you get to proud for God.
19:18 You can't serve in the kingdom ever more.
19:20 You are too bright to serve, you are too
19:22 brilliant but what they don't realize that is
19:25 when you give of your resources and
19:28 you give of what God has blessed you with.
19:30 He multiplies them except a corn of wheat
19:33 goes into the ground and dies.
19:36 Now when your grain goes into the ground
19:40 it is in darkness, it is obscured,
19:44 it seems like nothing is happening.
19:47 God often incubate greatness in darkness.
19:53 Moses was a palace somebody, God brought
19:57 him to a wilderness nobody in order to make
20:00 him a blessing to millions, here is the point.
20:03 God moving moved him from being a palace
20:06 somebody to a wilderness nobody
20:10 where he could learn to be great.
20:11 God moved David and put him on the back
20:14 side of a desert to train him to be a powerful king.
20:19 So often times God will incubate you in
20:21 the ground, so when you find that you are in
20:23 obscurity, you are serving without notoriety,
20:27 nobody notice you, nobody pays you any mind,
20:31 nobody is complimenting you that is okay
20:34 because God sometimes will cover you in
20:37 darkness in order to incubate you.
20:42 And this is a principle of scripture
20:44 you'll find it all over. You will be just obscure
20:47 and in fact, let me tell you what the Bible says,
20:49 the Bible says, and the evening and the morning
20:52 were the first day, and the evening and the morning
20:56 were the second day, and the evening and the
20:58 morning it seems like God begins in darkness.
21:01 He begins in the evening but the Bible says,
21:05 weeping mean joy through the night but joy
21:08 comes in the morning so even though you
21:10 are maybe in experiencing darkness,
21:13 lost, obscurity, don't worry God is not finished
21:17 with you because God ends an eternal day light.
21:21 So whatever situation you maybe in,
21:24 sacrificial situation, losing things,
21:27 don't worry about it. God is in-charge
21:30 and He is able to brew reward from it.
21:34 And so the text says, Verily, verily,
21:37 certainly, certain, truly, truly, I say unto you,
21:41 except a corn of wheat falls into the ground,
21:45 it abideth alone: but if it goes into the ground
21:48 then it bringeth forth much fruit.
21:50 Now listen to me Jesus wants to bring you
21:53 from no fruit to fruit to more fruit to much
21:57 fruit but during those periods of transition
22:01 you will go through losses.
22:03 Sometimes the prune the one which is Jesus,
22:07 He comes and He cuts things from you,
22:08 He cuts branches, He cuts off a job,
22:11 He cuts off somebody that was working with you
22:15 different things in order to prune you,
22:18 take your cutting, take your pruning because
22:21 you will discover it is your pruning and
22:23 your cutting and your trials.
22:26 It is the say of the shepherd that mix you
22:29 make better wool. It is when God lays
22:32 His hand on you and it look like you are
22:34 losing something you are really gaining.
22:36 In this particular chapter Jesus is about to die,
22:40 Jesus is about to give up His life, and in this
22:42 whole passage Jesus says that this is my best hour.
22:47 Now listen this is my best hour.
22:49 How come this could be Jesus' best hour,
22:53 in fact, Jesus healed the sick, He raised the dead,
22:58 He turned water into wine,
23:00 He unstopped the blinded eyes,
23:03 Jesus did all these things yet
23:05 He didn't say that this was His finest hour.
23:08 When He was about to die however, He says,
23:12 this is my best hour, He has the point.
23:15 Heaven defined success different to earth.
23:19 Earth definition of success is when probably
23:22 He changed the water into wine or you do some
23:24 great work and man will applaud you.
23:27 People will clap at you and show their
23:29 approbation but Jesus is definition of
23:32 success is when He was about to die,
23:36 when He was about to give up his life that is
23:39 the definition and I am saying to us that
23:42 we need to understand that we must take our
23:44 queue from heaven not earth.
23:46 And so when heaven looks down it maybe
23:49 looking at a successful man but when earth looks
23:53 it maybe saying that man is not successful.
23:55 Who do you want to please? If you please
23:58 heaven, be sure that your life will
24:00 multiply several full times.
24:03 And so even John the Baptist, John the Baptist
24:05 was considered that the greatest man that ever
24:08 lived but he ate honey, he dressed,
24:11 he didn't dress like everybody else,
24:13 he didn't matriculate from universities of his day,
24:16 yet he was called great because heaven
24:18 looks a greatness, the great sacrifice.
24:21 When you could give up your all for Jesus
24:24 and give Him all, He is able to multiply your life.
24:27 So in this particular case, the Bible says,
24:29 except a corn of wheat goes into the
24:32 ground and dies, it abideth alone.
24:36 But if it dies it bringeth forth much fruit.
24:41 So you know what, what Jesus did is that
24:45 He sowed his life, He gave his life, He went to
24:49 Calvary and He died, He died so that we can
24:53 have life, and when He went down into earth,
24:56 He was obscured for three days, but do you
24:59 know the story, on the third day an angel
25:01 came and said "Son Thy Father Calleth thee,"
25:04 and Jesus raised up but hear this because
25:08 He is the living would and the Bible says
25:11 that the word of God can not return void,
25:14 it could never return void.
25:16 So when Jesus was raised up the Bible let's
25:20 us know when the living word came up,
25:22 a lot of people were resurrected with Him
25:25 because the word of God says that the word
25:28 can not return to heaven void and so when
25:31 Jesus who was sown in obscurity who was
25:34 sown into earth, who was like that corn,
25:37 who went at the bottom of the ground,
25:39 Jesus in other words went to hell in order
25:42 so that we could have life. So except this
25:45 corn of wheat goes into the ground which
25:48 represent Jesus and die it abideth alone.
25:51 But when Jesus die, when He came up from
25:54 the earth, many people came up with Him
25:57 but not only that since the death of Jesus
26:00 people like me and people
26:01 like you have found the hope,
26:03 have found salvation because of His sacrifice.
26:07 Jesus sacrifice all today so that we could
26:10 have life and have it more abundantly that
26:13 is so beautiful and so today millions all
26:17 over the world are enjoying this Gospel
26:19 and this message of the kingdom of God
26:22 because one man sowed a corn,
26:24 a corn which was Jesus. The law of harvest
26:28 states that you reap what you sow,
26:31 so Jesus sowed His life and thus will give
26:34 us His life back, so you will enjoy the life
26:37 of God himself. When we get to heaven the
26:40 life that we will have is the life of God.
26:43 We will be indeed exalted because of
26:46 Jesus sacrifice that is a place to see a man.
26:50 It's a powerful thing to know that He give
26:53 his life so that I could have life.
26:55 I found God that Jesus sowed His life for me
26:59 so that I could today could stand before
27:02 this vast audience and preach His gospel
27:05 because Jesus sowed His life for you,
27:07 He is expecting you to sow your life.
27:10 So even though you give your life into
27:12 ministry, give your life into
27:14 the kingdom, it may seem like you
27:16 are losing something but he say, he that
27:18 save his life, will lose it but he that loses his
27:21 life will save his. If you could give your
27:24 life, give your heart, give your energies,
27:28 give your money, give your means, give your
27:31 time, give, give, give whatever you give
27:35 into the kingdom of God, one day you will
27:37 realize even though you sowed one corn,
27:41 you don't get back one corn, you get
27:43 back millions of corn, you get back a harvest
27:46 because it's a law of harvest.
27:48 God is wonderful; He is in the growing business.
27:51 May God bless you and keep
27:53 you in Jesus name, Amen.


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