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00:30 Hi, I'm Pastor Floyd Bresee
00:34 and I've been thinking, it seems to me that
00:37 there be a lot more Christians
00:39 if Christians were a lot more
00:41 Christ like, let's pray about it.
00:45 Loving Lord, please teach us each
00:50 something today that will help us become
00:54 more Christ like Christians,
00:56 in Jesus name we pray, amen.
01:01 Our focus today is on over coming,
01:05 growing up. Let's begin by opening our Bibles
01:09 to Hebrews chapter 11; I'll be using the New
01:13 International Version. You know, some kinds of
01:16 growing are among the easiest things we do,
01:19 it's easy to grow gray,
01:21 it's easy to grow heavy,
01:22 it's to easy to grow old,
01:24 just keep on breathing, but growing up is one
01:29 of the hardest things we do,
01:31 it's hard to grow things centered to
01:34 God centered, from self-centered
01:36 to love centered. It's so hard in fact
01:38 that we tend to pretend when we really
01:41 haven't changed as much as we pretend to
01:44 have changed. We, we learn socially
01:47 acceptable ways of faking love and we
01:51 incline to his faith and say nasty things
01:53 behind his back, we smile on the
01:56 outside and we cede on the inside,
01:58 hoping that most won't catch on that
02:01 we stayed basically selfish all our lives.
02:06 Let's talk about spiritual growth,
02:08 love growth, growing up.
02:15 In London, there is a great
02:18 cathedral called the Westminster Abbey.
02:22 This was the place where Princess Diana's
02:25 funeral was held. This is the place where
02:28 England's most honor dead are buried.
02:33 Now, what kind of people do you suppose
02:36 are in England's Westminster Abbey?
02:39 What kind of people does England
02:42 honor most? Well, Kings, statesmen,
02:48 scholars, soldiers, beneath the floor or
02:53 behind the walls, they are buried
02:56 with an inscription over each tomb.
02:59 And as I walked around Westminster Abbey,
03:02 my heart skipped a beat as I look down
03:05 and I was standing on the tomb of my
03:09 boyhood hero David Livingston buried
03:15 in Westminster Abbey. Those whom England
03:18 honors most. Did you ever stop to
03:20 think that God also has a Westminster Abbey?
03:25 It's found in Hebrews chapter 11.
03:29 What kind of people does God honor most?
03:34 And as we look down through our chapter
03:38 we see in verse 4 Abel, God honors martyrs
03:43 and we say that's good. Verse 5,
03:45 we find Enoch, God honors those
03:49 who walk with Him and we say that's good.
03:53 Verse 7 we find Noah, that great
03:56 preacher of faith, the 120 years without
03:59 a convert and still he preached on,
04:01 saved only his family, but he stayed
04:03 true to God, we say that's good,
04:06 but wait a minute. Genesis 9 says
04:11 that Noah celebrated the end of the
04:14 flood by getting drunk. You mean that preachers
04:20 who get drunk on occasion are among
04:23 those whom God honors most? Skip
04:26 down to verse 31, you'll find Rehab the
04:28 prostitute God honors woman who sell their
04:31 bodies. Let's look at 3 special heroes.
04:38 In verse 8 we pick up the name of Abraham,
04:41 an 8 foot inscription over his tomb,
04:43 that is our eight verses in Hebrews
04:45 11 about Abraham, must be someone
04:48 who is very, very especially
04:50 honored by God. Abraham the liar,
04:54 he didn't just lie once, he lied repeatedly.
04:57 Genesis 12 and 20 says that
05:00 everywhere he went he lied,
05:02 he lied to the King Abimelech, he,
05:04 he lied to the Pharaoh of Egypt,
05:06 it was a clever lie and his wife
05:09 was beautiful and, and these great
05:11 powers coveted his wife. And he said,
05:15 that she's my sister and clever because
05:18 sisters got gifts, husbands got killed.
05:22 He lied to the government,
05:24 thrown out of the country as an
05:25 undesirable alien, one whom God
05:28 would honor most. Verse 24 mentions Moses,
05:34 there's a 7 foot inscription over
05:36 Moses tomb, 7 verses in the Hebrews
05:38 11 about Moses he must be
05:40 someone very special. In his younger years
05:44 Moses was an egotistical hot head,
05:46 he was a murderer. In modern
05:48 parlance we'd say, he killed a cop
05:52 and drop down to verse 32 we have David,
05:57 a true enigma. David we say was
06:01 a man after God's own heart.
06:03 David was an adulterer,
06:06 David was a murderer,
06:09 David was a peeping Tom,
06:12 it started with the King on the roof
06:15 of his castle watching his neighbor Bathsheba
06:19 taking a bath, brought her to
06:21 the Palace, she became pregnant,
06:22 he had Uriah her husband killed,
06:25 not only was this terrible sin,
06:28 but he did all this while he was president
06:30 of the General Conference,
06:31 he was a leader in his Church,
06:35 one especially chosen by God. You know,
06:40 Church leaders that make mistakes
06:41 and sometimes we use that as an excuse
06:44 to not have, have confidence in,
06:46 in the Church, but no mistakes any
06:50 bigger than David made and, and David,
06:53 a man after God's own heart.
06:57 What really is the lesson that God
07:02 is not particular? We find a list of the
07:07 exploits of these people in God's
07:11 Westminster Abbey. In Hebrews the
07:14 11th chapter, verses 33 and 34,
07:17 here we find the answer to our question.
07:22 How did these folks get into God's
07:25 Westminster Abbey? "Who through
07:28 faith conquered kingdoms,
07:30 administered justice,
07:32 and gained what was promised;
07:35 who shut the mouths of lions,
07:38 quenched the fury of the flames,
07:41 and escaped the edge of the sword;
07:44 whose weakness was turned to strength;
07:48 and who became powerful in battle
07:51 and routed foreign armies, armies."
07:54 There is the answer to our dilemma.
07:59 How did these big sinners get into God's
08:03 Westminster Abbey, out of weakness
08:08 they were made strong. Don't you see,
08:10 God is a firm believer in growing up.
08:15 And so our lesson today with God it's
08:19 not what we've been, it's what we're
08:22 becoming that counts. What a comfort
08:26 to the guilty? It's not what you
08:29 have done, but it's what you're doing.
08:33 It's not where you have been,
08:36 but where you're going?
08:38 It's not how tall you are,
08:41 but how much you're growing?
08:44 What a relief, comfort to the guilty,
08:49 but oh! What a warning to the complacent?
08:55 You see, one time conversion
08:57 is not enough, with God it's not
09:00 what you've been, it's what you
09:01 becoming that counts. When our eldest son
09:05 was three years old, his baby brother was
09:11 born and you know, what happens then,
09:13 the three-year-old was for the
09:15 first time taken out of his crib and he
09:17 slept in a bed without sides.
09:22 And except he had trouble staying in bed.
09:28 Now, we had an arrangement my
09:30 wife and I, it was the little
09:32 one that was usually her responsibility,
09:34 if it was the three-year-old
09:35 it was mine. And in the night I was
09:39 waken by a thud in the other
09:41 room and a limper. And there was
09:44 my son lying on the floor.
09:46 And I picked him up and I,
09:48 I helped him into bed.
09:50 And, and I went back to my bed and not long
09:52 later there was another thump and another
09:55 limper and again I helped him back
09:56 in the bed, again I went to my bed
09:58 and I had no more than hit the pillar
10:00 and out he went again. Once more I went
10:03 in and I picked him up and I tried to wake
10:05 him up a little bit to help him understand
10:07 I said, son, this is not the proper
10:09 procedure you keep falling out.
10:12 How, how come, what's wrong?
10:13 And only half awake, he rubbed his eyes
10:15 and he said daddy, I think I stayed too
10:19 close to where I got in. And you stayed too
10:26 close to where your got in?
10:30 You have a sin that used to bother you;
10:34 you still have the sin, just doesn't
10:37 bother you anymore. Are you spending less
10:41 time in prayer, less time in Bible study?
10:47 Are your standards lowering?
10:50 Is your relationship with Christ weakening?
10:53 Are you spending ten times as much time
10:55 was your television as you do with your Bible?
10:58 Remember, with God it's not what you've been,
11:04 it's what you're becoming that counts.
11:07 And may I invite you today to stop right
11:12 here and now and take a little
11:14 personal inventory. Are you closer to
11:19 Christ then you were a year ago,
11:25 you willing today to make a new beginning?
11:30 God honors over comers.
11:34 Let's look at that word over comers and
11:37 the first chapters of the Book of Revelation.
11:41 For example, Revelation the
11:43 3rd chapter and the 21st verse,
11:47 Revelation 3 and verse 21.
11:49 "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to
11:53 sit with me on my throne,
11:55 just as I overcame and sat down with my
11:58 Father on his throne." Let's take a look now
12:03 at these three special people whom God
12:07 honors by being in his Westminster Abbey.
12:10 First of all, there was David,
12:12 when Nathan the prophet came in
12:16 and told David of his terrible sin.
12:21 David sat down and wrote Psalm 51.
12:24 "Purge me with hyssop,
12:27 create in me a clean heart,
12:29 renew a right spirit within me."
12:32 Shame on David for being such a big sinner,
12:35 but David was a bigger repenter and he
12:39 became one of the biggest of over comers.
12:43 You see, and those who sinned
12:45 timidly tend to repent half heartedly.
12:53 It's a danger to be a respectable Christian.
12:57 We feel we don't have very much
12:59 of which we need to repent and it's
13:00 that Phariseeism, the very thing of
13:03 which we most need to repent.
13:06 Won't you see it's not small sinners,
13:08 but big over comers who become people
13:12 after God's own heart? Moses,
13:17 Moses problem was his prayed in the temper.
13:20 Numbers 12 says, Moses became the
13:22 meekest man on the face of the earth.
13:26 Abraham, Genesis 17 says that
13:29 Abraham and God were still working on
13:31 Abraham's growing at 99 years of age,
13:35 the concrete sets as we get older.
13:37 And change comes more,
13:40 it was more difficulty it,
13:41 it gets harder. And I hope I've lived
13:45 a few years and lost enough hair and
13:47 gained enough gray to speak for the others
13:49 of you who are touched with a,
13:51 a and bitter Matusetalitus.
13:54 Never credit yourself with overcoming sins
13:58 you've grown too old to enjoy.
14:01 Sanctification by senility, we drop off
14:06 sin-after-sin as we lose the energy
14:09 to commit them and we call at growth.
14:13 Oh! Young people please forgive us,
14:15 sometimes we're still as self-centered
14:18 and unkind and un-loving as ever.
14:22 And we've become a little cantankerous on
14:25 top of it all. Heaven is to over comers.
14:29 Notice in Revelation the second chapter
14:32 and the 7th verse, verse, "Who has an ear,
14:35 let him hear what the Spirit says to
14:37 the churches. To him who overcomes,
14:39 I will give the right to eat from
14:41 the tree of life, which is in the
14:43 paradise of God." Revelation the 3rd
14:46 chapter and the 5th verse,
14:47 "He who overcomes will, like them,
14:49 be dressed in white. I will never block
14:51 out his name from the book of life,
14:53 but will acknowledge his name before my
14:55 Father and his angels." And my favorite
14:58 is Revelation the 3rd chapter and
15:01 the 12th verse. Revelation 3:12,
15:03 "Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in
15:07 the temple of my God. Never again will he
15:10 leave that I will write on him the name of
15:12 my God and the name of the city of my God,
15:14 the new Jerusalem which is coming down
15:16 out of heaven from my God;
15:17 and I will also write on him my new name."
15:22 It says pillar, those who overcome
15:26 become pillars in the temple of God.
15:29 Now, what's a pillar? A pillar,
15:31 we really call them trusses today.
15:35 A pillar is something that holds
15:37 a building up. It's, it's the strength
15:41 that's the mainstay of a building.
15:46 And what John is saying is the Kingdom
15:48 is depended upon these pillars,
15:51 these over comers, over comers are
15:53 what hold the Kingdom of God up,
15:55 that's what the book says.
16:01 The omnipotence of the power of God
16:03 can be proven in many ways.
16:06 Have you heard that there are more
16:09 stars in the sky then there are grains
16:11 of sand in all of the oceans of the world,
16:14 our Creator God an omnipotent God,
16:17 powerful God, but the best prove
16:20 of the omnipotence of God is in making bad
16:25 people fit for heaven, if you took only those
16:29 who would always been good,
16:30 the angels would yarn, totally unimpressed,
16:35 but when great sinners become greater
16:38 over comers that is the greatest proof
16:42 of the power of Christ. And when they
16:45 get Floyd Bresee over there,
16:50 there is going to be prove-positive
16:53 that there is power in the blood. Now,
16:58 if it is so important to be over comers,
17:03 how can I overcome? Let me suggest
17:07 three steps, you want to be an over comer?
17:11 Three steps, number one, first step
17:14 is to see you'll left your sins in
17:17 light of the Cross. It's wrong to do what
17:21 comes natural and see our sins in comparison
17:25 with the sins of others. And let me illustrate
17:30 with sexual purity. Here is a sexual
17:35 standard of the world lets say,
17:39 well the standard of the church is
17:41 invariably higher than the standard of
17:44 the world, but then the standard
17:46 of the world begins to lower and have
17:49 you notice that the standard of the Church
17:51 tends so lower too, and so eventually
17:55 can become lower than the previous standard
17:57 of the world. The worst condemnation
18:03 of Christianity is it our standards come
18:06 more from the world than from the word.
18:10 Why? Because we spend so much more
18:14 time soaking up the world standards,
18:18 so little time studying God's.
18:22 Does sin still stuff my pillow with thorns
18:27 or has this permissive society convinced me
18:32 that sin isn't serious? Shall I crucify my
18:37 Savior when from me he born such pain,
18:41 one soul, one sight crucified him
18:45 shall I crucify again. So, you want to be an
18:49 over comer first of all, see your sin is not
18:51 in comparison to other people,
18:53 see your sins in the light of the Cross.
18:58 Secondly, you want to be an over comer,
19:01 learn to rely on Christ' power.
19:05 Philippians the 4th chapter the 13th verse
19:09 my favorite verse in all scripture.
19:13 Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything
19:18 through him who gives me strength."
19:22 We ought to be a can do people,
19:25 I can, not because I'm good,
19:27 I can because he is good. His grace accepts
19:32 me just the way I am, but his grace also
19:36 changes me to be more like He is.
19:42 Third secret, you want to grow?
19:45 Well, first of all see your sins in the
19:48 light of the Cross, secondly rely on
19:51 Christ' power and thirdly,
19:54 feed your spiritual nature daily.
20:01 Dear, Christian you cannot survive on one
20:04 meal a week; you need a balanced diet daily.
20:12 There is no chef that can make such a
20:16 wonderfully nutritious meal that you
20:18 only need to eat once a week,
20:21 you would starve to death,
20:23 would become critical to preacher because
20:26 if we go to church, we sit there
20:29 and we say, well preacher you
20:31 give me 30 minutes or a religion enough
20:34 to last me for the next week,
20:39 but that simply won't work.
20:43 We must find someway to feed ourselves,
20:47 to feed our spiritual nature on an
20:50 everyday basis. And so, our question today,
20:58 are we growing up? Are we really growing
21:01 up or are we just growing old?
21:06 Growing old comes very naturally,
21:10 growing old comes with time,
21:14 growing up come supernaturally,
21:19 growing up comes through Christ.
21:22 Remember with God its not what we've been,
21:28 but what we're becoming that counts.
21:32 Please don't live with that everlasting
21:34 guilt and worrying about what you have
21:37 been in the past. Please don't be
21:41 satisfied with what you are in the present.
21:45 The people that God honors are not people
21:48 who were good all their lives,
21:50 they're people who struggled with sin
21:51 all their lives until through Christ
21:54 they overcame. Two dogs, neighbors,
22:05 bad neighbors, don't like each other,
22:10 fence in between, on this side we call
22:15 this dog Nice, and over here on this
22:20 side we call this dog Nasty.
22:25 And they're all the time coming over
22:27 to the fence and growling at each other.
22:31 One day one of them digs under the
22:35 fence and the dogs come together and
22:38 they fight, and they fight,
22:41 and they fight truth and nail they fight,
22:44 neither one can overcome the other.
22:48 For a while, Nice is on top and
22:50 Nasty is on the bottom and then Nasty
22:52 is on top and Nice is on the bottom,
22:55 their owners come dashing out and
22:58 separate the dogs they put them back
23:02 in their own backyards and they
23:05 patched the fence. And then a terrible
23:11 thing happens. Nicest family goes
23:16 on vacation and the boy that was
23:21 supposed to come and feed Nice forgets.
23:25 And Nice goes for all of two weeks
23:29 without anything to eat. Meanwhile Nasty
23:35 next door is being fed nutritiously twice
23:38 faithfully every single day.
23:43 At the end of the two weeks somehow
23:46 the dogs comeback together again.
23:51 One of them gets under the fence
23:53 and I've a strong suspicion it's Nasty
23:55 because Nice is just simple to weak
23:57 to make the trip, but they still
23:59 hate each other. And once more,
24:02 they go at it tooth and nail and they
24:05 growl and, and, and they pull
24:08 one another, once more they fight. Now,
24:16 which dog will win? The dog you feed
24:25 is the dog that wins. And we're not really
24:29 talking about dogs; we're talking
24:33 about Pauline theology. Paul says that who have
24:38 these two dogs in your own heart,
24:41 in our own life, in your own mind
24:44 and no matter how converted
24:45 you have been, you will have both of
24:48 them in your life all the rest of your life.
24:53 He calls at the spiritual nature and
24:56 the carnal nature, and the spiritual
24:58 nature and the carnal nature fight
25:00 against each other. Which nature is
25:03 going to win in your life?
25:07 Well, of course the one you feed
25:11 is one that wins. And I'm embarrassed
25:16 to admit, I fear that many
25:20 times we Christians pray that Nice will win
25:28 in spite of the fact we're feeding Nasty.
25:32 The dog that you feed is the dog
25:37 that will win. Find someway on a
25:41 daily bases to feed your spiritual nature,
25:48 don't assume that there is some magical
25:50 prayer that can over ride the way
25:53 you feed your soul. The nature that you
25:57 feed is the nature that will win. Let's pray.
26:09 Loving Father, thank you for
26:15 seeing us according not to what
26:19 we have been, but what we're becoming.
26:24 And I pray for each viewer today who
26:28 is prepared to make just now
26:32 a brand new beginning with Jesus.
26:37 May we find daily someway to feed
26:41 our spiritual natures, keep us growing
26:46 I pray, make us over comers through Jesus.
26:56 So, I leave you now with a question.
27:00 Which dog are you feeding?
27:04 Have you found someway to spend
27:07 meaningful time on a daily basis with Jesus?
27:15 The dog that you feed is a dog that will win.
27:19 There is no use feeding the carnal
27:23 and presuming that the spiritual will
27:26 win out in your life. So, please as you
27:31 go on from now, remember with
27:35 God it's not what you've been,
27:38 it's what you're becoming that counts.
27:41 Let's find someway to spend time with
27:45 Him on an every day basis.
27:49 And may we too become over
27:51 comers and more like our Lord.


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