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00:30 Hi, I'm Pastor Floyd Bresee and I've been
00:34 thinking, it seems to me there'd be a lot
00:37 more Christians, if Christians were a lot
00:40 more Christ like let's pray about it.
00:45 Lord, please speak to us today, what you
00:52 need most for us to learn that will help us
00:56 become more Christ like Christians we pray
01:01 in Jesus name. Amen. Today I want to talk
01:07 about conquerors. We all want to be
01:10 conquerors, conquering, conquerors through
01:13 Christ, let's leave our Bibles open to Romans
01:17 the 8th chapter we're going to look at the
01:18 last third of that chapter and I will be
01:21 using the new international version.
01:24 When celebrity Anna Nicole Smith died,
01:28 it fostered a huge custody battle over
01:33 her 5 month old baby Dannielynn to whom
01:37 would she belong, where would she live,
01:42 but have you stopped to thinking that you
01:44 are in the center of an even bigger custody
01:47 battle. The great controversy we call it
01:50 between Christ and Satan. Custody over,
01:54 to whom will you belong, and where will
01:57 you live for eternity. In this great controversy,
02:03 one of Satan's most deceitful and diabolically
02:07 successful tools. Is what I would like to call
02:11 the God blamer. There is nothing Satan loves
02:15 more than to hurt us and get us to blame God
02:19 for it. He loves to bring us pain and get us to
02:23 blame God for it, and he loves to bring
02:26 problems into our lives and get us to blame
02:29 God for it, and when the world is suffering
02:32 he wants us to blame God for it, and the
02:35 existence of evil he hopes we'll blame God for
02:39 it. All the miseries of life the devil would love
02:42 nothing more then for us to blame God.
02:46 One of life's most important lessons we
02:49 simply must not confuse God with life.
02:55 Our emphasis today life isn't fair, but God is.
03:03 Be very careful about acquitting those two,
03:06 life isn't fair, but God is. It's certainly true
03:12 that life isn't fair. Life continually tries to
03:16 beat us down. It's just not fair that some
03:20 grew up with abusive parents and therefore
03:23 spent a whole lifetime planning it difficult to
03:25 learn love. It's not fair that some have to grow
03:30 up in a single parent home and not understand
03:32 what a, God's home was meant to be.
03:37 It's not fair that some inherit the genes for
03:39 cancer or for Arthritis. It's not fair that
03:43 someone loses a spouse and perhaps have to
03:46 live alone all the rest of their lives.
03:50 Romans the 8th chapter in the 35 verse.
03:54 Notice that Paul is really speaking
03:57 biographically when he says in verse 35,
04:02 who shall separate us from the love of Christ?
04:06 Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or
04:10 famine or nakedness or danger or sword,
04:13 he knew exactly what he was talking about
04:15 when Paul talked about these very things,
04:19 because these were things he endured trouble
04:22 and hardship and persecution because he
04:24 was a mean man, because he was a bad
04:26 men? No, just because he was trying to help
04:29 people. Life simply is not fair. Satan sees us as
04:38 sheep to be slaughtered, notice this in
04:44 verse 36, Romans 8 and verse 36,
04:49 as it is written; "For your sake we face
04:53 death all day long; we are considered as sheep
04:58 to be slaughtered." Slaughtered, as sheep to
05:02 be slaughtered. The picture I get is of the
05:07 slaughtering house and here is the flock of
05:09 sheep in the holding pen and just out there
05:12 is death's door and the sheep are milling
05:14 around and around and around and around
05:16 until death comes and that's what life can
05:19 be like, that's the way Satan sees life.
05:25 Satan sees us as "Dead Meat" he sees us as
05:29 sheep. Sheep are presumed to be pretty
05:34 stupid and easy to fool. He sees us as
05:39 conformance, like sheep he thinks that if he
05:43 can get the world to do anything he can get
05:45 even Christians gradually to be doing it too.
05:50 You heard of the teacher who was drilling
05:52 the farm boy Billy in arithmetic and teacher
05:58 said you have 10 sheep in the pen and one
06:00 gets out, how many sheep do you have left?
06:04 And Belly said zero. Teacher said, Billy you
06:09 don't know you're arithmetic.
06:12 Billy said teacher you don't know your sheep,
06:16 if one goes they're all gone. That's the way
06:21 the devil sees us, he sees us as sheep,
06:23 as conformance, purely followers of
06:27 whatever happens to be closest by.
06:32 Oh, what a contrast. Always the devil
06:35 sees us as sheep to be slaughtered,
06:37 God sees us so very differently.
06:40 He sees us as children to be loved.
06:44 Notice the family analogy in verse 29 of
06:49 Romans 8 and now notice verse 29,
06:53 For those God foreknew He also predestined
06:57 to be conformed to the likeness of his Son,
07:00 that he might be the firstborn among many
07:02 bothers. Did you, did you see the words
07:04 there? The Son, the first born, the brothers.
07:08 God is a heavenly parent, we are His
07:11 children. Boy gets a new bat and a ball,
07:18 now don't bat your ball in the backyard
07:22 and take it up to the playing field,
07:24 but do not bat your ball in the backyard and
07:28 the boy disobeys and the ball comes through
07:30 the windows. Now what's a good parent do?
07:34 Let me tell you some things that good parent
07:36 doesn't do. A good parent doesn't stop
07:39 loving the boy and when you have goofed
07:42 and when you have disobey God doesn't
07:46 stop loving you, because God is a good parent.
07:50 A second thing, good parent doesn't do is
07:53 remove the consequences. You see a
07:55 lot of our prayers I've seen God to remove
07:57 the consequences for the mistakes and
08:00 the disobedience. A good parent does not
08:03 remove the consequences. Now some
08:07 things that a good parent does do,
08:09 he uses the experience to teach the boy
08:13 a lesson and God doesn't stop loving us
08:17 when we have done things that are wrong.
08:18 He doesn't reject us, He doesn't take away
08:21 the consequences either, but He tires to
08:26 use the difficult things in life to teach us
08:29 lessons, another thing that a good parent
08:33 does. He hurts with the child who is hurting.
08:40 And so the boy he gets a job, raking leaves
08:45 for there neighbors and he rakes and he
08:47 rakes and he works, and he works,
08:49 and he comes home with blisters.
08:52 Mother say that'll, that'll teach you right.
08:54 We told you had to pay for the window
08:56 and now see what a mess you're in.
08:58 Oh no, what's a mother do and she get
09:01 some sap and she finds some way to dress
09:04 those wounds. You see when we're hurt,
09:09 God hurts with us. Queen Victoria visited a
09:16 grieving commoner. The poor lady had lost
09:21 her baby and Victoria having had some
09:25 serious losses in her background also felt
09:28 for this grieving woman and she actually went,
09:30 went with all of her entourage to see that
09:34 mother and, and after the commotion had
09:38 quieted down and Victoria had gone.
09:41 Then there was of course all gathered
09:43 around, now what she said, what she said.
09:46 And that grieving mother said,
09:49 she said nothing, she just laid her hands over
09:53 mine and we wept together.
09:58 Now when you're hurt, God hurts too,
10:05 God hurts with you. I would like to quote
10:11 for you just two sentences from Malcolm
10:16 Muggeridge. He wrote a wonderfully thought
10:21 provoking statement and see if it means
10:25 as much to you as it is meant to me
10:28 Muggeridge said, "Contrary to what might
10:30 be expected, I look back on experiences
10:34 that at the time seemed especially desolating
10:36 and painful, with particular satisfaction."
10:40 What? Things that are desolating and painful,
10:44 satisfaction, he continues; "Indeed,
10:47 I can say with complete truthfulness that
10:50 everything I have learned in my
10:51 seventy-five years in this world,
10:53 everything that was truly, has truly
10:55 enhanced and enlightened my
10:57 experience has been through affliction and
11:01 not through happiness." And we want so much
11:04 to be spared affection. Muggeridge says,
11:08 that is the way that we learn. A scientist
11:14 was studying moths and this little moth was
11:21 trying to make its way out of the cocoon and
11:26 the hole was much too small and it was
11:30 thrashing about and it was unable to come
11:32 out and the scientist felt sorry for that poor
11:35 little moth, so he took his scissor and he
11:37 clipped off the end of the cocoon and sure
11:41 enough the moth came easily out.
11:45 But he didn't learn until later that all of
11:48 that thrashing around was what drove the
11:51 fluid from the body of the moth to the wings
11:55 and because he was let out without that
11:58 struggle, his body was always large and he
12:01 never did get wings that would fly.
12:06 You see by depriving the moth of struggle,
12:10 he had prepared that moth to fail,
12:15 by depriving that moth of struggle,
12:17 he had deprived that moth of the ability to
12:21 fly. Now don't blame God for what the devil
12:28 does, please don't confuse God with life.
12:34 Verses 33 and 34, who will bring any charge
12:39 against those whom God has chosen?
12:41 It is God who justifies. Who is he that
12:44 condemns? Christ Jesus, who died more
12:47 than that, who was raised in life, is at the
12:48 right hand of God and is also interceding
12:50 for us. Now it's a little backward logic and
12:53 Christ does not condemn, God does not
12:56 condemn He is saying and that leaves Satan,
12:59 he's, Satan is called you know the accuser.
13:03 God does not condemn, as a matter of fact
13:06 the gospel could very well be summarized in
13:09 just four words, God is for us, and when life
13:16 seem difficult and you think you're out there
13:17 on the battlefield of the great controversy
13:20 all by yourself, God is for us. We must grow
13:26 beyond a contract relationship with God to
13:31 a trusting relationship here, you're taking
13:35 on a new job and you tell your boss,
13:39 I'll work for you so long as the pay is good
13:42 and the work is not too hard, but if the pay
13:49 is not good and the work is hard I'll quit.
13:54 We have too many contract Christians who
13:56 say I'll serve God so long as he pays well,
14:00 and so long as life doesn't get too hard,
14:03 but if it doesn't pay and if life gets hard
14:07 I'll quit. We need to go beyond that kind
14:09 of a contract Christianity to a mature
14:14 trusting Christianity that says some how God
14:17 and I together can make something good
14:19 come out of even this. God is not responsible
14:25 for sin we are not just our ancestors not
14:30 just Adam and Eve, we also have chosen
14:35 self-centeredness which is simply another
14:36 term for sin, probably happened already to you
14:39 today, but couldn't or not, an omnipotent
14:43 God stop this suffering, of course he could.
14:46 He can do everything this, this self-centered
14:49 living. I want to give two answers,
14:51 first of all why doesn't God stop suffering,
14:54 number one is because his omissions limits
14:57 his omnipotence. That's his wisdom overcomes
15:02 his overwhelming power he knows that in
15:04 order to have a world of love he cannot
15:08 force obedience, his omissions,
15:12 his wisdom limits his omnipotence,
15:15 his power. Love requires the right to choose,
15:20 even when the choice is wrong.
15:23 Even when the choice means the death of his
15:26 own son and so the second reason why God
15:31 has not stopped it, please understand he's
15:33 in the process, God is going to stop suffering,
15:36 he sent his son so he could stop and he will
15:38 stop and as soon as everyone has had the
15:40 opportunity to choose the son.
15:45 Meanwhile although, although I don't believe
15:48 our loving God causes trail. I do believe that
15:53 he uses it. When I was a boy I had a
16:00 mother who loved me very much,
16:04 she loved me so much that she made a
16:07 birthday cake for me from scratch,
16:10 now you can tell that it was a long time ago.
16:13 I watched as she put in some good things,
16:17 she put in some sugar, and she put in some
16:21 butter, but then she put in some things that
16:24 were not so appetizing, she added some flour,
16:27 some raw eggs, and some baking powder.
16:33 I learned however to trust her,
16:35 because I found out that when she mixed
16:38 all of these things together just right my
16:41 birthday cake turned out just right.
16:46 God brings some good things, so the devil
16:48 brings in life, brings some bad things,
16:51 but God takes those things and he mixes
16:53 them together and we just trust His mixing
16:56 our lives will turn out right. Life isn't fair,
17:03 but God is. We conqueror life through Christ.
17:09 Our sermon title comes from verse 37,
17:14 No in all these things we are more than
17:18 conquerors through him who loved us.
17:22 We conquered through Christ, how do we
17:26 conquer through Christ? Well first of all,
17:30 we conquer through Christ by following his
17:32 example, Jesus is our example,
17:35 verse 29 please, verse 29, for those God
17:40 foreknew He also predestined to be
17:42 conformed to the likeness of His Son,
17:44 that he might be the firstborn among many
17:47 bothers. Did you get the family analogy there
17:51 again, Jesus is the firstborn, he's our big
17:55 brother, I had two of those. I had two big
18:00 brothers and I learned to watch my big
18:04 brothers, and I had trouble getting the
18:08 spoon from the bowl up to my mouth until
18:13 I learned how my brothers did it,
18:16 and I learned from my brothers and I,
18:18 one of the toughest things I ever had to do
18:20 is learn to tie shoes and I learned from my
18:22 brothers. I learned how ride a bike from my
18:24 brothers. I learned by watching my brothers
18:27 and you will learn your way through trial by
18:32 watching your big brother. Jesus is your
18:35 big brother and He surely had plenty of trial.
18:38 He was conceived out of wedlock,
18:40 the tradition church hated Him.
18:43 His own church leaders disappointed him.
18:45 The Romans crucified him, Gethsemane
18:49 of course was his toughest trial of all,
18:52 but even there he trusted, he trusted the
18:54 Father's will more than his own.
18:59 And so by following Jesus example we can
19:05 succeed, be conquerors, Jesus is our
19:09 intercessor is another way that we are
19:12 conquerors through Christ. Look at verse 34
19:17 once more, who is he that condemns?
19:21 Christ Jesus, who died more than that,
19:23 who was raised to life is at the right hand
19:25 of God and is also interceding for us.
19:30 Christ intercedes for us, He waits to forgive
19:34 us I have here a $20 bill, fairly good looking
19:39 $20 bill as $20 bills go, would you be
19:43 interested, do you see any value in this $20
19:48 bill. Well if so, what if I would kind of do
19:54 this to it, now would you see a value in my
19:59 $20 bill? Or what if I would throw it on floor
20:04 and I would stomp on it and I would put it
20:06 in the grim and all the filth and all the dirt
20:10 then would you find value in my $20 bill?
20:14 Yes, because you know what a $20 bill is
20:17 worth, and though the world has stomped
20:24 on you, though you have been ground into
20:28 the dirt of this world, Jesus still seems,
20:32 well sees values in you, whether the rest of
20:36 the world does or not. Jesus knows your
20:39 value and He waits to forgive and intercede
20:42 for you. And then Jesus love is unfailing
20:48 how do we conquerors through Christ,
20:50 through his unfailing love, verses 38 and 39,
20:56 For I am convinced that neither death nor
20:59 life, neither angels nor demons, neither the
21:01 present nor the future, nor any powers,
21:03 neither height nor depth, not any thing else
21:06 and all creation will be able to separate us
21:08 from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus
21:13 our Lord. Jesus love is unfailing.
21:16 Our text talks about the height of
21:18 prosperity or the depths of trail and
21:21 discouragement. Nothing can separate you
21:25 from the love of God, you can separate
21:27 yourself by choosing not to follow him,
21:30 but you can't make him stop loving you.
21:36 Regardless of where you've been or what
21:40 you've done or what you're going through
21:43 right now. Your heavenly Father and
21:47 your big brother love you. His love remains
21:54 constant. Little girl loved her pretty new
21:57 doll and when the family got in the car to go
22:02 to the supermarket if they had forgotten
22:04 the doll they had to go back, because she
22:06 loved her pretty doll, and when they got to
22:08 supermarket. She ought to be left in the car,
22:11 no she had go into the supermarket too,
22:13 because she loved her pretty doll,
22:15 and when the little girl go went to bed at
22:17 night she wasn't ready to sleep until she
22:20 had that pretty doll by her side.
22:23 She played and played with her pretty doll
22:25 until. In the kitchen one day, she was
22:28 playing house and she puts her baby to bed
22:33 in a cupboard she thought, but to the little
22:38 girl the oven looked an awful lot like a
22:40 cupboard and the mother turned on the
22:45 oven later on and there was a peculiar odor
22:47 and, and finally she traced it to the oven
22:52 and there it was that poor little misshapen
22:54 doll one hand was totally melded off.
22:57 The eyes were all sunken back in her head.
22:59 The body was looked all, all sunken in and
23:02 the head was misshaped. But the little
23:07 girl still loved that disfigured doll and when
23:12 they went any place. They had to take that
23:14 disfigured doll, because disfigured as
23:17 she was. She still loved that little doll and
23:23 God is that way disfigured as you maybe
23:27 He still loves you. And then in another way
23:30 we conquer through Christ, is that he turns
23:33 bad into good now we're gonna read the
23:36 text that we read very often, but notice
23:38 this text is conditional on our loving Him
23:44 enough to trust Him in all things,
23:47 its verse 28, And we know that in all
23:50 things God works for good of those who
23:53 love Him who have been called according to
23:56 His purpose. Notice those operative words
24:01 things work for good to those who love
24:03 Him who are called according to His purpose,
24:08 those who trust Him. An Athlete is training
24:15 for the Olympics under her couch.
24:19 Olympic speed skating event, and the
24:27 athlete complaints that coach I don't see
24:29 your purpose in making me start off a line
24:32 this way and the coach replies trust me and
24:39 then the athlete says, but do I have to do
24:42 all things, why couldn't I take this turn my
24:45 way and then the coach says, no trust me
24:51 and the athlete says I've been out for six
24:53 hours. I've gone around this over and over
24:56 and over and over a hundred time,
24:57 my feet are blistered and I ache all over
25:00 and the coach says, do it again,
25:04 trust me and because she trusts her coach
25:10 and because she's willing to bear the pain
25:13 she becomes an Olympic champion and if
25:17 you and I will trust the coach and be wiling
25:20 to bear with his help the pain that life brings,
25:23 we too can be conquerors. We conquer
25:28 through Christ, our example in trial our
25:32 intercessor when we fail, He loves us no
25:35 matter what we do, and if we trust Him when
25:40 things seem to go bad He will turn them
25:43 into good. Life isn't fair, but God is.
25:50 The Bible says, he will wipe every tear from
25:52 their eyes, but this is only at the end,
25:56 this is a description of the beginning of
25:58 heaven. In another words the inference is
26:00 that we're going to have some tears
26:02 between now and heaven, all are going
26:05 to have some tears until then.
26:08 And you can conquerors through Christ.
26:15 When I was just a grade schooler,
26:20 I went to school, to a small school and we
26:25 had a small playground where we chose up
26:29 and played softball almost every recess and
26:37 I always if I had the chance to be captain I
26:42 always knew whom I was going to choose
26:46 first. It was my big brother Harve, because
26:50 my big brother Harve could hit that ball over
26:53 the tallest tree way out in center field.
26:56 I knew that if I could just chose Harve I
27:00 knew that I could win. The Lord Jesus is
27:03 your big brother, you can know if you choose
27:07 him you can win. Loving Father, we thank you
27:11 for the promise we have of wining through
27:15 Jesus. We trust you to mix the good with
27:19 bad and make of us something that you want
27:22 us to be and something that the world
27:24 can use, thank you in Jesus name. Amen.
27:30 Thank you for tuning in, I pray that as you
27:34 go to back to your life you will have totally
27:38 and absolutely chosen Christ as your big
27:43 brother, put Him on your side,
27:47 because with Him you can win.
27:52 May God bless.


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