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00:31 Welcome to Faith Chapel.
00:32 I am Pastor Dale Barnhurst in Illinois,
00:36 a pastor of Seventh-day Adventist Church,
00:38 and I like to welcome you to take a look
00:41 with me at one of Christ disciples.
00:44 He has a special, I believe purpose
00:47 and a special mission, and I like to have you join
00:50 me. But before we do that, before we open
00:51 up God's word, I invite you to bow your
00:54 heads with me and speak to our
00:56 Creator and our Redeemer Jesus Christ.
00:59 Our Heavenly father, as we open up your
01:02 love letter we ask you would indeed
01:04 touch us with your Holy Sprit.
01:07 We want insights that only you can give.
01:09 We want direction in our lives that you have we
01:14 know you have a purpose for our lives
01:15 We just ask that you would send your
01:17 Holy Spirits, touch our hearts and our minds
01:20 as we hear your word, and we ask that
01:23 and we ask that your principles would be
01:24 applied to our lives, in Jesus name amen.
01:31 Among Christ disciples, they were twelve,
01:36 but I want to take a look at just one,
01:37 one of his disciples. One of his disciples
01:42 that we don't talk about very much,
01:44 a disciple that we just don't share
01:47 that much about but I believe he is
01:49 very important. I want you to
01:53 take a look at John Chapter 1 and verse
01:54 35 and onward, "Again, the next day,
01:57 John stood with two of his disciples",
02:00 as John the Baptist. And looking at
02:02 the Jesus as he walked,
02:04 he said "Behold the Lamb of God!"
02:07 The two disciples heard him speak,
02:10 and they followed Jesus. Then Jesus turned,
02:12 and seeing them following, said to them,
02:15 "what do you seek?" They said to Him,
02:17 "Rabbi", where are you staying?"
02:20 and he said to them, come and see.
02:23 They came and saw where he was staying,
02:26 and they remained with him that day.
02:29 One of the two who heard John speak,
02:32 and followed him was Andrew,
02:34 Simon Peter's brother.
02:38 Andrew is the one that we want to take a look at.
02:40 Andrew was one of those first disciples of Jesus,
02:44 Andrew, and John. Andrew is seen
02:47 in the Scriptures, in the Gospels.
02:51 He is talked about thirteen times;
02:53 six times he is seen as Peter's brother.
02:58 John of course in his Gospel,
03:01 he talks about himself as the other disciple,
03:03 the other disciple. Both of those were
03:06 wanted to see Jesus, they were wanted
03:08 to get to know him better.
03:09 They were wanted to learn more about him.
03:12 They wanted to make sure that they didn't
03:14 miss one thing. They want to know
03:17 the messiah, intimately. They in just want
03:20 a short Interview, beside the road they
03:23 didn't want just eat lunch with him,
03:25 they wanted to see where he lived,
03:27 and get to know him personally.
03:31 Andrew and John, they listened to
03:33 the Holy Spirits call and they responded
03:37 to the John the Baptist message.
03:40 And when he said this is the behold Lamp of God,
03:42 this is the messiah they wanted
03:44 to find out more. They wanted to
03:46 find out more, and so those two responded.
03:49 They wanted to spend time with Jesus.
03:52 Well I want to take a look,
03:53 look quick its Mark Chapter 9 and Verse 2,
03:58 Mark 9 Verse 2 it says, "Now after six days
04:01 Jesus took Peter, James, and John,
04:04 and led them up on a high mountain,
04:06 apart by themselves; and he was
04:09 transfigured before them".
04:11 Now what happened here? We have Peter,
04:15 James and John being in the mountain with Jesus,
04:19 the mountain of Transfiguration,
04:21 those three were with him.
04:23 At the Christ Summary Peter,
04:25 James and John were with Jesus.
04:28 What happened to Andrew?
04:29 Where was Andrew during this time,
04:31 what happened to Andrew?
04:32 He was not part of inner three.
04:35 What was Andrew's mission?
04:38 What was the role that he was to play
04:40 as a disciple of Christ? Together we will
04:43 search and find out more about Andrew.
04:46 But it seems like Andrew did not hold a grudge.
04:49 He was still part of the Twelve.
04:51 He had something that Jesus wanted him to do,
04:54 and he fulfilled it very well.
04:57 Let's take another look at John chapter 1,
05:00 in John chapter 1; we've find Andrew
05:03 who had spent time with Jesus,
05:05 and his reaction to that.
05:07 He had listened to him,
05:09 we don't know how long it was,
05:11 but we heard he had spent time with
05:12 Jesus and wanted to go,
05:14 and take another look at sharing what
05:16 he has found with someone else.
05:19 In John chapter 1; verses 41 and 42,
05:23 it says, He first found his own brother Simon,
05:26 and said unto him,
05:27 "we have found the Messiah".
05:29 And he brought him to Jesus.
05:31 The conviction that he found
05:33 in talking with Jesus,
05:34 convinced him that Jesus was the Messiah,
05:37 and he brought his brother to Jesus.
05:40 And now when Jesus looked at him He said
05:43 you were Simon, the son of Jonah.
05:46 You shall be called Cephas.
05:50 Andrew has been convinced and he wanted
05:53 to share it with the first person that
05:55 he could think of and that was his brother.
05:58 He wanted to go and share with his brother,
06:01 and say we have found the one that
06:04 the Prophets have been talking about.
06:05 We have found the one as a family
06:07 we have been talking about,
06:08 looking forward to. We have found
06:10 that one that John the Baptist have been
06:12 talking about. We need to just learn more
06:16 about him and I want you to learn
06:18 more about him. And so he goes to his
06:20 brother Peter and says you got to come,
06:23 you have to come. That was part of
06:25 what the Andrew was as a disciple.
06:28 He went to his brother and brought
06:30 him to Jesus, so Peter can learn
06:33 about Jesus himself. Next one when I
06:36 take a look at is in John chapter 6,
06:39 John chapter 6 starting with the verse 1;
06:45 And after these things Jesus went
06:47 over to the Sea of Galille,
06:49 which is in, which is the Sea of Tiberias.
06:52 Then a great multitude followed him,
06:54 because they saw his signs which he
06:56 performed on those who were diseased.
06:59 And Jesus went up on the Mountain,
07:01 and there he sat with his disciples.
07:04 Now the Passover, a feast of the Jews,
07:06 was near. Then Jesus lifted up his eyes,
07:09 and seeing a great multitude
07:11 coming toward Him, He said to Philip,
07:14 'Where shall we buy bread,
07:16 that these may eat?"
07:18 But He said this to test him,
07:21 for He himself knew what He would do.
07:25 Philip answered Him,
07:26 "Two hundred Denarii worth of bread
07:28 is not sufficient for them,
07:30 that every one of them may have a little."
07:33 And then the key, one of His disciples,
07:37 Andrew, Simon Peter's brother,
07:39 said to Him there is a lad here who has five
07:42 barley loaves and two small fish,
07:45 but what but what are they among so many?
07:48 Then Jesus said, "Make the people sit down."
07:52 Now there was much grass in the place.
07:54 So the men sat down, in number about
07:57 five thousand. And Jesus took the loaves,
08:01 and when he had given thanks
08:03 he distribute them to the disciples,
08:06 and the disciples to those sitting down;
08:09 and likewise of the fish, as much as they wanted.
08:13 So when they were filled.
08:14 He said to his disciples,
08:16 "Gather up the fragments that remain,
08:19 so that nothing is lost."
08:21 Therefore they gathered them up,
08:22 and twelve baskets were filled with
08:25 the fragments of the five barley loaves
08:28 which were left over by those who had eaten.
08:32 So nothing is lost. Nothing was gone
08:35 and so we wanted to take a look at this,
08:39 imagine as everybody is following Jesus
08:42 they come to this nice grassy field.
08:45 Matter of fact when I was over in Israel
08:46 it was awesome to come to a place
08:49 it was just a southern end of sea
08:50 of Galleli it was a nice grassy field
08:53 so I can just picture Jesus there
08:55 with all those people.
08:58 As He shared with them,
08:59 they got hungry, they got hungry.
09:02 And nobody had ]an idea what to do.
09:05 Jesus asked Philip the question,
09:07 to test him, but Andrew had already
09:09 been working a hard time thinking
09:12 of what to do because in my mind I see
09:14 Andrew walking along with Jesus
09:16 and all of a sudden, there's this little boy
09:19 with the basket something that his
09:21 mother had given to him,
09:22 and said if you get hungry here you have
09:25 something that you can eat.
09:27 And so, of course Andrew gets to know him,
09:30 gets a talk with him, find out who he was
09:33 and where he is from, and then when that
09:36 question came up of how to eat.
09:40 I am not sure of the little boy gave
09:41 it to Andrew and said here
09:43 I will share with Jesus.
09:44 Where if Andrew asked the little boy,
09:46 I am sure we have to wait until
09:47 we get to heaven to find it out.
09:49 But a friendship had developed
09:51 between the two of them.
09:52 A friendship of talking, communicating,
09:55 so much so that Andrew brings the boys
09:58 lunch to Jesus, and then of course,
10:03 the whole crowd gets to eat that lunch,
10:06 the whole crowd gets to eat the lunch
10:08 that Jesus plus and it was multiplied
10:12 over fifteen thousand people were fed
10:14 with that lunch, and again Andrew
10:18 brought the little boy with
10:19 the lunch to Jesus. Andrew brought
10:23 him to Jesus, so he could share.
10:27 Another incidence that I believe we
10:29 need to look at is in John Chapter 12,
10:32 John chapter 12 verse 20 through 22
10:37 and there he says, Now there were
10:38 certain Greeks among those who came up
10:41 to worship at the feast.
10:43 Then they came to Philip,
10:45 who was from Bethsaida of Galilee,
10:48 and asked him, saying, "Sir,
10:51 we wish to see Jesus."
10:53 Philip came and told Andrew,
10:54 and in turn Andrew and Philip told Jesus.
10:59 Here we find an awesome time again
11:02 of what Andrew was all about.
11:04 Andrew was about to bringing people to Jesus.
11:08 The Greeks came wanting to find out
11:10 more about Jesus themselves,
11:12 and they came to Philip, may be he was
11:14 the first one they talk to.
11:16 But Philip wanted to go to Andrew,
11:18 because Andrew was known as the one
11:22 who brought others to Jesus.
11:24 He was one that Philip knew that Andrew
11:27 would know what to do.
11:28 And so Philip went to Andrew and Philip
11:31 and Andrew came and brought the Greeks
11:34 to Jesus. Of course we find that Philip
11:39 and Andrew were of the same city or town,
11:42 Bethsaida. So they probably
11:44 grew up together, they knew each other.
11:46 They were aware of each other strengths.
11:48 And Philip knew that Andrew was a bringer
11:53 of others to Jesus. Andrew had faith,
11:56 Andrew knew exactly what to do
11:58 and Andrew believed in Jesus,
12:00 and knew that he would have the answer
12:04 that he could give to the Greeks.
12:06 And so they brought the Greeks to Jesus,
12:10 because I believe all of us are seeking
12:12 to know Jesus, but all of us are looking
12:14 for that special person in our lives that
12:18 we can't find anywhere else on this earth.
12:20 No one in our families,
12:21 no one in our work places,
12:24 no one anywhere knows exactly about us
12:28 and what we need as Jesus does.
12:31 Andrew was a follower of Jesus,
12:35 and he knew that others need him too.
12:38 I want to take a look at some other places,
12:40 other points of Andrew as a follower.
12:45 In Mark chapter 1 verses 16 to 18,
12:50 we find of course that the first two disciples
12:55 that were given the official call as
12:57 the Christ disciples. Mark chapter 1verses
13:00 16 to 18 says And as he walked by
13:03 the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and
13:06 Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea;
13:11 for they were fishermen.
13:13 Then Jesus said to them,
13:15 "Follow me, and I will make you
13:18 become fishers of men."
13:20 and they immediately left their nets
13:22 and followed him. And they immediately
13:25 left their nets and followed Jesus.
13:28 Here we find, here we find that Jesus made
13:32 the call the official call and the first two
13:35 that he made, he made the call
13:37 to Peter and Andrew. Andrew was the one
13:43 that that, that was known to be a part
13:48 time disciple of Jesus, after this point and
13:51 time they went and do there work and they
13:53 would follow Jesus. They went and do
13:55 there work and they would come back
13:56 and follow Jesus and at this time Jesus
14:00 went to them personally and said,
14:02 I want you to follow me full time.
14:05 Thanks then the Rabbis at that time
14:09 had special people that they wanted to teach,
14:12 they wanted to implement, there ideas,
14:15 their concepts of who they were as rabbis
14:18 through their disciples.
14:20 And Jesus was a Rabbi, he was a great
14:22 rabbi and he picked Andrew and Peter
14:26 as his first disciples. You noticed there
14:30 in Mark chapter 1 that it says,
14:32 Come and follow me. Jesus said,
14:35 Come and follow me. That's what we need
14:37 to do in our lives, is come and follow Jesus.
14:40 We need to follow him one hundred percent,
14:44 he didn't say leave your nets and
14:45 then come follow me, he said follow me and
14:48 they left their nets and followed him.
14:52 We need to do the same,
14:53 so often we get bound up in our own nets,
14:57 our own nets of what we have to do
15:00 is during the week or, you know our job
15:02 responsibilities, our occupations.
15:04 We get round up in the relationships
15:08 that we get distracted of what Jesus
15:10 wants us to do. Sometimes we did get
15:13 round up in our nets of addictions,
15:16 we get round up in our nets of,
15:18 of being busy. Jesus says come
15:21 and follow me, come and follow me
15:24 and if you come and follow me the nets
15:27 will take care of themselves.
15:28 He will take care of the nets for each of us,
15:31 and so when we hear the call of Jesus
15:34 saying come and follow me,
15:36 we need to do the same. We need to follow him
15:39 one hundred percent just says Peter
15:43 and Andrew did. So far we take a look at,
15:47 at the Andrew, and Andrew and
15:50 his and his Simon Peter were co-fishermen.
15:54 They were fishermen of fish,
15:57 they went out most times in the evenings
16:00 and they were put down their nets
16:01 and bring in the fish. We need to keep
16:05 in mind that nets that they were sending
16:08 out were really nets to destroy the fish,
16:11 to kill the fish, to sell the fish for food.
16:16 Jesus had something else in mind for them.
16:18 He want them to leave that occupation
16:21 and begin a new ministry,
16:23 a new ministry with him,
16:25 a ministry that will still be fishers
16:28 but not fishers of fish,
16:30 but fishers of men and women and Christ
16:34 as the master fisherman.
16:37 And so we find that in Andrew,
16:40 Andrew was a kind of person that
16:42 followed Jesus. He didn't had
16:45 anything else in his way.
16:47 He left his boats, he left his, his dad,
16:50 he left his family, he left the nets,
16:54 he left everything behind to follow
16:56 Jesus one hundred percent.
17:00 Now we want to take a look at
17:01 Mark chapter 3 and verse 18.
17:04 When I take a look at the whole chapter
17:06 you find that Jesus was bringing his
17:08 twelve disciples to the mountain.
17:11 He called them to be by himself without
17:14 the crowd around him. He called them to do
17:18 a special thing for them,
17:19 a kind of that is to set aside as an Apostle.
17:23 You have in starting verse 16,
17:26 that the beginning of the list of the twelve
17:27 disciples who were set aside as a
17:29 Apostle's of Jesus, but in verse 18
17:33 Mark chapter 3 verse 18, you have there the list,
17:39 a partial list of those disciples.
17:42 You have Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew,
17:44 Matthew, Thomas, James the son
17:46 of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus,
17:48 and Simon the Cananite. So there you have it.
17:52 Andrew was there fro beginning to end,
17:55 Andrew was there as part of the twelve
17:58 who had followed Jesus and now Jesus
18:00 had set him along with all the others aside
18:03 as one of his apostles. Andrew was one
18:07 who had passed the test.
18:09 Andrew is the one who would stay
18:11 and listened and learned.
18:12 Andrew was one that Jesus set aside as an
18:17 apostle of his, to take his message
18:20 to take who Jesus is to everyone.
18:23 Andrew was one who was ordained
18:27 with all the rest of the apostles to follow
18:30 Jesus and to share with others
18:32 what he had done. Well there is one more,
18:36 one more place that we find Andrew.
18:40 Andrew in Acts chapter 1 and verse 13,
18:44 we find Andrew being the part of a group
18:49 with the rest of disciples again.
18:51 He had gone through the time of the crucifixion
18:56 he had been in the upper room with
18:57 all the disciples in fear of his life
19:00 he had been there, through that entire
19:03 time but now in Acts chapter 1 verse 13
19:07 we find him one more place and when it says,
19:09 And when they had entered,
19:12 they went up into the upper room where
19:14 they were staying: Peter, James,
19:17 and John, and Andrew; and Philip and Thomas;
19:20 and Bartholomew and Matthew' and James
19:23 the son of Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot;
19:26 and Judas the son of James.
19:31 Here we find that Andrew again
19:34 was a part of that group.
19:36 He was the part of that group that
19:37 was up in the upper room after the ascension,
19:41 after Jesus had gone back to his Heavenly Father,
19:45 Andrew was in that upper room.
19:46 He was in that upper room with all
19:48 the disciples to talk about,
19:50 to rehearse to go over what he had
19:53 seen and heard. He was there.
19:56 He was there from beginning to end.
19:59 He was there to show to all of us that
20:02 we need to stay close to Jesus.
20:04 We need to stay close to him.
20:08 Lot of times we don't always fits
20:11 the mode of someone else.
20:13 We don't always fits what somebody
20:15 else thinks we should look like or talk like or,
20:17 or act like. There is only one person that
20:20 we need to look like, talk like and act like
20:22 and that is Jesus. We need to follow him,
20:25 make him our prime example;
20:27 make him the one that we follow each and everyday.
20:32 See sometimes in our lives whether
20:35 we are teenagers, whether we are
20:38 adults we try to find someone to follow to,
20:43 to mimic. And sometimes we don't think
20:46 we have what it takes to be the kind of person
20:50 that Jesus wants us to be and that's
20:52 the point right there. We need to zero
20:54 in on what Jesus wants us to be.
20:57 Because in reality, Andrew even though
21:00 he was the first disciple and even
21:03 though he was all way through the entire
21:04 time of Christ ministry to be there
21:07 with disciples in the end.
21:09 Andrew didn't make the inner three,
21:12 but it didn't bother him.
21:13 He was still a very useful follower
21:16 of Jesus Christ, and so just because
21:19 we don't get the right place,
21:21 we don't get the right position
21:22 or we don't get what we think might be
21:25 coming to us we need to be faithful to Jesus
21:27 and follow him step by step.
21:31 Andrew didn't preach to thousands
21:34 and baptized thousand at a day,
21:38 but Andrew did bring Peter.
21:40 Andrew did bring his brother,
21:43 and God use Peter to accomplish the work
21:46 that all the disciples had done
21:49 and the results were there, blessed by God.
21:53 Now Andrew didn't always have a lunch
21:55 in his hip pocket. He didn't always have
21:57 a basket full of five loaves and two fishes,
22:01 but he did bring the boy that had that
22:03 lunch to Jesus. So that Jesus could
22:06 bless it and bless many others with it.
22:11 Of course Andrew didn't always go traveling
22:15 all over the place that we know of and yet
22:18 he was happy to bring others who
22:21 traveled long distances to meet Jesus
22:24 for themselves. Not just take his word for,
22:27 not just take Philips word for,
22:29 but to take and meet Jesus himself
22:32 and take his word for it.
22:35 Andrew wasn't up here, Andrew wasn't a thunder
22:39 like James and John, but Andrew was
22:42 a person who really believed in Jesus.
22:45 Andrew was the person that really wanted
22:48 others to know about Jesus too.
22:50 Andrew was a person that allowed Jesus
22:53 to mould him into his image,
22:56 allowed the Holy Sprit to change his life,
23:00 allowed God to accomplish his worthiness.
23:04 Of course the question is what about us,
23:06 what about you? Are you want to
23:09 follow Jesus all the way? Satan wants us,
23:12 wants to get us distracted he wants us
23:14 to go off the path doesn't matter which way
23:17 but he wants us to go off the path,
23:19 we need to follow Jesus leave the nets,
23:22 leave everything else behind but keep
23:24 our eyes focused on Jesus.
23:26 Keep your eyes and lives following
23:28 him in his foot steps? Jesus is one that will
23:33 take care of that if we, if we allow him to.
23:37 The Holy Spirit is working on our hearts everyday,
23:39 everyday we have to determine
23:42 who we gonna follow. When we get up in
23:44 the morning we need to choose him as our,
23:47 our example, our rabbi, or messiah.
23:52 We need to let the Holy Spirit take our
23:54 hearts and remove them or remake them
23:57 because we can't be anybody else.
24:00 We have to be, who god created us
24:03 to be we need to be with the person who,
24:06 who god purposed and has the plan
24:08 for our lives we need to be like him
24:12 and that him mold us into his image
24:15 who he wants us to be. So the question is
24:18 in a reality. The question is that we
24:22 need in our lives to make sure that we have
24:27 followed Jesus one step at a time all
24:30 through our lives. The question is in our
24:32 lives today that we wanted to be like
24:35 someone else there is a big hero in our
24:38 lives that we want to be like is there
24:40 a mom and dad that we want to follow,
24:44 is there a big brother or big sister that
24:46 we want to, to follow after or
24:48 is there someone in our workplace
24:49 that we want to emulate.
24:53 I believe we need to follow Jesus in his life.
24:57 We need to follow him totally and completely
25:00 just like Andrew did. No matter what happens
25:02 in our lives, we need to follow
25:04 him and be a firm believer in a follower in Jesus.
25:09 Jesus ask us today to follow him,
25:13 not anyone else he wants us to follow him.
25:18 And so we need everyday ask for
25:20 strength we need everyday ask for,
25:22 for the desire to do what he wants us
25:24 to do everyday we need for will as for
25:28 wisdom from the Holy Spirit
25:29 to fulfill God's mission,
25:32 gods plan God's purpose in our lives for him.
25:38 Everyday we need to pray a prayer.
25:42 Everyday we need to pray the prayer of,
25:43 our dear Lord I want you to be the needle
25:47 and I will be the thread. Everyday Lord I
25:51 want you to go first and I will follow,
25:55 wherever you lead.
25:57 So often we get off track,
25:59 so often we want to do the leading,
26:02 we want to be the one in charge but every
26:05 time we try to do that we always fall
26:07 flat on our faces. We have to allow
26:10 Jesus to lead us. We have to allow
26:13 him to go first and so I ask that you
26:16 were indeed pray that prayer all the time.
26:20 Let's just take time right now to do that.
26:23 Our heavenly Father we ask that we were indeed
26:25 touched our hearts and our lives
26:27 with who you are. You have a purpose
26:29 for each and every person who is listening
26:32 or watching this program today
26:35 we ask that you were indeed accomplish
26:37 that in our lives that you would touch us
26:41 and make us a true disciple of yours
26:43 we follow you each and everyday in each
26:46 step along the way and we thank you
26:48 and praise you in Jesus name Amen.
26:53 My challenge for you is to keep your
26:56 eyes on Jesus just like Andrew did no matter
26:59 what happens around you keep your eyes on
27:01 him be his disciple not someone else's disciple,
27:05 not what somebody else wants you
27:07 to be like but be a disciple of Jesus.
27:10 Make sure you follow along in his footsteps,
27:16 don't get distracted of the either path
27:17 divided to the left follow his footprints
27:20 so that you know that in the end you will be with
27:23 Jesus because that's what Jesus wants us to be,
27:25 is with him all the time he wants
27:28 us to follow him. So that when in
27:30 the end he can welcome us into his kingdom
27:34 that will last forever and I believe even
27:36 in the end we will be sharing that story
27:39 of bringing others to Jesus.
27:41 In the sense of telling the story that Jesus
27:44 did something inside of us and we want to share
27:46 that with others. We want to share
27:48 that with the entire universe,
27:51 so lets be Andrew, let's follow Jesus
27:53 step by step all along the way.


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