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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel, I'm Evangelist
00:35 Roger Duncan from Trinidad and Tobago,
00:38 South Caribbean Conference.
00:41 My subject today is,
00:43 when storm comes, let's pray.
00:47 Father, thank you for this day,
00:49 thank you for the divine privilege of
00:52 working with you, to be called laborers
00:55 with you in this work. Be with us today,
00:58 ignite this word. Let it come alive,
01:01 make it clear, make it powerful,
01:04 attend unto you dear Lord and bless
01:07 your people, in Jesus name amen.
01:11 I'll be reading out of the book of Mark.
01:15 The book of Mark the sixth chapter from
01:19 verse 45 to 50. Mark chapter 6:45 to 50.
01:27 And straight way He constrained His disciples
01:29 to get into the ship, and to go to the other
01:34 side before unto Bethsaida,
01:36 while he sent away the people.
01:38 And when he had sent them away.
01:40 He departed into a mountain to pray.
01:45 And when evening was come,
01:46 the ship was in the midst of the sea,
01:48 and he alone on the land. And he saw them
01:52 toiling and rowing.
01:54 For the wind was contrary unto them,
01:56 and about the fourth watch of the night he
02:00 cometh unto them, walking upon the sea,
02:03 and would have passed by them.
02:07 But when they say him walking upon the sea,
02:11 they supposed it had been a spirit,
02:14 and cried out for they all saw him,
02:17 and were troubled. And immediately he
02:20 talked with them. And saith unto them,
02:24 Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid.
02:29 I wanna use this passage not so much
02:32 to do an exposition of it, but use it as
02:37 a spring board to paint some picture
02:41 of Jesus and how we operate it.
02:45 Now Jesus did 13 of his miracles by water.
02:50 And there was reason for it.
02:52 Remember the children of Israel were from
02:54 a bed ridden society. They were like desert
02:57 people and so water was very important to them.
03:01 Many people in that ancient time build
03:04 there cities by systems and aqueducts,
03:07 and well, water was a
03:09 very important thing.
03:10 But even though water was very important
03:13 and a very important commodity,
03:14 it also has, had some ominous
03:18 things about it. Because it's the
03:20 water that drowned the people in Noah's day.
03:23 It's the water that was parted and Pharaoh's
03:26 army and chosen chariots were swollen up.
03:30 And so by the time Jesus was in the
03:32 scene of action. Water was also known
03:35 to like the lake of Galilee was also known
03:39 to posses some powerful demonic powers that,
03:43 that anybody that could quiet a storm for example
03:48 will be considered powerful.
03:50 And so sometimes, every blow of cool
03:53 air of the golden heights and as the hot air
03:56 rises and the cool air descends there will be
03:59 turbulence on the lake of Galilee and that
04:02 turbulence will call people to be afraid
04:05 because it can happen suddenly.
04:07 So even though out of the sea of Galilee
04:10 they could come fish and good things,
04:12 the people always had at the back of
04:14 their minds that there is some power,
04:17 some demon that, that is down there.
04:20 Hence the reason why when Jesus cast
04:23 the demons and the pigs.
04:25 They went in to the water, because the water
04:28 was considered an abyss,
04:30 a bad place. Now because Jesus
04:33 is a profound deep teacher.
04:36 He is a consummate great teacher,
04:37 when He called His disciples He call them
04:41 by the sea, He call them by water.
04:44 Now I wanna say something about the call.
04:46 I found God that He doesn't
04:50 call the qualified, but He qualifies
04:53 the called. I want you to get that.
04:56 God does not call the qualified,
04:59 but He qualifies the call.
05:02 God calls you even though you think you're bad,
05:05 even though you think you cannot do it,
05:09 you don't have the gift, God calls you and
05:12 in the process of serving Him,
05:14 He qualifies you.
05:16 And so do not be intimidated by where
05:19 you are now, God is calling
05:22 you to something higher.
05:25 So when God called Peter. He said, he told him,
05:28 he say, thou art Simon, but thou shall be,
05:32 thou art but thou shall be,
05:36 in other words you're this now but when
05:38 I'm finished with you thou shall be.
05:41 So God calls you how you are,
05:44 but He doesn't leave how you are.
05:47 He carries you further that is why when
05:49 we are praising this gospel.
05:51 We are casting out our net and we're
05:53 saying come as you are.
05:55 You come to Jesus as you are,
05:57 but then He makes you to what He
05:59 wants you to be. Now to make
06:01 it more practical. Some people know
06:03 thou art. Thou art Peter,
06:05 thou art a curse, a person that curse,
06:08 thou art a fornicator, thou art adulterer,
06:11 thou art this, thou art that.
06:13 But you don't get intimidated when people
06:15 know who you are now, be happy for what
06:18 you shall be in Jesus Christ.
06:21 So Jesus called his disciples by the sea.
06:25 He called all of them and He called them as
06:27 fishermen to be fishers of men.
06:29 Now these disciples were not idol,
06:33 often times in the scripture whether you are
06:36 talking about soul when he was looking
06:38 for his father's donkey or he talking about the
06:40 Elisha tending his yoke of asses and
06:43 all these things. Jesus called busy people.
06:47 The disciples were doing something,
06:48 a lot of people sit down on their chairs
06:51 and they say God is not using me,
06:55 the church is not using me or this and
06:58 that or the other. The thing is God often
07:01 time call busy people. David was tending his
07:04 father's sheep when God called him.
07:06 Moses was in Midian tending sheep when
07:09 God called him. God calls you,
07:11 you do something and in the process you
07:14 see God calling you and so He called
07:16 the disciples by water. And He called them by
07:19 the sea and there is a specific reason once
07:22 you follow me to the end, you will get it.
07:25 But I want you get this point,
07:26 so remember this one as I transition to
07:29 the other point.
07:30 Jesus being a master teacher just before He died.
07:32 Made His way to Caesarea Philippi
07:36 with His disciples.
07:38 And when you reach in Caesarea Philippi there
07:41 was Mount Hermon, one of the highest
07:43 mountain and the water use to descend in
07:45 Mount Hermon there and use to gushed.
07:48 Now note water again. At the base of
07:52 Mount Hermon there was a large tone
07:54 and a cave with a hole. Now the heathen
07:58 people in Caesarea Philippi which was one of
08:01 the worst Hellenistic place of the time where
08:05 they use to have sexual orgies and do that
08:08 in order for their God Baal and Asherah
08:11 and all these God pan to interact,
08:14 inter-relate with each other and in other
08:16 words as a result of that produce vegetation and
08:20 allow the land to be fertile and they
08:22 worship their Gods. Now Jesus at the
08:25 end of his life, in the graduation
08:28 service of a disciple is carrying them in a
08:32 bad place to teach a particular lesson.
08:35 Now when Jesu reach there,
08:37 He ask his disciples who do say man say I am
08:40 and some of them says, some say you're Jeremiah,
08:43 some say you're Elias, some say you're that,
08:44 now notice. There will always
08:47 be a some say in your life.
08:50 There will always be somebody saying you're
08:52 this and saying you're that.
08:53 The most important thing in life is for you
08:57 to know who God says you are.
08:59 Because it is who He says you are,
09:02 you are. Because as I
09:03 told you God will call you a mighty man of
09:07 valor when your shaking and trembling in a flesh
09:10 and flow like Gideon.
09:13 And so you need to know who God says you are.
09:20 And so God called them by sea along them,
09:25 by the mount, by the base
09:27 of Mount Hermon, who do men say I am?
09:29 Now Peter, who always talks says,
09:32 that though art the Christ,
09:34 the Son of the living God, and Jesus says
09:37 something very profound, He says upon this
09:39 rock I will build my church and the gates of
09:44 hell shall not prevail against it.
09:47 Now of course we know that many Theologians
09:49 explain this to me and rightly showed that upon
09:53 this profession of faith. Upon this profession
09:55 that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,
09:58 that rock profession and that basis he has
10:02 build his church, not on Peter.
10:05 But there, because Jesus was so practical and
10:08 profound in His teaching there is another
10:10 meaning that many people miss.
10:12 Jesus had them in a specific location to
10:16 make a specific point. Because right there
10:20 at the base of Mount Hermon,
10:22 there is that there that large rock.
10:25 Where their Gods and Goddesses common
10:28 God and Goddesses that was there still and
10:31 that hole which was a cave,
10:33 that was considered a gate.
10:35 So in a particular season God pan will go
10:39 down and hide and then when it comes to spring
10:43 time he will comeback up and the people will give
10:45 that God praise thinking that is he that caused
10:48 rain and he that caused sunshine.
10:51 So Jesus brought His church.
10:54 His disciples at that very spot.
10:56 In a place where resembles hell and
10:59 says upon this rock not only the,
11:02 the profession that Peter make,
11:04 but upon this rock, upon this very spot
11:08 I will build my church. And the gates of hell.
11:11 The gate that the God pan goes in will not
11:14 be able to prevail, so he here's point.
11:16 God wants His people, His church not just to
11:20 surround themselves with stain glasses,
11:23 in a comfortable building in their comfort zone.
11:27 He wants them where Satan himself dwells,
11:30 because we are the ones that have to
11:33 confront the gates of hell and take the
11:36 captives from hell. We are the ones
11:38 that storm the citadel of hell and change
11:41 captivity into captive. Rescue these people,
11:44 bring them from hell. And so God wants
11:50 Christians to be confrontational to
11:51 address the issues of their day.
11:53 And so that is why we're addressing the
11:56 commandments and all the things that
11:57 are ill in our society, because God expects
12:01 his people to take a firm stand.
12:03 Because Jesus said upon this rock,
12:05 in this very place that the devil has setup
12:08 his kingdom is the place I want my church
12:11 to take an offensive. No longer do we
12:14 want to sit by and see the world be
12:17 lost to Satan, but we're coming after you
12:19 hence the reason why this gospel is
12:22 being preached, because we're
12:23 sending it out that you could be rescued
12:26 from the pit of hell.
12:27 And so Jesus had that profound lesson
12:30 for your disciples. And so in this
12:32 particular case where he was by
12:33 water to do that. Jesus now has
12:37 preached the sermon, He has fed many
12:39 thousands of people with bread and fish
12:42 and all these things and they are happy,
12:43 and they want to make Him King.
12:46 So Jesus now goes up in a mountain to pray.
12:49 Now this is the point.
12:51 Anytime you do something well,
12:53 you preach well, you sing well,
12:55 you do your job well and people want to
12:57 praise you and make you King,
12:59 be careful, that's the time
13:01 to run and go to the mountain to pray,
13:04 so it doesn't go to your head.
13:06 And so Jesus went up to mountain to pray
13:09 and He sent His disciples in the sea,
13:13 in the lake. While they were
13:16 there in the lake, of course suddenly
13:22 a storm came. Now because
13:23 of the storm the disciples were there fighting
13:26 and toiling and fighting and toiling and they
13:28 were not getting anywhere.
13:30 And the Bible says that Jesus had not come until
13:34 the fourth watch of the night.
13:36 Jesus was watching His disciples in the storm.
13:39 Now you have to remember that a storm,
13:42 the sea, water meant
13:45 that it's a bad thing going on,
13:47 there are demons here and so the
13:49 disciples are afraid.
13:54 And so Jesus wants to teach a profound lesson.
13:58 He's in the mountain and He is looking
14:01 at His disciples. Now sometimes Jesus
14:04 see you in your trials, in your tribulation,
14:07 rowing, having an rough time,
14:09 but He is waiting, because there are
14:11 lessons that He wants to teach.
14:14 Jesus wants to teach that He is the master
14:16 of the sea. He is the
14:18 master over demons, He is the master
14:22 over nature. He needs his
14:23 disciples to understand that and so even
14:24 though He wants His church to being operate
14:29 in the midst of trial,
14:30 in the midst of prosecution,
14:31 in the midst of hell really.
14:33 Even though that is the case He
14:35 has over seen us, He is looking at
14:38 us and He is in charge of everything.
14:41 Now here what's the Bible says.
14:43 It says that, and He had sent
14:45 them away and He departed into the
14:47 mountain to pray.
14:48 Verse 47, And when evening was come,
14:51 the ship was in the midst of the sea,
14:55 and he alone on the land.
14:56 And he saw them toiling and rowing.
14:59 And the wind was contrary unto them in the
15:01 fourth watch of the night, but Jesus didn't come
15:04 and eventually when He came He looked like He
15:08 was passing them by.
15:10 Now in another passage where the Bible is
15:14 speaking about the same story.
15:17 It talks about and it was dark and Jesus
15:20 had not come. Using a tense,
15:23 a pure perfect tense is that it was dark
15:27 and it could not get any darker and Jesus
15:31 had not come. So sometimes
15:33 your experience is dark, you've toiled the
15:36 first watch, you've toiled
15:38 the second watch. You've toiled the
15:40 third watch and it seems like Jesus had not come.
15:43 I'm suggesting to us that do not give up,
15:45 do not give up toiling and rowing do not give up.
15:51 Because once you stay on the ship that's
15:54 the important thing. Some people when
15:57 they see that there are trials,
15:59 when they see that they've trouble,
16:01 when they see that there are temptation
16:03 they bailout, but it is worse
16:06 outside then inside. It is better to take
16:10 the problems inside the kingdom.
16:13 Take the problems inside the ship,
16:16 because at the end of it Jesus will
16:18 quite your storm. But if you bailout
16:21 now I'm talking to back sliders at this stage,
16:24 you've left the kingdom, you bailout,
16:27 you leave because of the wind.
16:29 You leave because of the storm,
16:30 but your life is no better off,
16:33 but if you stay in the ship and you row and
16:37 you continue on you'll notice that Jesus will
16:40 show up and do you what Jesus has a way
16:43 of coming on what I call the 25th hour.
16:48 When it seems like all is over,
16:51 all has ended Jesus comes in and then
16:55 works His miracle, so that nobody could
16:58 get the glory. He likes to show
17:01 up at the 25th hour. And so the disciples
17:04 were rowing and toiling and it seems like Jesus
17:09 was passing them by when He came.
17:13 But the Bible says, But when they say
17:16 him walking upon the sea, they suppose it had
17:19 been a spirit, and cried out for
17:22 they all saw him, and were troubled.
17:24 And immediately he talked with them.
17:26 And saith unto them, Be of good cheer it is I,
17:29 be not afraid. Do not be afraid
17:33 when storm comes. Storms are important,
17:36 do you know it is when storm comes and wind
17:40 beat vehemently upon trees in the forest.
17:44 It is that beating of the wind and the vehemently
17:47 of it that caused the tree to get strong roots
17:51 and be strong as they grow up.
17:53 It is as trouble. It is troubled that
17:56 causes us to go. Get use to trouble.
17:59 It has a way when you reach on the
18:01 other side of trouble, you realize your
18:03 better off. In fact the
18:05 Bible says in this way that God prepares
18:07 a table before me in the presence of my enemy.
18:12 In other words God likes to provide for His
18:16 servants in the midst of your enemies.
18:18 So if you see your enemies around you,
18:21 it could the storm. It could be a bad barrage,
18:24 it could be people talking against you,
18:26 it could be people in the job that is plotting
18:29 to take your place. When you see your
18:31 enemies God says that He is able to provide and
18:35 prepare a table before you in the presence
18:39 of your enemies. So when you see your
18:41 enemies just take out your knife and fork and
18:44 begin to get ready to eat, because certainly as
18:48 soon as the storm goes you discover that on the
18:51 other side of a storm Jesus has a meal.
18:55 So just continue rowing, continue moving,
18:58 don't worry Jesus is there and Jesus is saying,
19:01 be not afraid it is I. I'm the master
19:06 of the storm.
19:08 And in verse 51 it says, And he went up onto
19:11 in the ship and the wind sees and the storm is,
19:15 in themselves beyond measure and wonder.
19:19 The reason why they were amazed is because
19:22 Jesus quiet the storm. In other places Jesus
19:26 stood in the midst of the sea,
19:28 in the midst of a bad place,
19:29 in the midst of place that those people in
19:32 those days thought was demonic and said
19:35 to the water, and said to the sea,
19:37 please be still and it had to stay still.
19:41 Jesus was trying to show that I've conquered the
19:44 devil and I will conquer him and I want to give
19:47 you the victory over the seas in your life.
19:50 I wanna give you the victory over the
19:52 storms in your life. Now Jesus spoke peace
19:55 to the wind, peace to the storm
19:58 and the storm had to get quite.
20:00 The reason for that is because Jesus had
20:02 peace within Him. You cannot speak
20:06 out what you don't have in.
20:10 I want you to get that point.
20:11 You cannot speak out what you don't have in.
20:17 Jesus had peace within Him,
20:19 so that He could speak out peace.
20:21 Now that's a very important point,
20:23 because many people try to give out what
20:27 they don't have in.
20:29 And so I could remember as a young preacher
20:31 passing on our college where they trained
20:34 people to preach. I use to hear young
20:37 preachers trying to imitate great men of God
20:39 and speak like them and gesticulate like them,
20:44 intonation like them, because they thought
20:47 that the power of the preacher was in his
20:50 voice and intonation, but they will discover
20:54 that the power of the minister was in his
20:56 inner strength what he had inside.
20:59 And so when Jesus spoke at the storm,
21:01 He was speaking what He had in.
21:04 And so when He spoke the sea is still,
21:07 so that we should try always to have that
21:09 inner experience, inner strength,
21:11 so that we can speak to the storm.
21:14 In other words just like this other point
21:16 the Bible says out of the abundance of the heart
21:19 the mouth will speak, and so while it's
21:22 important to learn how to speak and to learn
21:26 how to give proper grammar,
21:27 the training of mouth is not as important as
21:32 the training of the heart.
21:33 Because once the heart has an abundance
21:36 it will come out. And so Jesus is modeling
21:39 for His disciples. He is showing them
21:42 it is His word against the wind.
21:45 Whatever He says, so He says to the wind
21:48 peace be still. It has to still,
21:50 because God wants us to have that confidence
21:53 in His word, so that we could
21:56 know when storm comes we could trust in Jesus.
22:00 Now what is not worthy over this
22:03 particular story, it took place
22:05 under the lake of Galilee.
22:08 The fresh water 12 miles long and about
22:11 eight miles wide, and this is a place
22:14 that Peter and James and John
22:16 got their livelihood. But it was also a
22:19 troubling place, a place of trouble that
22:22 Jesus carried them by so that He could
22:25 teach them profound lesson.
22:27 Now watch this point verse 51 and 52,
22:30 And he went onto them into the ship,
22:34 and the wind sees and they were so amazed
22:38 in themselves beyond measure and wonder.
22:41 But I just wanna stretch it a little
22:43 bit to verse 52. It says, For they
22:46 considered not the miracle of the loaves for
22:51 their hearts was hardened.
22:54 They considered not the miracle of the loaves
22:58 and fish for their heart was hardened.
23:00 Now watch this, what made the storms
23:06 and the roughness of the water so
23:09 terrible to the disciples, because they forgot
23:12 that Jesus had just fed five thousand.
23:16 Now here's the point, if you remember what
23:20 God has done for you in the past.
23:23 When you watch your resume,
23:25 you can say God if you saw my children go
23:30 to school and you help me to raise my kids.
23:34 You help with my marriage, you paid for me to
23:36 send them college, you helped me in
23:38 this situation. Certainly you can
23:40 take me through this. What makes a storm rough,
23:44 what makes child rough, is that when we don't
23:48 remember what God has just done for us.
23:51 The children of Israel went through that.
23:54 every single individual will go through a storm.
23:58 Every single individual will go through
24:01 a wilderness. The length of time
24:04 in the wilderness is dependent
24:06 upon your attitude. If you complain in
24:08 the storm, if you,
24:10 if you murmur in the storm instead of
24:13 taken 40 days, it may take you 40 years.
24:16 But if you learn to praise God in your storms,
24:20 when storm comes give God a praise thank
24:23 Him for the storm say Amen,
24:25 say hallelujah, you'll discover that
24:28 all the storm is into your life is to
24:33 make you great, all the storm is in your
24:36 life is to make you see worthy.
24:40 All you've to do is to remember your past,
24:43 remember what God had done for you,
24:46 but the nice interesting thing about this text.
24:49 He told them let's go over to Bethsaida.
24:53 Now if you know the geography of the lake
24:56 of Galilee you'll discover that they left
25:00 Capernaum and they were going to Bethsaida,
25:03 but when the story ends.
25:05 They ended in Genezareth and so they
25:08 ended up in a different place then where
25:11 they were going.
25:13 They ended up in a different place
25:16 all entirely.
25:19 But even though they ended in a different
25:22 place the lesson is this,
25:23 you just keep on rowing in the direction that God
25:29 sends you and even though you end up in
25:32 a different place He has provision for you.
25:35 I need for you to get that point,
25:37 you keep on rowing they were going to
25:39 Bethsaida He told them that,
25:41 but they end up in Genezareth.
25:43 And so all they have to do is keep on
25:45 rowing just keep on going,
25:48 just keep on going in the direction of your
25:50 faith into the direction God calls you even
25:54 though you end up in Genezareth.
25:56 Because when they reached onto other side
25:58 they met a demon. And a demon man
26:01 that the preparation of going to the storm would
26:06 have prepared them for that other challenge,
26:08 so that every storm you go through in your life,
26:11 every trial you go through in your life God
26:15 is preparing you for a
26:16 different level and different levels
26:19 bring different devils. The higher you go,
26:23 the more challenges you will face.
26:25 In this life my brother and sisters.
26:28 In this life viewing audience they'll
26:30 always be trouble, there will always
26:33 be storm, but the thing is,
26:34 the thing about the storm is that you
26:37 don't allow what's on the outside to
26:39 get in the inside. What makes a boat
26:42 sink is when the things on the outside get
26:46 you on the inside. So that you keep
26:48 the water out and what you keep inside of you
26:51 is the fact that your God told you
26:53 we are going over to the other side.
26:56 Once His word say to you that you're going
26:59 over to the other side believe me at the
27:02 end of the sentence, at the end of the
27:04 day you will be where He say you will be.
27:07 Just continue on God word in spite of what
27:10 happens to you, in spite of the
27:12 storms in your life, in spite of the
27:15 heart hates, in spite of the trials,
27:17 in spite of the temptations that
27:20 come your way. When it beats vehemently
27:22 in your ship just remember that Jesus is
27:25 just a pray away, Jesus is just a
27:28 praise away, Jesus is just a
27:32 phone call away. If you call Him
27:34 up He will come by your side,
27:36 He will speak to your storm,
27:38 He will quite your storm.
27:40 He will prepare you for anything.
27:42 I recommend to you today that Jesus
27:45 is able to take you through your storm.
27:47 Would you let Him take you through?
27:49 May God bless you, may God keep
27:51 you until we meet again God bless.


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