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00:28 Hi, I'm Pastor Floyd Bresee and I've been
00:34 thinking, it seems to me that there be
00:37 a lot more Christians. If Christians were
00:40 a lot more Christ like, let's pray about it.
00:47 Loving Lord, I pray that as we spend
00:52 this time together, you will help us
00:56 to learn something that will assist us in
01:00 becoming truly more Christ like Christians
01:04 we pray, in Jesus name. Amen.
01:09 Our focus today will be on Gethsemane,
01:13 the Garden of Gethsemane. Let's leave
01:17 our Bibles open, to Mark and the
01:20 14th chapter. I'll be using the New
01:23 International Version. Do you ever stop
01:25 to think that the two biggest battles
01:28 of history were fought in gardens.
01:31 The Garden of Eden, where Adam lost
01:34 eternal life and the Garden of Gethsemane,
01:37 where Jesus won it back. We could never
01:41 emphasis Calvary too much, but I think we
01:46 do emphasis Gethsemane too little.
01:50 Salvation was not settled at Calvary,
01:53 but Gethsemane. It was implemented at
01:56 Calvary, but the battle was fought and
01:58 the victory was gained in Gethsemane.
02:02 Now, actually all of us face Gethsemanes
02:08 all our lives. And Gethsemane is when
02:11 like Jesus, we have to do what we don't
02:14 want to do. Occasionally, we
02:18 face big Gethsemanes maybe a sever
02:21 illness or a death, our own or a
02:25 loved one, rejection by a loved one
02:28 or someone you don't want to forgive
02:30 when you know you ought to,
02:32 you know you're supposed to, be
02:33 a Christian you must. Gethsemane
02:37 as when we don't want to do what
02:40 we have to do, now there are also
02:46 continuously little Gethsemanes, maybe
02:49 they don't hardly deserve the term, but
02:52 when we're young doing homework,
02:54 that's our little Gethsemane or as
02:57 we get older going to work in the morning,
02:58 that's the Gethsemane, or having to feed
03:00 the baby in the middle of the night or cook
03:02 another meal. My wonderful wife goes
03:07 through a little Gethsemane every time
03:09 she has to do the ironing, she hates it
03:12 but she feels she has to do it.
03:14 Gethsemane is something that you have
03:18 to do, that you don't really want to
03:21 do. Now, what do we do when we have
03:25 to do what we don't want to do?
03:28 Oh! As Christians of course we want to
03:31 do what Jesus did. Our lesson today,
03:34 Jesus succeeded in His Gethsemane
03:37 and you can succeed in yours. In Gethsemane,
03:41 Jesus faced what you maybe facing,
03:46 who knows how often, but the same stresses
03:51 that come to us came to Jesus.
03:56 Maybe you had a hard week, too much
04:00 to do, too little time, and you come
04:03 today all stressed out, listen Jesus has
04:08 been there and done that, Mark the
04:10 14th chapter, notice verses 32 and 33.
04:15 They went to the place called Gethsemane,
04:18 and Jesus said to his disciples,
04:20 "Sit here while I pray." He took Peter,
04:24 James and John along with Him, and He
04:26 began to be deeply distressed and
04:30 troubled. There is our word, deeply
04:32 distressed and troubled. Jesus had
04:37 had a hard week, no wonder He was
04:39 distressed. He had led a prayed back
04:41 on Sunday, He had driven the money
04:43 changers out of the temple, He had
04:45 been teaching his followers all week long.
04:47 He debating His detractors.
04:50 He just come from a huge personnel
04:53 problem in the upper room, especially
04:54 with Peter and with Judas, and tonight
04:57 he was going to be betrayed by a former
05:00 friend. This night he would be whipped,
05:03 tomorrow he would die. And Jesus knew
05:07 what stress was. William Barkley
05:10 estimates that 250,000 lambs were slain at
05:14 every Passover time. this was Passover time,
05:17 and as Jesus walked across Brook Kidron,
05:21 in order to get into the Garden of Gethsemane.
05:23 He crossed the Brook which was actually
05:26 the temples of drainage ditch, and as
05:30 he stepped across this blood tainted,
05:34 polluted brook, he must have been reminded
05:37 of the sacrifice of his own blood and how
05:41 imminent that sacrifice was. Now, you maybe
05:46 facing not only the Gethsemane of stress,
05:49 not only as Jesus been there done that,
05:51 but how about the Gethsemane of
05:52 discouragement? Depression? There is some
05:56 problem that's burdening you too much,
05:59 listen Jesus has been there, done that.
06:03 He has also experienced the same kind of
06:07 Gethsemanes as you do, notice in verse 36
06:11 of Mark and the 14th chapter, verse 36 says,
06:17 Abba Father, Jesus speaking, every thing is
06:21 possible for you, take this cup from me.
06:25 Take this cup from me. What was so terrible
06:30 about the cup, what was it that was
06:32 in the cup, in the cup were your sins,
06:36 and he hated them, because they hurt you,
06:40 but he couldn't confess them. His situation
06:43 was totally different from what ours ever is,
06:46 he couldn't confess because they were not
06:49 his sins. He could not confess your sins,
06:51 he could die for them.
06:55 He suffered separation from the Father, God
06:59 and sin cannot co-exist. I don't know
07:03 where you stand today but please if you're
07:05 separated from the Father don't take
07:07 it lightly, it nearly killed Jesus.
07:11 And so if you are facing the Gethsemane
07:14 of discouragement, remember Jesus has
07:16 been there and done that. You may be
07:19 facing the Gethsemane of neglect.
07:23 The most painful disease in the world
07:26 is not cancer or Aids, but his feeling is
07:29 uncared for, unwanted, deserted, alone.
07:36 Ah! Jesus has been there and done that.
07:40 Let's pick it up with verse 37, Then He
07:45 returned to his disciples and found
07:47 them sleeping. "Simon," he said to Peter,
07:49 "Are you asleep? Could you not keep
07:51 watch for one hour? Watch and pray so
07:55 that you will not fall in to temptation,
07:58 the spirit is willing but the body is weak."
08:01 Once more He went away and prayed
08:03 the same thing when he came back
08:05 he again found them sleeping because
08:06 their eyes were heavy. They did not know
08:09 what to say to him? Retuning the third time,
08:12 he said to them, "Are you still sleeping and
08:15 resting? Enough! The hour has come.
08:18 Look, the Son of Man is betrayed into
08:21 the hands of sinners." Jesus craved
08:27 companionship. He needed support, three
08:31 times He sought, three times it was neglect
08:36 that He received in return. How often
08:40 He comforted His disciples, yet they
08:42 totally failed to comfort Him. Those of
08:45 you who are aging parents may understand
08:47 the feelings of Jesus at this moment.
08:50 How often you have comforted your child,
08:54 but sometimes perhaps your children neglect
08:58 to comfort you. And so you maybe
09:01 facing the Gethsemane of neglect, you maybe
09:04 facing the Gethsemaneof failure.
09:08 My worst failure was setting my parents
09:11 house on fire? My older brother and I were
09:14 working in a box factory and the folks
09:16 went on a trip, and we couldn't go and so
09:19 we got up in the morning we're going to
09:21 have a good hot breakfast and we put
09:23 the paper in the stove and the kindling
09:25 in the stove, and it didn't start and
09:27 we put more paper in the stove and more
09:29 kindling in the stove, and it still wouldn't
09:31 started and finally we gave up,
09:33 we had cold cereal and went off to work,
09:37 but an hour and half later the boss came,
09:43 rush home, your house is on fire, that
09:46 kitchen stove had finally ignited and the
09:49 stove pipe that went up through the kitchen
09:52 started the wall, and the wall paper on
09:55 fire and went up and started the attic
09:56 on fire, and the fire men were all there,
09:59 and they were cutting through the roof,
10:02 and pouring water in. Oh! What a mess,
10:04 and every thing finally got down to
10:07 the main floor, and they drilled holes
10:09 and as so that they can get down there,
10:12 and get the water out of the basement.
10:15 We had to tell dad and mother,
10:17 that we had set the house on fire.
10:20 Now, I submit to you that's failure.
10:23 And if you face failure, remember Jesus
10:29 has been there and done that too Mark verses
10:33 43 to 47, notice this cast of characters
10:38 Just as He was speaking, Judas, one of
10:41 the twelve, appeared with Him was a crowd
10:44 armed with swords and clubs, sent from
10:46 the chief priests, teachers of the law,
10:48 the elders. Now the betrayer had arranged
10:51 a signal with them: "The one I kiss is
10:53 the man; arrest him and lead him away under
10:56 guard." Going at once to Jesus,
10:57 Judas said, "Rabbi." And kissed him.
11:00 The men seized Jesus and arrested Him.
11:03 Then one of those standing near drew
11:05 his sword and struck the servant of the
11:08 high priest, cutting off his ear.
11:12 What a cast of characters, there was
11:15 Judas who betrayed Him, there was
11:19 the crowd that rejected Him, that were
11:21 the priests and the teachers and the
11:23 elders who hated him, there was Peter,
11:25 perhaps the strongest leader in his
11:27 fledgling church still unconverted,
11:30 he saw misunderstood Christianity.
11:32 He resorted to violence in order
11:35 to perpetuate the kingdom of love.
11:40 So, whatever your Gethsemane, and we
11:44 all have big or little Gethsemanes all
11:47 of our lives, whatever the Gethsemane
11:49 you remember Jesus has been through it,
11:51 Jesus has been there and done that,
11:54 and Jesus success can be your success.
11:58 Let's look now for the secrets of
12:02 Jesus success, I want to suggest five
12:05 secrets of Jesus success, why did he
12:08 succeed in his Gethsemane? And if I do
12:11 as he did, how could I succeed in
12:13 my Gethseman? First of all, he succeeded
12:16 because of the power of love. John 13 says
12:20 that Jesus was about to show the full extent
12:23 of his love, at Cavalry they thought that
12:27 he saved others, he cannot save himself,
12:30 it was true he could not save both himself
12:33 and you and he chose you.
12:36 Gethsemane shows that he rather go
12:38 through hell for you then go to heaven
12:41 without you. Jesus would rather have gone
12:44 through hell for you then go to heaven
12:48 without you. The power of love motivated
12:52 Jesus to succeed in his Gethsemane,
12:55 and the power of love will motivate you
12:57 to do a lot of things for your spouse,
13:00 for your child, for your world that you
13:02 would never otherwise accomplish. And so
13:06 first of all, it was the power of love
13:09 that caused Jesus to succeed and secondly,
13:12 His previous intimacy with His Father.
13:17 Notice verse 36 again. "Abba, Father,"
13:21 he said, "Everything is possible for you.
13:23 Take his cup from me. Yet not what
13:25 I will, but what you will. Abba Father."
13:30 Abba it was an Aramaic term,
13:33 it was a small child who totally trusted his
13:37 father would call his papa or his daddy.
13:41 Here's a little boy, and see he's standing
13:46 5 feet up above his father and his father
13:50 says, jump and the little boy is afraid,
13:55 father says, trust me, jump, the little boy
14:02 is not certain, then little fellow gets
14:07 to thinking, lots of times when I was
14:11 just on a chair, I jumped, dad always
14:15 caught me, and the other day I was 3 feet
14:18 high and I jumped, and dad caught me.
14:23 And so, the previous trust he had managed
14:31 with his father made it possible for him to
14:34 jump and leap into the arms of his daddy.
14:38 Jesus had a previous arrangement with the
14:41 father. He had learned to trust Him,
14:44 don't wait until you get to a good, good,
14:47 big Gethsemane before you establish a
14:50 trusting relationship with the Father,
14:51 do it today before a great Gethsemane comes.
14:56 The time to establish this trusting relationship
15:00 is now not sometime in the future,
15:04 not after the Gethsemane comes,
15:07 and so His previous intimacy with the
15:10 Father helped Jesus through His Gethsemane.
15:14 And third, He persistently prayed.
15:19 W. A. Criswell tells a story of a hopeful
15:22 evangelist that came to him and he told the
15:25 older man, I think I've been called to evangelism,
15:29 and so Criswell said, well, lets pray about it,
15:32 and so they knelt to pray. After Criswell
15:35 had prayed, he opened his eyes and he
15:38 looked down, and there was this young
15:41 evangelist totally prone on the floor with his
15:43 face in the carpet, and Criswell knew that
15:49 God was going to use Billy Graham in a very
15:52 special way. Notice verse 35, Going a little
15:58 further he fell to the ground, and prayed that
16:01 if possible the hour might pass from him,
16:08 and notice verse 39, once more he went away
16:13 and prayed the same thing, and verse 41
16:19 notice, Returning the third time,
16:21 he said to them, "Are you still sleeping and
16:22 resting? Enough! The hour has come.
16:24 Look, the Son of Man is betrayed
16:26 into the hands of the sinners."
16:29 Jesus not only prayed, he prayed persistently.
16:36 You have trouble with your spouse?
16:39 Pray, problems with the kids?
16:42 Pray, worried over your finances?
16:45 Pray, concerned about your MRI results?
16:50 Pray, and so you pray and nothing happens,
16:53 then what do you do? You pray some more,
16:54 you see sometimes God has to wait until we
16:57 find out for ourselves, how serious we really
17:02 are? And so the third secret to Jesus
17:08 success was persistent prayer, and the fourth
17:13 was submissive prayer. Notice verse 36 again
17:18 "Abba, Father," he said, "Everything is
17:20 possible for you. Take this cup from me.
17:22 Yet not what I will, but what you will."
17:27 Not what I will but what you will,
17:31 the battle of Gethsemane
17:34 was the battle of the wills.
17:38 Before when Jesus had asked for something,
17:43 the father had invariably said yes,
17:46 this is the only time recorded in scripture
17:50 when Jesus asked for something and the
17:52 father said no, Jesus asked that the water
17:56 would be turned into wine, and the father
17:58 said yes. At the feeding of the 5000,
18:02 the father said yes, stilling of the storm,
18:07 father said yes, father isn't there some other
18:12 way to save them, and the father said no,
18:18 but remembering the yeses, Jesus was able
18:24 to trust the no. Never forget Jesus did not
18:30 pray until he got his own way, he prayed
18:34 until he could accept the father's way.
18:38 He trusted the father enough because the
18:40 past experiences to hang on when He didn't
18:43 get what his human nature wanted,
18:46 Jesus never got what He as a human wanted
18:50 but He did get what was best and thank God
18:52 that he did, if the father had said no what a
18:55 difference it would have made for our world,
18:57 for our universe, otherwise there would be
18:59 no future for us, so there would be no
19:01 Christianity, you and I would be not here
19:03 together. And one nice thing when he
19:09 submitted not my will but yours,
19:14 then there came affirmation, verse 41
19:18 again. Returning the third time,
19:19 he said to them, "Are you still sleeping and
19:21 resting? Enough! The hour has come.
19:24 Look, the Son of Man is betrayed
19:26 into the hands of sinners."
19:28 Jesus said it is enough, enough of the
19:33 disciples sleeping, enough of his questioning
19:40 the father, it was enough, and when he
19:45 settled it, then an angel came,
19:50 according to Luke the 22nd chapter,
19:53 not to excuse him, but to strengthen him.
19:59 And when you settle that you are going to go
20:04 God's way come what may, it my not take
20:08 away what you really wish would happen,
20:13 it will strengthen you to accept God's will.
20:18 And when the angel came peace came,
20:22 and Jesus set his face like a flint toward
20:27 Calvary. He submissively joined the Father
20:34 and sacrificed himself for our salvation.
20:42 Do you ever think about the Father's
20:43 Gethsemane? He probably suffered most
20:47 of all. Really who was it that delivered Jesus
20:52 to die? It was not Judas for money,
20:56 it was not Pilate for fear, it was not the
20:59 priest for envy, it was the Father for love.
21:05 "For God so loved the world, that he gave
21:10 His only begotten son." In 1937,
21:18 John Griffith was tender of a railroad bridge
21:24 across the Mississippi, one day he took his
21:28 eight year old son Greg to work with him to
21:30 see what Daddy did? The bridge was open and
21:36 they walked out on the cat walk some 200
21:41 feet and they, and they looked down at the
21:42 water, and they looked down at the ships going
21:44 to and fro, they actually sat there and they
21:48 ate their lunch, and then off in the distance
21:54 Griffith heard the shrieking of a train,
22:00 the Memphis Express was coming,
22:02 he had been enjoying himself so much with
22:04 his son, he had forgotten about the time,
22:08 there was time to close the bridge,
22:11 but he would have to rush, he told his son
22:13 you stay where you are, he dashed back
22:17 for the control booth, and just as he was about
22:21 to push the lever and close the bridge,
22:25 he looked back and his son had tried to follow
22:27 him and fallen into the gears, the massive gears
22:32 of that bridge. Four hundred people were
22:37 depending upon him, four hundred lives were at
22:41 stake, but this was his son, what to do?
22:46 Clenched his teeth, he pushed the lever,
22:51 he sacrificed his son to save others,
22:55 it's a heart wrenching story of a father's
22:59 Gethsemane, but does it help you understand
23:03 what the father went through with the son in
23:07 Gethsemane, "For God so loved the world,
23:11 that he gave his only begotten son,
23:14 that whosoever believeth in him should
23:18 not perish, but have everlasting life."
23:26 And so Jesus submissively joined the Father
23:31 and sacrificing himself for our salvation.
23:35 One more lesson we need to learn,
23:38 is that how Jesus succeeded in his
23:41 Gethsemane, and that is simply that he
23:44 refused to remain there. Again notice verse 42
23:51 this time. Rise! Let us go! Here comes my
23:57 betrayer! Rise, let us go. Everybody has to go
24:04 through their Gethsemane, but nobody
24:07 has to live there, Jesus said "Rise and Let us
24:12 go." Gethsemane is not a place where we
24:15 settle down and retreat from life,
24:18 Gethsemane should be a place that strengthens
24:21 us to confront life. And I don't know what
24:26 Gethsemane you maybe facing today,
24:31 but don't use Gethsemane as an excuse
24:34 for doing nothing, Gethsemane should be like
24:38 Jesus, a place where we receive the strength
24:41 to confront life. Whatever Gethsemane
24:44 you face today, remember Jesus has been
24:47 there, he's done that, you are not alone in
24:51 this you know, he's gone before us,
24:54 and if we follow his example, just his five
24:57 secrets, we too will succeed just as he
25:00 succeeded. That was the power of love.
25:05 Jesus would rather go through hell for you,
25:07 then to go to heaven without you,
25:10 and the power of love will help you succeed
25:13 in your Gethsemane. There was an intimacy
25:16 with the Father. Jesus didn't wait until the
25:18 emergency came, he learned to trust his
25:21 Father before Gethsemane. And there
25:24 was the persistent prayer, too many times
25:28 we pray, and we don't get our way right
25:30 away then we lose confidence in prayer,
25:34 confidence in God or confidence in ourselves,
25:36 Jesus prayed persistently. There was
25:39 the submissive prayer, not my will but yours,
25:45 and we end our prayers that way but too
25:47 many times I'm not sure how deep it goes
25:51 with us. Am I really willing to trust the
25:53 Father, even though God asks me to do
25:57 something I really don't want to do.
26:00 And lastly, Jesus refused to remain in
26:05 Gethsemane. We all may have to go through
26:08 our Gethsemanes but that's no place for you to
26:10 spend the rest of your lives, let me tell you
26:14 the rest of the John Griffith story,
26:17 the bridge closed the train, rumbled across
26:21 safely, as this poor father looked out through
26:27 the window of that control booth,
26:31 he looked through the windows of the
26:32 passing train and there he saw people
26:34 reading their paper and people talking,
26:37 and people who were sound asleep,
26:40 and that grieving father beat against the window
26:43 of the control room, what's wrong with you
26:45 people, I gave my son for you doesn't anybody
26:49 care. Today, your heavenly Father says,
26:56 I gave my son for you, it seems the world
26:58 doesn't much care. Do you care?
27:03 I ask you to join me in a love commitment
27:05 to the Father and Son, both gave everything
27:08 for us, let's give our all for them.
27:10 Loving Father, thank you for all you've done
27:14 for us, and I pray that whether it's a first
27:17 time or the ten thousandth time,
27:18 we will commit giving our all to you,
27:22 in Jesus name. Amen.
27:26 Thank you for the time we've been able to
27:29 spend together, as you go back to life,
27:33 I pray that somehow the message of
27:36 Gethsemane will go back with you.
27:40 May the example of Jesus lead you through
27:44 the Gethsemanes that you will face the rest
27:47 of your life, be they big Gethsemanes
27:49 or small, follow the example
27:51 of Jesus and you will succeed.


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